Title: Dear Dawn
Subtitle: Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words
Date: 2011






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Dear Lee:

This letter is for you. Even though you’ve been dead for many years, here I am, still talking to you.

Face it: You’ve entered the world’s imagination and pried it wide open. You’re a real folk hero-outlaw, like Jesse James or that rebel-without-a-cause, James Dean. Are you “laughing your ass off” or do you feel “ripped off” every time some made-for-TV movie, true crime book, film, documentary, opera, play, or academic article about you appears?

Baby: Imagine the plight of Vincent van Gogh. He was a goddamn genius who barely scraped by. Centuries later, people are still making a fortune “offa” his work. (I can almost hear you putting it this way.)

You hit the ground running before either Thelma or Louise came to town. You’re the real star of that movie; it’s about you, about what you’ve done.

Man: You sure fired some shots heard round the world—shots that told male serial killers that they might just end up dead if they continued to rape and murder prostitutes. As the so-called first female serial killer, you’ve made headlines, not for what has been done to you, but for what you’ve done. Your bullets shattered the silence about violence against prostituted women, about prostitutes fighting back, and about a prostitute’s revenge.

No small feat.

Talk about women who run with the wolves! You’ve navigated America with a primeval cunning, a scavenging genius, without which neither wildlife nor prostitutes could survive: not for a day, not for an hour. And you understood early on that mutilated, headless, even limbless female corpses litter the landscape all over the country, and that they remain unclaimed and unmourned.

Long ago, you discovered such a corpse yourself. In a letter to Dawn, dated April 29, 2002, you write that in 1973, when you were only seventeen, you were hitchhiking outside of Chicago along interstate I-80, when you smelled something really bad, a “foul odor” which you followed; then, you found a woman’s pitiful headless, limbless torso. You write that, although you frantically tried, you could not get a state trooper or even a trucker to pay the slightest attention.

Girl: You “got” it a long time ago: that some women are treated like garbage, whether they are alive or dead.

But the whole thing must make you crazy: your shitty life, your awful death, your fame, how you can’t lay your hands on the money, how others are still “ripping you off.”

For years, feminists talked about how they’d like to blow the bad guys away. They never did. It was only battered women, who, one by one, finally killed their tormentors in self-defense. And they were all mainly jailed forever after.

Hell, girl: Some feminists believed that you killed for them and were going to die for what they couldn’t do. To them, you’re some kind of Outlaw Jesus. You have to marvel at it all.

Lesbian feminists marched for you with banners that read FREE AILEEN WUORNOS. Feminist supporters wrote to you in droves. Many ended up sending me their correspondence with you. I even visited your true love, Tyria, who is absolutely nothing like her character in the film Monster. If anything, she seems tougher, far more butch than you. I guess we hit it off because she also gave me your letters to her. I even tracked down your biological mother, Diane, who said that “I sounded like a member of the family, I seemed to know everyone.” Lee: Please know that I begged her to write to you or to consider visiting you. She said she was too afraid to do it.

I first heard about you in December of 1990. The newspapers and national media announced that “two women are being sought as possible suspects in the shooting deaths of eight to twelve middle-aged men in Florida.” They warned the public, “particularly middle-aged white men [!] travelling alone,” to be careful. At first, I thought the broadcast was as diabolically whimsical as Orson Welles’s 1938 broadcast alerting the public to a Martian invasion. What was Everywoman’s most forbidden fantasy and Everyman’s worst nightmare doing on television? Was this some kind of joke? Perhaps these women were feminist Martians on a mission to avenge the Green River killings (of prostitutes) or the Montreal Massacre (mainly of women).

But it was only you.

Lee, do you remember when we first spoke? It was early in 1991. I had hopped a plane down to Ocala and tried to meet with your public defender, Trish Jenkins. She refused to do so. Next, I met with your new “best girlfriend,” Arlene Pralle, and persuaded her to have you call me. And so you did, the very next day. You called me from jail. I knew I would only have a few seconds to really get your attention and so I took a deep breath and told you that I represented a feminist government in exile, that we knew you’d been “captured,” and that we wanted to help you.

“Far fucking out, man,” you said. “You’re from the Women’s Lib, aren’t you? Tell the women out there that I’m innocent. Tell them that men hate our guts. I was raped and I defended myself. It was self-defense. I could not stop hustling just because some asshole was going around Florida raping and killing women. I still had to hustle.”

Your voice was Joplin-husky and surprisingly sweet, even girlish. Did I expect you to sound like a man? Well honey, that’s a real hefty swagger you wore on TV, and the way you tossed your hair around. Most women do it out of nervousness; you, you seemed to do it out of defiance, to intimidate, the way male lions toss their manes.

I still did not know how much of a hippie-wannabe you used to be, how much you loved Zeppelin, the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Carole King (you wrote all these things to Dawn, who shared some of this history with you); that you boozed, popped pills, took psychedelics, and “ripped off” clothing. I did not yet know that you were raped and impregnated when you were thirteen and gave up a son for adoption when you were fourteen. And were then immediately thrown out by your grandfather/father and had to hit the road, sleeping in cars, begging, stealing, selling pills, selling sex.

You said that jail didn’t “bother” you, that you could “take it,” that the daily verbal abuse was nothing: “Hey, whore, show us some tits ’n’ ass.” “We’ll put you in solitary forever if you do any weird lesbian shit in here.” “Bark at the moon, bitch, if you don’t like it.” “I’m going to enjoy watching you fry, real nice and slowly, once for each guy you killed.”

I asked you what you needed. “How are you doing on toiletries, do you have a canteen allowance? Are they letting you shower, exercise, see sunlight?”

I asked you if anyone had ever helped you when you were growing up. You told me: “I raised myself. I did a pretty good job. I taught myself my own handwriting, and I studied theology, psychology, books on self-enhancement. I taught myself how to draw. I have been through battles out there raising myself. I’m like a Marine, you can’t hurt me. If you hurt me, I can wipe it out of my mind and keep on truckin’. I took every day on a day-by-day basis. I never let things dwell inside me to damage my pride because I knew what that felt like when I was young.”

I believed you had committed that first murder in self-defense. You had me convinced. You said so on the stand, you said so in our correspondence and in our meeting on death row. But right here, in this book, in a letter to Dawn,1 you claim that you just out-and-out killed Richard Mallory, that you did not kill him in self-defense, that you “lied through the skin of [your] teeth.” Who am I supposed to believe? You—or you? Are there two “yous”? The Femme who killed, the Butch who held it all together?

On November 28, 2001, in a letter to Dawn, you wrote that, even before Richard Mallory picked you up, as you stood there hitchhiking, you had “revenge in your heart.” Do you remember that you yourself were raped and impregnated when you were hitchhiking at thirteen years old? Did you have “revenge” in your heart ever since, is that why you became a hitchhiking prostitute: to relive that experience so that you might master it, escape the consequences, be the one in charge, actually get paid for being raped? Did you want to turn the tables on all the driver-rapist-Johns? You write that Richard Mallory “intensified [your] hatred when he mentioned . . . a dislike for various Women.” You tell Dawn that you had to persuade him to have sex with you. Then, “once parked—that was it—he didn’t have a chance to do a thing. The gun was pulled and he was instantly shot numerous times.”

Lee: Who pulled that gun? For a Serial Killer you are curiously reticent, detached, disassociated, almost passive about actually doing the shooting yourself.

When you first asked me to help you tell your story I reluctantly agreed to do so. I referred to your tale as a Slave Narrative. Remember how you tried to hire me as your agent/manager, too, and actually ordered me to start selling your same life story over and over again—as if you were selling sex and I was your pimp? Remember how hard it was for you to understand that I was “in it” for political reasons, not for money? Or fame?

True: Years later, I was pleased that Carson Kreitzer’s excellent play, Self-Defense, or Death of Some Salesmen, which was all about you, featured a

character named Cassandra who was supposed to be me, a “famous feminist.” The actress who portrayed you, Phyllis Wright, did a far better impersonation of you than Charlize Theron did in Monster—and Theron won an Oscar for her performance.

Did you impersonate yourself as well? I know for sure that you impersonated a regular plain-Jane. Your working clothing when you hitchhiked, your costume, so to speak, was that of an average Florida woman, a housewife whose car had just broken down and who needed a lift to the next gas station, or town, or to your own imaginary house. Your disguise was to “pass” for normal, average.

I know you told people that I, too, had disappointed and betrayed you, that I was into you for the money or the fame. That hurt.

Lee: It is true. There was nothing personal between us. I wasn’t trying to become your new best friend, your lawyer, or your adoptive mother. You gave your heart only to those people who would use you and do you in; it’s all you knew how to do. I admit: It was all pitiless politics on my part. That’s why I stepped in to create a Dream Team on your behalf. I wanted to use your case to help extend the battered woman defense to prostituted women’s right to self-defense. And I wanted to educate the jury about the extreme level of violence that prostitutes routinely absorb, the danger they always face.

You delivered the bullets. I did not deliver the Dream Team. Your public defenders did not call a single expert to speak (you called us “the testifying witnesses”). And the jury got to see your videotaped confession to other murders before they ruled on the first murder.

No, you did not get a fair trial. But you sure were guilty. I asked you to consider taking an insanity defense. You flatly refused. You didn’t want to talk to any “prying” shrink, you had given up drugs and didn’t want any psychiatric medication. And you did not think you were “crazy.”

I respectfully disagree.

You were gang-raped, tied up, sometimes left to die, by so many boys and men, that you had to have been traumatized. I stopped counting after you listed thirty-seven such incidents. You talk about some of this here, in your letters to Dawn. Lee: No matter how tough a woman or a soldier (has) to be, one does not walk away from such torture completely unscathed.

We did not meet until after you had already been sentenced to die. I visited you on death row. Do you remember? You were led into the room by two guards. You were unsteady on your feet, a bit ungainly, not that tall. I remember how you looked when you were first arrested: spirited, defiant, drunk, but now the swagger and the smirk were all gone, all gaunt, not an ounce of flesh on your bones. You were already more ghost than human.

Your blonde hair was pale and pulled back into a thin ponytail. You looked like one of your Finnish ancestors. Your face was taut, your features bony, inexpressive: no energy to waste on “expressiveness.” Survival in prison demands that you contract everything, even dreams, in order to conserve energy, and call as little attention to yourself as possible.

Know that you had great dignity. You came to meet me from some truly faraway place, you were jerky in your motions, but gamely, you tried to smile. As if my visit was a social occasion. We hugged hello, briefly, carefully.

I am glad that Soft Skull is publishing your letters to Dawn. They are part of an entirely new archive about serious child abuse, throwaway children, prostitution, lesbian killers, serial killers on death row—all in America.

I extend my condolences to the families of the men whom you killed and whom you now admit having done so with “revenge in your heart.”

I extend my deepest condolences to the innocent girl child you once were, born into Hell.

May you all now rest in peace.

—Phyllis Chesler
January 2011


It was terrible Dawn . . . I was the only one who told the truth. When I took the stand for myself. And no one else did.

Meet the monster. Five feet four inches tall. 137 pounds. Lesbian prostitute. Hitchhiking hooker. Damsel of death. Inspirer of books (Lethal Intent; On a Killing Day; Dead Ends), fictionalized movies (Overkill; Monster), and documentaries (Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer; Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer). Headline maker from coast to coast and beyond. Dateline. Geraldo. 60 Minutes Australia.

Five feet four inches tall. This outlaw—a transient sex worker—took the lives of seven straight, white men: Richard Mallory, 51, shot and killed December 1, 1989. Dick Humphreys, 56, killed May 19, 1990. Charles Carskaddon, 40, killed May 31, 1990. Troy Burress, 50, killed July 30, 1990. Peter Siems, 65, killed September 11, 1990. Walter Jeno Antonio, 62, killed November 19, 1990. David Spears, 43, date of murder unknown. His body was never found.

In custody, amidst the media circus, Wuornos stopped being merely human. She became a scrim, a screen for the projection of our desires and fears, writ large. A feminist cause célèbre. The avenging angel. Scourge of the right wing. She was legend, outsized, looming tall as a skyscraper.

Yet in the shadow of the skyscraper sat a woman, almost completely hidden, intently writing letters. You almost couldn’t see her, the real person, at all. Her name was Aileen Wuornos. Five foot four. And she wrote letters.

To bad Society has me all wrong, from all the cop lies and defamations put out on me. Because really I was all “Love”. Now I’m not.

Aileen “Lee” Wuornos was born in Rochester, Michigan, in 1956. Her parents eloped when her biological mother, Diane, was just fourteen. Wuornos’s biological father, Leo Pittman, was a child molester who escaped into the military when Diane became pregnant with Aileen. Diane abandoned Aileen and her older brother, Keith, when the children were very young. They were adopted by Diane’s parents, Lauri and Britta Wuornos, who lived nearby in Troy, and raised as siblings alongside their own children, Barry and Lori (Diane’s biological brother and sister).

At the age of fourteen, Wuornos was raped while hitchhiking home from a party. She became pregnant and was sent to a home for unwed mothers, where, in 1971, she gave birth to a boy, whom she gave up for adoption. Upon her return, Wuornos’s relationship with her grandfather, Lauri, which was never good, soured further. She began repeatedly running away from home and was sent away again, first to a juvenile hall and then to Adrian Girls’ Training School. When her grandmother, Britta, died, she lost her only ally, and Lauri, fed up with Wuornos’s behavior, kicked her out of the house permanently. She survived the best she knew how, exchanging sex for cash and sleeping in abandoned cars, in friends’ houses, and, mostly, outside.

During these teen years, Wuornos’s closest friend was Dawn Botkins. The two of them were part of a larger group of neighborhood kids who hung out, often misbehaving. Dawn was protective of Wuornos and tried to shelter her from her frequently cruel peers. In a pattern that was to repeat itself throughout her life, Wuornos lavished the money she earned from prostitution on her friends, perhaps seeking to secure their affection with cash.

Having no place but the woods to call home, at fifteen years old, Wuornos began hitchhiking around the country, supporting herself through prostitution. She made her way to Florida, where in 1981, she was convicted of armed robbery and served thirteen months in prison.

In 1986, at the Zodiac bar, Wuornos met the woman she later described as the love of her life, Tyria Moore, a sometime hotel maid (and other times forklift driver, among other stints). Wanting Moore to be happy and well cared for, Wuornos continued to work as a prostitute to support them both.

In 1989, the killings began. There were seven.

On January 9, 1991, Volusia County Investigator Larry Horzepa arrested Wuornos at the Last Resort, a bar in Harbor Oaks, Florida. Volusia County Investigator Bruce Munster took Wuornos’s initial confession. And Citrus County Investigator Jerry Thompson engineered a telephone sting operation that was to be carried out by Tyria Moore.

Police threatened charges against Moore if she didn’t help them. Moore agreed to telephone Wuornos in jail and allowed police to tape the calls secretly. Over the phone, a tearful Moore told Wuornos she was terrified of going to jail and urged her to come clean. The tactic worked. In a three-hour videotaped confession, Wuornos told her story to Officers Munster and Horzepa in so much detail, she needed to be reminded that she was talking to the police.

As for what really went down. The world will be surprized to learn.

According to Sue Russell’s book Lethal Intent, three weeks after Wuornos’s arrest, filmmaker Jacqueline Giroux presented a contract to Wuornos and secured the film rights to her life story. The contract was signed by Wuornos and her then-attorney Russell Armstrong. In light of the Son of Sam law, Wuornos was actually not eligible to receive any funds from the project. Soon after, she turned on Armstrong and fired him, believing he was only interested in media attention and profits. Wuornos also claimed ignorance of the meaning of the contracts she had signed.

As Giroux began to shop her script, which would become the made-for-TV movie Damsel of Death, she heard that three policemen who had been involved in Wuornos’s capture were also looking for a movie deal, and that Tyria Moore was in league with the officers.

In fact, some sort of preliminary arrangement existed between Republic Pictures and three of the leading players in the hunt and capture of Wuornos: Officer Munster, Major Dan Henry, and their captain, Steve Binegar. The officers hired attorney Robert Bradshaw, who fielded an offer from the movie company. Munster suggested that Moore speak to Bradshaw, as well. She did, although a month later, even as movie talk moved forward, she let Bradshaw know that his services were not needed.

A whistleblower came forward: Sergeant Brian Jarvis publicly accused the three officers of shopping Wuornos’s story to Hollywood. He claimed that although he had been instrumental in the arrest, he had been pushed off the case by attention-mongers and moved from Major Crimes to Property Crimes. In response, it was said that Jarvis had been pushed aside thanks to his own poor performance. But even as Jarvis continued to be a harsh critic of the feeding frenzy around Wuornos’s story, he sold the rights to his own version of the story to a writer for the sum of one dollar.

A departmental investigation into the activities of Munster, Binegar, and Henry was launched in July 1991, centered on two key issues: whether the making of the movie Overkill, based on their stories, interfered with Wuornos’s right to a fair trial, and whether their alleged financial interest in the movie had caused them to ignore Moore’s possible involvement in Wuornos’s crimes. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was agreed that although documents may have existed that indicated a proposed deal with Republic Pictures, no signed documents had been produced, and there was no evidence that money had changed hands. Additionally, it was established that Moore had not been offered or granted immunity for working with the officers. However, at the conclusion of the investigation, Henry resigned, and Munster and Binegar were demoted.

Wuornos was convinced—correctly—that her story was up for sale in Hollywood. She was equally convinced that the police believed the movie version of her life depended on her portrayal as a lone, vicious serial killer and could only end with her going to the electric chair. And she was convinced they were bringing this about.

In the interim, she felt her adoptive mother, Arlene Pralle, and her attorney, Steve Glazer, were “raking in” on her. Glazer did double duty representing her not only in court but in securing paid media appearances for her. He also represented Pralle in a deal according to which she collected a royalty on each copy sold of On a Killing Day, Dolores Kennedy’s book about the murders. The total amount earned by Glazer and Pralle is not known.

And there was still more money to be made. In addition to the money making activities of the police, Giroux, the Glazer-Pralle team, and Kennedy, there were others, including Sue Russell’s book Lethal Intent: The Shocking True Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Female Serial Killers! and Michael Reynolds’s book Dead Ends: The Pursuit, Conviction, and Execution of Female Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, the Damsel of Death.

I’m guilty of shedding there blood. Unwillingly. But then they are to.

On January 14, 1992, Wuornos went to trial in Volusia County for the murder of Richard Mallory, the first of her victims.

She had been indicted in the counties where the murders occurred, and the trials were spread across five counties: Volusia, Citrus, Marion, Pasco, and Dixie. Four of these counties had offered a plea bargain whereby Wuornos could plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. But one county—Pasco, where Carskaddon had been murdered—held out for the death sentence, removing the plea as an option.

In Volusia, for the Mallory trial, Chief Assistant Public Defender of the Fifth Judicial Circuit Tricia Jenkins and Billy Nolas, assistant public defender, comprised Wuornos’s defense, while John Tanner, state attorney, and David Damore, assistant state attorney, headed up the prosecution. Wuornos claimed she killed in self-defense because Mallory was trying to rape her, but prosecutors played her initial confession in which she said there was no attempted rape. The fact that Mallory was a convicted sex offender was never mentioned during the trial. In addition, prosecutors introduced information about the other killings as evidence of a pattern to Wuornos’s crimes. And her family’s time on the stand was damaging: Barry testified for the state, and Lori gave a statement along similar lines, that Wuornos had not been abused as a child, as neighbors had reported.

On January 27, 1992, it took the jury only 91 minutes to find her guilty. She was sentenced to death.

There were five more trials to go.

On May 4, 1992, in a show of the volatility and rash decision-making that were characteristic of her, Wuornos fired the court-appointed team headed by Trish Jenkins. She did so at the behest of Arlene Pralle, a born-again Christian who had read about Wuornos in the newspaper and decided to adopt her. Pralle hired attorney Steve Glazer to defend Wuornos. At the time, Glazer had no experience in death penalty cases but had worked for Pralle in other capacities, such as facilitating her adoption of Wuornos and negotiating her book royalties.

At times, Wuornos expressed a preference for an expedient death rather than life imprisonment. On Glazer’s poor legal advice, and with Pralle’s encouragement to “get right with God,” she entered a plea of no contest for the other murders.

For the murders of Dick Humphreys, Troy Burress, and David Spears, Wuornos received three more death sentences. In the final two trials, Wuornos pleaded guilty to the murders of Charles Carskaddon and Walter Jeno Antonio and received two more death sentences, for a total of six.

In an episode that aired on November 11, 1992, Dateline revealed Mallory’s history as a sex offender, giving hope for an appeal. Additional grounds for appeal included Wuornos’s alcoholism and the potential effect of the selling of media rights on the trial. However, the appeal was denied in September 1994. The following month, the same appellate panel was consulted with regard to Wuornos’s appeals in the cases of Humphreys, Burress, and Spears. These appeals, too, were denied.

Subsequently, for the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel (CCRC), Joseph Hobson and Kori Anderson, attorney and investigator, respectively, stepped in to identify new grounds for an appeal, in the hopes of getting Wuornos’s death sentences commuted to a life sentence. The CCRC took aim at questions surrounding Steve Glazer’s competence and his allowing Wuornos to plead no contest on death penalty cases. Ultimately, Glazer’s representation was found competent.

Meanwhile, Wuornos herself was disintegrating. Always paranoid, she believed that the prison personnel were conspiring to torture her and drive her to suicide. She claimed that the intercom was being used to pipe what she called “sonic pressure” into her cell. She believed the prison staff was tainting her food, spitting and urinating in it. Additionally, she complained of low water pressure, manhandling, strip searches, and catcalling. Instead of showering, she sometimes washed her hair with water from the tap, bent over the toilet, just to avoid having to interact with the guards. Wuornos submitted a twenty-five-page handwritten complaint to no avail: The Corrections Department denied all allegations.

Feeling that life on death row was worse than death itself, Wuornos waived any further appeals of her six death sentences, calling her campaign to recant her earlier self-defense claim “7 and 7”—a reference to the seven murders and seven robberies for which she now wished to accept full responsibility. She sent letters to the Florida Supreme Court and to each county, asking to be executed. In April of 2002, the court allowed Wuornos to fire her attorneys and end her appeals, and Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed her death warrant in September.

She was executed at the Florida State Prison in Starke in October 2002 by lethal injection.

Yes we are like Sisters. My heart feels for you as one. I love you as one.

Dawn Marie Nieman was born in Detroit, Michigan, on March 8, 1956, and at the age of twelve moved with her family twenty-five miles north, to Troy. Dawn and Wuornos became friends when they were in high school; the girls were brought together by the close friendship of Dawn’s older brother, Ducky, with Wuornos’s brother, Keith. Wuornos dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and occasionally Dawn would skip class and spend the day with her.

It was during one of their afternoons together in 1972 that Dawn met her future husband, Dave Botkins. Within a week of giving the girls a ride to Dawn’s house, Dave was back at Dawn’s door, asking for a dinner date. They have been together since that day.

Struggling with homelessness and her difficult family situation, and hurt by Dawn’s increasing unavailability as she began spending more time with Dave, Wuornos soon struck out for Florida. Dawn did not see her friend again until Wuornos showed up in Troy for her brother Keith’s funeral. And then she was gone again, back on the road.

In 1991, a police officer knocked on Dawn’s door, asking if she knew Wuornos. He told her of her old friend’s arrest for the murders. After the initial surprise wore off, Dawn now recalls, her first thought was, “Thank God Aileen is off the streets. She has food and a bed and is safe from the scum of the world.”

She asked the officer for Wuornos’s mailing address. A ten-year span of daily correspondence began.

Rarely missing a day, Dawn wrote in the evenings after her children, David and Kimberly, were in bed. Upon seeing the collection of letters, the documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield asked Dawn how she found the time to write to Wuornos so often. Dawn responded, “I didn’t find the time, I made the time.” Dawn knew she was Wuornos’s only real friend, so she wrote and wrote. Of health issues. Of financial hardship. Of spring and weddings and babies. And of the past.

As of this writing, Dawn and Dave have nine grandchildren and live in a quiet farmhouse. On the property, there is a walnut tree set among rocks and strawberries and other plants, where Wuornos’s ashes are spread.

Cause life is to adventure, and thats were our human knowledge comes by. Wheather they be good or bad. The key is there.

Wuornos received many letters during her imprisonment, and in her early years on death row, she established several pen-pal relationships. She later cut off contact with almost all of these correspondents, but she sometimes suggested they get in touch with Dawn. One of Wuornos’s past pen pals, Jesse Merril, became a close friend of Dawn’s.

Dawn had long suffered from multiple sclerosis, and in 2007, five years after Wuornos’s death, she told Merril that her illness was worsening and that she needed help: She had promised Wuornos that she would someday find a publisher for her letters. “Someday” now seemed as if it would have to be sooner rather than later. Wuornos had told Dawn over and over that she wanted the truth—her truth—revealed: the way she’d been manipulated by the police, the torture she’d suffered in her cell, and the money others had made from her misfortunes.

Merril introduced Dawn to her friend Lisa Kester, who had worked in the publishing industry for many years. In the summer of 2007, Kester visited Dawn and agreed to move forward with the project as an editor. Daphne Gottlieb signed on as coeditor.

If I would’ve gotten into my past . . . you wouldve had some dozzies to listen to. And we couldve gabbed forever . . .

Wuornos was prolific. Prison rules limited her letters to four pages, but she wrote any number of them daily. It was not uncommon for her to pen twenty or more pages in a single day, with letters distinguished from each other by sequential lettering or topical headings. Our preference would have been to include all of the letters in their entirety, but because of space considerations, this was not possible. Starting with what we roughly estimate at more than a million words, we discovered it was tremendously challenging to edit the letters down to a reasonable book length.

Our first challenge was to decide whether simply to select a relatively small number of unabridged letters for publication, or to abridge the letters to be able to include more of them in the collection. The smaller selection of uncut letters left the integrity of the individual documents intact but increased the likelihood of omitting important themes and events in Wuornos’s life simply because of space limitations. Redacting the text allowed us to trim the letters’ redundancy (sitting in a jail cell, day in, day out, one’s preoccupations become, to some degree, static), but could potentially manipulate Wuornos’s voice in the process and skew the contents of the letters. In the end, the decision was made to abridge the letters so as to be able to include more of them, while making the best possible effort to retain Wuornos’s voice, concerns, and habit of mind. (In general, throughout the text, ellipses with three evenly spaced dots indicate where text has been abridged, though Wuornos herself often used various styles of ellipses for stylistic effect, as well.) Every effort has been made to maintain the integrity of Wuornos’s texts, including the preservation of Wuornos’s spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. However, we have not been able to include as much of the material as we’d like; because of legal and privacy-related concerns, certain names have been altered and events redacted.

I shut the door on her Royal. So please do not help her in any way . . . She out completely I mean the door is locked. O.K.

A number of themes recur in Wuornos’s letters.

She rails frequently against the “crooked cops,” the officers she accused of manipulating her and shopping her story for a movie deal. She accused others of attempting to profit from her story, as well. Nick Broomfield’s two documentaries about Wuornos explore allegations that both Pralle and Glazer profited from Wuornos’s many media appearances, in part because the Son of Sam laws prohibited her from being paid, herself. In fact, one scene in the first documentary specifically depicts Broomfield counting out bills he had agreed to pay Pralle for an interview. As a result, Pralle and Glazer were summarily, and repeatedly, thrown out of Wuornos’s life when she believed she was being manipulated for profit, and called back in when she perceived she needed help. Over and over in her letters to Dawn, Wuornos wrestles with her relationship with Pralle and Glazer; first she believes they are on her side, then they are her hated enemies. They are excised from her life forever, then they are the only ones who can help her. Such behavior fits the profile of the borderline personality disorder she was repeatedly diagnosed with, initially by the state’s expert psychologist, Dr. George Barnard, when she was examined for her first trial. Over and over, she embraces people as her saviors—Phyllis Chesler, the professor and author who tried to advocate on her behalf; Tony Alexander, a British attorney found for her by Broomfield; Linda, a favorite correspondent of hers; the CCRC—only to demonize them as she finds her circumstances remarkably unchanged, herself unsaved.

I am as sane as God is, and do know what I’m talking about.

In her time on death row, Wuornos’s relationship with her God grew and grew. This was reflected in her letters, not only in her frequent discussions of religion, but also in her habit of copying pages and pages of the Dake Bible and other religious tracts and sending them to Dawn and Dawn’s mother (and likely to others, as well). Ultimately, it seemed more important to fill these pages with letters by Wuornos herself rather than copied Bible passages, but as a result, her dedication to, and love for, her Bible studies are undoubtedly underplayed.

So who cares about court! Court isnt ever gonna change. They fucked me good to death. Just like the rapist tried . . .

Wuornos had her day in court. And then another. And another. From the offhand, conversational references in her letters, it is often hard to tell which court she was appearing in, and for which crime. After all, every capital case is really two trials in one: Each has a guilt phase and a penalty phase, and they are followed by appeals. Wuornos had six trials, and her letters do little to mediate the confusion. To compound the difficulties, throughout the process, Wuornos referred to her trials not by her victims’ names, but by the counties where the murders were committed and the trials were held: Volusia, Dixie, Pasco, Citrus, and Marion. It may be helpful to think of her legal proceedings as being nonstop, but with ebb and flow, times of greater and lesser activity.

. . . way in the distance I could hear them callin my name. As I just laughed an walked on.

If you are looking to read the darkest heart of the murders, the most intimate details, you will be sorely disappointed. There are no such letters in this book. As far as we can tell, and by her own account, Wuornos didn’t write them. She couldn’t. She tried. Something inside her prevented her—perhaps the desire never to return to that place beyond words where she took man after man’s life, perhaps a total inability. Call it decency. Call it blackout. Call it shame. Call it privacy, a strange sort that can only exist around murder. The exact happenings of the killings—and the location of the seventh body, that of Peter Siems—remained between her and her victims and went with Wuornos to her grave.

What the letters make apparent is that it’s not so simple as understanding “what happened.” Because what Wuornos claimed happened—perhaps even what she believed happened—changed in her own account. She frequently contradicted herself: The killings were done in self-defense—except when her crimes were simple robberies and she killed in cold blood. She sometimes claimed that she recanted her claim of self-defense in order to hasten her execution. The crimes exist in a liminal space of intent, intent that vacillates based on Wuornos’s changing motivations. Clearly, incontrovertibly, she committed these crimes. Maybe that’s enough for us to know.

My heart feels for you as one. I love you as one . . . Once I do love someone. Its all out.

It’s enough to know, except for one last thing, the most remarkable, redemptive thing in these letters. We would be remiss not to point out—though you could hardly miss it—the exceptional love between Dawn Botkins and Aileen Wuornos. To no small extent, their lives became about each other during the decade-plus that Wuornos spent on death row. From comments in Wuornos’s letters, it is clear that Dawn made time to write no matter what her circumstances—in the midst of her husband’s back surgeries, when her family was moving in together, during another move to a farmhouse, during her mother’s illnesses, around the births of her grandchildren, and at all points in between. Always, there was Wuornos, in her cell, scribing again, reaching out from a life lived inside four small walls. And there was Dawn, reaching back from her farmhouse.

It is love—friendship—that sustains us, even in the worst of times, under the worst of circumstances. Even when we have been driven mad. Even when we have killed. We still love. We are still worthy of love. We can still be loved.

—Daphne Gottlieb
San Francisco
January 2012


Dear Dawn,

Believe it, its me! Even though this letter is being written on April fools day.

I am quite amazed you still care. The last time we seen each other was Keiths2 funneral, but our last hang out together was a snowy day, cold windy and wet, when all my 45s and other personnel belongings were trashed out at an Apartment . . .

Yea! that set me off! that was the day I decided I never wanted too see you again. Sorry! But its true. While I’m glad our teenage escapades hasn’t left an embedded complete embitterment, back in black and the heart forever, with good memories do still preside...

I’d love to tell ya whats going on. Here, me in jail and the case. But I would Jeopardize a very severe matter (or) matters if I did. All I can say is that I’ve got great support and a very dear friend3 to me now, thats helping me in my peril.

I’d like to ask you a few questions . . .

How old are ya now?

How many little ones or big ones do you have?

Are you still married to him? I forgot his name?

When is the last time you’ve seen my dumb sister? Yea Lori if I should even call her “that.”

Lori4 lost me, so has Barry. They treated me like shit through childhood and haven’t bothered to write (or) contact me in my horrendous state. So I’ve disowned them “completely”. This will never be reconsidered either . . .

As for what really went down. The world will be surprized to learn at trial time . . .

Take care of yourself too now. And hope there’ll be a chance I hear from ya . . . For now, me.


APRIL 22 [1991]5

Dear Dawn,

No! I am very sorry to hear about Ducky!6 Was it 3 or 4 years ago. Please! I know its hard but tell me more about this . . .

I am really close to God. Read the Bible three times all the way through. And in even my young and road days I got into God—(Jesus) and my heart was as good then it as it is now. Even though I became a pro in being a prostitute . . . I still believed on the Road anyway, and always willing to give a helping hand to anyone, “even strangers,” because of my experiences from my young days and how I was treated. I cannot elaborate how many times sex was forced upon me . . . But when I do get some time down the road a book7 out. It is going to be about my life, not these crimes. And how people should “NOT” treat each other like this ...

I hope you’re having a beautiful time in life and it isn’t hard on you. By the way, this is the end times, so I hope your getting closer to the man up stairs . . .

Take Care Now!




Dear Dawn,

In your letter you say here. That maybe I should mention to Arlene about you visiting ... I quit writing to her like three months ago. Uh hum! Sure did . . . She writes once in a while. Saying bitchy and evil shit. To ruffle my feathers in this cage . . . She did this at the near initial to my entry here, on death row. Like around a month and half later . . . As her and Steve8 conned me to “WAIVE OFF” all remaining trials . . . You can very well see. Shes in the mafia with Carskaddon.9 And quite frankly, to late to change anything now . . .

The cops pulled there strategem of evil through Slander, libel and fabrications in the media all around and court . . . That’s why “Sound off” must be written. This will destroy there ass’s in career fields and other ways . . . Even if I was Guilty of my crimes. Grant you, there even guiltier. For these intentions are far more for evil means then mine ever acquired. But in alot of ways. I’m innocent. My mistakes were (unintended.) There’s are flat out intent.

I’m reading here, about “March” that you may have the resources to visit me. Near thee end of. Man I hope so! This would be “Fantastic.” Cause the sooner the better. You never know, when the states gonna do there evil deed ...

Dawn. Remember, never to worry my trust in you. We come a long way. Regardless of the missing years of seeing one another . . . I love and trust you. “Forever” always will be dear to me, as even Ty is. Matter of fact. You and her. Are the only ones close to me . . .

Its getting late this thursday. Heading towards 11:00. So let me close, and write another. At least 4 will go out tomorrow. The rest. Monday O.K.

This is 4 now

Good Buddy
Stay Cool!


Dear Dawn,

So WOW! 20 big bad years ago, since we’ve last seen one Another! Is this M. S.10 you’ve got, a disease that could cripple (or) kill you. My goodness, I wondered just what you’ve done, in all those years. Hope you’ve had fun. Mine had been a struggle. On the road untill 20. married 60 days, back on the road until 21, 25 went to prison for three years, 28 turned lezzy. First lover,11 ripped me off then left. And oh God was I in love with her. Then I looked for a replacement, found tyria. Still love her after 4½ years, and am fixin now to die, as soon as time will let me. Exciting life huh! Geez! . . .

Man I studied phychology, Theology, Archeology, the nervous system, The Brain, algerba, Anatomy, read the Bible four times in its entirety, politics, and so much more.

What errks me is these people12 think there written to a 9th grade dropout, who did nothin but drugs. And is worthless and needs to die, and before she does, lets get some bread off her, fame she has won. Myself I hadn’t that planned. The cops did that one. Just for there own crooked ass fabricated movie there working on. With no other than my ex lover. She’s lying through her ass that it wasn’t self defense.13 Cause she’s been promised by the cops hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no matter how much I loved her, and showed it to her. she’s willing to take me down, for the almity dollar.

Ironically I still love her too. Thats because of all the memories of all the “Good times” we shared together . . .

Well ol’ lost buddy. Sending more pictures of you of everyone if you can . . . If you could some day soon. Would you please take a couple color photo’s of my old house. It sits accross the Maddox’s . . . Please do. I’d like to see if my Mothers14 flowers are still around. And her trees she raised . . .

Doesn’t 20 years seem as if it was yesterday? . . .



Dear Dawn,

. . . when I called [Lori] at VCBJ.15 Which the cops rigged up. She just simply stated. “When you get the chair. I just wish I could pull the switch.” I said. “Lori. how can you say that!” “You don’t even know my case.” “Its self-defense by the way!” She said “I don’t care!” “Look at all the families you hurt!” What!

all I can think of is You Bitch! Look at all the hurt I received! I snapped. and became phycologically distorted from it. I’ve been so hurt. The pain is like my hand (permanently stuck) on a red hot burner. She is insane. Thats all I can say! . . .

Dawn. I intend to keep a close contact. As long as your willing. I hope its untill my demise. Thanks for coming back into existence of our long lost friendship ...

Take Care for now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . I thank-you for your understandings on the Law enforcements diffenate mistakes and carrying a miscarriage in the system. But I am at fault somewhat as well . . . My mistake is prostitution. O how I wish I never indelved in. Dam! I should of never returned to the former trade my teenage days taught me. And now I’m in fault of 7 people’s deaths16. Which were not intentional. But forced upon. But also the reason I reverted to hooking “Again” was because of the cops and some charges which I had, and they falsified to higher degrees of besides what they really were. To get me back to prison. For a LONG! Time. It confuss’s me. For I’m guilty of shedding there blood. Unwillingly. But then they are to. For being crooked and forcing a human life to run scared. And do such to survive. hook.

Shit. I’ve got to close. Last page.17 Another letter to follow. Probably a few more matter of fact. So Z___________________ ip!*

I’m gone,

Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Its just me again. Trying answer up to all your letters. Good Mornin by the way its 6:35 A.M. . . .

OK! answer to what makes everyone classify me as a Seriel Killer? Well actually no one had. The cops labeled me this on the fact that a number of men where killed . . . For Seriel Killers—Real ones stalk as often as they can. And if theres a cooling off period its only in a matter of days. Not months. Plus there brutal in these deaths. These men where never tortured nor dismembered. Richard Mallory raped me. Where as he tied me to the steering wheel, then proceeded to vaginally and anally rape me. For nearly 2 hours.

Then after he was done. He put rubbing Alcohol he had in a visine bottle. The bottom my nose, vagina and anus.18 This was excurciatingly painfull. But more so in my ass. Because he tore me up bad. I never had sex like that. I never allowed exotic wierd stuff while I husseled. Just Clean stuff. Well after his attack. It wasnt untill 6 months later I’d meet another one. And thee others were 2 to 3 months apart. I was meeting strangers more so then my regulars during the last year of ty and I’s relationship. Because my regulars most of them where at “Desert Storm” now . . .

The other question. Is why cant people see it was Self defense. Is because the crooked scum. Started slashing slanderous crap all through the media, and Magazines . . .

The producers working with Munster horzepa Thompson and others involved, told them . . . that the public would have to believe I was a Seriel Killer . . . The thing is. The movie is totally a made up lie. And goes 200% against all I told them in my confessions. What really makes me sick, is that every time I was trying to recollect an incident and get into the rape. I was cut off... Only being asked Callous question such as how many times did you shoot him? and where did you leave there bodies? And there cars Where did you ditch them at? . . . They were pissed off every time I tried telling the real realities of the situations which were events that were also hard to remember. Cause I was always drunk during the attacks. I drank in front and with all my clients. I was a beer alcoholic for 14 years.

Also in the three hours interview. I was going through withdrawals and slight D.T.s. At one point. I saw what looked like worms crawling on the floor in

the corner. Just for a second. Between the pressure of stress, hysteria the trauma of it all, and withdrawing it made me really to upset to relate things coherently or competent. They knew it too. And kept stokien me . . .

So this is part of the deal. But theres hundreds more of deception they used against the true facts of Self defense . . .

One major one is. I kept all weapons each guy used against me. Which were in storage. If I should ever get caught or turn myself in. The weapons can’t be found. Yet tyria knows they were put in there. Its really sick . . . She knows its self defense. But of course is denying . . . as I said before. A conviction has to occurr, and the public has to believe its Seriel to apply for a box office hit. Whereas you can imagine. Rambo brought in 20 million the first 4 weeks it was out across America. So First Female Seriel Killer. “Got it” OK! Thats the whole deal.

Well Dawn last page. I’ve got ya pretty well on a bit of understanding whats going on. Theres so much more though. The crookedness would take days to explain. But its soon to “all” come out in the wash. Through investigations and a book I’ll be writting on it. “Sound off”.

Gotta Go Gal. I love you too. By the way buddy! I always cared about you, and thought about you on many many occasions. You take GOOD. care of yourself.

Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . I received three more death row sentences by the jury in Marion. The judge will side with them . . . This world is very wrong. Very ignorant. Callous. Stupid. I’ve seen enough stupidity to know. And I want out . . .

Did I look real skinny on T.V.?19 If not I am. 128 lbs. T.V. does make you look alot heavier than you are . . . that also was intentional by the males who took snaps of me. Pure hatred against me on there part . . . because I husseled and am considered a whore. Which actually men are more of than any women is. No #2 because I had enough balls to knock off some rapist, through hooking, as a labeled whore. And No #3 Because women arent suppose to pose such power and authority

over themselves against an assailant. where suppose to be abused, used, raped, and beaten, and then call the cops afterward . . . Actually I should be given a metal for it. I helped Society and other girls from the scums. The men are simply jealous plus fear other women will do the same justifiable thing . . . Do I hate men. Not really. Just ones that think like this. Cause there brains are in there ass and penis. Only!

. . . I pray everythings going fine for you. Tell Davie20 I said Hi! And of ya’s take care.

4-Now Zip!
Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . there is something I feel mysterious about. Ive often thought [Arlene] was a family member of one of the guys . . . Because Carskadden told me during my cruise with him that he knew the mafia. I have strange feelings in it all. My spirit feels it . . .

I’ve been trying to help them find Siems21 body. Theres something really fishy going on. Because I left him lying right in the middle of the road. After I used immediate defense. I never hid him, (nor) moved him. He had to of been found . . .

Anyway I spent one day trying. But I cant remember where “he” took me. Again if it was premeditated. I would of suggested an area I knew! But he picked the spot. And I cant remember cause he bought me nearly a case of beer . . .

So since I cant remember I told them the best thing to do is hypnotize me . . . It could possibly give way to a new trial for me. As Steves puts it. The Dirt will come out. I just hope they don’t lie. And claim a body that isn’t even his . . . Take good care. Keep your thoughts on Christ . . . 4-now Love Lee!


Dear Dawn,

. . . Theres not much goin on. But I nearly got a D.R.22 Yeah! Theres this officer . . . She acts like she hates my guts . . . I got 15 days probation. See . . . she wants to see me suffer before the chair . . .

And they call this place CORRECTIONAL.” Time out! Shit! One girl I knew. used to tell me how a Daytona undercover drug cop she use to date. Use to bring her a small candy bag filled to the top with cocaine.

Theyre cops! Theyll only get there butts slapped, and walk. Ive only seen one cop go to jail recently for the murder of a business lady. A State trooper pulled her over. This same trooper tried to have me give him head in the woods. He pulled her over. Faked an arrest, handcuffed her, drove her to a medium strip on 1-95. Raped her then strangled her to death. Sick fucker huh! There many more I know,

Heres a real doozie before I close! I was dating a couple officers . . . This police officer, a john of mine takes me over his house. He wants to watch a few videos on sex. OK! with me! No problem! We watch a few. Then he says lee, you wanna see one thatsll really trip ya. me Sure! So he pulls this video out from behind the T.V. Theres 4 of his buddys. In uniform. Then he explains the 4 women are 3 of the officers wifes, one a girl friend. And the department Shepard is there. The 4 males officers IN UNIFORM NOW, proceed to start corn hollin each other in the ass. While ones screwing a girl. Then 2 are makin out with each other. And next it flicks on to the girlfriend of the officer and she getting balled by the dog. I flipped out alright. I told him to hurry up and shut the tape off. Then I sat there with a drink in hand, gozzlin down going God. And these are cops. Then he tells me he was the video man, screning the whole thing. I started to decline dating him. And finally it was not seeing him anymore. Every time I saw the officers. I just wanted to spit a good hockes in there face. Sick Animals! Well. See there not like they use to be anymore. Gotta Go now.

Take Care. Hope to hear from ya soon. 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . What was the name of the bar we went to where we luckily got in and you met Dave? You did meet him then . . . right? Did you ever get out side of Michigan and see any of the United States? Do you have any animals? Do any old high school friends visit? have you’ve been to any reunions? Whens the last time you seen Lori. Have you’ve seen Gordon Marks. or the Randalls?23 Theres

hundreds more Id like to ask you. But I best not bog you down with to many. Oh one last one. How does Dave feel about me? After all I did kill his species you know. There must be a grudge Ā!

Take it Slow Gal!

Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . We did have alot of fun together. I remember taking you to the race track. or you coaxed me. But anyway. Remember how I teached you to panhandle. We made out pretty good too. Didnt we. Remember our bell bottom pants. Wheew whew and when studs came out. Lord we started to stud everything. I remember your black hip hugger bell bottoms you loved to wear. And you studded them up the leg. Then Ducky fell in love with em. And put them on. They were real tight. and a bit short on him. But he still wanted to wear them. And if I remember right. You’d both always fight over clothes. I remember the last time I saw Keith. Even though he had cancer. Was at your house in the basement. He went to a party and broke his leg coming down a step. His marrow was getting weak. I didnt witness this. I remember him telling me about it . . . The next time Id see him from this, was when I hitchhiked out to San Francisco, to see him at lettermans Army & medical center. I got Lucky. A construction worker gave me 100 bucks to help out on my trip to see him . . . so, I went shopping for some things to get him . . . I bought a wooden flute that was real gypsy lookin, and the book chariot of the Gods. and a Bible. I didnt know his cancer note was the size of half of a football on his neck. So I was sad at getting him the flute afterward. Anyway! when I finally arrived at the hospital. I asked where keith wuornos was. So a nurse said. Ones in room such and such over there. I said Thanks. Then proceeded in. There was 2 guys lying in separate hospital beds. One guy had a sheet and blanket up to his eyes. So I said. Is Keith wuornos here. I’m looking for my brother. So the guy. In the sheet up to the eyes said. He went downstairs to shoot some pool. OK! Thanks I said and started out, Thinking in mind suddenly. heck! if hes shootin pool, he must be feeling O.K. Great! Then the guy said Aili. come er. Questionably I turned and said Keith? He said don’t freak out when I pull the sheet down. And as he did. He imitated Bugs Bunny—and you know he can do him well —and he said Ā whats up doc! My eyes immediately filled with tears, as they widened to 50 cent pieces. The tumor was so huge on his neck. I kept telling him I’m sorry Im balling my eyes out Keith, but man. This is really scarring me. He said it was the size of maybe a pencil head. But since he volunteered to be a guinee pig for them. They didnt cut it out. and its grown some now. I flew off the handle and said. Whose your Doctor. So he told me. He said they keep telling him he has a 50/50 chance to live. But he didnt feel so. So I said. Ill be right back. I want to ask him myself. He protested a little. But soon I was out the door. Asking the nurse. She said oh there he is now. Right down the hall. I hurridly walked up to him. And said. What the hell do you think your doing to my brother Keith Wuornos . . . And I was yellin. But I didnt care. He said. I’m sorry that your brother has caught this disease. And we were trying all kinds of experiments to save his life. Bullshit I said. He’s already explained the genuee pig jazz to me. Go on in there, as I was pointing to his room. And tell him he’s dying. Man! You fucking bastard. I hope we get a chance to sue the fuck outta you. And turned around and walked off. When I got back to the room. Keith heard everything. But he didnt bicker on it. So he was glad I knew then that I told an army personnel off. ha ha ha! . . . He said I know how you getting your money Aili. I know your husseling. And I want you to stop it. I’m leaving you. . . 10,000 dollars in a benneficary. I said I wont take it Keith. I dont want your money . . . I just want you to live . . . Anyway I stayed three days visiting him. He said I was the only one who’d come to see him in nearly 8 months now. This broke my heart. So I told him. I’d come more often. When I could. Four months later when I was really doing good hooking, wanting to rent out an apartment in San Francisco so I could be near him. They transferred him then to Ann Arbor medical center. Screwing up my plans. So I hitched from Florida . . . now. Ducky, I think you, and others where dropping in. So I didnt have to worry about his spirits as much . . . I just thought I’d lay this story on you. Many many of them. I bet you’ve got alot of them too. So you see that’s why I’m writing so much. old friend! OK Gotta Go Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . Yes we are like Sisters. My heart feels for you as one. I love you as one . . . Once I do love someone. Its all out. I am a very affectionate person . . . Eventually Ill be working on a drawing. All my work has been in ink. And itll be sent to you. When I get started Ill let ya know. The artwork takes days . . . Arlene has around 18 blue ink ones. My best . . . Even since I hit this place. I havent communicated on the phone with Arlene. I miss it. But not a whole lot. Arlenes phone bills were. 1,500 and 3,000. what?! Yeah her and I when I first was introduced to her. We talked for 3 hours24 nearly everyday for quite a while . . . But the cops fuckin lied so much, and as so much lying has gone on, I don’t know who to trust anymore . . . Take it slow. 4-now. Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

The contract I signed [with Jackie25] is NO-GOOD. I want her sued. So she realizes shes not going to get away with claiming something she doesnt rightfully have . . . There in for a big surprize thats for sure . . .

Dawn do you remember when the barn out near uttica got burned down The matches and hey put together. All of us were trippin. . . . We went to this haunted house deal. Where devil worshippers were once in a while using it to sacrifice animals in. Anyway it had a barn full of hay. [Someone] came up with a great idea. Since it was full of the stuff. To put matches in a line like a wick with hay. Then lit it. We took off. And about 2 or 3 miles down the road at a store we sat. Waiting for the out come. And suddenly we saw the sky glow like mars was ready to come up from the horizon. If not. Its in my book. ha ha! I hope you do. We were stoned on orange sunshine26 and other stuff. plus beer. We had so much fun together. All of us. The gang. Certainly do miss those days. 4-sure! . . . We all just were out having fun like any teenagers do. Or did back then. Today the kids are really dangerous. That dam crack. Never tried it and Glad I didnt. Seems strange. Cause I’ve tried nearly every thing. But I started to hate drugs. BAD! after 17. Pot I gave up too then. And from then on just drank. Period. Since then I’ve only snorted about 5 lines in my life cocaine. And smoked about 20 joints. Zip! Thats it. Nothing else. When I husseled I only drank beer. A couple times mix. But wasnt really to into it. Because when I was 21 or 22. I got hooked on white lightening for 2 weeks. Decided to quit. And it took me a month and a half to just get over the shakes from it. I realized then. hard stuff wasnt worth it . . .

ha ha ha! I was a trip in my early 20(s) Had alot of fun. Well . . . Take Good care of yourself.

I mean it!
Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hey Dawn! . . . I talked to BBC27 today. Nice crew! NBC Dateline. Kept cutting on me. I couldn’t get a whole sentence out for nothing. But BBC. They let me roll! And I am a bit worried. “On my timing.” But I also explained about Arlene, and Steve. as for There only interest in the money. As well as coaxing me to plead guilty . . . Which is really sick. Isnt it! But I’m kinda scared. Cause they are my back bone still to certain things. When they find out this. Shew! Shits gonna hit the fan. I spoke highly of you! . . . To be truthfull. I think I need a new lawyer. But do not know what the hell to do. I hope a pro boner comes along . . . I also explained how Arlene and Steve are lying to the media about me. That I said I wanted to die and jazz. I said it differently then that! I said, I guess if I have to die, in order to bust the crooked cops I will! . . .

Yes they do have to prove without a reasonable doubt that I was raped. But they did not do that. That is one of at least 30 reasons, I did not receive a fair trial. And also why I waived off. All other trials. I could see. There was no point, in trying to fight a pack of Vulgerous evil cops and a county court system, all entwined in the movie . . . You see. That is why an investigation has to be done. And that is why. I need the Supreme court . . . Gotta Go 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi! . . . Man the memories just start rolling away in my mind. I miss ya! . . . When you said about Dave askin us if we needed a lift. All this I do not recall . . . I must of been blitzed. Darn. I thought we went to the bar and you met him there.

Matter of fact I thought Dave was hitting on me, and I shoved him off in my nonchalant manner. So he went to you . . . All these years I had a wrong panorama of it. Shit! oh well! . . .

The wizard of oz I am completely intrigued with.28 And also had in mind at collecting stuff on it. When I was with Toni it started. With tyria I was going to begin. But she always spent my bread that I’d make. and I never had a chance to. So the next day I’d go out and make more. It was so easy to. And big bucks. All the bars, fancy night clubs, and restaurants we’d hit. As well as her buying clothes for herself. I had one beat up bra, a few pair of underwear—recked tennis shoes. 3 pairs of pants and 5 Tshirts to my name. She had gobs of clothes. I couldnt help it. I was insanely in love with her. And just wanted her to have it all. I was her puppet . . .

Stay cool Dawn..

Take good care of that health of yours. O.K.! 4-now Love


P.S. Thank you for the Wiz stamp. “I Love it!” Its neat.


Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

Im gonna do some feed back to you on all the cheating feelings and lying feelings I have over concerning Arlene . . . I have been nothing but lied to . . .

When I was arrested . . . eventually I confessed to self-defense . . . Well the cops must of got pissed off. Cause I didnt fit there questions right for there “Seriel Killing scam” . . . Anyway [the cops] got pissed off and told the guards to put me in medical lock down, and feed her full of drugs. I was crying like a mother fucker, shaking like crazy., And was DTing and withdrawing from all my alcohol. Plus shook up! . . . So when they offered me a 25 mg Librium pill and 4 . . . 25 mg vistoril pills, I took them gladly ... I later learned these were sinous pills not tranquilizers29 from Arlenes “Doctor” . . . I stayed in this lock down haveing done nothing for 15 days. And now hooked on Visteril. Once

they realized I was good and hooked they let me out. Now during the time in medical lock down. My public defender Raymond Cass and [another lawyer] came to see me 4 times. DURING JANUARY The 1st time was cass only. The very first thing he said to me. Was! I am gonna try to do my damest from keeping you from the chair, In the meantinme youll probably get life. And I know you haven’t got a family or financial aid,. Ive been contacted by a women named Jackie Giourx who would like to do a book and movie about you . . . I said. I’m not too interested in this ... I want to know about my case. What do you mean “life in prison!” I don’t deserve nothing man! I merely defended my ass . . . He said well we’ll talk about that later. Theres a lot of things I have to check into before I can give you any concrete answers. But right now . . . I came to financially help you! During your jail time your gonna need money . . . If your interested. You need to tell me now . . . I said right now I’m not! . . . So then he left. two days later he shows up, with my old P.D. who represented me in 81 on my armed Robbery charge. “Russel Armstrong” . . . When I saw him I was shocked! And kinda glad. he’s a good defense attorney. And immediately said. Are you going to be representing me . . . he said. No not really! Its all on Jackie again. And that Russel A is willing to become my civil attorney to the movie deal. to make sure everything is legal and honest. Free of charge at that. So I think (a) while. Then said . . . Sounds like a good deal. Then he says. But this will have to be very (a) closed subject and Silent, We could loose our careers over this. So I consider and consider listen more consider and finally agree. He then says. She’s willing to give you 60 dollars a month every month untill the movies completed. Then once completed $150,000 is as far as she’ll go . . . The Son of Sam law30 cant touch it. Because we’ll have it put in a trust fund. Where as one of us will be gaurdian over it. And will send you any amount whenever you need it. I was all messed up in the head over everything., the drugs (visteril), incarceration, all of it! But still agreed not rationalizing things out. Which today I regret over. The murder charges still were not discussed . . . Now the 16th31 I confessed and it was now around the 21st when I excepted the deal . . . 1 week later Russel comes to Jail with contract, 9 copies to sign “Why 9?” I later in life

figure out why. The other people involved with them getting a piece of the rock. I sign contract on the 31st . . . next letters on the way. It really gets interesting. The crookedness is so wild and evil.

Let me close So I can get on with a new letter.



Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

OK! Now comes in Arlene: Alright after I’m out of medical lock-up. (February 1st 91) Which occurred around 11:30 A.M. 2 hours later I am given a letter from her by a female guard. Now mail does not begin to be distributed until 4:00 or 5:00 in the evening. But I receive this around 2:00 P.M. . . . The letter does not seem to be “post marked”. But I do not recognize this untill weeks later . . . tyria’s letter was (also) handed to me early in the morning. With no stamp (or) post mark . . . Which led me to call her up on the phone that was tapped. All our 11 phone calls where recorded. As she worked as an Agent for the cops. To get me to confess. Why I actually did! Is because (over the phone) she threatened to kill herself. Although thoughts to turn myself in. Did come and go. Just to clear her anyway! I wasn’t in the market to do it then, though ... So anyway the letter speaks about her being a “Royal Christian” . . . And may have wound up like me. If it hadn’t been for Christ turning her life over to him Also that she NEVER, EVER, reads (or) listens to the News. But while she was in the hospital visiting her Father who just had “open heart surgery done”, she noticed my picture in the paper and circumstances, and my eyes she said. Seemed to show innocents. And she feels God had her pick up the Newspaper. And reveal this to her. And for her to come to my aid and help if she could. She leaves me her phone number. To call collect. I DO ... We talk a good three hours! I tell her all about the Bullshit that has been going on. I tell her about the contract. She asks me to send it to her. And she’ll get in touch with her “lawyer in Utah” And have him check it out and see if its Bogus or not. I still haven’t fired Cass and his evil ass gang! Its the 1st. I fire them verbally the 3rd. So about 3 weeks later I learn the contract is Bogus. But all along think it is by common sense the way its drawn. Anyway After re-reading it over and over! So that’s why I don’t fear firing Armstrong and Jackie too after I do Cass. Which is legally done the middle of February as well . . . Now heres the clincher Dawn . . . The envelope has no post mark . . . And how I figure this . . . got through is as such . . . Is that while Jackie was in Daytona at the Marriot for 4 days to see Russel Armstrong on contract, She also seen her ol’ friend Arlene . . . and lets her in on the money, as well, if she’d use her Christian ingenuity—and influence on me . . . (hoping) (I’d) spill my guts out about my life and history along the way to her. So Arlene wrote a letter and Jackie gave it to Russel, he got it through the Jail, probably small time pay off, And guard hands it to me! . . . Anyway it also seems strange a woman who owns 35 acres. 33 horses wealthy as hell would suddenly decide to come to my defense cause of Gods pushing . . . By the way! I feel Arlene knows I’m feeding you all this information and has refused to send me stamps! She doesn’t want you to know! . . . And I’ve got about 10 letters I need plus more to get out to you. So please send me a couple books of stamps if you can afford to. I want “YOU” to hear it “ALL”. Then you can tell the world! Someday and get rich. I’d love it. You deserve it. These scum balls don’t! . . . Anyways I feel that Arlene still came in for Jackie and pretended to act like she doesn’t know anything about the contract. Because cass [and the others] could loose their jobs over this. Working movie deals (while) being P.D.s. And Jackie also is scared (that I would learn) the contract is, “Bogus.” And would seek a lawsuit! . . . So Arlene excepts contract for me to send . . . So now that shes agreed to this. Shes really gets me on her side! But you must realize the pills had me messed up . . . I’m to furious to think coherent . . . Shit. More in next letter. Love ya Gal




Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

... suddenly [Arlene] changes her tune and wants me to now give Jackie a chance . . . Make her change the contract . . . So on recorded convo, all 3 of us on phone talking. We get the situation squared off. Armstrong and anyone else is out . . . Arlene . . . start[s] me recording via phone info for her movie. Nothing about crimes (.) Just childhood life First. After first trial. I am to give her info on Killings. So no killings are discussed. But (are) secretly to Arlene. And very vague in detail. Just to let her know . . . (why) I had to do it . . . No new contract is drawn up. That is perpitually stated over and over . . . A few months go by ... And a Revelation none of us have known comes out of the dark. By Jackie finding out. Its the Investigators who had interviewed me for 3 hours when I confessed, and with tyria Jolene moore. (All are involved in a movie.) . . . 4 to 6 weeks “before” anyones arrest was even made. Of course tyria was working with them on how to get me to confess . . . tyria knows its “Self-defense”. But has been offered [money] to make her change her knowledge of Self-defense and agree with the cops . . . And Jackie (now) almost has her screen play finnished. And suddenly (now) Arlene gets in an accident. one of her mares kick her in the back . . . She says she was “merasulously healed by God.” . . . myself now I don’t even believe she was in that hospital . . . Suddenly the guards start messing me. Falsifying DR reports. To get me in Solitary confinement. Which leaves me unable to contact Trisha. I am locked up for 6 months in Solitary . . . the officers are also trying again to Kill me since the visteril didnt work ... I loose 45 lbs. They feed me food not even a dog, cat, or gator would eat . . They also harrass me heavy mentally ... And want me to hang myself bad. One guard even through me a torn towel in my cell. And said enjoy yourself tonight . . . Isnt it ever dirty Dawn. 4-now Love Lee


Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

Let me please Zip right in . . . Having not spoken nor attempted too they force me to be put under suicidal watch . . . Its the only way they can possess all of my belongs . . . I am stripped nude and given a paper gown. And they turn the air conditioner on “full blast!” My hands, legs, lips, everywhere is purple as shit . . . Then the stupid female guards ... allow male gaurds to look through a window and observe me, and they keep taunting me and saying. Shit you shouldn’t of given her a gown, I cant see enough puss or tits. I’m shocked! And there all laughing ... Quit laughing Dawn! ha ha I bet you are. I am! Anyway! After 18 hours of this they finally let me out . . . Now that I’m in Solatary . . . I can only call Arlene up. I’m allowed one phone call a night ... Now on Arlenes adoption. The only reason . . . I went for it, is for someone to bury me properly and also since they would allow . . . only immediate family to visit me . . . But Arlene had other motives in mind . . . Shes Jackies best friend no #1 and Steves best friend no. #2 . . . In an interview with Mark McNamara32 . . . Arlene in it. States. I am a child stuck in a womens body. Do you know what that means! Im retarded, deranged, and not “Fit” to be reentered into Society . . . You Bitch Arlene and You Bitch Jackie. They were against me all the while and still are . . . Many more letters on the way. Right now I’m Seething mad. Take good care Dawn. I Love and Respect you BAD.

Love Lee


Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

. . . Steve at the Marion trial33 said to the jury Quote, “I know you want to see her pay for her crimes. So do I!” . . . . . I caught that one out of a news article. When I questioned him as to why he said that he said. “oh that’s just lawyer’s language we sometimes use!” What a dumb fuckin remark . . . . After he had me sign an agreement to plead guilty in the marion cases . . . He handed me a music sheet of a song he wrote . . . “Iron Lady” about thee electric chair . . . And he even sang it to me . . .

Well let me get back to Jackie and Arlene. So then another article comes out in Glamour. 92% defamations again with a lot of lies by Arlene and her ... So I gathered all the articles up. Started reading each paragraph. Writing down the lies and recorrecting them with truth. I did for 1 week it took me and had 84 pages front and back on long legal paper/it all corrected. That is how much they “Fuckin Lied” . . . . . I gave the 84 pages to Trisha to give to Steve for a multi million libel lawsuit. And low and behold Trisha never gave them to Steve. And cannot find them to this day! . . .

I may never see freedom, if it is near to come, through appeals, and new trials. Because of my health and the utter mental sufferings I endured by this crooked dirt they staged. Natural causes is closing in. At times I feel death is knocking at my heart. If it wasn’t for coffee . . . Perhaps I’d of died by now. Coffee keeps me perked, and helps me crawl out of Super depression at times . . . Anyway!

I do hope your feeling alot better. I’m worried over you, too. Been prayin for ya . . . Tell everyone I said hi. 4-now till the next time Love Lee


Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

moving right along!

. . . Now check this out! I had a radio. That one of my clients gave me. long before I met my first match. “Richard Mallory.” Tyria was super ilated over this one! . . . OK! They put a family member of Siems on the stand . . . So! They take this radio. Show it to him . . . and they ask him, if that was his Radio. He says yes! So I immediately say to Trisha. Boy we can get em now! And prove to the jury all the stuff laying around isn’t just the victims but tyria’s and mine . . . So I say Get Tyria on the stand . . . Trisha and Billy rejected my requests. Each and everytime. And never did. This is also is another sign they were working for the state, not me. oh check this one out. Tyria was never polygraphed. So she could lie like a motherfucker! Anything! And get away with it. She lied in one transcript 49 times . . . oh Dawn now check this one out! . . . Trisha, Billy Miller her boyfriend, and Billy Nolas.34 From the start of the trial. had blown up pictures of Mallorys steering wheel. It showed signs of a struggle of some one diffenately tied to the steering wheel . . . as I tried constantly to get free . . . I cracked the hell outta it. But Trisha and Both Billys. Decided not to show these blown 12 photos for each jury member to observe. Untill trial was over. – As State produced all there Photo of dead victims to Jury. And did all their lying evidence shit – And only during Penalty Phase did they. And I bet! Didnt even look at em! . . . It was terrible Dawn . . . I was the only one who told the truth. 4-now Love Lee

When I took the stand for myself. And no one else did.


Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene wrote me recently. 6-4-92. Remember how I tried helping the cops find Siems body. After we couldn’t find the area. Searching like hell . . . We hit a restaurant in thee end. Steve at the table infront of about 9 cops “Says.” . . . British Broadcasting Network is interested in interviewing you . . . Plus there willing to investigate and blow the crooked cops wide open. I said . . . if there interested in Bustin them scum balls. I may be interested. He then said. For how much? How much you want me to tell them? I said. At least $25,000 or 30 or 50. Its gotta be worth it . . . So anyway! In the letter! [Arlene] tells me they’ll only go for $10,000 . . . Someones lying. And lying a lot! So now I’m wanting to call this all off. . . . Anyway if I do except this. It is only, because of you. I want to see you get some money, and help you with your M.S. You need to take your med Dawn . . .

OK! Let me close . . .



Arlene Jazz

Dear Dawn,

. . . Lately I received an Article that no other than “Phillis Chesler” had written up in some magazine about me35 . . . The three page Article was dynamite. So dam true! ... Ill be sending her a huge “Thank you” letter very soon ... While I was in VCBJ. A Woman Feminist wrote me a letter. Stating she’d like to help me on my cases. She had some pro bono experts . . . I quickly called Arlene up to tell her the good news and [Arlene said] That her and Trisha would screen her out . . .

So she now invites “Phillis Chesler” from “New York . . . When she leaves. Both Trisha and Arlene tell me. Shes not all there, The women is crazy . . . she’s only out for a book, Your case is not a “Feminist issue”, and she’s a feminist, and it could distroy your case. Other lies by them “Trisha and Arlene” would later come, with more bullshit about her, as I kept telling them. I think your wrong. I have nothing to loose. And to Tricia I want all her experts there at the Mallory trial. They would later tell me, about 3 months before trial. Phillis Chesler, is working

for John tanner,36 Phillis Chesler, is also working possibly undercover for Munster and Horzepa and/or any of the other crooked cops . . . [I was] wanting Tricia to talk to all the experts, and have them all present at the trial . . . And literally told Trisha! “They better be there!” She point blank refused her clients request. Now aint that some shit Dawn! Any lawyer is not in the legal right to refuse your requests. Exspecially a gratis deal. and pro-bono deal . . . 4-now. Take as Slow OK Buddy Love Lee . . . . . . . . . . .


Dear Dawn,

. . . DAWN! Now you really scare me gal! in worriment! You cant walk, in miami to here. Nor can you walk in Miami. Its crime ridden. By Blacks, and cubans, and hispanics. See PANIC! No No No! . . . what I was thinking on is Arlene . . . could drive you down . . . And then—You’d be Safe! ... A Newscaster on channel 7 here, was beaten and robbed in her car at a red light. As she and a friend waited for the light to change 3 blacks came up to the car. Smashed a brick through the drivers window and they attacked. She’s Lucky she didnt get raped . . . The only place I suggest you . . . should go for enjoyment. And I MEAN FUN! Is the keys. The highway isn’t far from the prison . . . You see “Nothing” but water on both sides of the bridge . . .

Well Gotta Go 4-now
Love Ya


6-2 7-92

Dear Dawn,

. . . There is one thing about the victim’s I forgot to mention to you. David Spears I was with from 1:00 P.M until 9:00 at night. He mentioned he had a sister who had a horse farm near ocala. Me and him were drinkin together all day. So we learned somewhat of each other. I believe when he learned I lived alone. Not telling him about tyria. This is were he got the idea of not paying but raping and beating me to death with the lead pipe full of cement. That know one would ever

know what happened to me. Like family. Cause I told him I didnt have any. So who knows. She37 could even be one of Spears kin. A sister or something. To tell you the truth. She does match up to Spears looks somewhat. oh well! It’ll eventually pan out . . .

Do you remember when you painted your basement bedroom! Black! ha ha ha . . . Then one day you and I did some orange barrel38 . . . I was up lying on the top bunk, and you were lying on the bottom. We layed there just explaining to each other about our Kaliadascop high. Plus other stuff. We had a blast . . . 4-now Love Aileen.


Dear Dawn,

“Can you remember time!” Do you remember the fight me an greasy haired Penny Dole and I had at the front steps of troy Union Grade School . . . Do you remember when Lori, + Ducky got in that car accident . . . Do you remember a guy with real long jet black hair. Named “Black sheep” at the high school.? Well one day. Him and I went under neath a stair well near the new section they built that had swinging doors that head outside. Once you hit the bottom of the steps. Well he had a 4 finger lid of “Acapolco Gold” . . . we went under there to roll a big one and smoke it there. We heard footsteps coming down. But we figured that was just another kid on his way out to somewheres. So we finished rolling it. And started to lite it. And Low and Behold. It was the Principle. He looked at us both and said “Report to my office now” . . . . . Black sheep. Gave me the lid. And he started up the stairs. I said to the Principle. Bullshit! I aint reportin now where. Matter of fact. I quit school. Right now. He said. Then you get off of these school grounds right now wuornos. And if I ever see you on them again Ill call the police. You understand. ha ha ha! I walked out the double doors with the pot. And that was the day I quit school. What was really strange was that the principle knew I wasn’t living at home. But in the woods. I guess he admired me, for having the guts to still go to school, as a runaway, and living in the woods near your house. A trip huh!

Well last page. Gotta close er up. Take Care Dawn . . . I’m still surviven. A little crazy but still comin through. 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Yes! I feel Arlene, has sold the art work. who knows, possibly moons ago . . . I’m so sad I spend hours for her on those drawings ... She owns em now. With her ugly ass name behind them written in love with my signature following. I could just cry . . .

When I cry. I am funny looking. My face looks like pork sausage before its cooked. Are yeah rollin over that one now or what . . . Well I’ve got to close so . . . 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Toni + Tyria . . . were both materialistic and money hungry to the core. This is one of the major fights, we’d always get into . . . This is the royal mistake I made by her wishes . . I had enough regulars to get by . . . But do you think tyria cared. Hell no! She’d ask me to “still” go out! . . . So! I was in love. She had me easily manipulated. Yeah! I was a fool. Such a waste. Wish I never would of met her.

Last night I had a night mare and a half. Satan was choking me to death . . . So BAM! Rereading the Bible and get him to “Leave me alone!” You might say he literally scared me to death. ha ha ha! That’s alright! I’m gonna scare him back! . . . 4-now Love Lee

7-1 1-92

Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene came to see me today. I grilled her royal at first . . .

I am going to say here and now. You “can” trust her. She does hate lieing and liars, just as much as I do,. And that is in a form of a “purple passion” . . .

This is a very embarrassing moment for me! And I am in a number of my ways feeling my ignorance . . .

Its hard to trust, when so many people have lied . . . One thing I know for sure now is that. Before I judge Im gonna have, to have proof . . .

So will you Forgive me ol’ Buddy Please! And except Arlene as a warm hearted “Christian freak” that just Loves to help people . . . 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

I received a couple letters . . . I did get the part slightly on Kim.39 What is this? Runnin away jazz! . . . Listen please.! . . . I remember winters, when I was a run away. Sleeping in the snow. No money, no warmth, no where to go. hungry as hell. I remember a time I awoke in the spring sleeping at the pit, (near Atkins40) Raining like hell, thunder and lightening. I looked up and saw the hills sand turning to mud sliding down at me, and swirling mud around me. I was so tired, and weak from lack of eating. I said! Screw it, I’ll go back to sleep . . . Running away doesn’t do anything but give you the freedom to turn wild. Burn you brains out on drugs, and, booze. Turn pregnant. Be an ass hole! And learn as you grow up. What a loser you were . . .

Lastly besides hundreds of hellish deals, I had to go through as a run away. I remember a guy from high School offering me to stay at his place, since he lived outside of his parents house, alone, in an Apartment in Clawson. He got me drunk, he got me high. I passed out! He must of carried me to his bedroom. During my unconcious state friends of his, that some I knew some I didnt, must of started to come over to party. Apparently finding I was in the bedroom they all conglomerated a plan of raping me. They tied my wrist to the bedpost. Spread Eagle tied my ankles to the end bed post. I awoke with come all over my chest, face, stomach, croch (stinky all over) mouth hurting. They must of forced head on me in my unconcious state as well. When I screamed bloody murder to untie me. They did. I got dressed and said I’d go to the cops you scum. They told me if I ever did. Lori would be next, and/or your death.... And this was back in the peace, Love, no war era. Today is 92 even worse. “20 folds over worse!” To them I was a Nothing! Because . . . “I was a runaway” “With no home”. Don’t let friends intice you Kim, to leading life of meaning nothing that you’ll regret. And take it from a pro! You Just heard a “Fair warning” Got to close . . . . . . . . Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Well hell! Hi gal! whats going on? Today’s, Friday! Weekend writting . . .

. . . From my experiences with my father. “I hated him!” On alot of occasions of how he seemingly institutionalized me at home. He was as cold as ice. All

because of W WII. He was a sergeant in it, head over 50 men, while fighting in his platoon. And he felt like Keith + I were the enemy. had invaded his territory. So like a syndrome. he laid his “Sergeant crap” on us. Even having us forced to call him “Sir”. instead of dad . . .

Let’s see! On to more of your letters!

Yes Steve and Arlene are O.K. once again . . . We intend to sue all 50 states, with the producers and cops on “Overkill” too. After it comes out. Once its out! That major “Multi million dollar lawsuit.” . . .

You take good care of yourself. And! I mean it—pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Alright Thanks!


Dear Dawn,

. . . I . . . am sending a news release on “Curtis Ried”.41 One thing there not letting Society in on, is the fact that. A long strand of blond hair was found on the “steering wheel”, little speckales of blood on the cars seat, and his 38 was missing in which he owned, after they found his nearly new car, parked along side of the road in orlando. This is where + why munster “of crooked puky munster” decided I killed him. Because of the “blond strand of hair,” and the car seat monuvered to a closer position, in which to reach the gas pedal. As if a female drove it. Anyway! To leave behind a nearly new car in good condition with only some near $1,000 to Las Vegas. Withdrawing no money afterward from his account (or) getting in touch with relatives etc., has me only saying one thing. He ran from something other than Just family problems....

. . . I Love ya Gal see ya in the next letter. 4-now. Stay cool Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . You need to keep this letter out, on the desk somewhere, So that you can re-read it. And remember some “Imperative” things you mustnt forget.

I received your letter today about Arlene and her “letter sending”, plus “telephone conversation” you had with her . . . Arlene is lieing through her teeth . . . And now I know for a “fact” she is full of shit! . . . “I Love you so much” there is no way I would say anything (negative) about you. She is trying to cause friction between us. It’s a strategy plan. And she’s trying to get you ryeled up so you’ll have second thoughts and give in to her cunning for “information,” she wants about “So far”. She has planned a trip sometime soon to Michigan. And she claims she’s broke. But I don’t believe her. I still think she’s getting “side kick” money from Jackie. Both her and steve are . . . DAM DAM DAM I’m madder then fire! I wasted my time in all my recent letters saying. Shes A-OK – She’s cool! You can trust her + Steve. NOW I KNOW, NO YOU CANT . . . I’M DRAWING A WILL OUT FOR YOUR FULL PERCENTAGE. AND ALSO FOR YOU TO RECEIVE MY BODY AFTER DEATH . . . OK . . . Gotta Go 4-now Love Lee

Ff 42


Dear Dawn,

. . . So hey ’ol Buddy, “Good Mornin Gal!” Hope your doin OK! How about some real food, got any? I’m tired of cold eggs with no salt, (or) pepper, coffee that taste like mudd, Oatmeal brown that looks like dog vomit. (or) grits that look like seagull shit, leaving out green speckles, theres black ones! I think those are knatts, (or) maybe maggot eggs ha! ha! I know one thing It aint pepper! This coffee I swear, they put ex-lax in it. Then giggle there little ass’s off while we poop the deck . . .

My neighbors are DR #2 and #3. theres also #4 and #5 . . . Theres Deidra hunt,43 shes in for killing an 18 year old (tied to a tree.) Was videoed of it. There’s Andrea Jackson44 (killed a cop) Ann Cordona45 – (killed her little boy with a

baseball bat) and Judi Buenoano46 “the Black Widow” (she poisoned her husband with arsenic in 1971, and drowed her paralyzed son in 1980) . . . This room seems to be about 15 feet high. Theres a window that can be cranked open, no bars, except one inch and a half heavy metal strip running down the middle. I’d say its about 10 inches wide. So we do get fresh air though . . .

Theres a T.V. stand, bolted to the wall of nicotine pink, brown, about half way positioned . . . Stranes your neck bad, just to sit, and look up to it.

I have a metal grey foot locker, which is about 40 inches long and about 15 inches wide. This is where I sit on the floor on a blanket and pillow, and use it as a desk to do all of my letter writting (or) book writting (or) drawing’s etc. Then there also is a funky green like (lime color) clothes locker, where my state garb, and personnel P.J’s and (silk Karate lookin black robe) hangs within. Its 6 ft high, by 2 foot wide. Decorates the place a bit as well as the foot locker. Also I have a grey metal folding chair, which I drape my navy blue state jacket over to cover over its bland look. It also helps to decorate the room some.

The bed is made of steel, which is bolted to the wall. (No legs.) . . . Theres 2 dark (grey wool) blankets that cover its drab existence.

Then there is a stainless steel sink with commode attached to. It is Silverish grey. Very clean looking, Since its stainless. And is cause I’m “always” cleanin my quarters . . . Seemingly always given the floor a quick wipe over. With a sock. ha! ha! An old military trait. A mirror, tinted, so as you think your tan, when in all reality, you as white as a “Alaskan albino” . . . is positioned between the stainless steel sink and T.V.

The door that holds my withering existence in, has a ten by ten by ½ inch thick window to it . . . And also there is an area, to serve food trays, that is closed at all times, except to dish out chow.

Then I have a 10" X 12" radio for sanity with big head phones of Nova 40s – For to block out, disturbances of any kind. Such as girls going off, and trying to kick in there heavy metal + steel doors that hold (em) hostage. Which can really get noisey! . . .

Then I also have the “Dake”47 to help me through. And lastly the room has things out here and there, to make it feel more livable, and give it a livingroom existence. Pictures, lots of yours, and books out. Cards on the clothes locker,

Foot locker, decorated with what ever can be put out. to discard the drab look. And presto! This is D.R#1 . . .

Well!! You can survive and keep from going (insane) by constantly keeping yourself occupied. Which I do by much letter writing, working on my life’s manuscript, for a future book. Drawing, poetry, Song writing, only lyrics, don’t know how to create a song in notes, for music form. Just the words. Book reading, Bible studying, and lots of communicating to God, is what basically I do, to keep occupied. Lots of praying as well. “Not for only myself!” But for humanity . . .

The lunch can be so, so with vegetables. The dinners, at times good. like fried (or) baked chicken, speggitti, beef stew, chilli and rice etc. Vegetables are always plentyfull. So its not that bad of food. It would just taste a bit better, with Seasonings, (or) sauces to spice its taste up somewhat more.

We draw out Canteen – store items – once a week. Monday list goes out, Thursdays receive, of only 30 dollars a week of. This is were your real essentials come by . . .

So there you have it. I basically watch T.V. only when a real good (or) cool movies on, (or) when wheel of fortune (or) jeopardys on. And always watch the afternoon and evening news. oh! I cant forget! My favorite morning game show. “Price is Right.” Then the rest of my hours are spent on what ever to keep occupied, until I get tired and get a chance to leave this existence behind with. “Sweet Dreams” The most blissful part of reality, from a slow dying one in a 6 X 10. Well last page – more to follow . . . Take good good care – Love Always – 4-now – Love Aileen



Humiliating photo
News clippings 2 of on
Death times 3 for Wuornos

Dear Dawn,

What do you mean by sittin there nearly fallin on the floor, over hysterical uncontrollable laughter! That’s OK!” Cause “Shit!” so am I . . . . . Matter of fact I’m loosin it man! I’m bent over grippin the cramps I’m creatin over it in my stomach. Look at that face!48 “Did I get Suddenly demon possessed (or) what?!” . . .

At least I brought my humor into the courtroom even. Oh! Lord! can you

imagine how many “homo-Saphiens” died laughin, over this front page photo! . . . Anyway! Dawn, ... Dawn! Quit Laughin! Listen! . . . I called the Judge a motherfucker and gave him the finger. Reason is, is because I just finished a 23 page proclamation, which was written on both sides. Basically every thing I wrote to you – for sound off – on all the crookedness that went on . . . And also read the deal I sent out to you, from the “Dake” about were God is so different from men and there sin, lustfilled ways.... I did this to show Society there ignorant behavior towards things. Did all this. And the judge came back, with nothing but Super cut down crude remarks. Like you killed in cold blood, and didn’t seem to appreciate, the best defense lawyers in Marion county you could recieve . . . He Just was so “cold” . . . . A down right I don’t give a shit attitude. And I believe again it was for re-election purposes.... So he wanted to satisfy the public. To the crueliest sentence, regardless that maybe she’s tellin the truth, or even somewhat. Nothing mattered.... He had his mind set, before Mallorys trial was even over . . .

But at least I got the “Dake” message out. I also did this because I knew T.V. Court would air it. They air the whole of any court appearances of mine. Leaving nothing out. So this made me feel real good.

When I told the Asst state Attorney. (That!) I couldn’t help myself! Because after all the “Self defense” overly stated by me, and explaining it in the 23 page proclamation, plus the Jury hearing the 3 ½ hour tape on nothing but, but still voted something like 10 to 2 death. And no one wanting to listen.... then the judge sentencing me. . . I flew off the handle, and just had enough! Started to “Go off” bad! . . . I’m gonna go practice in the mirror for my next court appearance. To see how ugly a demenor I can dish out! ha ha! Laugh Laugh I thought I’d DIE!! 4-now. Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

Enclosed is a Xerox of “Mercy plea” 2 pages . . . Comments by psychologist Elizabeth McMahon49 . . . How can she say if I was raped and sodomized (its irrelevant) and that my reaction . . . retaliating back by such violence was

permissible (or) unpermissable . . . all I can say is “What about the fucker Mallory!” His behavior was illegal, and irrelevant to me wheather he should live (or) die . . . Let me tell you what can happen in a rape. Your hair gets pulled out, he shoves his penis fully erected down your throat and bruises your esopa-gus, as well as the roof and sides of the (inside cheeks) of your mouth . . . Also telling you, if you scratch my cock with your teeth, your dead. Then he pulls your pussy hairs out, for additional pain, grabbs your ass real hard like (kneading dough) as he’s cramming his cock in you, same thing in anal screwing. Bites nipples, to also, nearly cutting em off . . . as he’s screwing you viciously, pounding as fast and as hard as he can . . . And also while all this is going on, threats are being made, and dirty talk at the most provockativist provanity you could imagine.

So rape is not just get on and get off.! Stupid fuckers. Society apparently doesnt understand this, nor cares to, exspecially if you’re a hooker. There allowed to treat you like this, and also kill you . . .

Well Gotta Go . . .

Love Lee

P.S. All rapes are different in Actions but this gives you an idea.



Dear Dawn,

. . . I hope I never see these Xerox’s50 again! ha ha! This is the last one! Comment on the gurgle jazz . . . This was Antonio.51 See they cant even get the victim right. The ballastics experts during Williams Ruling at the Mallory. Even admitted Humprey was never shot in the head. He was shot in the neck, and the bullet traveled into his brain. This was what happened while we struggled with the weapon. See they lie like hell . . .

OK! I just checked The last paragraph were it says He got back up, and ending put him out of his misery, is not in the transcripts52 . . . Theres nothing about gurgling and put him out of his misery, except munster putting words in my mouth . . . He said it. I didnt . . .

Well, last of the New’s, Thanks for taking it off my hands, cause all it does is upset me. Bad.

Hope I hear from ya soon, Dawn
Take Super good care, and Stay Cool . . .

Love always


one letter by Arlene
called comedy

Dear Dawn,

. . . You lucky babe! You got to see Dateline.53 But not I. Boy! was I pissed. About me, and couldn’t even see it. So I have no idea, what it had. Was anything edited, did they chop, distort . . . I hope your right, that I did O.K. Knowing me, I’m not very photogetic, so I probably was pretty funky lookin . . . How did tyria look. Dorky! She’s not a good looker. But oh did we ever party, and do most everything together ... I still love her. Can’t let her go! . . . She could shoot me, and if I survived it . . . I woulda had open arms, still, with lots of love to give. That’s Just the way I am. I Love to give Love . . . I know I’ve hurt, myself over being this away. But the pain, doesn’t feel, so bad, when you know your struggling to give love, for a cause that really pays off . . . I know for a fact. Ty and I wouldve stayed together for life. If this Shit hadda never of happened. She told me on the phone, in one of the recorded phone calls at VCBJ . . . Lord did I cry on that phone ... Cut me up like a machette attack to the heart. Arlene, wants to keep her away from my funneral . . . I want Tyria at my funeral more then Anything. Ill die thinking of her, as well as you. I don’t believe much thought of anyone else will come to mind . . .

Well Gotta Close. Through. Love always Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi there Gal! Well Steve write amazingly to tell me 21st in Pasco54. And also if I’d like 4 you to be at the trial. And of-course I wrote back. “YES.” . . . Since

I feel they’re getting money up there ass . . . Let em pay your way through with “flying colors, and 1st class.” nic, nic . . . we’ll get the glimspe of a life time of each other. WOW! nearly 18 years or more. I can’t wait! Although we won’t be able to talk to one another we will at least get this blessing . . .

4-now Good Buddy Love Lee. AW.


Dear Dawn,

. . . I still bet [Arlene] sent you 6 Xerox’s of the least interesting drawings. Are there any cabin ones. There the best. Or how about the one of a girl on the beach . . .

Well let me get back to answerin some more of your letters. Dawn, Dawn, Dawn! who in the hell is feeding you this bull, that I “dont want to see you” Man no fuckin way! ... Ill be wearin non waterproof mascara, and I know lll cry. Look like Alice Cooper, but itll be Well Worth it . . . Your so well Loved, you could punch me in the face, and I’d “still” Love you. Toni, did, and I “Still” Loved her . . . As for her seeing me the next day (Arlene.) Hell no! No way!

“FUCK Arlene!”

As for why I pleaded “no contest”, Ill explain it all to you, the day you can come on down. Then you’ll get a clear cut understanding. Which you’ll say. Oh I get it now, and be satisfied (as) I am. Grant you I’d rather be on death Row then in population here for life . . . I’d rather end a long suffering then endure it out there in that hell, for years. Theres some real evil women who live in this prison. They’d kill in spite.

. . . Dawn! ... I also wrote Steve and told him I wanted you at my trial, I don’t know about how they’ll get the plane fare. But they better! . . . Must go. 4-now Love Lee

9-1 1-92

Dear Dawn,

what a time to inform you such. “on Pasco.” I mean they had ½ of year. And no they did not ask me if I wanted you on the stand. Marion. I believe they told me, they couldnt find the funds to get you down. So I Just had to agree of course. Like shit, and I wanted her down here. I may of disliked the idea of the Jail to stay. But when I was there., the second time. Low and behold I was given a royal “Red Carpet” treatment, because I was going to help them locate Siems body. The Search was a drag, because the cops and Tilley from Marion County refused half the places I asked them to check, and refused my overnight stay in Jail to look more tomorrow. They were not interested. This is what lead me to believe, they just wanted a report to check, that they did, but no find. Because they already did, but covered it up. To keep the Georgia Boys out from discovering about the well hid movie overkill, in which if it wasnt for Jackie and had heard a leak about there doing a movie the cops. We never would of known about it either. After we learned. They started even life threats on people, Arlene, Trisha, and Jackie are three I remember others I can’t remember names. Yep! For real the cops were, doing this . . .

Dawn, do me a favor, dont allow yourself to be interviewed with Inside Edition, with Arlene., I believe this is another profit scam, by “Steve and her.” . . . There not letting you know its for money. Trust me, I know there getting paid ... Michelle Gellen from dateline wrote. She wants another interview.. I’m allowing one . . . Please dont do Geraldo if anything. He’s a snake in the grass. Remember Sound off and what I wrote about . . . He’s only out for bucks, and will do Vile negative, Slanderous, false, and lieing crap, to reap from his evil. Dam so much to say. Last stamp to.... 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene hasn’t written yet. Boy! . . . She know’s we figured her and Steve out . . . N.B.C. Dateline hired a private investigator. . . . There finding alot of proof alright . . . And guess whose being all nose up, and so disagreeable . . . (To N.B.C.) Steve and Arlene . . . They won’t answer any questions nothing to help thee investigation ... Check this one out. C.B.S. wanted to interview me. First of all. 2 reasons why I will not. Could be cops strategy . . . To discredit my character in honesty over Dateline. (2) could be Geraldo . . . There badgering me to be interviewed by them, so bad. Its as if they (Geraldo) already gave Steve and Arlene some Jack for this interview . . . (Steve + Arlene) probably said. oh! she’ll except an interview trust me . . . But I won’t. So anyway. Isn’t that some sneaky shit . . .

Arlene, played a fast one . . . Remember when I told you. Steve said, Theres no such thing as (wills) in Florida. Which I told him he full of shit . . . Arlene wrote and said. By the way. I’ve got a date with Steve next tuesday, to get a will made out . . . So if I die, you’ll be well takin care of . . . Thats O.K. N.B.C. interview is where I start to blow open, all the scandals. Everythings comin out. Everyone and Everybody ... One way or another, the world is gonna hear this. Wheather they believe me or not . . .

I Love ya Gal! Take super Care!
for now!


If you become confussed at any point in this letter, re-read
it over 10 times, and then you wont be!! ha ha ha

Dear Dawn,

. . . Guess what.! Tyria wrote me. Yep. Told me! Jackie is involved with the movie Overkill. (The cops) and that Jackie handed Tyria the script ... If this is true . . . the P.D.(s) were diffinately working in conspiracy with thee investigators with the movie overkill before my arrest ... Now lets bring Arlene in this! Arlene . . . told me. Jackies movie was gonna be titled “Angel of Death” Suddenly today I find out Delores Kennedy55 titled her book that. Which now makes me feel Delores Kennedy is working for Jackie, as well . . . So, now if Arlene has been in this (constant) communication with Jackie, that means she’s workin with the state. And so is Steve, and that is why?!!!, they coarsed, and manipulated me, and connived me, to waive off the trials. which not anymore! I’m taken Pasco + Dixon to court. So also this is why both Arlene + Steve are trying to convince me to, “Waive off appeals,” and except thee electric chair, as soon as possible ... Dawn, I am as sane as God is, and do know what I’m talking about . . . The World would be totally shocked, at the crookedness that has carried on here . . .

Shit.! I’ve got to close, my eyes are folding shut. Zzzzzz . . . – Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . Dawn would you do me a favor if you can. If you can afford to. Call Dateline and talk to John (or) Michelle. Tell them I need to see John right away on some more evidence that can prove (cop corruption) in these cases . . . Also that I need to talk to them about Steve and Arlene. I’m gonna start blowin there bull out of the water . . . What I need is a new civil attorney “Pro brono” . . . I’m not looking for free loadin. Just assistance free at the moment. Untill the money comes through ...

HA HA! There all gonna be “Sore Sorry.” when every thing gets exposed. There poor bottoms are gonna hurt. Ahhh to bad! . . . Well let me close . . . Thank you a Million. For stickin with me, even all these years . . .

Love ya big time. Always will. 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi! What a day! Got depo’ed . . . Now I’ve got excellent news to tell you. I’ve come to a Royal trust in Belief, that Arlene is “NOT” in with Jackie. She has been faithfull and true all the while . . .

I’m waiving off the next 2 trials still. And I know you wanted to see me at Pasco. But Dawn! I can’t handle the jail stay and court-room procedure. So I’m not going to be there. My nerves are to shot. I can’t take that shit anymore . . . as soon as visitation is clear . . . Then we can have our Grand Reunion . . . Well need to cut out. Stay Cool Dawn . . . Love ya Lots – 4-now Take er Slow Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . As I’ve told you before, all of the scenes of the crime, and the way things were left, you could tell it was self-defense and not a Seriel Killer style ... They mutilate and stuff. None of this occurred . . . And everyone knows a 22 is for shootin birds, there like BB(s). Therefore 1 shot would never do a thing. and the assailant would still be fighting with you even after 3 shots. Even after 5. Like Humphey. He had my gun as I held it, positioned to my head, trying to get the trigger pulled down, as my finger was on it. While he was shot at least 5 times already. Almost with good strength still left in him succeeded. Which I would have been shot in my eye. my right eye during the struggle of defense. 22(s) dont do shit. Not with a 225 around or better size man, whose in a crazed state of wanting to do the things he wanted to do to me in the first place, and now shot even madder then that. So. You can imagine the bullets didnt even faze him, untill the wounds started to take an effect,

These cops know this, these state attorneys know this, as well as others. But Everyones trying to hide this truth of the matter. 22(s) are shit for defense. Even with hollow points.56 22(s) numerous shots have to be fired in order to stop an attacker . . . Plus if there hollow point. Being carved out in the middle, leaves even less of a bullet, and this is how big they are. [drawing of bullet] Yep that big. The top due hickey is the bullet. The shell consists of the gun powder, and remains in the chamber after firing . . . And check this out. Carskaddon had hollow points in his 45. 45(s) bullets look like this Yeah that’s what he was gonna blow my brains out with. Right in the side of my temple. Now you can see why I unloaded my weapon, with nine shots in him, as he held his gun, trying to shoot me. Only thing is he forgot to slide a bullet into the chamber, when he slipped the clip in the handle. This he was trying to do. Slide it over as I was shooting him. I constantly shot him so as to make him loose power, or drop his gun, so he couldn’t slide it over. Now I never knew he had hollow points untill I got home, and never knew how a 45 worked, untill tyria showed me. And that’s how I learned why he was lying there trying to slide the guns to deal across. And if I was such a Seriel Killer. And having the 45 besides my 22. Why didnt I switch weapons. Also when I dumped my 22 in Rose Bay. I still had his 45. Yet I hooked for 5 more weeks without a gun. Tyria knows this. The gun was put in storage. Also! I husseled without a gun before she left. Just taking chances regardless cause I needed to pay off our rent, and get food ect. Shit. 4th page. Gotta Go Another letter to follow. Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . Check this one out! Steve comes over to see me at 3:00 P.M. shows me, “finally,” the confessional 2nd half of tape. And also Dateline. Yeah! I did look

mean. But I was trying to prove my point on a down to Earth understanding. Putting all bull aside and being right on the Level of feelings. Trying to make Society See and acknowledge the situations upon her questions. In a royal honest answer. Guess that fire as a kid really did make my face messed up.57 I’m diffenately not photogetic. Yuk! . . .

Thank You! for this precious card . . . This one will stay out untill I hit Iron Lady. Get well buddy! Love ya Lots Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi! There! ol’ Buddy! . . . Doesn’t it seem like everyone thinks there suppose to make . . . all this money off of me . . . Phyllis, she writes me askin me. How much money have I received from the media, how many contracts am I under, and for me to have all Xeroxed and sent to her. Geez! This Women truly thinks I am an easy squeeze . . . I am at the moment hinting to Phyllis, I need a new Civil attorney right now. Hope she, see’s the message and helps me find a new one.... That would force all cases reopened. Plus bust the cops, lawyers and siding Judges in this evil conspired fraud that carried on. Sounds like the most logical thing to do. then going through another trial that only is going to be nothing but a Volusia rail roaded mockery. “Again!” I’d rather have a new trial later in life under Profound. “New” evidence.

. . . better days are just up ahead. Love ya, This is for now



Dear Dawn,

Well Thanks to Michelle Gillen on NBC during a follow up just now, as well as this afternoon. Ill never see an acquittal in any new trial. This afternoon on channel 4 news she said. She’s Sick, shes severly psychologically damaged, she’s primitive.58 This Evening she said. The issue here is about Fairness of a trial . . .

But Aileen W. is very ill and should not ever be released back into society ... Michelle said. But you killed a loved one? and I say to that . . . Yeah and what the fuck am I – non humans, no one loves me, I don’t know where they think I wasn’t loved. I had tyria and she loved me, “real bad” . . . as well as me her enough to defend myself to survive and get back to her once again. What am I a fly?

. . . They fucked me to the chair, and only “Used” the new evidence to get some further ratings ... What piss’s me off worse is that I allowed to do it for free . . . I thought they really cared and whated to get to the truth . . . As I explained over and over to her . . . Mallory + Carskaddon “Did” rape me. The other five tried . . .

I hate them all now for this . . . God Dawn, all I can say, Is


Well thought I’d fill ya in about Michelle . . . A fuckin crock of bull. Need to close.

Take Care and Love ya lots




Dear Dawn,

. . . Did you get your Dake yet? ... Your really gonna enjoy it. I know it! In Genesis, theres an interesting deal in the Summarys on “Evolution.” And “Our Solar System” is intrigueing to read. If you read up on it, you should grab a lamp, sit outside at night read some on it, then turn off the lamp, and check out the heavens. Thinking about God and his vastness of beauty ... Say, Dawn, in the Back of the Dake . . . you’ll see a page that has (370 Sins . . . recorded in Scripture). I went through them all and found before my arrest I had 55 of them) ... about 5 more I need to work on. Like cussing, smoking, hating because of all the crookedness, etc. Check em out! . . . See how many you feel you have. This would also be a good start at helping yourself rectify your faults, slowly rearranging your life for the good in Christ. Better him, then the Devil. Right? . . .

4-now. Love Always Lee


Dear Dawn,

WOW! what good news Kevin59 sent over! Your papers for visitation clearance arrived! Man! Am I excited! I just don’t know how finnacially you can do it . . . but regardless. I just can not wait!

. . . I’ve been informed that Munster, Thompson, and henry,60 were demoted, put in uniform, and have desk jobs now. also that major Dan henry resigned. He was caught talking over the phone to someone else about who owned the rights to any movies on me, etc . . . What they did, Still is unjust! unfair, and totally sick in motives for . . . I know I vent alot on the subject, but pretty soon, I’ll mellow out. Just ignore me, Pleeeeese! If I get to heavy in letters to you on it. I’m Sorry ! But it does feel good to get it off my chest to someone . . . Love always Lee.


Part (1)

Dear Dawn,

“Various Parts of Movie61 – That were totally a lie. Besides the whole flick being made up, fairy tailed, and out to show hatred and evil, which never existed.”

#1. Father portrayed never came close to his looks (or) size. Also my Father never treated me kind. “Only mother”.

#2. I never looked back at my childhood, while continueing on in life . . .

#3. When tyria and I wrecked. Tyria was driving very straight and normal on a dirt road, but to fast at 50/55 when we came on curve. We only rolled (once) after hitting fence . . . Also car was never wiped down, and also windex bottle was in trunk . . .

#4. Last Resort is not big inside, also no party went on, if so, I never knew it, and I was at the bar from 9:00 oclock at night until 1:30 (or) 2:00, next day never leaving it.

#5. Never would dance with a guy, especially slow. And I hardly ever danced with ty even . . . Also never would of taken off my shirt for any-thing. I dont care how drunk I am! I hung the bra up for fun cause it was worn out and held by safty-pins. It was for a joke! Nothing more., I took it out from my bag and cannonball62 gave me a stapler to hang it up with the rest of the bra’s and panties up there in the cieling.

#6. There was never a convertible. The cop actor looked more like my Father, then that wrinkle faced jerk with the glasses, The scene although it portrayed (self-defense) was not what happened at all. And like I say he didnt have a convertible, he had about an 82 grand prix, rusty and shit. Very worn out.

#7. “Sea World,” tyria paid my way in with her paycheck money, I had a huge hangover, waited for 11:00, when they could serve beer then, ate some chicken had some beers, with a (20) ty gave me, they63 took off, I said I’d find them later, couldnt find them, so went back to the car, went to a store, bought beer, and a small cooler, stayed in the Sea World (parking lot) with trunk open, so they could hear the music from the speakers ... untill 5:30 P.M., and they finally came back out to the car. I never had any money on me, of my own, except the 20 tyria handed me, after she paid my way in at 24.00 to get in. Liars arnt they. They surely contrived everything didnt they.

#8. I never spoke to her sister like that, (nor) would ever speak to tyria like that. I simply told [her]. . . , where behind on rent, and if you’d like to, I’d greatly appreciate it, if you could help us catch up. Once we do, then all I ask of you, is to pitch in for food . . . She worked one week at “Casa Del Mar,” quit because she hated the maid work.... She was never scared of me. (She hated the fact that ty and I were lovers.) Because I told her we were. Which tyria got pissed about, because she didnt want her family to know she was homosexual although they had considered it at times that she was.

#9. “Being arrested.” When they came around the corner. I knew this was it. “I’m busted!” I was calm as a kitten. When he said “your under arrest,” “Lori Grody,” for a concealed weapons charge back in 86, I said. “You’ve got the wrong name, that’s my sisters name, my name is Aileen Wuornos.” And they never read me my “maranda Rights,” untill I confessed . . .

#10. I never acted like that in the car . . . I didn’t go off. I was to hungover, drunk

too, and sick from the hangover. Numb as well from thee arrest. I was in (no mood) to be yelling ...

#11. I never said I was crazy to anyone, Maybe smart, I know I got my shit together cause I didnt do drugs. etc, just drank beer. And so never would lower myself and say to anyone. I was crazy. Exspecially like she did, meaning it. If ever I would say it. Grant you! I’d be laughing and stating it in Jokish style.

#12. Our motel rooms never looked that dingy, also our Apartments we had, where nice, clean, and attractive in our creative styles to fixing em up. Even the motel rooms . . . Taspersty on the walls and far out blankets and rugs etc. Also we had (3) cats and (1) dog . . .

#13. Telephone conversations were changed from real conversations taped. Last of movie were I’m suppose to be confessing they choose the crapiest statement under my incoherence, trauma, hysteria, catching me in my wording, of which I would state off the top of my head, not understanding what I’m saying. Not expressing myself well (nor) clearly under these conditions, of which I was also withdrawing to put in the movie to incriminate me, as a “cold blooded, uncaring killer.” To make there label, and framed up movie “look” “oh so true”. Crooked Scum arent they!

To be continued. 4-now Love Lee


Part (2)

Continuation on Lies over movie.

They contrived Frame up job they did from the truth.

Dear Dawn,

#14. Never carried plastic Plubbix (or) Windexie64 grocery bag. only with tote bag inside. whenever it started raining then, I’d take out bag put it over (tote bag) to keep the rain from seeping in, and getting my overnight clothes wet.

#15. Gun was always in a separate zipped up compartment of bag, never visable. And never within easy reach. It would take some effort to bring it out. Some maneuvers you’d have to make to retrieve it.

#16. “Sunbird,” was not demolished like that vehicle in movie. Total exaggeration royal.

#17. Never talked to the male and female fire department paramedics like that. Was very kind, to have them realize all was cool and go. (Of which they did) Otherwise surely they would of radioed in the cops. So thats fabricated as hell.

#18. The bar scene of meeting a guy. Never happened as they portrayed it. “Dick Mills”, came up to me at the Juke box, as I started pickin songs, we started about a 10 minute conversation, and he asked me if I felt like cruisin around and talkin awhile, to get out of the noisey bar. I said sounds good to me, and was actually hoping to get a little sex. “I was horney!” But really didnt even care about money cause I had some on me. Was lookin to just Fuck. . . . So help me God, and oh what a sinner I am (aint I.) oh well! We hit it off, and went to bed at his place that night.

#19. I Never would stand (near phone booth) with demanding attitude over tyria with her phone conversations with her parents. except only one time. when we needed $20000 for our storage. of which we had only 1 week to pay it. She wouldn’t ask her parents, and we lost nearly $8,000 dollars worth of furniture and, clothing, stereo equipment, etc. This is the only time I got pissed off at her royal. We got kicked out of our apartment, because of our lessy ways. . . . We were, on the streets for 2 days. I husseled up bread for a motel. But because of motel rent, food and general neccessaties, I could never get the (200) for the storage in time. Thanks to tyria we lost it all . . . Yet her parents would always send her (300) for Christmas, (or 200) or so for plane tickets home . . . under the fear of her on the streets with our animals, I husseled less than normal, to get our life pattern, straightened back out. So it was gonna take some time. Not an over night thing.

#20. The river was some 75 yards away from the motel. Also I did not throw the suit case in, (nor) wade in the water. I merely walked in a half crawl underneath the low bridge and dropped items into the water upon a slight toss. The suit case would not sink. So thats why I did this.

#21. Tyria and I both saw sketches while watching the 12 oclock afternoon news, of which, I was on my way out to hussel, getting ready. I told her “tyria Go call your parents and get them to send you bus (or) plane fare home. Tell em, you lost your job, Lee left you flat broke, and theres nothing else you can do . . . She did, and her parents agreed to send (150) for a bus ticket. The next day... Doug a friend of mine . . . picked us up . . . went to the Western Union, money hadn’t arrived yet. so he let us off to brows around, said he pick us back up at 3:00. Her bus was to arrive in at 6:00 P.M. Money did finally arrive, still needing to wait untill Doug got back at 3:00, we bought some beer, went behind a laundry mat, started drinkin talking about memories and now our relationship ending, the heartache of it all (were embracing) with tears together, and . . . held on to our love for one another with fear and tears of it soon to end, probably forever. So no, I did not, find tyria gone, in a motel room, and lie on the bed screaming out her name, like an animal . . . Everything in this movie is completely made up. As well as nasty crazy shit to make me look luny . . .

#22. “Holidays” – in the movie, they portrayed me as stating I didnt give a shit about holidays . . . “Wrong!” I just never had anyone, “I loved” and lived with to spend one with. And so for the past years gone by, (how I would) would be to hit a bar. for (Social comfort) ... if ty wanted to be with her family, I loved and respected her enough to want her to be happy, and not being selfish, never botched when she did decide to go home for any holidays.... Even if it meant my being alone . . . Shit, I done this for years. So whats the difference . . . (So they bullshitted here to.)

#23. I think they exaggerated on the bodies bullet riddled looking slaughterous.

#24. One major rule of thumb I had was on littering. I hated it! I don’t believe in just throwing garbage out the window . . . Never just would throw a beer can (anywhere) in someones vehicle. (So they bullshitted here to.)

#25. I dislike country music, pretty much, except. Rockabilly some of. Would never in a bar, play country. Strickly only Rock & Roll. Had to keep my-“cool”-image. Didnt want to look like a square. anyway.

#26. “Motel-FairView.” Never owed $100 to R honda. Always was caught up each day on rent . . . When tyria left. I owed one day behind. left her with some collateral, for trust that I’d return with cash. And this one I never did. I said fuck it, bye. Because of to many memories at the motel of tyria and me. But it was only one days rent $15000. 4-now Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

“Merry Christmas”, and “happy New Years.” . . . I’ve got a drawing I’m doing for ya for Christmas . . . For black ink its comin out really good. I’m impressed myself. Because Blue ink usually comes out better on night drawings. But in black. So far so good ...

Back to Phyllis. When she says the money should go to her attorneys. She’s talking about her associates. So this shows me right here, shes 2 face, and lying like hell . . . Well everyone is in for a goddamn fuckin surprize. Cause no ones gettin “Anything!” . . . will ya take care of me? Sis———tar please. Only packages now and then . . . Think you could handle it? . . .

Boots and a Mini skirt65 – Overkill – me! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . Thats a joke and a half . . . What cracks me up, is I’ve seen Fat Ass tyria in a dress in her (butch brush) cut hair do and all. You’d die – If you seen it. She looks pothedic as hell! I still love her, but God shes ugly in a dress. And guess who “Conned” her into shaving her legs. Yes me! ha ha When I first met her, I asked her why her legs were hairy like a mans. She said “honey cause I’m a lezzbian,” . . . How I feel, is that if your gonna be gay. You can still look like a women . . . I got her to grow her head hair semi long once. But it only lasted a short while before she cut it all off again like a guys, brush cut style hum! She was difficult to tame! ha ha . . .

Dawn, no no no. You read my letter wrong. I didnt have any feelings of you “Not wanting to go to court in my defense.”66 . . . Lets face it you and I know I’m gonna die here. O.K! So who cares about court! Court isnt ever gonna change. They fucked me good to death. Just like the rapist tried . . . I love you just as much to the highest heaven. Need to close er up. See ya soon. Take er Slow. Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . I’m at half time on the Army & Navy foot ball game. Rootin for the Navy ... Navys winnin . . . You know I missed getting into the Marines by 2 messly points on my apptitude battery test/ 40 was as low a score you could get. I made a 38. I was 20 years old . . . I was runnin down a T or F quaustioniar and missed a box. By the time I realized it, I was some 15 or so questions down. Retracted by erasing all I just answered. Started over . . . So I lost out . . . the Marines was my last try. After taking all other tests for the Army, Air force + Navy. Finally said “Foohey!”

Did you receive my letters that I described the defamations on overkill . . . I was messin with the Antenna for about 10 minutes in the ding dang movie. And at this time, this must have been were the part expressed sexual abuse by Keith and my Dad. Anyway, that’s complete Bull! My Dad never ever sexually abused me, nor even exposed himself in front of me. If he did. He would of surely been locked up. Keith did have sex with me. But it was all mutual. Plus we were so young around 9 or 10. Also it was basically 4-playin. Not down right intercourse . . . If they’d Just ask me. I’d tell them everything so truthfull . . . But no one wants to hear this “Complete truth.” Because it isn’t Vile enough for money makin . . .

Love ya Lots. Lee



Dear Dawn,

“Man I laid it on thick to Phyllis!” I told the guards this wount take long. And it didnt. I gave her a piece of my mind Royal. Told her how she was out for fame and money only off of me and my cases. She called me a liar. So that set me off . . . Anyway. I stuck the finger “Right in her face!” I told her to fuck off. Don’t write me anymore . . . I also told her, if she does any books on me. Just like Kennedy + Reynolds,67 you’ll also be in court . . . I shut the door on her Royal. So please do not help her in any way . . . She out completely I mean the door is locked. O.K.

Alrighty! 4-now Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . I can very well emphasize with you on why you didn’t go to the cops on your + Lori enconter in chicago. . . . I just can’t believe you guys agreed to get into

a black guys vehicle. She did the same dam thing to me . . . We came real close to getting killed . . . Of-course because I didnt carry a gun. If I did in my teens. I wouldve knocked off more blacks then ever, By the way. If I’m suppose to be such a seriel killer, why didnt I kill blacks. I’m prejudice as shit towards an entire class of them Exspecially them crack monkeys, UK! . . . There simply as much of a Waste in Society as a crooked cop is . . .

Yes its true. I killed because of push + shove. What really gets me is that this actually happened, that people died. Because all my life. I asked God one of the biggest things I would say to him, that I pray I am never involved in . . . someones death.... And it just really blows my mind “Completely”, being here having had killed not one at that . . . Its just unreal. And alot of this myself I cannot understand. My Fate. This all is so strange to me. Very strange. Cause I didn’t want this to happen ... I am sad about there death. Very sad. But I dont want anyone to know it. Because then there stupid ignorant ass’s will think. I’m crying and all blue because I feel guilty. Wrong! Thats not the case at all. Society is the one’s who are guilty. All the way. 200% . . . Okee do Kee!

. . . I’m Sorry if some is not ligiable, its Just this hand has been workin over time. And sex is out of the question now. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

“I know – Wuornos your so crazy!”

. . . Did I tell you. Your drawings almost finnished. Yeah! I’ve only the stars left – a small corner to finnish up on. Then touch up. And Presto! on the way to you. When you get it. Put it against your T.V. set – That’s on. Or up towards a light. It looks boss. Arlene plans to have all the drawings I did for her, situated in frames of just glass with lights stationed in back. Like those Budwiezer signs you see in bars . . .

Dawn! Lots of Letters will be on the way to ya. So be expecting them . . . (4) and (5) is on the way. “A-OK!”




Dear Dawn,

. . . Yes I like Rod Stewart. Alot of his songs, but my favorite—favorite—“FAVORITE” group I’m into is R.E.O speedwagon. (There best hits.) Man whenever they come on my radio, I drop everything, plop my headphones on and just go hog wild. I love the way the sing. My heart does a million beats per minute . . .

Butt out hands forward in the air, rockin my ass back and forth like the black girls do . . . 4-now—Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . Man dawn I kid you not. You and I “Are” alike . . . I love animals so bad . . . The animal can be as ugly as tyria, and I’d still love the dickens out of it. ha ha ha! . . . Once tyria kicked Maggie.68 Wrong, we nearly came close to a knock out drag out. Then I once witnessed her on a drunk throw tyler69 against a wall. Another Wrong move! Lord we nearly tore into each other on that one too. I hate Animal abuse as much as abuse on women . . .

To bad Society has me all wrong, from all the cop lies and defamations put out on me. Because really I was all “Love”. Now I’m not. Too angry from the whole mess. Even at myself! But before my arrest, and before things got hairy. I was nothin but full of “Love” . . .

Whew! I got on a roll didnt I. From Lovin animals to, animal abuse, then side tracked off on to the deranged system. oh well! Forgive me if I began to bore you. Feels good to get it off my chest at times . . . Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

And how your Christmas comin along! . . . You know, here, I can’t believe they haven’t even Christmas decorations up. Nothing! Last night some inmates

from the compound. “Church goin ones.” Sang 3 Christmas carols out loud to us . . . they did a pretty good job. I clapped, whistled, and yelled. “Merry Christmas you guys!” So got a little Christmas spirit going. Felt nice....

I’ve got a new Years resolution going. January 2nd I start really meditating into God. Knees and all in here. I’m gonna see if I can silently get baptized in the Holy Spirit . . . Even on death row, I still have sins. One is extreme, “hatred” over those crooked cops. I can’t seem to tear myself away from all the evil theyve done. So Ive got to work on it, by the help of the spirit . . .

I love you, so very-very much. Forever, I will. Plus you and I do think a like. That’s because our friendship is a most deeply felt one from the heart . . . we do think a like, and I bet act, alike, and (were) always made to be friends. The way us to are!! . . . Well until next time Buddy! Have a good one and see ya soon. Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Well, Arlene really did it this time. I now recieved this letter on Christmas Eve. The bitch is claiming the manuscripts I’ve worked on up to 16 years old so far, she has, I gave to her as a gift.70 I never did . . . Obviously she is strickly in for finnancial exploitation over my fate, convictions, and death near to come . . . Shes a pig, a low life, “FAKE.” I hate this Bitch with all I’ve got. I need to make a will and have it set up for you and tyria to recieve anything of mine. She’s history now. For good.

Must close. to angry.
Hope your havin a real good one!

for now.


Dear Dawn,

Well Whew! what a trip! Went to tampa by flight.71 And back by 3:15 P.M.

Left around 8AM. Had to get up at 4:30 A.M to pack my stuff up. What little it was. ha ha Anyway! What a waste and hassle. Cause see! Steve had a “court order” without my knowledge “before” hand to see #2 psychiatrists . . . thee insanity jazz would allow Steve and Arlene to be eligible to be gaurdians over any money I make. Which then they’d rip me off. Well! Pretty sneaky deal! . . . There have been one to many evaluations on me. “All Sane!” And each took less, [at tops] 2 minutes . . .

I tell you – I hate Steve and Arlene. I’ve already told Arlene, to get screwed. She’s history now. Once I do get my share of the “movie money”, Steve will be history ... “Oh the latest.!” Steve’s found a book writer for my Autobiograpy. And! Do you think I’d grab it. “HELL NO!” I look for my own source . . . I’m not money hungry. If they rip me off. but I still make out . . . great.! It’ll be enough for you to take care of you and your family for a good long time . . . And plus you’ll have my drawings you can invest in, and letters. on “Sound off” . . . So you’ll be set. And I can die in peace. . . . I feel before 2 more years. Everything will have been accomplished. Then like a flower in a hard rain, Ill let things go . . .

Take Good Care 4-now Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

Hi gal! I’m back! . . . Say guess what! I recieved my play girl card, expressing theyll be sending the magazines now. Doesnt sound quite Christian of me. But Man I’ve got to see some fine bods. Before I go! ... 10 bucks I do a drawin of one. Like of one showing more of it covered, but the rest of his gorgeous species reflected on the paper. Whew! Sound good! Watch Dave pitch a fit. “Dawn, take that drawing down!” . . . ha ha ha ha ha! Then next he’ll start sayin. “And she says she’s Christian!” Chuckle-chuckle! I’d say! “Relax Dave its only human Anathomy something like “Leonardo Devinchi” would do,” Chill out! ... Anyway! That baby would be worth some bucks if I could do it right . . .

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, slap your conscience. I’d, never ever “Lezzbo!” out with you. nor try! ha ha ha! Yeah, I am a kidder . . . You sure were a tomboy. Tough as heck . . . I admired it though – a lot. I didn’t have “Any” lezzy tendencies back then. I got thee idea at 28 when I met Toni. But your tomboy styles turned me on, because you weren’t afraid to adventure . . . Cause life is to adventure, and thats were our human knowledge comes by. Wheather they be good or bad. The key is there . . .

All my love
for now



Dear Dawn,

. . . Ty, sent me 2 flicks of herself with new front choppers in. Man what an improvement. She looks really differant now, in a real good way. Amazing what 2 front teeth can do. 4-real! She’s really hurtin, over our breakup in all of this. I can tell within her letters. I am too, but I’m trying to hide it from her, so she wont hurt as much. I tell you, I Love her so deeply. Like you . . . These feelings are more “Sisterly”, like our friendship. For I swear, I now am totally against lesbianism . . . It’s a “Royal” strike against God, and his laws of nature. So Ive tossed any sick ideas as these, way out the window. But I really love her “Bad” as a sisterly image thing . . . 4-now LOVE LEE



Dear Dawn,

Why I always have to address you like that, is institutional rules. Stupid huh! I’d rather get difference in this once in a while and say at the top. Hey buddy what gives. Heres 5. or Something! chuckle chuckle. Dear Dawn, Dear Dawn, Dear Dawn, hum! like a broken record. oh well! . . .

. . . Penalty Phase, is Bull! . . . So I am relieved once again, that your staying home. Our face to face visitation here will mean a heck of alot more . . . can’t wait 4 this! . . . Lights, camara, Action! Ladies and Gentlemen these 2 women haven’t seen each other in 20 years! Can you imagine how much they’ll have to say, to one another with only 6 hours to count. Surely the time won’t be enough. But lets have a warm welcome for Botkins and Wuornos. And hundreds begin to clap. Guess who! All the Angels in heaven. chuckle chuckle . . . Well need to close . . . Baby! Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . I can’t believe it. Friday . . . around 5:00; I had to pack to leave to Dixie.72 I was completely unnotified by Steve of this. Boy was I pissed. Well its Sunday now, I’m back. Got back last night at 10:15 P.M. See this shit all makes me sick. He claims theyll only be 1 more, that Pasco + Dixie he’ll try to arrange them next to each other for sentencing. Yeah! Sure. Like he can really turn these Judges heads . . . All I have now is to return for sentencing in these last 2 counties . . .

Well I got to talk to Steve while there . . . I’m havin Steve draw out a will. 50% goes to you and 50% to ty. Also he’s going to leave the fact in the will that you are the sole person to obtain my body and do the burial. OK! Well hopefully things are getting squared away . . .

I’m tired so I must go.
Got to get some rest.

Take Care of yourself buddy



Dear Dawn,

. . . Ever since I told Steve that Arelenes history! He’s been 100% in my corner . . . Just takes time because he really did go through by-pass surgery of the heart. Showed me all his cut up operation areas. Explained how metal wires were

in his chest. And as he gave me a hug, I could feel nothing but metal. The man is is pain and stiel, doing penalty Phase . . . So now, I’m getting a slight different outlook on him . . .

Arlene is complete history! . . . The manuscript is not letters but stapled pages upon pages. Maybe 5 or 6 inches thick of my childhood from birth to the age of 16 years old in growing up . . . And this bitch is keeping it . . . She wants to be put in percentages of recieving like Delores Kennedy’s73 book . . . I never said that she could “keep these”. Only said if I die see that my book gets completed . . . Well, I’m not dead, and I want my scripts, to continue on . . . I’m begenning to feel “Steve” all along was O.K. It has been Arlene. She’s a sneaky no-good women . . .

See ya in the next kite. No # 2XX 4-now Love Lee P.S. Steve is sending drawings to you. Let me know when you get em. All 3.


Dear Dawn,

. . . Jeroldo wants to [do an] interview74 . . . I’m kinda pissed to. But since they also offerred to send you a ticket to see me. Or pay your expenses . . . I’m going to go ahead and agree . . .

Love your letters! . . . They fill this room up with Love, and keep me going. Keep me “Sane” . . . And it makes my day ...

Pasco and Dixie – Sentencing left. 10 min deal to appear for in each county. Then its over. February 4th Dixie. Pasco – unknown. But within the following 2 weeks I’m sure. Can’t wait untill it is. I’m fed up, and completely exausheted from the in + out bullshit. I’ve hated it all!

Stay Cool!
4-now Love



Dear Dawn,

Happy New Year to you once again too Hopefully this one will be a money maker one. I want to see you. So bad. Can’t wait! Say what day is your birthday again? ...

Sorry to hear Christmas wasn’t so great for ya . . . Come on Dawn! Smile Baby Smile! Ticky! Ticky! Ticky! How about a foot massage. Ticky! Ticky! Ticky!

Quit Lee!

OK! At least your still up and adam. Was checkin reflectology. Your normal. You’ll make it. As for me. Hum! . . . “Big question”. Can’t tell if I’m comin or goin sometimes!

. . . Say when were you Baptized? . . . You know as an adult. To be baptized again, is the greatest experience ... I wish I could be before I go. When I’m in the shower, I do some pretending, and psyche myself out, that this is my baptism. Since I probably will never be able, to be, in reality, here, because of being on D.R . . .

OK! This is untill next time – 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi, gal! Got back Friday afternoon after Pasco’s sentencing ... and took the whole weekend off for total relaxation. So forgive me for not have in written sooner

I really laid it on thick in Dixie and Pasco about the lying cops . . . for the money off of their movie overkill and dead end. Also said about thee jail abuse I received by pasco, and the fact that no-one has “Ever” in history received “6 death sentences off of a, “Seriel crime”75 . . . this goes to show how much men disrespect and literally must hate women, That no-male nor female in Seriel murders received over 3 sentences ...

I just have a slight cut on my palm of my hand from the handcuffs in Pasco . . . I may not be able to write much this week because of it. Sorry. I slammed my side

palm in the handcuffs and then blood was on my white shirt in court. Dawn, I couldnt believe it, but the judge ordered no-camaras in the court room. And my cut was by physical mistreatment . . . But reporters did write down things . . .

I couldn’t believe it, but I told the Judge in DIXIE, I felt their towns people in the court system, working on this case of mine, (nor) him, were in knowledge (or) also involved in any conspiracy of the cops fairy taled version “overkill” (or) “dead end”, and said “May god bless your soul.” But as for Judge blunt76 in Volusia I added. “May God have mercy of his corpse too, as he said to me upon sentencing”77 Well he came out to talk to me, before me leaving into the hall to do a short camara interview and paddy wagoned away. He had tears in his eyes. And in a round about way, said he had to sentence me as the jury recommended . . . I told him I understand and still forgive him, it wasnt his fault the bias, prejudism, and libeled hatred over me, came about. It was the crookedness of the law enforcement . . . Then again we shook hands once more, tears visible but not falling in, both our eyes, locked on each other. I turned and walked away saying. “May God bless you again Sir.” First time I ever spoke personnally to a judge. He was “Honest” . . . Love you all . . . Gotta Go! . . . nic nic 4-now Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

. . . The real Aileen wouldnt hurt not one soul . . . But getting WILD, DRUNK, HOMOSEXUAL, AND PROSTUTING. These sins, were rolling up to 7 great sins . . . Although there were 100s of “Good times”, with MEN, there WAS plenty of BAD TIMES . . . When I left Michigan at 16. I faced alot of assaults and rapes by men for 4 years up to 20 while I lived on the road crossing Americas 24/7 for 4 years never settled really any where for longer then 30 or 60 days. Then lewie’s78 bull at 20. left devorced, back on my own . . . when Toni (I met in Key Largo) told me she was a lezzbian and interested in tieing up with me.

I said . . . Maybe after all I can find someone who loves, and will be compatible. For after all women are “Compassionate Sensitive caring, and full of beauty and love!” . . . Well, then I wound up in trouble . . . over the forgery charge79 trying to get the bucks my boss owed me . . . So I reverted to hooken as I did as a kid hit-chikin accross America, And then thee “Male abuse” again began in intervols . . . Well, in 5 1/2 years of hookin, the final year, became to much . . .

So you see! I never wanted to “KILL” . . . I was gonna use the gun as a scare . . . But [Satan ] had me run into “Mallory” . . .

Although I’m guilty of killing 7. I weigh my sins on the MALE DOMINATE SOCIETY, They will threat a women, girls, teens, don’t matter, like shit. And never think twice about what they’ve done . . . As if females are not human. Just Automations for their pleasures and commands . . . Letter no 3 on the way.

4-now See ya Soon Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

Well lastly on the subject I was on in letter #2, Causing the subject to arise because of Jack Kovarians80 (insanity) I disagree on. After “Mallory,” and 6 months later incountering trouble with “David Spears”. I knew after his killing. “It was over for me.” (To ever come clean who did this, and the whys.) Now it was just stay as long as time will allow me to with ty. For I loved her. SOOO MUCH. Beyond with terms of understanding. That I knew eventually our relationship would forever be over. Which I feared greatly. “So deeply in love.” Man I cherished her, so decided just keep truckin, doing what I have to do, husselin to survive. If more ass-holes I run into. oh well! I’m not gonna stop defending from abusive assaults (or) whatever else may come vie this and the guy against me. I’ve already got 2 deaths I had to do. Because of THERE stupidity starting up FIRST Ill be had on this, eventually. Theres no self defense laws. So fuck it. “Continue.” If I have to do this. Like I said. oh well. Itll just keep others from there cruelty in life. And I know I’ll die, from it. So to kill anymore downs the road as I hook, will only be the same as killin one. For no matter the number. And the defense . . .

plus lastly, It shouldnt matter who you are (or) what your work place is. Self-defense is Self-defense. No one has the right to lay any pyshical abuse on “ANYONE .” I dont care if your ugly as hell, (or) what. Most other states in America have this law . . .

I could also tell how much they KNEW I was innocent . . . when in pasco they stuck two D.U.I cases in the same cell with me who was suppose to be this Vicious Fuckin Crazy Female Seriel Killer. It was like there last good bye to me to say. Yeah we fucked you over royal didnt we. And now were rich as shit... Thanks bitch, to bad there wasnt a “Self-defense law”. Never will be either . . . But there day is coming. See ya Soon Love Lee



Dear Dawn,

I’m back Memory Lane Still Cookin Good! When Ducky and Keith came over . . . I also had an 8 week old alaskin husky, named him “Rocky” . . . Rocky blew Ducky and Keiths minds. He ran all over the house like crazy, then I sat on the couch . . . and rocky comes up to me like “Rrrrk” on his ass he sits, and like looks at me, (waggin his little tail) O.K.! momma what command do you want me to do now . . . I had just gotten the pup a week ago for 5 bucks . . . I was about 17 then. This is when I came back from Colorado to Michigan for about 1/2 year, then split again to Florida. Well, my living quarters went, when the girl I was livin with decided to use the stove as a heater and ran up a 240 dollar monthly bill. Back then 85-90 bucks a week we only made . . . I moved out to Detroit. Thats where I met Gene Lewis. A bass player of a group named “The Brothers”. I quit the factory job. Started livin with him. Training to be a vocalist for his group. Now I must stop. Long, Long story. It will all be in my book. I just wanted you to know about “Rocky”. What a smart dog.

. . . yeah I remember your dads job . . . When did he quit or whatever U.A.W?81 My dad got laid off of Beaver Percision82 after 15 years there . . . I believe this is where the major problems in the house began. Him there 24/7 drunk . . .

I believe I was 14 when this happened. During the unwed mothers home83 and all. The rape Yes its true. The guy did say he knew my dad, and where I lived. He picked me up out of the pouring rain. on 20 and Rochester, accross from the Clark station . . . He pulled me out from it, and asked me if I could use a lift. I told him where I lived (not far!) Then he did say my dads name. Says he comes to the bar often. Then the rest. Sorry! To embarrassing. You’ll have to read it in my Auto B. OK! . . . 4-now Love Lee



Thank you for
the Stamps ! and—
on Jeraldo. Love you Gal.


Dear Dawn,

Yes I agree Ophrah Winphey and Jerry Springer are much more “Compassionate” [than Geraldo]. Im gonna check em out soon to . . . I hope Jeraldo doesn’t slice this one out . . . He told me to look in the camera, and act like your talking to the 7 dead men, what do you want to say to them? I said, I’m sorry your so you were so, phycologically sexually defunct and deranged, da da da da da. You know how some people are gonna crack up if he shows it. Then I was expressin how strong I am. Holdin my arms up sayin, but me Im strong, da da da. He said strong! what do you mean strong! look at your skinny as a rail (something like that he said) then I looked at him in a funny discussted look, cocked my head sideways and said “I MEANT MENTALLY!” Like you dumb jerk. God if they show that people are gonna roll off there couches laughin. Then I said real perky like, I was 175 lbs when I was arrested though. I was pertty strong back then. He went 175 lbs?! how much do you weigh now? I said 117. VCBJ nearly killed me, I lost most of my weight there! It’s a trip. I was believe it or not, Nervous as hell! . . . 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Geraldo was a trip! He really needled my ass. So no doubt., Eyes bulged out trying to state my say . . .

Well, by now. You’ve probably done Jeraldo and are back. Number one question. Where you scared, sittin there in front of all those people in the Audience? Second one “Did ya have FUN?” Man I hope so! . . . Jeraldo he’s cute, but I don’t think he’s as “fine” as women think. Also a nitpicker. Like has to be his way (or) no way it seems. flicks were taken of me with him. He said he’ll send me one or 2 . . . Andrea one of the girls on Death Row, I decided to help out. She’s penniless here. And no money in one of these to buy commassary to help uplift ya, can be hell. So she’s gettin a grand . . . Another grand to ty. One fore me and 2 for Steve . . .

Tell everyone I said hi! . . .




Dear Dawn,

Oh man, I received Mays playgirl issue. WOW! . . . Theres some real good lookin huge mommas in there. Aprils were itty witty and whipped. Well you know were my perverted head is at now! ...

Hey Dawn, you had a word in your letter I had to LOOK up man! “Condole.” You said in it . . . on Jeraldo. You don’t condole killing. OK! how about being my Assistant in my Autobiography?! You know how to rapp that lingo there gal! You certainly blew me away . . . I can hear ya now. You mean your 37 years old and you’ve never heard of condole. me no! . . . Only the pilsbury dole boy! But not Con-dole. U You idiot! Thats DOUGHE! not DOLE. me Just don’t tell anybody!! ... I’m Embarrassed NOW! . . .

Well back to the defense part,. What I mean is that, if I WASNT DRUNK (OR) NOT DRUNK but psychological syndromes there, that blocked thought patterns I would’ve held the gun with a smile, and said. Next time just know that you may run into someone who won’t put up with your shit, Period. If undressed would of dressed and walked out. If dressed. Just walked out, with the reassurrance he continues to try any more assault, then I’ll diffenately shoot the fucker. But then I had mental blocks. See from alcohol influence, and also incidences to “MANY!” Being All cleaned up NOW and with a clear head, to properly rationalize. Never would of killed em . . . This is only (3) I can think of. I deeply regret shooting them. I know you curious who. So Ill tell you. Siems, Antonio, Burress. The others were diffenate creeps, and showing signs, and/or physically on me, for serious bodily harm. Mallory I abhor. I know Im gonna die, one way or another, be it natural (or) the chair. And do not give a dam about appeals . . . As for overturn sentences. Bull shit! when “I KNOW I’M INNOCENT” for various upon many of reasons . . . Letter #5 on the way LOVE LEE


Dear Dawn,

Man did you EVER look good on Jeraldo . . . Dave did make you loose all your tom boyish ways. You looked sharp up there, and full of class! . . . Well, I look terrible . . . But thats because of all the stress. I haven’t been feeling good for sometime. Just lingering and hoping my end is soon. Com on Jesus! Please take me home . . .

I . . . told [Steve] to get my message out, that “the only reason I’m giving up and excepting death, is because of how I was railroaded at the Mallory trial.” “That, I’d never get a fair trial, ever, that because of this corruption that carried on, leaves it senseless to fight ... but “who cares” she’s an ex-hooker . . .

Anyway! Jeraldo when I said Just let me go! and it came back to him at the studio, he bowed his head, after he said . . . “Good!” Like yeah kill her. Unbelievable! . . .

Well, 3 more days and Yeeeeee Hoooooo! Our grand Reunion! . . .

Theres a bar out here, somewheres in Miami, called “The Reunion” Shoot! now wouldnt that be a perfect place to head out, and have a few for good ol times.


Looking back, at you on Jeraldo I even noticed your voice has changed too. Man it aint that . . . voice I remember as a kid. WOW! More like oh La La real hunk a Women there.

. . . You Lezzy, you best not try any of that shit on me! Don’t worry, remember, the sex part I don’t like, its only the companionship! . . . If I were ever set free! . . . I’d remain single forever. I love to much in relationships and wind up falling in troubled spots . . . Love is very powerfull. Can have you do strange things, you’d never dream you’d do! ... So – See ya soon. This time 4-Real. Yeee haw! Weee hooo! Ariba ariba! 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

FANTASTIC! 2 full days! 6 hours a round! Yeeeeeeeeee hooooooos! . . . Love you gal and always will! Xxxxx XXXxxxx Emmmmmph. Your so beautifull. Every bit about you . . .

If I would’ve gotten into my past . . . you wouldve had some dozzies to listen to. And we couldve gabbed forever . . . I’m Sorry it was mostly on the killings, crooked cops, and cases. But I did want you . . . to know about it . . .

Please remember to see about your friends lawyer son idea84 . . . And also a will . . . Arlene receives nothing I own after death, nor my body. Neither Steve. Only you and tyria. OK . . .

THANKS AGAIN BUDDY! ... Ill be seein ya in the lines again soon. EmmMMph! X Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . Americas most wanted, wrote me for an interview . . . for a special there working on called “The criminal mind”. They want a better understanding of me . . . My situation, and how and why this happened. Calling my cases “Unique.” Well my cases are only Unique because of a pack of lying fuckin cops! They apparently refuse to help women . . . Obviously 75-80% men, really do, have a . . . hatred towards women . . .

Well they certainly will not . . . make me look “to the world” as if I’m guilty of my crimes . . . UK! Im not even gonna write em back.

. . . Okee do Kee. Love ya Gal Xxxx Take care – 4 now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Well heck, I’ve been so busy in my manuscript, the holiday went by unnoticed. Sorry! I forgot to Wish you – Happy Easter too! So Happy Easter! Darn! this project I’m on is sooo tiring.

. . . oh my god, Im in love with a new song. It is by Duran Duran. “An Ordinary World”. Man I’d like that baby as a theme song to my funeral if you can swing it, OK! Say since I’m on the subject of songs. I’d love played at my funeral . . .

So far theres.,

“Jesus is Just alright with me.
Dobbie Brothers
“Time for me to fly” R.E.O.
“The flame”, Cheap Trick
“I see the light”, Gloria Estefon.
“Faithfully” – Bob Seager
“Lucky Man” – Moody Blues
“There aint no gettin over me”
(an oldie) Roney Milsap
“Run away child” – Temptations
“Show me dont tell me” – Rush
“My sweet Lord” George Harrison85

Well theres a few, ha ha ha, a few, I could write down hundreds . . .

5:45 and Im back, Lord guess who wrote. Havent heard in at least 8-10 months from her. Guess, Guess, Guess . . . Yes! Arlene. man, I’m not going through her crap again. What should I do. She wants to make amends all over, a clean slate . . . What would you do? I know Christ is coming soon. And I should forgive all. Help me Buddy!

. . . Tell everyone I said Hi 5 What gives. later buddy. I’m Such a clown! 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi. Im back! I couldn’t resist another letter to you. . . . After you read the effects of the chair, consider . . . how wicked they must be . . . to . . . frame . . . a joker who had been raped to the chair, Falsifying evidence, and all the hundreds of, “obstruction of Justices”, they did, in order to gain a conviction . . . UK.

OK. here’s what happens.

Justice Brennan describes accounts of execution by electrocution as follows

This evidence86 suggests that death by electrical current is extremely violent and inflicts pain and indignities far beyond the mere extinguishment of life. Witnesses rountinely report that when the switch is thrown the condemned prisoner cringes, leaps, and fights the straps with amazing strength. The hands turn red, then white, and the cords of the neck stand out like stel bands. The force of the electrical current is so powerful that the prisioners eyeballs sometimes pop out and rest on his cheeks. The prisioner often deficates, urinates, and vomits blood and drool.... the prisioners . . . skin stretches to the point of breaking. Sometimes the prisoner catches on fire . . . This smell of frying human flesh ... is sometimes bad enough to nauseate even the press . . . when the post electrocution autopsy is performed, the liver is so hot . . . that it cannot be touched by the human hand. The body frequently is badly burned and disfigured....

AKKK . . .

Well I tell you. Even as much as I HATE Munster and his cohorts . . . Even I, wouldn’t want to see them strapped to the chair. Thats how hiddious this type of murder is.... They’ve got to litarally be “CR AZY” . . .

oh by the way have you heard the latest! The Supreme Court decided . . . in “Herrera vs Collins”87 that it was not unconstitutional to execute an innocent man. . . . the law need not provide an opportunity for new evidence to be introduced, even if that evidence proves without a doubt not guilty, and have no right

to be heard on it by a federal court, once there trials are over and they’ve been sentenced.... Bold facedly giving the finger to the public and saying, And what are you going to do about it human race? . . .

OK! thought Id fill ya in good Buddy. Sorry if the letter was depressing.... Love ya’s. 4-now Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

. . . check this out! At the gay march in Washington they made a banner that said “FREE AILEEN WUORNOS”. And the gal who wrote and told me about it, said the banner looked at least a block long. COOL! ... She wrote me from a flier at the march . . . askin people to write the judge or Govenor on my behalf of being rail roaded in injustice. COOL I hope a civil attorney gets one, and starts contacting me. I am ready to throw Arlene and Steve in court. Royal! . . .

Love ya Buddy



Dear Dawn,

. . . I received ty’s package. Aw! The sweetheart picked out a real cool lookin watch. Its got these roman numerals around the gold ring of the watches outter cover. has a gold hands one it, one for minutes movin around and its backdrop face of it is marble lookin. Green streeks like a tiger look. Cool! . . .

Lets see. King trial and the four cops. Two were acquited 2 convicted. One was Koon GOOD . . . 53 some off people were killed in the L.A. Riot, over 1 billion in damages. All because of these racist pigs who love to be spoiled and think they can do as they wish . . . I believe if the Judges slaps there wrists on there convictions. All over U.S. hell is gonna break loose. And I dont blame em. Where all sick and tired of Crooked Cops! ...



Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! ... Ive halted my book right now, to re-read for the 6th time the entire bible over . . . I’ve been hearin whispers royal, as a feeling of good spiritual presence came to be in the room . . . and it keeps saying. “Prepare yourself . . . Prepare yourself he’s coming soon” . . . So this is what I’m doing now . . .

4 now Love Lee X



Dear Dawn,

. . . your letters really brighten up my day in here. One of your letters were on buriel. As far as buriel the prison way, Yes they can do this for someone whose been abandoned by loved ones . . . I guess some prison’s have grave yards. Unkeept and all. Like a garbage dump ...

Anyway! This letter will be on burial procedures. To answer up all those questions ... My main concern is your having my ashes . . . And the state or anyone else not touchin any body parts to be removed. “Like my brain.88” Once Im dead. I’m no longer a convict or state property O.K.

. . . Keep this letter where it can be grabbed when needed . . .

Clothes – White jeans, white T-shirt. If possible get a T-shirt with Christ on it . . . If it must be a black one. Then in cranberry or stone wash light blue look jeans. Some type of belt on, with T-shirt tucked in. I’d also like to be wearing ear rings that are cross’s (my ears are pierced) and a cross necklace. Visible please. T-shirt size medium – jeans size 8.

Laid out – Please have a smile put on my face. Hair loose and lying relaxed around pillow and shoulders. Also I’d like a cross in my hands . . . with also a bible tucked between my arm’s and rib cage . . . Please put a single rose along side my arm/bible area. I did this with Keith. OK

Coffin – My taste is a brown wood one, with light or white satin . . . Also my body and coffin sprayed with Emerade perfume. Emm. Pine smell . . . songs can

be played on a good sound system.... you can rent one out at rent a center or champion . . . for like 20 bucks a week.... hook it up . . . Like a cook-out . . .

And then of-course let it rip with some of your favorites Ill be listening – Chuckle chuckle . . . I pray tyria is there. I love her like you right on into Eternity . . . . You 2 are the Only ones I know who I’ll think on as I depart.

This is all I can think off. . . . Theres maybe 2 more years for me. Who know’s though, the Rapture may occur . . . So I may not see this death on Row. But another kind in Christ’s name....

Dawn, Keep your letters comin. “I Love you Royal!” . . . ty only writes once in a blue moon. Tears me up! Ahaw haaw haa, sniffle sniffle. . . . Take Care. 4-now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Linda wrote!89 . . . she told me about BBC’s film, being out. My interview I had with em. says it was “Great!” So now that makes. England, Germany, Australia and thioland, I heard from someone in San Francisco Calif, that seen it . . . She says the cops corruption is being exposed, as well as Arlene and Steves Jazz . . . “Love it!” . . .

Say Dawn, if you ever see or hear anything on a “Will Kit” will you check into it. There is a 1-800 number on it . . . For 2495 you can get one. But . . . how Valid are they. So if you have the time, check it out on geniunieness . . .

Well, Im now in Psalms . . . It so relaxing ... I listen to a Christian station nearly all day long, as I read the bible. When I pray. I feel . . . holiness within my soul. Not that I’m holy. “No way!” But it’s the Holy presence of God . . . 4-now


Dear Dawn,

Hi! I’m back with some more of the latest I’ve heard on the news. “Have You?” About the guy who killed 17 prostitutes in New York.90 If not. It all happened on his bust, by havin no tag on his car. State troopers were in route to

stop to ask why etc, when he decided, “Oh no! I’ve got my latest victim decomposing in the back of my truck!” “Better hit the medal to the pedal.” So he ran a stop sign. His glass’s that he wears must of fell and he hit a utility pole . . .

What really pissed me off. is when channel 10(s) newscaster Art Carlson was relating this latest arrest, he smerked when he mentioned the victims were “Prostitutes.” Like havin “Sex” is such a higher crime then the rapist and murder’s was. I am so sick of them downin prostitutes as major criminals, worthy of death, just because of sex. Like I’ve said before. “We all Fuck!” . . .

And think about it. A lover, (or) a friend, (or) your husband (or) your boss. etc, etc, etc. usually when you’ve given out that good stuff. He usually buys you something (or) give you money, (or) gifts just the same. So even though your not doing it on a regular basis, with strangers, your still – “in a sense” – being rewarded in return for letting your male buddy here, whoever he is, husband, friend, etc etc, like a prostitute is for puttin out . . . Theyre doing the same dam thing . . .

How could anyone “Laugh” at a womens death by the hands of a viciously evil man . . . And check it out. I bet ya he gets life91 . . .

Well, don’t let it . . . make your skin crawl to much, cause I’d hate to see you distracted from the word of God, thats full of love! ...

4-now until next
time. From the Silly Wabbit
better known as – – – – – – – – – Lee


Dear Dawn,

Yooooo! And! Happy 4th of July! Crash Boom Bang! hey what are we clebrat-ing. America’s all messed up now.! Expecially now that we have a president who’s faggot. Preverted and is a homo sexual Pro bowl, whose trying to Revolutionize all Americans to follow suit. UK! Check this out.! A Christian organization went to a gay rally in San Francisco Cal. Around 400,000 were there. And they videoed a group of stripped women bullwhipping one another. As next to come up right behind them in a covertable luxury car, was clintons advisor “Harthorn” and his

lover making out with one another in a deep french session in the back, and the following luxury vehicle, was right behind them, as one of the female “Supreme Court Judges” I believe he said was doin the same in the back seat with her lover. Jerry Farewell from P.T.L has it on Video for sale, as well as Bob Larson and his Christian Brothers and sisters who went to wit and video it, also for sale. He’s Anti Clinton now, and wants to see him empeached, trying to get Americans to vote him outta office. What a trip Ā ?

O man, guess what I just heard. Your just gonna fall out Dawn. Like totally, this bitch Arlene Pralle is unbelievable! She attended Virginia Largaleree’s92 trial. Can you believe it! Talk about wantin in the spot light. Virginia’s was a highly publized one in Daytona beach. And she’s now here on death row. She was accussed of killing her husband by a hit deal for the multimillion dollar insurance policy he had put up for himself for his family. Anyway, Virginia just told me, she attended her trial. She recognized her, sitting in, when she’s seen her over and over on T.V.


More stuff I just recently heard by Virginia and Judy here. I never knew about. That Steve Glazer received [money] from Jeraldo. That it was in a news article. Which they so assuredly made sure “Steve and Arlene” I’d never obtain to see and learn of this, under the table deception. Another thing I learned of as well. Is the courts found me incompetent at my first trial. So, no one told me this one! Wōōō I’ve got to put this letter aside. Gettin pissed and cant even write right. I am furious! Shit before I do hear one more 4 weeks ago I just as well learned and didnt know about. Steve glazer did not file in the last 4 trials (or) 5 purhaps any appeal papers like all attorneys do . . . Well I guess I’m gonna carry on, as mad as I am, and tell you more . . .

Virginia just told me about a big write up they had in the papers on the bucks the cops obtained for their “overkill bullshit flick” That they had to hand the money back over to charity. Ya a charity.! The reason they were railroading me “their excuse was”, to build a fund raiser for the family victims. Well there first thought for charity was to the police Benevolence Association. Then they wouldnt go for this one. Another one they tried. And it was no go. Finally the money was shared to the family victims, with get this. 25% of for the cops to keep.

I am so fuckin discusted and mad. UK! These low life whale shit masses of puke, just make me shit! I mean sick! To my ever living – – – – – – – – – stomach! UGGG! I am Furious. Look how evil.! Swear there day in hell is just around the corner. No – doubt.!

Judy said, as well as Virginia, when they where reading about the large sums, Steve was obtaining for the interviews, which “I had no knowledge of”, and Arlene as well from overkill and other deals the papers were picking up on and sending to the public eye, was all for futher legal assistance for me. As I never knew at all of, and Judy and Virginia were going to themselves Aww! how nice. They really care about her, and are trying to help her out. Good people, and all that jazz. Dam Dawn. I just received all this info – minutes ago. It is making me sick. I am furious! So this weekend I’m written to the florida Bar on Steve, and all his bullshit.

Now I’m takin a Big Stand.
I’ve had it!

OK! Are ya proud of me. AKKK No! don’t kiss me! Yikes! AW come on Aili, just a peck on the cheek. Ō OK. go ahead. are ya done. Time to fly! Thanks, heres a hug and a kiss’y poo back! EmmmmmmmmMmMmMmMMph! X . . . . . ha ha,

OK!, Take Care
Got ta Cool off


Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene . . . wrote back and wants to keep in touch . . . So . . . I ask questions once in a while, hopin she’ll answer. And any she asks me. Ill avoid. Ha Ha! . . . Gonna remain on a defensive line, so no-more conniving occurs . . . Plus Ill be needin money later on when my funds run out. So she can reimberse me on [the money] she obtained altogether from me . .

There sure building up on these support committers for my behalf. From New York to San Fran. But what gets me, is not a penny has been funded to me . . . What else is a support committee for. You have any idea? . . . Why all these people write me, saying they’ve joined this support jazz, yet for, what. Just to wear a pin and say. I support what A.W. did. Give me a break. Any way. I enclosed . . . fliers at a gay march in Frisco, so people would come to . . . watch Nick Broomfields 2 hour documentary on me . . . It exposes Arlene and Steve royal. But not much has been spoken of on cop corruption . . . I need more answers on what all was shown in this documentary . . .

Well let me cut out . . . I’ve got to work on Tyria’s birthday drawings . . .




10 - 5¢ stamps
and 6 - 1¢ stamps93

Dear Dawn,

. . . Dawn, I am utterly bummed your possibly loosin your house! But prayer is, “PowerFull” and if you ask God for help . . . he will. Maybe help you find, a cheaper place to live . . . Have you’ve ever considered a mobil home, rental (or) Option to buy? Single wides are fairly nice to live in today. The Modern ones. Around any where from 8 to 14,000. The double wides have sunk in living rooms . . . and kitchens with modern utilities, ranging from 20 to 30,000. I once back in 76 almost put 1,000 bucks down on one like this . . . But it would be cheaper to catch up and one day own. Then once you owned it, you could go for another one, and rent out your old. Making a little retirement investment . . . O.K. Letter #2 on the way. See ya then Love Lee


Dear Dawn,

Hi thar . . . Bycycle Ridin. How cool! I use to do it all the time . . . Use to ride 29 miles to flagler from Daytona and back, like every other day. Im glad ta hear your gettin into some real exercise . . . in my early 20s on days off from work . . . Id pack 4 mellow yellows on it within a beachtowel, wrapped around the handle bars with bungie cord and a Bible . . . That was it. Excedpt for me, dressed in Ts and shorts with a bathin suit underneath. Eventually I’d strip down to just my bathin suit, and cruise out to flagler. Then once out there at a beach area so deserted from any walkin life. I’d hang out and read the Bible, as the beautifull oceans shore of waves crashed in, makin the most sublime tranquil sounds ... Just reading and layin out, God, and the heavenlies with Christ was always on my mind . . . Ty went with me once. Had a ball. Most of the time she was workin though ... And alot of times I cruised out there on a 12 speed just ta ditch my bike out in the woods and hit the freeway for the day, hookin around, then dropped off near where my bike was, and cruise back. It was relaxin to my nerves. “Before I went,” and after I’d be done for the day trickin around . . . And check this out. Never bought any new tires for it. And never had a flat ... I knew God was holdin those tires together. And I was glad . . . Ding Ding Ding! . . . Look out I’m comin through ... Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

I received 7 letters by ya this week. Whew! Sad stuff. I’ve been through it all like you. So I know. “Exactly” how you feel! When you go through stuff like this. You learn to understand yourself needing to except a more provery stricken way of living, in order for your future to become “prosperous again.” Like I say. Today to dream of nice things, to have and hold for years ahead is, fruitless to do. Because of the way our World conditions are. There’s to much chaos, and economic downfalls, to have one hope for bigger and better things, on an income tight and cannot be played with. “hoping it will all fall in place,” to be afforded. But cant be. That’s why! myself, if I were free, I’d be seeking a place, that may be a dive to live in, and searching more into saving all extra funds after rent. Which would be dirt cheap in order to “Later” start all over again ...

From all my roller coaster rides. Ive learned that, if you except proverty, humble yourself, and not let it hurt your pride. Pocket it. You’ll go a much longer way . . . As you know I turned to hooken to beat the warrents . . . I learned also, that I could survive like normal middle class peoples wages. Instead of like tyria’s, which was $300 every 2 weeks. $600 a month. Give me a break! Our rent alone was $385 a month. Electric was around $90 a month in the summer and $190 a month in the winter. Plus food $70 to $100 a week. How in the hell do they expect anyone to live off of 425 an hour . . .

Eventually people get pissed off . . . No wonder they have crime, and of the ugliest kind today. Peoples heads are getting messed up . . .

Im really Sorry to hear you lost your house Dawn. But if you look at all Ive said . . . You later in the future may be glad you have. For you may own out right . . . use your head. Dont let yourself go through this again. Please. 4-now



Dear Dawn,

. . . The way I see it. Ill be lifted by the Rapture. So no burial problems to work out. (or) Just linger on now until 2,000 when Christ will touch down for good anyway. So! Again! No buriel problems . . . But all in all. I dont see my DEATH SOON . . . The reason, is. my belief, !, #1 Christ is coming soon . . . #2 I’m in OK shape so, no death near yet. #3 appeals take years to clear before the chair. #4 Christ by then will be on the planet beginning to reign. I know you chuckling away. But. ha ha hay hay hay, its true . . . So I just felt to let you know a future feeling on all this . . .

Dawn, I’ve been invited to a wedding.! Aw haw haw haw haw I’ve never been to one, whats it like? Will I miss anything? Alot of booze A. Ha Ha Ha. Thats O.K. I quit drinkin. So! Amazin aint it! WOW. 18 near years on the stuff. Shew. Whistle . . .

Well, its time to close . . . I hope all stays cool on your end, as it seems its finally doin . . . Until next time, my beloved bud . . . Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi thar! Buddy! Hows it goin? . . .

Say dawn, would you do me a slight itty witty favor. Remember I sent ty the 2 drawings, well I havent heard from her yet... Well, I figured if you wrote her a quick line maybe she’d get a line through, and perhaps write you back . . . It doesn’t have to be long, Just a quick kite, O.K . . . Ill stop askin ya to do stuff for me now. You know being helpless like this SUCKS . . . I’ve always liked being independant . . .

So how was your Rod Stewart Concert!? Ha Ha, you crack me up. But! I’ve done the same. When I lived alone I had 250 ablums, the best of, of most cool artist, and man I use to get down heavy at home, drinkin alone, playin D.J. by myself. Man theirs this new song I love, called sleepless satalite. by Tasma Archer. WOW When she moans in it, it just turns me ON. This is the only reason I love the song so much . . . her moanin. Owww, its sexy., which makes the song sexy as heck. No I’m not thinking lezzy, I’m thinking musical. Swear it! Really! I am.

DAWN! . . . I AM! . . . alright, ya dont believe me. OK . . . I’ve got an idea. Go buy the record and see for yourself...

Until next one. Stay cool!
Love always
P.S. This is what Keith use to always call me I-LEE . . .


Dear Dawn,

Hi . . . [Ty] finally wrote. After some 2 months. She received the drawings. Great! And! She’s got a new lover. Fantastic! Now wont be alone anymore. I really happy for her . . .

And Guess what I received? Youll never guess! My manuscript, with 5 chapters missing. Yep. Well, I got entirely fed up Dawn. I ripped it all up. and said. Forget it. Christ is coming soon anyway! My Autobiography I’m giving up . . .

I also received Appeal “Oral Argument briefs.” which means theyve more then likely had a hearing by now on a new trial94 . . . if there decision is “No.” I really “Dont Care” I just want to be with Jesus Bad . . . I’ve seen enough of the

world ... I havent ty anymore either., and truely without her, I feel empty ... I know God feels the same way and he will take me out of this in due time . . .

But all and all, I really feel the Rapture is near to take place . . . And this should be to us believers a royal happy note to look forward too . . .

Say before I close, Ive got to tell you a funny one man . . . Our toilets eat up anything I swear! Anyway I was done pissin and decided to wash my hands with this brand new bar of soap. “Irish Springs”, a huge green bar of. and it was in my soap dish. (closed up in it..) Well, I went to open it, after I flushed the rig, and while the water was thunderously goin down, I slipped openin up the soap dish . . . So I reach in and check in the hole and the foundation goes (upwards) inside to who know where. China maybe. Anyway! . . . Lord! ha ha ha . . . So after I’m done crackin up. I make a sad face, and go. But man. I just opened it up today, which was shower day and enjoyed its soft suds for only (1) shower.

Now I’ve got to order another, which wont arrive until next week . . .

Stay Cool,
and See ya Sooner then Soon


Dear Dawn,

Alright Buddy! Go Get em! . . . that no-good S.O.B! . . . This land lord of yours has got me hotter then a cooked lobster . . .

I could lay into Steve Glazer, the same ol’ way. He came to see me . . . I kept sayin to myself... I just wonder what Steves got up his sleeve this time . . . Well, he finally arrives. We hug a little, rap a little, and then he whips out his sons pictures. I’m pretendin he’s cute, but he’s not all that good lookin of a squirt. Then he whips out pictures of me. A stack about 4 inches thick. Around 80 or more. All the same . . . He said well I brought them over so you could sign the backs of em. And Ill try to sell them . . . I said . . . No, steve, I dont think so! . . .

His face! it got all twisted in confussion and anger. Like shit! It didnt work! I was giggling inside. Goin ha ha ha Steve! I’m 5 steps ahead of ya now boy . . .

Love always


Dear Dawn,

. . . whats this about Dave in the Hospital ... Geez! Dawn you guys are always havin sad things happen to ya’s . . . Ill be prayin for him. Im always prayin for you guys! . . .

Linda’s drawing was sitting at the post office for 2 months . . . not enough postage on it . . . So it sat there, which was stupid. They should of returned it here . . . So today it was newly sent out . . . Geez! . . . Anyway! I cant wait until she gets the drawin. It’s a cool one dawn . . .

I’m startin to run outta money pretty soon. So Im checkin out all these people who write me, claiming they care . . . Well, I asked for finnacial assistance. Will see! If not, I sware all correspondence will be evaporatin. If I was written someone in prison ... Id see to it, that this would be one priority in our friendship . . . I asked Arlene to send me 2 or 300 out of that 10,000 I gave her. Judy here on death row laughed and said. Bet you never hear from her again. And I said. I wouldnt doubt it.! . . . Now don’t feel bad or guilty that you cant assist me in this need.... Don’t worry about it. I know your situation . . . Okee do Kee! . . .

P.S. I’m really, really sorry I called ya stupid.! Geez! . . . Childish wasnt it! Forgive me Dawn!

Love always


Dear Dawn,

Well, I sure hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Here, it wasnt much on the tray. Just a wee bit of turkey and Jazz . . . Anyway! I hope you had a super one!

Say do me a favor., The last box of legal stuff I sent to ya, well theres a Xerox of a letter sent to Steve by a sheriffs deputy who remained annymouous, about how this individual witnessed another deputy in the evidence room tampering with my confessional tapings . . . Anyway . . . when you get it. Please then place it in an envelope and mark it for future use, should anyone wish to see it, like a reporter or bookwriter. Keep it with the legal stuff seperated like this, for an easier access of finding. OK. You see! No one knows about this letter., except Steve and I . . . Dont let anyone have it. It is the only Xerox I’ve got there., as Steve has thee original letter. And knowing him., mention of it after my death, hed claim, he knows nothing about it But not so. You’ve got the Xerox Okee do Kee! nic nic . . .



Dear Dawn,

. . . I must of received 7 letters last night by ya! Cheered me up good . . . But what has really excited me full of overflowing joy, is the fact that your M.S. may be healing. And you and I both know its because of your new found closer walk in Christ . . . the more you seek him with all your heart . . . The more the Devil or any of his co-horts “Must” depart . . . Amen ...

You asked me how I feel about the termanally ill on machines, a life support system! I think this is wrong. If a person is brain dead or whatever I say let them go as they would have . . . Families that do this to loved ones are selfish in there love . . . There so bad off, let them go. Thats bondage. And if they were into the Lord they wouldnt be so fearfull of there departure . . . But as for Kovariane95 . . . Well he’s the work of the Devil, and if any of thse people would call upon Jesus for a healing, they very well may be ... sickness’s are caused by evil spirits, and to kill yourself... is Just further the work of the Devil. This is why . . . Korvariane . . . is possessed royal. He’s gonna burn in hell for sure . . . Well Dawn . . . Ill be written more soon to ya O.K . . .

Yeeeeeeeeee hooooooo!
In Jesus Name “Be Healed!

P.S. Dawn Just received rest of your letter on the med. Well you dont need it really. Just ask God to heal you and he will. Please try it with firm belief. OK.


Dear Dawn,

Merry christmas Buddy! . . .

Well Dawn, I finally seen ya on Geraldo. Man you did great! You should have been an actress. You were the best lookin gal up there, and so cool, and collective. I was so proud of ya . . . And thank-you so much for being a “Real Friend” . . . The gal whose dieing to meet Manson, seems to be looking for one thing in mind. Mōla! And the Danny Rollins babe, 96 statin she has his copy rights. Owns it all! Women please! You cant really be in-love, come clean girl! All of em, seemed out for a use. Except the one on the far end, sitten next to the wuornos poster of. Now what a down to earth individual . . . Aileen is lucky to have such friendship . . . Aw haw haw haw, hug. X kiss, theres nothin I wouldnt do for ya either . . . I pray were together in the next life . . .

You know these 2 terds97 haven’t sent me even a Christmas card yet. Must of seen BBC’s video from Nick Broomfield Ā! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . Too Bad!

Say any snow yet up there?! It always makes Christmas seem like that much more the season, when it does. How ya doin Health wise?! Still getting colds!? Tell me, No! . . .

Holidays here on the row are such a drag. Not much on T.V. and all. Seems jet laggy around. So I got myself some munchies to celebrate this years end out, and am gonna jam it out with some

Rock & Roll! Man!

Itll be good bye 93 and may the good Lord come soon! These clipped wings are bringin me down . . . 94(s) gonna be a real trip! Watchin the news I can very well see. Them Holy wars overseas are just gonna get hotter . . . Russia will help the Arab musslims to war on the Isrealites . . . But as you can see from the news. Isre-alies (The Jews) . . . do not want to give an inch of their land to the Palestinians . . . the Rapture is gearing up, any time now to happen.

I’m all excited. Just prayin like crazy within we . . . will not be found unworthy to be raptured out. Being left behind will be devastating ...

So Lord please take us home, if you will when the trumpet is sound.

Well Buddy! Let me cut on outta here . . .

May you have the Best of the Holidays.

Stay Warm



Dear Dawn,

OK! I’m back, let me continue on in this idea of mine as to why were here like this.

So [God] created human form as a shell for each [fallen angel] who fell to be given a temperary life, and prove themselves, that evil they do not wish to follow. That is any rebellion against God as this 2nd chance is being given to prove of fruits of our spirits in. And he has allowed Satan to continue to govern the planet, and influence man in his ways and idea’s, so to test us., of-which God allows for this plan of mercy to reveal our true hearts desire . . .

Alright there you have it, a concept in wonder I came up with as I was studying. Could be, and then again I could be way off. But it was somethin I needed to share with you . . .

Well now let me answer some of your letters here. What! Montel Williams didnt say anything bad about me . . . Amazin Ā ! . . .

OK! Dawn, were at the part about spiritual healin. Your askin me not to get mad. you KNOW I could never get MAD at you. puff, puff, puff... But, you are wrong.... God can do Anything! . . . If you truely desired him to heal you. “He will!” . . . it would be quite a mockery of God to get your med and then pronounse to everyone your being healed by it, by God. God doesnt want people going around expressing his power as, mediocre. He wants to perform a miracle . . . OK, Ill get off the subject, but I do think you can see what I’m trying to say here now. Okee do Kee . . .

Here your complementing me on my bible studys to ya. Well, let me tell you Buddy, I am so gratefull you’ll listen. Man, I love you gal, and want to see you, your family and even others not miss the boat . . .

Oops! 5th page. hum, I need to close this one here up. But “Ill be bock!” . . . Happy Holidays! And I love ya with all my heart, now go pray for a spiritual healin . . . please! . . . Stay Cool! 4-now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi honey Bunny! U What quit usin that lezzy crap on me! me Aw come on, pudding I was only stroking ya, purrrrrrrrrrrrr! U Aileen! Well, 3 letters from ya! . . . Yeeeeee hooooo! . . . (Hug) . . .

My food. Well, for the last 2 weeks its felt, that everytime I eat, I get numb all over like I’ve been drugged or somethin. The food tainted. And my head has begun to pulsate as if the brain was swellin. So I decided to fast. And guess what! As soon as I did, my entire body came back to normal after 1 day. and this is my second day, and I feel like a “Mint” now. Somethin else Ā!

I’m in Job now, in the bible . . . I’m so gratefull Jennings Dake took them 43 yrs, and 100,000 hours to . . . spread the word . . .

Boy is this Bobbitt Jazz, pissin me off. Their showerin bobbit with sympathy, which I feel he did rape his wife, and the public is spitten all over his wife . . . See how Society just sand bags women. No-care, no-respect. Zip! And them dam women who side with these guys who do this to women, make me sick as hell. remind me of Jezebeels. She was the wicked’est bitch in the bible . . .

White outs. Owww! I wanna see one Where, where, where? . . . I miss snow, so BAD. and snow ball fights, tobogganin, snow mobilen, skatin. Ahhh haw haw haw! hum if I could just figure out how ta make some snow in my room. Just to feel it, would be great! ... Take care now,



Dear Dawn,

. . . Rod Steward, hall of fame. Alright! Did you know I named my dog, miniture collie after one of his songs. Yep! The Maggie one. We named her maggie may. She was put to sleep by the humane Society. Long story . . . They did it less then 1 hour after we brought her in cause we had to give her up. because of movin. She was a good, good dog . . . Lorena Bobbit, Acquitted. Yeeeeeee hoooooo! Right on ha ha ha ha ha . . . Ya her scummy hubby sure is trying to get some spot light on his evil ass, isnt he. As a rapist acquitted, he now wants to get rich over it. What blows my mind is the pukey perverted Society seems to be more on his side too, then Lorena’s. Geez! . . . Anyway! Thank-God she got exonerated . . .






Dear Dawn,

I’m really Sorry to hear how your mom has become suddenly ill.98 And what kind of illness this is. You never told me she was in such danger before . . . She needs to ask for her salvation . . . And I believe your being helped along the way in our Lord, through me . . . When you go up to see her, you should take your Dake with you, read some helpful verses to her . . .

. . . please get your mom interested to allow you to do this. Alright. This is a very serious and important moment . . .

What you must do:99

1. Pray to God in your own words.

Admit you are a sinner, and that only the Lord Jesus can save you. Romans 3:23 . . . “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

2. Repent

Be willing to turn away from sin and submit to God. Luke 13:5 . . . “I tell you Nay, but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

3. Believe . . . deep belief

Believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed His blood to pay the price for your sins, and that he arose again. Romans 10:9 . . . “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

4. Ask

Ask God to save you. Romans 10:13 . . . “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

5. Ask also

For Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life, from here on in . . .

Dear Father in Heaven . . . I come to you right now . . . to say that I am sorry for my sins . . . Please forgive me and cleanse my heart and my life by the blood of Jesus . . . Please accept my confessions and make me your child . . . by Faith . . . I accept your Son, Jesus, into my heart right now . . . Thank you Lord for saving

my soul . . . I will Love you and serve you all the rest of my life . . . Amen. Dawn I’ve got to close now. I hope this is helpful . . . and between you and your mom you work together in this. My prayers will be in constant vigil. Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Happy Valentines Day! Buddy! However happy you can make it, knowing all your going through . . .

I’ve been busy busy busy, re-readin thee entire Dake . . . This is why I havent been doin to much written . . . I’ve been spendin from mornin to night on it . . . I’m marking the entire Bible in points of interest ... And recorrecting other mistakes I made last time through ... when you recieve my stuff and this Bible . . . It will be very well personalized ... Underlined passages. Blue ink (black) spots over mess ups from last go around. And little messages alongside of cross referrences. etc. Plus the front and back of the Bible has all kinds of little do hickeys I put in it. And stick on’s, like an Angel and 2 gold stars. So this Bible means much to me, and that YOU get it. Its stipulated in my will, as well. OK. .

I hope things are going O.K. up there. I know its not, but I mean better, then was, or has been rather. I keep prayin for ya gal . . .

Ive got ta catch upon some sleep ... I boo booed my bible to much the 1st time in noting area’s, and all this fixin up these mistakes has been strenuous. So let me close er up . . .

Be cool Buddy, Love ya much . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Ive got to tell ya a story about Smart alex bar,100 a fight I got into, unexpected . . . so you’ll know how much I changed, from a teen, when it comes to fighten, This happened around 85.

Well Toni, my first Lezzy encounter, girl I was liven with, after a year together ... Well after I bought her a pressure cleaner, and all the equipment . . . around 4 grand (or so) was spent. She up and left me . . . I was so in love with her, her leavin, rippin me off didn’t bug me. I just wanted her back. Bad. Around 4 days later, from her up and runnin I was hangin out sudzin up all the pain. Now this bar, was a regular of ours . . . Well, it was around 11 AM things still slow in the bar, not much of anyone there . . . we were all kicked back, shootin pool, listening to the Juke box. Me I was settled down at the corner bar . . . restin away with a long neck bottle of bud. Suddenly this guy wearin all this army fatigue jazz . . . walks in. Big guy, around 6'3" and around 275 decides to . . . order a brew. Around 10 minutes go by. I’m not payin any attention to him, Just nursing my memories and pain of, Toni, being gone. Suddenly . . . he turns to me and mouths off. “You Look like a lezzbian to me” . . . And I said yeah, and so what if I am? He said I’m gonna kick your lezzy fuckin ass black and blue all over this bar! . . . I slammed my beer down, and flew off the bar stool, pushing away the 3 bar stools between him and I and jumped his ass . . . I threw him over 2 pool tables that were in the bar . . . beatin him with my fist (or) standin over him, kickin the fuck out of him . . . I dragged him off by the arm, and hair, of what little he had, and dragged him to the back of the bar. Now everyone was watchin me, cheerin me on. Kick his ass Lee, and so on! I was . . . in the most violent rage you’ve ever seen ... As I dragged him out the door, and into the dirt, dust started flyin every where . . . everyone was at the back door watchin. I said, If you Ever! come back to this bar, Ill kill you! Then skip cut in, a biker dude, and he said, No! If you ever come back to this bar, (we’ll) kill you. Get outta here... Needless to say! I got royal respect . . . then I knew for certain. If I go off ! . . . I could whip anyones ass. I was shocked afterward myself in other words . . . Smart alex bar was a trip anyway. Alot of wild times I had in that bar . . .

Be back in letter no. 2.



Dear Dawn,

Congradulations Sis! Weeee hooooo !

This is just a quick note, to let you know I recieved all the good news. Man, the Lord is lookin over ya buddy! 25000 a month.!101 WoW! I am so happy for ya right now. A farm, pear trees, Apple trees, a corn field. Geez! This is cool! . . .

Yeeeeeeeee! Hoooooooooo!

Ill be over to visit around March 2nd. Help ya paint an all. I use to paint houses for a livin at one time. Show ya the ropes to getting around the difficult paintin . . . Shit, I wish I could really help ya. Well! let me slide, on out . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Say Dawn, I came up with some interesting stuff on prayers. “How to Pray,” And I wanted to send it out to you . . . If you’ve got an extra room in the house, it would be cool turning it into . . . a prayer room . . . So you could Just commune with God in it . . . I’d of made a room . . . Kind of gypsy like. You know, how I am! Pearls, beads, oriental rug, candles, lanterns, incence, pillows to sit Indian style. etc, Ol hippy me, wouldn’t be able to resist. ō, yeah, if the trees blossom fruit, and the corn. Be careful . . . people get sick off of the fruit and jazz, because of it not being maintained . . . with pesticides, etc . . . I once ate a bad pizza with mushrooms. I believe the mushrooms were bad. Man, was I sick! . . . I was all . . . pukin and shitten at the same time . . .

Well, let me get into this prayer info I just recieved . . . Ill start out of the book with.

Receiving Mercy, Grace and Joy102. . .

Prayer is the means that God has appointed for our receiving mercy and obtaining grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16 is one of the simplest and sweetest verses in the Bible. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. These words make it very clear that God has appointed a way by which we can seek and obtain mercy and grace. That way is prayer . . .

To be Continued.



Dear Dawn,

Weeeeee Hoooooo 38 WoW! and I dont “Even” feel it nor . . . much less look it do I. Great feelin . . . Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes, and from the family. Really Appreciate it, and am relaxed here with Jesus celebrating it with comfort and great peace of mind . . .

I cant wait to see some flicks of your new place. Man am I ever happy for ya . . . I’m still thanking Jesus continually over this . . .

I hope now that the rents so low, that you’ll go out and get a used T.V., and stereo, and toaster,. Chuckle. Feel back to liven again. If theres no stove or frig, check out the newspapers (or) any penny saver type newspaper. Theyres good deals being offered. Rent a center and champion, places like this will ripp you off . . . Ty and I goofed up, and went through champion . . . Well, the color T.V. was 1500, but in reality of what it was sold for any where else was 99500. And the Livingroom was 2400. But sold for any where else at 120000 . . . I wouldn’t suggest them, although I know I have. Sorry! . . . We learned from it though, and then started shoppin at trift shops, pawn shops, want ads, etc for second hand used items . . .

nic, nic . . .





Dear Dawn,

Did you have a good Birthday!? . . . I hope so! . . . I sent out a quick letter on the Article you sent103. . . One of the main reasons I so desperately want to be heard and trusted . . . is to help 100(s) of other Women, incarcerated by merely defending themselves from a violent traumatized attack by some sick creep who wound up dead once they did. But then the sick ass system, wanted to side/with the violence the man incurred, simply because he’s the same sex “Male” . . . And here we have a women who was not only physically damaged by a rape as well as mentally, but again “Ravished” by a male chovinist sick ass court system, through deception from the real facts of what really occurred here . . .

And so, since Nicks documentary . . . I am finally getting the break I need.

Eyes and ears are beginning to open up . . . And the “Exposure” is now, Soon to come. So Dawn, God as you see is taking these sad trajedies, and turning them around for a righteous cause . . .

First of all, its104 say’s a tough talking Lesbian. Wrong! Im very mellow in conversating with anyone on a normal social basis. only tough talking when it comes down to exposing all this injustice done on my cases. I’m irate, and furious over it. Who wouldn’t be . . .

Well sadly Ive never seen Thelma and Louise, but I hear its a darn good flick referring to women needing to use self defense . . . Heard much about it, but never seen it yet. Darn.

As for saying here is she really only using a politically savvy battered Women alibi. Well, ha ha ha, I guess not. Dawn since I left home at 16 . . . I encountered innumerable forced sex and violent rape attacks. The road can be very hard to get off it, too, when we have a Society who could care less in helping homeless, or poor individuals in the least . . . I was also abused sexually by a couple pastors, when I sought help off the road, and by other shelters where men where running its facility. So its one hard situation to deal with “ALONE” . . . and no-one else giving a dam . . .

Ill have to start a new letter . . . So to be continued. OK. Love ya gal. Hope your Birthday was Spictacular!

Love Aileen,



Dear Dawn,

Hi Im back, near to the end of this article.105 So let me roll in . . . The government winch106 continues to say. “The idea that she was provoked into total incapacity is perverse as a feminist argument.” I agree! If I was incompetent I wouldn’t of known what fight meant., in bravery to do so, nor gun, and how the trigger is pulled . . . No I was a fully grown women, drunk or hungover most of the time, but did know the difference of danger or no. Provokation had to come from the other hand. I was only a reactor of. I say if they wanna be an Animal to

you, be an Animal back. It may save your life. Here Nick says it right “She was just paying back what had been dished out to her . . .”

OK, end of Article.

And the bottom line is. All cases where corruptly tainted in, so by law, the system, should it go by “The Law” which we all knew, “Will not!” should therefore be thrown out. Regardless that 7 were killed There is no way I could ever even begin to prove any form of innocence by all the damage in deception done in all cases. Everything is falsified, tampered, and full of police misconduct, with court house injustice. Knowing how they are, and wouldnt go “by the law in tainted cases” of what the out come demands because of. I am as it was stated by Steve Glazer. The chair, “its written in Stone”. A life sentence would only be further injustice and unnecessary further torment of which I neednt deserve. Its clemency (or) the Chair . . . For me, there is “NO” inbetween . . .

Well Dawn . . . Finally gave ya my feelings on this one clippen ya sent. it wasnt to bad . . .

Hope your enjoying your new Happy Home with your Birthday.!


Sunny & breezy/80(s) here!
Don’t rub it in, Aileen
gulp, Sorry!



Dear Dawn,

. . . I Love you to Buddy! Very dearly! All the memories of our teenage days continually flow through this memrable panarama of time. We had so much fun . . . Remember the house I was cleaning up on Harturg . . . That’s the time you and Lori came back from Washington hitch hiken . . . The black attack deal107. . . I still care about her. Had I of been with you. The nig would of died. I would of attacked and you 2 would of finally got the message to . . . strangle him to death . . . Then I would have had to of tried makin you 2 realize, this death here . . . is not to be cared about. This is such “maggot scum”.

Thank ya Dawn

. . . Anyway, you’re my dearest friend too! There is no-one . . . But you! Your the only one Dawn. I deeply care about, (or) think of every day as I do . . .

Say Dawn, when you paint, if you put a shower cap on your head . . . itll be less messy for ya in the shower. Also sun-glass’s or safty glass’s . . . A Bandana is what most professional printers use for manifolds of paint reasons . . . Use maskin tape for Windows, to keep paint from going on to the glass plates. Works good. So theres some helpful hints . . . Hope it helps. I know some you already knew of . . .

Well, let me slide outta here . . . Okee do Kee! . . .


Keith always called me this (eye-Lee)



Dear Dawn,

ō ō ō By the way Buddy Another dick bites the dust. A gal in California was Acquitted of cutting off her husbands balls, with a pair of scissors. Excellent! Way to go! ... Women are basically . . . “Good!” And men treat em like shit. Such a sad world. And if God is female, Im really gonna loose it, with joy . . .

Say by the way. If I ever croak, have them do an autopsy on my female parts. Cause down in this region, is all messed up. It would help on the cases. And I could just see them trying to cover up. Vaginal Cancer (or) somethin. See what Im sayin?! . . .

Stay Warm, eat well, get well, sleep well, And all of that good jazz . . .

4-now Love


Dear Dawn,

. . . Thank you for the “Beautiful” Easter cards . . . I sure wish my butt could cruise to some gift shop and get you some friendly notes too. Shoot! I’d be buyin the dang store out.

Yes mame! And! Ill take that over there/and this over here, and that huge painting of Jesus over there. My buddy Dawn will just love it . . . Got the 42500 right here! Zip Zip, and out I go! Later, thank-you.

U Aileen! you’re a nut.

me shoot, its nothing, you should see me now, in real life. Im a royal kicker alright. Head out to the grocery store with me. Whew! “I love to clown,!” Basketball /with lettece. Baseball/with tomatoes. Ha. Ha, Ha. Flower salesman in the isle’s. I, (Pick up a bundle) (Whistle to someone) Yo! excuse me, but my cat died, and I’m trying to get these flowers for her. I’ve got 250 but need a buck more. Would you be willing to assist this hour of need. Ha, Ha, Ha . . . Grab fruit eat it and see how long I could get away with it. Never, did get busted . . .

Darn, Darn, Darn, Sure wish you and I could go shoppin together . . . Ty and I had alot of fun. No doubt . . . She’s got some good memories for sure. I loved also helping out vagrants, and down right nasty lookin homeless people. I’d pull bills out all the time and Just, be, charity to em. Ty didn’t like this, to much. Because I’d give 5(s) (or) 10(s) sometimes. And it could be when we spent most of our money already, and just a little bit left for the end of the day to party on. But I’d always look at her and say. Ty. what comes around goes around. Someday! We could be rewarded by God with a fortune for doing this. Like winnin the lotto.

And you know, We almost won. I missed by (1) number . . .

We won 34500 bucks for 4 numbers right. And hair missed $275,995, big Ones.

And as we came this close, I’d then always say to her. See See See! You never know! God will repay you for your charity . . . Ty would say, Yeah! but what if they just buy drugs (or) booze with it. “Then, Id always say!” So, thats between them and God. I’m only doing my part between God and I. What they do afterward, is there buisness between themselves and Him. Besides! They very well may not be either . . . And ty finally started seein what I was sayin and would give too . . .

Have a Super Easter too Buddy!
Love ya . . .

from the Kiddo!
gone Mad.


Dear Dawn,

. . . You want to hear a sucky situation! . . . OK, I get this letter . . . written to director Bobbie Glover108 . . . freezing A.W.109 inmate account. I continue reading and its about the Nick Broomfield Documentary. They now think. I made money off of the interviews. When you know as well as I know. I only kept 2,000 . . . Well, Im sittin here going. freeze my account! I’ve only 18300 left in it! . . .

I’m going right back to the media, and explain the whole situation . . . how the cops and Lawyers are the “actual Ones” whove made more Book and Movie money And how they froze my account . . . And that if they’d investigate their own dam kind in there “Just-us” system, they’ll find there the ones profiting. And this is all why I was sold down – to the chair in a gross miscarriage of Justice for the rake in of the mother load.

. . . I finally wrote Nick, who did the Documentary/back. To thank him in the greatest way. And also if he’d ever like to interview me again. He could. 4 – free.

Now Steve lied to me big time. You see! He told me. the Son of Sam law was ousted in New York and (a) Supreme Court ruling which applied all over. So he had me believing I could “collect” if I desired interviews. Which as you know, he was settin up for the bucks from me. But the real gig is this. I just learned. The Son of Sam law, was overruled to be out – for federal prisoners . . . “not state.” That any federal prisoners could write about there crimes (or) whatever and profit, once they were released, possibly while there (in) too. I’m not to sure in this. But anyway. The state, did a gig where, still Florida prisoners cant by law (Yet) get paid for interviews etc. One day the whole Son of Sam law will be completely thrown out the window. But as for now. This is how it stands, here.110 So Steve was telling me. No! Its OK. It doesnt effect you! The Supreme

court ruled it out. You can collect. Well, he’s been flat out lying to me. As Arlene and Steve were pocketing the cash. Pretty sick Ā .

Steve hasn’t written me . . .

There’s only 2 letters, I’m waiting to write to [Arlene] and Steve. One is “Steve your fired.” The Other is Arlene, “get bent.” As I’m so elated now, as to how Nick “Exposed” em . . .

Well, let me slide on outta here. Lunch is being served. Its dildo’s. Polish Sausage . . .



Dear Dawn,

Hi gal, by the way, you know, I recall... long ago, you said that Dave agreed to allow me to stay at your place if I ever was set free . . . Gee, thanks you guys! . . . My dream, upon release. A cabin in the mountains of Cannada. Screw America, to corrupt. And 2 german shepards as my companions. A Jeep to get through ruff turrain in. A Bronco for other sporty events, and lots of R+R in Jesus With all the Beauty surrounded . . . Ahhhhh . . . If you wanted to move up with me. I’d give you the bread for a cabin of your dreams to do it with. 4-Sure!

You know if I ever was miraculously released, I would have to have an address to go to. Cant be released unless you have one. Otherwise they send ya to other prison like joints called, Work releases (or) halfway houses, stuff like this. So I appreciate the support, should I miraculously ever need it . . .


INSTITUTION Broward Correctional Institution CELL/DORM & BUNK DR #1

NAME Aileen Wuornos (Carol)________ NUMBER A150924 DATE 5-3-94

Dear Dawn,

Yoooo! glad to hear your doin O.K. As for me, I bide time by the word. God is keeping my sanity. This will be a one pager, so let me answer your letter in it quickly here. On the drawings. This is all up to you, for I draw them for this purpose . . . On my bank it is “Frozen” which means any money coming in, its being ripped off by the state . . . This is what must be cleared up, before any further help in finances can be sent. So canteen is on hold until it is. And money cannot be sent to me, until its cleared up . . . Okee do Kee. in the pokey! Got me yogi! The state cannot take any money from my art-work. Has nothing to do with the crimes. Only interviews, books or movies are priorities of there interest . . . As for other people making money off of the crimes. They can do it . . . Like Arlene, (cops) (Steve) media, producers, book writters . . . And being misrepresented by dirty dealin Steve on the Son of Sam law left me to believe the (2) grand was OK too. So by the law, he threw me off “by the Law” so I shouldn’t be the one being bothered, with a bank freeze. Anyway! . . .


INSTITUTION Broward Correctional Institution CELL/DORM & BUNK DR #1

NAME Aileen Wuornos (Carol) NUMBER A150924 DATE 5-7-94

Dear Dawn,

This 1st question
was answered in
Fridays letter I recieved

. . . Remember when we use to work for 100 or 180 an hour. I worked as a maid, the “Rochester Motel” for 75¢ an hour. No kiddin, was around ō 15½. Only worked for about 2 weeks. Some guy at the motel turned me on to 50 bucks for sex. And that did it for the slavery job. Ha Ha Ha. . . I believe this is where hookin began. Realized I could make dam good money to help myself in my homeless state and took it up Do ya blame me! . . .

Ō my god! Amy Fisher’s some big wig now Ā! Bigger than us capital cases. Well Ill be Darn On the program, yes that is “Disgusting” the families greedy like that. UK. I for one would never be like that. Wasn’t even when Keith died. The 10,000 he left. I blew in one month to get rid of it . . . I just wanted him “alive” But! Fate wouldn’t have it . . .

Stay Cool, and don’t worry about me, Im doin Okee do Kee in thee ol pokey! slokey!

Aileen Wuornos
Ha Ha Ha

INSTITUTION Broward Correctional Institution CELL/DORM & BUNK DR #1

NAME Aileen Wuornos (Carol) NUMBER A150924 DATE 5-12-94

Dear Dawn,

. . . On new Lawyers! . . . Presently there names I wont disclose yet, until, some real action gets on the way . . . Don’t feel like disclosing leads to these people here. yuk . . .

On Steve, Im actin as if he never was hired . . . He hired himself. “Really” and I used his assistance since he was avialable. So Ill let him just float . . . These 5 attorneys are getting the ball rolling, and guiding me along in the institutional remedys I have to (exaust) before they can, step in an take over, So cool Ā! The Lord, brought them to my Aide. Love him so!

Havent heard from Mommy dearest111 yet! But I wonder if a lien was put on her (or) not . . . Jerry Springer wanted to interview me, was asked today. But said “NO” Why, because he’s a (He). All the men have lied over me in the U.S. Nicks the only one who didnt/splice tamper/or distort the tape and the truth . . . Montel Williams, Jeroldo, (spelt wrong ō well) and Date line, did me all wrong. Even Michelle Gillen . . . So I’m being selective. “Very” and waitin for the right one, as God directs me.

O.K. Time to close ...

(P.S.) Hope your Moms doing “Well” tell
her I said hi and “ALWAYS” am praying for
her, exspecially that she’ll read the Bible more,
and find the closeness to him, she may
be missing. OK. See ya





Dear Dawn,


You wrote about being afraid of dieing, or the tribulation comin, you being left behind. Well, according to the Dake . . . The tribulation will affect the World . . . But as for War. This will be oversea’s. Now U.S.A. will be bombed, but there more then likely will not be any enemies of entering our soil. They’ll only send nuclear missiles . . . O.K.

Being left behind. Well, if one isnt into Jesus Christ, as he left us instructions to be. Then yes. You’ll be left behind. This is why bible reading on a daily basis should be done, to “Learn what the Word says” . . .

Angels are recording at all times. What kind of a record do you think yours would look like, if there was “no prayer” links to God. He could then say to you. I never knew you, although you claim you knew me. See all that I’m trying to get at.? I, Do hope so!

Well Sis . . . . . tar! Guess Ill rapp this one up with hugs + kiss, Em . . . . . . . . . EmmmmmMmMmph. And Ill catch ya in the next kite . . .

P.S. Tell everyone I said.
there all doin, real good.

okee do kee

Stay Cool now,
Love ya with all my heart,
and hope
nic, nic
Later Baby!
(Humprey Bogart )
ha ha ha.


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! Well, looks like someones lookin to help strategic manuviors in discrediting “Nicks” film. and those someones are coming from “Cops” and “Tallahassee.” You see, I never gave Geraldo your number. Someone had to lift it from the recent letter I sent to Nick Broomfield . . . Just like people magazine that recently tried to set up an interview . . . Please do not be interviewed by anyone, unless its Nick. ok . . .

Arlene’s written, desperate letters to me. She wants info, to give back to the cops + steve. No can do, but she’s tryin hard . . . Claimin even to give the whole $10,000 back if only Ill write. So you see! Steve + Arlene always were workin for the cops . . . Steve + Arlene conned me into “waiving off all remaining trials”, so thered be a sure warrant of death . . .

Assholes! That’s O.K. Gods opened up a Satalite in my direction, and is now saying. Tell em. I will Lord. I will . . .

Let me close now,

Hope your doin good Buddy! . . .





Dear Dawn,

. . . It’s a bummer and not being able to write you, as I used to, due to this bank freeze. But hopefully this will change soon. An injunction has ben filed to have it reopened. An injaction is a court order. Guess who put it in. New attorneys! ... Nope! “Steve!” The new attorneys weren’t ever hired, but were only counseling me, until we could see if they could do anything for me . . . Do you think she112 did.? Well, hell no! and its now been nearly a month now . . . I believe the strategy was to try to get me to rid myself of Steves legal assistance. So I wouldn’t have him to waive off trials . . . Because Dawn, a new trial is more money in there pocket . . . it’s the last days! Evil is at its contractions, and about to be birthed . . .

OK, gotta close er up. Hope your doin “Super” . . . 4-now Love ya Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi sis Whats cookin!?

Em! Smells good. Ha Ha . . . Sure do miss home cookin. I use to have those 2 inch stakes and pork chops. Good ol Barbecued chicken and ribs ... if you use a regular round stand up grill, once the grease drops in the coals and lights up, all you need to do is use a spray bottle of water and spray the coals. Fire goes out! . . . One other best way at cookin ribs is to Boil them first. Like thick country ribs.

Boil em for am hour + a ½. When they get to near peelin from the bone, then take em outta the water and into a bowl of BBQ sauce, then gently onto the grill. If you’d like them to be flamed up a bit, all you have to do is throw a bit of butter into the coals . . . This way you get flamed broiled ribs . . . You can also pre cook corn and vegetables, then rap in foil and leave on grill for extra smoke flavor, always poke fork holes in aluminum. Ty + I use to cook out all the time. Our back yard was nothing but BBQ stuff all ready ... I use to have 2 squirt bottles. 1 Butter and slightly of water.... Don’t ya Just love all my Heloise advice. Ha Ha Ha

. . . good idea Aileen, Thanks. No problem buddy! Just send me some of them thar ribs when ya get done, with 1 can of Coors. OK. I quit drinkin, but one for the road I just had to slug down, ya know! Well, be catchin ya in my next kite. Untill then. This is Chieff “Lee da Vee” and heres “Cookin at you kid” chuckle chuckle, may all your mouths water! while I dream up another back yard Barbee for next weeks set.

cha, cha,





Dear Dawn,

. . . What a relief to know you’ve finally seen the “Breathtaking” Documentary. 113 (Whistle) – Shew . . . Great! You should copy the tape for perservance. That way if it should ever get eatin up by a VCR, you’ve another on hand . . .

First of all, let me tell ya a shocker, that had my hair rise! after you informed me on Steve and his gig he did on the tape . . . He doesn’t smoke – Period. So therefore, it was a joint, because he told me he smoked pot, for his heart condition . . .

Unfortunately I’m stuck with a slight problem of. And that is . . . Steve wants me to sue, to get my bank open. Fine! Good idea! . . . But his catch is. He wants to go about sueing, by the 1st amendment rights of my constitution . . . Why!? Because he doesnnt want to have to give Florida the 9,000 he swindled me to do in interviews so he could collect. He is therefore once again. “Using” me for his own benefit.

As for crying for me buddy Dearly beloved Sis and all, because of my “Humiliating Spell in the testimonial box!”114 doing my “what he did to me number!” Please don’t! Don’t feel sorry for me, for such reason’s. The road was a rough life . . . But there deaths. Feel sorry for them, O.K . . . And if you need to – blame anyone – blame Society! not them . . . [The world has] gone so far in Wickedness, we have these problems today . . . Love ya Aileen



Dear Dawn,

. . . And now your tellin me about how she tried to kick Broomfield off her property.115 When Nick came to see me, he was pissed and at the top began to ask, “Whats Arlene’s problem!?” I said, Why, whats wrong? Then he laid it all out to me on Arlene + Steves money hungry attitude. I then explained to him I was aware of it . . .

Ō my God! I’m shocked.! Steve calls himself in this film “The Great Defender” . . . Ō what a laughing stock to the World he made himself. And! that Doctor Legal116 has “Got to Go!” . . . Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . What an Ass-hole! Ha Ha Ha Ha Hawwwwww! . . .

On being a musician before he became an attorney. He told me, He was a truck Driver, and back when he was in his early 20(s) had a small group with kid dreams of makin it big someday. Then decided to become a lawyer when friends were getting in jam’s and gettin busted on smoking pot or doin Chemicals. Wanted to defend them so decided while truckin to . . . Get pre-pared . . . and then take his bar exam and “Presto!” Im in Just us.! As the System goes to say, + Steves Corrupt ass . . .

See ya in the next one. Love ya much




Dear Dawn,

. . . This Ass-hole. Don or Dan, or heck whatever his name is.117 The one I spent 3 days with. that’s lying here about me wantin to be raped. The jerk smoked pot + sucked up beer’s like crazy. So apparently on one of our rap sessions I must have been telling him how I was raped once, in my teens, tied to a bed. Actually twice this happened to me. This fuck head . . .

And Dawn “Everyone is out for money!” But you are different . . . “You I trust to the Core.” and do love ya dearly.! But the bottom line is, that if it takes my death to get to the corruption, this is the way then itll have to be . . . Let me close, one last letter on the way . . . 4-now Love Aileen



Dear Dawn,

. . . Lets see! says here, Arlene adopted me for Buriel purposes and easier visitation access.118 Yes! This is true . . . But I hadn’t any idea the “Power” . . . To become so to speak / a power of attorney over my life. Alive (or) dead . . .

Arlene + Steve dressin like slobs. Arent they slutts,! Not even ty + I would dress like such. Never in a million years. If we wore even T-shirts cut off at the sleeves + V-necked out, they still were clean as heck . . . These people! Like anyone can see now. Have something extremely wrong up-stairs. And! They wanna examine my skull. Why! TO find out what made me “So intelligent” . . . Like what makes you so honest + wise Wuornos. . . . If I only had an ounce of your guts + all. Geez! Ha Ha Ha . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Awwww! Clips of ty was in it, Good. Let the world see the gal I loved . . .

On Cannonball. I met him around 12 years back at the Daytona Bar. When I walked in for the 1st time in the last resort and seen him, I recognized him immediately . . . Was the paintings of me still around the Last resort? Some biker air brushed a sketch of me on the Vynal Van seat cover,119 I heard it was a female who did it. They got an idea of my looks from the mug shot in people magazine. Cough. Cough ... So needless to say. No wonder the portrait didn’t fit me looks . . .

Alright Jarvis. Way to go! Theres only one thing I don’t approve on about his beliefs, and that is he thinks Ty was in on a murder or murders. And of-course she wasnt. She was always at work . . . After Mallorys death though. Fear swept over her, and she became distant. I angrier. And then she just didn’t know what to do. She merely hung on, so I wouldn’t seek retaliation . . . And sadly she knew I’d lost my mind. This must of really torn her in two . . .

Boy I am super relieved the Cops have been getting busted at this evil they pulled. Good, Good, Good. This was my major big wish. Guess I can relax now. The lids open, and its travelin around the World.

Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwww!
Höo Höo Höo Höo Höo
Right on!

I’m gonna close er up now Buddy and get some rest. Smilen away thinking how the Cops and System has been put to Shame . . .





Dear Dawn,

. . . O.K. now I’m confussed. You see. I explicitly clarified myself to/Nick, my father [grandfather] never raped me, and that the cops made it up120 . . . My dad had nothing to do with these killings. My Dad was a stringent (strickt)

bastard, but he was otherwise alright. He never was a perfert of any of us. Matter of fact he was so shy of his tits + belly from being big. If he mowed the lawn, he’d leave his shirt on. He never hardly swore even . . . Anyway! The reason they were killed was because of “Society” . . . I’ve been raped over some 30 times, violently in life. And all by married men basically . . . and date raped hooken about around – Shit wont say. Its to embarrassing.! You’ll say how could you keep hooken. And then I have to say! Because the way my life was left, all broken + torn to pieces by many hands of wicked people ... O.K. Ill tell ya how many date raped. Its over a 100. OK OK OK . . . Last time I ever mention it . . . So you see. It wasnt my DAD. It was “them” out there. And the Cops drummed up Daddy rape to hide the real gig . . .

O.J. is going through it right now. There’s nothing but money to be made off of his ass. Guilty or innocent, it doesn’t matter! . . . Seems like 2 people did the job. Because how could you fight to people with a knife and cut both of there throats as well. Sounds like O.J. didn’t have the guts either to literally kill her. Only beat her. So he hired somebody. Thats my feelings on it . . .

May God be with there departed souls.
Let me close now,
Stay cool!
until next time
Love dearly


Dear Dawn,

. . . this notion of yours that if only you’d a done more as a kid for me! Quit! There was no-way you could, help. You were a teen. You had no-way too.! Your parents couldnt either! Being as barely makin it themselves + for you 3. Others could of helped me in life but didnt. Instead, abused me, (or) tried to in one way or thee other. These ones are diffenately to blame. So pleeeeeease dont ever feel guilty about such. No need too. OK. God knows percisely who they are . . . [My back is hurten so my handwritten is off OK.] Did you know, did I ever tell ya?, I was shot by a 22 bullet . . . I shot myself. with a rifle/22 at that over cough cough cough . . . spittle gag . . . Yes . . . A-GUY.


you heard right. a guy man. ha ha. I was lost in love, and he was gonna leave me, because his “Mommy” told him too. I was 22 around/maybe 24. He was like a year or 2 older then me . . . I was sloshed when I did it. I have to admit. A drunk does me no-good. I always., “get in trouble,”. . .

Well let me go on to somethin else . . .

Thank-you for telling me you’ll keep good care of My Bible. Great! . . . Its my heart, too you. And my dear beloved Buddy You will always be Loved and thought of too, by me, from above . . . To guide you into the Land of Oz is going to be one Beautifull Bliss-filled moment indeed. Ill be there. Waiting for you . . .




Dear Dawn,

Still in answer to your letters.

Ha Ha Ha I’m laughin about you sayin here. There only pissed on the prostitution Jazz cause I didn’t have to pay taxes . . . No there punishing me here on Earth because I got caught ...

On Antonio. I was told by one of thee investigators interviewing me during the confession he was found by hunters 5 days later. I was Amazed when Munster (or) Horzepa told me, Because! Where I left him at. He should of never been found. So I figured the helicopter. But when you told me Dead Ends says 24 hours. “DAWN.” Guess what! I never recognized this note in the book. So now I know it was the helicopter as for the reason why he was discovered so quick. And! now I know it was “The Cops!” Because! why would they tell me 5 days later. Burress was found 5 days later, but I distinctly also remember them telling me “Hunters” found Antonio. It was not hunters who found Burress. It was Campers. Yes there was absolutely “No respect” for thee deseased. Mr. Antonio. was there. Nude/dead . . . . . Evil. To be publized. Yuk! Evil . . . . . . . Was he engaged.? Him as old as he was. The ring! I doubt it. I couldn’t even pawn it off but for 20 bucks. Some engagement ring. I believe he was near more so like me. Had no one. So they used his photo to print. Who’d care, no-one will complain ... But for the family to allow his nude/dead body to be published in a book. Sure doesn’t’sound right, at all....

Well Wrist break. Ill be back in the next one. OK. 4-now Love



Dear Dawn,

Hi Hows things over there going!? You should see over here . . . Why, just this weekend a [sergeant] wrote me up. Yep! quite ol’ me She claims I said to her this . . .

“Inmate Wuornos, complained that her cold water would not shut off. After about 30 minutes I put the intercom on to ask her if it had stopped running she said “No” . . . Then she said . . . I am going to kill you bitch, Your next on my hit list, that will make you number #8. Yes, I am going to get out of here and kill you”121 . . .

Well what really happened, is that they’ve had my room bugged through the intercom . . . they shouldn’t be noseing around my privacy of my thoughts in my room . . . So I decided to play back and be a royal “Bitch” This D.R. is from probably some of the bull I’ve said to myself to fuck with em.

What I actually said to her when she turned on the intercom was . . . yes its still running, and I’d really appreciate it if you could get someone out here tonight + hopefully fix the thing otherwise my room may flood up because my sink clogs. This is all that was said . . . So she/ Flat out/ made up this D.R.

Arlene wrote, so I decided, O.K. Arlene! I’m gonna ask you to do me a favor. I need a good Lawyer. Steve sucks, if you can swing one, Then! Ill be more then happy to make amends again. So we’ll see, right!?

I got 15 days and 15 knocked off on the “Lying” D.R. if I talk to a phycologist . . .

I talked to thee phycologist today. Nice Lady! So I’m having a ball tellen her, what “Really” happened in all this “Corruption” . . . She is a nice gal . . . so No problem. Kinda pretty too. Aileen!!! I’m Just kiddin . . .

Well. Got to go. Time to hip, zap, + seal with a kiss . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . You kissed Derek Kolb. Scarry.! But thats OK . . . If I remember! But its vague. I see us near a pond ... We’s fishin for polly wogs. Is in maybe 6th grade,

He’s askin for a kiss. I say’s maybe. He lays one on’s me / Unexperienced one ... yuk. He begins to play with my ittsy Wittsy tail gate + head lights. Curiousity is flashin! He whips his fly out on the rod. When I see how small the Worm is. I drop the hook and, Sink-er . . . No pluckin, Just a dunk in . . . Do you remember, “Max Reed . . . Took him over to my pad. and we got it on. Buddy he blew my mind. That guy had a club between his legs. 2 1/2 inch circumference by 12” . . . U Did ya take it all . . . Did ya take it all! Aili. Tell me! Come on. me No u Come on Aileen.! me Ō okay. No! I held it with 2 hands while he pumped. Honey it was “Too Big” . . . But Ō was it good. Emmmmm. drove me to oz. Whew Weeeee Funny Aileen.

. . . going way back to the bar David took us to . . . I remember when he gave you first kiss . . . I was scarred for ya. Cause I knew how guys were . . . So I believe I got mad about this . . . Sorry if I blew that night of fun a bit. I was so lit, I barely remember all we did . . . You know me I always got blitzed . . . being so free too . . .

See ya in the next Kite till then, Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

[Check] this out. Theres something strange going on with my bank account again. Strangers sending money I dont know, with the wierdest names, and I believe /Steve and Arlene/ are involved in this as well. Some of the wierd names have been. Instead of/Dick stain . . . Dickstein. and instead of hang her . . . Dangler. and instead of snow job Snow man . . . and instead of execution . . . Sparkman. Incidently Sparkman hasn’t written since Arlene moved outta tennessee. Must have been her . . .

So on this bank buisness and people I don’t know with the wierd names sendin me bucks. 20 a piece. Some are from New York, others Chicago. Yeah, sounds like Steve. You see, when he came to visit me, he was telling me about “Free-person” havin written me. A friend of his. Neighbor friend. Then I questioned him on the name, is it real (or) made up. He said . . . made up . . . To make you feel good. So . . . Walla! Either he’s behind this (or) otherwise the Cops! ...

Dinners here, so I’m gonna wrap it up with a kiss . . .

Stay Cool





Dear Dawn,

. . . Check this out . . . [A sargeant] asked me if I wanted to be interviewed by 60 minutes out of Australia. I said sure! . . . she said. “Gee, I hope you dont get sick by the time they get here!” . . . Well, then Saturday Mornin came along and/the Coffee Cake had some strange jazz at the bottom, that I didn’t see and ate a few bits, until I noticed it, and said. UK, heavin it into the commode. Slam dunkin that baby! YUK Later in the evening I felt “poison like” growing through my body . . . Ever since Saturday, I’ve had a sick feeling ... So you see what I mean about “Conspiracy” . . .

O . . . CBS. “The Cops” tried to play a fast one. Had one of their corrupt “I bet” paid off. . / one of them type of fish reporters to ask me if I wanted to be interviewed, to use after the movie, overkill is aired Sept 6th. Tricky! . . . I’m not replying, for the Answer is a diffenate, NO ...

4-now / Love the Sis, Aileen
The Kid


oops! 11th

Dear Dawn,

. . . You’re the life of me! . . . I’d have to live down the street from ya, if I were with ty. Live with ya if I weren’t, if ya wanted me too. U O God . . . NO.. She says . . . No way . . . Man. Her 2 german shepards would tear my garden + house up, and that constant Sun bathin in G-strings . . . The Boom Box blarin all the time, and the garbage can full of beer cans . . . Nah! I dont think you’d care to have me 24-7 around. Sis-tar! . . .

Aili Be truthfull, what would ya really be like? Aww rats . . . I wanted ta keep ya fooled. Darn. OK this is what I’d really be like . . . Always keeping my things clean ... I’d probably read the Bible everywhere. Like I did when I was in the free-world. Sit and commune with the Lord, gardenin, cook outtin, or mowin lawn, (or) Just plain Sun bathin . . . Love washin dishes. Its a mellow time for me. Also love cleanin, I think that relaxin and mellow. Can be anyway! As for hell-raisin. Those days are by-gone. I’ve had my fill of... Thanks to “fate” it dealt me a royal flush of evil. So I was never able to pick up any broken pieces and to start all over to do, as I “Really” wanted to do . . . and Be! To Be! I wouldve loved to of been in the Marine’s, and climbing up the ladder in any Red or Green beret. And if not this, then a buisness of my own, living “alone” and keeping it together in, God . . . as I do . . . Why Alone? Because I cant handle “Relationships” . . . I fall toooooo, in Love . . . and then I blow the whole thing ... because I cant control my Love Emotions. I become . . . “Possessive” . . . Possessiveness would destroy the relationship eventually. So why even start one.

Live alone . . .

OK! How’d I get on all of this stuff . . . Hum! Ō yeah! If ty and I were at your place! ... if only it could be true. I miss her. God knows I do.

See ya!

The Kiddo


On Arlenes Visit
1st in like 2 years

Dear Dawn,

Hi Well I gave Arlene a shot.... We got along great . . . and had plenty of munchies to past the crave away. Ha Ha . . . Its been quite awhile since Ive had . . . commossary stuff. The Calzone’s here are vantastic . . .

Anyway! She gave me the good news122 . . . Look at me! I’m “all” Smiles . . . Weeeeeeeeee Hooooooooo. The Buddies gonna be down to see me. Arlene wants to come down, and stay in a motel near by and meet ya too. I think this is one Kool idea, if your all for it . . . So will you!

She explained – arlene – how your trying to/as – well., trust Steve . . . Arlene is like dough. She can be softened. But Steve is like below 0° /zero, A creep and corrupt to the core . . .

Love ya!


Dear Dawn,

. . . Say on visiting Buddy. When will you be here. (?) So I can get my clothes pressed and my makeup on. chuckle. I cant Wait. I’m all Super excited too . . . 6 hours certainly will fly by. To bad to. I’d love a comfy room, with stereo, T.V.

micro-wave, carpeting, lounge chairs, and munchies, and spend at least 3 days of 6 hours a piece with ya. Then! at least enough could be caught upon, so our letters could be fresh with, new – news, and not old . . .

Anyway! OJ/what a royal “Scum”. I really feel for Nicole. Poor gal, See! Mixed marriages. God is totally against it. All throughout the Bible . . . You can read about it, on page 114 O.T.123 Second Column #10 on Segregation Laws. OK . . . Well, Shoot! I have ta close er up!





Dear Dawn,

... But where’s, Springer! I find it Strange Autralia came in before Springer. Hum! Where’s his interview. Phil124 will be next. Ill ok his too. Get em while the getting’s good. Cause Gods talkin me there gonna try executing me soon. Sooner then usual. They want me dead. All of em . . .

Back to your Visit!

Yes I’m Excited Excited Excited!

Weeeeee Hoooooo! Say have Arlene give ya munchie money! 3 soda’s Coke’s, 3 bags of Chips (2) BBQ + (1) Regular, and (1) Big Bag of peanuts, and a Calzone that/cheese + meat filled.

If you can! If mommy dearest will give you x-tra money! O M+Ms too peanut + plain.

Then dont forget Munchies for yourself. Ha Ha Ha. Itll all cost about 10/15 bucks . . . chuckle, chuckle. Are you 4-Real

Yep! 100%. Economy man, even in prison.

But if you “Cant” get. Then at least get the Soda’s. OK! And dont forget a straw. Hee Heeeeeee.! Ha Ha!

OK Ill quit! Footballs comin on, so I’m outta here. Ill write more tomorrow . . .

Stay Cool!




Dear Dawn,

. . . Shit! I gotta tell ya this one, once upon a time, “deal,” long ago and far away! Well, there was a girl who was Close to me. Like you + I! nic nic We called each other sisters, and so . . . One night we were in this Bar, and she had her purse ripped off . . . [She] asked me if I could help her get it back . . . So I go up to [the thief] and . . . tap her on the shoulder and told her “Alright! my sister here tells me you’ve got her purse. How about Just given it back, and all’s will be Cool!” She was like a Viper, beginning to yell . . . So we went outside. She had these pointed toe, “steel I believe” tipped cowboy boots on with her 2 piece outfit. Were standin there, I am mouthin off to her, to just hand over the purse. She kicks me. DAWN . . . She does this with all her might and Just miss’s my clit by fractions. Hits the lip . . . I bend over slightly, and immediately straightened up. and said “That didn’t hurt!” and punched her. Were fighten away! . . . They break us up. “Eventually” . . . Ouch!! So the next day . . . One side of my puss was black, and I mean blackish/blue/black, as well as my leg all the way down to my knee/inside my leg. Talk about “Lucky”! I bet ya had she of zeroed in on my clit . . . I wouldnt be able to turn on if I hammered it. Jack hammered. Ha Ha Ha . . . Della gots her purse back the next day . . . Incidently she also was Maxs sister. The guy I shot myself over. So/She found it lying in a ditch along side the road . . .

When I met Toni + Ty, I learned an excellent remedy from getting I.D.(s) or cash stolen. “Wear a Wallet.” Chuckle, Chuckle. So purses went out the window . . . So it worked also well on the road hooken. If any guy rode off with my purse + bag (duffle) while in a store getting a beer, or takin a piss. He’d get shit . . . When I got the gun., Then my bag went in the store with me, And so! This is how, I kept my funds and I.D. and my protection safe from bein stolen. Good idea A!? . . .

Well, let me close this one up . . .

4-now Love


Dear Dawn,

. . . In a bit my beloved friend, we shall see each other again, for the second time in 4 years since my arrest, and the second time since some 20 years ago. Its really a blessing, to me!, . . . Seeing you brings back the 70(s) . . . Remember stealing gas from the rich neighborhood near your house for Loris Big Black Crysler Newport. Ha Ha . . . We wanted to cruise around. So we did.! . . . Roomy too! The entire neighborhood gang could fit in it. The Troy gang! Owners of the Pits. at least thats how we felt . . .

Tom Case’s Parties! I can still here the stereo playin and see all the Cool lookin black light posters . . . Cant you! . . . Boy them guys didn’t like me! at all! I was Soooo Protective of Lori. Wasn’t I though! But that was because some guys we all/knew threatened me they would Rape her . . . Guys! “DO NOT” repeat DO NOT care about girls ... the basic majority would rape a girl if they could . . . Well time to get ready for our Visit . . . LOVE AILEEN . . .


Dear Dawn,

Hi Silly Wabbit! That was, FUN! We just finnished up around 5½ hours of get down on Arlene, Steve, Linda, Laura,125 60 min, Hotel, “Munchies” Ha Ha Soda’s Chuckle. And man, am I lovin it. Barbara Striestands song “Memories” is goin through my mind. So glad to see you. Love ya much . . .

I seen ya Wave on your way out. I’d of had loved to of said, See ya tomorrow, take care, but were not allowed to yell out the window. Instant D.R. So I waved if you could even see my white palm goin back + fourth. Tomorrow Ill ask you to look for it on your way out.

. . . I hope you see the ocean tonight . . . Well this is a short but Sweet . . . Love ya Much,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Hey remember when I was trying to explain why I think [Lori and Barry] were different from Keith and I genetically. OK, what I was trying to say was that, Diane126 was there 1st child. So my grandparents gene’s probably weren’t as dis-troyed yet from booze. Like my grandfathers. So Diane’s make up was O.K. . . . But “Barry and Lori”, came next afterward, and I believe “NOW” dads sperm count wasnt so good as when Diane was brought fourth into the world, So with it off in genetics, not much, but enough to warrent a slight characteristics problem,

once they were birthen . . . Lori + Barry . . . both Graduated + Barry went to college. See Keith and I’s “neglection” by the family, in being always 2nd class, had us “Run away from home” . . . If mom127 hadnt of died. I bet, Lori couldve went to college also. But had we wanted to. No go! ... So now you see. why (?) Lori + Barry would jump on the money to witness against me . . . Lying for the State and for the Money ...

Time for me to study my Bib-ble . . .

Stay Kool!
The Kiddo!



Dear Dawn,

. . . I GOT MY CANTEEN – Weeeeee Hoooooo! Whistles/claps! Yeeeeeee Haaaawwwwww. I feel like a human being again.! Thank you GOD! and thank you, anyone else. Steve . . . ! I don’t know about him., He’s a turtle-head, But I give him credit too . . . So get prepared for some mail comin your-a-way Buddy. Jesus stuff ! Lots of . . . I wrote Linda & Laura today ... also one to her Mom. Her mom is quite, tiny, and cute like my mom was. Real Serene, laid back type. Is your mom like that!? I only remember her being at the kitchen table puffin on a cig and askin ya were you headin out with me. She didn’t seem to mind our friendship. But I believe your dad did a little. I dont blame em. I was wild lookin. Hippie to the Core. Wasn’t I though?!! Beads Beads Beads! I believe I started getting you into wearin em.

. . . Do you remember my Boyfriend “Bobby Rowland” I had. A big guy named Danger Dan . . . he was always with . . . Bobby had Blondish/Brown long hair almost to the shoulders, and a blondish/Brown mustache. around 5'8" then, always wore a leather jacket. Bobby He od’ed on Herion . . . Dan came alone to the Hickory party... I called him up an he came a runnin. Bet he thought. hussy! But he didn’t get any. No one I knew did. Why!? Because I was always afraid of them runnin an tellin others they scored with me. So I only went ta bed with, “outta town boys”” Bobby was from Royal Oak . . . So guys like, High School, (or) any Troy boys/weren’t even allowed in my box, only Rochester, Clawson, Royal Oak, anywhere away from ever knowing anyone we

hung out with, so word wouldn’t get out. That’s why when ever anyone did say. I fucked Aileen, I was like.... You bold faced Liar! Never! Now Mike Fairchild, Carl Maddox and Jack West got a little. Real little, They were the “Only ones!” oh! Gordon Marks once too, and Ben Lloyd. But that was “it .” . . . Say! you think your Mom + Dad would mind if I spent the nite, tonight! (?) Man its gonna hit 40. Ill freeze to death. // And I wasnt “Even” usin ya back then. NOT IN THE LEAST! Loved ya dearly! Even after I couldn’t stay over many of times and slept in sleepless nites of cold, sleet, snow, and rain. Those were some ROUGH nites. And had many throughout my life-time. Its like being a soldier/sleeping out in a battle field. Only no gun fire, Just “Silence” you must at all times keep a keen ear on, in case someones coming ... There was a time I was sittin out at the pit. ō. . . . around 1:00 in the morning. (2) cops from troy noticed me. Beaming there flashlights in my face, they asked who I was, what I was doing out here, and were I lived. Well I was at the pit next to your house! Lights were still on at your place, and the porch light too. So I told em, my name was “Dawn Nieman”128 and I live right there.! Just am out for some fresh air . . . They asked me for your parents names. Were your dad worked . . . Well they left. And so did I real fast. Took off into the woods . . .

Well Buddy, time to fly! . . . “BIG” hugs + Kisses XXXX EEMMMM-MMPH! and may my sweet Sis stay hip, Ill see ya on the flip. next ride in. Stay Cool, Until then, 4-now Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene., she’s playin games. They’ll be no box sent this month. Also the Prison’s messed up in the Package room . . . So Ill just hold off and sit this month out. Then wait for November, and have you send one. Okee do Kee . . . !

You asked me if I heard from ty lately. No . . . I really miss her too. sniffle. But Ill be tuff.! Like a Rock No problem. Besides now that your in my life . . . I can maintain real well. Ill just pretend your my, New Lover . . . Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . You better be kidden Aili. Cheeeeeeechhh I am . . . I am. I swear it. Whistle . . .

OK, so what else is up. Well,.... lets see, Commassary finally opened up for me, so I had 3 cigerettes Friday. Em. Yum. . . . Yum. A remember “Candy Cigerrettes” Lucky strikes were best. hummm hummmmm. Ha Ha . . . I was stealin my

moms Kents whenever I could. When we were busted she started countin packs. DARN. Then we had to revert to our pennys she gave us for the Church Pan. Cigs were only . . . what? 22 on up to 33¢ a pack. Good ol days! . . .

Love ya dearly

Take Care!


Dear Dawn,

. . . CCR129 is coming in . . . [Steve’s] going out . . . “Being Fired” and Arlene is going to become history . . . you can put me in the chair and burn me to death . . . I don’t care,! But [the corrupt officers] must be brought to light before I go ... Steve and Arlene must be left out to dry ... And guess what! Ill be taking a polygraph. Weeeeeee Hoooooo! Yep! Cant wait.! Baby . . . O.K. Later Baby nic nic,


Dear Dawn,

Steve! He’s so crazy and stupid . . . he also sent me railroad stamps as an extra bit of symbolic meaning. He always sends me “Military Ones” cause I told him there the only ones I really like . . . So I sent him a quick letter and copied it for CCR. I said . . .

Thank you for the stamps and your insufficient counsel!


Just as short and as simple as could be. And if the creep falls backwards of a heart-attack I could care-less. He’s just another piece of garbage on the planet . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . I’ve written near 160 pages on Sound off so far to CCR. Rackin my brains . . . and havent even received one letter yet by [CCR]. Do me a favor. Call her . . . Her name is Theresa Walsh. Please call. OK. This is major important . . .

Your “Going to Church” . . . O man am I EVER HAPPY FOR YA! . . .

Once you recieve the Spirit, You’ll know.! It will be quite obvious. It’s a very warm and utterly Beautiful Peacefull feeling. Its like Climaxing! You Cant miss it . . .

The Spirit is moving in your lives . . . which means . . . is seeking to get you prepared for the fulfilling of . . . .

Water Baptism is an outward show to others of your deep desire in christ / God / Angels / Thee above . . . people become empowered by the Holy Spirit and began to speak tongues / . . . when they dunked themselves completely ... I guess some have to go through the Water to recieve it! . . .

Well Buddy I must close. Search the meaning of his word . . . so that you may be “Sealed unto Salvation” . . .

Stay Kool!

Love from the kid
Your sis,


Dear Dawn,


May all of you have a Smooth and Super One!

I’d go for T-Bone on the grill myself . . . with Baked Potatoes, sour cream with chives, cole slaw, corn on the cob, Baked Beans, and a Salad. Emm! . . .

Susan Smith.130 A doose Bag! 4-Sure! Anyone who rapes or kills a child . . . I’ve got only the woods for em! Certainly you know what I mean. Take her with the rest of these scum balls that are causing the good to be incarcerated to die young. Certainly you know what I mean here too. There the Animals!

Zip outta here



Letter on the Power of the Blood

Dear Dawn,

. . . Your Baptism! I’m Super Happy for ya! That took courage Dawn . . . Now that you’ve the Water over you. All you need is the Spirit and his Blood.

The Blood of Jesus is very very imperative . . . The Baptism is merely a Symbol of belief it doesnt seal you.

• The Spirit

• and the Blood does . . .

and it come merely by . . . Faith ... and in asking ... Faith cannot be seen. as the Spirit and this blood. Believing cannot be seen. It is all mind over matter my dear . . . The power of the Spirit is “Real” and his blood is real in sealing you from this Worlds Sin. (Tainted blood.) . . .




Dear Dawn,

Trying my patients with a threat A! Are you trying to screw up our friendship.! If so ... you let me know.! I’m not here to take things lightly! Where I’m at. It cant be done. I am not even going to attempt saying I’m Sorry. When I didnt do a dam thing! ... I’m not the one too threaten. I dont play games Dawn. I’m 39 . . . This isnt my fault.! Its yours!! So look in the mirror and hit yourself and yell at yourself for it. OK . . .

I’m through with this. / End of discussion . . .

How(s) your Holiday comin along? The Mother in Law makin it difficult.? . . .

Hows the new fire place? Workin properly now.?

Hows your Mom doin? . . .

So I’m gonna close up shop ... head down to the local pub and kick back a few with wishin I could da-Je-vue. by the back burner memories of my mind . . .





Dear Dawn,

. . . “No One” . . . Repeat . . . “No One” ever got in my drawers for cigerrettes. I ripped off cigerrettes from gas stations (or) bought em through hookin chink. / change from the Wad of bucks I made. But I fucked “No One” for cigerrettes. Geez! I wasnt that hard up.! Stealing cigerrettes was easy! And besides if I was going to choose to fuck for something . . . I’d fuck “Back then” “since I was underage!”. . for a case of beer or 2 (or) liqur before a Pack of cigerrettes or a carton.

Also if I remember right. You started this bullshit with some reporter or bookwritter which printed it World-Wide. And then you claimed to me you didnt say it. What-ever. The lie is in the World now. Like a million others of them . . .

Oh yeah by the way I’m not Mad at you. Never was! Just annoyed at your misunderstanding. It really is hard to KEEP ME MAD (or) get me MAD. Has to be something real Serious you ve done. And you havent done such . . . yet! So cheer up, OK.! I Love you . . .


Love you Later


Dear Dawn,

. . . Sorry its been a while written, but the juice is on, so you know where I’ve been glued too. I still feel O.J. didnt do it . . .

Now O.J. could have had her hit off. But still that doesnt make him. . . . “The Murderer!” And then again, he could have had Nothing to do with this at all, but was done over a drug deal of where money was owed . . . Then we have As usual Another case of rush to judgment in cracking a case to purely make the L.A. Cops and Prosecutors look good ... And an innocent man is being framed royal . . .

O! the Super bowl Sucked! But the score was cool. 26 – 49. The 49ers won with there own name in the score. Pretty darn cool! . . . 4-now Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . CCR isnt even representing me now. The Government cut out a 20 million dollar funding for Death Row Appeals ... Right when I was up for being represented. Strange A! Is there a catch 22 on this one as well . . . My Civil Rights to a fair trial was walked all over in dirt. / . . . All and all alot of fishiness . . .

My tooth. It is still screwed up. My face is starting to numb. So now I’m wondering. What actually did they put in the filling. It hasnt healed up yet. Yeah – 4-Real. Malpractice Law suit folks.! Easy Winner one . . .

Man Dawn, you’ve got to hear this one. There’s a new color code coming into effect all accross florida state Prisons. Its Light Blue and Navy Blue . . . as if – Were all in some Insane Asylum, instead of a Prison. Word has come down that all prisoners are inflamed. And for florida. This wont be be good. As for me. Hell I don’t care. Ill be headin home soon anyway. I could care-less on the Color.

Untill Tomorrow,
Sweet Dreams


Dear Dawn,

. . . they have drive-in church services. 4-Real! Theres one in Daytona! Its like the troy drive in! Screen an all, as you leave, theres a toll booth, where you throw you money in the little collection gig at the side of the building as your driving out . . . Today!, .. its hard to find a “true church . . . !” who really are spirit filled and just all out for God . . . [They] use the Power of this religion for the money making profit.! . . . Examples of are like, 700 Club – Pat Robertson, Jimmy Bakker who just recently was released from a 14 year prison term.131 I think it was 14 years. I believe he only did 6 of. He brought in 55 million a year from his blind sheep. What a seducing Shepard A!? Then theres Oral Roberts who claimed God would kill him if 8 million wasn’t brought in that year.132 Then there’s Swaggart

who was busted having sexual encounters with young girls, and claiming, he doesnt go to bed with em, just photographs them nude.133 O sure! And so what – sex or photograph, its still down right sinfull what you were doing – As a minister at that.... So all in all I hope your Pastor is true blue . . . Just do the best you can, and keep your thoughts on Gods word. Not man’s. If its not in the Bible, don’t follow others instructions . . . For a great example. Many homosexual churches are starting to pop up accross United States . . . Homogenized churches! UK. And I bet ya they think they can be spared like lot A!? Geez! Wicked! . . .

Today we have like it was in Noahs time. World-Wide wickedness, homosexuality, and flooding. Like never before in history since then . . . And the Son of man is soon to be showing up. Myself! I cant wait! Bring it on Lord! Ha Ha . . .

From your Bonded


Dear Dawn,

. . . on OJ . . . And now having heard the opening arguements by the defense, I see the Prosecution are doing exactly how they did me. A rush to judgment disregarding the real facts, and carrying only for the profit and ladder climbs they could receive off the case . . . Now on opening arguements on my case. The Prosecutors took about 2 hours time. My denfense team. 10-15 minutes. So as you see! The P.D(s) were workin with the state . . .

Did you know the Jurors are only gettin 5 bucks a day. Yep! Heard it over the radio during the proceedings. And that it costing tax payers 4,000 a day to house + feed all the Jurors. Yet everyone else is makin, what? 2-300 a day or more off the case. The Media Coverage is collecting millions per day by the revenue from viewers. Unreal huh! . . . The blood drops of OJ . . . It looks like a case of pure police tainting of evidence . . . Just by the defense opening excellent Arguements. I can see gross injustice, and . . . I think OJ may very well be innocent . . .

My heart goes out entirely for Nicole and Goldberg with there family having to deal with this gross tragedy. But I think the Prosecution is lying. And way to much...

Untill next time,

Love Aileen



Dear Dawn,

. . . Theresa134 came and went with good news for the future. So Ill keep my hopes up. I know now that when it all begins, it will be a humdinger of an investigation over my cases. GOOD! and she reasured me my problems here would be resolved soon. So Im back to myself with all this excellent news. I’m the type who isnt out to bother anyone, nor cause any trouble. But, since others want to cause it upon me . . . Ive no other choice but to speak out and take a stand . . .

O.J. [Check] this out. I just recently hit on this one. When someone is killed. At the time there killed blood doesnt come out purfusely into pools – untill after all is done . . . Lets go now to the 1 pair of foot prints to the alley . . . my conclussion is. A cop stepped in the blood and it soaked through to his pair of socks he had on . . .

Again, wheres the clothes. Wheres the shoes that should be all full of blood. Wheres the blood on the floor board of the bronco if he was suppose to of stepped in so much and walked off . . .

Time to cut out! . . .

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you too!”

Have a good one. OK.

Love always – Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

I’m rereadin some of your letters and I see a few things I needed to answer that I havent.

One is. Was your trial like O.J.(s).? No! . . . O.J. is being given the greatest in history of favoritism I’ve ever seen as far as a trial on murder is concerned. Now I believe mine was the, Quickest in History of trying a case, which lasted only 13 days ... So obviously you can see I was Extremely railroaded with a “Rush to Judgment” no doubt. And so here are the things I made history in . . .

• 1. – I became the 1st Female Seriel Killer!

• 2. – That I had one of the quickest trial proceedings Ever!

• 3. – and that I’m the only one Ever to receive (6)

death sentences in History. No other man or women has. So this is what “they” wanted to go down in history . . . I may also be the first Capital Case in the

books of history were as the Judge allowed the Jurors to go home . . . Just by these few facts – you and anyone else should be able to tell I was rushed off to Judgment, indeed . . .

OK, now my wrist is actin up so Ill have to cut this letter short . . .

Back to the Juice I go! Itll be great when its all over so we can Sober up! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

See ya Soon
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Happy Birthday! WoW. Can you believe it.!
Yikes! Scarry.
So fast. Yesterday we were 15.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . . . .

I hope your havin a Wonderfull One! Party Up!
and.... Party Down.!

Geez! Just think if we reach the age of 70. all pruney lookin. hum! I don’t think I could dig it Sis. Bones creakin, hemmoriods hurtin, sexually devastated, no more livedness within or without. Count me Out! I’m outta here! Ha Ha . . . . . .

Happy 39th Anyway Buddy!

. . . EmmmMMMmmmMMMmphhh



Dear Dawn,

Quick letter. So you’ll remember.

Arlene hasnt written me yet, nor will I write her back if she does. Arlene is contacting you for info, because terry135 swill be digging into her soon. Do not feed her any. Break off all contact. I see prison up ahead for many! If all goes well. But that’s just a line for you to read between. Get my point. Do not call her, and

when she calls you, tell her your busy gotta go. Don’t blow whats up ahead. OK. Keep quiet and tell her bye. I’ve gotta go, Ill write more later.




Dear Dawn,

Goodmornin! Got any good Coffee! Mine just isnt potent enough. Havin a hard time here. But! Ill pretend I’m alert and Competent right now. Okay! u are you sure you can handle this Aileen.? Positive Dawn, Positive.! If it gets to hard on me and my capacity, Ill whistle, OK . . .

Visiting! . . . . Hum . . . . , Dawn . . . , I’m not in the market to upset you. But I need to be very honest with you on this subject. I think its to expensive and therefore I’d wish you’d rather not. Dont get Mad! Hear me out . . . I’m being mistreated in a certain way here, that terry needs to tell you about.136 O.K. My nerves are totally shot and a lawsuit will need to be filed. Its very serious! And its carried on so for a year now.

And then to see me/cost an arm + a leg. Its just to dam expensive. We seen each other twice now., and the memory of you and your whole being is etched freshly accross my mind. As fresh as if it were Yesterday. What would be better is saving money instead to be able to transport my remains up north. Your gonna need more than 3,000, in travel expenses. / Alone . . . So – if you would concider these points so imperative – far more imperative then a visit at some 1500 for . . .




Dear Dawn,

Yooo Buddy! There I got on a roll and Suddenly fell ill. My tooth area, where it was pulled out. Well its still mess up . . . It looks as if someone took a .38 and shot out one side of my gum . . . Remembering back as he started on my tooth he was drilling the base of the tooth and chipping away like as if to intentionally have it break in 2 so he’d have to pull the area twice out . . . So I’m still hurtin from this show of unproffessionalism ect ect. I also finnished reading an article about “Bone

Infections” . . . So my dearly beloved buddy, sis, girl friend, with all of everything else good I can think of you, I must close. Ill write more this weekend., once I’m back on the ball and court. Promise. Meanwhile.

Stay Cool as always.




Dear Dawn,

. . . I’m so glad to hear you had a great time at your moms. Vantastic!!!! And that what I’ve sent her137 is doing a world of good for her in learning the real story in truth about Christ. Ill be sending her more later on, but Ill give it some time to allow what she has been given to soak in her memory bank . . .

On Visiting me. OK . . . . . if you feel all this way about it. I guess theres nothing further for me to do but agree. I was merely concerned my dearly beloved friend, about the financial aspects in doing this once again . . . Lets plan, but lets also be carefull. OK. Sis-tar. Love ya!

Well, lets see, some deal about Houdini and unlocking his secrets is gonna be on. So I’m gonna close er up, snoogle in my P.J(s) and crackers . . . So catch ya tomorrow, and may the Lord answer all your prayers . . .

Untill then

From the Kid


Dear Dawn,

. . . I had a nasty tooth extraction . . .

Then I’ve an ear infection. taking these eardrops. But the drops seem more then just drops with Aniti biotics in it . . . entire left side of my face hurts, and pressure pain galore where my tooth was pulled ... And then the problem of food contamination and intercom and – hum. Complete fishiness to big to slide on. So my dear this is where I hope Theresa can play a major part and change all this – “Madness.” All I can say is whose really the one., supposedly insane.

But through it all, I’m still balanced and hangin tuff . . .

Going back to the old days. The “Good ol’ days!”. . . . . , I use to watch, “Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, Bowery Boys, Ossiet + Harriet, Ed Sullivan, American Bandstand, Land of the giants, twilight Zone, lost in space, voyage to the bottom of the Sea, Batmasterson, Wild West, Bananza, Wagon train, I love Lucy, Dick Van dyke, Jackie Gleason, and so many more with even / Lawrence Welk, because my Dad had it on whenever it was. Both my parents where into waltz type music. Mom would listen to laid back stations with some of our music we were growin up with . . . Like Love 93 out here. Soft, smooth, and real mellow. A station I also listen to now because of the junk there coming out with today.

The good ol’ days. Like the Happy days series, they use to hang out at the soda, shops, while we use to hang out at the mall, bars, and head shops. Ha Ha Ha. . . . . Learnin how to shoot pool was fun.! 4-Sure. I grew up as a shark dawn. I was usin the talent I picked up for bread + butter when husslin sex would get old. I did real good. Once walked outta a bar in buffalo Michigan with 99 bucks. Played for some 4 hours at a dollar a game. Lost the table only once. 4-Real. Old raggy pool tables + sticks I played best on . . . Had a technique for beyond the pro-way. The by the rules in shooting was out. I had a way of my own and loved bettin pool ... Had a ball, but turned into an alcoholic, I began to love Bars with a passion. The socializing and pool playin – getting slouched, did me in. I was hooked on the Suds up to my arrest.

As for story telling. Yooo baby. got some doozies. And this weekend Ill lay some on ya. OK. Right now Im gonna go ahead and close er up . . .

Meanwhile.... Im off to Remeness.

Catch ya on the Rebound.
Love ya




Dear Dawn,

And hows thee ol’ buddy doin!? Say I did say I’d write a letter about the good ol days I traveled through, and so if you’d like to hear a few war stories of my life’s encounters, then let me lay a few on ya so you can get an idea of just what I dealt with out there after I left Michigan at 16.

O man, tell me, tell me, tell me Aili!

OK. . Just hold your horses dawn and let me get my guitar out 1st so as I can do an opening number upon this camp fire before I fill ya full of tales of the highway. This ones by Bob Seager138 . . .

OK. . . . Rock + Roller...... Let me begin with.

Leaving Detroit to hit the dusty trails of thee ol’ U.S.A.

After girls training school . . . I began to hitch hike for the first time upon a free way on outta the big mitt to freedom of who knows where! . . .

O man was it cold. No gloves, hands red from the bitter wind and no long johns as my jeans became frozen by the wind blown snow stickin to the fiber . . . It took a good 20 minutes before I copped thee initial ride to experiencing this new freedom. By A trucker headin out to tennisee.

He was a good soul ... After leaving me in Tennisee and advising me that I should head out to For Lauderdale Florida where all the teenage runaways hung out and helped one another, I did just so . . .

Upon Arriving around 1 or 2 in the morning, a state trooper in his early 30(s) approached me for an I.D. check . . . I had no i.d. on me, but gave him the works he needed in checking out my background. I was clean. at 16. Shew! was my first reaction., and 2nd Thank goodness.

He then wound up talking with me, knowing in the process I was fresh to the area. and as A new kid in town. He wanted to help me out. or so he said . . . so he was going to put me up in a motel for the night . . .

All motels said vacancy, but each time he came out, he’d say there wasn’t any. Eventually he conned me into crashin out in an abandoned house outside of the beach area, near Dixie Hwy. Once there he showed me/by flashlight/around this delapidated hole, and amazingly it had cold running water. Other then that, only a mangled joint with a mildew mattreiss in one of the rooms.

He told me that he’d let his other fellow officers know I was here and not to bother me, and that he’d check in on me, just to make sure I was OK. I was grateful, and he left . . . who knows how much time passed as I was sawin logs, but suddenly here came blonde head – with his long flash light in my face still in Uniform, the conversation was quick and simple, stating he brought some of his buddies over to meet me, and not getting into a most humiliating and utter devastating event, I was gang raped by his ass and other officers (in) uniform . . .

After this ordeal, they warned me to keep my mouth shut, that I was lucky to be still alive, and to leave fort lauderdale.

I did, winding up in West Palm beach some 50 miles north of the area. Stayed there in West Palm ō a good 4 or 5 months with a guy named cat. Once cat left me to head out back to his ex in Albequerque New Mexico, I headed out West and wound up for the Summer in / Sedala Colorado, liven up in the mountains of / with Sam and Rose Stone.

Now here was an adventure to express in complete fulfillment of utter . . . “Joy.” I had a ball up there. Man, let me tell you . . . A blast.!

It all started with being picked up outside of Denver headin south on I-25. Sam who was studin to be a certified electrician . . . He offered me a brew and then asked me if I was a run away. He was so cool, and kind, I laid my recent history on him, where as he wanted me to stay with him + his wife and 9 year old boy named Peter. At first I was like, no . . . I need to check out the states and sightsee. Then on second thought I agreed.

He lived up in “Sprucewood.” some 30 miles up in the mountains from Sedelia . . . I started to fall in love / with the creator and his creations . . .

As time passed by in these Colorado rockies, I would soon learn much by these mountainous gypsies who loved cribbage (card game) and Hootnanning at night, (singing in a group and jamming out with all types of instruments). Rose would walk me through the Wilds and teach me of land animals and shootin. Shootin from a 357 mag. as well as a 15 shot winchester and even cross-bow 80 lb pull . . .

There were times that Rose would take me to the only bar up there around for . . . miles., to shoot some pool . . . there I was a 16 year ol’ Kid with a non-registered gun strapped with raw hide around my leg from the bottom of the holster, shuckin balls around the pool table like Annie Oakly . . . Loved it!

. . . I was then handed a key to a storage shed, and camp site combined, for 10 dollars a month. (Electrical bill). (One light bulb/inside.) located just down a revine from their cabin . . .

Next letter dear buddy will be on some of the things Rose + I did . . . I havent much time left to leave these truths behind for someone to know. As you and I know., No body knows me, / at all! . . . So Ill share memories with you, therefore at least my childhood friend does, here even in writting OK. I love ya gal. Catch ya in the next Kite.

P.S. You may want to keep these letters seperate from others

since they’ll contain true life events. Okee do Kee.






Dear Dawn,

So sis. . . . Let me continue in these unfolding narratives of my life that have never been revealed. I walked for years, and years . . . “Alone” . . . As for childhood friends! They interviewed guys who raped me when I was a teen. That is why the boy cried when he heard it was I who accussed of the murders, and stated “We all treated her so bad.” Yeah I guess you did, didnt you ass-hole. God has it all recorded . . .

I remember once counting how many times I crossed country . . . counting up a big 7 that year . . . I was in Love with the Sights I was seeing, and the Socializing of so many different minds I’d pass up with. It all kept me thrilled and this is why I carried on thumbing around as I did . . .

In my teens, beginning around 13. Carl Maddox, Seduced me first into sexual activity. And from there I began to explore it with others. But there were also momments of unwillingness of where you could very well call it coercioned sex . . . These area’s of sexual encounters I assuredly constituted (as) rape, but shoved these events into a closet of my own, unknown to anyone. I was entrapped on many occassions by Clawson, Royal Oak, Uttica, Rochester, Sterling heights, and some troy boys in this ordeal to face. Around 13 to 14 / I was gang raped twice . . . Looking back I can only see that I was because I hung out with the guys. But . . . ! That does not mean I was asking for it . . . Normally we were partying getting drunk stoned or both when this would happen . . . Finding a boy friend from Royal Oak. . . . Bobby Rowland . . . I then thought . . . with him by my side would protect me from any further such events like rape. But wrong I was. The gang rapes where both during the time I was with Bobby parties outside of Detroit. So needless to say . . . I was now very experienced in the field of sexual assualts . . .

This is why I feel a new Nation wide Law for Women of Self-defense should highly be considered. And every women, even adulesent, should learn Self defense, Also carry guns and know how to use them., when reaching a certain age. Like 21 . . .





Dear Dawn,

I’m really sorry to hear about your mom. Very grieved over her condtion . . . I’m hopin her suffering miraculously ease’s up. Geez! This is Sad. Ill keep prayin hard. OK.

CCR. There history. There workin with the State as usual . . . Its all a big gig of pretending they do a double check before executing. So Ill be closing my door to them. The rest of Sound off to theresa has also been shut off. So please remember something very important. Any letters of mine to you, drawings, or anything of mine, you have, “DO NOT” give to anyone to Borrow . . . OK. I’m not going to except a new trial Dawn . . . The end will be as before. A death Sentence as everybody got rich, AGAIN! . . . As for the chair!

I am not at all afraid of it! I’m handling it well, as I sit and try correcting my damaged spirit created by the forces of this world and all of Lucifer behind it . . . Satan lost out, he’ll only win the death of flesh. Ill be with Elohim (God) almighty Jehovah, afterward . . .





Dear Dawn,

Well your just going to have to face facts. I cant write very much anymore. I’m having wrist problems, and as well stress. So bear with the short letters . . .

By the way, the gay dentist here did pull the wrong tooth. Intentionally of-course, as he said to me when I asked him why he didnt pull the one I firmly requested. “X-rays don’t lie” Well, then, how about an Attorney annalysing that ray. My molar is still the “Major” problem – I also think I may have bone infection by dirty needles he used . . . ō by the way as well! Guess what CCR told me. That they’d help me waive out! So as you can very well see. There desire is to Cover all truth up . . . Anyway, I wrote Linda and let her now my media convercence is reserved for her. I also believe this prison will try to hinder the Coverage, so Linda needs big wigs to pull this through. Tell her so. She can also sell the taping to America. As for America interviewing me. Hell no! They’ve done so much injustice against me and these cases, they can beg for the tape from her. Ha Ha Ha . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . They say at least 9 hurricanes will follow this season, 4 being possible blown out. Becoming a point 4 or 5. As for me,. . . . being stuck in it all. I Love it.! If it flattened this prison. WoW . . . Cool! Ha Ha. Death . . . for me . . . Where is thy sting. I’m floating away and I’m feeling A-OK! O Buddy! Its Beautiful! . . .

I must have Athritis in my wrist. I wake up with them all stiff... even my fingers. I guess all my punchin days put its final toll on me. Ive even punch(D) a wall once. Probably fractured my fingers or wrist a little . . .

Ol’ O.J.(s) defense attorneys seem to be picken up momentum against LAPD(s) crime Lab. Ha Ha Ha. When there witness said they ought to shut it down. I was full of exuberance. “Royal joy” Yeee Hawww! . . .

Well its football season! one of the most favored to me of all and any sports. So between the Juice and football, you know what Ill be relaxed in. Theres a new team from Jacksonville florida called the Jaguars. My favorite car by the way. Miami and them played last night . . . Guess who won. This new team. Ha Ha . . . Personally I feel the quarterbacks for the dolphins are washed up . . .

Humming birds!

Aww. I seen some while I was up in Colorado! Send me the flicks of the cute itty witty creatures. I’d really like that . . .

Ill catch ya in the next one., Girl-Friend! Ha Ha Ha . . . Blacks like sayin that. (or) Hom-Girl! I Love ya, hom-girl, see ya soon.! Ta Ta and see you in the next tra la la . . .

Love always


Dear Dawn,

Goodmornin And that it is, its 4 A.M. I’ve been up written Hard Copy and CNN. Looking for an interview about life on the Row. I also wrote Terry – CCR. Told her never to come back here again. Ill send you a Copy of the letter I sent her. Just file it with Sound-off OK . . .

There solely out to destroy girls here. Mind body and Soul – and that is why 12 have already died in less than 18 months. 4 Aids – 8 heart attacks. In my logs – I’ve expressed how the tainted food affected my system. One area is the heart. I can eat canteen food and all is A-OK. The moment I eat off of there tray’s each day. Problem. / The com is also boosted up higher in volume upon each meal. So as you can see. Theres a Covert Conspiracy carrying on within this death row untill and purhaps with any other / Confined area units – of tampered service of our food. I also find it highly strange how often Doctors, Nurses, and phycologist cruise through here daily nearly on the hour. Like every 2 or 3. Not even here to see a girl. But just in the office and thumbing through note books, and log sheets. Fishy Ā! ... And therefore – now you’ve got the scoop . . . As for worrying now over me. You know me. Tuff as they come. So try not to. Alright . . .

Well breakfast is here. Time to close shop and head to Dunkin Donuts. of-course I wish. Its only biscuits. Ill catch ya next week some time, so until then. Stay Cool. . . . ,

This is 4-now
Sail a vie


Dear Dawn,

... Got my tooth fixed. Hurts only a wee bit. They only filled it. Darn I wanted it pulled out. But they said, only if its an abseded one are they “By Law” cough, cough, able too. Sure OK . . . When I looked at the itty x-ray there were 2 black spots above the root. Well they said that was sinus. I then asked Virginia, who use to be owner of a Dental buisness with her husband, and she said, they could be laying it on straight. Sure hope so . . . If it gets any worse, later to be pulled. This is all I can say. Grrrrrrrrrr . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . You sent a letter saying you’ve spoken to Linda and she wanted some songs for her taping. By the way Dawn. Thats all it is. A taping. Short one hour video. An interview like 60 minutes was. Not a movie . . . What I plan to do, is tell the truth about any guilt, and regardless – the corruption did occurr, so this too, mixed in with my recanting from former confessions – and a new confession made. is, All reserved for her. No one else! Then once the media picks up what just has been brought out here by the hoarses mouth. They’ll be Those who’ll want to have a new movie done . . . This time you guys can rake the leaves . . .

Now lets see, Something here in your letter about good things I’ve done to write down. Well, Dawn, Please tell linda + Laura I’m not to up to par on that one. Ive had ups and downs of so many. We all have our good + bad days. So what would it matter. My main project (in) print is – How life’s evil’s lead me to sin so dramatically. Why it happened. With this exposure, Society may awaken to its deep Sins of its own. “Hatred and Abuse!” The World needs to revert to the days of Woodstock. Where Peace, Love, and no War was so vigorously protested ...

So buddy thats the gig . . . With the peoples interest afterward for more info to produce books or/and a new movie. And/or I meant. Surely both will occurrr.

Well sis, time to close. I need to write to linda now . . .

Take Care
Catch you in the next one




Dear Dawn,

Hello! and Goodmorning! Hey Aili, your in a better mood A! Yes! my dear beloved sis. I had my tooth filled and am on penicillin, So the problem is ironing out . . .

CCR callously told me there’s only a year and ½ in which they have to produce evidence in which to stay an execution. They have no intentions of investigating anything ... They try to get people off death row – only to push for life in prison. Not acquittals! Life in prison., means they seek greater mental and bodily harm on these death row inmates, then to see them executed . . . They don’t give a dam about People! They only give a dam about themselves! . . .

And let me lastly conclude on CCR. That all the problems here that Ive had and addressed to them. was as if after the visit they went directly to the Superin-tendants office and quoted all I had just reflexed to them of... For everytime I’ve stressed these to CCR. They’ve only managed to turn out thus, “progressed” and not remedial ... Its actually against the law to use grievences in the negative for the purposes of personnel information to boost vendetta . . . Ive up to 42 Informal + Formal Grievances – all denied and done upon me in this fashion . . .

So all + all as God has spokenly proclaimed within his word – Those who are in Authority – who subjugate and oppress the people, are “Wickeder than the Wicked.” That they are . . .

—Love always


Sly + Slick


Dear Dawn,

. . . Well, I finally got a room change here. Less Acoustics . . . I’m now venturing to a new frame of mind which will take some time to do. A cleansing state. Turning into a monk slowly . . . Itll be as if I already reached the plains of Heaven! The inner Peace of the Power of Jesus will be there inside me. And ō what a blessed feeling this will become. Then the chair will be a warm welcome. Knowing that as soon as the switch is pulled. Dieing instantly – I will depart with Angels waiting as well as jesus – excorting me to the other side where life is . . .

Untill next time.

Love always


* Remember New Address here!

Dear Dawn,

Good Mornin!

Laura wrote. And from what I could see, between the lines. There gig could take too long to come through and then fly out here. So I’m left with no choice but to ask Steve and Arlene, back in my life. I will do it with much kindness and grace., in a very christian filled atmosphere of Love. But, for them to do the same, is truely inconceivable. I need her in – for press coverage. Time is running out for me. Steve for Lawsuits and press coverage on this.! . . . It may sound depressing. But lets wait and see! This go around, the way I intend to do things, may have us all surprized and friendly to one another in a bran new way . . .

I do hope if Arlene starts calling you at any time. You can try to think on the lines of forgiveness to any strange things she’s ever done, and begin a new found relationship. For I know once she does come back in. It will be permanent, so I can be assured my funneral + body pick-up is finnacially stable . . .

OK. enough of all this. So now you know whats up. Please maintain your cool if your dissappointed. Find a heart to allow her in. And shun all of yesterdays stuff. Cause it doesnt matter anymore. What matters now – is the truth being told. Before I die. And preparing for my death with support . . .

Love you Much – Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene wrote. And I’m glad. Ill be needing her strong support ... I need media here, and attorneys. I feel she’ll be there for me all the way. So she’s back in, and I’m fully forgiving her of my conflicts we’ve had.

. . . my soul will live on. “If” I do God’s will. Not mine! Mine says keep the lie rollin. God’s says come clean . . . So! I must become a part of him by – clearing all the old wrongs.! So that he may wipe my slate clean – and this new road to dieing in “His Name” and life power may overwhelm and seal me from – The Powers of this World . . .

Well, its time for me to close.... Let me get outta here and watch 48 hours on O.J. As for the dream team. Way to go! Excellent Work.! I also say. Its obvious he was being framed. It’s the big 90(s) thing today in the system . . .



Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

O.J. / On the Today show there was some x – D.A. who ... kept taps on Laws being broken during the trial. He said him and his fellow workers “So far” counted 50. Check it out!!

“Wake Up!”

. . . ō my god! I knew it! Only 6 hours it took the jurors to deliverate . . . I hope its – Not Guilty.! So far, the people in the news . . . feel itll be a guilty verdict. Since thee deliberations were so quickly made. But heck they were imprisoned like. All they were thinking about is “Freedom.” Lets hurry up and “Go Home!” So I wasn’t surprized at all . . . They wanted out . . . And personnally I don’t blame them . . .

The world as a whole certainly got the biggest chance of a life time though in “Witting” how the court can “Decieve” . . . Even more discusting was the realization as to how my defense crossed over to the states side and correlated for a verdict of guilt. This I know was done by either a coercion or for profit . . . But one thing is certain. It wasn’t because the Public Pretenders thought I was guilty anyway . . .

Well, I’ve gabbed enough. Its time for me to close shop and get a little rest if ya don’t mind. So my dear I’m off to bed . . .

P.S. It cost the City of Los Angelas 8
million for the trial. OJ has paid off his
defense team 500,000 a month.
WoW!!! Ā!

I love ya with all my



As for Los Angelas. I say Bull shit.!
It was all scammed for (a) gravy train!



P.SS. I think the World of you too sis, And! you better know it.!,. It’s the “Real thing Buddy!” Love ya utmost. Forever . . . . . .


Dear Dawn,

Weeeeee Hooooo! Not Guilty! Alright! I cried a bit for him also when the verdict was read ...

The visit with Arlene was – OK, but uneasy – since we were making up many area’s of mistrust and wounds that have cut the soul. She also aired her usual possible lie’s.! But I’m going to just entirely overlook it. I havent time to dilly dally on this pettiness ...

Its unreal. I’ve been looking forward to a resolution of some unfair problems Ive had here at the pen. 3 request I’ve sought – Reinstate the smoking in our rooms as the men on – Death row do . . . (the other 2.) Was get an obnoxious Sargeant off our unit. and pull this tooth out of which the dentist refuse to do. claiming it’s a good one. So only filled it . . . She’s139 been given the message – that if she assists me in these 3 area’s – I’d be more then happy to forget any hard feelings of abussive treatment in illegal area’s I’ve recieved and come clean – with as

well as putting in a few good words upon an interview for her and this prison in how its being run. Arlene was suppose to call her and do likewise. Well!


. . . Amazing! Society would love to hear this one A!? An inmate wants to come clean and let you know the real story. And the Superintendant has no interest in assisting in clearing up some unfairness . . . So.... its like. hum., how about a press conferrence on all this ... I’d also like a polygraph taken as I do this gig . . . Well I’m at a loss and a toss! . . .

So goodnight, Sweet dreams, the kid loves ya . . .

Untill tomorrow
I’m off to saw loggs. !!!


1 0-24-95

Dear Dawn,

. . . Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Yes dear. my nick-name was Apple as a teen . . . Bobby my teen boyfriend – gave me the nick. When I met him he wasn’t in any motorcycle club – but along the way of our datin and partyin in all our puppy lovely stuff – he joined them. Anytime I met a member of – they’d call me – Apple. Bobby ODed on heroin – died – when I was in girls training school. And I was lost in love. My luck always dies out. Doesnt it....

I was really glad to hear – Nicks film hit Cinemax. Man! Kool! Lets see. How many probably – Now! saw This? 40 million. 150 million watched O.J. Anyway! Personnally I hope it was “Even More!” By the way. . . . Arlene . . . only wrote one letter since the visit. Telling me, she hadn’t the time yet to call the Superintendant . . . So – looks as though. Arlene is history – Once Again! She is so – “Decietfull”. During the visit I was telling her about wanting to change in the Spirit of things ... Like quit swearin – no. #one. Shit! You know what she said.! “God doesnt care if you swear!” FOR REAL DAWN. I said. Arlene! Yes he does.! God isnt both good and evil Arlene. He’s Pure . . .

So David got his license.! Geez! Glad to hear it! . . . You know I drove from 16 to 20 without one. At 17 I had a license but became suspended in Colorado – after like 2 weeks of ownin it. So I said screw it. I drive good. Ill just carry on untill someday the suspensions over and I really must get one. I was driven a 74 grand prix in colorado. Some dudes car that I was liven with. He had a 38 in the glove box. I was – Whisky drunk. Yeah – One of them! at the time! Ha Ha Ha . . . . . And I was headin home. This car behind me, puts on his brights and is bumper to bumper on me at a red light. So I pulled out the 38 and waved it at him to back off. He had done this for a while before I actually decided to wave the gun at him. It turned out to be a Cop. He followed me to the Apartment. Soon as I pulled in the place, 20 cop cars were all around me. Took a breath alizer at the jail house. It came up like 1.54 / 1.59 Something with 54 or 59 I remember to the darn thing. All the cops were stunned and said. How the hell is she still standin! Then I remember this fat dude sayin – “I mean fat man” – how the hell is she still alive. I cant even hold that kind of liquor. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. And I remember kidden with them and sayin. Heck – I feel fine! whats the big deal . . . I feel great. Then the fat one said. you should be dead. Anyway, some D.A. guy at the court – house gave me an option. 1 year in jail – or 1 year suspended drivers license. I said. Ill take the 2nd. And wound up leavin the station thumbin back. Chuckle, chuckle. Man what a life I lead. Well, good buddy – time to wrap this one up – full of my deepest love. Ill write more tomorrow/OK. Sweet dreams – and Ill see ya then. So untill then.

Love always



Dear Dawn,

. . . Say! guess what.! You can now do something for me. Ha Ha Ha. Your always feelin bad. Thinkin you never do. When in all reality Dawn., you always are! Money, stamps, life support letters . . . 4-shore. What it is . . . is I need a package sent for November. It must arrive before the month is up. Not any later, or Ill lose it . . . There’s 6 items on it I need.... Also 15 stamps. God!!!! Anything else, Aileen No . . . Don’t want too seem greedy. Chuckle, Chuckle. Well, really I’m not. Just in need my dear. Alright!

OK. whats going on is that – after December – Package Permits will no longer exist. There wipen them out, and they’ll be havin inmates go through the Canteen to buy stuff like this . . . Where all getting our Jazz now while the gettins good ... What I need is this.

4- footies ~ plain white. No other designs on them.

2- Socks ~ plain white. No other designs on em.

1- Sunglasses∼ Plastic framed. Tear drop. Dawn – make sure they fit snug on your face. Not bulky and big. They can be wire rimmed – but “Plastic type” No Metal Color – Dark brown (or) blue. Not Super dark. Mirror OK. . . .

1- Watch – Gitano (or) Timex (Indigo) 5 year battery. Alright. The band – brown or black. / Gold faced and framed watch.

Now this one here is really important. I need you to get this one absolutely right. OK,

1 head-set.

1- Radio. Not to exceed 4" x 5" – have the tape measure with you. I’d like a realistic brand – It has an equalizer built in with it . . . You can pick one up at “Radio Shack”. The head set I need must come separately ...

Leave Radio in box and head set with adapter leave out of any box it came in and just send with the rest of everything in the package box.

But! Make sure the Radio Works – head set with adapter on it fits – And batteries are in it. Have the Radio Dude, make sure the whole thing is operating perfect. And that it is 4" X 5". It cant exceed these measurements. Alright . . .

* Em, Em, Em, Emmm. Love ya!

Bad! Again Thank-you So Much ...!

The reason I need you to get all this – is because Apparently Arlene has Cable, as she lied to me she doesnt. saw Nicks film on CNN. And renigged to get me one.... Arlene is to be “HISTORY” in Everything! Also from here on end to the chair – They’ll be “No More Contact” with her . . . She’s out – “TOTALLY.” She proved her rotten fruit this time but good ... So please just drop any contact with her too. OK . . .

Well, my dearly beloved good buddy, let me get this out to ya . . .

Love ya Sis


Boo! Happy Halloween

Dear Dawn,

I’m gonna go bayzerk. I’m pretty darn upset right now. So bear with me. Arlene wrote. Finally! She’s still getting me the box. So the recent letter I sent of asking you to get me one. Disregard. OK! I’m Sorry! I also know you more then likely wanted to get me one. But I do need her to get it . . . Since she’s the one who bought me the first radio a realistic. So she knows all about the brand and the rest needed for it. OK. She is also working on a Lawyer for me. Therefore Ill keep the ball rollin and see what gives with her. So disregard all the discust I mentioned to you about her. I neednt burn any bridges – Yet! I really hope I wont have too! ... Again. I’m really Sorry buddy! Forgive me . . . Love ya sis.

P.S. Ō yeah, Dawn, I do still need
you to send 15 stamps . . . OK. cringe!
Don’t be Mad.
cringe . . . Pleeeeeeeeese!

Until then,
Stay Warm
Love Aileen,
See ya Soon


Dear Dawn,

Hi., . . . and don’t you worry anymore . . . about my tooth. I’m usin self healing techniques and it seems to be workin. Salts the trick, OK. nic, nic . . . Merry Merry Merry Christmas this year! I was going to draw something for ya this year too., but due to health problems., Tooth + Ear ... I had to put off on the idea . . . The month is nearly over AND no package by Arlene yet . . . So buddy! Im Sorry! And I hope you don’t feel pressured in doing this for me. But I need to ask you to – if you would – PLEASE u Sure! what do ya need! ō good, good, good, good, good / goodie. Thanks Sis. OK. What I need for you to get is. A watch, a radio, an adapter for the radio, headphones – footies and socks.... Alright . . .

List Again is.,

1 – WATCH - WIND UP . . . TIMEX. Mans OK . . . EASIER TO WIND – (BAND).


2 – SOCKS - WHITE – thick wool Ankel or Knee / KNEE PERFERR

“RADIO” – WALKMAN – “Adapter – Separate Stereo “HeadSet” For . . .

Alright . . . now – “If” Arlene sent a box, and I am just being jet lagged around here. Well then Ill just have them send yours back., and Ā! Merry Christmas! Ha Ha . . .

Thank-you for always being there. Exspecially when I need you the most . . . 4-now, Love Always / Aileen

P.S. On the package – when you send out through the Post office. Keep receipt If they don’t give ya one. Ask for one. OK. Very Important.


Dear Dawn,

As of now I’m highly upset. Its Arlene. She said she sent my package. All opposite of what Ive asked for. And it’s a long story. Im to upset to write, so I’m sendin this short kite. Forget Decembers stuff. Buyin me anything. I wont be havin a package permit sent to ya. OK. So need not worry about shippin. Anyway very upset. To many head games and lies. Let me get this out to ya, as I mellow myself out. Tomorrow Ill write more on it. If I’ve even the energy. Between prison and Arlene. Hummm You know. The usual. Too fishy!





Dear Dawn,

Hello. New Kite, having just sent out the one about Arlene’s screw up and me needing you to get me a box., for December. I wrote last night not to worry about it. But today after the package arrived for me to see all the goods she got, it was., Shit, now I definetly have to have Dawn get me one. You need to send it priority because it has to arrive before the end of the month . . . I pray as soon as you receive my letter on items you begin shopping . .

Love ya with all my heart.



Dear Dawn,

Hello. And I do sure hope your shoppin . . .

I had to cool off a couple days from even written, because of Arlenes decietfull move . . .

Let me tell you her gig. Alright! it all starts at visiting! I tell her over and over and over again what to get. I also write her—having it on paper percisely just what to get . . . Well . . . low & Behold . . . here comes the box . . . The stuff in the box was all opposite. I was like . . . dam you Arlene, you did it again! Full intent . . . Its over.! . . .

So forgive me for the delay in regular Kite flyin. The witch had me (to) pissed.

. . . Just finnished rappin to Steve. About a good hour and a ½ in the flesh. “Looks the same.” Anyway he’s goin to start workin on things. Initiating the starting gun. We were thinking on the lines of Oprah Winphrey / first. Maybe – (if he’s) interested Oliver Stone for a movie. Big Time Producer ... All in All the ball is beginning to roll . . .

Ō my goodness! I just remembered I still have to write Arlene. Should I wait 5 more months. Chuckle Chuckle. at Least Steve agree’s with me. “She’s crazy !” . . .

Stay Warm


Dear Dawn,

Whats going on here. I’ve heard nothing from you on this permit. I sent it out November 30th to be sent out to you. Did you get it. Did you get the stuff. Did you remember to tape the permit to the outside of the box in route to me. Was it sent priority. Whats up!? Let me know immediately. If something isnt right here. Call Steve and tell him what the heck is happening. This is our last package. I need not the hassle of games being played over on it. I’ve had enough problems the prison has been giving me of which has all been addressed to him. So fill me in. This is going to be a shorty. I recieved your drawing and a letter sent out by you dated the 15th. The drawing is precious. Its in my files to perserve. Thank-you so much. Taking the time out with M.S. I know took some time. Thank-you sis. Love it. Its cute as a button and good work. Great artist.! If you didnt have M.S. I KNOW you could probably do some darn Awesome jazz. Well, Ill write more, later this week. Just need to get this Kite out today. OK.

See ya then.

Merry Christmas




Dear Dawn,

. . . Thank-you for having shopped for me buddy! I am very grateful . . . Havent recieved a gift for Christmas since 13 years of age. I know your sayin. What about Toni? She always went home for christmas, and we really didnt celebrate it together. What about Ty? For Christmas she always went home. All the money for gifts went for plane fair. ō we bought a few things. Like games and booze. That was about it. So this will be quite special coming from you Dawn! Big hugs and Kiss’s. Love ya Sis. . . .

Say by the way – On Steve – and the conversation with you. I told him – If a book or Movie or both is made, you are to receive around 100,000. So whats this shit he ran on you . . . Maybe he’s going to help the cops keep me quite and from doing this number, as he plays along as if he’s on my side. Why? Because if I do this new gig – they will be exposed ... Imagine how pissed the family members will be hearing that I was going to fill everybody in the World including them of what happened . . . Surely they of all people would like to know how they died. Quick – slow. What? I’m here willing to help them know and in return to say / the only way I can / I’m Sorry – by letting them know and hoping for a new book and /or Movie is made / Really by me. this time Not by the Cops . . . They ripped the families off, and used my name + the families good name to rake in. This dirt and all of the rest must be disclosed . . . So I’m interested what kind of ace Steve has up his sleeve now. He doesnt produce and the B.S. is over ... I hope you and your Family have a very Beautiful Christmas and New Years . . . Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Its New Years Eve. Happy New Year! To You and your Family! Have a Good One.! . . .

I havent received the box yet. Its here . . . but were all on a list so once our name is reached on it she’ll bring it. Sargeant James runs property Room. OK. . . .

Did you have a special Christmas Dinner!? Emm If so, sure wish I couldve been there with ya’s. Good Fun and Food would of been great. They had Omlettes or Ham for Christmas. I had an Omellette. Then there was biscuits, one little piece of corn on the cob, vegeies. This was about it. But the Omellette was – GOOD! So I aint complainin . . .

I see in your letter about visiting me. Please hold off on this for awhile. The Visiting area canteen is closed – there doing some construction and to visit without any soda’s would really be cotton mounthy. Ha Ha Ha. This Summer by then its to re-open . . . You know I want to see you again. Real Bad! . . . But my concern is Finnacial obligations too and the crime rate out here ... Its so risky, Dawn. It really is. Lets please hold off on this idea for awhile OK....

Love always


Dear Dawn,

. . . Phyllis hasnt written back to me yet. Geez! Another Steve and Arlene I suppose. If there isn’t anything in for her. Its OK off Lee and in the meantime “pretend” to everyone, every where – I’m back in touch and fully concerned – right!? ...

Thank-you for the Valentines Card . . . Baby Ha Ha Ha Ha. Have you excepted my proposal yet!?

Answer Cheeeeeehhhh. Ha Ha OK OK Ill quit. but couldn’t resist . . . , you turn me on, honey! whistlin, So whatta ya say.! huh!? u Aileen! What? quit it. Cheeeechhh OK. OK. Couldn’t resist clownin.

. . . Love ya. 4-now The Kid on the Row / me


Dear Dawn,

Hi. Happy New Year.! Dont forget to put 96 now on every thing! And I finally received your box. Thank you Buddy! I couldn’t keep the radio. Has to be a Sony! And the head phone cord was to long. So I sent back with my L.A. Gears – which has my name on them signed – “Busted in”. and P.J.(s) Red ones were the ass is ripped out. Please sow them up if you keep them. Also I sent my first Dake Bible to ya!. . . . The one that’s out lined throughout its entirety that Arlene sent me when I was in VCBJ awaiting the first trial ... A Good idea in preserving it would be to wrap it in celephane then put it in a small type box. By wrapping it in celephane will keep it throughout years from the pages from turning yellow. The shoes – Are souveniors . . . those shoes are part of this whole gig – because I was busted in em . . .

I’m gonna go ahead and sign off here. Football will be coming up. Since there’s a white out in Philadelphia – the game may be a good snow ball one. Weeeee hoooo . . . Thank you again for the box ...

Untill Next Time



Dear Dawn,

Hi . . . So Phyllis called again Ā. I have no idea what she means by an agreement, but I can guess she’s talking about signing upon a dotted line of one of her made up quicky contracts . . . to make money off of one like all the rest have, and not even attempt to care if I need any in here for necessities or for funding of my funneral someday ... You still didnt tell her . . . that CCR . . . said they’d “Help me Waive off to the Chair.” Which all very well means they’d just as much would like to murder me in that chair as the hooded avenger of blood will. Anyway! Ill just give her the scoop when she contacts me . . .

Ō yeah, another thing on Phyllis and her stallin to write back A.S.A.P. She knows there’s no such thing as special visits ... So dont let her fool ya. I even hesistate to get involved with her. But it appears . . . I need to bring someone in . . . And she’s magnified in it. Known around the World, and is involved in many organizations for Women. She’s an editor of a magazine, as well as has written many of her own books. Steve and Arlene / ardent foe’s “begged” me to get rid of her . . . She’s the one that had 10 professionals ready to support me on my behalf at Mallorys trial. Connections are a cinch with her . . . So as we can see. Steve and Arlene must be “Cop Material” . . .

Well. time to close er up . . .

4-now / Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . You were saying here in response to me feeling that if I died right now—I’d probably go to hell. And you feeling here for a surety I wouldn’t. Well ... With of-course all the injustice regardless ... I did kill 7 men. This! my dear Buddy! Causes me to cuss in the evilest way “too Myself” . . . and hate Everything nearly “Too Myself.” I cannot die like this. For the Spirit of God “WILL NOT DWELL (NOR) SEAL SUCH A SOUL..!” . . . The Past must completely – go – Bye Bye. All the wicked things – and tongue – and all . . . And while it is – Love must come back in. And ALL hatred and Malice must be forgive and forgotten ...




Dear Dawn,

. . . My shoes – Well Buddy – those babies didnt walk as many miles as the ones I threw away. Dick Mills who I met and stayed with only 4 days ... had bought those for his girl-friend. I was in need of shoes real bad. He first decided to give them to me. Cause him + his girlfriend broke up. Then as I was about to leave his place he changed his mind. So.... I ripped them off. Ha Ha Ha . . . So there’s not many miles on em ... Now the ones I threw out! They had some royal miles put on! 1,000(s)! All of Florida was my turf. So the ones I threw out were ragged and torn royal ... Your probably thinking – Why didnt you get a new pair. Well, because I was to busy hussselin – and to lazy too . . . Just eat – work – party – sleep. I didnt much care about anything else. Only tyria’s happiness – and stuff for her. When she had to split. Then, I really didnt care about., “Anything!” at all! Needless to say. Life Sucks. Find yourself true Love and happiness – then eventually it slips away. The World is a wasted place. Lucifer has caused it to serve – no purpose. And that’s why my friend – I cant wait to be where Christ is – where life there (is) all full of meaning.

Love Always

Remember Call Phyllis!



Dear Dawn,

. . . as I begin to Celebrate my Birthday! I want to also begin to Celebrate yours! Happy Happy Birthday DAWN! . . . One of my presents – One of em I say – Cause you’d have tons by me. Would be a car. You guys need a car so bad! How about a luxury van. T.V. an all. Or would you perferr a 4x4. Whatever! . . . Its yours! ... Next I guess would be a house. Good solid Brick house with a fire place. Nice huge ski resort one. And then some trip tickets. Like carribeans or Hawaii! . . . Like some Hilton or Radisson resort. An you’d have tons more gift wrapped presents by thee ol’ hippy here. You mean so much to me Dawn, I’d have to shower you full of affection of the utmost kind, so you’d know it . . .

Say if Phyllis ever calls back! Let her know you’ve the Carbon Copy140 and fully agree with me. Then hang up on her. She’s full of shit . . .

By the way. No letter from Nick yet. For the Record . . .

Thank-you for letting me know I need not worry about Money in the future for needed necessities or funneral. I Love you dearly from the friendship we acquired as kids . . . Exspecially Thank-you for taking care of Keith in his last leg of the Cancer he had. Did he ever talk about me to you.? . . .

Check this out! I hitch hiked to Cal. to see him . . . When I was there . . . He said. Aileen I know you hooken to survive out there on the road . . . he said. You need to get off the road., one of these days your gonna wind up killin about 9 of these guys.! ... Wasnt 9 – Just 7 but close. Geez! So my brother quoted my future., fate.

I was at Flagler. No Port Orange ... I told ty. If we dont move up North and get outta Florida. So I can find a factory Job and quit hooken. / . . . I said if we dont move I’m gonna wind up back in prison. Who Knows maybe for good. Even I quoted my fate. Yet had not a thought in mind to Killin – like this. I was thinking on the lines of maybe one who assaults and I succeed in self-defense.

So WOW! Ā.... Life is a trip. Indeed. Well let me close up here ...

Love Always / Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Steve wrote. All lies – all Cover-ups. Same B.S. like everyone else does . . . He’s out – Forever – and good riddens.

You messed up when Phyllis called. You told her CCR (is) representing me. Do you really read my letters? ... here you went and told Phyllis CCR was on my cases and like all was A-OK. NO its NOT. Nothing is OK.! OK Dawn! Theres mega problems going on in all area’s . . . Ill be seeking my execution as soon as I can. Bottom Line.

. . . Yo! Sis! I still Love ya! . . . Only wish you’d remember more often as to what I write you. Now phyllis thinks CCR is a green light and doing me some excellent quality service for me. Of which is completely opposite.




Dear Dawn,

. . . Im munchin down – here in my room – celebratin yours and my Birthdays. Radio’s on – as I write ya. This ones beginning to feel very mellow. Best one Ive had since Ive hit the skids and wound up on the Row throughout it all. Its about time Ā! . . . So Im in a happy state for once. Great.! . . . Steve has written twice since I told him to FK off. He cant read to well can he ... Steve never sent me any Birthday Cards. Said he had 4141 too, ta send me. Is this Suppose to be a hint . . . Ive 4 more years. Then there going to execute me. Who Knows.! All I know is the guy is totally deranged ...

OK. I’m off to a Bar now and pool hussel while I suck up some suds for this 40th Ha Ha Ha. Just dont pack a gun with the stick right.!? Ō my god.! May become Hosa Queer vō. Chhhhhheeeech. Alright I’m outta here.

To Day Dream like Crazy!
Take Care Sis.
Love ya With all my heart
Off to Party!



Enclosed Booklet


“Extravagant Love”

Dear Dawn,

Good Mornin! And hows thee ol’ hippy doin!? Good, Good, Good, Good, Good I hope. Ā! Theres a new song out I’m blown away in love with. Its been out sometime now . . . , but had forgotten to mention it to ya. You can add this one

to funneral songs if you’d like. “Its called Carnavel by Madelly Merchant ..., Cool Tune.” Ty and I met some carnies in Homassassa florida from Illinois. Hip chicks boy. This song reminds me of them and there carnie stories, plus I just love the cut. These gals lived in a 20 ft trailer – had a 6 axle truck to pull it with, and traveled all over America with the carnies – as vendors and game hosts . . . , for. What was extrodinary about them is there animals that traveled with em. Lets see if I can remember all there pets! They had a Turtle – Couple of – Couple of Parrots – Finches – around 3 or 4 cats – 3 dogs – a snake – a hamster. And all these animals traveled all around Buddy with them chicks in that 20 ft. trailer. We were Amazed! All the critters looked – well groomed, well fed, quite happy! But how they acted up in the trailer while under tow of traveling is beyond me. I’m sure it swayed along the highway! Ha Ha Ha Ha. The girls made good in the buisness. Anywhere from 700 to 1500 a week. Yep! a week! They kept tellin Ty and I – if we’d set up some wheels – we could hook up our 18 ft trailer and follow em up to the main office in Indiana – they’d teach us the carnie life and lead us into the buisness where we could make out as they were at 700 to 1500 a week. Of-course we never did get the wheels we needed and they rolled on up north some 6 weeks later. This was in 87. Cool chicks. And from the stories of there carnavel life . . . , so were the carnies they worked with . . .

Happy up-coming Easter Sis! Hope you have a sweet one. Ill be eatin easter eggs. Ha Ha. Ordered tem from Canteen. Cool Ā! Emmmm . . . Love ya Gal. With all my heart.! 4-now



Still cuttin the Breeze with ya.


Dear Dawn,

. . . yep! Still Studyin – whenever I’m not written a letter basically to you I write. then Its back in the Word. So Sooooothing! Emmm. So Pooowwwwerfulll! Amen. Ā. I hardly even Watch T.V. Only Jag, Unsolved Mysteries, or when anything cool is on ... Cartoons I watch 2. Pinky and the Brain. then any Warner Brother ones. Otherwise my thoughts are entirely stuck in studies. I’m so comforted when I’m lost in the Bible.

Mr. Alexander142 called [you] Again! Geez! He needs to contact me like this.! I need him or colleages to come on over here and visit me in a Bad Way. So please let him know this. Okee doke! Aww ...

First Day of Spring! I know your happy as a lark now! Out here today it was 80. But! felt like 95. Hot, Hot, Hot, Man, Whew! If you ever get oddles of money some day, move down here, you’ll love it. But make sure you’ve got plenty of bread. There’s no work. Its just retirees . . .

Love always

Just Shootin the Breeze


Dear Dawn,

Whats this! A Chest Cold! Aww Haw haw haw. . . . Heres some flowers to cheer ya up! And a card.! It says. Yooo! Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Get well quick Before I Bōp You! think you could do this for “S”. Good, Good, Good, Good, Good . . . I Love you Dearly! Buddy! ...

50 Bucks for 6 pills. Geez! Drugs have really gone up havent they since we were kids! It use to be only 50¢ a hit remember.!? Ha Ha. . . . and speed for a quarter. Chhhchhch.

Did you ever cruise with me to 10 mile and woodward to the Zoo ... I use to once in a Blue Moon back then., go there and sell. It was easy . . . Just hittin the pave and cat callin drugs for Sale. Ha Ha Ha . . . , The Woodstock days and early 70(s) were a trip.! I miss the hell outta our teens.! But now that I’ve found the true meaning of this worlds division of Good and Evil. I would love to walk through my teens, Same family – place – people – everything! but just much more cleaned up . . .

Say do you remember a boyfriend I had back then that use to hang with me at the pit. / Bobby Rowland. / He had Beattle styled hair blond, blondish red like mustache.? Curious. He was my first. While I was at Adrian he O.D.ed on Herion. Died . . . My 2ND boyfriend was Gene Lewis. Bass player for a group he was in called “The Brothers, later changed to the Concrete Birds.” Then my 3rd was in my 20(s). Mick Loder – who I shot myself over. Geez! What a waste of time. He joined the Coast Guards and turned fag. UK! Ā! Ha Ha Ha Like I’ve room to talk. I started the gay scene at 28. though There was other guys before 28 off and on in my life I was with for awhile. But these (3) were the only ones I “Really Loved.”

Ō Memeroies . . . , Memories.! Even the Bad ones. Great Experiences. Gave me plenty of Wisdom down the Silver cord of this lifes living in.

. . . OK. See ya real Soon Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . This letter is to answer up 2 area’s that I need to clear up your sense’s (in) memory . . . The first is on why I left my name Lee, so that the media and all, even in court addressed me as so, by my nick.

In my 5½ years as a hooker, working basically everyday all over everywhere of the highways of Florida state. Everybody I met I introduced myself as Lee. Period. All Clients only knew me as Lee. Not A.C.W. A.C.W. had a bench warrent – a Felony one – that I was runnin from ... Therefore my strategy was to be – called by my Nick – after arrest – to all reporters – T.V. Talk shows – even court I was addressed throughout it as “Lee”. For the purpose of any clients who met me, would purhaps want to come out of the wood work and contact my P.D.(s) for Character referrence at the trial. If I’d of left it A.C.W. they may not of realized this gal here is actually “Lee” whom they picked up at one time or another. Many were married. These would never come out and proclaim contact with me, I knew. But the ones that weren’t may . . .

As for Mr. Alexander. I want him to address me as “Lee” for the future of media and court presentations to keep this ball rolling. I’ve 100(s) of clients I dealt with ...

The 2ND deal I need to clear up – which is all clarified in Sound off., is, Susan Russel143 from England who was hired by the cops to write this book ... she claimed she had / X-tensive interviews at VCBJ with me before she wrote it. Delores Kennedy staged this same lie ... None of these creeps did I ever have a moments sit in with, or even a second of a conversation over the phone with....

Anyway back to Susan. Never met her. Only was pointed out in the courtroom . . .

And So my dear Buddy . . . Jackie Giroux told me personally she was going to call her movie Angel of Death. Why did Susan entitle her book this. Easy to answer NOW . . . Because Jackie Giroux in the Cops Unannymous Producer and the contract I signed for her – was in all reality for the Cops Therefore – Susan – Micheal144 – Arlene – and Steve who are cop connected now had Copy Right Access through Jackie . . . OK.

I’ve got to sign off here . . . 4-now



Dear Dawn,

I had enough of this! Alexander calling you up nearly everyday and asking you to many personnel private questions. If he wants info – he can contact me – and by visit for validation. Ill be writing him today – telling him so . . . And all the phone calls! Sounds like there being taped and all to use for his own covert future plans. A book or Movie by gathered info through you. Yet you get nothing out of all you’ve said . . .

When he calls – please have the courage to tell him – you’d perferr to cut this daily or weekly routine. And so would Lee have it that way. You want to know anything about me – you come to me! Dont be usin my friend for taped phone calls. I seriously feel he’s doing this . . .


... Love Always



Dear Dawn,

Hi. . . . , Mr. Alexander called me! Yeah by George Pretty Cool Ā! Anyway.... he’ll be checking with various sources from Tallahassee to get clearance for once a week. Great.! I explained in quick, since we really couldn’t do much talking ... Man, he does talk loud . . .

Today, I had another phone call – by a public defender from Dixie County – Last trial gig. Just called to say – state denied hearing for new trial. 145 Then from there it moves to Federal Appeals. 3 to 5 years of process to completion. Same with CCR(s) going on now. So lets see, a year, and a ½ has slid by. Got some time still. OK.! . . .

Hows your Mom doing now? And Dave!? Dont get rid of your dogs for god’s sake. None of your animals! I believe God is going to send you the help you need – Very Soon. So hold on . . .

Love ya Sis, with all my heart,
Untill next time.

Hang tough! OK
Love Aileen,

About Terry.


Dear Dawn,

. . . I spoke with Toni,146 of which word is now out on T.V. that he’s going to be representing me, and that he’s like Johnny Cochran. So he’s the Johnny Cochran of Europe. On the phone with him last week, I asked him to help you. He does, you best except it . . . You refuse his assistance, and it will be as if you refused mine . . . He’s going to make a fortune off my ass—through the recognition he’ll recieve once the spot light begins to shine. So except the things he’ll do for you to help out, as if it was coming straight from me . . .

The songs! You sent! I love em Dawn,. Only wish I knew how to read music, then I’d know how its sung. But! Ill get by.... singing them to myself . . . My-Way ! Ha Ha Ha. In my imagination – I can see my group now. Bass – Electric – Drums – Conca style steel ones too.! Getting Down, in a Gloria estafon setting. Needless to say, besides rock, I also love tropical sounding music. Reminds me of the Keys when I lived out there . . .

There I was every day when I first arrived – lieing out under the bridge of US 1 and near the Ocean 80(s) motel resort. Oil all over me, black bikini on – and bonoculars. Radio jammin as I’d pass the Sunny day of ray soakin with imaginable thoughts of Pirate’s aboard ships a sail at sea (or) Treasure’s of many lost in. And I’d take the bonoculars and walk out waste deep in the water, then set my bonoculars in it as well, checkin out the ocean floor, hopin like hell, I’d just get lucky and find an old Spanish coin – as I was. Ha Ha Ha. . . . Crazy!? ō well this is how I kicked back, and tried enjoying every breath I took out there in this tropical coral reef (tail end) of florida . . . And now here I sit some 100 miles from (on) Death Row. Life.! Its so strange at times. Isnt it.? Never know what that future will hold in store. Geez! . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

... What letter did I send that was nasty. By god . . . , you must be reading my letters wrong. Getting the wrong impression . . . Fill me in with (a) bit of (a) hint will ya, as to what your talking about.

Toni told me over the phone last week, that he was going to check into the morgage and bankruptcy thing.147 Has he contacted you, mentioned – anything ! ? ... I’d like to know – Just how real this guy is! . . . Besides – he’ll make money off my ass by doing what he’s doing. Exspecially if I work with him concerning a contract area for another book, or-, even purhaps a new movie. See Dawn, I may ask him if he’d be interested instead in assisting me with this – instead of the case. Why!? Because I want the truth out. The real McCoy., and I also intend to let myself head (on) out to the chair. Why!? Because if he represents me in the Mallory case – and lets say he (even) won it. I’ve still 5 more cases! I could never handle such pressure. My imprisonment is hell enough as it is. I’d rather go for a new book a new Movie . . . and then die. Head on home to God. Face my Judgement on earth for my fall, and start over in another life . . .

Remember the 6 cops in Philadephia Pennsylvania that got busted in covering up corruption on one case. And after checking into other cases . . . they found that up to 1600 were tampered and tainted.148 That’s 1,600 human beings they framed to prison! 6 Cops! Now then, lets move accross America . . . Im betting 500,000 are either doing time that they shouldn’t be doing – or doing excessive sentences that never should have been ever handed out. Need I say anymore.! ... if exsposure in corruption done over on my cases can help even a tid bit . . . Then so be it ...

Well catch ya in the next kite.
Love ya Much Buddy
from the ol’ Hippie
on the Row,


Dear Dawn,

Hello Buddy . . . I sure hope all is well for you. Worried of-course.

On Alexander. I believe we’ve another scandalous piece of shit trying to play some fast ones . . . First of all – because of him I lost 10 days rec. I was telling him about my wrist problem. He said – why dont you have the prison check it out. I

said – No . . . He said – Ill have them X-ray it. I said – No you wont. I’ll refuse Med. I will not allow med as it is even near me. after what happened through dental. Well he called anyway – “the prison” – to have my hand X-rayed. I blew up. Got mad as hell. Lost 10 days rec for it. So he’s going to be more of a pain in thee ass, I take it, then a blessing! ...

I am not at all interested in his services. and Now ! not even a book! He’s too deceptive ... Please dont ever allow any – one concerning me to ever call you up like this again . . . Catch ya in the next kite. / Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . (!) Say – do you remember somewheres on 10 mile and woodward some headshop we all use to cruise through – lookin for drugs or just to have broose or steal stuff. / Hey! I cant help it if I’m honest. / Chuckle ... Chuckle. Anyway! . . . Do you recall the floor designed “Water fountain fish tank” deal they had.? It was round, water running over rock as a water fountain deal – With fish swimming around there / open view – can touch fish deal – they set up in the middle of there head shop. OK.! If you do.! Were you with us when Jenny kerr – “drunk as hell” – fell in it . . . When we pulled her out. The fish was floatin on top of the water – deader then a door nail – (or) knocked out royal! She was staggerin away – all soakin wet – as we all gazed at the fish in Amazement – besides laughin our butts off.! ... I remember Keith was with us, Ducky too, and they were just standin back laughin away. I was starin at the fish – thinking – geez! I hope the owners of this place havent caught on yet to what just occurred., and that we need to split before we get kicked outta here. All of which I didnt want to happen – because I was hopin to cop some dope. But if my memory serves me right – I believe we were kicked out. Jenny was too drunk causing a royal scene . . . I know you remember the theathre, bowling alley next door below and record shop above bowling alley – that was next to the theathre., in Rochester. But were you ever with me – rippin off albums outta that record shop. There was pianos next room over. So I’d gather albums together – then roam over to the next room over and pretend to be checkin a piano out!, then I’d hide the albums behind one!. Once I got enough – I’d put em under my huge coat . . . Never got caught. But my dad was pickin me and someone else from Rochester, and I remember when I got in the car – my dad said – why is your coat square lookin. I told him it was just the way I was sittin . . . acquired one hell of a collection – eventually. Poor Mom. Whenever she’d ask were I got all the albums I’d always say . . . “Borrowed” 4-now Love Aileen.


Dear Dawn,

Helloo! Toni called. It was a quick goodbye. I told him he was phonier then phoney and not to call you anymore either . . . He’s not at all – all of what he says he is. As I deeply feel there was a connection between him and the state . . . Anyway! So relax. The scam is over and he’s out. Okee dokē

I know its hard for you to purhaps find time to look up Bible area’s of what I was talkin about in my last letter. So – I thought it best to help out and put down the pages you should read . . .

First to now is were desease’s come from. Which of-course is from Satan and Demons. “Not God at all” . . .

Begin to read page 632 O.T. Head down to the 4th Column of were it says “Demons or Unclean Spirits” – follow all of it through to page 633. To #7. Stop there. Then – head over to page 634. 1st column – were it says “Origin of Satan” read all as well as “the Works of Satan” – and also “War on the Saints” . . . and once read go back to page 633 and read 3rd column were it says “Healing and Health.” Stop! OK. Break time! Ha Ha Ha . . .

All my Love Buddy
to you Sis,


Dear Dawn,

. . . What! Heidis some 300 lbs now! Ō Good God. This is Sad. I couldn’t even imagine it either.! She was so slim and pretty . . . Did I ever tell you what her an I did in Apopaka Florida! Probably not. Its another criminal offense . . . a trucker with his little boy with him picked us up. He felt for us out on the road an offered a place to stay in Apopaka he had . . . He said we could live there if we liked – rent free – as long as we cleaned it up, and did whatever else in fixin it needed. Young and dumb we thought it was a “Vantastic Idea” . . . So night was beginning to fall upon us. We fixed the bedroom up as best we could to prepare for some Z(s). As we were, we found a huge rat in the bathroom toilet. And realized all the little things we were finding all over the floor of the house – Wasnt Hamster food – of which it looked like – But! Rat shit! . . . Next Mornin we awoke to Rat Shit all over the blanket. They crawled over us throughout the night! UK! We were petrified and totally pissed off. Revenge was now settled in our hearts . . .

So what we did. / My idea. / Was decided to sell his furniture and kitchen appliances, and use the bread for food along the way up to Michigan . . . we contacted a company interested . . . we wound up getting 200 bucks in cash . . . Needless to say. The trucker lost a Kitchen Range, a huge deep fryer, a refigerator – and the rinky dink bed we slept in. all of which was new lookin – except for the bed ... One of the fondes Memories of Heidi I can recollect. Although it was (as) Juvenile Delinquents. Whistle!!! Lordy Lordy Lordy. God please forgive me for this one and!.... 100(s) of others . . . I ripped a guy for 200 and another for 4500. Then the .22. Zip that was it. As for the case’s. Cars and jazz. That’s different . . . I became possessed in the force of heavy Beer drinkin and bad experiences to recollect while under the curse’s of alcoholism. All so Sad. But true. The real Aileen never killed anyone . . . I’m sure you know just what I mean, since you have seen the real Aileen from years ago. And I’m back to. Only on Death Row. Had you of seen me in 89 an in this trance by the Devil – you’d know I wasnt me at all. Something was Wrong royal and something else was controlling me ...

Well, Its time for me to close er up . . . May God watch over us at all times. Take Care now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Ō yeah, . . . by the way..... I was watching this program on T.V. that’s on (REALATORS) stuff. Anyway what it was about was on – getting a house – with no down payment, and from there beginning your own realety deal . . . If you want the tape – its 3995 . . . This retired couple was getting 45000 a month S.S. They saw his commercial went for the program. Copped a house worth 125,000 . . . Others have even made millions . . . Anyway.... thought to leave you with the info and number.

Ō my God. Kim will be 21. WOW! and David 19. Growing fast. !!! . . . And to imagine. Kim was 16 when we started written one another, and Dave 14. AWWWWWWWW ...

Love ya Gal with all my Heart,

Always + Forever


Dear Dawn,

I’m Back! Hi Buddy

OK. I’m still on the subject of sex and Adam + Eve. If we turn to Genesis 6:4. We see the Fallen Angels mingled with the human race . . . in Genesis 6:4. It says quite frank and boldly – There were giants in the earth “In those Days” . . . I disagree to Dake’s cross referrence on. Sorry Mr. Finis Jennings! Ha Ha. But as we see here by the word. Angels had sex with Women. What remains a mystery is how!? Was it like we hear today of exterristrial encounters – through insemination. The children they bore were huge. And I might add to huge to have sexual intercourse with. There penis’s were bigger then Holm’s of playgirl. His was 15". So I think the Bible is displaying throughout its word, various passages of hints only a spiritual eye would catch. One who really search’s out the word and seek its meaning – with reality of things and not kiddish sounding fairy tale garb, that to many seem to take the Bible as . . .

And so if I’ve hit the head of the nail once again ... We can see why were not immortal as planned . . .

Your question was human life during the Millenium in existence and afterward “Eternal.” The answer is. If you should die before the rapture, you will remain in your soulish state of being untill Christ 2ND coming. When he comes – then the new of all things begins. The soul will receive a new body, as when it was on earth, but only way different as in “Purity.” No scars, No marks, No anything but totally bran new. Young looking in the 20(s) . / Mature and young, And of-course Incorruptable . . . But if you sin during the 1,000 years which will be nearly hard as heck to ever do – then you’ll incurr the death Penalty and be cast out bound to the rest of the fallen – who await the 1,000 years out . . .

There’s some pages in the Dake I wanted to referr you to to help you along in your question as well as just to acknowledge as your growing further in Christ. And they are: Isaiah 65:20-25 . . . Then page 837 2ND column were it says “Death Will Continue through the Millennium.” also 837 1st column (D) Then page 928 2ND column were is says “Sinners will enter the Millennium” . . .

And now my beloved Sis. I must close er up here . . . Love ya Gal



Dear Dawn,

Hellllooo Well olympics are over . . . Did you watch any of it.? My favorite was Swimming and Gymnastics ... The 7 Girls who won gymnastics and Amy Van Dyken149 – were my favorites to receive Gold’s. They’ll be on cereal box’s of wheaties. And brave little Kerri shrugs150 who landed on her sprained ankle – in Gymnastics., Great event.! But that voice of hers – Geeeeez she sounds like an alien from Pluto. Did you know – she’s not as little as she seems. / She’s 18. / Ha Ha Ha. Yeah 18! ... The Swimmers + Divers were really skimpy lookin as far as there builds were. To skinny. But track - softball – canoeing – and Gymnastic’s. Nice Builds. / Whistle Whistle Whistle. / Needless to say, the guys diving team’s had me crotch watchin. AILEEN!!! Well I was! I couldn’t help it. Chhhhch. All was fun to watch and Bummer there all over now.

So the pest couldn’t resist – Ā!? “Toni.” Well he wrote me wanting me to write to him I’ve let him go. And I’m not going to. The verbal message was good enough . . . Later . . . Dude!

. . . Montels on about Police Brutality. For once a good one on a talk show. Montels all over the Cops with Corruption. Love it.

Let me close er up here. I’m gonna watch the rest of this. The audience is pissed at the cops. Right On . . .





Dear Dawn,

. . . When I explained very brief like to the Superintendent my desire.151 She merely said she’ll get back with me on. OK. . . . So Ill wait. Wait and see ... I had to explain so quickly – busy Women – so had to rapp fast – that I may need to write her a letter, so she’ll get a clear cut understanding as to why I need to pursue this. The thought has my wrist hurting. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . .

Yoooo! . . . The Women in thee olympic games sold out more attendance at thee events then the men. Isnt that Cool ! . . . Its about time Women were

respected like this. My beliefs on this is – there sick of aggressive sports were as “Fighting” is always involved. Like Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, as a few examples. Sports is suppose to be enjoyable to watch . . . I feel the Society is getting fed up with this senseless violence over a Sport event. 4-Sure.! . . .

Untill next time
Love Always Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I’ve been so depressed lately, I’ve just been moppin through sleep, and doin nothin. No Bible reading, No T.V. not even hardly listenin to the radio. The place is so full of hatred and stress it brought me down.! But I’m going to try and force myself to a spiritual uplift, and get back to my Bible . . . I feel I’m being tugged in by the devil . . . It also has me too depressed to write . . . So forgive me buddy for delays OK. Thanks

. . . So much saddness in the world. Everything looks sad to me . . . But although all is – to me – anyway.! The thought of God and all of his Power – does uplift the complete depression . . .

How about. finding a new place! Hows that going? Are you going to live together.152 I myself hope you do. Ā You’ll all save in a big way. Plus! livin together you’d never have a lonely moment.! Loneliness can become so unhealthy. For a while its nice. But perpetually and it can be very depressing. I’m grateful your family is as tight as it is. AMEN.! . . .

Stay Cool, As Usual,

Ha Ha Love



Dear Dawn,

. . . I sure hope all of you are doing fine.! . . . You know I’m starting to finally feel for the men I killed. I’ve been so beat and raped by guys, I couldn’t feel anything over there deaths . . . I literally cry perpetually within by ALL that I see now, as ALL that I’ve done myself in wrong. Be it not of my own willingness or that it was. ALL has me utterly crushed in sorrow . . .

You asked on my teeth. Alls Well . . . My tooth may be OK now. But Lord not my bones! There falling apart.! Long ago back in 79 when I shot myself over Mick. Well nearly having gone paralyzed. The Doc said – later in life . . . you may. / I dont believe Ill ever go as far as paralyzed. But Woe! The back pain is tremendous . . . Otherwise – besides Wrist and fingers and my darn back, I’m doing OK. Because of Jesus. If I didnt have Him in my life – I would be empty and utterly dead within this box ...

Love Always



Dear Dawn,

. . . my wrist is a mess, I couldn’t even write Kim about her birthday. She may need to settle with your saying I’m Sorry . . .

And now to answer up your recent kites. Yesssss Yesssss Yessssss! I got the first 6 flicks . . . THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR HAVING DONE THIS. Em Em Em. Thank-you!!!!!!!!

From the looks of my old house in this photo, I stand in Awe! Totally amazed! The front door – “look at it closely!” it seems to be like some 20/30 inches from the screen door. Which has me believe they re-converted the Living room . . .

The tree in the front yard is new. Some 23 years old, but wasnt my moms doin. She planted 2 trees in back, close to the house and I see there still there. Barry engraved his name at the top of the tree, one facing west – from back yard – (left hand one.) So if anyone ever cuts it down, they’ll see his name and date on the bark . . .

The flowers! all gone. My mom worked for 33 years on all her flower beds., and rose bushes that use to line the house and the aluminum chain fencing (that now gone) use to be around the front yard.

... I’m very happy to see my house having been so cared for and (creatively kept up with) as it has. Whoever lives there. “Thank-You” . . .

The middle section of the house we called the backroom. I feel was remodeled inside . . . They either built in another fire-place – (or) this new grey smoke stack deal above the house is for the suana in the garage (they kept and didnt tear down). The suana was a steam room – “finnish style” my Dad built along with the house . . .

Say did you notice if the names on the mail boxes were still our ol’ kid friends. Like there parents still live there, or kids took over after purhaps there deaths. Like Kerrs or Maddox’s or Farwells.

. . . 4-now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hellooo! And Thank you for the greatest gift you could’ve ever given this gal locked up ... I love ya Buddy! . . . Last night I went to the 70(s) and just was flooded with the good ol days ... Im curious if the woods next to my house is still there . . . So – is there woods there? These woods we would galavant through to reach the pits . . .

I remember savin Lori’s but from some bee’s in those woods next to Randalls ... me probably 9 or 10 / her 11 or 12. There was this abandoned car., chevy looken. We were goofin around by it . . . We lifted the wood near the vehicle and out came the bee’s., swarming everywhere, we ran, yet they kept comin . . . She was stung about 5 times only! Should have been more . . . Did I get any thanks for it. HA HA . . . hell no! Only! It was your fault, your fault, your fault. Chuckle, chuckle.

. . . [Always] trying to be a Hero to my sis. Carl Maddox . . . had this bow and arrow set. Always was over our house trying to shoot bats with it . . . I watched the arrow coming down zeroing on Lori . . . The arrow hit her in the back. It wasnt in far. About a 1/2 inch or less but still had to be removed. So I removed it ... she didnt want mom + Dad to know . . . So I put peroxide and iodine on it, stuck a bandaide accrost it. And Walla! Some 4 days later she was OK. Was I credited. Heck no! not this time either. It was – you and Carl’s fault, you and Carl’s, you and Carl’s. Ha Ha . . . Boy ō Boy! Memories! . . .

I really am grateful for these flicks. I wish I could see the back trees in the backyard. Those 2 my mom planted when the house was built. Lot of tree climbin we did in those babies . . . Love ya Forever! Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . I’ve got to tell you something thatll blow your mind, like it has mine. I mean this is awesome.! When I was a kid my mom + I would talk about God and life after death, and besides hundreds of other things – also the house being fixed up . . . She died then when I was 14.

Well I was around 9 or 10 when Dad finally decided to get aluminum sideing for the house . . . Mom was in big hopes to also get shutters for all the Windows. White ones at that! But Dad could only afford the sideing and that’s all . . . she kept her hopes up high for someday – getting those shutters for the house. Well she died before this could ever be fulfilled . . . Yet! LOOK! Today there’s white shutters. As if the people who moved in were influenced by my mom’s spirit ...

Well theres more.!

My mom was gettin interested in planting more Tree’s. She had 2 planted in the back ... But here in the early 70(s) she wanted to plant more.

. . . these people who now live here . . . have done percisely again – another gig – exactly as my mom had planned but never fulfilled . . . Woe! Awesome A! . . .

I say its a sign from my mom. Because when we were little and talks on God would come up. she often mentioned that if she was to die, she’d love to be able to leave “Signs” somehow that / regardless out of the body / she’s still alive. She even thought of one idea, that . . . was to clip a rose off of one of her many rose bushes . . . , place it in a vase without water on the fire place mantel. If the rose didnt wilt in a weeks time, but stayed fresh as if just clipped off the bush, it was done by her, as proof, she is still alive “In Spirit”. Well Lori and Dad did do this, and the rose stayed good for not only a week. But a week and a 1/2. At least this is what Lori told me. Awesome Ā! . . .



Dear Dawn,

Hi there Buddy!

This has got to be quick due to the seriousness of situations here . . . I need to write to you of in this state of emergency – is that I need you to call Toni . . . please tell him I need him back in, and for my apologies of having misunderstood him the first time, Ill go ahead and give him the book and all proceeds ... Tell him I’m going through major problems here at this prison ... “coming from the staff” . . . There all out for the kill. Coming straight from the top of the tree here, throughout the branches. So if you would, do this for me. Let me know when this reaches you – and Ill keep mentioning in my letters – To make sure your receiving the message. Okee doke . . . Love ya . . . . . , Always + Forever, babā ! nic nic

4-now / Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Healing. The confussion you have of. Well Dawn, my beloved sis. Its all so very simple, if you follow these steps . . . Healing comes through Faith. As you believe his Power can enwrap you and heal you wheather you feel anything or not . . . Kneel down in your home somewhere – and stretch your arms skyward. Ask God in Jesus Name. . . . to forgive you for all your sins in life you’ve done, whether aware (or) unaware. Then.... ask him to come into your life and save you from the curse of this world and all of its fallen state filled in sin . . .

If you dont feel anything the first try, keep trying, and trying and trying. Even if it takes days or even months before a miracle is performed . . . dont give up. / Ever. /

. . . The phones ringin Dawn. Its Jesus, he wants to talk to you. So Ill let ya go. Untill next kite._______________

Love Always

Stay Cool,



Dear Dawn,

These pictures are the greatest.! I need to Thank you over and over again! . . . see the little window up in the attic area of the house, above to the left over on the roof area of the backroom. Well that little window is were Keith, Lori, and I use to skip outta . . . This was so we could head out to the pits – when parties were going on out there . . .

Randalls house.153

Well, I bet Lori wished there house was like this one instead of what the Randalls did exist as. There house was a shample with all them kids. All boys at that.! I never could understand how Lori could live with them . . . Although I guess it was tolerable because Keith also lived with em. Me. . . . I was able too to. In the abandoned car. on the cinder blocks in the yard. Remember! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. There was no room any where in the house to sleep, so the car was the only option. I think I slept there for about 3 months or more. Once winter came, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I headed to Florida . . .

Dawn Botkins.

Botkins and Wuornos during a prison visit in 2001.

The day before the execution.

Botkins and the walnut tree she planted in Wuornos’s memory.

The Eagle Has Landed. Ink drawing by Aileen Wuornos. Image courtesy of Amber Hogue.

Moon Eagle Valley Ranch. Ink drawing by Aileen Wuornos. Image courtesy of Dave Botkins.

Beam Me Up, Scotty. Ink drawing by Aileen Wuornos. Image courtesy of Amber Hogue.

Midnight Blue.Ink drawing by Aileen Wuornos. Image courtesy of Dave Botkins.

Shadows Pine Ridge Resort. Ink drawing by Aileen Wuornos. Image courtesy of Dave Botkins.

Lisa Kester.

Daphne Gottlieb.

The Clark gas-station.! . . . Boy look at it now! Jet set A!? Ha Ha Ha. And I bet the bathrooms are thoroughly in order, as in our days they were as crappy as a shit house in the back woods somewhere! Ha Ha Ha.

Today to drink in the bathroom before headin out somewhere to raise hell, we’d need “Champagne” to go with the flow of this jet set! Ha Ha Ha. WoW. . . . plush isn’t it.? ...

The Alibi. Ō man, they really decked it up didnt they. Super! And yes there pizza’s were so juicey – just the right pepperoni greese taste and cheese on. I loved taken you there and getting some with that hooker money I made. HA HA HA HA HA A now dont feel bad. It was good sex and good food too. So cant complain. Only the bad and hairy times I had with men, do I . . . I wasnt always hooken though. I also won the bread and butter pool husselin. I remember trying to teach you how to shoot. Good Memories. 4-Sure. I’ve got to close here... Love/Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi Sis! . . . Yoooo man, saw Elton John on Rosie O’Donnels show. He made a jerk out of himself. Was wearing a super flacky funky lookin flannel styled suit coat outfit. Whipppped! . . . Then after he sang he went and started bowing on the floor to Rosie. As if desperate He to me seemed out of control from past drug + booze abuse . . . Geeeeez! ...

I’m reading on your cats. Right on! There so precious ... I felt like the beast master with my critters . . . Dusty one day was watchin me flush the toilet. Well as the water was swirling away going down / he jumped on the seat to watch in amazement. Then to “my amazement” he started pawing the flusher untill it worked. It flushed, he watched again it swirl down. From then on, he’d go in there and do it now an then. Flush the toilet.! God I loved that cat. And all my kids (critters) . . . It breaks my heart flashin back in memory and seeing how I “did” neglect there health. Then I didnt know it! But now I do . . . I was carrying on one blind wild life.

The pictures! Yes Dawn! You do not have a moon face in your shots of yourself. Your attractive and you are quite photogetic . . . You could of done modeling easily . . .

Untill next time

Love always



Dear Dawn,

Finally looked up the word to spell it right.

Lets “Reminisce”. . . . (“Discuss or think of the past”) Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . Whats this C in it. The way I spelt it wrong looked better! As I spelt it “Reminess” . . . OK OK OK so the C is silent. Then what the hell did they even put it in there for. Man! . . . So lets go back to the 70(s) buddy. There we are smokin a doobie out of a 4 finger $5 dolla bag of black gungi I copped through some guys from clawson. Where at the pits and waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, from there were going cruising in Lori’s New port. Remember that black tank.!? . . . Were all getting stoned, and as the radio plays those good ol’ tunes, we rap on places to go and were to eat and cop some mesc or anything . . . We try woodland area, we head then out to stoney creek. / Notta. / Then to some parks. Still notta. / Last resort the mall. 15 mile and Jimmy E. The Bizzarr shop! ... We finally cop. Then off we go for more cruising. For the store and booze and then were to settle and enjoy our high. Where else but back at the pits.

Later boredom strokes and we’ve got to head out again. So we do at the pool hall. Not everyone has the quarters to play the game. But I do! She works hard for the money! Bo do do do. Ba Ba. . . . Bingo! Here’s a little chink for you Keith, you Lori, and of-course my friends in need. No biggy! The bucks are “Easy” to achieve. Ha Ha Ha. . . . We shoot pool . . .

Alright man . . . What were we 13 14 . . . 12. Cant remember our age! Do you!?

. . . Memory loss! End of ditty too! . . .

Do you remember “Window acid” LSD/25 Was so small, thin little crystal like deal. Super hard to cut 4 way.

Did you ever go with me to the Amboy Dukes house on 20 and Rochester.? They lived right next to the Clark gas station . . . Yes good Buddy. The Amboy Dukes – the group lived there and I use to always head over to cop drugs and party. Plus spend the night over from the cold as a run-away! I hope you were introduced to them, and remember. They were the ones who sang “Journey to the center of your mind.” I use to go over and watch them practice. This song was my favorite. Bob Seager used to live 2 streets down South or 20 mile from Hartwig. Vince Lawsons street ...

Well, I’ve got to close again ... Happy Thanksgiving. Buddy Enjoy the deer.! Ha Ha.





Dear Dawn,

Man, either mail room is playin with my T.V. guide or it ran out. And didnt you tell me it was subscribed for 3 years. So if you would, would you please call the T.V. guide people and find out for me whats going on . . . If there is tampering. I want Toni to get on this one . . . This is a Federal Offense . . .

Man you blow my mind sis! Still watch the Wizard of Oz. your a trip! And It is one darn good flick . . . I just received a letter from . And it contained that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied any write of certiorari. / Appeal denied. / This gives me some 2 years left . . . So we will never know what tomorrow may bring. The chair could very well be around the corner. But Am I concerned.! Big no. You know how I feel. Ill be were ever Jesus is . . .

Dawn my beloved childhood friend an sis.! You’re a trip Man!——Namin your boy cat Debbie . . . Why on earth didnt you check the kittens little crotch. Ha Ha Ha. Was it “Then” to little to see. If you did you probably thought it was the clit of the female. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Well dont feel bad. I once did the same thing – untill ty steered me straight. ol’ country gal knew the difference . . . Love Aileen –


Dear Dawn,

. . . Man Dawn, what Barry did to Keith. Had I of ever known this – I believe a barrel of a gun would of stared in his face before Mallory anyday! I hated him before you ran me down on all this info – But surely you could imagine how much NOW. I’d reload and reload on his scummy fuckin ass . . .

. . . Now some 3 days (before [Keith] died) I had hitched off the road of my wandering around the US. / to see Lori ... she picked me up and began telling me about Keith. How bad off he was and that he’s at Barrys now., could die any day ... had I only known / I would of tricked in troy got a place and stayed with Keith as long as I could. I just never knew.!

. . . I asked for a flick of Keith . . . So I grabbed it . . . knelt down and began to pray – asking God to end his life, so that this tormented state he was in would end . . . Never let up on the tears. Couldn’t, loved Keith to the max.

The next day at noon, Lori came home from work. she said. Keith died this morning ... I was shocked . . . Needless to say “I strongly feel” my prayers on him were answered . . . During the funneral I remember you there. I also remember how Lori, Erv,154 Barry and Diane (our so called cough cough ... real biological mother we never really knew) all looked at me in utter discust when I began loosing it in tears . . .

Amazing! Here was my real blood brother, nobody else’s Real blood brother ... And them at the funneral lookin at me as if I was crazy. Man. FUCK YOU.!

. . . Picked up Keiths ashes, and some stuff he left behind . . .

I then drove down to Florida and spread his ashes in the gulf of Mexico. Looking through his stuff I found a Bible. In it was Two dobbie brother tickets . . . And also a pamphlet on Jesus and if you believe in him sign here. His name was there. So cool. So precious. Around a year later., the song Jesus is just alright with me was playin on the radio, as I mentioned to someone how much I liked the song – but dont have any idea who sings it. Then I was told the Dobbie Brothers. I went What – huh – Man alive – that’s probably why Keith left the dobbie bro. tickets in the Bible! It blew me away. Keith, he was so smart and soooo coool. Good thinking bro. God I loved him . . .

Well, got to close Buddy. So more to come.! . . .

Until the next flight in,



Christmas Message


Shootin the Breeze With ya On!

Dear Dawn,

. . . Dashing through the snow, on a one horse slope an sleigh.
through the fields we go, laughing all the way.
Bells of Bob Tails ring, making spirits bright.
Ō what fun it is to ride, with a sleighing song tonight.!

I believe that’s how the last line goes. Its been moons since I’ve heard or sung this song. But I hope you were singing it with me. You see Christmas may be a pagan holiday.... But! we can always counter-attack Lucifers scheme by/worship-ping Christ and his birth and mission and enjoy it . . .

Therefore Good Buddy!

I’m dreaming of a while christmas, Just like the one we use to know. Ba da da da da da . . . da da da da.. da . . . We bring the Devil down. And we bring up Christ.!!!

. . . Love your letters and recent pictures of you and everything – 4-Sure! My heart pours out all over for you. Only wish I could literally show it.. I wanted to during visiting our last 2 occassions. But. I knew I’d cry if I was more expressive. And also was quite shy about how terrible I looked due to this state of being, slowly taking effect of all and everything of me. I’d looks 20 times different and healthy – of-course – in the free world . . .

I sign off now Buddy ... See ya Soon Love, Aileen



Dear Dawn,

Good Mornin! Its 3:03. Cant believe it either, that here I am, literally up this early. What it is, is that some girl upstairs – up in CSU. Crisis Suicidal Unit, is up and has been going off. Poor thing! Sounds all so sad. Either she’s filled with hatred to the core, or just down right insane. who knows. But she’s been screaming and banging up there like crazy. Sounds like she’s directly above me too. Sooo! I’m up! And am glad I am! I need to catch up with the mail. I’ve been so upset about stuff (around) going on that Ill park everything and seek peace, by tuning this world out of my head. I have too at times! Otherwise – locked in a cage like this I’d go insane an purhaps be like the chick upstairs. (uh-hem. . . . far cry though.... I’m way to tough for that garbage) . . . OK. Catch up time! and so here I go!

... Pleeeeeese Dawn, give up this house idea. / 200,000. Where on earth are you going to get 200,000? quit the dream gal . . . Who knows – With diligent search, you may find a bran new place – out in the Country with – a fire place – plus central heat – and a shower with a bathtub . . . Pleeeeeese. . . . though. . . . . drop this ridiculous idea of owning this aged old home for 200,000 . . . that money will never be there for / and Daves sole check could never handle . . .

So girlfriend! Whats it gonna be now.! (?) . . . Ha Ha Ha . . . You remind me of..... Lucy on / I Love Lucy! She was always up to somethin . . . leaving poor ricky near to loose it. Ha Ha.

Hap Hap Happy New Year! Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Top of the Mornin Mate! Its now 5:15 and Im still rollin here on the ink . . .

You asked if Arlene sent me a Christmas card. Notta One/nna. . . . since back in 95 I made it very clear our jazz was over . . .

If Alexander can reverse this Adoption bill.155 Cool! Thank you Tony! Big Time! . . . The Winch makes me sooo sick. plu plu plu plu plu. pluuuuuuuu

On Sound off. Yes would you please send him the 13 chapters ... He’s to only Xerox contents . . . then send this all back. alright!

On the Mallory transcript. There is none. Your talking about. The Confessions . . . I’d perferr all the material you have, not to be touched by other sources so as nothing gets tossed to and fro that it becomes lost . . . My lines of thinking were on a group working on my book . . .

Yes ... my thoughts were on the lines of a huge long table with everything spread out and separated properly . . . “After the book”. / Then selling stuff would be the time to do it. There will definetly come along in time, those very interested in art work, poetry, personnel recorded thoughts, etc, clearly willing to spend plenty for such signed memoirs . . .

Love ya Buddy
4-Now Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Dawn! Your talking about Nationalities in your letter here. Whats . . . DERMAN. . . . ! Somethin from pluto.? You mean – GERMAN my dear . . . GERMAN. . . . ! Just turn your head once around. Tighten the screw-up. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway!!! . . . . . . so your Irish and Derman. . . . ooops I mean German Ā! Thats cool! at least your not Russian. My Grandparents – being Lori and Barrys real parents – were full blooded (Finnish – Finland) and Keith and I real Father was German. If anything else, I dont know it . . .

I cant believe how tall you are. 5'7" WoW! I’m only 5'4 1/4". And I thought as a kid I’d only be as tall as Lori. 5'1" or 2". I was fooled again. Many think I’m taller then 5'4", but no way. Was measured upon arrest. Still 5’4 1/4".

Ō man, I see you’ve got Indian in ya too. Cool.! Now there’s a race I have high respect for. In my book. these are good darn spirited people. And what the White Man did to them when they began invading America to make it . . . America.... makes me Sick . . . Still dont see why they call em Red either. When the dam cowboys were the Red. Red neck lowlife’s . . .

Well. Let me wrap this Baby up full of Hugs and Kisses, with all my Love to my sis up there in the Big chill ... Ill write more after the Super bowl . . .

Stay Warm!




Dear Dawn,

. . . I also know Tony bugs you, and repeats himself. And that his intentions could be more than free concern. Like a book interest of his own after my death. But . . . I’m going to play along ... so I can get the needed help of the problems occurring OK.

As for you being involved. Only to send Sound off – off. After you do . . . there shouldn’t be anything else you’ll need to do. So – RELAX! ...

Now I know before I had mentioned to be careful at stating any personnel jazz to anyone about me. True. And I pray you’ll always do this – with anyone else – except him. He’s (in) Dawn. So why block the man’s way . . . He may even be there for you – like he has this time – “after my death.” Like a brother. An earthly angel ... Plus friendship is down right FUN to have. So if you will – energize and let it grow . . . Maybe someday he’ll send you tickets to England and back for a visit. And needless to say – wouldnt that be fun! . . . Plus he’s a very smart man. and has power. He could teach you alot. Listen and learn from him. This is how I did it on the road with executives and others . . .

Well.... Time for me to close er up here good buddy! ... The house is now in your name. Cooool . . .

I Love ya Buddy!


Dear Dawn,

... I believe my bladder’s screwed up. Also my left ear. Com harassment has caused this. So I’m not up to par . . . either. Therefore the letter writting will be few . . .

Say. Just for the heck of it. Will you play a buck for me on the lotto. Hopefully my numbers will strike gold. So here they are. I see – at the end of the rainbow . . . , a Six (6) Twenty five (25) Fourty Two (42) Eighteen (18) and a Twenty (20) So

6, 25, 42, 18, 20

. . . if it’s a Winner. Well, Just Enjoy, and dont forget my canteen needs is all I’ve got to say . . .

Goll Darn! My toilet flusher is stuck! Poop! Shoooot! now I definetly got to close and fix this up . . . Take good care.




Dear Dawn,

Helloooo! Hope your doing fine, since surgery. Whats up!? My god you developing cancer or what! Got me worried. Please keep me posted and get well soon. Love ya much. And my pillow’s full of tears in prayer. My buddies fallin apart. sniffle sniffle.

Has Tony called? . . . He’s said to many things over the phone thats put me under suspicion of him. Let me just leave it at that alright.

Well my birthdays this friday and I cannot believe Ill be 41. Feel mentally 25 . . . Say when is it when our periods stop.? Now this one I wish would happen SOON. So sick of it. To many dam years to under go! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ... Tell me of any women who enjoys the rag.! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . .

So linda sent ya a Rod Stewart tape. Cool. Is it a tape or CD.!? Is it the best of!? . . . I saw him on Elizabeths Birthday Celebration gig on T.V. the other night. Lookin good. He’s still the same, but looks great in the beard. I see he still wears thee ol’ hair style though. The tid bit spike look. Chuckle Chuckle. I remember a party I was at when Ō about 15. Was in a tree smoking pot with Bobby ... Maggie May [was] playin. Suddenly Bobby lost his balance and fell outta the tree. a row boat was under us and he fell in that thing. OOweeeee eeeee www. But he didnt get hurt . . . One of my favorite songs it was of his back then. And everytime I hear it today, I flash back to me and Bobby – up in that tree and all . . .

Well, let me wrap it up here. Need to take a nap . . .

Love ya Buddy,


Dear Dawn,

Helloooo! And now its your turn!

Happy Birthday!

... Well as thee ol’ childrens cartoon books of Dr. Seuss’s and the Cat in the hat. says.... “I dont feel as old as all that I feel like a kitten instead of a cat. And. . . . Eating cake in the bathtub still has great appeal, so I’d say youre only as old as you feel. Ha Ha Ha . . . True! I could just imagine how much you’d love to do this last ditty. Sittin in a tub with Mr. bubbles and some B-cake. Emm. refreshing thought A!? . . . Happy Birthday Buddy!

Well I’ve plenty to catch up with you on, so let me get down to it. OK.

Tony!.... I’ve decided to tell the truth to him on Mallory. Well, his reaction in being truthful turned me off royal! So I believe he’s history once again. And so now I need you to do me this one sole favor. DO NOT EVER send him anything from here on. Even after my death. The guy has been only out for a book . . . So I’m letting him go. Like Steve and Arlene. He’s History. 4-GOOD . . .

On me thinking your stupid sometimes. DAWN put it to rest. You DONT read my letters right. You DO get the wrong impression. Geeez! ... When ever you do read my letters . . . think of me talking to you in a very soft and friendly voice. There’s no domination buddy. Just friendship with a whole lotta Love. OK.

Well Good Buddy! Time to close er up! . . . Let me say once more. Happy Birthday! . . . Love ya. . . . Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Well. . . . I feel a bit better getting my anger off my chest in my short letter. Geeez. I didnt want to deal with Tony any more. Just let him move on and bye. Now I cant because he’s got sound off . . .

Geeez dawn.! Man.! Ill never involve you in legal area’s again. You get to confused....

Well my friend. Showers are about to begin. So I need to get ready to take one. We get 3 showers a week. Mon. Wens. Fri. Woooopēēēē! Weeee hōōōō! Ha Ha. Ill catch ya in the next kite. Untill then., Love




Dear Dawn,

I would love to fill you in on many area’s of Tony in the things he said . . .

Let me tell you that, any down to earth honest attorney who really cares about their client, is not going to sit there and continually say . . . that you as my client will “never ever” get out of prison EVER! Who the hells side are you really on. Then! If you believe Im innocent of self-defense – you’d be soaring for ways to get there freedom. Not life in prison ...

This gal that’s more then likely up for execution. Well she’s Atheist. Very hate filled when you mention God or Jesus at any time. One day I was sayin. “Man I’d love to go back in time and be in Jesus days,” to see him, maybe be his disciple or somethin you know.” carrying on as she cut me off and just as nasty as a snake hissin in the grass – she blurted out. The only reason you’d like to go back in time to see Jesus, would be so you could have sexual intercourse with him.” SICK! The bitch is obviously “Possessed”. ! . . . Anyway! I hear she’s on her way out to court. I can only suspect for an execution hearing. / A date being set . . .

Ō man. Check this out. There was this Gal somewhere up north who was walking along the street in the rain. Well lightening hit her twice. And it did nothing to her.! . . . Turns out. She’s Christian . . . So you see my friend. The magnitude of God! He is so Powerful! So Beautiful! So full of Love.! . . .

I need to close here good Buddy, but theres more to come . . .

Love always



Dear Dawn,

Helloooo! ... I know I have confused you in legal area’s. But truely the last.

Tony is one gol dam liar. Just End it with him and I will on my part do likewise down here. As far as attorneys. I’ve two here in Miami. 30 minutes away. CCR. And therefore will keep all buisness solely to them . . . OK. You’ll not hear from them. I’ve explained I didnt want you bothered . . .

I feel the reason Dave Keeps comin home with colds and all, is through stress and worries concerning this house. You know and I know. his one sole paycheck cannot handle all these bills . . .

Its nothing to be ashamed of. Its just the way it is . . . Be responsible in your daily living. / Not rediculous and irrational. Well. Theres my personnel opinion

. . . I wont bother you again on the subject. But just one last thing. Are you and Dave, really happy . . . I myself feel something is breaking up the real happiness you guys once had. And to many bills is the reason. for starters . . .

More to follow. Much more to catch up on. okee doke.

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

... Say yeah Dawn. This U.F.O. thing and the cult.156 Hum! Well a week is past, and they said they’d be back. Poor soul’s lead by the wack of the leader of the pack . . .

The Colorado Ramsey murder157 has me pissed. In some tabloid were photo’s of the Cops discovery area’s of blood stains. And a print. Plus possible semen. OK. . . . Cops! You’ve got all this info. Like O.J. How come / NO ARREST. You nabbed O.J. so quick, even before you could figure out if it was him or not. So why not the parents of this case.

All seems to Fishy! Like lack of concern once again for a (FEMALE SPECIES) . . . It also makes O.J.s/ case look even more so now ... that they solely did arrest him purely cause of his fame and being black . . . Like I said. You’ve evidence galore on Ramsey. Yet.... no arrest. When we all pretty much know who killed her. The parents (or) one of em . . .

Well lunch is on the way, so let me close this up here . . .





Dear Dawn,

. . . Well. Ive been sittin around thinkin about doin an interview . . .

My lines of thinking are with Peter Jennings. Someone whose got major Prestiege and intelligence, having the truth come out level headed and sincere. I have / NO TALK SHOWS in mind. There to sleezy! And this gig is to critical! Its going to rock the world. So I want – class to work with . . .

I was also thinking of Prime-Time. There pretty level headed with a touch of class in there exposure. So if you would . . . ask them if they’d like to interview me, Topic. “Coming clean, getting the absolute truth out, so this lieing over the cases and making money via can be put to a halt. They’ll be no self-defense. Strictly the lines of 1st degree.” OK.

Now on me exposeing actual events as to how the crimes occurred. No can do.! / Savin this up for the next gig . . .

So if you’ll do this for me. Thank you my dearly beloved buddy. And let them know – the interview must be as soon as possible. (or) I may change my mind and Walla – they’ll miss out. So must be A.S.A.P. OK.

. . . I just hope I get a chance to meet Peter Jennings! . . .

I see more here on your kidney infection. Man . . . Very scarry – for shore – yet you come through . . .

Long ago . . . ŌO around 84 I had a stomach scan . (done) Come to find out . . . sists were all inside my bladder. Doc said. you need those cut out, or down the road like 10 years from now they could turn cancerous. Well I never had anything done, and wont now. Im on my way out. But I think the gig may be from . . . uh hummmm. Masterbating! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Hey got ta have it some how or another. I aint no fool now! . . .

I know.... “Sinner”. . . . ! But I say A!? Its cleaner then, Adultery, fornication, or hooken, Chuckle, Chuckle. I know whose ever else readin this . . . has got to be fallin out. I know I am . . . and you are.! Ha Ha Ha.

OK. 4th page. Time to close er up. Please remember to make the call. Okee doke!

Love ya much buddy! . . .
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Yes . . . me again! Hello Hello Hello And I see here . . . that you wondered if I still brush my hair all the time. Like I always did in our woodstock era. Yes! All the time. All day long! So surely your wondering why! Well. Because when I was 9 and in that fire in the duck shed we as kids built for the little squirts we had, all my hair got burned off. When it grew back, it came back this (a)way and that (a) way / besides really thin now. So I began from age of 9 to train it to stay in one particular style.. “All back”. But! It doesnt do this. Never has . . . My hair hasnt been cut since 85. And as you see it doesnt grow. If it ever does, I may become some super human being, like Samson . . . Ha Ha Ha. want me to bring down the walls of this prison.! ... How’s your’s doin by the way!? I’ve got to see your hair cut.! I dont believe I’ve ever seen you in short hair. So send a flick pleeeeeese.! Dont forget. OK . . .

Boy I sure hope you can contact Peter Jennings. If you do, and he excepts. Boy will I be thrilled.! . . . Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . O on peter Jennings! Well change of plans again. I guess if Linda is coming through this Summer, no need too. So I’m sorry once again my dearly beloved friend, I put you through another mix up. cringe. OK . . . Ill shut my mouth, Ill shut my mouth!!! Ha Ha . . .

Have you ever had a bladder scan!? This may be really were your problem lies . . . I did also have a brain scan. I wanted to make sure I didnt have any tumors from all the boozing I’ve done. So . . . I took an I.Q. test the Doc wanted me to take, it came out 105. I said . . . not bad . . . for teachin myself everything. Ha Ha . . . [The scan] came out crystal clear . . .

O yeah. You asked were’d I get the 01¢ and 05¢ stamps. Crazy Phillis wrote. Wanted to visit me. Ha Ha Ha. No way! and didnt write back! Never will! UK! . . .

Stay Warm,
I’m freezing!



Dear Dawn,

. . . Cant wait to see you! Its been so long! Forgive me buddy for only 2 hours, but in all honesty, this bladder is messed up. I think from all the boozing, Ha Ha Ha . . .

WoW. Couldnt believe it, but 20/20 sent me a quick reply. claimin there to piled up for one. I laughed it off thinkin . . . well you certainly will miss out then. This is the Real McCoy . . . Geez! Idiots.! Only to say, you blew this one 20/20 . . .

See ya Soon Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . I remembered in one of your letters you mentioned drawing. Well Girl! Let me tell ya . . . We’ve been doing some heavy stress around here . . . I perceive a heavy lawsuit by many will take place. To much hatred in a hitler sense against the girls, and then always trying to cover it up . . . So anyway.! I havent the energy nor time to do drawings . . .

If you thought to seek book plans to help out your 50,000. Well! Go for it.! But I cannot help you . . . I am worn out. Looking only now to rest in Christ. Be it alive or dead. I rest in him.

. . . concerning this 10 acre farm house . . . Your wasting time. Percious time. Sitting around hopeing the money will come to ya! It wont by any book of me (in time) nor by any drawing’s!. And no bank my dear is going to loan you it. Face . . . Reality! . . .

I sure wish dark skies was on. Miss it! Man. a series I finally really got soaked in, and zip . . . Its only probably true the Government is trying to conceal U.F.O. Knowledge, and got peeved about the airing of the series . . .

As for seeing you.! Why of-coarse!.. I want to see you.! We’ve just been facing some mental warfare. OK. And my energy is Zapped of all their evil.

Well let me close er up Buddy ...





Dear Dawn,

. . . Girl! you dont read my letters properly. You think Im on your case, when Im telling it like it is about the farm and money. / But I’m not. / Only concerned. /

On the remark about the book and 50,000 on the farm . . . You said it was a nasty one. Amazeing! You really take me wrong.... I just stated – I cant help you on a book. But then said . . . if you want to do one on your own. Well whats stoppin you. Go for it . . . Whats so dam crappy about that.?

Anyway! Whats with you . . . I feel as if you are now starting to play games with me.! . . . Quit holding information from me, and lets cut to the chase. / Hit the breaks. Whats up.!?

. . . Now are you still mad.? And what for!? I’m just being me. Honest, down to earth, and Rational about things all around me.

You need to be more / Understanding.

. . . How about chillin. I am. Wasnt hot in the first place! Was only trying to explain stuff.





Dear Dawn,

. . . They’ve been changing things around here. Like for showers and walk. / Handcuffed there and back. Then there was shake down everyday ... So as lawsuits are now in our minds . . . I feel our T.V. guides are also another contemptable bit of illegal activity.

Linda wrote. Tells me she’s just waiting for Tallahassee to clear things through. I say! .. “Be persistant!” . . . Anyway! I cant wait. Will be glad to see you . . . and her . . .

I’m reading about Lori and you back in our kid days. Well! give me a break! You say here . . . You and Lori didnt hang all that much around togeather. Sure you didnt . . . Lori – scooped you up and away from me. I was “pissed”. . . . and that’s when our friendship faded. Now you can say – “thats not so” – all you want. But thats how I remember it dawn . . .

I see Perry “Beard” was the creeps last name. I had consensual sex with him up in Teds attic. He was terrible. Little pecker too on that jerk. So honey ... you sure didnt miss anything with him in the back seat that night. Ha Ha. And Now confession time. . . . . Who was it I had sex with in troy. Well! Gordon Marks – Mike Fairchild, Carl Maddox, Jack West Derek Anderson. Thats all! Jack and Derek – was just once. Mike O about 3 times. Carl Maddox – Lord he was my first, cant count them all / But good and full of fun, Gordon Marks was huge and O about 5 times. Em Em Em. . . . . Had to prime myself.! What can I say.! Teen urges.! We all had em . . . OK I’m outta here. Untill next time.

Have a good one!

Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

I sent out my old stuff. A box is on its way to ya. OK. Contents are. Sweater ... Watch (. . . needs a new battery put in). 3 Bandana’s, The black robe . . . a ring . . . A stone is missing from the ring. But a little shoppin around and it could be fixed . . . “Our Friendship ring – sis – handed down from me to you!” Was sent to me, from some gal in New York that I never wrote back to. She sounded to much like a creep from some gang – plus was spick. So I said to myself. OK. Ill keep the ring and someday send it to dawn ... Which would symbolize our sisterly friendship. Good and tight. Or whatever suits your fancy buddy. Anyway! . . . Get a chain and wear it around your neck, so everyone knows – your mine! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ō god. . . . I’m laughin now.! . . .

Love always! The ol hippie from Troy Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Where are you

2 wks
no mail.



Dear Dawn,

. . . My tooths screwed up again! So I battled with it for a near 50 somethin hours now.! And believe I got it beat from a near nasty infection. By the way . . . since I’m on the subject of . . . to remind you. . . . when you come down. Please remember.... you neednt get for me any munchies. Only one soda.... to keep from cotton mouth with all the rappin well be doin. OK. . . . and of-course I’ve still thee ol’ piss problem. so It can only be for 2 hours each day. Sorry! But also cant wait to see you either! Vantastic! . . .

I see hear . . . you got a bit angry over my kidding around at name calling. Calling you pecker head. It was suppose to be funny. So laugh. Geeez! . . .

Yes Dawn. Heard all about Korvorkian. The maniac is at it again. Or is he insane? Purhaps my friend . . . it is merciful. I’ve always been undecided with this. To ease such suffering . . . actually seems – Sane. But will it send the soul to hell. I dont really know. Its hard to determine . . .

See ya. / Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Helloooo! I know! Where have you been. Well, in my room . . . Poutin! . . . [I] had a cig in my cell. got caught smoking it, and now got a D.R. Lord . . . Needless to say. You guys may have to reschedule the visit and the interview . . .

Just a week before this . . . B.C.i158 decided to cut our recreation down as well “from 4 hours”..! “per week” . . . to 2 hours now . . . per week. Another violation from the men. And by Law – were suppose to be out for an hour per day . . . (5) times a week. 5 / not 4 or even “2”, – – – – – – – – – – – Well . . . need I tell you!!! there about to be in big trouble?! . . .

I also feel an aire of hindrence to the interview. Seems to me quite fishy that for 2 years I’ve snuck a pull of cigs and then suddenly – just before the interview I get caught. How!? I say . . . the Com.! Used the Com to listen in on the flick of the bic . . . (Give her a D.R. and then we can screw up her visit and this interview.) Well.... it can always be rescheduled . . .

Well gal . . . Time to close . . . I love you very very much. I mean it with ALL my HEART good buddy! ... Love always / Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Whew Shew! Lucky me! The D.R.? Well I got 15 days gain time taken away. Whew! I was so relieved . . . Wheeeeeee! Boy! alright.

Mr. Battle also informed me of clearance approval for your visit the 23rd and 24th. Butttt! Didnt seem to have anything on the interview . . . So do you know anything!? Cause I’m at a loss and in suspense here. OK. As to when Linda will be here.

Anyway! a breath of relief. We can all calm down now. Geeeeez . . .

Well . . . 4th page good buddy! Time to rap er up. And as I do.... Big hugs and Kisses . . . Stay fit! Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! I know your gettin all geared up for the Visit.

ME TOO! Even bought curlers! So as you can see . . . I’m just as EXCITED as you! I curl my hair for no-one. Didnt even for Ty! So my friend. KNOW YOUR LOVED and very special to me. OK.!

. . . my tooth is . . . healin up fine . . . And you!? How are you doin!? And Dave with work!?

I dont know how you do it myself ... when your sick . . . Your tough sis. TOO THE CORE! . . . you should have been a man instead of a Women! Am I right or am I wrong.? Chuckle. I can hear ya now.! Had I never of met Dave . . . I probably would of perferred – A Man. And Tom boyed it throughout life. Ha Ha Ha. . . .

Me! I never thought I’d ever Lezzie out myself! Another thing that blows my mind. / I played with G.I. Joe dolls Keith had and all of Keiths toys, completely avoiding Lori’s Barbie . . . Buttt! That was only!! Because guys stuff was more fun.! I had no attraction to girls or anything ... Now.... had I of never been stuck out on the road . . . being Abused and mistreated constantly by guys!!! I’d of certainly turned out like you. Married with kids and playing the Womenly Motherly role. Buttt fate wouldnt have it, and all my Tom boyish experience eventually turned me gay at the age of (28). / 28!? Ha Ha . . . Yes (28). Took a good while before I finally gave in and decided to check it out . . .


Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Your now . . . talkin about the Zoo . . . Well by george, this is were Kitty and I went to sell drugs during our high school days and skippin classes. Do you remember Kitty Howard . . Let me tell you a story about her sister an I, all of which I cant remember her name. DARN IT.

We hitch hiked out to Detriot to look for some mesc. [Kitty’s sister] decided she was gonna take the guitar out there, and dance in the street for attention, to get hippies crowded around, and then seek any drugs we could once the stage was set and the lights on us.

Well eventually lights came! . . . Her dancing was so terrible, she apparently attracted thee attention of more then just hippies. Here came the Cops! They proceeded to ask us who we were, our ages . . . and here I was a run away . . . Well, suddenly up pulls a plain wrapper (regular Vehicle) with 4 white coats chargeing out and grabbing “Sara” . .

When everything quited down . . . the Cop finally explained the situation. Sara had been institutionalized by her parents and ran from the place . . . Anyway!!! Any time I ever hear that ol’ song from the 60s/ “Dancin in the street.” It always brings me back to mind of Sara . . . Man. . . . that day . . .

We’ve all done wild things in our prime while partying. This is what she was all about. Just getting crazy while being stoned, solely for laughs. Her parents thought she was literally crazy . . . Ive met alot of crazies in my 18 years off an on of the road. She couldnt compare. The ones I met were definetly dangerous.

Today I hope her life is straightened out and doing fine. The parents. Straight Jacket there ass too hell. Evil FK’s/ . . .

4 now Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Well . . . alls approved ... See ya in one week. And I hope your just as excited as I am. AS I AM.! . . .

You also asked what the interview was going to be about. Well on paper . . . I really cant discuss “Details” with you sis. You’ll just have to wait for the tape . . . But I can tell you . . . its based on breaking the Silence. The World has heard the Cops and “only” of Mallory. Its my turn now.... With ALL cases . . . honestly revealed . . . What Sound offs / based on. These area’s. So . . . surely you’ve got the idea now. OK.

Man . . . back to tooth problems ... I guess what it is, is that the road is catchin up to me NOW here on the Row. I never ever . . . Never went to the Docs much at all. Except with Ty once. for cat scratch fever! . . .

It all came about..! once upon a time.. ! loooong Aaaago aaaand faaaar Aaaaway! . . . thar was a kitty Caught in the trees. A big Maple one. Being a good productive hooker that I was – off for the day. I decided to save the little fury critter from further harm. So I put on me courage and climbed the big Maple. Once I reached the little four legs. I tried to grab the creature . . .

Well the munchkin didnt want it that a way, as it shook and shivered in frieght . . . Then suddenly out lashed a paw in me eye, just upon the lid. Blood POURED OUT . . .

Since the blood was now a flowin . . . I CAST the critter down! When he hit the ground., he shot out of sight like a bolt of lightening.

I sprawled down, with blood drippin a top me shirt an all. / a red mess. The next day! Lumps appeared around the side me neck an face. Scaaaared! I went to the Doc. And “Cat Scratch Fever” was the diognosis. Plenty pissed I was. Lost a good weeks work and some 700 shellings in the makeings . . .

See ya Soon.

Until then,
Stay Cool
as always
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

THANK YOU GOOD BUDDY FOR COMEING DOWN! Weeeee hooooo! I am extremely glad you did! Again sorry for only 2 hours at a time, but! at least we saw one another once again! GREAT! Everytime I retract in mind our visit.... a huge smile forms on my face. THANKS DAWN. It was really good to see you. 4-Shore.

I feel wonderful now! / Gave it away! To linda the truth, and got to see you! COOL.! I am very much complete now. God Thank you Buddy.! THANK YOU BOTH.! . . .

Since our visit and the interview, I’ve noticed an aire of contempt. Obviously jealous about the tapeing and who it went to. Awwww. poor babies. Anyway! I’m as happy as a lark. Weeeeeeeee hoooooooooooo . . .

Anyway!!! really sorry for any inconviences or hassels you had to endure.. sis. Just really elated to the fact we got to see one another . . .

I will admit!!! I was shy with it.! Because of my Boo Boo on my face. Ha Ha. What a time to get that darn thing A!? My shyness may of made you think I didnt give two hoots about our visit. But.... by all means. NO WAY! (And do hope I’m wrong on even thinking this.) I Love you DEARLY ...

Well . . . got to close . . . More to follow.

Untill then!
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Princess Diane. O man.! Was shell shocked like everyone else! Couldnt believe it.! I watched her funneral saturday too . . . cried my heart out for her. She was so young and so much going for her. yet so trashed by the press . . . I hope the reporters get it good. Heartless bastards . . . She was good natured and I’m sure had some type of beliefs in Christ, since most brits are Catholic.

Mother Theresa, now her death, you’d think she’d of been given royal coverage on to.! But as we see, she’s been given tid bit clippings on the News. Geeez ! OK Society. Go for the money A! . . .

Lets see . . . I guess Ill send these 11 flicks [back] in one bundle of a letter . . . I signed the backs of mine. Man was I ever nervous. I exspecially show it in the one with linda beside me. I didnt want to put my arm around here, because the 2 guards were in there with us. I was wanting to keep it all buisness like. As if I hardly knew her . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I see you’ve finally got in touch with ties to Ty. I guess she’d perferr to let things go too. I’m just glad to hear through her mom that she’s doing good and workin alot. She loves to work, because she loves people. It helps her to Socialize and create friends. By now she has dozens – and they’ve helped her get over me! All of which makes me that much more happier. I know she’s doin swell and is fine . . . so Ill leave it at that I guess. And so if you would. Go ahead and quit callin. Dont want to piss her off... And Please do the same with Lori . . .

Have you heard the latest on Princess Diane. Well I hate Geraldo. / But noticed as I was flicken through the channels that he was doing a segment on Di . . . as I suspected myself – The words out now that they think this was a “Political hit.” Just another thing all so sad . . . that saddly has happened in this Evil world. I know this much. The Queens body Language throughout Dianes entire funneral process. Was. “Good riddens!” She looked like a bitch . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . I see Tony finally got my 12 pager. Good Good Good Good Good Good. And Ill be preparing more in about another week or so. I wanted to hold off on writing him, after our phone call., purposely to see if they’d retaliate in what I spoke with him about over the phone. All of which, they did, some what or another. And Ill be filling him in soon. 4-Sure. So guess Ill be doing another 12 pager to him sometime around the corner.

Man! Really happy for you guys havin finally aquired this house. With 10 acres. Ought to say RANCH. Ha Ha Ha. Really happy for ya’s. GREAT GOIN! . . .

Love ya Buddy




Dear Dawn,

. . . I’m listening to the usual on the radio. Christian contemperary! That is Christian contemperary “Music” God girl – have you’ve ever heard some of the Christian stuff in Music today. Buddy! Its hip! hip as heck . . . Some of my favorites now are Crystal Lewis “Gods been Good to me” . . . , Steven Curtis Chapman “Not Over Yet” (Cool song that obsolutely fits my road experience / . . . Laurel Harris “joy” Anionted “Walking in the light. Chris Rice “Clumsy” Brian Duncan “Whisper around the World” 2 Hearts “Because of you” PSR “That Kind of Love” BB Wyman’s “In harms way”

. . . Its full of Rock, soft + mellow, and good down to earth relaxing folk style . . . you may want to find a good Music shop that sells Christian Music too ...

Well, looks like the chair’s going to be still up an runnin. It was on hold . . . theirs talk of switching it to Lethal. Hope they do. Electricution seems to morbid. Lethal injection more sane. So I only hope it turns out for the better. 4-Sure! . . .

OK! How many deer did they bag. or is it feasant Season. or both.!? . . . Man. I bet there sharp shooters Ha Ha. Well if theres ever a war. Dave and David surely will know there gun power over.! Chuckle, Chuckle. I hope!

I dont see war though. / I see NUKE! (Stupid pukes are gonna nuke themselves silly. / This is what I feel many of the bible prophecies were referring to.) (And the number of a mans name 666. Computers and Robots.) I mean heck – they can now create robots with flesh like plastic coated material over to look utterly real ... Were getting., CLOSER., to D-DAY! Me . . . hum. I may be executed before it gets here. And GOOD . . .

But your loved.

my friend!
Untill next time. Love


Dear Dawn,

To upset about alot.
Ill catch ya this weekend. ok.
Did receive all your kites. Thank you!
Much on my mind. Had to take a week
off writeing anyone. Ill spend this
weekend though with you. okee doke.




Dear Dawn,

Glad to hear the nanny159 was set free. I feel she was totally innocent. 100% my friend. If she did it – it was an accident in my book. She otherwise is far from pre-med or any murderer . . . And so I am elated for her. Hope her life gets turned around for the bigger an better too . . .

Do they speak in tongues at your church or get down with a small band, rockin the place with some gospel or contemperary – (Music) Well. if so.! Then there definitely alright in my book. Man. That’s the kinda church I’d like to attend.———4-Shore! Ha Ha Ha.

Hey buddy by the way for Christmas, I thought of a gift I could give ya. Why dont ya get Kim to take ya on down to a music shop somewheres and get some of these hip songs I been telling ya about. These Christian ones . . .

Man these babies are bad to the bone sis. Actually.! I beg of you! Go Get Em! OK pleeeese. . . . get the albums or the 45s/. Just pleeeese get.! . . . Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Happy Holidays my friend. And I do hope the season is bringing you peace, good health, and a bundle of joy.

You know.... sittin here thinking of Christmas got me rememberin when Keith an I were little youngins and a real cute incident occurred. Ha Ha. Let me share it with ya. OK. We were no other then (6) me (7) Keith (8) Lori . . . A perfect Christmas Eve . . .

After hours of fun, and time for bed, we hit it worn out yet not willin to sleep . . . so we could hopefully catch Santa . . . So we stayed up . . .

45 minutes had to of gone by, when suddenly Keith, shrieked. “I see him!” “I see him!” “I just saw a red cap go by the front door, Hes here!” And scurried he did – to the fire place – to cordially Welcome Santa down the shoooot. While Lori an I ran to the front door . . .

All the commotion gave us away, as mom an Dad stumbled on into the Livingroom to wit us all up an about! “Scolded” – we were hurried back to bed . . .

Well so be it, mom an Dad knew when all of us were asleep. Cause none of us wit them placeing all them gifts that night, we so faithfully requested to Santa . . .

Every year our ways of doing it up for the Holidays were pretty much likewise . . .

Our imaginations were runnin wild an free – full of excited fun. Untill we had to learn the truth. Final out-come. Keith got “BomBarded with Snow-balls the rest of the Winter” . . .


Well I hope you had fun with my clownin around story telling. I tried to make it up in a readers digest fashion – chuckle, chuckle, chuckle . . .

Tony called . . . I just hope he called you to tell you he’ll NOT be bothering you anymore. And please dont part as friends. This guy is strictly an enemy of mine. Has been. I just had to let a few phone calls prove it all ...

Catch ya in the next kite 4-now Merry Christmas Love always Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Ō my God! This ice storm! . . . Looks rough on T.V. My minds trailing off to the homeless. I dont know what I would have done . . . I was always in a Bar on cold and stormy days. Was the only place I could hide out from the chill – “homeless.” So slipped in those joints to warm up then take off again.

. . . Did ya see any news action on Carla Tucker160 whose scheduled to die in some 3 weeks from now. Real pretty Gal. Turned her life around to jesus before she goes. In Texas I believe! And if so, I’m Amazed she’ll be x-ecuted by Lethal Injection. I thought they had a chair out there ō well! Anyway! She’s on her way to a place she’ll be forever grateful to be other then this plain . . . So this gal’s leaving way better off then Judy.161 Judy here, told us all she hopes to go to hell where all her friends are.! Means it completely! Has no fear of any God. Good or Evil! . . . She believes that when she dies. She’ll go back to the particles of life and in another billion years from now. or even more! She’ll finally come back to earth as purhaps – human (or) animal. Crazy A . . . !? Well this is how evolutionist think . . .

Judy’s warrent was signed the 10th of December, but she won’t be x ed until spring. The chairs on hold while the federal courts decide wheather to change it to Lethal Injection or leave all as is . . . This world! Its so SICK! . . . And sadly—she’ll be like this for 4 or 5 months. Instead of the 15 day wait.

. . . for Christmas, they got real dirty on me. Tainted one of my food trays. I was sick for some 3 weeks. I think I nearly died. But pulled through on my own . . . This new attorney is going to hear it too. My friend. For the 1st time a Real Attorney, since my arrest and conviction has come in. She’s the Real McCoy . . .

Catch ya in the next kite on by,

4-now Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Last week got a letter from Linda. There getting the kites. This is being done like Sound off.162 But of-course like I said. Real brief . . . Hitting area’s most important. Like looks and character, on Mom, Dad, Lori, Barry, Keith, then to me, and the life I lead. Thats going to be really hard to brief. You know how much I’ve seen!? Geez! . . . But Ill get through. And must before I should die soon . . . If your gonna sentence to death. / Well then / get with it.! . . . Death is a very sad thing / And I use to say this always with my clients out on the road – dead. I’ve always hated death. The death of anyone! Yet killed 7. As you can see Dawn. I was ABSOLUTELY GONE – when I killed. Out of Reality to the farthest! And the drunker I got as I reflected back to rape’s. That was it. (The wilder my thoughts became) with hatred all bitterly built up within by mega force’s of evil, and so fell. Doing some stuff I never dreamed I’d do . . .

4-now / Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Court T.V. Unreal. You tried to rig up an interview with Court T.V. with me who in about another year is gonna die, and you say, It may be fun. Unreal!

NO ON THE INTERVIEW. And please dont ever do that again . . .

P.S. I dont give a shit if 10 movies are comein out about me. Ill be dead

in some 12 more months from now anyway! Leave me alone about such crap. OK. god.

Man. Whatta ya doin
Tryin to intentionally upset me


Dear Dawn,

Buddy, I’m still mad. But I’m going to look at all this as a misunderstanding ok. Thank you by the way for the Beautiful Card you sent. I’d of done likewise for ya’s if I could.

. . . first of all. Court T.V. or any syndicated show as such, are only out to sensationalize . . . To have it be as scarey and ugly as possible, in order to get the Owww and Ahhh’s to intrigue there viewers with such UK! . . .

A Seriel Killer! ō yeah . . . , to them.... perfect.! . . .

Ive heard they want to motivate executions to nearly one a week as its basically done in Texas. So florida’s really gun-ho on X-en. So gun ho they even changed our units prefix – from G to X. Emm. Emm. Emm.!? There somethin else, aren’t they. Geeez.

. . . My execution I feel will more then likely be next. Because of the severity of my crimes – and the lack of interest in any appeals over. So by 99. itll more then likely be over . . . Always thinkin of the Kingdom and whats all up there. The wonderful land of Oz.! Yeah. . . . ! Right on.! Its got to be better then this dump. This planet is whipped in my book . . .

Happy Belated Valentines good Buddy.

And Ill catch ya in the next one.

Sis – tar!
Until then, Eat your Veggies! Love


Dear Dawn, . . . Happy Birthday!

Hi Buddy! And I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday! Sorry if I didnt seem to celebrate it with ya. Just way to much goin on here. Soooo. What’d ya think about your Birthday card. Ha Ha Ha. Funny!? . . .

So Kim went and pierced her tongue. How insane. Now thats the Devil Dawn. She’s loosein it. Whats next... she’s really stepping off. Ha Ha Ha . . . I’ve been so in the dumps lately. Bummed about Judys X-ecution comein up. The reality is hard pressing . . . I’ve got the Bible out, sendin a bunch of letters to (your mom) . . .

Whats this! a Recliner! O Lordy . . . one of my favorites. May you have heavenly days of comfort in it. I remember the recliner I once had. Back when I lived on Silver-beach on A1A and Daytona . . . That recliner was my pride an joy. After work Id whip up some boozing and flick on the stereo, laid back listening in the recliner and bingo. I was gone., Drunk an happy an crashin in that big ol’ hug of a chair. So my dearly beloved buddy. May you rest peacefully in yours. Sleepin’s a breeze in one to. Emmmmm . . .

Hows your mom doin now!? Since the tests!? Sorry to hear she cried her heart out This is all so very sad. Just like Judy and her warrent being signed. Really Sad. All + all I hope . . . my Christian material is helping her spirits as well. 4-Sure.

. . . Happy Birthday Buddy Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Cant Write YET.163
Ill catch ya this weekend.
Sorry I cant explain!
Just exhausted. And things are still to tense around here.





Dear Dawn,

. . . I’m reading a recent letter on Judy by ya / So Judy claimed. “Innocent.” My My My. Not hardly. Although she wouldnt talk to anybody of her cases. Strangely on 3 different occassions . . . I remember 3 remarks made. These remarks made now make me feel she was getting secrets off her chest . . .

I feel the same way with Andrea! She is definitely filled with bitterness to the highest degree . . .

What a joke. Jesus is saying – come home! And she’s saying no.

As for Virginia. Another idiot. She told me at rec. She’s going to wait until the very last minute, then call upon Christ for Salvation. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb bunch. Anna . . . she speaks only spannish. So I havent a clue . . .

Ha Ha .....

Love ya Buddy!
Catch ya in the next



Dear Dawn,

. . . all’s back to normal now. And so here I am once again. I remember in your other letter you worried if I’d be next. Well good friend an sis. Probably not. Theres a gal here ahead of me.164 She’s been here some 13 years, like Judy. So if there out to strike again, surely she’ll be headed there before me. If not! Well then obviously they were desperate to kill me off to hurry up an hush up any possibilities of Cop Corruption over my cases ever being discovered . . .

If I have to say as I’m being XD/. that I killed all – in 1st degree. hint. I dont care! My crimes are over with. Time Served. I’m leaveing as Christ is the only thing on my mind . . .


Weeeeeeeee hoooooooo!

. . . 4-now Love Aileen,

Xerox of me enclosed
Back on track


Dear Dawn,

. . . I’m really sorry to hear your mom’s been gettin sicker. . . . You know Linda Wrote, and sent a Xerox of an old flick of me and Lewie (my X) taken

back at 20 when we got married. Apparently the magazine that copped the flick – Retrieved this source of material from the Daytona News paper, back in 76 . . . Anyway. this flick was taken in the Livingroom of one of his Condo’s. He had 7. And this one’s called thee “Atlantis” in ormond beach Florida. I know if anyone found out how rich this guy was. Havein as well had 5 yachts in his life-time . . . one would say. You shouldve held on. Well. The reason I didnt was because he was sexually perverted. Once we were married, where as he felt full control, he began to air it. Only to refuse and wind up beatin his ass. Ha Ha Ha. For Shore. From one end of the Condo to thee other. He’s lucky to be alive. Come near to killin him one night. Grabbed a 22 rifle, threw him on the floor, put my foot on his chest and the barrel of the rifle to his forehead, and said – I want a devorce within 24 hours or Ill kill you. He left. I stayed 2 Weeks in the Condo. And finally the devorce came through. Then left, hit the road and went back to travelin the good ol’ USA as I did from 16 up to 20 and runnin into him – marrying. He picked me up hitchhiken. But the Article of-coarse lies, as we wanted it to, and says he picked me up from a nightclub I sang at. Yeah. Sang at! Ha Ha Ha Ha. I dont have to bad of a Voice. Wish it was true back then. May of – hit the big time in Rock an Roll. Only to later most assuredly go into Christian Rock. O well. Enough of his ass . . .

Well din din’s comin. So I’m gonna Close here. OK. My beloved buddy . . .

I Love ya Gal.!
Until next time.
Stay Cool.



Dear Dawn,

. . . The vibes are being surely felt around here that the era for Womens X-exuted is happening. And wondering whose next isnt hard to figure out. (Theres only 4 of us here.) ... One of the thoughts that cross our minds – is back to back. So all an all sis – you may want to get yourself geared up for this due separation. But When it all comes down though. Try to keep as strong as you can – and know that – life is – really but a moment in time down here. Well see one another fairly soon afterwards anyway.! . . . By the way If you can remember this too.! . . . Keiths ashes were scattered here in Florida on the pacific side. Around Stienhattache165 . . . So I drove down . . . And as I followed to the end this road, I reached an area desolate except for a small restaurant. With what looked like rocks turned into some type of shoreline wall. There I cried my eyes out and dumped his remains along that rocky wall . . . then just drove off – crying wildly out of my mind. O boy was I. EVER!

And so what I was thinkin on the lines of here . . . if you had a rent a car – you could drive out there / take the road – or any that leads into Stinhattache and bury me beside Keith out there.

This would make me extremely happy. 4-Shore . . . Whatta ya think? Think you could handle it. And does it bother you any, my desire to be scattered out here by Keith, and not up there.?! . . .

I realize to good buddy, that your against the Death Penalty. But it goes like this, sis. I blew it . . . Penalties must be paid ...

Love ya





Dear Dawn,

. . . Whenever Judy Virginia and I were together out at rec. on occassion our executions would come up. So as we’d talk about death and the life after, we’d state now and then to each other. / to leave a sign., First it was a joke, then we started to take it a bit serious to use. And the pac was formed that should one of us die before the other. After execution, leave a sign as to life after death by patting the others left behind on the shoulder, or back. Like – yooooo! . . . And I remember Judy laughin and said. Ill do more then pat. Ill shove ya. Hard! OK. . . . so there I was ō about a Week ago now., reading the National Geographic sitting on the bed and bent over reading – while the rag rested on the bed. And as I was in this position I suddenly felt a powerful magnified force in the room. “Really magnified.” This power didnt feel evil nor good. just there . . . I suddenly began to feel a hand on my back and it shoved me downward.

A hard shove as it also began to rub my back, as if to say, O Sorry about that, didnt mean to shove ya so hard. And all of this happened so FAST. It was AWESOME. So.... needless to say Dawn. Theres no doubt life after death. But I still feel she died atheist. So is in limbo. Soul’s still on the planet awaiting judgment . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Ever since Judy pushed on my bunk. I’ve been suddenly energized. Like WOW.! pretty freaky!. Ha Ha Ha . . .

Were going to be getting a new Govenor soon. And everyone thinks Itll be george bush. His brother jed is already in Texas as Govenor.166 And my dear. He executes up to 8 (in) 3 days time. The Bush’s are cold as ice, evil as hell, and only care about Political Prestieage. Will do ANYTHING for more power, money, and to feel Above everybody and the Law. So if George becomes Govenor here in Florida. Women being XD/ is definet . . . So thats why we must now start planning . . .

Now if you asked me to do some little ditty to prove life after death. I dont think Itd work. You know why!? NO WHY – Ha Ha Ha Well because. My belief is. Christians leave this planet. Therefore couldnt. But Seculiar folk who died – unsaved – I feel – can – because their souls remain on the planet to await judgment. So . . . I wont even be around to do for anyone. I plan to fully be with Jesus. I Love him to the MAX . . .

Well good Buddy, Ive got to close er up . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Boy do I miss the beach. The Sand. The Sun. The Waves. The Water. Use to sit out on Flaglers with the Bible and drinkin up Soda’s all day. My favorites Mountain Dew an Mellow yellow . . .

When I hooked – I was real natural lookin – with my natural self. Only wore mascara. And just a hair of eye brow pencil on my eye brows. Only because the Sun bleached them out so bad. And I wore basically T-Shirts, Blue jeans, and Tennis shoes. Like I did in my teens. Cut offs from blue jeans for shorts. I dont get it why these hooken broads wear., high boots, mini skirts, fish net stockens . . . an all. Man. It really cracks me up. It all looks so stupid.! And all the guys I ever went out with – havin met hookers out on the road – said those kinda gals turned them off. They look stupid an into drugs . . .

Hope you had a real good time at your mom’s . . . Everything is ok with me . . . So Dont worry. No warrents have been signed yet, and I’m doing fine otherwise . . . Love ya Buddy,

4-now / Aileen


Dear Dawn,

The Road is Long – in which there is no return. This songs runnin through my head buddy as I solemly sit here wondering without sounding to heavy in this letter../ that I could care less about any interviews done on me. Past or present. And my friend – how I’ve told you I killed in 1st degree 7 times. And not in self defense many times Dawn. So therefore should I ever grant a new trial allowing them to have one for another rake in – if they wanted to give me one ever again purely for..! This you my friend would have to be subpoenaed to the prosecutors table / and not onto the defenses side. For you KNOW by NOW it wasn’t self defense. From Visits and etc. OK. So as kindly as I can put it – I will – as to say to you that. Please., dont screw around with the truth. As I could give a liveing dam about the chair. This Biz about you saying – She has it down packed in all you were trying to say. How John Tanner Blah Blah, Blah, and the Cops., Doh, Doh, Doh . . . then you’ve got here – and the jurors were withheld from viewing the confessional tapes with self defense in it. All of which you’ve been trying to tell everybody all along. Yeah. Dawn. The first year of my arrest – I was . . . until I saw the Light of Day in all the Evil of “Everything” with everybody on my case’s and myself even in “Lieing”. I then said it was time to quit playin with all of it and God. Tell the truth and let the rest of the liars on all this face their own charges against – With God. Im fadeing out clean. Cleansed of my crimes an my old life by the hand of God’s forgiveness ...

OK. Well Buddy. Its that time again. Got to wrap er up here. I understand how your feeling on all this. How you wish there was hope and I’d cover up area’s myself just to keep my butt from the chair. But in order for me to be with the Lord – under my consequences. I must do it all in – truth . . .

Gotta Go
See ya This Weekend


Dear Dawn,

. . . O MAN . . . By the way! . . . As I was trying to tell you in short while sending the Mars article to you. Is that our wonderful Lord and Savior is So Smart! God is he ever! When He created us!.. He put within us a built in satellite, by putting the very material substances that are used for T.V.s/ Radios/ and Computers/ etc. Such as Copper and then other earthly substance within our very flesh. So – it is that apparently when we do “PRAY” we are being heard. By angels and our Lord! . . .

When I did read the article way back when I instantly thought of “Star Trek” and the “Next Generation.” The Bridge aboard the starship. Switching it around to “The Throne”, and instead of Kirk or Picard in Control . . . Its Jesus. And we are all constantly being watched and evaluated from the bridge or “The Throne” . . .

Love Aileen


Back in the Saddle
Chuckle Chuckle

——7:00 A.M.

Dear Dawn,

. . . I can tell you got mad. I’m really Sorry. Yoooo! But I’m back.! So scrub the grudge, and be Understanding. Prison is Very Stressful. OK! . . . Can take awhile to get yourself back together.

I pray your all doing well up there! . . . I myself am doing fine after some rest. My ear is so messed up. There isnt a bit of protective wax in it.! So its wide open. And certain sounds can kill it royal. And the eardrum . . . tends to giggle around . . . Its a bummer. Thats why my handwrittens off. I lose balance because of this “no wax in the ear gig.” All of which Medical rigged ... they handed me these ear drops claiming the stuffs Antibiotic med . . . All over the Box it said “ear wax remover.”. From that Day on. I knew., as well as with the dental dept. I’d be negatively mistreated. So I now have to watch my back in most everything.

OK/ So now you know the problem I’ve been under. An why I went to space for awhile . . .

Wouldnt the Supreme Court love to hear this stuff.! In big black + white bold letters concerning death row inmates in America . . . The laws are in the book I sent back to ya in 93-94 . . . And need I tell you. None of those laws are being followed here. I can clearly see they do think there above it. “The Law” . . .

And so I’ve been haveing some problems – but nothing I cant overcome . . . Ya gotta roll with the thunder. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I’m rollin. I’m Rollin. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. KABOOM! . . .

4 now / Aileen


Dear Dawn,

And as I said I’d do, I’m here to get back with you on the rest of my beliefs in Christ. The personnel “what ifs” . . . in wonder. Through mixing the studies together of archeology and theology – with a bit of science also.

As you know by Now . . . that there was a flood on earth before Noah’s. Havin taken place even before Adam and Eve. And took place with Lucifer on Earth with a 3rd of the Angels falling with him. Em Em Em Pretty Stupid! The CREATED trying to take over the CREATOR.

And as you know by Now – By many of the Space Missions and their Scientific Findings on, from our high tech probe of various planets such as our Moon and Mars, “that they may of once held water. And as well had at one time experienced a major flood.” . . .

Therefore! Between the “RECORDED” word and this Science in itself we “Now” have to think twice here from the literal discoveries founded by the Missions. And so I’m wondering if then that the planets surrounding ours – was no other than the fallen angels. And that when God in Scripture Speaks of a 3rd havin fallin with Lucifer – if he’s not referring to – not only earth that Lucifer governed. “But the Planets as well Around Earth.” As being the ⅓ that fell with Lucifer in) the Universe as a whole. That – if earth wasnt merely – The Governmental Headquarters of the Surrounding Planets. And that purhaps “Paradize” (is) Heaven – And that the “Garden” (is) the ring of the planets within the universe. And that “Earth” purhaps was better known to the Angels and Lucifer as “Eden.”. . .

Well just incase you cant Picture what Im trying to say then let me give you an idea of what I mean through a star trek scene. OK!

There we are on the Bridge of the Star Fleet Command. I’m Kirk and your Piccard. And were studying “A MAP” of the———Universe there above the screen on deck. As were looking over the Universe – there in the far northern corner of the map lies a cluster of planets and its sun. Our thoughts are on finding the Kingdom of Lucifer’s within the Galaxy. As we float aboard craft in the twilight of paradise searching.

His headquarters are located within the “Gardens” realm known by the title Eden. All the while being an otmost perfect spot for his headquarters. Spaced within the very middle – within the ring of the realm—the planets (or) better yet known as kingdom. Our Mission! To seek and Destroy. Why!? Because it has become known to us that Lucifer and his Kingdom has agreed to war against God. So God Has sent us to flood them out. They’ll be left entirely desolate eternal. Until further notice. What will be felt eternally desolate!? The Planets my Dear. The Planets! Although I have heard between the grapevine Piccard that our Lord may use the middle seat of the cluster eden as some sort of mercy seat for the 1/3rd fallen. Some type of 2nd chance I overheard. But how he plans to go about it I don’t know. All I’ve heard is that 1st offenders will be given a one chance shot at it in this 2nd chance he has planned. And if the fruit proves itself worthy to be saved from this fall (that the very govenor of the plains enticed them to fall under) That then he or she shall be saved. All I know is that I’d love to see this plan. When we haven’t even flooded them out yet.!

OK. Anywayyyy! Thats one of my wonders. Here – with Lucifer and the Flood. Since we’ve now discovered other planets around as may have been under alot of water as well. And Soooo. What’d ya think.? Sound to strange to crazy to wild – or. is. it Hey! Maybe you Got Somethin there. Ha Ha. Gotta Go 4th Page and My inks Runnin out.

CATCH YA in the
Love ya Sis
Stay Cool, Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . My Gosh.! I HAD NO IDEA it was DAVIDs BiRTHDAY! . . . With the party you guys rigged up – I’m sure you had a blast . . . Havent Been to a party like that since my ol’ teen Days. Went to Some with 50 too 100. And Some with NEAR 300 there. This one I was at in Denver Colorado. Actually outskirts of. Was the one with near 300. God Girl this Guy throwin the party had these gas barrel drums cut in 1/2 and then with Bull Dozer’s – Dug out Pits and stationed them in the pits as such for grilling, as grill plate’s were made to be put over . . . There were at least 20 different Bar B-Q sauces lined accross a table to pic and choose from. Em. Em. And Of-Course. I went ahead and dipped pig meat in them all. Dam pig was so Juicey! EMMMMM. I can taste it still – Today! EM. EM. EM. .Gōōōōōōōd!

. . . Good Buddy – we do think A-like . . . By January I could as well turn out as Judy. I must say Fly By Hints have been thrown at me left and right. The 2 major ones stated to me the most (are) / Hang in There and / Bye . Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. For real. But it doesn’t Bother me in the least. Why!? Because . . . of us possibly being Angels that fell with Lucifer and given purhaps a 2nd chance . . . Anyway. I’ll do the same and send to you my very love for you in writ. So should I ever depart – And ya Get to Missin Me. Open the Kite. OK! . . .



2nd Chance Angels


Dear Dawn,

Hi And as I promised – I said to Copy down what Ive been writting to your Mom. So let me do so . . .

Remember. I’m Kirk and your Piccard.

And there we are on the bridge of the “Star Fleet Command” gazeing up at a map thats stationed – In a planetary 3-D effect accross star boards screen. And as we were looking the areas over of the Universal Solars and all its Planets Inhabited abroad., we search for Lucifer’s. As it is known as.... “The Garden of Eden” within this kingdom of His. And EDEN within the Realm of this Kingdom – is His Head Quarters over it all. Our Mission. It is to Seek and Destroy these rebel’s through flooding out of their entire Garden. Since word has come from their Kingdom to our Lord they wish to war against him.


Against our Majesty and all of His Heavenly Host!.

Yes. Piccard – and what fools to think they could take him on and literally overthrow their Creator! But it is war they want – So war they shall have! . . .

Well Now. Let us Be Going. Much to be Done. ahead of us here. (And as there walking off the Bridge – Kirk Stops Piccard and States). I overheard something the other day of which purhaps I shouldn’t have. I just for a moment overheard one of our Lord’s Top Angel’s saying to another about these fools getting a 2nd chance. And then I heard something to thee effects of a Mercy Seat. But Lo if I heard no more for I was in a Great Hurry and not able for even a hair of a second stop to chat and find out what it was all about. Well whatever it May Be. An Hail to His Glory.


As the fleets Cruise the stars visiting many plains and poliecing the Universe from such intrustions as Lucifer’s that occurred. / Kirk enters bridge.

AHHHHH! Piccard! Remember that tiny bit of a discussion we had way back when Lucifer was being tracked down . . .

Well.... That future has arrived, and the time has come for us to be briefed on it. We are to meet with our Majesty in the Union Hall at Noon. He is going to be chooseing various representatives from all around the Galaxy! To take charge over – His Commands and see them through. There is a big uproar of excitement from Colony to Colony. Everybody can’t wait to embark and partake upon the stars of this Glorious Mission. Those Imprisoned have been in Heavy prayers with the Lord.., and he had finally leaned his ear to Mercy – Predestineing them a way out of this tragic mess they’ve befallen in.

Is there a title to this Mission!?.

Yes – There is Piccard.! Actually I should say a few.! For one is called – Salvation. Another.... Redemption. Their meaning is . . . Redeemed. But Now!? Well.., Will just have to wait for noon to find out. So I’ll be going and getting myself ready. And when you do, wear your best!. OK!? Until then, See you there and God Bless.

To Be Continued.




Dear Dawn,

. . . And sure hope none of ya’s had any terrible hangovers.167 I can recall some pretty hairy tricks to get rid of off the road. Lordy, I must of tried em all too. But only one I really liked. Alcazelzer. Ha Ha Ha. But I cant really say if it actually worked or not. – Because I basically got drunk., everyday! So by noon I was back to a buzz on the stuff. – I swear once I had one so bad, I didnt even feel human! Ha Ha Ha. I couldnt wait to feel human again. Ha Ha Ha. It was a Terrible Hangover. Big time bad one . . .

Ive still plenty here by the way – on my Star trek gig on the fallen Angels., and I’ll get back with you on it, after I get this regular kite out to ya and shoot the bull a little bit with ya. Want to catch up with ya. ok . . .

By the way.... Have you heard at all from Steve an Arlene. I wonder what they’ve been doing all this time now. Its been since 94. Me + them . . . Anyway! . . . How would you feel if I made Amends with them?! I’m curious . . . Feelin ya know that I may be up for XN/. And so was wonderin. If you dont like the idea Ill drop it. If you dont care! Well. Then I need to get in contact with em – ya know . . . Let me know OK. Do you have there phone numbers—(?)

Well. I’ve a few things I’ve got to do. Trays are Comin . . .

Love 4-now – Aileen


Dear Dawn,

My hands are actin up – so please bear with me. OK. And I hope all of ya are doin good. Exspecially your Mom . . .

Virginia Lazalerie told me I could have to wait up to 7 more years before all my paper work is finalized. But I slightly disagree Because of 6 death warrents . . .

Thank-you – on your Sweet Comments concerning the Star Trek Episodes. The reason Im Kirk by the way and your Piccard – is Because Kirk had Brains – But yours were even smarter! Now! Feel Better! Ha Ha. Man. its not over yet OK. So. I’m on a roll good Buddy!.

Its taken so long – because I’ve been really careful at how I’m wording it all. Dont want him to mad at me – once I get on thee other side if I was – By chance way off. Chuckle. But I’m sure he doesn’t mind us gettin lost in our imaginations . . .

We were innocent back in our days weren’t we? The most our little horns did then. Well me anyway – was.... hummmmmmm u Come on Come on Aileen. Confess. / Ō ok Gulp. Threw toilet tissue up in a guys widely spread out oak tree. Threw green tomatoes at passing cars. Then older got real courageous and – B-Bs/ out passing cars – Lieing out in the woods off of 20 mile. Near the house. Aileen! Why that was MEAN! I know. I know. I feel terrible today. So how about you. Lay it on me. And no lieing. OK.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

OK. I’ve got to close shop. Last call! Whatta ya want!? Me. Ill take a Ice Cold Coors. Pleeeeeeeese. Ha Ha . . .

Love ya Buddy

Until then/ Aileen

The Fallen Angels – and Lucifer.


Dear Dawn,

Hellloooo! This here is the last part. OK. A regular Kite will follow behind . . .

Jesus Continued and Said

Let us now eat and Tomorrow we will meet again for another gathering on all these matters . . .

Now before I close here and let you all enjoy your dinner along with the day . . . For much will begin in the Marrow of the Morning Star. I’ll leave you with a mysterious expression. See while you eat if you can figure its riddle in purpose. If So / Report it back to me. As it is this.

“One Day shall Be As A 1,000 years. And a 1,000 years as one day.”

“Unto the Day of the Lord.”
Now let the Man Adam begin – And the last – with a Trump.

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . This phoney CCR Shit from Tallahassee informed me Xn wont be any time soon. So relax! . . . A real big joke indeed. Em. Em. Em . . . allowing 2 puppies to represent me. To really make sure I’m not “properly represented” Being that of 21 and 24. Sick!. Capital Murder cases and letting kids play with it. Em. Em. Em . . .

Well. since 1994 I’ve had this So called CCR in my face telling me . . . they’ll help me waive off to the chair . . . Well it was like they were saying. Lets just hush everything up OK., And we’ll help you. So all madder then hell by the very lack of concern for anything . . . I said OK! So dont bother me any or see me on it then. Alright!? And they agreed.

And so they showed up. Just a week or so ago . . .

Now the reason Im telling you all this. Is because I heard there on there way up to Michigan. If they are and they come over to see ya. All of which “If you Want” to see them will be boreing. And would perferr if you didnt . . . So you see! The very bottom line here concerning “Florida” is that it is Extremely Corrupt. Head over fist.! As the powers all wash together. They scratch each others back. Wash each others hands. And will Cover for each other in “Anything” . . .

OK. Well let me close er up . . . Hope the wheathers great and Happy Holidays.!





Dear Dawn,

I hope you had a Wonderful Holiday! And Knowing you. No hangovers!

Ha Ha Ha

I use to have nothing but hangovers.! . . . And now the way I feel with all the cigs and booze outta me . . . I feel great! ... So now I hope you and your mom. and anyone else for that matters does too. Best of Luck Sis . . . My other new years resolution is “No swearing” No criticizing and more praying.” I’ve got this sign up in my room that reminds me. It says. No Swearing – and – No criticeizing. Ha Ha Chuckle. Chuckle. I’ve broken it a few times ... But not cigs! I’m holding my ground and doing swell. I dont even go outside anymore. If I did. I’d definetly light up . . . Besides, I know my time . . . will be comeing soon. And when it does, and I must go. I’d perferr to be all white – all over. Ha Ha . . . Not tan here and there . . . Could you just imagine my head shaved with a super tan face. Well! I could! Ha Ha Ha . . .

I’m now working on Linda’s info she needs for furthering her project . . . Real stressful. But it must be done. In all area’s the truth told. Then burn my ass in that chair for all I care! I came clean! all the way. And felt so good when I did . . .

Well. Time to close er up . . .

Happy New Year!
Take good care, an until next
time. New Year hugs + kisses
to everybody! Emph!
Love ya, Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Piccard.—————Merry Christmas!. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I couldnt resist. You called me kirk in one of the letters, so had to kid ya back. Chuckle. Chuckle. Any snow up there yet by the way!? Snow always seemed to fill up any empty space in the Holiday for me. It perked up my spirits of it up more . . .

I take it your lonely an missin me buddy. If so! Im Sorry. And Ill try to write more often now – since my ear’s gettin better, and wrist and finger pain can be mastered . . . They’ve put this huge Satallite on the compound. “Huge deal.” Looks like somethin outta Star Wars. Well . . . I personally fell their useing it for covert purposes against Death Row . . . This is like the serie’s then – X Files – and then one can see why they mockishly changed the prefix from G to X . . . Every time you ask them if the Com’s on. Their response is.... It doesn’t work anymore! The system’s been disconnected! Ha Ha Ha. Ō yeah. Thats why a high frequency signal runs through this room continually . . .Their in for a big surprize! For the whole world soon may find out! And thats one of the reason’s I wanted to bring Steve back in. To blow the prison wide open . . . They’ll have me back infront of Nick before I know it. Chuckle. Chuckle.

Say. I hear he’s been callin to see how I’m doin! How sweet. I hope he has a wonderful Holiday ... Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Say I see here your mom did have eye surgery and alls fine now. Cool! Really glad to hear it.! Do you know she’s written me a few times . . . As sick as she’s been and with one eye! WOW! . . .

Love ya’s soooo. Want to hug and cuddle. Aileeeen! Dawn. I dont mean like that. Solllly. I mean as a good friend an sister. Sure wish I could. Give ya a big ol Kiss on the head and a Super hug! Without lettin go for a good long time. I wouldve done that here. Butttt! there fincky about that stuff. If ever we see each other again, I’m gonna do it – Anyway! wheather they like it or not. Bluuuuuuuu . . .

Pleeeeese tell everybody . . . Hi – for me! Will ya! And . . . . . . .

Happy New Year!

Hope it turns out swell for all of you. ok . . . time to rapp er up again. Have another hug. EEmmmMMMMmmMMph. and bunch of Kisses! Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx. Catch ya in the next flight in – ok Happy Holidays! Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . you know I finally wrote Steve! just let him know I was sorry about what Nick did.168 Hoped he an his family had a wonderful Christmas / same with New Years. And if he felt like it – Come on Over . . . I also let him know that I’d like to hear from Arlene. So contact her / and if she’s interested in writeing me. Well then! good. You know – Those 2 did do a hell of alot for me. And I must say I was ungrateful. So I’m guilty! And want to royally apologize . . . You see! Nick didnt understand any of the ways Steve an Arlene did things together. And as Arlene was frantic in getting outside assistance from others to help support an assist me . . . Well Nick got the wrong impression! And in my mixed emotions So did I.!. Royal! So wound up back stabbin Steve and Arlene. By supporting Nicks film. Which in all reality is a huge misunderstanding that has really screwed up Steve an Arlenes life . . . So I am deeply grieved at how I treated them . . . I was disrespectful and am abased . . . Therefore buddy. If they do come back in full swing. Lets keep it all Cool. OK . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Hi Sis . . . you’re a Sweet heart. And a real Big One for callin Arlene. Thanks a bundle! Ill always Wonder about her and just what her real reason was in comeing in my life. But tough. I cant let this Bull get in the way This Time. I need her and Steve’s strength for Security purpose’s. To Many prison problems. Time to disclose it . . .

But please keep this “Reason” to yourself. OK! Will you!? . . . I’ve got to much “Care” in my Soul. / then to take someone and simply “Use” them . . .

If there usin me. I cant gripe, because I’m still getting help by them – if they are!

. . . And pleeeeease Buddy, don’t start thinking I’ll go right on back to written [Arlene] more often than you. NO WAY! As I said. I Love you a heck of a lot more then Arlene. You come 1st. Well God 1st But! your 2nd my dear. Then comes every body else. OK!

I worry like hell over you guys in the Winter an driven. To dam dangerous. Ha Ha Ha, I can hear ya now. No Shit! . . . Had a Cutlass and Wound up in the ditch . . . a guy I was screwin in Sterling Heights, let me use his wheels . . . I think I was 15 then. / Not 16. Cause it was when I was still goin to Troy. I thought I was so hot with that guys pretty cutlass at School. That’s why I didn’t mind Screwin the guy – just to get his wheels. Ha Ha Ha . . . I was a Devil. And most of my life! Because of him I’m here. But. even so. Jesus can Save . . . Even the lowliest as me. Chuckle . . .

Well my crazy ass has to hit the sack . . . Love ya Much. And Get Well. “Soon”. Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Pleeeeese remember this! OK. If it doesn’t go as planned. By the will an all. Pleeeeeeeese don’t let it bother you any. Flesh is just that . . . Dead an gone. The burial of it. / However done really doesn’t mean that much. I mean. If my ashes can be spread out in the ocean of Flagler beach just north of Daytona. Then Ā Real Cool!. Great! But if mommy dearest wants to play games for unknown reason’s. Don’t go through the mess with her. Just let her have the bod and do what she wants in her – somewhat crazy mind. As I’ve said. I’ll always be suspicious of her wealth . . . And real reason for comeing into all of this. OK . . .

You said here . . . that sexually you never done anything with Keith. That’s Cool. I never did anything with Ducky either. I was always wonderin if Keith ever “Asked” you though. Ducky never did me. Nor – of-course I him. etc. etc. etc. I always looked at him as a brother to, that . . . Ha Ha Ha . . . didn’t like me to well . . . Catch ya in the next flight in. Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I wanted to finnish with ya on the rest of thee interesting event of Fort Lauderdale an leaveing it in the 69 Cutlass, but Heidi wanting to stay behind. OK. So off we are back to Michigan in the car.

. . . I don’t think I had my license . . .

Here we were in Ohio now . . . seeing that the gas was nearing empty and we needed to piss an all. Break time it was then, an off the exit we got off at.

. . . Laney was gonna count out some bucks outta the Wallet . . . Buttttt Couldn’t find it!. Panicking – only to remember – It was taken to the rest room – and either dropped it in there (or) left it on the counter (or) something!. And with the median being grass now – and in a panick – I went for a U-turn in it – to head back to that exit and the gas station John. Ha Ha Ha.

. . . now a Cop on our ass., for U-turnin. And I’m driven with no license . . . Soooo! Here comes the sirens, as I pull over.

Explaining everything does no good. The Cop tells us to follow him . . . [we’re] directed to follow the Cop into the building – to meet the Judge.

. . . the Judge has sympathy, and then fines us 10 bucks. But the problem. We still haven’t any money! And by now. Its all stolen. So I tell the Judge once again. As he tells us. You got 2 hours to get it. / The plan now is Western Union . . .

Well then he Leaves And for how long I didn’t know – nor cared! As I look at Laney in piss an fear. We’ve got to get out of here! So . . . I told her., I’m gonna go ahead an leave. and if were chased Ill try to outrun em. OK!? (crazy idea Ā) (See what desperation will do? Make you think the wildest) So. I cranked it up and started rollin to I-75. I could see a State trooper near one of the construction area’s on the freeway. So I told Laney. hide down! Maybe with one passenger itll fool this guy – incase he knows about us. / waiting for the bread (or) to the clink we go. Ha Ha. So she did. – Dawn! I kid you not!. I floored past the crew. The Cop looked. Shook his head an went about his business talkin to another guy. I thought for sure there was gonna be a chase. But – no such Luck! Ha Ha Ha and on to Troy we were once again. (OK) to be Continued.

Catch ya
in the next
Love ya


Dear Dawn,

. . . And CCR. Dawn!,. Ive got to tell ya., I never asked them to see ya. And if he showed you any letter by me saying to—then they must have had a handwritting specialist draw it out. Cause I’ve written to them 2 young roosters just startin to crow as lawyers. “Once”. / Werent they / discustingly young lookin . . .

And now I’ve another problem . . .

Sooo. please if you would I need for you to contact Amnesty International out of DC . . . They’ve got my room rigged with G-force effects . . . They’ve been turning it on – so high while I’m sleeping That I Wake up with body pressure and nearly choked to death by the perching effects to the ear drums. So now there hopeing the force will Kill me. / Covertly . . . So let them know this stuff OK. And. let me know when you received this letter. Cause its being logged ...

Whats this . . . Ben Lloyd had a crush on me!.


Man . . . I don’t want to hear it. That guy was whipped lookin in my book! But then again . . . that could’ve all changed ... Because As it stands . . . I was’nt all that Bad lookin as a Kid . . . but Lord . . . Look at me NoW! Ruff. Ruff. I’m a dog! Chhhh. That’s why I don’t want any one to see me . . .

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Say ... Have you any recent flicks of him by the way!? Sure would like to . . . “Remember what he looked like!” I was so, Stoned all the time . . . back then . . . I cant get much of a picture of him in mind . . .

Well. Gotta wrap er up here. Love ya Buddy And. Thanks a million for never havin given up on me . . . For now / Aileen.


Dear Dawn,

Thank you for the Birthday greetins., Appreciate it sis. Looks like Ill be doin it up though for thee 43rd with tea . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . Ill be happy to help you out with Rod.169 OK. Since you love him so much. Would love to be a part in the tickets to see . . .

Dawn. About Keith havein the hots for ya. He did! At first. Then that feeling passed away an all it was . . . Was a sisterly thing. The hots came where you guys first met. But when he found out how tough and Tom boyish you were, it all melted away into just one dam good friend. . .

Once again I want to Thank you with all of my heart for having visited Keith (an) helped him as you did . . . I cant believe what Barry did to him . . . Sick MFKER. I cant believe you had to bring him a “Pillow!” My god was that bastard insane or what!?. Had to bring my bro. a pillow . . .

Barry! Dad. Man. It seemed Dad was the only one he liked outta the entire family! All of which had me always look at him like a Womanizeing pig. So when Keith became ill like that . . . I bet Barry thought this was a good Opportunity for revenge . . . So he tortured him like that before he died.

Same with me in the testifying department with Lori an Barry. I’m sure they thought on the lines of a perfect opportunity for revenge. As I said. They hated us so much in the family they wish we were dead. Well! Their wish finally came true didn’t it. I personally dont see any salvation in their bones either. So.

Whatever will be, will be. The future looks bleak you see, I’m sure it will be, hee hee. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Whatever Jesus decides . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . CCR. Do you know – them bastards went to most of the people who were abussive to me (or) raped me. / to interview.

. . . in VJBJ I Wrote out a list of some 25 names of people I thought would be a good choice . . . Well not one person on that list was “Ever” contacted. Except only the ones the . . . , “Cops had drummed up” . . . Pretty sick bunch Ā!? . . .

I did say I’d tell you about Adrian. “The girls training school.” I will next

letter, Promise . . . For now Love Aileen. P.S. Amnesties In California I just found out. There was a segment on Women across America and being abused in prison. Excellent. See. The timings getting right for me to tell.


Dear Dawn,

Hellooooo! . . . Say on Amnesty. God! I never meant you to try like that!. Lord.! Stop in the name of (a) – phone bill buddy! Geeeez . . . I’ve NEVER had anybody extend themselves so far for me as you have! . . . You are soooooooooooo thoughtful and careing! . . . Sure wish there was something I could do for you in return . . . Helplissly stuck here in this prison. sniffle sniffle . . .

“Happy Birthday Buddy!”

Did ya get my card!? Hope you liked it. I tried not to put to much say in it, so I wouldn’t screw up the looks of it. Inside (or) out. That’s a Classic . . . So I’d keep it in a good place since its surely a collectors . . .

Curious! Whats voice mail? I’m in the dark on that one buddy! Got to help educate me with these new fangled things an all the high tech and modified Jazz. Chuckle. Chuckle. So teach me. Teach me. Teach me. Bå . . . . . Bā!. Ha Ha . . .

Until next flight in. Von Voāge . . . And I . . . Love you! echoes me across the miles Aileen



Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! And Im sooo glad to hear you got the Tickets to see Rod. Great!. Im soooo glad . . . And am very glad to hear that your 43rd Birthday went swell. Good, Good, Good, Good, Good . . . “Is this concert at the Silver Dome by the way!?” . . .

And on CCR. You asked who they are. Well my recent letters explained their callousness. / But just look at their title and its obvious. CCR stands for. “Capital” “Collaterol” “Regency” and they’ve now added another C to it for “Counsel”. CCRC. So that its rigged all the way by Tallahassee. To Lie to Society that Death Row case’s are being thoroughly investigated – when there not . . .

Well, we all know just what Collateral means – don’t we!? / A type of loan for a pay back! And then the counseling. Listening to all the Corrupt Crap the prisons laying over on the inmate. And then – them claiming theirs nothing they can do about it! . . . Let me know when you received this Kite Love



Dear Dawn,

Hellloooo! Hows it goin Kid!? . . . its snowin outside. WoW!. Well. hum. If I remember right. Way back when I was 14 stuck in an Unwed home in Detroit., Low an Behold just before I had the little tike – it was snowin outside. So! I guess I can’t say I find that to unusual . . . Boy that kid I had was huge. I can’t remember if they said 7 lbs 11 ounce’s or 11 lbs 7 ounces. But I sure remember well the pain. 24 hours of labor. The stretch marks from him rack my bod. There all over. He pulled me apart! Wound up naming him. Keith Arnold Wuornos. Then later, as I was being sentenced to girls training school. the Judge said that my child was adopted into a wealthy family., and that the 1st name was kept. Humm. Wonder how true that all was. Anyway! Sure kept me happy....

And you know I did tell ya now that I’d finally write ya about that School . . .

I’m off to telling some tales. So get prepared. May make your hair – “fly way on up in thee air!.” Chhhhcccchhhhhh.


Well, as you know, way back, at the age of 15, I ran away from home for the 3rd and last time. The other times were at the age of 13 and 14. Now Mom cared., but Dad didn’t. But in order for themselves not to get in any trouble with the Law, they did as any normal parent should do and finally filed a run away report. With Dad havein a plan behind it, I had no idea of – once I was caught.

Then of-course, as you know, during this 3rd split from the house, Mom dies. Unaware to! I had no idea she was so sick. As she did in the Morning, and I was at the pits about to be hunted down by Lori and some of the Shelley girls in Dad’s Maverick Lori was driven. Now you may have been with em Dawn, but I can’t remember everyone there. I was beginning to get way burned out from the whole mess – so please forgive me if you were and I’ve forgotten. Anyway . . . from the car – someone came down to the beach and told me Lori was up there and needed to talk with me. So I made my way up thee embankment, to the car, only to find her full of tears. Then she laid on the Shocking New’s an split., just to leave me likewise.

The news got to the Cops fast, that I was around the area, ... after that. Surely by Lori. Barry or Dad. But because of an Uncle or Cuss. (can’t remember what kind of kin he was). . . . being one of the Cops in Troy I believe I was overlooked for a while as a run away, so I could attend her funeral. Yet it wouldn’t be 24 hours later – after I did – that’d I’d sure enough be rounded up on my way to a juvenile facility out in Pontiac.

Now let me tell ya, that center was somethin else. Full of UK and discust. Hate was “Everywhere!.”, and nothing was being accomplished because of it.

And it wouldn’t be 2 days there, that I’d get locked down in a tiny cell away from the others for given a Matron the finger. I believe they left me in there around a week or so. As the one I gave the finger to, knew very well about my Mom’s death. Haveing just died. But did they care!? why hell no!. Only that the information was music to their ears to further punnish me with. So they Loved it., and snickered anytime I mentioned here name or memories of.

Then one day came a break. A good way to bust from the place. The girls were hedin on a field trip and I was asked to come along. I figured, excellent, now I can run from this joint. As my feet began to itch with excitement. I had a trail to blaze.

Finally by another week we were off. Arriveing to a picnic area that was way out in the Boonies. I kept looking around, an sayin to myself... , How easy!. And once everyone was pretty well occupied. I walked off. I must’ve been a good ½ mile when they finally noticed me missing!. And then way in the distance I could hear them callin my name. As I just laughed an walked on.

Around 2 miles or more I found a farm. My eyes trained on the barn as a hide out, I started towards it only to be greeted by 2 young guys and an older Man. Who were part of the farm. The father and sons. They immediately started askin me what I was doin on their land. As I really didn’t much care an told em everything. They told me they heard plenty about the place and its cruel conditions, so decided to help me.

They hid me then up in the Barn until the coast was clear – as meanwhile their Mom was makin sandwiches an soup for us all. After it’d get dark they were then gonna take me to I-75., and with great Thanks I’d be back on my way to Troy – hitch hiken.

As to say the 1st day on the run went swell. While for 3 more weeks I’d be back around everybody to see and party with. Only to then get busted again an wind up back at the facility.

The court appearances didn’t take long. I didn’t have one the first go a round. They just called my Dad up and he said he didn’t want me no more. But this time one was up – as I was appearing on charges of Run Away. And there was Dad - alone and smellin as usual full of Wine. He kept given me a dirty eye an telling me he couldn’t wait for this to be over with, and never see me again. As if I was up for a hanging.

But I guess it was’nt gonna work for ol’ Dad – the way he wanted it. When the judge asked if he wanted me back home, he shouted from the roof top no. To do as you like to her, but she’ll never step foot in his house again. So the judge sentenced me to 6 months in Adrian – to a place known as a girls training school. Leaving me and my Dad with these words before pounding the gavel.

“That maybe by then you’ll change your mind about her,
And me about running away from home.”
To Be Continued

Well, up next the School.
Lord was that place a trip.
See ya in the next kite.
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! . . . let me tell ya some of thee ol’ wars I’ve been in. Ha Ha Ha. I’ve got scad’s of war stories!. Seen a bunch! Chuckle Chuckle. So as I said I’d do. Let me continue here with Adrian. Lord. Now that there (is) one war story!. Geeeez . . .



. . . Arriveing in the evening hours to check into my new motel (or) should I say hell . . . called Girls Training School. Located in Adrian Michigan.

I was amazed how huge the place was! . . . it was once an old plantation ... As the houses with all there buildings intrigued me with their antiquity.

I pictured Amish folk. (or) even further then that!. ole the 1500 pilgrims (or) other’s. Visualizing them wondering around . . . to be now remodeled into a reformatory for troubled Kids and run aways like me . . .

I was placed in a cottage named Rose. / I believe!

. . . two more weeks of thee ol’ place and I was suddenly gettin home sick... and wantin to just get back to Troy to see Keith and Lori again. (or) anybody else I loved!. So plans of runnin were next... The place was so wide Open – you could just walk away . . . So I figured. A piece of cake!.

Ō but I’d learn a tail of major problem . . . As the story went, that no girl had yet succeeded in her attempts. Because of the hounds.

. . . What!?. There it was. Well OK Back to the drawin board., and how I’m gonna beat them hounds once I take off . . . To Be Continued., Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Amnesty wrote back. (or) did they. The person who drummed up the letter – can’t spell. Completely illiterate. So I’m thinking on the lines of a further cover up . . . The envelope has no return address at the corner of the Kite. Just a candle. Then my names spelt wrong and everything ...

Anyway. Fishy. Illiterate Man! For real. Then they went on to say that I might not be interested in their organization Because. “Their against Violence and the Death Penalty.” Now how would they “Even Know” if I’m likewise or not. So there was another fishy part of this whole thing . . .

Love Aileen


Adrian School
The 1
st Run


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy!. Ready for some more Adrian. I hope so, cause here comes a bunch more. Enjoy the campfire talk. Chuckle. Chuckle. Hand me another marshmallow will ya. One of those dam hounds took the last one I had on the stick. Chhhhhccchhhh. Boy them Hounds! So it went like this Dawn . . . . . . . .,

A Black gal named Bernedett and I volunteered Kitchen duty . . . After Breakfast, we had to wait for roll call and one more round of a check from the cottage guard ... when Bernadett gave me the signal to hit it, and I was gone!.

Boooom! out the back door I flew! Runnin my ass off!. Crossin the dirt road, flyin over the ditch into the woods, just a runnin just as fast as I could. I was floorin it right through the pine, brush, and shrub., slippin along the way on broken limbs and pine cone’s lieing around!.

This runnin was Hard . . . My legs were growin tired, as my chest was wretched in Sweat and Pain. Burning Bad!. This burning ripped on down my throat and licked flat into my lungs like fire.

I knew I had to keep runnin and get a good mile or two before I could stop., but feelin ½ way there is when I heard the hounds.

. . . So the more I heard them hounds, the faster I ran . . . My body felt like it was gonna just drop ...

I knew then too, that I had to hide out near the tracks and just hope for the better . . .

And as the hounds were getting closer an closer – I feared only 2 things bad!. The poundin of my heart . . . and sweat. Wonderin if the dogs would pick up any of it.

Eyein the ties, I began to see what was huntin me down . . . it was one huge fat guy with farmer jeans and a flannel shirt on. With one Dog!. They were so Close, I could hear the dogs pantin.

Suddenly ... the dog looked up from sniffin and stared right at me. He just stopped at all that he was doin and stared right in my direction. Then the farmer said: “you see somethin boy!?” . . . as he began to look in my direction too. I nearly fell out!. My heart was in my throat! I kept eyein them and thinking ... I’m busted. But not without a fight!. when next the dog went back to snoopin the tracks and movin on, as the farmer took the dog’s word for it, and followed on behind him.

. . . I started laughin . . . Here they both passed me up – right from under their nose’s . . .

To Be Continued,





Dear Dawn,

Hi. And onto the woods here an my first run. Don’t get scared now. Cause later on there’s even scarrier. Ha Ha Ha. I swear. Enjoy my life lines Buddy. What a life I lead. For Shore. So in continuance here.


. . . I must of gotten 100 yards when suddenly out of the blue came another guy with a dog. But this time in the woods. The girls told me to wear dark colors if I was gonna do this., so I put on a black T-shirt with blue jeans. It obviously did the trick too!. Because in this 2nd run in they just walked on by - . . . Sayin to myself Man!. your Dogs can’t smell. Unless the dog was just caught up in the matrix of the woods. / with its smell an all. Therefore blocking his scent. Otherwise these dogs were just phoney to me!., as they walked on by. . . .

I now wondered how many more of them there were....

I trucked it back up on the tracks and started runnin. I was amazed! Not a soul in sight!. But . . . I could see a problem ahead.... [The woods] were diminishing to cow pasture and Lots of it!. Now all you could see was green grass! Acres of it!. All lookin like a huge golf course . . . In every direction for miles!.... So my next plan was to get off. But where!?. There was nothin . . . Nothin but a Huge Tree that really branched out itself.... I figured I’d park my butt under it and pray for the best while I rested up some too. God knows my lungs were burning. So were the muscles of my legs.... I was completely drained and exhausted.

When I finally did reach the tree . . . I noticed a small community of houses down in the Valley. As another wonder crossed my mind., . . . if I could be easily spotted under it.? Once again I just prayed for the best.... I just panted away – leaning against [the tree] . . .

I sat under that tree just talkin away to God. And how I missed my Mom so bad.... that No One would ever take her place....

Then I began to do some sinful prayin. Askin him to help me get through the run. And once I could reach the outskirts and highway, to help me hitch hike it back to Troy.

And then suddenly.... It seemed like out of no-where . . . came this guy . . . just as Mega as the Cow I was starin at (seconds ago).... he said. “You know it was a long walk to get to ya . . . you mind if I sit against the tree here with ya and catch my breath.!. I said. “I don’t Care.” So he sat down then he said . . . real sympathedic like . . . “Your from that Girls training School aren’t ya!?” The hair of my head started risen with my adrenalin as well. I must of looked like a scared horse., when I said., “No.” He said. “Yes you are, Cause you see here . . . I’ve got a picture of ya!.” And he handed me the picture. I glared at the Juvenile Mug shot and thought to throw it and run. But he must of sensed it, cause he suddenly grabbed me by the wrist and held on tight . . . sayin. “Don’t try it, see them cars down there, there full of hounds!.” Best give up cause your surrounded. / they got ya hon.” Lookin around, and realizeing he was right . . . I gave up all my hard efforts and surrendered.

We slowly walked over to around 4 car loads of dogs and people., as I was then placed in one and back on my way to Adrian.

Thinkin . . . how much I struggled to get away and how fruitless it all became.... I then had to ask and said. Hey! By the way! How far are we from the School?! He Said. 3 miles.

To Be Continued





3rd Run

. . . I was positioned at the door, readyin myself for this fly by night run. . . .

As my heart jumped in my mouth and my Adrenalin rushed to my head. I went for it!. Yankin the door open having it smack against the wall.

Then, The chase was on!......

. . . Flooring it to the exit, ... With the girls out in the hall cheering me on, as I could hear them saying Go Go Go Go Go. Runnnnnnnnnnn! . . .

I kept flying on down the stairs and could hear each step snappin under the Weight. . . . havein me trembling to the ground.

. . . I was – boltin across the road, on into the dense forest debris., stumbling over this and trippin over that....

I could’nt see a thing!, as sense of direction seemed easily to be impaired. I was’nt liken this at all!......

But Ā . . . I could’nt turn back now . . . It was Troy or die. My senses were desperate, as I went on to tough it out....

Butttt! I’d find out pushin through the woods in the middle of the night was like being lost in a cave without a flashlight. It was just to thick!....

. . . I’d suddenly run into a barbed wire fence.... the pillow case170 blocked the blow.... And started back at full speed ...

So I started pushin harder, running as if the wind was at my back. With my heart poundin wild an lungs burning bad all over again.... Just as soon as I thought I was clear of the fence . . . a spool of barbed wire lying on the ground, swirled round an round, would greet me.

Eat a pita. I was pissed!.

Flying through the woods only to fall – full force with one horrific impact., I did, onto this roll of spike. Gouged from head to toe, . . . given them hounds just what they needed to pick up a good scent.

. . . I was pissed. Bad.

Ha Ha. To Be Continued.

Love Aileen

Still in the Woods
rd Run



Dear Dawn,

Back on my feat / flyin through the woods. Not knowing how much damage had been done. Being chased by a pack of hounds and runnin like a wild animal from.... But I was’nt given up!. No way!. I was toooo desperate for Troy. As I struggled on in a mess of, blood, sweat, an tears.

. . . Sometimes: In a clearance of forestry – to get a good run. Then: to only reach brush an shrub, trugging through it with extreme difficulty. While my cuts just stung. It was a terrible acheing mess. . . . . . when.


I fell on another coiled up spool of razor. Cussing up a storm!. As I pushed myself off, and could relate (to the feeling) of the suffering of the cuts, bruises, and impalements Jesus bore by the hands of such Earthly forces.

I could’nt believe it!.

I was just a runaway. This was my crime. “Runaway” . . .

I was pissed. It was insane. And then trappin the woods to catch an, Adolescent, . . . Like this!. I thought: Are you crazy folks (or) what!?. Geeeez!.

. . . And the damage being extensive just to help their hounds catch its prey.

To do then . . . what!?.

Abuse the hell out of once its caught.

Well they were’nt going to get me!. . . .

It became useless, to hope the pain would end.... The throbs tore through me.

. . . But I was strung out to get away from that School and back on home. As home was Troy Itself. So I kept haulin ass through everything! . . . . . , . . .

When Low an Behold . . . another swirl I’d smack into!. Again!.

God was I mad. Woooooo!

This time landing – spread eagle. Arms extended. Legs extended. pillow case went flyin. And there I was . . .

Boy was I ever!

I pushed myself off, as cloth sounds ripped through the cool of the midnight air. As I could hear the hounds gainin . . .

I immediately changed course.... I went straight for the highway.

The start of my plan’s from the get go. To clear 3 miles of wood then hit the highway . . .

I figured the most I gained was ½ mile or so. As I kept cutting through the woods in my cut up mess., searching blindly for the highway like a bat outta hell an a scared rabbit., as well.

To Be Continued




. . . J/

Still on 3rd Run

Searching for signs of any highway nearby, I could hear the distant sounds of traffic and smell their fumes, so knew I was getting near . . .

But there was this one huge gouge – gored along my right Wrist (inside) ... that left me in fear of bleeding to death. . . .

Only to then frantically pull off my T-shirt, rip a piece off., and hopefully put a good tourniquet on it to stop the flow.

. . . I hit pay dirt. There it was! Without a car in sight. And while I stood upon the road, from the light of the moon, for the first time could see the damage done over my clothes, shoes, everything!. . . . I could hear the hounds off in the distance . . . Thinkin . . . No way am I headin back in them woods. But did see a good size tree full of leaves and limbs and started up it.

So I sat up in that tree waitin for em. . . . tryin hard to hide the pillow case full of blood drops an smears of, with my arms crossed over it, and legs drawn up, hopin to cover its view. . . .

. . . I could hear their voices now, as well as the dogs panting ... there were, 2 guys with 2 dogs. . . .

. . . The dogs picked up my scent an raced to the tree, barkin up it. Viciously!.

I freaked!. Ō My God!.

figurin surely I was busted.

Locked eye to eye, there we were, starein at each other, sayin nothing. . . . Then the other guy asked . . . If I was up there, as he kept shinein his small flashlight at me. . . . only to then pull it away from me to other parts of the tree and say. No.... I think the hounds are barkin at a raccoon or a squirrel or somethin. But I don’t see her....

I was . . . Awestruck!. Totally wiped out.

what!? I said to myself. what the hell!?.

I stayed up in that tree to., just incase there was anymore on their way. But there were none. As the fat fellas with their dogs were back not 20 minutes later it seemed.... They passed right on by heading back towards the School, with just one quick glance up by the one who let me go. And when he did – I swear I saw a smirk on his face. Then out of sight they were, gone for good as I climbed down and headed north on the highway., out of town. Feeling this time, a sure freshness of freedom.

To Be Continued




Dear Dawn,

. . . The visit with Arlene went OK . . . I kept our secrets to ourselves . . . She had nothing to say. Nothing! . . . And since I did all the talking. I talked about my fallen angels theory. Chuckle. Chuckle . . .

Can I be just honest with ya.

OK here goes. I hate visits...

I do Dawn!. And with Arlene. She’s committing herself to one day every month. O my god . . .

She was really sweet. But it doesnt matter in all her Kindness . . . I still feel a fishiness there. So Ill be really careful of info. Matter of fact . . . Ill give her the opposite . . . Great strategy A!? I think So . . . But don’t worry!. I’m all in control on this. For real . . .

Love, Aileen,



End of 3rd Run and the School

As for anymore runnin. I could’nt!. I was tuckered out! My condition was rapidly deteriorating, ...

Id have to take cover in the nearby ditches whenever a car came by. Then once it was gone!. I’d strut myself back up on the highway an head for homeward bound.

It was a slow process. Being so tattered an Battered.... [I] could see way up in the distance (a) beam of rays – glowing . . . Hoping it’d be a closed gas station., . . . most gas stations were leaving their restrooms open for the public.

. . . when I finally reached its sight spread across the midnight blue.... I came upon a Drive in., ...

I began to receive the most wildest stares., . . . I knew I’d have to do everything fast.

Reaching the rest rooms, ... you wouldn’t believe what I saw!.

Upon first notice, was my hair. It was bunched together in one matted mess – complete with sweat an blood....

. . . My face. I could see whip lash lines across my cheeks and forehead by all the branches . . .

. . . Lordy My arms, Front, Back, and Legs were scratched, scraped, beatin bloody an blue – from the gouges off the razor wire spools....

I know I had to get with it though and move fast... I started hideing in one of the stalls and proceeded to wipe the blood off my torn up bod.

. . . changeing clothes was’nt easy....

. . . I could hear girls comin an goin . . . when suddenly I heard this soft voice whisperin at the door.

. . . [asking] if I needed any help. And then proceeded to ask me if I was from the School just a mile down the road.

. . . Me and my boyfriend want to help you out . . . My niece was in there.... [We] will take ya anywhere ya need to go....

. . . I was so grateful, as we split—with (a) Cop being seen passing as we left . . . I wound up spendin the night at their place . . . . . . Being that she was a nurse, and him a fire fighter. I was . . . Awestruck too all over again....

A gaurdian angel perhaps!?. As I then immediately thought of Mom.

The next morning, as they said they’d do, plans were on the way to drive me into Troy, a good 75 miles away.... She was determined I’d receive a tetnas shot.... I was then on my way home – Just as happy as a lark . . . feeling now free as a bird. Only to then be homefree for a while from this wicked School, full of haunt left in reserve.


To make it a bit shorter towards the end here. I wound up gone for 3 weeks, then busted, only to be sent back to Adrian again.... My counselor . . . cut a deal with me and said “If you don’t (run) and do a full 60 more days (without incident) will let ya go.”

I excepted her offer . . .

As for any more spooky experiences. No ghost showed up. But the sounds off the walls and doors in the halls – kept bangin. . . . Then after 60 days, arriveing in Dad’s maverick was Keith an Lori to pick me up, and off I was to a party once we hit Troy. Weee hooooo. And so goes the story of Adrian my friend of a school that was full of spooky surprizes. The End

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Howdy!. So hows thee ol’ wheather up there!? Hope your all doin fine. I myself went to Burmuda. Had a Ball. Now I’m on my way to St. Thomas. I hear the water is crystal blue. O La La. Sounds serene. See ya! Chhhhh . . .

Say.... Have you heard at all from Alexander. I’ve been thinkin since we have a New Govenor171 it might be / Wise, to try him out now and about this shit goin on here at B.C.i. After all, I hung up on the.... Rich fella . . . chuckle. chuckle. / when he was ready to investigate this place. / a hummm, ū feel like given him a ring? Besides I came up with a plan., if I was to ever get a New trial., just what I’d do with it . . .

Lets say I’m granted a New trial. And I take the Testimonial box . . . and when the guy comes up to swear me in.... Ill say!. / Is this in the “Name of God” (or) “Man.” This oath “to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” When he says In the name of God. Then that’s when I’m gonna say / Well then, let me teach all of you, then, about fearing God !. Above Man. And lieing! Cause that’s all you’ve been doing to the jurors, as well as the world in those camera’s . . . Makein their ass’s look.... Soooo Wōe Wōe Corrupt!

So whatta ya think!? Great idea!?. . . .A!? Ha Ha Ha. Myself . . . I think its an, Excellent Idea!. But keep it to yourself. Don’t even dare say any of this to Alexander. OK!? . . .

Say by the way.... when ya call Alexander, remember to let him know that . . . the Govenor told [the media] that if any Correctional officers or any part of the prison system is Abuseing inmates he’ll conduct a full investigation. As I

say, Well Mr. Bush. Your going to need to here., No doubt. So . . . this is another reason I’m “playing on to a New trial” . . . Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Helloooo! And hows my beloved sis doin!?. Gōōōōd I hope!.... They had a company out in Daytona on Ridgewood ave I tried gettin a job at long ago and far away! . . . and wound up instead gettin a job as a Topless Bartender at a juke named Sam’s.


Chhhhhh. Yeah., had to bend . . . real low ya know, I was hard up back then . . . So I for a while was a Topless Bartender. That is until, “Bike Week” . . . 2 creeps came up to the bar – Drunk Royal ...

Well recognizin there 2 like that I began to tell em there gonna have to be 86D/ . So as I started to . . . one of em sloushed outta their minds said. Bitch! I’m Mouse and this is my partner in the outlaws Motherfucker! Now if you don’t give me and my pal here another drink . . . were gonna tear this bar down ya hear! Not get us both our drinks and shut your mouth!

God! I was shell-shocked. Shittin purple nickels. Only 2 weeks on the job. And first time I’ve ever been a Bartender. Man . . . I didn’t know what to do! So ... then I figured. OK. Just to keep the peace from a riot. Give em there drinks. Then of-course I had to call the manager, and he came in and took over. God was I embarrassed. I wanted to pound those 2 bastards in the ground if only I could! Had I of been the hulk ... I would of! Geeeeez! humph. So. that was quiet an experience. . . . . FOR SURE.

Anyway! Such was some of my jobs in Daytona. As I was also a Topless dancer for one solid day. God that’s all I could handle. I was full of shame and stage fright, Royal!. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ō was I. I held on for an 8 hour shift . . . Got 80 bucks for it. And that’s all she wrote. Chuckle. Chuckle. I quit!.

Now I know your sayin to yourself . . . what about hooken. Didn’t it embarrass you then (or) anything!?.

Well Dawn. No. If your thinkin it because of the way I worked as a hooker.

I did it in a way that wouldn’t embarrass me / useing this hitch hikeing method. See. This method first of all . . . with everyone passin ya by had them basically thinking . . . That’s all your doin/? . . .

So its like all these “guys” knew what I was doin! And that just didn’t bother me at all! I was just one of the guys (so to speak). And plus they were guys of which who knows guys any better then me! I know very well how they tick. Haveing drug myself through so many personalities and all. So haveing them eventually learn what I was really doin out there wasn’t a problem. It was “Society” as a whole! . . . So this “Hooken” (in) incognito Worked! . . . when I headed back in town. – Daytona . . . I kept it all under my hat. There was’nt hardly a soul that knew this was how I was bringin home the bacon . . . I could relax and not feel ashamed., See!. So its different altogether from. “Street hooken.” and “Topless Joints with all the slut and trash.”

Well lordy . . . did I drift off with ya in this letter or what!? . . .

I just finished Revelations – Rereading it over for probably the 15th time of my life. If you keep that fallen Angel theory in mind and NOW that we have a glimpse of high tech to “Visualize” space Vehicles from beyond and H-bombs, and all . . . Then it all seems clearer. As it all seems to say. Nuclear Fall-out!. and Space Vehicles! Rescueing believers as well as fireing back at Satan and the unbelievers in warfare . . .

Ill catch ya in the next kite . . .

Until Next time!
. . . I Love ya Buddy


Dear Dawn,

. . . god am I ever glad you married Dave. He’s so good. Say! Have you guys ever fought? I mean duked it!?. Ty and I fought just once out of the whole 4 ½ years together. But even then it was’nt really a fight. It was more like a push and shove gig. Lasted like only 3 minutes tops. We were soooo close. Really could’nt hurt each other no matter what. Yet I sure did . . . eventually. By this mess. So Bummer. For sure.

You probably received Arlenes letter by now before this one. And even though she seems to sound sincere. Well. / See during the visit I asked if she’d send 200 every 3 months. She agreed to . . . as you see – she only sent a 100 . . . I’m playin along. Cause maybe. Just maybe., Ill reach her with “God” . . .

. . . sure am bummed to hear Daves been layed off. ō man. I hope you guys make it through alright!.... I remember when my Dad got layed off – Beaver Percissions. He blew it!. He got so angry because he’s been there 15 years.... that when they asked him to come on back, biz picked up, he refused. Thats when the house fell apart too. All things then went down hill. So . . . Thank God Daves so, Intelligently strong willed and one cool headed Man . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Say . . . I heard the minimum wage went up . . . I remember my highest payin job I had in—79—was . . . 750 an hour. I was a Welding inspector for bellows. These deals went in military stuff and even space shuttles., at Nasa . . . How I [got fired] was because I allowed the people welding – to skip re-welds. Instead of sending the part to them to do over again! . . . I’d put the part in the – Melt down box., to be remolded to a disc . . .

Someone got wind of it. Ran to the boss. And the next thing I know, I was called in his office to be fired. Darn! It was a dam good job ...

Anyway! Surely if I still was at Belfab in Daytona, I’d be makin 14 bucks an hour by now – ya know!....

Love ya all

Until next flight in.
Catch ya then, Love ya
Buddy!. Aileen,


3 pic’s and 2 clips enclosed

Dear Dawn,

. . . Say . . . Remember the song.... Slow ride by Fog Hat.!?. . . .

I was in my teens thumbin to Lauderdale when off of I-95 early in the evening came this boss lookin vehicle – simuliar to this one enclosed. And guess who it was who picked me up!.

Still guessing!? Good. Keep on for at least 5 more minutes!.
Aileeeeeeen!. . . . Geeeeeez!.
Chhhhhccchhhhccchhhh. ok ok ok ok.
Turn the page. And don’t get jealous.
It was.... Lonesome Dave . . . Lead Vocal’s for Fog hat!.


He took me over to his place where him and basically all the band lived . . . in Juno (Uno) beach Florida. This joint was huge., Like a Mansion!. I got so stoned with him I cant recall how long I stayed with him. But anyway . . . the place was Al Capones old stompin grounds. And it was specially equipt with a Helicopter landing on top and likewise came with some more mafia tricks of the trade off the river it sat on. An underground boat entrance . . .

And of-course I wound up goin to bed with him!


I couldn’t help it sis!. The opportunity was there! and this was so Unique! Especially with a hot band as they were – then! Couldn’t pass it up. So I did . . . and god was he – Small ! So tiny I couldn’t find it!.

That bad a!?

Unfortunately. . . . yes!.

Chhhhhhhhccchhhhccchhhh. It was sōōōōōōō. Sad . . .

Say the other clip out of National Geographic! I’ve got a funny feeling this might be some left behind work of Lucifers and the angels that lived upon this planet before the fall and then were flooded out . . . I’m betting it was a . . . Navigational Landing strip for space Vehicles. And what I’m also thinking on (this) unknown creation (is) that the space vehicles were probably really huge like on the flick “Independence Day.” and the arrows helped spot the crafts landing as (a) whole of itself.

Awesome!? A. Could be! And again – that’s why archeology intrigues me so much . . .

Happy 4th of July!”



Dear Dawn,

. . . A Dawn. Sattels is spelt., Saddels. Chhhcccchhhh. you crack me up. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Funny Boy!. . . .

Boy . . . do I need to get in touch with the media. This prison is too corrupt. Man. So I was thinkin. Remember that gal that wanted to interview me you were talkin to awhile back . . . Ill let her if she’s still interested. But only about “Life on Death Row” . . . And if you can get in touch with, Court T.V . . . But – remember they’ve got to know it will only be about this prison. How I’m being treated on the row. Also CNN . . .

Lets see . . . I’ve got for CNN 404-[___-____]

Then for court T.V.. . . 212-[___-____] FAX 212-[___-____].

* . . . Heres some others if your into it. Hard Copy 213-[___-____]

Inside Edition – 212-[___-____]. NBC Dateline 212-[___-____].

So let me know how ya fair. And thank you once again . . .

Well. Let me go ahead an close here . . . Im back in the, Sattel again!. Ha Ha Ha. Love ya Buddy. See ya soon! Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I-Love-biker lookin guys!.... If I was a guy I’d have super long hair and probably a handle bar mustache. Ha Ha. I just really get off on the, Biker look with any guy!. And every one I’ve ever met was cool!. Except for (a) real biker. There trash. Always into, criminal thoughts . . .

Court T.V. got a letter by her. So Ill write her back and let her know I’d be more then happy to be interviewed. OK. Thanks a lot sis. Appreciate it very much . . .

Well let me close. More to Come. OK. Until then. / Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Enclosed is B. 1-5. Excuse all my blacks and lineings on everything. Just me when explaining things. OK.



Kid Days


. . . And the house we lived in was built by him, couisins, and friends . . . While Mom prettied it up . . . With flower gardens . . .

And talk about good lookin,172 who reminded me of Movie Stars royal !. . . . They tried there best to keep the Morals in the family and in tune to it too . . . So it wasn’t really all that bad. As things wouldn’t change until we’d reach our teens . . . Lord there went our Moral values . . . Be it the booze, cigs, or drugs . . .

That’s when [Dad] begin to hit the bottle ever then before and my Mother unknowingly was getting sicker of a sickness I didn’t know she even had.

. . . Mom would die from the tyroid condition and Dad would later committ suicide over it . . .

My mother wound up dieing in one of the bedrooms of the house., as dad Would later bet the house away with a horse bet at Hazel Park Race Track . . . Then later I’d learn that he assisted Mom to her death. By getting what she requested for the first time ever, since she didn’t drink at all. And that was beer to increase her chances and as the story goes to ease the pains of, from this tyroid condition that gave her this cherosis of the Liver . . .


Kid Days


. . . And my memory of my kid days can go way back. So far back I amaze myself! Such as, I can recall being held in a boys blanket with 3 Women standing around starin at me and playin with my hands and nose, all of which I didn’t like at all!. Chuckle. Chhhhccchhhh.

Then I remember another scene being real little. I was in a crib where my diapers were on to tight and the safety pins were digging into my hips, with me wantin this taken care of royal – as I cried my heart out for them to come and rescue me from . . .

And as I moved on into the growing pains of life, I’d come accrosst a hot interest that’d intrigue me so. All of which would be . . . Music. I fell in love! Dazzled in Rock an Roll . . . I was gonna be another Janis Joplin or Jimi Hindrix. You name it . . .

Then I started getting musical equipment for Christmas. I was gearin up for a band!. I had acquired now Bongo’s (a) flute and (a) harmonica., but best of all., a Wind up guitar!. Yet low and behold, I could never master those fishin strings and the fancy art of playin it. So I’d wind it up instead / allowin it to strum itself / This land is your land / as I’d pretend I was hindrex while it was. Ha Ha.

And School became my favorite thing to attend. But when 3rd grade would come along, this would take a turn for the worse, screwing up my joy of going.

. . . I was (9) and Lori was (11) at the time her and I decided to play with some flammable liquid in an empty duck shed we had along side our house. The whole shed lit up quick being so full of hay and rotted wood. As Lori received a slight burn on her thigh, and I my face.

1st and 2nd degree burns they were. Some 3rd around the forehead. Luckily it was basically lighter fluid and not gasoline (or) I’d of been without one. a face that is., for sure.

I was wrapped up like the invisible man for at least 3 days in the Hospital. Then for a time at home. After about 3 months it seemed, careing for the burns, I’d wind up with scars on my forehead, only. Thank God!. And I always have.

Yet this didn’t heed any warning signals to be / More Careful . . . So once I hit jr. High, there went my good ol’ morals Mom and Dad was trying to bring me up in.

. . . I began to also become one hell of a run away. Skippin out the house at least every 3 months once the age of 13 would arrive . . .

So my rebellious butt kept sayin. “Freedom!.” As off I’d go . . . As further troubles came my way . . . Only to cause then One Word to be so hated by me so much so that it would be enough to kill.

My first run in with would be at parties I was considered a stranger to. Out in Pontiac and Detroit. Where as I’d find myself tied to a bed (spread eagle) / (that is once I awoke) and gang raped. As I’d run into at least 3 of these brutal attacks at 13. Animals.

Then sadly I was runnin into this with those I knew at parties ...

And then the last to come which hindered anymore for a while anyway would be from a ride, as I’d hitchhike home from clawson after sneaking out to party at, some 8 miles away. And this one would get me pregnant. At 14. Low Life Scum Ball

Then trying to hide it for six months which was only getting harder to do. / Talk about then adding insult to injury!. I was sent to an unwed home in Detroit. Only to then have to put him up for adoption once born. / as I named him Keith Arnold Wuornos.

But once at home, I was back on the run. Only to learn . . . Mom dies.

I was crushed . . . Had I of only known, I know I would of tried to “then” straighten things out between Dad an I . . . I became crushed to the max . . . I hitchhiked to her funneral and then a short time later would be picked up for the first time as a run away.

. . . I was sent to Pontiacs juvenile facility . . . then sentenced to 6 months in a girls reformatory . . . I’d stare Dad dead in the eyes and tell the man I hated his guts. As he’d stare back and tell me he’d never want to see me again.

And It’d be nearly the last too!. With thee exception of a few more run in’s now an then before he commits suicide over everything!. Especially the loss of his beloved wife.

Then the place I was sent to. Man. Was it a trip ...

Enter Adrian
Then put in after it

Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . Say . . . by the way Dawn. I never washed my hair in the toilet. Chuckle Chuckle. I meant I was letting the water risening my hair fall into the toilet from the tap water in a cup too. OK. Man! You sure can, at times!. get things wrong.

Yes I did write the Court T.V. gal . . . I gave her the green light for one. As for CCR!. Yesterday on the phone I told them to just get my appeals exhausted so a warrant can be signed. That’s really all I care about . . .

Well before I close. I’m glad to hear all is going good up there . . . Your loved Buddy. Take good care of yourself . . .

Until Next time,
Eat your Pork
and Beans!.





As horrific as it was, with me still at 15 and scarring me up pretty bad (Because of all that barbed Wire) seemed only a wee pack of a punch to all the massive amounts of blows I’d receive and be shocked with the rest of my life.

I mean.... Rape. Gang raped. Getting pregnant. The unwed home. Adrian. Scarred by fire. Scarred by barbed wire. Man. What next!?.

Well I was due for an overload . . . I’d become a Ward of the State, Until 18. Yet Dad, all he’d say is go ask her, as he’d hand me the address of a place that was located in Pontiac. As off I was to find out.

Spring had come an gone, and fall was coming in ... And the Winds were whippin up some Cold chills, while I hitchhiked in the brisk of it all. Searchin away for this place Dad gave me . . . and eventually finding the address, to be no other then located next to the juvenile facility. And in searching for her office, amongst the rows of many so conglomerated down the hall . . . I knocked, was Welcomed in – only to then be completely shocked to the 10th degree.

I stood as pale as a ghost I’m sure., as I stared in at this Lady who had to of been in her early 30s/ and resembled the singer Carole King to a T.

What knocked me back about five was the fact that the “Song” “Its too Late” was dedicated by me to my mom – Just moments AFTER I was told she died. And after I was “This Song” came on next, which seemed very appropriate “In title” . . . to be then dedicated to my beloved Mom so dearly missed by me now . . .

I mean check it out!

The day she died, I was told she did (at the pits which was unexspected with me. I had no idea she was ill.) only then (out at the pits with the radio on) Have This song come on as I’d then spiritually dedicate it to her (as soon as I’d hear it) To then hitchhike to her funneral, only to next be busted for runnin away. Then from there, to be sent to Adrian for 6 months. Get out!. Only to then find out I’m now a Ward of the state until 18. Next be given her address of this councelor to see until then. Hitchhike out to her address and see her, only to then step in her office and stare at a Women who resembles the singer of the song I dedicated to my mom, just months ago. Awesome!.

So needless to say, I was blown away! . . . And then to top it off, I’d come to find out she even played a three legged grand and sung like her too. Besides smoked pot!.

Well, need I tell ya, We hit it off real good . . .

In the meantime I was trippin out with a whole new crowd. Thanks to some guy who’d pick me up hitchhiken turning me on to.

The place was a Commune. Full of musicians, located just outside of Rochester Michigan. And they called their 80 acre’s of rolling hills and beautiful tree’s . . . , “Teiken Farm House”. . .

Around 30 people lived there. Male and Female. And with all that musical stuff, I must say I was in 7th Heaven . . . And all my childhood dreams flashin before me, as I dreamed of being a rock star. Well let me just tell ya it was blesed. Wonderful moments shared.

Yet not only was this, Awesome!. but I was likewise being introduced to some new drugs flowin around. Such as frog acid and Black gungi (Marijuana). And with these connections on the block, I started shareing the quality in high School and down town Woodward in my small time dealin ways on the side.

And then it wouldn’t be long and sadly the, Farm House would be sold as everybody was packin up and movin out . . .

And so there went the Commune . . .

Yep!. All because of them I was now wearing, Love Beads.., and putting embroidery on my jeans. As well as sewing on “Slogan Patches” all over my Jackets.

Such as ... Zig Zag. Peace signs. and Marijuana leafs. Just to name a few.

And Hitchhiken!.

Man. It was the thing to do!. Even songs were out groovin to the word. While I was turning quiet a pro. at it. Haveing started at 13.

And once taiken split up and everyone went their separate ways, Delia174 / The mayors daughter/ began to fade out as well . . . Only for a new gal to come in and take her place in Hitchhiken and Partyin with. Her name was Dawn.

She moved from Hazel Park to Troy about a year earlier and was just getting herself known around town and in school, when I bumped into her out at the pits. (An area of 3 man made lakes near our neighborhood / and in doing so would become an everlasting friendship. Which to this day is still going strong.

(Personnel note) Thank you Dawn. Love and Loved ya like a sis.) Linda and Laura too.

But for Delia and I’s hitchhiken, there was a bit of difference with Dawn. We didn’t hit, parties ... as Delia and I did.., but instead headed out to parks to cop drugs for personnel use or to sell. Or we’d head out to the mall or the race track “to pan handle” and then hitchhike back to the park to buy some more drugs . . .

But best of them all was, The Hole and the Pool Hall located in Rochester Michigan, These 2 places were our favorites. And if you wanted to find us., normally you could there . . .

Now “The Hole” was a bowling alley located underneath Rochester Movie theater. It was nick named this because of the few lanes it had. Which had like only four.

And for a past time and a little quick cash alot of us kids would set up pins for 75 cents an hour. Because ½ the time their machines wouldn’t work to drop the pins back down. So they hired us to manually do the job as we’d in the meantime, get high and secretly sell drugs in the place, chuckle.

As for the “Pool Hall” it was beside the theater. Another favorite of everybodies . . . I’d learn to shoot exceptionally good – the game. So dam good It’d later be used a tool to hussel with. Exspecially while on the run., when needing food or a room for the night. Makin 50 cent Bets or a dollar on the game, and rarely ever looseing.

. . . The theater we hardly hit. There were to many other things to do!. But as a youngster I can still remember the prices for the few times we did see a flick there., with coverage, a quarter. And a box of popcorn only a dime. Nothing like the good ol’ days A!?. For Sure.

To Be Continued

Love Aileen




As Dawn would become a wonderful friend, I’d come to find out her parents were cool, with two more kids in the family, Billy an Don.

. . . And since Dawn, Ducky, Keith, Lori, and I were all of the same age . . . we all fit in well together as a group to goof around and party with. And that we did. Starting at the pits.

These pits we hung out at consisted of three man-made lakes that were nestled deep in the middle of the woods of some 435 acres running alongside our neighborhood. Man talk about kick ass!. It was Helter Skelter . . .

So us kids were left to the pits to run . . . Be it to car racin (or) dealin drugs . . .

Yet as each party rolled away, winter rolled in to quell the rucous we reved up . . . Our family was falling apart.

Mom was gone. And us kids left with broken hearts. While Dad was going off in a 90 degree turn for the worse, under his own crush and despair. Hitting not only one bottle of wine a day but 3 or 4. The man was turning himself a wreck! . . . Causeing then all of us to desire to run . . . With Keith going 1st Me. 2nd . . .

Our hide outs!. Friends houses.

Yet friends were’nt always avialable, nor could they always pull through for us on a place to stay. So if Lori couldn’t stay with friends, then she’d usually run back home. Dad and her didn’t have that much of a communicational gap. As she’d likewise continue in school . . .

But for Keith and I. We were’nt as Lucky. Both of us wound up in the woods. Quit School. Only to then eventually hit the highways of America. Homeless . . .

So it was a mess . . . Stuck out there in them woods . . .

I still can’t understand the Hyperthermia jazz people claimed one’s to get if your left out in the cold to long. Cause I slept in the freezeing rain and snow and still didn’t get any of this!. Only to then have my butt up the next morning with me and a bar of soap, bathin away in the lake. Dutifully getting ready for school. Attending to cover up the run. While Dad kept to his word – he would’nt call the Cops. And this time Didn’t.

So I was left with only school to worry about. As I’d gradually seek for better shelter in other places. / then the woods, such as abandoned cars . . .

It was a nice day to thumb out and see her.175 Even though it was probably 30 degree’s out with snow all around. The sun was shinning makeing everything as pretty as a picture on a post card. Pondering away as I enjoyed the scenic cruise (in) each car and thinking just what I was gonna tell her., as I hitchhiked out to her place. All of which looked like a Hippy’s pad. Full of oriental rugs. Curtain beads. And incense always burnin.

Well let me tell ya I “was’nt” surprized that she didn’t care to the fact I ran. Nor of the idea about School. But what I was surprized about was her willingness to see me through it all. Be it so she could make sure I’d never go back to Juvenile (or) Adrian, again ...

To Be Continued






. . . she’d fix me up good with a shower, only to relax next with a bowl of pot, Music, and good home cookin. Boy could she cook to!. As our conversations stayed on home and school with problems and solutions. All of which only came to conclude . . . that the need was to leave Michigan.

By leaveing Michigan, crossing the border would surely then eliminate “Ward of the State.” As it’s likewise eliminate my need to wait until 16 to quit school . . .

Then Christmas came along for the usual commercialism with her and I both knowing I needed clothes. So she decided to charitably spread a bundle for me to receive a new look . . . for better rides . . .

Man . . . I lost my beads, bandana’s, Jewelry, fringe jackets and slogan patches. You name it! All was over with. Even possession of drugs. And with shopping to up next then on the list was “Wait.” I’d have to wait the Holidays out. Just one more sacrifice I could’nt stand . . .

January 2nd would be the date choosen to leave the Big Mitt behind. With Florida on my mind. Knowing the snow was getting to much for me to handle . . .

I cruised over her house hitchhiken again . . .

And once I arrived she kept askin if I was sure I felt up to splittin. As I reassured her that today was the day. There was no backin out now!. Not with just an abandoned car to call home, buried in snow . . . So we packed in the car and off we were . . .

Man. . . . . I remember it well. Close to a white out, but we kept going . . .

And with finally reaching Toledo, she parked were we thought was best, as the hardest moment of all came. Saying goodbye. Not only to her! But to Michigan and all the rest.

Stationed on the side of the freeway now we seemed to stare at each other as if to get our last pictorial in memory, then began to hug and could’nt stop!. Boy I was gonna miss her along with everybody else. While the tears fell to freezing it seemed.

But before I’d step out for good and be gone on a long Journey of some 1200 miles or so to Florida, she wanted me to receive one last gift before I did.

80 Bucks.

I was hesitant. Man she’d done so much for me already!.... I finally gave in and excepted it . . . Man. She was primo people. That’s all there was to it . . .

As I placed my suitcase in the snow near my feet and pursued to thumb . . . Full of anxiety now to greet what lied ahead. Yet not fully knowing that with the good came likewise The Bad and the Ugly.

To Be Continued




Court t.V.

Dear Dawn,

Well court T.V. was here. And let me tell ya, I still didn’t come across on stuff the way I was hopin I would. And man did I look whipped to.

Now don’t get me wrong, she was OK. It was the filming I didn’t like. As usual I was’nt able to stress those imperatives the way I like to stress out.... All Court t.V. did then was get my ass on film for a days for them to roll and make some bacon off of. So I feel there was and hour and a half of Zip accomplished ...

One thing I surely do know though is how Jesus felt when he tried to tell the truth to all the idiots. Man. Its like havin a conversation to a, stone cold brick wall. / And thats that. So I quit. No more interviews for a good, good while . . .

If you keep wonderin if she asked any thing about you and I . . . Court T.V. The only question was. Is it true you write to one another everyday . . . I said. Yeah everyday!. Chuckle. Chuckle. Ha. Ha. Ha. Other questions I would’nt answer. were on my liveing in the woods. Being on the road. Any of ty and I’s living together ... such other info is strictly left to you 3. Only.

. . . I’m gonna take a nap. I’m pooped from yesterday’s Jazz. Catch ya on the rebound, sis.

Until then.
Don’t forget your BBQD/ Ribs.
Aileen . . .

Diary of USA


Florida’s 1st


. . . I mean, Man., there I was standing on this huge freeway, hitchhiken off to the side of it, trying to catch a ride for the 1st time in my life, and I didnt even know if it was legal!. But legal or not I was gonna do it anyhow! .... I could’nt believe the way no one would bother to pick me up! . . . .

(Note: Later I’d learn it was just to dangerous to pull over. The road was beginning to ice up).

So I began to pray, standing there helpless as hell . . . And so be it, no sooner then I did and here came along this huge truck startin to pull aside . . .

I’d later come to learn they went by various titles., such as: Semi. Tractor Trailer, 18 Wheeler, or just plain . . . Rig., there in front of to greet me was one hell of a huge Man full of long hair and beard . . . As he then helped me up on into the truck.

. . . I let him know I was on my way to Florida. As he then to me, Georgia. / Atlanta.

Not knowing much of the 2 states except that they were due south on 75. Well he sensed this only to then whip out this leather bound Atlas (filled with maps of America in a magazine style). to show me the 2. As I thought of this deal to be quiet ingenious.

. . . I found the Man to also be full of kindness and just plain good!. . . .

I let him know I was under age, running away from home, but it didnt seem to phase or matter to him one bit!. Only these weigh stations that the truckers called chicken coops. / that we’d come upon now and then. So every time we hit one, up in the sleeper I’d go to, hide . . . then off we’d be on down the road relieved . . .

He was . . . A real Man and one heck of a gentlemen ... he’d sleep in the seat so I could have the sleeper!.... I thanked God and him over and over again . . . for his big ol’ bear full of Love and protective company. And that was his, CB Handle. Bear.

. . . we were closing in to his destination., Atlanta . . .

Once Breakfast was over . . . it seemed we could’nt stop wishin each other a lifetime of good luck and happiness., when suddenly his gracious soul wanted to leave me with his atlas. / for the Road. Leather an all!. Whoa. . . . I didnt know what to say . . . So in my suitcase it went....

But that was’nt all., he still wanted me to have a 100 bucks too!. again hesitant., letting him know I already had 80!. But he insisted . . .

Upon reaching the final destination . . . Knowing this perticuliar run we’d never forget. Exspecially being my 1st outta the Big Mitt.

. . . Boy was I gonna miss this guy . . .

Take Care Bear!.
You were so cool.
And hope your still doin good.

To Be Continued.



Diary of USA
in memory of
Yeat of 72 H/

Turning Sixteen

The next day was hard leaving. Having come all this way on down to see the Ocean here in Florida and possibly stick around and start a new life there., only to be forced to split just as quick. With the cops causing forever in me now a wonder of fear as to who they really are. Along with a long lasting fright of any city from then on to cruise through. Never staying in one long, (or) for that matter, live in one. Keeping my liveing at all times to Country settings and small townships the remainder of my life. So there I stood with Bandana wrapped around my head, spec’s on. Cig lit / and my thumb out by a Toll Booth located on Florida’s Turnpike . . .

It took 3 days when I finally reached California., but still would’nt get a chance to see the Ocean. Stopping long enough only to grab some Birth Control Pills for free. While I’d abstain from sex to see if I was pregnant (or) not. Keeping my fingers crossed while I looked for signs if I was, when none came. Sticken to the pills from then on freely given by clinics just about everywhere one looked.

And while I was out there and the money ran out I’d come to learn how to hussel across the highways traveled to make ends meet. But leave it to an old trick for survival, I’d wind up., Raped / Innumerable Times / . . . while running into various ones that just could’nt be “Man enough” to pay. With them wantin it for free and doing whatever It’d take to get it.

Married or not!

. . . I used psychological means for defense in keeping as best I could from a whole lotta harm (or) even death. Be it from these “Sexually defunct Animals”, dressed in flesh “As Men” yet airing the mind of a child with absolutely “No Manhood” to their souls . . .

One crazy incident after another to face, being stuck 24-7 out there those 4 years. Around the clock with no where to call home.

Ō I tried gettin off!

But same ol’ thing I’d face every time I tried, “Sexual Harrassment.” They wanted me a complete sexual tool in order to gain any type of concrete assistance, it seemed. Otherwise!. It was forget it! . . . .

It was a mess indeed . . .

Such as for instance. The guy with a Mill in “Counterfeit” . . .

Now I was still 16, and . . . this guy picks me up outside of Arkansa.

. . . being a long trip in itself of near 3 days before reaching his destination L.A., he decided to share a little secret with me . . . in opening his trunk produced a briefcase full of 100s/ stacked in 1000 packs.

Counterfeit as hell.

I could’nt believe my eyes!....

He was showin me a hell of a good time too as we took off the main road to L.A. just to sight see here and there . . .

(For the record there was no sex between us).

He was useing counterfeit with everything!. Even when he called a friend over from L.A. with some smack (Heroin) of which I would’nt touch / to scarred/ . . .

And so all the following day with her now gone and him full of heroin drove the needle in and sucked on the booze with me getting real sick of the scene and wantin to split ... With him next whipping out a pistol in my face commanding me to stay put or he’d kill me . . .

When he [fell asleep] . . . Boy did I start runnin then!. . . .

He never did catch up with me, as I booked on out to Vegas . . .

Ten to one he probably thought I went to the Cops!. Ha Ha. But nope!. I could’nt! I was just a kid on the run!....

On the way out . . . I was able to see that ol’ . . . Hollywood Sign.

Its huge!.

... with each letter at least if not more as big as a billboard.

As for the Ocean, seeing any of it!?.

. . . still didnt get a good peak at the big blue. It was night. Never havin seen it during the day.

But that was all of California then I’d ever see . . . I found the state unattractive and fully polluted ...

To Be Continued,

Love Aileen . . .


Diary of U.S.A. In Memory of....,

Snow blizz .38

Year of 72
Still 16


. . . So let me get back with you on incidences I faced . . . Then you’ll see what I mean about, psychological and physical defense.

So there I was in the snow Again ... a Peter built pulled over and I climbed in . . .

As it kept gettin quite terrible outside . . . he was forced to pull over . . .once we were settled to ride out this storm as such was surprisingly propositioned for a., free be., as we did.

Well., I laughed and explained that, that just could’nt happen as homeless as I was, and in some royal need of some bucks., so that if he was willing to pay then maybe we could surely work somethin out. But if not., then sorry but forget it . . . he then . . . Sayin . . . for me to either get up in the sleeper for free or get out.

Again ... I laughed . . .

Thats when he whipped out this .38 tellin me either get in the sleeper or get out . . . Now!

/or get out?/ I sat there stunned, and was amazed he still gave me an Option with a gun., being pissed to that another pistols been put in my face Again. / Wishin I had one of my own now to whip back at. 16 or not!. I was gettin fed up with it and began to get out. But when I started out thats when his whole attitude changed like a bolt of lightening. Suddenly askin me not to leave / packin the pistol away.

(at the time none of these weapons I knew as types. This would later on be taught to me)

Sqawkin: your a fool!. You’ll freeze in seconds as soon as you step out there!.

I laughed., then on a serious note mighty pissed said. I really dont give a dam Man!. One thing I know is I dont put out for anyone unless they pay!. And even if you did the way you acted on me . . . no dice ... Its pay (or) FORGET it!. Bottom line., Man.

. . . he started sympathizing and apologizing on the threats he put me through. Next taking out his wallet to let me know he’d run outta bread and needed to wire for more . . . And that lastly he was just horny as hell . . .

After listening to it all., I excepted his apology as I’d eventually Wind up giving him some anyhow!. Using the. . . . , “Psychological Method” on him. With to many miles up ahead still before I could get outta this storm and away from him . . .

Yet I’d run into others that would’nt work out. (or) would come close to a situation that would fall all apart . . . Let me tell ya about the time I was hitchhiken outta Lexington Kentucky.

... I was dressed to the hilt for such weather. Puttin on plenty of socks, thermals, boots, scarfs, Cap, gloves, besides the nice thick coat I wore . . . It was still to cold . . .

Yet because of all I wore it was hard for me to cop a ride . . . Well they’d say they could’nt tell if I was a Boy or Girl standin there . . . Well I fixed that little number later on when I could get a hold of some card board and marker. Postin then acrost it Girl or the State I was cruisin to while I thumbed. And it worked out well to . . .

And as the cars kept creepin by because of the slick of the road, some honked at me . . . I could see way on the emergency lane through the flurries flyin around., the back of Semis tail lights ... I then headed over to see if the ride was for me.

When I reached his truck, I must of looked as though I had shovels of snow thrown on me standin there thumbin for so long ... And surely had the weather been different I would of refused this ride., because of his size. He was tōōōō big! At least 310. 340. it seemed. I mean HUGE!. So much so, for 16, it scared the shit outta me!. But I was already in the truck . . .

Reaching his final destination I was then asked if I’d like to stay over as we started rollin into the outskirts of this City ... it wouldve been nice but kindly thanked him and preferred to be on my way . . .

While he started on a sexual track with me that caused me to feel there was double trouble comin . . . I noticed him grab something from the door . . . A .357 Magnum. Glarin at me full of hate with it inches from my head ... Sayin: Bitch I’m gonna get some of that pussy tonight!.

. . . I could see the bullets gleeming in the chamber . . . havin had just about enough of guns bein thrown in my face. Blew and yellin away said.

Go ahead you Mother fucker!. Go ahead and shoot me you son of a bitch!. Shoot me – fucker!. I aint got nobody! No family!. No home!. Nothin Mother fucker!. So go ahead., Man., Shoot me Son of a bitch!. Go ahead an shoooot Meeeee Godddaammmittttt!.

His mouth was left hangin as he held that gun to my head. Then he lowered it.... Awestruck!. And said as he put his weapon back into the holster that was fastened to the drivers door.

Girl!. You’ve got Brass!. Brass Balls!. Man I aint NEVER!. How old did you say you are!?. Goddaaammn!. Now thats Brass!. As he just kept repeatin it over and over, as I started getting outta the truck. Pissed . . .

I yanked my bag free . . . then grabbed a piece of paper I had outta my bag, and a pen, then walked on over to the front of the truck to copy his plate down . . . with him just screamin away how crazy my ass was., and me liftin up the piece of paper I now folded up real small and wavin it in his face., said. I hope this is your ticket to hell. I’m headin to that phone booth and call the Cops!.... As he started to leave callin me every thing in the book as I called him the same right on back. As you could hear all his gears just a grindin away as he hauled ass out.

. . . I then walked over to the booth to take cover of a crisp breeze blowin as I sat on the floor of it and pondered on what to next to do, havin hardly a car go by . . . To Be Continued


Dear Dawn,

. . . here’s J. OK. . . . I finally wrote Alexander. To much bull so its time to have the govenor contacted for an investigation. As we both – he’s the Man that can do!. No doubt. And so I’ve asked him to re-enter in everything again. Okee doke . . .

Until next time then


Diary of U.S.A. in memory of. . . . ,

Wyoming ripp off
Atlanta slap in the face.

Year of 72
Still 16


Many incidences followed., come what may., one right after another., as it is in memory of.... Such as.

The trucker who picked me up outta Wyoming that ripped off all my shit when he stopped to refuel at a truck stop and I jumped out to use the bathroom. Stealing away everything I owned in that ol’ suitcase. Loosing even Bears Atlas. While he left me flat with just the cloths on my back.

Now you wanna talk about cold!.... some waitress’s there would put me up for a few days and help me with a new set of duds . . .

And mustnt forget the time I was outside of Georgia . . . this car pulled over for me, havin the driver . . . Next only to “Back hand” me square in the face as hard as he could., just as soon as I opened the door . . . he then split just as quick . . .

What a nut!....

Yet I could pretty much knead away the pain and sufferings of fights I’d be forced to defend myself in.

Sometimes Winning
Sometimes Loosing

But the RAPES were the most difficult to handle. NEVER to get over one., driving me burning mad in rage . . . Enduring so many from 16 to 34. As most occurred on the road., finally to wind up in the Kegs., they powdered., 18 years later., with a gun . . .

And I probably said it before, but will say it again. I always tried gettin off the road . . . but to no avial., when 99% of everybody I ran into out there were men. And with only one thing in mind when it came to me. That was to use, Abuse, then throw out . . .

It was Winter still being 3 weeks into my 16th Birthday . . . as another Semi picked me up . . . I was so froze. With a fear that always crawled up my viens of getting frost bit. Leaving my feet and hands to bear tid bit scars, visible today., with these tiny spots full of purple and grey indicating I had some close calls ...

And although the truck was extremely clean and the driver seemingly likewise, his person was full of debauch to the hilt, Incognito. Continually telling me not to touch anything in his cab. “Strange.” And that if I wanted to keep of riden with him then I’d have to hide up in the sleeper to do so . . .

I thought he was full of bull, until he pointed to a . . . sticker fastened, that read, no riders.

. . . havin fallin asleep along the cruise, when all of a sudden I was jolted up by him entering the sleeper jabbin a knife to my throat as another assualt was on the verge to begin.

It was instant reflex of course to defend myself. So we fought . . . you should of seen that huge truck!. It was weaveing back and fourth all over the place . . . Which had me wonderin why no-body was comin around (or) being concerned . . . Here he had pulled his truck . . . way off to the very end of the exit ramp . . .

And as it was goin on he kept sayin: “I dont want to hurt you, but if I have to I will!.” While I kept pushin his hand holdin the knife, away from my face., bitchin royal . . .

I thought Psychologically I’d win this one with a bit of a huff and a puff put into it, but there was just no way . . . [He] pressed it hard enough then to let me know he was willing to kill.

Man I tell ya. I’d really like to know just what the hell they’ve got down there between their legs that’d cause them to become so violent for.

And in the course of it all he kept threatening to slice my throat (or) choke me to death. So off balance in his assualt that he could’nt decide which he’d like to do . . .

And although I was pretty beat up . . . I knew that since he was “teasing” in the situation that if I kept my cool I’d walk outta it all. Allive. So cut with the defense and dropped myself to his level, as low as I could go. Using psychological Method NoW to keep from serious stuff happening., Sexually. Only for it to assist me., from. Sodomy.

His imagination was running wild under his psycho craz of sexual rage. Pushin it Way beyond the word exotic. Flat strange and fully retarded. Drumming up practically anything he could with his “Semen” all over me. Insane!. As he’d ejaculate and copulate to these continual orgasms just to spill it all over on me. Be it in my hair, my face, my chest, or my stomach. Anywhere he could! And forcing me to hold his cum in my mouth, slide it around, then swallow, when he said so. So he was insanely bazaar and sick., to say the least. But grateful his sick ass self erased any ideas of Sodomy. I take it his ideas with the Semen kept him from wantin “feces” on it.

Then to top off the humiliation that he wanted me to endure, forced me outta his rig right then and there at the rest area. Having to walk infront of all them people (who could only guess what happened, which was’nt hard) lookin like death run over with bruises everywhere. And semen stuck on me from head to toe. Let alone the aftermath of it all. Having to hitchhike out from there.

It was awful!.

(While I bet the only reason why he didnt want me to touch anything in his cab, was for prints. Surely purhaps having had other plans in mind, yet found me to fueled up for. So skipped the rest in mind. All of which has me wonder then if my pychological and physical Method didnt work after all)

To Be Continued.,




Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy. Glad to hear your doing good and feelin better now. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good.

But not me!. . . .

I need Alexander called., And ask him to call me. Its very serious. The threats I’m receiving and the torture I’m enduring with this room have gone too far. There really pushin it. So please have him call me here. He’s gonna have to do what he did last time and get in phone contact with the Govenor. Its that Serious.

I’m to upset to write. And they’ve got the room frequenced to such a high pitch it incompacitates you from (being able to.) write . . . Situation has to be brought before the Media and everybody! . . .

I’m workin on the Diary still though. OK.

I’ll catch ya this weekend when I cool down.

See ya then




Diary of U.S.A. In Memory of. . . . ,

Hells Angels

Year of 72
Still 16


. . . It was Bakersfield California, thumbin through when up came along this guy on a motorcycle without a helmet and of all things.... wearin a ski mask.

I immediately thought whats this guy doin!?. Is he fixin to Rob my ass or what!?.... When he then asked me the usual. If I needed a lift!?.

Well need I say I was hesitant., with another worry on my mind . . . a car load of hispanic’s cruising around giving me problems . . . So up went my suitcase ... we were then on a bike that resembled the flicks one of, Easy Riders. Minus the paint job, of the flag.

. . . I’d later learn [who] I was on the bike with . . . While being likewise asked if I’d like to stay a bit with one of the most notorious bike gangs in America. The Hells Angels.

. . . Excepted and spent 3 days with his wife, Kids, and him of who if I can remember right was V.P. of the chapter out there.

. . . the ski mask was worn because of a wreck he was in. 4 years earlier.

. . . this ol’ lady tried to pass his chop, only to clip him in doing so . . . As the gas tank then exploded engulfing him full of flames . . . his hands and face really got it bad., causing him to become trajically disfigured. So much so he wears the ski mask, along with gloves.

(And once he heard of my own fiery experience I faced myself in the face at 9, that was it, we hit it off well then)

. . . the breeze was shot, along with pool. Chuggin on the pitchers. with others comin in and I was introduced to them too. All of which went by Nick names. Such as ... Crazy Joe T. Rip. Frenchy. Foot. Getting these real close up’s of their ways and the chaps they wore. (Chaps referr to the Colors on their jackets for club titles.) All of which theirs is the Winged Wheel . . .

They did their gig like the mob. Exspansed and franchised acrost the states . . . Doing so in a corporate mob fashion. And covered it up with smooth operations to invisible to detect in the dirt they made . . .

Yet that was’nt all!. They were building their image as the rough and tough that they wanted to be feared as, up in the Movie gigs they were offered in . . .

Along with coppin a bit of side kicks off of dirty deeds in pay off’s to bump off (or) whatever (for the extra) ...

Yet between all of the 3 days I spent, much to my amazement I was, Never Sexually Harrassed. Ever!. It blew me back royal to., considering who I was mingling with . . .

So after 3 days I was back on the road again thoroughly impressed with the opportunity. As they aired much kindness my way, that’d I’d like to say back. Thank you!.

. . . And if ya can’t seem to recall who I am out there (in Bakersfield) Well there’s an old Nick I acquired in Detroit (before) runnin into ya’s. So used it with ya since everybody else went by nic’s. And that was.


So wish ya well Bud. Keep scootin and choppin the wind . . .

To Be Continued

Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy!. finnally back to normal. OK!. I can hear ya now. What happened!?. Well I had a flood out. Ha. Ha. Ha. I can laugh now, but not for 3 weeks!. I was flooded out that long!. There were 3 leaks. The toilet pipe. And then the hot and cold water lines. Along with this gap that was under the sink letting all the water in from the Utility Unit thats beside my cell. It was a royal mess!. . . . Thats why I need Alexander back in ... The situation has become so utterly threatening to me. I firmly believe the devils here will try to kill me before a warrent is ever signed . . . Where’s the FLORIDA BAR!.... i’m having so much difficulty then – ANY OTHER INMATE HERE. Man!. I’m betting the MALE SERIEL KILLERS DIDNT EVEN GO THROUGH THE SHIT I’M RECEIVING AND THE EXTREME LACK OF CONCERN OVER MY CASE’S BY CCR I’VE EVER HEARD OF!. Always tellin me upon visits that they’ll help me WAIVE TO THE CHAIR anytime I want. UNREAL!. So I’m in blind fury ... Obviously – an inside job then of a hit on this gal. I bet a pay off by Arlene Ā!?. . . . I need to take a “PolyGRAPH ON ALL OF tHis., , EXTREMELY SERIOUS SHIT! HAVE TOO!.”

So thats why I say. I need Alexander!. . . .


I believe. that while she was visiting me. He176 was seeing someone here for a pay off.—An inside hit on me! . . . They are mob connected. And it has to do with revenge for killin Carskaddon . . . All of which has me wonder about. Alexander. is he one of – them!. OK. It’s such a mess. But I know the cure. “World-Wide Coverage.” I need the Media out here., and just start tellin it all . . .

You’d of think the trash would pick another area and someone else . . . Not a framed-raped Women!. Give me a break!. How much Evil do you want to shit on her – you demon possessed SCUM.


I’m gonna close here. I’m to pissed! Let alone Hate there Fuckin Guts!. BAD!. Ill catch ya in another kite. 4-now.




Dear Dawn,

. . . And now for a regular catch up kite. I’m on L now . . . by the time I reached 18 I quit cruisin in [to Troy]. The reason is because most were off on there own. or not home. or gettin married. So I was’nt going to interferr with their private lives . . . Only comin back then for Keiths funneral. And just a couple of times to see Lori and Barry. Then that was it! Michigan turned out one place I’d never see again . . . then to Fla. I’d wind up from 20 to 34 . . . Doin all of that, only to die in Florida’s electric chair. Amazin Ā!? WOW!. I look at it like this. Jesus has a special gig for me when I get up there. Because through it ALL I NEVER gave him up to believe in anything else ... So I firmly believe my syn-dromized actions are in far more Innocense then they’d like to think. Because of! All the Rapes, and all the Violence I recieved by Society that I faced. Driveing me, Cold and Calcullated. Bottom line.

Dam. I’ve got to close. Dinner’s here . . .

See ya soon.
Dont forget to
Eat your
Ha. Ha. Ha.


Dear Dawn,

. . . Tony finally got through., Geeeeeeeeeez!. I guess . . . (the Superintendant) finally realized he couldnt beat around the bush to much longer . . .

Next I need Interviews hooked up. So if your interested in contacting ANYONE . Please do., Buttt contact has to be by you or Tony. No body else!. Otherwise I’ll suspect the prison and tallahassee are trying to fix me up with one of their pay off ’s for a cover up. OK . . .

Tonys going to contact the Human Rights Activist he’s so into World Wide. Get things stirred up with them in exposure. Then he’s contacting Tallahassee and thee Inspector General’s Office for investigation. As well as hire a private firm in Miami here for to work with me on the violations . . . They’ve gone so far as ripping the tape off our shower window. WRONG!. I was also handcuffed while I was talkin with Tony. WRONG!. Our privacy and priviledges are highly being violated in one area to another. With hate crimes following always within it all...

OK. Its gettin time for a wrist break ... I’m gonna blow this prison wide open in the vicious contempt of the Laws they’ve so seriously violated . . .

And so I hope you guys have Beautiful Ones ahead with all Holidays ahead and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and everybody out there!.

Love ya sis and I’m still on L
between all of this., Alright!.
Take Care now
Dont forget to
eat your
Ha Ha Ha


Dear Dawn,

. . . So there I am on the phone with Alexander, and he’s telling me he’s done., 89 Case’s., having never lost one. Well if so then he surely is one heck of a dam good attorney., no doubt. Buttttt if he was instead useing the NUMBER for a hint. then I would take it he’d want me to change the 9 around to a 6, so that the 89 would instead be then a 86. Which is a term used in bars to oust people if their to rowdy in taverns. Being that 86 then means your., “Barred.” all of which then he may have been hinting to me – he’s 86n/ me from him.

And then he kept on about me being., Finnish., and that he’d like to take my, Nationality., and use it on the case for some strange international reason he had in mind. All of which could do nothing for my case’s. So the hint was purhaps Blood, and that its finnished between us.

Then the other fishy area of him with (The mentioning of CCR and C.i.A. jazz) how nervous he got afterwards. Strange.

. . . he mentioned being., “Exhausted.,” . . . this may be a hint referring to my appeals. When appeals begin to wear down in court, and a warrents about to be signed ... its called, Exhaust . . .

So my suspicions are now with this guy that . . . , Either he’s a C.i.A. connection. (or) . . . Tallahassee or Mafia. / Or who knows!. Maybe he’s connected to none of these and was after info for his own book or movie over there . . .

So do I feel like I’ve been used.?! . . .

And then the state and torturing me out for punishment and study all reactions over as they do . . .

As for Tony – please hold off in calling him. If he calls, he’ll call. But even if he does, I’m way to suspicious now . . . Exspecially with the phone call bearing no meaning to anything!. Except hint after hint.

This world is so Lawless and Godless today. Its helpless! ... I’m sick of seeing it all! I’m through with it all. Back to regular letters and the diary. OK!? ...

I’m gonna need help with the M.O.s/177 before the chair . . . Will you send at least 200 whenever I say I need one!?. I know your cringin right now., but its only until I can get someone else with some bucks to send instead. Actually I wish you had the know how in contacting for publishing . . .

Go for it Buddy! Let the truth be known! . . . That is if your up to it sis. I know I’m fed up and tired!.... Its your ball babe . . . I Love ya buddy . . . And hope your all havin a., “Beautiful.,” holiday season . . . Ill catch ya again as soon as I can. 4-now.




Dear Dawn,

Happy New Year!.

Hope all of you guys had a blast up there!. Any Y2K problems!?. Here. None. Boy was that a bunch of bull. Billy Gates and the rest are probably sittin on it real pretty by now scammers . . .

Me! Not so great. Its been hand over fist Torture. Disrespect. Tainted Trays. and now a D.R.! yeah . . . got a D.R. for. Disrespect! Imagine that! . . . for New Years I take it they just figure a whole new year to start over again and carry on with more . . . WRONG!.... So if you “Finally” hear from Tony., please let him know this OK . . . Its not me!. Its them here., there the ones with the ATTITUDE ...

OK lets see man . . . what did you yourself get for Christmas. ME I got . . . an egg plant parmasean that looked like it was chewed up by bruno then up chucked back on the plate. It was HEDIOUS!. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Thats OK.

I look at it like this. Somebody way up there is fixin to torture all those who tortured me., BACK. Its just gonna take a little wait is all. Ha. Ha. Then I’m gonna party down! 4-SHORE!.

. . . I hope you have a Beautiful New Years this

Millenial. isnt it strange 2000. It really does seem strange AND AWESOME!. . . .

Love ya
Take Good Care


Dear Dawn,

Hello ! Well they wound up given me probation as long as I see a psychologist. So I am. And its someone I happen to like, and see then from here if this straightens out. Boy!. Insane . . .

Say by the way!. My underlining everything. Well some area’s are for highlighting, but then . . . You know how they’ve got the com on and keep using it as a Weapon for pure cruelty. And as they do it KNOCKS ME OFF BALANCE. So thats why the underlining of stuff . . .

Man. I wish you had of never gotten in that fight with your cousin because I was thinkin on the lines of him financially backing you up to start yourselfs on your way to 100s/ and 1000s/ in the writting of a book of my life. Shit!. Would’nt of that of been wonderful . . . surely by now as I can see the book on the shelfs and my butt with a real attorney. Mind you a REAL ATTORNEY . . . And the TRUTH of everything exposed is how Law Enforcement is merely Disciples of Satan who are using the TITLE LAW ENFORCEMENT., as a cover to who they really are . . . For real. Hate their guts to. Bad. Big! Time! Bad . . .

Anyway to Bad on your cousin . . .

Well good Buddy. I think Ill go ahead an sign off . . . Love you all with all my heart. Until next flight in.

Happy New Year



1 - 1 0-2000

Dear Dawn,

. . . So I’m back to that surrendering to God jazz and feeling my old self again. Its over!. And just back to him as I wrap around the inner peace I’m feeling and await a warrent to be signed ...

And if Alexander called. Ō well! He’s bullshit anyway! ... I’m melting in God . . . Adios World., is my motto! Your evil anyway . . .

O good. So you did see the New Years special thing after all. Cool.! But it was’nt a competition gig Dawn. The only reason they were airing all the Countries was to Monitor there arrival of 12 midnight and one minute after if there’d be any glitches in the computers . . .

O my God!.

Kims getting married. Geeeeez! Now doesn’t that seem strange. I’m happy for her too. But., hummmm. on this guy! . . . As my fingers are crossed for her good luck . . .

Congradulations to Kim and her new love of her life otherwise “Good luck!” Please let her know I said this OK!. . . . .

Well let me go ahead and wrap this letter up with hugs and kisses. EmmMMMph. . . .

Until next time

Love from The ol Greasier too.

1 -23-2000

Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! Back to my ol self. Ahhhh. I feel terrific! . . . all the time I spent with this Alexander fella that Must Be Hogwash. Virginia’s private Investigator cant get in touch with him Anymore Either. So he knew there was to much snoopin startin on him and cut out. Maybe I can find out just who the hell he was though eventually. Because 2 NEW attorneys178 are comin Monday and I’m gonna give them a chance to prove themselves on all of this and the case’s . . .


Well one of em is an X secret service agent . . . So Ill tell ya all about it after Monday. OK.

Thank you by the way for the M.O. and stamps. I got em both and want to Thank you sooo much. Ill try to spend only 25 a week., since its gonna be tough now and a bit tight until maybe a new thing can come up to help out. Alright!. . . .

It sucks to ask! I know. I Hate it! . . . So forgive me buddy. But really have no choice but to ask . . .




Dear Dawn,

Hello. How ya doin. I see the snows falling big up there. Ahhhh. I wish I was in it . . .

Say ... I finally wrote Steve. There’s just to much bullshit going on here and with the whole system . . . CCR thinks they can FORCE ME into a NEW TRIAL to make Money off of. So I’m Waiving off – and askin Steve for all the Media Coverage he can muster. I also let him know if he’s able to Wheel and deal any of em. 2 is to be sent to you. OK. Funneral help and jazz. Alright!?. While in the meantime I’ll use the waiving off to.... expose the criminal activity going on here . . . Ill be blowin their shit wide open.! . . .

So thats whats up with me and Steve. And I know my decision has probably got your heart beatin a bit and brings ya down. But . . . as serious as things have gotten, there’s really no choice. So please forgive me. If Steve gets things on the ball. I’ll be XD/ within a year. OK . . .

ō yeah!

You asked if they’ve thee electric chair here anymore!. Well what happened is they’ve changed executions to a Choice Now Theres Lethal Injection and the chair for it. As I’ll more then likely go for “Lethal Injection” because your laid out on this table as if your on a cross. Perfect way in my book for me to split in the name of Jesus. And itll be far more easier to die. Because they knock you out first, then this strict nine crap is suppose to mess up your breathing and then shut down your body parts immediately afterwards. So in 1 to 2 minutes its over. Ahhhhhh. Sounds good to me! I’ve got a whole Universe in Jesus Waitin for me. So it’s a serene thought.... Ill see ya in the next flight. Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I need to once again explain to you about CCR and Nick Broomfield. I HATE them both. And a serious hatred! Alright!. So please if you would quit giving them info over the phone. Just hang up on these son of a bitches . . .

So its like this. Games over state of Florida! . . . And even if I have to get on National T.V. and flat look like a Seriel Killer and claim 1st degree with all 7 even Mallory. Games over! So if the state and prison are trying to likewise drive me crazy in hopes to have me institutionalized the rest of my life . . . Tallahasse. CCR. and all the rest of you S.O.B.s/ You’ll never drive me crazy, and Ill trash shit out left and right in interviews . . .

As for “Nick Broomfield.” I told you Nick used the interview for revenge back at Steve and Arlene for making him pay up on the deal of 10 grand for. Thats why he aired the fanning of the bills and crap. Plus Steve and Arlene “Used Me” no doubt! But had nothing” to do with “Useing the trials for Money” as Nick seemed to portray them 2 as doing ... The ones who used me for bucks and could care less about anything else was – The system itself. “The Cops.” “Judge.” “prosecutors.” “Public defenders.” “Psychologist.” “Witness’s.”

. . . Not Steve and Arlene OK.! Em. Emm. Em.. And to think how much money Nick has made off that fuckin lieing clip! ...

Quit talking to these real low life son of a bitches! . . .

Catch ya in the next flight. Until then,

P.S. My next kite will be about us and life, screx the next.



Dear Dawn,

. . . Happy Valentines to all of ya’s up there. Your mine honey. Come on. Growl. Aileen.

Chhhhhhccccchhhh. ok. ok. ok. Ill quit. Anyway . . . Happy Valentines to ya . . .

OK. Now I’ve got to say it to you one more time!. Please do not appear for their evidentiary hearing in April . . . Andrea here went through 4 . . . and then handed down the sentence back to death again . . .

The only thing their interested in is – Money fame and ladder climbs . . . As the key to ever getting off Death Row . . . I’ve confessed I killed! So there’s no way off ! . . . Jesus spoke about their low life ass’s in the Bible . . . Read up in em in Matthew 23. The whole chapter.

Well I’m gonna close here . . .

See ya then



Dear Dawn,

. . . Happy Birthday – Dawn. Hope you have a super one up ahead . . . Except watch the wrinkles grow and all sexual urges dissapear. AKKKK! Terrible thought., but shit happens! Chuckle. Chuckle . . .

I just have a few questions to ask [CCR] . . . When they come to visit me last time I addressed the fact to them that . . . others from CCR that have sound off... ought to hand it over to you To help any attorneys working on the case’s . . . Then I ASKED have you’ve read any of it!? Do you have “Sound off” Then the one who looks like he came from Mars said.. “ō yeah. We read parts of it.” I said you really need to go back and read it . . . He then said. “What do you mean!?.” I said., Well I strongly feel that the Cops knew who I was “Way before” I was ever even arrested. Having created me “into” the first female Seriel Killer for a mess of reasons . . . He then said next. “ō really., I never even heard of this one before. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this.

Man!. What a bunch of phonies!. And remember this flat liar just got done telling me he read “parts of” sound off...

For the last 9 years they should have been investigating “The Possibilities.” Geeeez!. Crazy son of a bitches! . . .

Until next flight in. Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Happy Birthday Buddy!

. . . I’m wishing ya the very best of one. Hopin you have a real sweet 44. And in my minds eye of wishful thinkin Ive bought you this huge wedding like cake for all of ya’s to celebrate with. As well as, a huge drum of ice cream. With balloons and ribbons everywhere to give off that party look., as a bundle of gifts from thee ol’ buddy here lie beside the huge cake with 44 candles and everybody else’s. Of-course with cool wrapping from me, as the candles are now blown out and were all celebrating away to some good ol’ time music and you finally get to my presents for your big 44th . . .

And anything else I could get for ya – It’d be “On the spot” with a salute honey. Full of hugs and kisses. (Military salute dear. / Not the finger. Thats given only to the system . . . ) And I’d give you the world if I could!. Every single bit of it in good if I could. Your loved, . . . . . Dearly by Me. Good Buddy! So! Happy Birthday! PARTY DOWN! 4 44. . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . Say.... I’ve been meaning to tell you by the way., that if you were Sophenaed you’d have to show or they’d put a bench warrent out on you and have you then sequestured in a motel until the hearings over. So yeah., your idea is an excellent one alright!. But I’ve got one too! . . . The idea then would be to give only negative info in the testimony box. Yet not so as your helping the state either!. But instead – info like this . . . , I cant recall to much of our Childhood together. (We spent only about a year together in it. And in that year it was seldom that we partied together.) And the other gig would be to “MAKE SURE” you say you havent any recollection of any RAPES I ever said I ever endured. And if there were any., that’d be her buisness to discuss on. Not mine! Because its to., Private!.. and strickly her personnel buisness. So you’ll have to get any of that from her herself. As I havent much recollection on weather she said she was or not. OK.

The reason. . . .

I’m tired. Totally fed up to with the using of me. . . So what Im going to do is go ahead and get the media out here and start doin some filming – as being everything in 7 counts of first degree Murder and 7 counts of Robbery.. so I can “HALT” all stays and warrents and proceed with the X to then head off to oz!. and my lord I so “DEARLY LOVE” . . . I’ll miss you Dawn. And a few others! But I HATE this world. I’d perferr to leave it . . .

Well let me go ahead an head on out . . .

Happy Birthday



Party Down Man. And get it while ya can!

Ha Ha.


Dear Dawn,

. . . Man. Channel 6 had a terrible helicopter accident out here thats called sky 6. the crew I’ve been watching for years . . . SAD! . . .

I couldnt believe how cold people were in discribing what they saw before the crash!. Laughing, chuckling, smiling. Man. I killed 7 people and still have never thought so callous over their deaths! Matter of fact now that its all over! Ironically I think I’m the only one who cares about those guys deaths! As the cops could careless cause they let me kill em. And the rest either! . . . The worlds gone MAD . . .

Say you didn’t need to get teary eye’d for my Birthday Buddy! I did alright and relaxed. Its not that bad here! I’m just pissed off with the Knowledge as to how and why they’ve got my room rigged. Using a raped Women with pure disregard for ANYTHING concerning truth . . . So NOW BECAUSE OF THE MANIAC COVERT bull they’ve BEEN RUNNING ME THROUGH WITH I HAVE TO SET UP MY ASS WITH THE MEDIA AND CUT THE BULL BY USE OF A RUSE TO boost THE SIGNING OF ANY DEATH WARRENTS FOR ME A.S.A.P. AND HALT THIS INSANITY OR ANY FURTHER USE OF ME IN ANY WAY ON THESE CASE’S. CAUSE THATS ALL THEIR DOING!

As thats why this room is rigged up . . . But Ive got that taken care of with my own method of blocking it!.179 Ahhhh! And may I say I’m in 2nd heaven now

that I have! Ha. Ha. So let them turn on their covert crap, its Non effective to me anymore! Ha Ha. Ha Ha. Ha . . .

Anyway!. . . . I’m OK! Because I’m TOUGH. Should have a Lions Manne and Leopards spots. Cause this cool cool kitty from Detriot City. can take most anything! The reason! THE ROAD. Taught me to Mentally muscle it all. So I do and can. Therefore sis. (as I pat your back and start holding you around the shoulder walkin and talkin.) “Dont Worry!.” I’ll be alright!. I’ve got em beat with the way I can Block em Out

Ha Ha Ha

. . . all that “Matters” “NOWis to prepare for that Spiritually and give the info needed before I go., Besides all my good-bye’s.

Now sign my warrent . . . thank you. Geeeeeez! What took ya so long!....

Ill catch you in the next kite, and start keeping my rap on you and God. All of which I only want to be in heart, mind and soul. OK.

So, Until then,
Love ya Sis

P.S. One more time...... Happy Birthday! sis!.


Dear Dawn,

hi Buddy!. and I know that your my one and only sister! [Lori] wrote me! . . . She’s full of bitterness . . . So much has happened. And although she’s., Happy NOW., but defenetly without any religious faith., I’m not in the market to break this content she’s in . . . She’s happy. So. I’ll just write her a long kite to., have and behold and remember anything of me by in quietly and as kindly as I possibly say.... Goodbye. / In the meantime explaining how the Cops made up the Family abuse crap, and the system assist in its cover, useing it throughout the courts etc . . .

Man. I just got done re-reading Lori’s letter and done cried my eyes out. You know I’m gonna have to spend a bit of time with her to properly say my goodbyes . . . But remember this too! You’ll always be the Real sister I really never had. Because Lori never was . . . So—Thanks Dawn so very much for filling up that huge gap in my heart Lori left me with. Your a sweet heart....

No buddy. I cant believe Keith would of been 45. Or Ducky. or US !. I cant believe were 44!. And that I’m about to be executed. All is ... WOW!. For sure. But I feel like 25. And could care less about the X . . . But if we NEVER see each other again This . . . I’ll regret. God knows I love ya Buddy! Got to be together again. So pleeeeese lord, above, let us be!....

Love ya Buddy,


Dear Dawn,

Hello. How ya doin buddy!? . . .

Say I need to fill you in on something I’m up to now . . .

I’ve sent a quick formal letter to that chick from Court T.V. and told her she needs to throw the film she did of me out, cause of my religious beliefs and want to come clean. As that’ll be “The Ruse” Ill use to wipe out self defense and get the spot lights goin on this gig I want to start spreading ALL OVER THE WORLD . . . Yet I havent heard from her yet! AND you’d surely think I would with such “INFO EXPOSED”. So I’m wondering if she even recieved the letter! Would you call her and find out.? please.

Then I sent another one to Claire Metz of . . Channel 2 out of Orlando. As well as “Date line.” Yet no response yet! And lastly merely told Nick Broomfield. But also let him know I’ll never allow him to ever interview me ever again!. Because of what he did with the 1st one. So you probably wont hear from him anymore. Chuckle. Chuckle ... Man. Dawn. Seriously I need help on this . . . So please if you will. Try these 2 numbers . . . And no sweet sis. I havent lost my mind. Matter of fact! I’ve got it back.

So until next time,
Cheer up buddy.
It’s the best way
to go. That is
do it in the name of

Right on!




Dear Dawn,

. . . So Lori recieved the letter., good! But I cant believe she said she couldnt understand it. God. . . . she “is” stupid! “Big time!.” I always thought she was. She just lacks experience and is just a dumb little pampered—“lost puppy.” ō well! Thanks for calling her. I dont believe she’ll be writting much either. Her hearts not into it . . . just am glad to hear she’s . . . , happy and all. Now I can rest to my X with knowing this good. good. good. good. So back to her world she can go and forget about me. I was only curious—anyway!....

Whats this! Gas is a 1.73 a gallon now!. Man. I can remember when it was 19 cents and a loaf of bread 25, .30. It’s the Government. And I feel its more than likely Mafia run. So then its all about greed off the people. Sickly insane, as the world then goes to pot. Em Em Emm. Pitiful., isnt it.... hey. . . I hear you on Elian gettin it all! But ā the honey is sweet so he deserves it. Isnt he cute too . . .

I also heard on his Mother the day Elian was pulled from the ocean, that the ones who made it and didnt die recall his Mother clinging to a tire tube herself. And the other who was in the tire tube as she clung to it was asked by Elians Mother. . . . . , Where Elian was. The one sittin in the tube said. I think Elian drowned. This broke her heart so bad she let go of the tube and allowed herself to drown to. / Now if this is a rumor!. I dont know. I just remember it the News Coppin this info—so aired it. if it’s true how sad. Em. Em. Em . . .


Until next time
Dont forget your



Dear Dawn,

. . . It isnt us here at B.C.i . But I think Death Row somewhere went on a hunger strike because the insane administration tried to change rules to crazy and put an end to contact visits. Yet Anna had a visit yesterday and it was (contact)... Ever since Jeb Bush came in—things have been screwing up! “Illegally!.” . . .

And thanks buddy for helping me out with the evidentiary hearing. Such as in area’s of school. Your my witness for Sanity. Thanks alot!. But I still feel your unsure about my parents with me or any of us. Dawn! For real., my parents were real decent. Came from the early 1900s/ like 1902 and stuff. So they were raised by the way day of things! With sex is sinful and should be kept in the closets and jazz ...

And thanks for not saying anything to the judge on 7 an 7.180 Its my gig, so it should just strickly be up to me . . .

Well, time to sign off . . . Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Bob181 died! Before your Mom!? How!? I cant believe this! The Cancer was THAT BAD! How long did he have it!? Man. Im in disbelief . . . I pray he died in Christ . . .

Your poor Mom. She must be going out of her mind. And whats she gonna do!?.... And funnerals are so expensive today!. How on earth will ya be able to pay it!? . . . Man am I ever sorry Dawn. I wish to God I could help you with ANYTHING! Anything at all!

Say . . . maybe I can cheer ya up with some God stuff. National Geographic sent me this poster of a 3 Demensional Computer enhanced pic of the Universe.

. . . the blackness of our Universe is no other then thee “Abyss” the Lord spoke of within revelations. While my 2nd thought was what if then that past “the funnel” mass of stars and blackness is “Where the actual Kingdom of God is.” and purhaps then why theres been so many claims in any near death experiences they experienced., had a feeling as if they were in a Tunnel with a bright light noticed at the end of it. Because the light of all the Kingdom of God is “Outside” the funnel’s shape. Leaving us with only night and day within this cyclone space were in As god referrs himself in the Bible to being – full of light etc. So where god is . . . , truely darkness cannot exist “Whatsoever!.” . . .

Well. I hope it was interesting . . .

Again . . . before I close. I am deeply sorry Bob died. Did he die in belief of Jesus.

Until next time




Dear Dawn,

. . . Everytime I drift into God, there I go, I’m off to “What Ifs” . . . as I’ve yet another one. Feel up to it!? ...

Lets say I hit it on the head of the nail again that Earth is infact . . . Hell . . . And as I think on these lines of my – What If., What also runs through my mind is how the Holy Spirit is referred to in the Bible as partially lifted from this world in the last of days . . . (As I then see) like the flick of Independance Day. Gods power of glory coming down from the sky with 1000s/ in legions of smaller ships cruising throughout all of earth to put all things to his final finnish. Being thee end. And so there you have it. My big . . . “What If” Ha Ha Ha. And then to think. What if I’m right! Woe Ā!?. Ha. Ha. Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle.

Well Dawn . . . I pray you find some type of peace regardless. I am truely sorry you suffered his loss. And take care sis. I love you all.,

So very Much




Dear Dawn,

. . . Say. I was gettin to thinkin by the way . . . always worried about you guys being in debt of some sort. About Nicks offer for an interview. As much as I dispise the jerk.

You see I’d allow one only if hed give you 6 up front first. Cant be any other way. 6 up front first – then make arrangements after you’ve got it in your mits . . . If he’s interested. OK.

Well let me go ahead an close here. My darn wrist is actin up again . . .

Eat your Veggies!

Ha Ha Ha

Love Aileen,



Dear Dawn,

Ha. Ha. Ha. I can’t believe this letter!... That the interview went well!. I should of looked a wreck!. Does it show me saying my 7 an 7 gig? I mean after all that is the only reason I even did a dam thing. I also can’t believe the clips are full of smiles. Hum . . .

I hope it hits 190 countries..

And Thank you for the compliments. Good to hear it. That I didn’t do to bad. Good Good Good Good Good but thats Court t.v.! I hear Channel 2 went awful. Got a computer!? Log on to HttP://WWW.WESH.COM/ORL/NEWS/STORIES/NEWS200511-004859.HTML182 Dialogue with a serial killer Claire Metz interviews Aileen Wuornos in prison. (punch that in) I heard the whole interview is aired across the net. “World-Wide” and that I look like shit—according to Kori .183 Of-course coming from CCR its more then likely a bunch of bull. Only because they hate the fact that I’m doing this. So are probably lieing . . . I hope there is a way you can log on and find out for me . . . Get the truth out. Plus the Cops and system. Then Xecute me all you want!. Bleeeeeeee I dont care anymore now!....

By the way, if you know anybody who has a computer, you could sell out. “Artwork or any publications material.” So you may want to check into this. Sounds like an awful good place to start, since the info’s World-Wide. OK. . . .

Now back to you and your family. Hows your Mom and Dave doing now!?. Man. I am soooo soooo sorry . . . And then to think how behind you are and bad off, yet you still send me an M.O. You are absolutely a good soul . . . but if you really cannot afford it. Let me know. I’ll see if someone else can help. OK. Meanwhile . . . EmmmMMmmmph!....

Well let me catch ya in the next flight . . .




Dear Dawn,

And I hope your all doing really good...

I’m still amazed how you can write away even when things are really down and out. And boy do I appreciate it. I Love you so much!. And because I do, I do know Dawn how hard its gonna be the day I depart for good and you wont hear from me anymore. Man. . . how well I know it will be!.... just know Im with Jesus . . .

You know Bob Hopes about to go!. He hospitalized for something right now. 97. Wow! Ā. I remember as a kid. Around 16½ 17. Hitchhikin infront of his place, there off of I think . . . highway 15., in Palmsprings. And there was this Super X it was called . . . shopping center. Which when I stepped in to get somethin, the clerks said I just missed Lucial Ball. (Man. however her names spelt.) That she was checkin her out not 5 minutes ago!. Then as I hitchhiked in front of Hopes house that looked like a huge Silver covered dome., I swore I wit Phillis Diller passing by me in a White Corvette. So that was a trip. Hope was probably havin a party./ All and all.... I know how hard its gonna be on ya. But pleeeeeeeese get over it quick and move on when it does., because I’ll be doing REAL GOOD in God. OK!? I really hope you’ll be able to do that . . .

4-now Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Ha. Ha. I’m at the point now in one of your kites about cleanin the house and running into some old clothes at least 20 years old now and might just be back in style today. Ha. Ha. for real.

Have you seen the tight tie die shirts or the hip huggin bell bottoms they have out today ... if I was out shopping with ya, I’d be pickin up some of those stone wash straight legged jeans with the studs on em. As well as some T-shirts with Zips or pull overs. Definetly cool lookin in my book . . .

I can see ya now. Just as clear as day at 15 with your Old hip hugger black bell bottoms., and pull over halter tops you loved to wear. Black hair down your back with your muscle bound look, always challenging someone to arm wrestle at the kitchen table, while the music played away in that small living room you guys had. Sneeking the cigs and booze and partying up there whenever your parents went away.

I remember how bad I wanted those black jeans and how bad you wanted my brown fringe raw hide belt. I think we eventually wound up trading off. Chuckle. Chuckle . . .

/Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

I say, hows it goin buddy!?. So Darlene184 plants about 20 feet now, with 18 vines. Wow! . . . Pictures!. I need Pictures Dawn!. And of Daves garden too. OK!?.

. . . strawberries. Emm. Sounds good. Havent had Lovely strawberries since I was 6 or 7 . . . So its been a long time since I’ve eatin strawberries. And when we were kids we tried to smoke the rotted vines. It worked a little. You could get a puff or 2. But we started early with cigerrettes – so continued to rip em off from whom ever or where ever – we ever could. As for having put out for any. No way. And whoever made that one up is CRAZY. period. Anyway, . . . Kid days ! Ahhhh. They were so Heavenly.... So ya found a bag of coins. To bad it was’nt gold! . . .

I remember when Ty was working at the Laundry Mat back in Daytona – year of either 86 or 87 and wound up finding a whole slew of coins behind one of the washers. By the time I arrived there . . . she was wrapping up the last roll of a 125 bucks. So since no buddy knew it ever was back there, I thought for sure, that day I could take off and not have to hussel then. Yet, low and behold and one of the reasons I loved her so – was for her down to earth ways and honesty, she gave all the quarters back to the Managers. And mind you – we were flat outta food and behind in rent. Days away that we also would’nt know – from being evicted. And then of all things. Regardless of that kind act she did in all honesty was fired by the Managers in claims of “Stealing from them” I couldnt believe it . . . She was a good honest worker. While I think they fired her because of 2 things. We were lesbians., and she would smoke pot in the place once in a while. As I kept telling her it was a bad idea. Yet she’d do it anyhow. So. Em. Em. Em. To bad A!? . . .

And Dawn . . . ya didnt tell me if Dave was fired, quit!. or just off from work from work for surgery. Lord., I KNOW YOUR IN A WHIRL OF WORRY NOW . . .

To bad ya didnt put 20 bucks a week in the bank for the last 22 years or so of your marriage. If you had of you’d of had around 21,000 to work with now under such a critical emergency, yet, you could still start savin. And spread the word to the rest of your family as a good idea . . .

Well let me go ahead and sign off here . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . I do want you to know that there’s no close friendship as far as contact has ever been with Mary Beth185 an me. Ive “Only” done interviews with her. period. So why you both talk to each other is beyond me . . . I dont want you discussing “Me” over the phone “too Anybody!” . . . this info to others has to stop. Cause they can just steal away it all for there own book! Get it! Geeeeez!!! I’ve got to train you in the art of buisness! . . . Quit being so “Easy” “for info” to ANYONE!.” So play it smart . . . Geeeez.

Say an early Doc appointment in . . . Rochester!. Man how far do you live from there!?. You know ō Troy is only 5 more miles – south. Feel like stopping by for some flicks on ol’ Cadmus!? If so. Please get the 2 house’s beside mine snapped, and then the house’s acrost the street from mine snapped ... Besides . . . One of Heidi. One of Jack.... Ill send em back . . . All of ya’s I miss ya – sis!. . . .

So as I wrap this one up., have a bunch of hugs EMMMMMMMMMM-MMMMph EmmMMMMMMMMMMMph. EmmMMMMMMMMph and Kisses XXXXXXXXX OK OK Aileen thats enough! Bluuu Bluuu Bluu. Dawn. They were just on the forehead!. OK . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Hello. And sure hope your doing good ...

Ill be possibly useing [Arlene] to waive off the remaider of my appeals too. (so I can get executed sooner) But thats all it is . . . is useing her, while I try to get back 15 grand she took outta my life . . .

ō yeah, that reminds me! I need to tell you something I overheard! Boy ō Boy ō Boy ō Boy . . . . . . . . Its about.. Executions.

I overheard and very clearly (Mind ya) a group of staff in the middle of the night talking about executions and “Lethal Ones” being Mocked. And after a fake death is done having put the inmate under a Medical Comatose are then sending the prisoners to Government Underworld Labortories to be genuine pigged on. As I then heard there Labortories are hid in Mountains, (or) in Underground Tunnels (such as hanger 57 in Las Vegas) (or) Oil rigs that are stationed out in the ocean. Useing the prisoners then for Bio Chemical research (or) Cancer (or)

alziemers (or) other desease’s. And is how DNA was discovered as well as other Medical discoveries., such as Aids. Evil!. So I’m going to go ahead and except the Chair for execution instead of Lethal injection ... I’m going to contact the Media all over hell too . . . So if ya start hearing about it over the news at all you know whose exposing this insanity . . . I told ya I think I figured out why – When Jesus died on the cross said as he departed. “Father., forgive them., for they know not what they do.” was because he was referring to their “INSANITY” Completely insane. Obviously! Em. Em. Em. Em. Em . . .

Anyway buddy, I know you’ll stick beside me to thee end. And I Love you dearly Dawn . . . My only true friend . . .

Arlene is only being used. But you “NEVER!” I sincerely love ya Dawn . . .





Dear Dawn,

Hello buddy!. I know ya missed me last week. Sorry, but I do need to catch up here with some things. This depo on Jacky186 is gonna take some time just to get every bit of her bull connected around her answer ...

. . . if you would I do need 2 things copied and then sent in a Manilla Envelope to me. (If you’ve the time and would’nt mind.) And thats a couple of Ty’s letters copied out and all of sound off. I need the letters to check handwritting. Roberts looks simuliar to Ty’s., Arlene’s husband, so wondering whats going on here . . .

Dave on Medicine.! . . . Slipped disc is a Slipped disc!. He really needs to go for the surgery. Medicine isnt going to put it back in place!.... I KA RUM BA. MOMMA MEA GEEEZ. OK. OK. I’ll quit. But know that I DO CARE!. AND iT GOES FOR ALL OF YA . . .

They dont like me here. But they may well wind up hatin me more once a New Attorney comes in. Arlene and Robert are willing to help me – finally on one. So. We’ll see if that comes through or not!....

Well let me go ahead and give you a hug. EmMMmMMmMMph. Ill catch ya in the next Kite. Okee Doke.

So . . . Until then,

Take good care of yourself
and dont forget your Mosquitto repellant.
Ha. Ha.
Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . Kittens. Now you and I both know thats the last thing ya need!. You’ve had to much of a heart ache in the loss of so many animals. If I were you. Here Kitty, Kitty . . . . . “FOR SALE” anybody want one!. 50 cents a piece. Ha. Ha. Its just to hard to handle when they die. I remember ty accidentally stepping on one of Zypher’s kitties she had . . . Crushed its skull in – yet it was still alive. Lord. Saddist thing to wit and then have to do next., as I grabbed it and then ran to the bathroom – only to next quickly fill the sink up with water and drown it – to put it out of its Misery. Lord it was sad!. . . . I cried my living eye’s out on that one too for days!. Broke my heart all to hell., their so precious and cute as can be . . .

Well. let me go ahead and sign off here . . . Ill get back with you as soon as I can.





Dear Dawn,

OK I’m back. Sorry, but I really need to get stuff out to CCR. You see – Next year there’s going to be a hearing on the book and movie deals the cops were involved in – and so I’ve got to get this New Crew to understand how it all began and how it was all – so covered up OK!.

Then all of that becomes – “Public Record.” So if theirs any slip up during questioning of any – it’ll all be – “Recorded” for all the world to obtain and “study off of” – regardless if there’s not enough evidence to convict “The Cops” Jacky or anybody with anything!. It would still “Air” suspicion enough to “Wake Society up” . . .


What Aili

Well the biz of ya going through the tons of Letters of mine and what happens if ya start rek-reading em. Awwwwww . . . I Love the heck outta ya too. Feel like a Movie!?.


OK. OK. I’ll quit. I’ll quit.

Chhhhhcccchhhh – just could’nt resist. But no more cryin. Cheeeeer uuup Buudddy! . . .

Until next Time.

Stay Cool Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy! I’m back for another round. Lets see how about a pina colata. Emm ... now that sounds good . . .

I’ve found out I wont need a private attorney or anything after all! There’s a New Federal Ruleing out now – that any Death Row inmate who wishes to waive off there appeals and push CCR outta there face in harassing to try to block, only need write the court judge preciding the case and request so. 45 days later they’ll be XD/. The recent Death Row inmate here in Florida did this and 45 days later was executed . . . And so – need I tell you this is good news to me!. . . .

Say., I tell ya – the way Isreal and Palestine is going at each other now., Well I wouldn’t be surprized if the chariots of God were’nt on their way! Its really getting close to Matthew 24s/ chap. Man.

Then this, Election!. Makes me sick how stupid the people are around America to even want to vote for Bush!. Cant they see the Man’s ½ Communist ½ American! Geeeez!. And should a War break out and a need to negotiate with world leaders Bush has no experience in! ... yet – Gore’s got 24 years in of doing this . . . Needless to say, Ive been left then Awestruck and Flabbergasted at Societys – ignorance during this round of Elections . . .

Well let me go ahead and close here. Back to Jacky’s depo I go . . . Keep your Spirits up as best as ya can ... Love Aileen


Dear Dawn,

. . . What I am going to send you will be the end of the info biz on this stuff.187 . . And I need to Thank You for being so patient on all of this, While knowing everything you have could very well be Auctioned off, but if I were you – instead I’d look for a publisher who’d work on all the Material like a journalist to get the truth out. Otherwise it’d more then likely be distorted . . . in the future should this happen. O Well – Dawn – you did your best . . .

I’ll see if I can send it over to CCR and have Kori then send it to you all in one priority package for safe keeping. Otherwise I’ll send it in pieces out each week. Cause there’s about 600 pages alright . . .

Say . . . did you by chance get to see last weeks ghost stories on T.V. . . . They had alot of sightings on “Energy.” Be that from dots – to these base-ball size ones., to just huge Mass’s. And after having wit this, Man, I’ve come up with another thought on God.

I’m betting then that if you die in your sins without God in Salvation, that you’ll then remain only this energy mass (of thought) Without a body—until Judgment Day.

. . . all souls that will die under such destruction, besides the ones who’ve already have, will then be forced to exist as such—eternally upon the plain . . . throughout the ruins. Such as Mars. Jupiter, and Pluto.

I hope you can get what I’m saying here . . .

And so purhaps this is what happened with Mars. Jupiter, and Pluto—etc. Was once inhabited with Angels—fell with Lucifer ... as the angels spirits roam those planets in their energy form . . . stuck on these plains—disembodied forever upon., for eternal punishment. Its an eerie thought., but since its Halloween., thought to give it to you then.

. . . Time to.... straighten up for me., and prepare for the Lord. Royal!.... Well let me close this letter up . . . Take gōōōōōōd Care.

And dont forget the Steak!
Ha Ha Ha


Dear Dawn,

Hi.. . .

I recieved your letters on Court T.V. and visit feelings . . . I need to ask you if they aired 7 an 7, and if I’m sitting behind the glass during it!?. Remember it is the only reason I even did the interview. So let me know OK!?.

On Visiting me before I die. Well Dawn, I know all of what your saying and feeling, butttt to be honest with you I dont think you’ll ever get in. I need to remind you “only family members”. But dont worry—because I’m not even going to allow Arlene to see me!. I’m going to go out. “Alone” . . . And it wont bother me in the “least” if I do. I came in this World alone and so I’ll go out as so. I really needn’t be comforted in this thing. I’ve got Jesus to help me through and do that . . . I know when I am XD/ you’ll be waiting out there (to do whatever you’ll need to do) to come and get me—in death to ashes. Yet if for some reason you run into trouble “Monatorially lets say” and you just could’nt. Even then . . . dont ever let it eat you up. Cause this (is) just a shell . . . I’m no longer in their power—but Gods. Safe, sound, and ō so happy . . .

And then there’s Arlene.! She has that Adoptive Mommy jazz . . . She’s not getting in. Because I know she’s nothing but some kind of Cop, Jacky, Victim, or Mafia Material of some sort anyhow. OK?! So she won’t get in . . .

And then in seeing you now. I’d Love to see ya today—but “Nick” cant be trusted . . .

And when you say—well I dont think he is—and I think he did a good job with his flick da da da, da da da da. God. You just dont know enough about everything—and so are mislead to believe!. While I know 100s/ of things about this sneak and would’nt trust him alone with a loved one for a minute!....

Anyway., lets get back to the real issue in this letter. Just get rid of the guilt not being able to see me before I die. OK. . . . if Money and Laws hadn’t of never been in the way surely we’d of seen each other plenty of times . . . We’ll just have to see each other on the other side. But please dont “feel” one bit guilty ...

Yet as far as dying “Alone” . . . Man Dawn believe me. I dont care!. I’d rather have my thoughts on “Jesus” anyway as I’m dieing then a bunch of people watching as I go. Besides most who’ll be watching will be Satans Agents—anyhow!.... Let me instead be thinkin of you and Jesus elsewhere as I look up at the ceiling and they prick me out with their needles. That’d be far better for me in my book of emotions. OK!?. Then to have you stuck between these state workers and family members of the men I killed. As I wonder on just how many of them will show up.

And then lastly Dawn, you have to go through alot of paper work in order to even participate in an X. So please forget the whole idea. While I’ll say it again. I’d rather die “Alone” . . .

Now I’m sure alot of this has got you somewhat upset., but I’m sorry. Just please dont go too far into the deep end. You wanted me to be honest and quick to answer, so I did. Alright!. . . .

Buddy, take good
care of yourself
“Happy Thanksgiving!”


Dear Dawn,

. . . Look at this election . . . “The Bushes” decided then to run to other states for a recount . . . Because otherwise it certainly would’nt look good and way too ackward if only florida had “That Problem”. . . . right!?.

Anyway it should of been—Gore! . . . Jeb Bush and Mike Moore have just recently changed our Menu’s to ½ of what we use to receive! So instead of 2 pancakes for breakfast – there’s one, with lunch and dinner played with to . . . Its time to book.! . . .

I’ve been relaxing myself from all the writting I did with some good books. By J.R.R. Tolkien (“Lord of the Rings” “The Two Towers” part 2) and the “Return of the King” part 3) . . . So Ill be comfortably reading besides the Bible to., While I prepare X-iting out. Ahhhh . . .

Welll I’m gonna sign off here and get back into that good book I’m reading . . . Man – takes me away into another realm so very sweet and innocent., and thats just Where I wish I could stay.




Dear Dawn,

Hello Buddy . . .

By the way, another Death Row inmate died “Innocent.” A DNA test was done on another case, only to exonerate the guy on this one. But the sad part (is) he died 11 months ago on death row of cancer.188 Spent 14 years on it too—before he died of... And then to think how he died even gets more disgustingly wickeder They had him strapped to a bed—reeking in pain—unable to move under it—then continually unattended—only to die in his own fece’s like that! Sick A!. I mean it. “Evil!.” They are. Man I killed 7 men and still couldnt kill a human being like that. The death would have to be quick and simple. So I’m outraged, and so is everybody else . . . So now I’m really outta here because of “THAT” . . .

“Merry Christmas!.”
. . . I’ll catch ya again this weekend! In the Meantime

Happy Hanakah!



Dear Dawn,

Happy New Year sis., and everybody!.... and hell no, I’m not going to send the N.G.189 bill!. I’ve asked another soul to help me on that one., OK!? . . . As for the funneral . . .

As for the stuff in my cell. I’ll have it all SENT to you . . .

And then you misunderstood on my ashes . . . if you are able to come down—then., I’d appreciate it if you spread them out in flagler . . . say if you will “goodbye to ty” while your standing there., for me. Her and I spent some time together out there as well . . .

About Dave. . . . Man., am I ever glad to hear he’s getting way better now!. I know I’d sue the piss out of that shop too. Tyria got [money] from a car accident settlement.... I met her – O When she was just about spending the last penny

of. Chuckle. While so many times I wish I never had of met her—yet I still love her to death!. Anyway – I’d sue em royal if I could . . .

I’ll end this letter with these cheerful notes and how J.R.R. Tolkien put it for fireworks., to bring in 2001.

The finest Rockets ever seen
They burst in stars of blue and green
or after thunder golden showers
came falling like a rain of flowers190




Dear Dawn,

Say – I dont care if ya use the hearing191 for a vacation. Go for it, and good for you then. Great idea. I dont care!. But there is 3 things I’ll need for you to remember – if you would – before you take the stand. #1 – I’ll need for you to keep me at all times as smart looking as you can. Chuckle. So they cant try any incompetency shit . . . Then #2. on 7 and 7 . . . Say in some way or another if you can – that she’s “Refute” self defense a long time ago., because of Religious Reasons ! . . . she feels the Cops knew who she was before her arrest: Then lastly – if you would – help me scrub out that Child Abuse. It never happened! There never was any!. The Cops and Jacky started all that up . . . because it really came from the road. Yet . . . if you can help it, dont go there either. / OK. Just act as if you’ve only known me for a little while., after that I left Michigan ...

And if you can. If ya get a chance., put in on the fact that I never hung out with “The Shelleys” or “Derek Anderson” . . .

And so this is all I’m asking for you to do if you would please. Then I’ll be just as happy as a Lark....

Grab your bathing suits
Ha. Ha.





Dear Dawn,

. . . Arlene’s up to no good again. I believe she’s up to covert jobs with CCR., as she wants to (get this) appear in court next month to help in saving my life . . . I’ve been for the last 6 months writting Robert and her that I’m waiving off . . . So I expect her to be there, yet she was told by me, not to show up, and please just stay out of it all.

. . . Well CCR came to see me yesterday ... they told me I had to be present at the hearing ... Then when I asked why I needed to be there., ordered by the judge to be., she just said . . . “its like a symphony thing.” In other Words., like an Orchestra. And then just before leaving Kori said – by the way – did you know a group out of California is planning to do an “Opra” on you. Its going to be about how Ty and you lived together. That kind of stuff. Well it really sounds to me like she’s in a round about way trying to hint to me throughout it all that its all over anyhow., so screw you and your waive off! [Like there just going to play a symphony and let the fat lady sing biz.] So needless to say . . . I just hate CCR. Period . . . So I’m going to need Discrediting help here Dawn, and screw their intentions all to hell. OK. “So 7 an 7 needs to be brought out.” To the Court room and the Media., forcing it on record . . . 7 an 7 in Pre-Med closes all the case’s and a warrent will only be next signed ... So if you would please do this (Cause) Arlene’s asking me through Robert if I’d like her there., and that she heard I wanted to live. ō sure! So there’s a strategy going on. Either with herself., or between her and CCR. And isnt she ever. “Deceptive” What an ungodly soul . . .

And if you will – that is help me refute self defense., then let me give ya a rehearse example as to how you could spill some of this throughout the court . . .

“Eventually she told me she was going to come clean and drop all of those self defense claims so that she could get on with the truth. Her being incarcerated like that brought her closer to God before she dies . . .”

And then if you further can put in the 7 an 7., with all were Killed for the Money. biz. That she told me she just ran into bad days and Weather while hooken – so resorted to Robbery instead, and to cover things up if she could – Killed then – to eliminate Witness’s. And then that might to put the brakes on “Every thing” . . .

And so until next time., guess We’ll be seeing each other soon in court., Amazing A!? Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle. For shore

And so, see ya Soon.





Dear Dawn,

. . . Tomorrow a state psychologist will be here to see me . . . just going to kick back and enjoy the ride, while I Bona-fide in everything – that I’m a Serial Killer . . . I’m not even going to mention “Rapes” or “the road.” alls going to be denied., to seal the x . . .

And should you be asked if I’m suicidal Answer – no., that she just wants to correct everything with everybody an God., before she goes. Needing to set things right . . . Then from there under questioning if you feel a need to deny anything – go for it., because trust me sis, they’ll never be able to prove it . . . So relax all the way in it., and enjoy the experience . . .

And please remember this one toooo. If they should ask you – do you think she’d ever kill again, to say – well if she killed 7, its not hard to believe shed be pushed to kill an 8th. Having nothing to lose, with 7 already dead! The answer is to make sure everythings “cemented” from ever being overturned to life. OK. And so I have to remain dangerous. That is a danger past Death Row . . .

And so until the hearings
over. I’ll see ya there.
Stay cool
and Be Careful


Dear Dawn,

. . . I just cant believe joe would’nt let ya take the stand!. What the hell!? And then talk about NOT doing as the client wishes em to . . . I told em not to ever come see me again., requesting in the meantime a new attorney and Investigator . . . And boy were they ever sneering me down throughout it all! Kori and Joe. So its obvious – retaliation has been done on their part . . . Because the coming clean really screwed their case’s all to hell. I’ll be heading to an X for sure now . . .

And talk about cracking me up! The shelleys! Who the hell was the fat one?!. . . . God did they look whipt!. . . . the trash they came up with – against My Mom, Brother, and Dad., was like Whoā!.192 I mean – “Insane.” It was totally sick, as I turned around and looked at joe who was sitting behind me and said “Whatt ya do! Tell em all to say this shit or something., so you could get your child abuse crap in there!.” Would’nt ya know – he gave me another sneer look.

Anyway . . . gordon claimed he ran into me and my Dad screwing in the sauna. While Teddy claimed he caught Keith, Mike, and I fucking away in one of the forts out in the woods, so joined in. While the shelleys claimed my Dad was a living Bastard – that beat me more with the belt – then any of the rest of the kids . . . and that my Mom and Dad both drank heavy. So . . . as I watched and listened to them all – said to myself. O. . . . K. . now . . . I know!.. your . . . all . . . , CRAZY! . . .

Well., I was able to put on record . . . “Everythings being perjured here about my family., and would be more then happy to polygraph it out – as so.!” . . .

And to think – If my Dad ever forced me to have sex with him – I’d of called the Law on him. [ at any Age] . . . While my Mom – as you know – “Didnt Drink” . . . And the belt – as you know – was only used about 3 times on me., after that., he reverted to groundings ... Then as for Keith and Mike. Well – I’m sure you can remember how I explained Keith and I’s four play biz we did – “real little” but backed off going any further, realizing sisters and brothers we were told were’nt suppose to. Yet Mike., I did, butttt again – like only one time., and still cant see intercourse. I can only remember four playing around. Kissin and four playing, being to afraid to go any further. But as for ever having had sex with “Teddy” . . . Em. Em. Em. Boy ō Boy . . . the most him and I ever did – WAS KISS., and just once. Ha. Ha. See . . . there was this game we took and switched it around. Being that of hide an seek., and having all the girls hide and Whatever guy found her – then the 2 had to kiss. And Vise Versa. So I found Teddy., and we kissed. And that was it!. And it was’nt even a french one. Chh-hhccchhhhccchhh Chuckle Chuckle.

So – as you can see . . . riggin on the case’s “AGAIN” . . .

Well let me go ahead an fold this up. Hope you had a good time down here buddy ... Did ya see Ty by the way!? She looks terrible . . . And still love her., no

matter how ugly she’s gotten.... Ha. Ha. Ha. I heard she’s a fork lift driver now in some Warehouse. Good for her., hope its bringing home plenty of bacon for her, Hoping things in the meantime start getting better for you guys too! Best of luck in all of it. So . . .


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy. And lets see!. What week is this one? By george! I know its an important one. Let me think, Illl get it in a minute. O yeah. . . . I Remember!. Its your. – Birthday!. Well by goolly . . . Happy Birthday Dawn!....

45! Can ya believe it!
Me. Neither.

. . . I’ve also changed my mind on flagler with my ashes. Hate florida to much. So if you will take em back up north with ya. OK?!. . . .

And Whats this – you walked outta the court room as soon as I did. Well I’m sorry if I gave ya any wrong impressions but this is why I left once I got a good look at ya.

I’d been sitting at that table – from 8 AM to who knows when (each day) feeling and looking crappy in each and every one of them. Just waiting for you to hit the stand . . . Yet – joe and Kori in pure revenge decided to keep you from testifying. So – now I was really pissed. (Havent had a shower for days and hungry with this bull they pulled Em. Em. sure was). Asked then for them to let you in as a spectator behind me just so I could get a glimpse of ya, before the Judge would get hip with every thing and I’d have to cut it short and go. So did, and as I kept glancing over towards ya – he was – as he started eyeing the both of us then. So in order to keep you from any unnecessary embarressment decided to request being sent back, grateful enough I got at least a good look at ya. Otherwise, I’m sorry if it caused any wrong impressions or idea’s in your head . . . And so let me go ahead and wrap this one up here . . . And let me say it one more time, since I cant resist, and hope you really had a sweet one.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Stay Cool, and Until
next flight in



Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy!. Happy Birthday again too., ya 45 year old babe . . . never in my wildest dreams did I think Id wind up dead by 45 . . . just wish I would send you a message. Let ya know there really is life after death. So then I go to thinking about it – and said – why not through a clock and numbers!.

Ha. Ha. I can hear ya now. How’d this come about!?. Well – when my Mom died and my Dad immediately sold the house out afterwards, I went over an asked the new occupants of – if I could get a short cruise through it – just for memories sake. And having allowed me to, began asking me about my Mom an where she died, then telling me about strange things happening around the place. As one was with a clock he had, being a huge big ben. What happened is that for days as he was setting the Alarm for 7 to get ready for work, the button would wind up misteriously in – an then ring only at 9. Thinking that maybe it was just the clock, went back to get another then and bought again another one. / Still occurred. So he asked me – What time did your Mom die. I said – I heard 9:45 in the Mornin. He said – Well I think she’s trying to say it wasn’t then, but instead at 9.

So remembering this . . . if your into it, and willing then to get a big ben – . I was thinking additionally if I could communicate with you through it – for a sign – why not use numbers as a code, and then you could get questions answered. Like – One o’clock for yes. And the use of 2 o’clock for no. So let me know what ya think about it. If your cool with it., then tell me how you’d like it to “Happen” and I’ll do my best from the otherside. ok . . . 4 – now




Dear Dawn,

. . . And I stated in the 6 pager that I’d send on how the 7 died. Well I’m working on this now So once its sent keep in a real safe place. This will be far more worth then any of the other material you’ve ever recieved on Jacky and the Cops etc. So please keep it in a good safe place. It’ll be sent as soon as its done. 7 different incidence’s.

Well – let me finnish up on that question you had about the hearing . . . Steve was first . . .

Then Nick cruised in next . . . there was a tiny mike Nick wore (under his coller) . . . Seeing the mike hid like that and the way the camara was had [Judge] McCune193 feel he was doing it in a manipulative fashion. [Bugged – against his will.] Which is flat against the Law. – And so ticked off McCune – laid it on thick – as Nick was in the box – apparently to embarress him.

Yet – Joe on the other hand – harped on the opportunity about Steve and his involvement with Nick and his film. Trying to then again get on record – how it could be considered a conflict of interest, since he was useing me for money. As well as pot smoking for “Insufficient counsel with Incompetence”.

After that . . . Gordon Marks – then Bobby – then the Shelleys! with Brian Jarvis last before I’d leave . . . Thats when I requested for you to sit behind me, . . . Jarvis., “WASN’T” questioned as I thought he’d be! So sensed (CCR lied on that too) with the lack of interest and what that hearing was really suppose to be about. Which was for Book and Movie Involvement. period!.... With that., I then just waved off presence., and headed back. Pissed . . . not at you! Buttttt Steve – for what he said about Mallory.!. And CCR . . . for what they did with this hearing – “completely against my will and wishes.”194 . . . so having had enough of such lies with such insanity—. . . “Enough”——Enough of them with everything else! ... “Sign it!.” Sign what!? The Warrent!. . . .

I’ll catch ya this weekend with another regular flight . . .

Until then




Dear Dawn,

. . . whats wrong with Dave’s back now!? Geeeeeeeeeeez . . .

Did ya get the drawing!?. Sure hope you pulled the card-board off the back – Chuckle. Yeah – another one of my – light drawings! You ought to find the time to build yourself some “light type” frame ups to set them in . . . I’m sure it’ll upgrade the price.

You know – long ago and far away – CCR themselves told me that if I could find a good attorney – I could sue the prison for 100 grand or more., because of what they’ve been doing “covertly” to me . . . So I’m thinking about “Nick” if he’d help me . . . Just need a private attorney out here . . .

So I guess I need to ask you just one more thing. And thats if you’d call Nick and check into this. Tell him I’d give him all the free air time he’d like – if he would . . . I’ll also see Nick up to the X. And if he can film that to – Cooool with me. alright! . . .

Well, let me go and close here . . . I PRAY things get nothing but better for ya, sis . . .

Love Aileen.,


Dear Dawn,

. . . And so – let me tell ya what I’ve been up to all last week. The F.B.i. came out here “for a profile”. It’s a background study as to what really happened behind the scene’s of the case’s . . . I tried my best to expose somewhat – What the Cops, Jacky, Arlene, and Steve did as well., “to everything”. So cool A!. it doesn’t get anyone investigated or busted. Its just a profile for their own purpose in study. Yet maybe it’ll enlighten them further on how the Cops are useing the power for criminal activity of their own – today . . .

And then I’ve sent 2 letters off to Judge Hutcheson out of Volusia, 195 with copies to CCR – and yet no word. So I feel my rights are once again being violated. And so its obvious I need a private attorney., so all this craps busted ...

I need to ask ya then once again – if you’d call Nick and ask him if he’d help me out on this . . .

And if I dont hear anything this Month from any one of them, its to the Media, and cross my fingers Nick comes through . . .

Well . . . let me close this up . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . On Rod Stewarts Autograph. Sorry I didnt read your kite right., thinking he was gonna write ya . . . But Ā – at least ya got his Autograph! Way to cooool – is right . . .

And Man am I glad to hear you’ll be getting back pay from Lyon Gear. Ought to be around 6 grand then. Soooo GREAT!....

Now your cracking me up. Running around the house – away from a bee. Ha. Ha. Chuckle. Chuckle. And to think, I made love with a guy – out in the woods next to about 12 crates of... they just freely flew around all over us as we did it. Chuckle. Yet – when we arrived – my first thought was – ōō – have I got another looney tune thats gonna start some shit and then leave me stuck out here with em all!. Thank God the situation was. OK. . . .

The shock device.196 Yeah. . . . that was a sick joke . . . to try to make me look demented an Violent in the court room. So had me wear this black belt that wrapped around my waist., While a black box was in back near the kidney. Had it been activated, I’d of been on the floor reekin in pain, While my only comment to it all is “Sadistically illegal.” The systems lost its head to the devil., is all I can say! There was “NEVER” a problem otherwise . . .

Well – let me go ahead an close er up here . . .

PS. Jean – is that Broomfields girlfriend?
P.SS. And yeah., I’m glad your taking me
home after the X too, Florida’s evil!.
PSSS. This one’s to Dave . . . . . . ,

Peace in Jesus

I pray you find it everyday.



Good Luck.


Dear Dawn,

. . . I need to tell ya that 7 and 7 – with all that really happened biz – I CANT SEEM to write down. Its burning me out big time trying! Going through all that detail and all. While I can also hear God telling me I neednt anyhow!.... Its enough in coming clean “WITH HIM” . . . Plus it was also eating to much of my time!. Time that needs to be spent in God instead of these case’s anymore. And so who cares how they died!. . . . So if you dont mind – lets scrub this idea.. OK . . .

Say ... before I close, just one last comment about the 2 out in Australia.197 I still feel suspicious, and that they may have been plants. So please do as I did. “Shut em out” . . . she can call if she needs to find out anything. While the mail thing. I think she’s hoping she’ll recieve for updated post markings. Probably so that she can tell others she was in continual contact with me, when in all reality she wasn’t . . .

Well let me go ahead an seal up with a bunch of Kisses. Love ya . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . There’s a guard here pregnant – came to my door and asked me what she should name the girl she’s gonna have. I said . . . , I really cant think of a name off the top of my head right now – so she said . . . , how about “Linda.” So seeeeeee., errrk – hit the brakes! a hint was blown my way and its time to shut down ANYONE between us. Just let Nick in and thats it., besides a private attorney if we can find one. Virginia said to try. 1-800-LAWYERS. I guess its some type of a directory for . . .

I sure would like to know more about Ty. Hopefully I’ll get some on her in your next letter . . . What I need to know is about her “eye’s”. You see when I met her she had 20/20 vision. Now she’s wearing glasses!. And then her eye’s were real red. Was this just because she was crying!?. When she was at the pool – Did ya get a real good look at her. If so. Tell me. Are her eye’s OK? and were all her teeth in – if and whenever you can recall a smile. She told me she got a cap put in – back in 93 – where there use to be a broken one. So please fill me in – if you can. OK. . . .

Well – let me go ahead and sign off . . .

Enjoy them Easter Eggs!.




Dear Dawn,

Snow.... in April!. Now I know the end is near!. This is to much.... anyway., sure hope your all doing real good up there . . .

Its just one more thing Dawn!. What it is – is that they’ll be around 20 letters I’ll be sending to ya in a Mannilla envelope that’ll all need to be certified and sent out through you. Okee doke?! Every Supreme Court Judge and CCRs/ top honcho is recieving a request for Waiving off. Then from there lets see what happens ...

Yet in the meantime if you would, still shop around with Attorneys on the phone. If ya find one who’ll help me waive off and for cheap., then get his number and let him know you’ll get back with him, as soon as you get in touch with me on....

Say ... I still havent heard anything about Ty., and I really need to know. So tell me will ya . . . pleeeeeeeeese . . .

I cant believe its snowing up there. Still? in April? . . . If I could I’d head out and buy ya a brand new heated blanket. Just like that! . . . No.... I wont let ya cuddle up beside me! You take the top bunk, and I’ll sleep on the bottom. Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle . . . 4-now




Dear Dawn,

. . . The covert crap here . . . , it went to far . . . I mean come on – even God himself was only on the cross some 6 – 9 hours which was to long still . . . , but not 10 – 20 years in covert cruelty – then annihilate. Know what I mean!....

And now whats this – Mr. Alexander called. Tough!. you know how I feel about him now. That S.O.B. is either a Tallahassee hook up with the study or something out of the rabbits hat of the Cops and Jacky. So please cut him off – “With the rest.”

. . . there’s another attorney asst number that may be helpful . . . Check it out – will ya. Its . . . . . . , 1-800-CRIMINAL . . . Say – I just recieved 2 more letters from ya. Thank you for answering my questions on Ty. I’m relieved now., and glad to hear she’s happy and into God . . .

Until my next flight in then.,

Take Care, I Love ya with all my heart.

Forever more



Dear Dawn.,

. . . Say Dawn – I’ve got the Law Clerk helping me on waiving off the remainder of my Appeals and CCR. So now all I need is these 2 things “Date Appeal was Entered In” – “And when the Record of the Appeal was filed., with the Court” . . .

And that is – if you would please., I’ll need ya to call up then all the – County “Clerks” from the 4 Court house’s I went through . . . ask for. . . .

1. Their District Number – Then.,

2. The date that the Appeal was “Entered In.”

3. And – When the Record of Appeal “Was filed” with the Court.

. . . Boy!. No wonder no one wants to waive anyone off, takes up so much energy! . . . But one day buddy – you’ll get all your just rewards . . .

And thank you for not giving Arlene any info. Good! Cool . . .

Well I’ll go ahead and close here . . . Hit the jack pot. Buy a lottery Ticket!. How about.

14 – 11 – 36 – 48 – 18 – 0

(or) 12 – 1 – 41 – 33 – 16 – 5

And if you win, My hair will stand up

straight evermore.

Chuckle Chuckle.

Good Luck Dawn.,




Dear Dawn.,

. . . Now you asked an imperative before I do – and so what I’ll do is send you a Kite real soon – on the 7 – In short detail . . . I realize it would’nt be right to give you all that info – yet leave this out. So – yeah – I’ll turn it on to ya next week. okee doke.

And now – tell me – How ya doin buddy!?. And hows Dave!?. I’m lost for words, hurtin as bad about all this, as you two are – and then even for myself... During my Autospsy – make sure my left ear is checked. I had a Captain Mock about a tic in the ear after I went for an ear check here. So – if only you knew, then you’d understand why I’m desperate ...

Well I’ll sign off here. Remember – I’m through with everything ... from here just wait . . .




Dear Dawn,

. . . I had no idea what you went through to get all those letters certified.198 So all over again sis I am truely sorry. Had I of only known what you had to go through, I’d of “NEVER ASKED” you to do this for me “EVER!.” So I’m “SERIOUSLY” sorry about that . . .

Dam Dawn————now whats this other thing! you’ve got another lump on your breast Dawn!. This is all getting so so sad————. . . And if you’ve got cancer————. Hoping and praying to God you – Dont! . . . ————. feel a need to say I “Wouldnt” go for Kemo. I believe it “induce ’s” death. If I remember right., Keith felt it only helped spread this desease . . . If it were me then, I’d just ride through it all as naturally as I could, until it took me out as so. Needless to say – What next!?.... I’m wishing you the very best . . .

Say sis . . . I was thinking – to keep your left hand going – after I die – why not then – just pretend I’m still around, and keep on writting to me!. Maybe in spirit I’ll be able to wit it all anyway. It could keep your wrist exercised as it has been while I was around and you were while I was on Death Row. I would if I were you – to keep it from stiffening up.

Ā – Whats this - Ty’s girlfriend was ugly!? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Yeah. . . . . and so is Ty . . . Ā what can I say. I got desperate for compatibility! . . .

Come here.... I need to give ya a big hug! . . . now I feel better. And hope you do to.

Until next time



7 and 7 Ty an I


Dear Dawn,

. . . I was thinking – I bet Dawn always says to herself – God Ty sure was ugly., she wasn’t that great lookin, so what did she see in her. Chuckle. Chuckle . . .

It was basically, because she was sooooo sweet. 90% of her whole behavior was just super sweet and Innocent like regardless that she preferred a gay life . . . Wanting just to reach out and hug her all the time. Just every minute – if I could! Yet it was all in a “sisterly sense” . . . , with no interest in the sex part. No way. It was to against the grain of nature for me and God. So all my Love leaned more towards just pure friendship., extrodinarally tight.

And then of-course – my Magnifide love for her had me really careful then ever before out there thumbing., just to keep myself in one piece for her . . . god only knew when I’d see Ty again – should I of been busted on. So decided to rip off a gun then and risk carrying it “regardless”. . , as I lugged it around in a tote bag for at least 3 months before reaching up with Richard Mallory.

And then Ty and I were running into problems too. People kept messing with us., just because., we were gay., While land lords wound up kicking us out continually for . . .

Then we had other problems., be it., with our pets!. Having acquired within all our 4½ years together 3 cats and a dog. The dog being named – Maggie – while the cats were – Zypher, Dusty, Tyler. Eventually to wind up with only Tyler in the end that some guys next door I know kidnapped to kill – only because they found out we were – gay. a gay couple living together. So messin with my beloved pets who were like kids to me – also fueled the fire – within.

And as we moved from “Rutland florida” to Ocean Views R.V. resort there in Ormond Beach just above Daytona., we bumped into another situation “Because we were gay” Only then to be told that we were to loud and so had to move out by 24 hours our 18 ft. corsair trailer that we wound up with from Homosassa for 1500 and a mere 50 bucks a month payments for.

Then Ty landed a job as a laundry worker for a Motel called Casa Del Mar . . . only to make 300 every 2 weeks . . . we then moved just a mile down from the park to a motel that’d except pets, only for the bills to skyrocket from 150 a month, to 140 a week.

. . . only to run into another problem. As it was that everytime we went to work – the animals made a mess of the place, and a hell of alot of racket . . . Knowing we were surely gonna get evicted for., and did . . . I headed back out doin the usual – yet knowing now I’d have to make a hell of alot more then ever before!. Like 1500 in 3 days, and that just was’nt going to happen unless clients got rolled.

. . . Then to top things off – we were now in the rainy season! . . . I could only make about 80 a day whenever it did. When on any other given day of a Sunny one I could make 150 to 300. So I told Ty I’d head South and hopefully pull outta it all from down there. Only for me to be back the same day and let her know it was falling everywhere! So needless to say, we were really in a fix . . . I knew for certain I’d wind up rolling a client . . . So headed back on out to spend a couple of days down in Fort Myers, hopefully then I’d beat the rain and not have to jack one.

And then there was another usual I had, of which was “Missing Ty every time I went off to hook.” Missing her by the end of everyday, and just had to get back. So this occurred by the second day that I stayed over in Fort Myers., therefore with that., decided then to head back regardless that I’d wind up stuck thumbin through the night. Knowing the risk in doing so of one of either two things possibly happenin. Be that of it either hard for me to get a ride, or just flat run into trouble. All of which is why in my 5½ years of hooken, I only worked from Sun up to Sun down., / did then., and started headin back to Ty., when Richard Mallory picked me up around 10:30 at night on I-4.

And so I’ll end it here. Not willing to go any further into anymore details, that, on 7 different occassions While I thumbed an hooked, we were left in another financial upset, and with the rain still coming down hard. Robbed Then and Killed 7. In the year of 1990

Aileen C. Wuornos



Dear Dawn,

Hi. OK. . . . they’ll be a hearing now in 90 days (in Volusia) that’ll then start acrost the news, and then from there., should be XD/ somewhere within 180 days. And so with that Dawn – if Nick will pay for a visit, lets do it. I’m sure all will be O.K. since the bulls been long forgotten. So dont worry. I’m sure It’ll be 100% alright . . .

And now that its on my mind, I’ll mention it – The safe and all of everything you’ve got of mine in it., I’d sell it all flat out to someone for like a 100 grand. To a publisher or purhaps someone Nick could turn you on, or himself excepted for ... Anyway., at least it’d pay off your farm and then leave ya some left for retirement . . .

Dawn!!... OK. Boy – I swear – you take me out of context to meaning when I write ya . . . just Remember, I’m smiling while I’m writting to ya. Not growlin Man. Geeeeez . . . I’m teasing you like a sister would. Commenting to you like one would. And surely just giving you my personnel opinion on something. Weather you care to hear it or not is the gift of freedom we all should be grateful we have Ā. Chuckle. Chuckle.

So I’m gonna go ahead and close here. Dont forget ... Eat your Veggies! What.... What do you mean.. No, . . . and whats with the., finger Ha Ha Ha. Chhhhhccchhhhhccch . . .

Love Always from
the Old Hippie
now stuck in
the Mud.
Take Care.,


Dear Dawn,

And . . . I’m sorry to hear about your Mom, The best thing to do now – to ease the pain – is to gather in his name. Get the Bible out, and start rappin about him all day long with prayer . . .

And like the Lord said . . . Whats there to loose in. . . . , “Believing.”, Because its obvious – that if he’s not real – ō well.... , Buttttt if he is and all that you did in believing was true at heart, then the choice was a wise decission . . .

Ō yeah. You asked on a tree that you’d like to plant in honor and memory of our friendship. Well . . . , if you can afford it – it’d either be a Walnut one or a Red Oak. Both are beautiful to look at once fully matured. The color, shade, branches, and all. Real pretty., besides all the furry creatures that’d park themselves underneath it. Exspecially the Walnut one. All of which then for Christmas I’d have to get ya a real cool pair of bonnoculars, with a camara. Chuckle . . . Now what kind of tree would you like for me to plant for ya up in – Heaven?. Sweety. your wish is my command . . .

See ya Soon.,



Dear Dawn,

. . . And I heard your coming down – July 28th. Cooool . . . I’ll be ready for ya., with arms wide open. See ya then.

... theres other stuff you need to remember to bring [only] and [not to Wear] in. And they are:

“Money” you can only bring in 25 bucks. And the 25 can only be in 1s/ and 5s/ [No] 10s/or 20s/. Man . . . dont ask me why – I havent the slightest. While then a drivers license is a must for identity While car keys with the bucks and I.D. are the only 3 things [you] can bring in with you. alright.

Then on the Cloths . . .

No shorts
No white shirt
and/ No sleeveless shirts

I Know – Unbelievable Ā !. 4-real. Geeeez So Just remember to wear – long stuff – on your arms and legs OK.

. . . we can have our pictures taken there in the room together ... the photo’s will have to leave with you, because poloriods are no longer excepted here anymore. So . . . pretty cool Ā . I cant wait to see you either! Way to go! So I’ll see ya then sweet heart. What a Buddy. Stuck by me like glue. Ill LOVE YOU FOREVER TO FOR IT THANK YOU DAWN . . . I’ve just got to say it once more. “I cant wait to see you either!” For sure. So until then....

Love ya Buddy


PS. Did you get the 41 pages in Waive off Material?!.

Love Aileen.,


Dear Dawn.,

This all is moving along quicker than I thought it would—With a hearing up now for next week the 20th in Volusia to Waive199 . . . Anyway, I know its a heart thumper., but again., it must be done . . . You see—I think they rigged up our rooms via Satellite—there’s one on the compound—a huge one—sam-wiched between the dorms to keep from outsiders seeing it. And through the rig up I think the F.B.i.s/ been involved . . . this has been on going against me since June 5th 1995., when they asked me if I’d participate in such a study—entitled: “Behavioral Science”. I checked off no—in the letter . . . yet apparently this meant nothing as to my say so in ... And thats why I decided to see them—recently. The F.B.i. So I could lie like a Mother FKR and hope I piss em off but good. Knowing all along its been them with purhaps even CCR and the prison that so covertly been doing this all. Anyway . . . Whatever they were hoping to accomplish its done them no good. They got zip outta me for it. So let’s take courage in this thing together, cause I’ve really no choice., its either waive or let them kill me through this tortured up—rig up., all of which would.

Well, I’m gonna close up here buddy ... maybe it would be a good idea if you placed this letter in with Sound off. After all, after my death, surely everyone would like to know, just why I did waive off...

Until next time
Eat them Veggies!.




Dear Dawn.,

Well – we did it and Id like to thank you sōōōōōō much for coming down., and dear Nick in arranging it all – so you could. Man. What a beautiful soul Ā !?. And you too! . . .

And did ya realize there was so much to say that we just kept cutting each other off !. Chuckle. It didnt bother me none., was just aware of it – is all. Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle. And I bet if we had of been taped and had the chance to listen back at ourselves – we’d sound as if we were on 78 instead of 45. HA. HA . . . I’m so very sorry it hurts so much my leaving ... all your tears cut like a knife., and I’m so sorry even one drop fell, buddy. . . . I just pray you keep your sights on God. Always thinking on the – NAME OF JESUS., and hopefully someday we’ll meet again ...

And boy ō boy am I ever glad to hear about Kim and Johnny . . . There love for one another sounds like Ty and I’s was. So I surely can relate to it . . .

Well . . . . . let me go ahead an wrap this one up . . . with the big words.... THANK


. . . And so until next flight in.

“Eat Meat!”


Chuckle. . . !



P.S. If at all I “seemed” cold like during the visit., just blame it on the prison. It’ll turn ya stone cold and callous buddy. So if at all I was. Sorry., but its just this place that’ll make ya like that. OK.


Dear Dawn,

. . . thank you for all your precious letters ya ever sent . . .

Buttttt – now you should be spending more time with your Mom – then letters to me., so if they start to slack off, it’ll be well understood why . . .

And Remember sis – When its all over – Party Down Man. Cause thats exactly what I’m going to be doin. Hopefully with a leg of lamb and a keg of wine – With Jesus..

And then Dawn – I know I should write all of everything that literally took place between me and the guys I killed., but to be quite honest with you – It would’nt matter!. People dont care today about nothing, and it’d all get twisted around again – one way or another!. Besides the fact that I havent the energy to do such a thing., nor the time now. So let em keep lieing over everything. God will pay em all back in thee end. In the meantime, just do the best you can with what you’ve got. OK . . .

For now.




Dear Dawn,

Man. . . . Do you Know what the word chill means!. Your overdoing it!. I Know it’d be nice to come back down and see me, but to spend 800, when you could state whats on your mind for 34¢ a letter – sounds otherwise “absurd” . . . The warrent should be signed “any week now!.” So – pleeeeese hold on until then. Alright!?.

Yesterday was the hearing for clemency. What a joke!. Clemency – for a Seriel Killer . . . yeah sure., Chuckle. Chuckle. So – any way . . . Went to the hearing, and told em all to tell Bush I was going for 12., only got 7., so I’ve got 5 more to go. While I’m looking forward to a warrent being signed as soon as possible. Cause this isnt a game . . .

While in the meantime, along the wait, I’m upbeat otherwise, full of smiles . . . my hearts full of joy on the other hand – regardless that I’m up to die, and just cant wait to see him. Ahhhhhhhh . . .

And are ya finally starting to except this now!? . . . I can handle “Alone” in the chamber – with you guys nearby. Buttttt for you to go it “Alone” in picking up my bod to ashes an all, will be to much to do – solo. So please let Nick and Linda or anybody else your comfortable with show up. I’m sure you’ll be awfully glad they did.

. . . And dont forget the theme song. Now I lay me down to sleep by Sophia B. Hawkins. . . .

And boy am I still very sorry to hear about your Mom . . . I pray she overcome’s all the pain. Dieing the way she is, is far worse then how I’m going, thats for sure . . .

Take Care.,
I Love ya with all my heart


P.S. I need 4 pic’s of myself sent. Send over the dark blue shots with a soft smile not a snickering one. OK? Thank U.

Comments on Jackys Depo,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I see here your reading Jacky’s Depo. I told ya she was off her Rocker . . .

It was to cover her ass in connection with the Cops. And the Cops, in allowing me to Kill (on)., as she helped then throughout the depo to keep the “focus” off of “Hitchhiking” and instead – act as if I went / Crazy / after being sexually abused by my family “in their words of make believe” so that (25 years later) and as I’d reach 33 I’d suddenly flip out . . . and kill 7 guys for all the rape and agony my father gave me “Under their Make believe.” When the “Real Deal” as to why these guys died “comes from.”, The road of 16 to 34., and all my hooken days and living off, I faced out there in . . .

And on a visit . . . and the pizza . . . What kind of you usually like!? Are ya into Anchovies!?. Curious. If not, I’ll make sure there’s none put on it then. They have a salty taste. I usually get one with Onions, peperoni, and Mushrooms. Nothing like a real gas getter. But then there’s, bacon, olives, ham . . . . . . so let me know how you’d like it. Cause I’d perferr to eat it – the way you’d like it to be too . . . Then out the door I go! Weeeeeee hooooo! Jesus . . . . . . . . here I come!. Home Sweet Home. Ahhhhh . . .

Has Nick called at all about an interview being cleared!? . . .

By the way buddy———you never looked three crying. You just looked like a pile of tears coming out of your eye’s. It didnt look foolish or anything!. If thats what your Wondering!. Yet———if you’ve got to cry when were together. Man . . . go ahead!. I’ll cry with ya! . . . if you dont mind, neither do I. . . .

And dont worry how ya dress or act, just, be there! OK?!. . . . I dont care if your dressed in rags, smokin like a fish, and cussin up a storm. Just Thank You for being there, and being such a good friend as you are. One Beautiful Soul, indeed.

And if ya wanna be at the X———Good. I know it’ll be “hard” on ya . . . butttt it’ll also be the best thing to make sure all went as———it was suppose to., and I was actually killed. Not some comatose, just to suffer in other ways. Besides the fact that you need to find out if Arlene slipped through the cracks and somehow got in . . .

Well let me go ahead an close er up here . . .

From the ol’ Hippy stuck now on the Row

Love., Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy Say., I found out a few things about a visit, and when a warrents signed. So here’s the scoop with a short kite on.

First – to ease your mind on a visit. We are by law allowed to visit with each other – one or two hours – before execution As to how long I dont know – so if you really want to find out, then call up starke and ask . . .

And I also found out – that once I reach starke – (Florida’s State Prison) – they’ll ask if I’d like anyone put on a list to wit my execution – who I know. All of which 6 can be put on it. So – if Dave wants to, besides you, let me know. And if Nick does with Joan – then please call Nick up and find out Joan’s full name for me. That is if even she Wants to be there!. So let me know, and soon, will ya?

Then I also found out – that once a warrents signed there’s 30 days before an X occurrs. During it . . . “I’ll be on death Watch.” Which means I’ll be dressed in blue’s or P.J.s/ to hang around in – but the rest of this state property I’ve got left will be stored in a cell next door. Then if ever I need something, like, ink, paper, envelopes, etc, I’ve just got to ask for it. Its no biggie . . .

So I’m gearing up, and getting ready to go. Rearin an Willin! . . .

ō yeah – just before an X – the last 2 hours before one., theres no contact with anyone allowed. So expect the visit to be before one., 5 A.M. An X occurrs at 7. So I just hope its not like 1 or 3 in the Morn when ones granted . . .

Well – I’ll close er up here. Hoping you remember this stuff, so left it short. OK.

Until next time See ya soon,


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy. I thought to send this pic that I got outta the N.G., hopin you’d then stick it in the Bible I just sent your way . . . there’s a little story behind it . . .

It was in 81——when I was given 3 years for armed Robbery . . . that I decided – perfect chance, with all the time on my hands to read the Bible . . . I came acrost a book entitled “The shroud of turin” . . . I became intrigued and kept reading on.

. . . they beat him up so bad it looked as though he was hit by a swarm of bees. Besides the fact that teeth were knocked out, along with his hair and beard pulled out, as his right eye lay out of socket. Then the thorns . . . Besides the fact of being whipped over and over . . . Man . . . he must of looked utterly hadious . . . You ought to get the book sis, and read it. For sure . . .

Reading is one of the ways I learned how to spell, and get into bigger words. Exspecially when I was studying Archeology, the Brain, the Nervous System, Gyne-gology, Psychology, Anatomy, and all kinds of other stuff., even Algerbra . . .

Flowers in the Attic – is – a good book. Its about kids hid away in an Attic to die, and how they survive it. There’s a couple of sexy parts in the series., and ō boy – When ya read it, its like.... Whip out the vibrator man!. Chhhccchhhhc-cchhhh.

. . . If I were you I’d take my word for it———and get the books I read . . . You’ll love em all————if you can keep yourself awake. Chuckle. Just read out-loud——trust———me it works.

Well, let me go ahead an close here . . .

So until next time
Love ya sis, an

Take Care


P.S. Enclosed is also a yellow page copy of a letter I recently sent to Judge Hall



Dear Dawn,

I appreciate the trouble you went through so that a hearing was held there in Volusia County., and the outcome that it caused in my favor to end all appeals, and fire CCRC from any further representation to file any further jabberwocky on these case’s. Yet . . . I’ve seen nothing but one delay after another . . . I Killed 7. I was going after 12. So I’ve 5 more left to get. What more do I need to say, so that everyone understands this isnt a game . . . I think the Ts/ have been crossed enough, as well as the is/ dotted. How about passing on the envelope to the Govenor and lets get on with it. Tax payers money has been squandered enough!....

Thank you for Your Time
Aileen C. Wuornos
Death Row

Copy of what was sent to the clerk here of the Supreme Court


Dear Dawn,

And so . . . WOW Ā !. On the World Trade Center, and The Pentagon!. Well . . . I felt it was coming ... America thinks themselves “Above-All” as if their soooo powerful, and Almighty from the rest. So I could see the rage and desires to retaliate . . .

America claims itself a Bible Country!. And if so – why dont you listen to God’s word then! It says – to – Keep Countries “Segregated” and, “no intermarrying” . . .

The Towers, which were – the heart of the worlds “Finnancial Market” were like wise captioned as, “One World” trade center. And I’m just thinking thats probably another reason “why” it was hit, besides others in reasons for . . .

Another interesting thing, was the day they picked to Attack. Being September 11th. Like 911.

And so I’ve been watching the news for days now and been jotten down info off of too, so let me share some of the info with ya. ok.

Both towers were, 110 feet high Built in the 70s/ and were then some 25 years old . . .

Each tower had at least 10,000 employed to each one, and that by the time it was hit., both towers were full. While 50,000 visit every day . . .

Total dead 266 out of all 4 jets.

People jumped off in pairs and three’s holding hands.

Some 150 jumped.

After the hits – War Declared – by America.

There’s a 5 million dollar bounty on Asama Ben Laden’s head. He lives in Afga-nastan under hiding ... And is “Very Popular” over-sea’s So he’ll be hard to find.

Rescue efforts cost the lives of 202 firefighters and 57 police officers in New York.

Dogs used to search for humans are called “Cadaver dogs” . . .

Billions spent on intellegience – yet look at the failure regardless ...

And have ya heard some of the Miraculous one’s. Such as riding down with the crumble only to come out alive – untouched. WOW! Or another . . . , Who was standing on a 7th floor slab of cement near the flight stairs, only to ride the fall, and come out untouched and Alive as well . . .

On the other hand “Smart” on “Ben Laden’s” part in how they organized it all. It must of took “years” doing so, and thats why I feel its “NOT” over yet. I feel instead – his plans have just begun ...

I’ve also been meaning to ask., when you flew, were any stops made in Boston or New York!? While I also want to say I told ya flying was “DANGEROUS !.” OK!. So., I’m going to close here, and check on some more of this . . . Sadly going on . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Hellloooo! . . . I heard it was said that Bin Laden has another ace up his sleeve for this day . . . You know – I ought to – as my – last word is said in the chamber – say – “I wish I could take the bastard with me.” Chuckle . . .

And so it’s the 22nd and still early – wondering if Bin Laden’s other idea is going to fulfil itself as planned. I heard it’d be Bio Chemical if it is. So they’ve heightened security at water plants acrost the nation . . .

One of the books I’ve been dieing to read came in. “Chariot of the Gods.” And after having read it – felt a royal need to share the info in it with ya . . . I’m going to copy its entirety, then once I’m finnished I’ll send it on ever in one fat Mannilla . . .

And so I’m gonna go ahead and close er up here . . .

By the way———Where’s some of that Apple pie!. Chuckle. I really (dont) like pies at all, butttt if you made it———I bet its absolutely good!....

Until next time.
Love ya Buddy

Stay Cool!


Dear Dawn,

. . . OK so now how is [Dave]!? I thought for sure he’d come out swinging through out all of this, full of colors. So now – What happened!?. . . . . fill me in . . .

This whole procedure by the way – sounds – painful and a ½ . . . Man – I sure wish I could have been of some help for ya buddy. How well I know you could use it. I’d . . . Take care of the critters for ya!. Mow the lawn. Weed the garden., and do just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I could for ya, buddy. Yet – here I am – sis – helpless as hell. Em. Em. Em . . .

And if ya feel . . . the pressures to much that ya may not be able to handle the X. “Finanncially” (or) “Emotionally.” then – pleeeese – let me know “NOW”. . . . as I’ll then have no other choice, but to bring Arlene into this, if at all. (Now I could)!.... I know, I know, I know, I can hear ya now. your probably saying . . . , “your kidding!.” Well buddy, I’m only thinkin ahead., thats all.

Now let me tell ya this one. “TiME life BOOKS” came out with a real cool “COLLECTION IN SERIES.” There’s a line up of stuff in strange phenomena’s., simuliar to all that Erick Von Daniken200 was stressing out. Titles such as Mystic Places, Psychic Powers, UFO Phenomenon’s, Mysterious creatures . . . and so on . . . What I’d love for you to do – if you would “REGARDLESS” how much your hurting financially – to order if you would – there “ENTiRE COLLECTION”.——————cause you’ll never ever regret you did. There “THAT INTERESTING” . . . So if you would – pleeeeeese call this number and do it for yourself – will you – as the NUMBER IS 1-800-621-7026 . . . YOU’LL NEVER REGRET YOU DID. “FOR REAL.”

I’m gonna go ahead and sign off here. Yet, as I do, “GET WELL SOON DAVE!.” Please send him my best. I’m praying for him – all the way! Until next time then....

Keep your energy up!.
Eat your Meat
and Veggies


1 1-15-01

Dear Dawn,

. . . And so you asked if I missed ya . . . of course I miss ya! Yet lord only knows what your gonna do after I’m gone to help the “hand” out . . . Hopefully a grandchild can replace the need of any with your hand or anything else. If so – then good. I myself was never hot with kids . . . While all my life I said I’d never have another one either, after the labor experience I endured at 14. So from then

on ... I got hip to use rubbers. Left with no other choice, since I was against the pill. Because – as you know – I dont believe in drugs . . . Anyway. . . . regardless how cute they are, just never had a desire to learn much about em . . .

Well——————let me go ahead an sign off here . . .

Love Aileen,

P.S. Again, Happy Thaksgiving!

Get stuffed!


Dear Dawn,

Hey buddy., hows it goin!?. Hope your thanksgiving was good, and Dave’s too . . .

There’s a classic rock station here. but they just play the same ol’ same ol’ all day long . . . I’d play real hip stuff from way back. Stuff they’ve never heard of. Like the outlaws song – “I am an Outlaw”201 or M.C.5s/ Kick out the jams. M.C. for Motor City. My favorite the outlaw song that somewhat refers to me. It goes like this in what best I can remember of I am an outlaw – I was born an outlaw son. Highway I will travel. Highway I will roam. One hand got a bible, another got a gun. Dont ya know me., I’m the outlaw one. Chuckle chuckle . . .

Say – I was meaning to ask ya if you recieved all the Christian songs I copied down and sent with the box?! And did ya order Time Life – The books!?. . . .

Until next time then
Stay Warm.,


Dear Dawn.,

Hi——————Hope the holiday treated ya right. Here it was only one slice of turkey with 2 pieces of bread. Chuckle. Chuckle . . .

Say——————I wrote another kite to the Supreme Court based on Richard Mallory, so I’m going to copy it down for ya and send your way so you can stick it with the rest of everything . . .

Well – let me go ahead here and copy this jazz I wrote . . .

To The Florida Supreme Court

Page One of Three

On Richard Mallory and his arrest back in the 60s/.

To the Honorable Thomas D. Hall



I’m sending this letter in referrence to Richard Mallory. He’d been classified “a Rapist” by so many and the media, while upon my review of his records, and the night he died with me – I dont see how!....

Richard Mallory broke into a house and upon entry to steal things from it – found he was’nt alone, but that the Women of the house happened to be home as well . . . [He] threatened the homeowner with the fear of sexual assault by “fondling her breast” then left. Only for her next to call the Cops. Eventually he was caught, and convicted for the B+E, along with sexual battery for fondling her breast. Recieved a 10 year sentence . . . [He] was apparently busted with having sex with another inmate. Only to wind up then on a program for sexual disorder.

. . . Where’s Rape!?. The man never was a rapist.202 And lord only knows what he could of done to her if he had of been———but didnt.!

. . . And so to further straighten this record . . . would like to give you then – in writ here – and in brief here, somewhat of the night I had with Richard Mallory and how he died.

It was November 24th 1989 . . . 10:30 at night and in the mist of a slight drizzle . . . hitchhiken on I-4 heading towards Daytona. And in one set frame of mind, bent with revenge, and set to kill———a Cadillac pulled over to give me a ride, with Richard Mallory inside . . . mixed drinks and pot were offered, only for me to refuse and continue – as planned – in this pure hatred I’ve harbored for years. Yet he himself intensified that hatred when he mentioned along the way a dislike for various Women, with a desire to kill as well his ex-wife and kid. So with that, the fire was fueled, as I tried to sway him off the road with some sex. But much to my surprise he was’nt interested, all of which then would take me at least an hour and a half before I could get him to be . . . Once parked – that was it – he didnt have a chance to do a thing. The gun was pulled and he was instantly shot numerous times.

And so – as you can see with “The Truth” being before you here – there was no self-defense. It seems how this all came about and into play was when I

lied through the skin of my teeth a good 57 times to “self-defense” throughout the confessions . . . Yet – I’m here to tell “The World” and “All of you acrost the Board” into eternity———that “NONE” were in self defense, but rightfully convicted under in 1st degree.

And so I’ll close here hoping once again I’ve cleared things up . . .

Respectfully Yours
Aileen Carol Wuornos
Death Row


Dear Dawn.,

. . . Did you recieve the letter to the Supreme Court on R. Mallory?. . . . And so as you can see, and as I said I’d do, I’m using any public domain. I just want in that chamber and go, While in the meantime, I’ve been looking for space———alot of it. To cry my eye’s out with myself and say to myself – goodbye. So thats why I havent been writting as much as usual . . .

Yet, as far as visiting – Man – I dont care – come down with Nick – I’m sure you 2 will wind up having a blast., besides ourselves. So if your into it – go ahead! . . .

And now I’m gonna close –

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year


Dear Dawn,

Hi———Recieved your letter on a visit and I’m gonna tell ya right now I’m not up to having anyone visit me until the X!. “Bottom line.” I’m looking for my space now, having become quite tired with visits or anything else. So sorry Dawn, but “NO WAY.” Only before the X. So you’ll need to get the tickets reimbursed or use em for your own Vacation down here. But you cant see me., wont let you or anybody else! To many problems with staff. And besides I just seen ya weeks ago. 12 hours that should have been good enough. Geeeeeeeez., Anyway!. Sorry, but its the way I feel. Only media can get through now.

I’ll catch ya in the next kite.

Until then,



Listen up, and this – is – for real. I’m tired of pussyfootin with you and beating around the bush in a round about way to be kind and say “NO” . . . don’t ever think you could force yourself on me!. The day you do – your out! I wont put up with such shit for a minute!. So don’t be thinking I’m some mentally unstable child that you can act like a Mother on!. I’m 45 going on 46 and will act every bit of it and more if need be!. So I’m here to tell you in all my Womenhood – buddy – that I wont allow it. Not here. . . . . “anymore.” I’m now looking for peace . . . No I haven’t heard from Nick either, and CNN canceled because its behind glass. While last but not least, even if Keith was alive and wanted to see me I would’nt let him in, not even my Mom or Dad! I’m that fed up with this place.



Dear Dawn,

. . . By the way, the word knowledge is not spelt (noilage) which leaves me wondering how on earth you can even read if ya cant get the word right!. Can you read OK!?. . . .

So your coming down regardless Ā.! Well thats fine – and I hope you enjoy yourself for once – Without seeing me . . . My minds made up and I wont let you in. Bottom line. So enjoy the tropical air for yourself . . . “I’d set out for Daytona”. Its safer. Miami is full of Robbery and Murder, and if ya don’t know your way around you could get raped too . . . And then I would’nt stay a week either!. You’ll eventually get bored. Just 3 days ought to do it . . . for a good bit of relaxation. Then again another smart thing would be to rent a car – if you are gonna spend a week, and cruise around Starke to check everything out for when the X comes . . . In the meantime whatever you decide – I hope you enjoy yourself. Every bit of it!.... Stay Warm



Dear Dawn,

Helllooo!. And was your trip good, and did ya have a bunch of fun in the sun!? How was the Airport!?. Wondering, since its so tight with security. And I hope ya tell me ya had a ball – without seeing me – at that! . . .

Mrs. Reese came to my door to ask – just incase I changed my mind about seeing you, and of course I told her no . . . I hope ya went to Sea-World or Universal Studio’s and had a ball! ... And if ya did did ya head to my Roller Coaster?!. My favorite attraction. Sea World I think has “Lolita” a whale thats been there for like 30 years – while protesters try to free her. But I cant see it ever happening., they’ve been protesting 30 years and nothings happened yet!. And to think 30 years in that little pool (is) sick!. Definately inhumane. So I hope she dies soon like they say she will since she’s stuck in such a tiny habitat.

. . . if ever I could hit an amusement park again, I’d go on [a roller coaster] over and over all over again!. Chuckle, I’d hit that baby seriel style. I can see and feel it like it was yesterday. Ahhhh. . . . so much fun. So I hope ya guys hit one and had a good time.

Did ya head up north – near starke – and check things out for D-Day. Curious. Would have been a good opportunity . . .

Well – I’m gonna close up here . . .

4-now then,


Dear Dawn,

. . . all an all., I cant see why you complain so much . . . quit sqawkin!. What else on earth do you need!. You’ve got each other and the bills can be paid!. So I’d pull it back together and calm down . . .

I don’t see why your whole family just doesn’t “Live together” like they did back in the “Commune day’s”——————since things are so tight everywhere . . . I know if I had a family as close as yours I’d do it – if they would. Things are to screwed up today, thanks to Bush and all the mafia . . . Did you know that in his inaugaral address he mentioned not only terrorist they’d hunt down – but prostitutes too.203 Yeah———for real.!.... Its obviously going to get worse with these lunies in power!. Therefore., thats why., I’d defiantly “Live together” until things get back to the way it use to be, which could TAKE YEARS!....

Did ya get the letter with the Xerox’s of the Supreme Court in it!?204 . . . the decision could take months, and then there’s others up for X before me. Hopefully things will pick up speed, but now were going to have to think on the lines of slow———since the “Supreme Courts” reviewing this Arizona Case. They’ve said the decision would be made on by summer, but then the “Florida Supreme Court” will be ANOTHER DECISION to “Wait on” with my stuff on the “Waive off.” It should’nt take too long, since its only to “Review” the courts findings on “Compentency” to drop appeals., and on the “NORM” they usually stick with a “Circuit Courts Decision”. . . . all of which “favors” me to do so and move on to an X. . . . Man. I’ll sure be glad when this is over. They’ve sentenced me to die yet jet lag to get it done. Emm. Emm. Emm. . . .

Well I’m gonna close up here. I hope somehow the rest of your days turn out as sweet as can be . . .

Love Aileen.


Dear Dawn,

Hi buddy—————and how’d things go with your birthday ... Now tell me what’d ya get . . . . . any jeep cherokee?!. Well I got some CDs/ for it, if ya did. How about Saline Deon – my heart will go on, I’ll always love you – Whitney Houston Sophia B. Hawkins . . . Sound good?!.—————great——————now crank it up!.

Wuornos—————what do ya mean CRANK IT UP! . . . . . . it aint even rock and roll!. Thats OK———figured you’d say that, so I went and got some other stuff too. Like how about—————Janis Joplin . . . and . . . Jimi Hendrix.

Rockier then that—————Aileen.

OK! Then how about just as hot as it gets! AC DC with Highway to Hell. Ha. Ha. Ha . . .

Thats better, geeeeeeeeeeez.

Hummm.—————should of took ya with me then record shoppin —————and of-course to a game of pool too. chuckle. chuckle..... and then spend a night at your place for your birthday—————sleepin in that new jeep sounds real cool to me!. Drunk, listening to all that music. ō yeah —————that sounds real good. HA . . .

I guess I’ll close here to because I do need to send this out to ya. And as I do, as I’ll catch ya in another kite REAL SOON—————again

Happy 46th, I hope
it turns out an excellent

Birthday for ya.


Dear Dawn,

Ā—————so ya had a great time for your birthday. Well., . . . I’m glad to hear it. Good.... GREAT!.... And so ya had a pizza with the rest of your Birthday stuff Ā . . . sounds REAL GOOD!. I’m thinking about having something that good before the X!. Like from papa johns out here, a supreme or spin-nach with cheese, or somethin., or Domino’s . . . Now your saying ya probably did read my letters wrong. Well.... its about time you said that!. Thank you. . . . I knew you’d see it my way. Your just stressed out buddy., find somethin to relax yourself in and UNWIND.... Will ya!? Geeeeez . . . Like if ya had to., stick your bod in the tub and play with it. Ha. Ha. Ha . . .

So Nicks wants to come to see me, and make the film look good of me. Well I’ll tell ya I’m not into the film looking good of me at all., but just rather concerned that the truth be told and move on to God with flying colors. And if I look evil telling it – tough – is all I can say!....

Man. . . . . listen to this one.... theres this guy205 who lost a leg., got busted for murdering wound up on Death Row. Hired a lawyer to fight the state for an Artificial Limb., because., as he put it., he wanted to be able to walk like a Man to the execution chamber. Lost the fight, and is scheduled to die tomorrow . . . buttttt at least his X is on hold until the United States Supreme Court makes their decision with Ring vs. Arizona Jazz that should be———by June. Anyway..... the nerve of the guy. Ā.

Well———let me go ahead an wrap this one up . . . “HAPPY 46th!.” And since you love hearing my ol’ stories of the road, for your birthday I’ll start written some to ya. “But.. keep them to yourself.” No one hears anything I give ya on paper until I go. OK! . . .



Dear Dawn,

Well———even though the Florida Supreme Court OKD/ April 1st my decision to fire CCR and move on to an X———its still going to have to wait until the United Supreme Court finalizing their decision with Ring Vs Arizona (on – the judge and jury biz)———and then executions will be back in full swing. So its going to be another 6 months———to a year before I’m outta the ball park. So expect to see my kites at least that much longer your way. 6 months to a year. OK.

And Whats this . . . . . .Tyroid problems!. Hummmmm. Well———I’ll tell ya, I aint never heard of such symptoms with tyroid., since my Mom had it

and never shared any of those symptoms with us. So it just makes me wonder if ya got the right diagnosis or not. Anyway., I’m glad to hear ya got some med for your head and bod. Hope you started feeling tons better soon . . .

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

Helllooooo!. And how ya doing now! Things still bugging ya!?. . . . heres another story for ya, so I can at least “thrill ya”. Ha. Ha. Ha. OK. OK. I’ll quit. It’s when I was 17 out in Indiana.

Year of 73

And as the days went on wandering on to nowhere, winter rolled in, and I was now 17 somewhere off a highway just outside of Louiville Kentucy when up pulled a van for me having a guy and gal in it. And as we cruised on with so many things said———I was offered another chance to get off the road for a while, and this time hopefully find a job. Carrying always that “Motto” to try anything once, so at least I could say I’ve been there and done that!. Weather a lesson been made to gain the Wisdom (or) a sour note struck, for a grudge, remained to be seen, as I’d give it another try.

So I stayed with her and her Mom for a time, while we both looked for work. And not finding anything in Louiville., went then acrost the bridge that boardered with Indiana, heading over to Jeffersonville, leading then two topless waitress ones.

How to be one was’nt much. Just had to put brown tape over your nipples ———then wear bikini bottoms———“and presto” you were in the biz. And if ya could entice the customers to buy the most expensive stuff you were tipped then by the boss himself!.

And as we started to get the hang of it, I could see that clients were more interested in us then the drinks, always asking us out while I really didnt think much of it!. Man———I just figured the guy was lonely———and just looking for a good time, like I was and looking for. So when asked out———I excepted.

Now this guy who asked me out seemed to of had an interesting background, running it quickly on me then (as a) 7th grade school teacher who was as well a 3rd degree Karate instructor [or so he said]. And with that I was pretty much impressed and convinced that he was just one good joe looking for a fun loving gal like me to have a good time with. So off I was then with this guy in a pair of jeans – T-shirt – and boots with – spurrs . . . we hit one nightclub after another way on into the wee hours of the night right on through to Morn, until the money ran out, and him bent on getting more from home. Yet to do that would take us a good 50 miles outta town . . .

Arriving, I could see two other houses sitting right beside his, in the errie dark———off a dirt road he was on miles from the main And throughout the silence in the dead of the night—had me pretty scared as I felt a bit uneasy now, as he opened his garage (push buttoned) then closed it back up—- once parked.

Then said———“Come on———I’ll make you a drink while I get the money!” Well—I just didnt feel right about it, with the way the house was, so far off the road. So told him———“No thanks . . . and that if he didnt mind I’d just rather wait in the car, while he went for it.” Well—that didnt go well with him at all—When he then grabbed my arm and said———“Your coming in Wheather you want to or not!”. And with all of that said and done – shocking the shit out of me – knew I was in big trouble and needed outta the car – “Fast!” Struggling under the grip I tried to break free from it and hopefully open the door. But as I did———thats when he slapped me in the face “REAL HARD.” Only for me then to try and hit him back———when things only went to worse with him on top of me now slapping at least a dozen times more.

I tell ya——I dont know how I broke free from this son of a bitch., but did., stumbling then outta the car——looking desperately for an exit out—When I noticed a side door and . . . took off running.

Boy- was I booking it too.., slipping everywhere off the Wet grass., only to quickly get back up and run like mad till I ran into a—maple. [One huge ass maple tree.] . . . he was right behind my butt and about to throw a kick to the chest. And in all the lightening speed about to happen “SOMETHING I COULD FEEL “LIKE SPiRiTUAL” TELLING ME!”———to block the kick with cupped hands, and throw his legs up just as high and hard as you can. So in that second., “did!”, and could’nt believe I did it., working well., as he then (on the wet grass) fell flat on his back————only for me to then quickly run up to him and start kicking him everywhere in the face. Kicking away, with even my spurrs . . . until I felt he was down enough to then run to one of his neighbors for help.

The first house I ran to was straight acrost the street from his———with all the lights on—and it seeming as if someone was up and around. Yet———no answer . . . ran over to the other house with only a porch light on. And as I banged away on their door———an elderly women came to answer it———only to then tell me she’d be right back and closed it up again. Man————I was blown away—“BiG TiME!” . . . because of the mere fact that when she did ———the guy was right there, where he could just get up and pick up where he left off. And then back she was————with her husband this time., only for him to realize what was going on———next to quickly usher me in then and call the cops.

When the cops finally came———the first thing one said to me was—Man. . . . I cant tell if your male or female.... this guy must of really laid into ya!. I can hardly discribe your face its so swollen – look! . . . handing him then my I.d. . . . I found out I was some 50 miles outta town . . . I’d also find out the guy had been wanted for murder of two teenage lovebirds who were both raped and killed, then put in a bathtub filled with cement and buried then in the back of another place he once lived in. Then to also find out———he’d been likewise wanted for the beating rape of a fellow officers daughter., who wound up – “so beat up” – by the guy., that her face could’nt even be reconstructed with plastic surgery., he crushed her face in so bad . . .

Then I could hear off in the distance – thugs with moans, as I then looked over to where he was up for arrest., and could see flashlight swinging, knowing clubs were too. When a cop then said to me——“Just ignore it!” Only for me to scream back “I dont give a dam if ya kill him!.” and started crying.

Well needless to say———I lost my job and staying with the gal., only then to move in with a chick who ran the Outlaws.206 But when she realized I just was’nt going to be able to find a job for a while and help her with any rent ———out I was with my face———ALL BLACK AND BLUE . . . Leaving me then forced to head back out on the road in this condition. And as I was hitchhiking out to Louiville a couple pulled over for me———thinking I was a guy who had been in a bar fight. Then when they found out I was female and all that . . . offered I was then for a place to stay . . . a good 3 weeks before my face came back somewhat enough to hitchhike in, then back I was out all over the roads of America.

And so ends this gig that
occurred in Jeffersonville


Dear Dawn,

. . . And whats this————LISA207 HAD HER BABY!. Well—lets whip out the glasses for a toast!. “To a hopefully happy healthy baby, and may she grow to be intellectually strong!.” . . .

By the way———I need to know if the stories of . . . Indiana made it to ya yet!?. . . .

And ō god I can hear ya now. Why not on the Killings!?. As the answer is still – No. Everybody knows I did it and that they died, so why write ABOUT just HOW the bullet went in and they dropped dead. I’d think people would be more interested in truths covered up and reveal about that ... And then I’ll be dam if I’m going to get into anything that’ll get me depressed to, on my way out!. No Way. So thats another reason I’m sticking to the road stuff 16 up . . .

Well—————let me go ahead an sign off here . . .

Until next time


Dear Dawn,

Hellllooooo!. . . .

So let me tell ya about this gal who contacted me from California.

What it is, is that she’d like to do a movie on me . . . And even if its Jacky with another name she’s using under my nose I could careless. But what I do care about is if she could help you and I . . .

. . So my friend – exspect a call from a gal———named Patty Jenkins.207 OK. Well let me close er up here. I just needed to do a quicky and tell ya some of this stuff. Alright....

Catch ya in the next one then!.


Dear Dawn,

Helllloooo! Ready for another story. Good. Good. Good . . . and although its a sad one I’m still in memory of, thought to share it with you with the rest coming your way.

O yeah – enclosed with this kite are the pic’s you sent. “Cute” and like I said I wish them all the very best with her. “Congradulations!.” . . .


Fall was coming along now of “73” – With me just outside of Chicago – this time off an interstate called I-80, heading towards – Detroit. I came acrost a foul odor coming out from under the bridge, only to sit next a viaduct full of red. Now at first I thought it was paint – yet upon closer examination I could see it was more then just that, but blood., while my eye’s trailed up to where it was coming from, only to then see something bundled up in blankets, along a space that came between bridge and cement., as the traffic just whipped by without a care in the world to anything that was obviously – Very Visible.

So with all of that———off I went to inspect. Looking around then for something to poke it with, and in finding a stick nearly———proceeded up this blood soaked slab of cement., as the stench only got thicker and thicker. So much so it started to burn up my eyes, nose, and throat. yet up I continued, until I reached its bloodied bundle – full of maggots and flys. And as I examined its shape wrapped up in what appeared to be a number of blankets, it seemed to me to be that of a female with her head, arms, and lower limbs missing.

Well – I tell ya – throughout a combination of things – the smell – the horror – the fear – the flys and maggots – besides all the rest that came with it, I was’nt up to unraveling the blanket to find out anymore – of this sick scene. So on I headed down—now to look for a mile marker (or) the exit sign to give a trooper in (Number) for a location – if I could flag (a) trucker down to get them get on a C.B. to give it. Be that of Channel 9 – a station used by local troopers everywhere.

But – boy when the trucker pulled over for me, shit did he ever show a careless lack of concern. Telling me he had an overload that was way late, and so was’nt up to checking the bridge, to see if all that I was saying was ever to be true or not stuck there under that bridge to rest. And neither did the trooper, when I finally got a hold of one on the C.B.! Explaining everything to him seemed as if it were all a hoax as well. Leaving it then at that – her whereabouts and on down the road ever to wonder if he ever looked.

And so ends this shorty having run into that bundled up mess that no one seemed to care about, but me, at 17.

OK. I’ll see ya in the next
flight in. For now.



Dear Dawn,

Hi———the interview208 went., Well let me put it like this – fkd. I was so dam mad and could’nt get through. Nick kept interrupting “focused” only on his questions and how he wanted this whole thing to turn out his way so planned before hand——While the same with me. So we butttt heads. Yet., at least I gave it my best shot . . . [We] discussed how I’m in need of a private attorney. One that knows about Death Row. Then said he’d get in touch with you on one. But to me – thats not good enough! I need persistance . . . So if you would———please get in contact with him . . . But if not . . . see what you can do. Call the Capital – if ya have to . . . A good connection would be———

Death Row Activist Seeing that they eyeball us they must know attorney’s that could be contacted for . . .



Dear Dawn,

Sorry about Nick [during the interview], but I just wasn’t up to talking to him, and was getting pissed when he kept interrupting ... so needless to say I went off in all my depression. And then . . . wasn’t quite nice about “Anything!” Again———I’m sorry . . . but I just had enough of it all. I love you still – of-course —always will. Just had enough. Sick of everything and am grumpy....

And man—I haven’t heard from ya in quite a while . . . You hiding away at your Mom’s place . . . or have ya been busy with court, or is it a 3rd good guess that your mad at me about Nick’s visit. Don’t tell me its the third one.

. . . And dont worry about an attorney . . . It looks as if the Jenkins chick is gonna take care of it . . .

Well———not much either going on here. Still in the Bible and just trying to pull it together for D-Day . . . hope all is beginning to look up for you.

Until then., Take Care
Love always


Dear Dawn,

Quick kite your way. I recieved yesterday transport orders to appear July 12th in Broward County Court Room for Prison abuse.209 Grant you – I was shocked myself!. Thanks to The Florida Supreme Court. They called up the judge to check on my status in complaints only to find out the Court never set up a hearing for! So ō ō and now I’m up to finally have my day in court . . . And so a private attorney in search of I guess can be put on hold . . . Ill be requesting for this court appointed to be appointed if he may to stick beside me all the way on up to my execution. I need the support and protection . . . While on the otherhand, I need to tell you that executions have been lifted. The United States Supreme Court said jurors could make the final call. Not judges.210 Because Judges could make a call just for political reasons. And with that, executions are back in full swing, exspecially with Volunteers. “all of which I’m now classified as.” And now that I’m Kicking my heels up to abuse before I go – I believe the warrent will just that much more be signed just that much sooner. So we should be mentally preparing for that. OK. Well. I’ll sign off here . . . Take Care . . .



Dear Dawn,

Hows everything going!?. I guess I can see by all these pics . . . your doing “good” and I’m glad to hear it. It all looks serene. I’m sure you and Dave walk

around at night around the whole place under a blanket of stars, just to feel the peace . . . I’m really happy for ya.

We had a garden back when I was a kid. Dad had it hoe’d out near the sewage line running through the back yard. Veggies came out so plump and juicy. Emm. I can taste them now.

And so I’m back, and boy was court a trip!. Should of seen the Jail. “Pathedically nasty!.” . . . but at least I’ve got a private attorney now.210 He’s agreed to stick with me . . ., thank god. And then hopefully we can get things rectified before the X . . .

And——so there we were, in court . . . then off we were to begin a debate that caused an investigation to kick in . . . I’m back now——“Logging” further matters down with nothing getting rectified – yet! . . . and the problems still around. So another hearings set for August 19th . . . While in the meantime Jeb Bush plans to sign me off next for an X to hopefully hush things up. Knowing I’m just sitting here a Volunteer whose got nothing to loose in running my mouth ...

And so——that was court., while in the meantime., I cant wait until August 22s/ over with Thats when executions should resume . . .

And I see here——your court biz up there is about to end too! Good I’m Just as happy as a lark that things are startin to look up for ya’s . . . As for me., my funs now in heading to court!. Chhhccchhh. Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle.



Dear Dawn,

. . . And its true—court was postponed for a month. The prison asked for time to investigate. All of which has caused things to only increase—pissing off the rest of the girls, so that were all taking them to court now . . . While Jeb Bush signs me up next. Surely because of the coverage all of this will generate. And all I’ve got to say to that is - good then—my strategy worked—bye . . .

And so I’ll be back in court August 19th and will appear in any court room need be, until they’re fired . . .

Anyway—I see a corrupt system sold out “to Satan” with “demonic lust” . . . I can only see the end near—because every thing today (is) evil.

And then check this out as its been said: Lucifer was a meteorite. Its that—- there’s an Astroid a mile long thats on a collision course with earth, that should hit by 2019. And if it does—the impact should be equivalent to what wiped out the dinosaurs way back when.

So purhaps there’s only 17 years of earth left. Unless World War III starts, and everything gets killed through it. Whatever!. I see the end of all things—coming soon . . .



Dear Dawn.,

. . . “I advised the prison” “In writ” that only “CNN and Nick” could interview me. No – group jazz ever. They’d re-arrange every word said for self sensationalism. And because Nick was so careful, and caring about ever doing that, I’m leaving the honors to him then, to any “last words” I’ve got to say . . . Let Nick know he can, besides CNN. OK.

And so they’ll be CNN (if their up to even doing so before I go) for present situation jazz going on, While Nick will be for future stuff to add on to his already, ready, film, about to be aired.211 And me long gone then., having dished it out “as best I could” about the dam cops (having known who I was – “Way before” – my arrest ever came to be). pleeeeese don’t (expect me to) [write daily] – cause I’m sorry love, I haven’t it. I’m trying to relax . . . Our visit will sum up alot in goodbye’s . . . many things I want to thank you for., and only pray your blessed beyond your means someday for it all too . . . It was “SO GOOD OF YOU” just dam good of ya buddy., and feel definetly it was “HEAVEN SENT” . . . Even with “Nick” . . . So thanks be to Nick, it got out.., and our lord was watching over it all – to tell the Wicked souls on the planet something “AND LEARN” of their own craziness in corruption . . . Having left me (completely) “RAVAGED” all over “AGAIN” through “NO OTHER THEN LAW ENFORCEMENT” [NEXT] . . . to what “SOCIETY” put their hand all over me [in] “ALREADY” So – to say the least – I was really FKD/ over by the “HUMAN RACE ON THIS PLANET”—and

“ALL” was “COVERED UP” . . . in just how I was FKD/ over [in] everything!. So thats how “I feel about that!” And therefore need I tell you how “GRATEFUL” I Am – “thanking the Lord over and over for having sent [YOU TWO] . . . as I turn around in the clouds with my 2 white shepards fully trained, and waiving bye until we see each other in the next and aboard a space carrier with my best friends to greet ya and welcome ya in (to) “this beautiful beyond.” Ahhhhhh. . . . so, I’ll see ya then, and when I do buddy.

“EXPECT A PARTY” because ō god is there gonna be one. OK!

Say ... by the way . . . did Starke tell ya you could bring Civilian Cloths for me to wear . . . Being that of: “Motorcycle like boots” – with a small square toe to, “black, 7½. “a black harley davison T-shirt with it black in front the eagle on back” “a black military belt with a gold buckle, and a pair of jeans.!” guys straight leg, size 14 or 33-34 waist to wear in the chamber I can hear ya now. Why the shirt!? only 2 say—A—haven’t I earned my wings by now!?. So what other way to “EXPRESS IT” . . .

Say – I need to tell ya, that ya sent to many stamps to me. So I’m gonna go ahead and send a bunch back to ya. OK.

And sadly – I’ll only be able to get out around 5 or 6 more Kites your way. But remember this!. In every waking minute you were loved by me, even if I could’nt reach ya to let ya know it enough. I’ll “ALWAYS” look at you – as if you “WERE THAT VERY SIS I NEVER HAD. . . . but in a different way, I was given one, regardless as to how it turned out to be . . .

Well – let me go ahead and close up here. I’ll start on another one just as soon as I’m through doing a few other things . . .

Until Next Time
to the “Cooley”
See ya then...,

P.S. Sent a Mannilla Envelope with 50 pages in it full of court room stuff. Let me know when it arrives. OK. Court room stuff to Judge Backman.


Dear Dawn,

Hi Buddy – Well ran into another problem, and so, now I need you to contact this Attorney thats been assigned to my case and tell him that now their drumming up D.R.s/. So its obvious their definetly pushing my ass way over the edge before an X. And that he needs to come see me “A.S.A.P.” . . . I also need you to contact the “Florida Supreme Court” . . . And that from either the Judge nor thee Attorney have I heard a thing about court since July 12th that was postponed until August 19th, as August 19th came and went, with no Attorney showing up, nor, “letters on” to even advise me whats up!. . . . Which is “Wrong!” . . . and illegal. So I’m pissed and really need some attention on all of this ...

Love Aileen,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I haven’t heard anything on the D.R. since it was issued Wens. August 21st. And to think on an Active Warrent———“Evil!”

And then———guess who gave it. A Sargeant who claims to everyone she this holy rollin christian . . . If they’d look at “the Word” more in a “Star Trek (sense)” . . ., then they’d get more outta it . . . I think if they had any smarts on this one———they’d throw this out . . . “its falsified” [and] I’m “in court” for this kinda stuff . . .

Then I also need to tell ya, that the prison had a near riot “August 13th” – Protesting over “Abuse.” So its not going well here, and its not just Death Row – but “All Over” florida and the “Compounds.”

As July 12th biz – just put a little bit of “coverage on.” All of which pissed Bush off so bad with his Administration that they cant wait for oral Arguements to be over with . . . so my warrent can be “signed next.”

And all I can say to all this is – I’ve just got to laugh———So I turned out a battlefield after all!. And to think had they never – – – – – – – “Sabotaged” my cases, how I would of came out sluggin on them!.

Anyway – one thing is clear – they need to shape up and cut the bull – follow “laws” in “humanity” with prisoners – instead of this “sadistic sinister crap going on” . . .

. . . In the meantime, I hope you were able to find out whats going on . . . Man – let the “Women” breath a bit before she takes her last breath. Man. Geeez . . .

I’m outta here. Let me kick my harley in gear . . .

Until then


P.S. Good title for a book “Dirty but Clean”


Dear Dawn,

Well – the moment we’ve been waiting for!.
“The Warrents been signed”
Its set for October 9th 9:30 A.M.

And now are ya about to have a heart attack! Well “DON’T!.” REMEMBER . . . , I’ve been waiting for this for SO LONG and FOUGHT FOR IT., and am glad that its finnally arrived. So if you would with me, BE GLAD that its “FINNALLY HERE.” I was so FD/ over, I’ll be WAY BETTER OFF. And so ITS TIME TO FLY . . . and you’ve got till October 9th to get YOURSELVES READY for it. OK.

Now – do I sound “HARD” – going!?. Well – sorry babe but I’m gonna BE A MAN “LEAViNG.” Not some broken down mess they were hoping for. And so “ROCKY’S” ready. – and I hope you get just as tough, and keep it together. OK!? . . .

And since I’ve got to hurry and get this out to ya “quick” then I’m going to have to make it short. Butttt then I’m gonna sit back down and do a real Rapper of one for ya. Okee doke. Courts over!. Everythings over. So now I can sweetheart, And Will . . .

So – Until then
Count to 10 and TRY TO

Aileen ..

Warrents been signed – [date unintelligible]


Dear Dawn.,

By now., surely you Recieved the quick kite on the Warrent signed and do hope you got it in time . . .

And so———“Its happening!” . . . Get it all outta ya now . . . and then, lets show em “CLASS IN BRASS BABE” OK!? . . . I’ll be OK, and I sure hope you’ll be as well.

And so———“here comes, the Enterprize” to pick me up! And on my way I go. Away from all the corruption they ran over my ass and.., cases . . .

As for the.., last meal. Havent any intentions in eating anything. I’ll just be asking . . . for “A GLASS OF WATER.” And if they’ll give it to me, “to eat,” sent on a plate “a page from Deuteronomy”, chapter 22:26-27212. . . And they can send that “ALL OVER THE WORLD” that it was the last thing “I ate.” Now get the “MESSAGE DUMB ASS’S!.”

Then as far as in the “CHAMBER” in having anything to say before I go. Will just be “GOODBYE TO YOU” and thats it. As Jesus last words and thoughts were “IT IS FINNISHED” So be it, it will be too, with this “FINN” . . .

And then to think if I’m right about “Star trek” “the theory” and all the “What if’s” to 2ND chances on the fallen angels. etc Sure wish I could send ya a kite and let ya know, sweet heart.

Anyway——as I leave, I do hope Lyon Gear’s settlement winds up taken care of you guys but good. Ill always be wishing you the best on.

Then – if you would – please let the rest of the family know that I’ll be wishing them the best in rearing them kids up. May the good lord bless em all!. Turning everything out for the future of the good . . .

Anyway, I’m sorry to hear your Mom’s hurting so much., and can only wish her the best in death to the Lord . . . And – if you would – please tell her once more, why I could’nt write. There was just to much going on with the Waive off’s and then court. So – I’m really sorry” . . .

And – With that – I’ll wrap er up here full of hugs. sis.

Thank You for “ANYTHING” you ever done for me . . . Will Love ya forever for sticking with me the way ya did.” And so, until the next one, I’ll see ya then.

Take Good Care, and I
hope you always Keep
Your head together. OK

P.S. Another good Book Title: “Last Breath”


Dear Dawn,

. . . And so, now I’m in phase I waiting for phase II which then will be just a few days “before death” . . . Called then: “Death Watch”. When this comes, then theres Sargeants at the door 24-7. and very little in the cell then allowed. But right now, I’ve got writting paper, a pen, pants, sweatshirt, bed stuff, sink stuff, then the T.V. and headphones as I just hang out trying to relax and prepare for any of this soon to goose bump things up a bit. Then – to the chamber, and off I go – to the Wiz. While the witch on the broom – needs to fly acrost the world and spell out

TELL THE TRUTH – “COPS!.” “YOU DIRTY BASTARDS.” . . . along with the rest of the “SYSTEM Too!” . . .

But I’m not going to go off in, anymore of this, knowing I just blow like a nuke . . . Yet – one thing is certain., there should of been 44 mill “spent on” an investigation against these cops . . . surely it would of proved “FACTUAL”. That I all along KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. And all along, did have it on the head of the nail. I bet . . .

Lastly to state on the subject, that to, “TERRORISE” human life that defends itself, no matter, how, what, or why, has really sent an insane message . . .

So whose leaving “SANE” and [with] “THE BRAINS” [Me] . . .man. Fully “AWARE” to all of everythings thats gone on here . . .

And thats how I feel about it and will certainly believe it all “PERIOD!.”

[last page of letter missing]


Dear Dawn,

. . . And see here Linda Would like to be at Starke. While all I can say is – by all means, if she can afford it – then “GOOD!.” “WHY NOT!?.” We both know you could use support in this. So if she’s up to it “financially and emotionally” – then by all means . . .

Then – after my death – I hope you guys party like crazy because I’ll be up there, for sure, sweetheart. “JUST HAVING A BALL” so – please – after the tears – have a blast – will ya . . .

THANKS . . .

Now – should we go back to the pits!. Smoke a dobbie. And swig up some Boone’s Farm before we head out racing around in a Barracuda, then jump off the rope for a swim.

Which pit ya wanna meet at – the 1st or the 2nd one. (I believe the last one was still under construction back then).

Today – I cant stand pot. . . . . buttttt to go back in time with ya, I’ve got a 5 finger bag and 3 bottles of wine. If ya need anymore to get off on – theres some cool dudes I know off of Rochester that might turn us on to something!. Or maybe I could cop out at the park. Feel like thumbin with me over there!?. It’ll be fun – even if there’s nothing out there. Dawn, come on – whatchya – say!?.

So – off we traipse, as the music runs off car radio’s with the “Who” “Hendrix” “Joplin” “Zeplin” “Moody Blues” and others to the “story of “our” eyes.”

ō what fun we had . . .

Know to that I’ll be shootin pool (all over again) once I get up there!. And can you imagine the “concerts” I’ll be seeing – all those “hip artist” who died.

Yeah – its gonna be “Awesome” up there, indeed. “NO DOUBT.” And boy I tell ya, lately I’ve been feeling a “REAL SENSE OF PEACE.” I mean, “BIG TIME” . . . like hundreds of invisible angels are present around me. Its a real Cooool feeling. Man. Love it.”

And to think – they say when ya die – your entire life passes before you. Well – if so – I’ll be sure to stop when we were together as teens. Kickin out the jams and having a hell of a good time – then. To go back in time there, will just be “heaven” all over again for me – sis. So if I can, I’ll relive it – during the ride out. Should it be true.

. . . And heres were I’ll close up for now., because I’ve got to catch up on some sleep. Like I told ya my energies – gone. So, I’ll see ya in a few days. OK. In the meantime I hope your doing real good, and, stay tough.

Until the next Time,


Dear Dawn,

. . . I’ve decided to make Oct. 1st the day I’ll stop any further kite flying . . . I think it’ll be far more wiser – if we just held off and started “Relaxing” to prepare for the 9th. Get our nerves and thoughts, ready and clear for it. Beside the fact that I’d like to spend the last of these 9 days in God. “Royal” . . .

If you need to send a message., just do so in a short kite, or a phone call to the Supt. . . .

Now if you feel up to it, by all means, go ahead, but don’t expect an answer because I wont lift the pen to “Anyone.” Bottom Line . . . So hope you’ve agreed. If not. ō well.

I also remember in my last letter I said I’d probably get 4 or 5 more out to ya. Well – Wrong – since there’s only a week left before Oct 1st. Then 1 or 2 more., to exspect. OK.

And that Patty chick wrote again. I’m going to enclose her letter here in this kite. While surely anyone can read between the lines of this bitches intentions, whose definetly just after the money – off these cases. I cant believe the nerve of her, to actually state in the kite that she’s gonna let the world know the truth. Ō yeah!. And how ya – gonna do that, when I “NEVER” told ya any of it!. She’s recieved nothing from me !. All her info’s coming then from books. etc.... Unbelievable Ā .

Then of all things – trying to obtain “a vist” . . . in time enough together to write this scri pt.213 “Crazy!.” Isnt it something how people with money, how crazy they act behind it!....

As to a short kite recieved, and Nicks request in songs. Well these ought to fit for the cause Dawn. As they are:

Sophia B. Hawkins———Now I lay me down to sleep

Flight for fighting———Superman

Creed——————With arms wide open.

Time——————Allen Parson Project.

The Log——————Robert Plant of Led Zeplin

Saline Dion——————The Titanic Song

Train—————————Drops of Jupiter

Then ask a D.J. at some radio station if they could request a good train sounding song. “For Rail Roading”. Would be perfect then for the symbolic of a purpose.

. . . Hope your doing fine still up there, and I’ll see ya, up at Starke, just before the X. ō yeah, and let Nick know I’m requesting an interview. So if he’s up to it. So am I. Until next time then.


P.S. Thought of a few more songs for., Nick.

Rod Stewart———Forever young

Bob Seager———Turn the Page

Josh Grogan———To Where you are.


Dear Dawn,

Well – I’ve pretty much caught up to all thats been needed to be said. And so – now to you and our friendship shared these 11 years. So “Deeply” Appreciated.

What a buddy! Cant believe you even wanted to Rebuild it back after news hit of what happened in 91. So I was———“Awestruck” But then when ya decided to help me through it all as well, that really blew me away then, royal . . . So – Dawn———from the bottom of my heart.., “THANK YOU” I’ll cherish it forever. And cant wait to see you in the next – someday. Boy am I ever gonna show ya around, to treat you the best for it, and all you helped me through in this mess “they” put me in. As jacky Gleason would put it “YOU’RE THE GREATEST,” And – “YOU ARE” So – THANK YOU BUDDY” – “SO MUCH.”

And those kid days:

I can see it all now, as if it were yesterday. When our friendship began as teens. There in our hip-look—that back then people called.,“freaks” And our butttts – traisping around having just a good ol’ time looking like one. With the attic of Case’s, and the parties he had. As well as some of the “pit” gatherings! So Wild and fun. Besides the bars. Pool rooms! Rochester theather . . . and the bowling alley. Not to forget Big Boy’s restruant! We had such a blast.

And I still can see you in the teens, as if it were yesterday with your muscle bound self and long black hair. Were at your house on Atkins, playing the tunes, with Zeplin, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Carol King and a mess more blaring away., until., we had to go, because the parents were back. So much fun.

And buddy – ya left me full of good memories. Even the Mall. I’ll never forget that ice cream cone you got with a scoop so hard put on it, that when ya went to lick it, it fell, and went rolling acrost the floor. Boy – that one kept me laughin all day!.

And the “bazaar shop” Remember it at the Oakland Mall!? How easy it was to rip off clothes there. Exspecially the “blazers” I remember in one day I wound up with about 8 of them babies. Stashin them then in Lori’s black Chrysler New Port. Then – you finally got the courage to try yourself – “did” – and came back with a pair of jeans, only for me to head back in, and get 5 of those then. Ha Ha. Then we later thumbed out to “Pants Galore” and tried to do the same thing there!. Only for security to wind up to tight to, while the bazar shop got hip to all the missing murchandise., so went for “beeper tags” on the clothes, that worked so well everyone quit liftin anymore. Man – so well it worked, it traveled “the idea” acrost other stores too., and so there went our liftin days!. Ha. Ha. mischievious – I’ll admit it

Yeah, we were!. So young and free., buttttt heck., nothing like today! “THATS FOR SURE!”

Then the “PARKS” . . . so much fun there, besides all my homeless days I stayed over at your house and had.

It was a trip! But if I could do it all over again, I’d skip the drugs. Just don’t believe in the stuff anymore. Exspecially now that we can see what kind of kids came out from outta the Woodstock era. Em. Em. Em. Nothin but a bunch of brain damaged idiots.

So I’m hoping Kim and David raise their new borns right keeping them away from the stuff as best they can when their teen days come too.

And boy do I miss them snowy nights up there in the ol’ Mitt. It was romantic to me, whenever I wit the glitter of the snow under the stars of a clear moonlit night.

And those Authum days with all the leaves blowing around under a full moon. AWWWWW. Miss that crisp air!. It always turned me on.

And remember those huge whalers that Burger King had back then. Man – the fish and buns were so big. Only for today them to be now so little. While one thinks. Why!? And the answer so easy, “society”, its called “over-population” Chuckle. So quit having so many kids! Geeeez!, Then maybe the buns and stuff will get back to the way it use to be. supersized Ha Ha.

Anyway – I miss them good ol’ days, but when you came back into my life, it all came back and those memories refreshed in mind.

As I also need say as well.

Look who “didnt” give up on me. Man – toooo much and having even taken the place of Ty! . . . . “in friendship” just the same . . . blows me away sis. Your such a “Beautiful soul.”

And hope you’ll be able to “SOMEDAY” get the word out, how they framed a raped Women down, to a seriel killer, and from the get go took advantage of, in the syndrome, to beat her down to one, for secrets of their own in books and movies.


So – I hope you’ll be able to someday get that through their heads, and how “SiCK” the powers become – today.

As for Volusia, that was just to pull away from the “ANIMALS!” Em. Em. Em. “FOR SURE.” And know now people are being used “SACRiFICiALLY.”

So again – Would like to “THANK YOU” for helping me through it all!.


And with that good thought “SOOOO MEEEAANNT.” “SOOOOO FOR REAL!” I’ll close here and find a way to relax a little more before the end. I’ll see ya at Starke, and again someday on the other side. Love ya buddy, and take good care “My FRiEND.” You’ll be “FOREVER REMEMBERED BY ME.”


P.S. I’d like to also “THANK YOUR FAMILY” for all the support and Understanding they gave in our friendship too., and how they stood by it. Was definetly cool., and., brave. Thanks a million Dawn!. And you too, you guys in the family. Will Love ya



Dear Aileen,

Well there my friend I know you have reached the otherside, the only place you ever wanted to be, your Home up in Hevan, and I bet God was right there with wide open arms waiting for you and that Big Smile of your’s.. And it more than make’s up for all the suffering you went threw here on Earth. And I bet it’s far better, beautiful, and peaceful then you ever imagined it to be. Im saying a Big A-men to you and happy and at peace for you, finally made it. Lisa and Daphne thought it would be interesting if I made the time to write you a letter, what would I write today. First thought Crazy Idea, But also more I thought about, “5 minutes,” I miss writting you more then I ever thought I could, got my pad of paper ink pen, and havent hardly put it down for 4 days strait, must of used 50 peace’s of paper, Crumbled them all up, wasnt good enough, went back to Death Row all great million memorie’s Happy Laughing you were so funny, thought, filling my Heart and Soul again, couldnt keep up writting as fast as I was thinking, I was filling up the spot only you have in my heart and soul with our writting, getting that feeling back great friendship, But suddenly never thought I would feel this, felt this would be completing my writing to you. And just relized if your not here to write to, I have no reason to write, Dont want to, made me feel in a way, the End of part of you and I, the writing, got my first tear and feeling I guess Sad. I am at a loss for word’s, And if I could find them to describe how proud and lucky I was you chose me to have as your friend till the End

you will all ways Be Loved
and Remembered, and
Part of our family
I love you
February 2011


The editors would like to thank Anne Horowitz for her tireless, brilliant, and ruthless editing; this book would not be here without her hard work. Words are insufficient to express the depth of our gratitude.

Lisa would like to express her sincere gratitude to Daphne Gottlieb for her enormous gift of dedication and focus on this book. She has been the anchor in this project from day one.

A special thanks goes to Jesse Merril, for enlisting us in this project. Without her gentle nudge, this project would not have been started. Also, heartfelt gratitude goes to Brenda Bass, for believing in this project from the start and helping to make it happen.

Thanks to Susan Seager and Jonathan Gottlieb, who had wisdom when we needed it. Thanks to our agent Katie Boyle, who was there when we needed her.

Thanks to Aja Aguirre, Meg Chilton, Deborah Teramis Christian, Annalee Cobbett, Joie Rey Cohen, Amber Hogue, Cassidy Jones, Marie Militana, Cat Ondriezek, and Jae Sevilus for inputting assistance and various other supports.

Most of all, thanks to Dawn and Dave Botkins. Dave did a great deal of preparation for this project by scanning and organizing the letters and photographs. Dawn has courageously opened her letter file and her heart to us and made this all possible.



See letter dated November 28, 2001.


Keith was Wuornos’s brother, one year her senior, and her only full biological sibling. Aileen and Keith were the children of Leo Pittman and Diane Wuornos. Pittman abandoned Diane Wuornos, and Diane Wuornos, in turn, abandoned the children to her parents, Lauri and Britta Wuornos, who raised Keith and Aileen alongside their own children, Barry and Lori.


Presumably Wuornos is referring to Arlene Pralle, a born-again Christian who saw Wuornos’s story in the paper and felt called to come and help her. Pralle was a fierce advocate in the press for Wuornos, arguing that Wuornos had turned to God. Pralle later adopted Wuornos and came under fire in Nick Broomfield’s documentaries for allegedly using Wuornos and her story for financial gain.


Lori Grody (née Wuornos) and Barry Wuornos were in fact Wuornos’s aunt and uncle, her mother’s much younger siblings, but she was raised with them as her brother and sister.


Only two letters from 1991 exist in our archive, and both are included here.


In a prior letter, Dawn informed Aileen that “Ducky,” Dawn’s older brother Don, was murdered in a drug deal gone wrong in 1986.


Wuornos aspired to write her autobiography, at first in response to Jacqueline Giroux’s request for stories from her early years, which could be used in Giroux’s film. From time to time, Wuornos worked on the project, interjecting a few “road stories” and memories, some of which are presented here. This never took the form of a completed manuscript.


Steve Glazer, Wuornos’s attorney.


Charles Carskaddon was Wuornos’s fourth victim. His body was found June 6, 1990.


Dawn has multiple sclerosis, the effects of which, as of the time of publication, have become debilitating. Because of frequent falls, she will soon be wheelchair-bound.


Presumably Toni, Wuornos’s girlfriend prior to Tyria Moore.


A reference to people who were sending Wuornos fan mail.


In her videotaped confession to the police, Wuornos claimed that she had committed all of the murders in self-defense.


Wuornos is referring to her maternal grandmother, Britta Wuornos, who raised her.


Volusia County Branch Jail.


Wuornos is thought to have killed seven men: Richard Mallory, Charles “Dick” Humphreys, Charles Carskaddon, Troy Burress, Peter Siems, Walter Jeno Antonio, and David Spears. However, Siems’s body was never found, and it is difficult to prosecute a murder in which the body is missing. Therefore, Wuornos was only tried (and convicted) for six murders.


Inmates’ letters were not permitted to exceed four pages.


This passage is very similar to Wuornos’s sworn testimony in court, which can be seen in Nick Broomfield’s first documentary on Wuornos, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer.


According to Dawn, this is likely a reference to an appearance on Court TV, which showed excerpts of Wuornos’s trial. In a previous letter, Dawn transcribed the entire segment for Aileen.


Dawn’s husband, referred to here mostly as Dave.


Peter Siems is thought to have been Wuornos’s fifth victim, but she was never prosecuted for his death since his body was never found.


Likely an abbreviation for Disciplinary Report.


Wuornos is referring to neighborhood kids who used to gather at “the Pits,” Wuornos’s hangout in the woods.


Inmates were allowed to make collect calls.


Jacqueline Giroux, writer and producer of the made-for-TV movie Damsel of Death.




Presumably, Wuornos was being interviewed for Nick Broomfield’s 1993 documentary Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer. In 2003, Broomfield made another documentary about Wuornos entitled Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer.


Dawn collects Wizard of Oz commemorative plates and other memorabilia.


Librium is used to treat anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and Vistaril, used primarily to relieve allergy symptoms and nausea, is also used for anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.


A Son of Sam law is any law that prohibits prisoners (and often their friends and families) from profiting from their crimes, by, for example, selling their stories. Frequently, such laws direct proceeds to victims’ families for restitution. These laws vary from state to state; Florida has such a law on the books. However, these laws are subject to the strictest judicial scrutiny because of their potential to violate First Amendment rights; in a major case in 1991, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s Son of Sam law.


Wuornos made her confession to the police on January 16, 1991.


Mark MacNamara, “Kiss and Kill: Out of Florida’s Wave of Horrific Crimes Comes a Dark Version of Thelma and Louise in a Rare Case of a Female Serial Killer,” Vanity Fair, September 1991, 91 – 106.


Wuornos was tried in Marion County for the murders of Troy Burress and Charles Humphreys.


Billy Nolas was Wuornos’s assistant defense attorney.


The article Wuornos is referencing is likely “Sex, Death, and the Double Standard” (On the Issues magazine, summer of 1992). In the article, Chesler maintains that Wuornos’s death sentences have everything to do with her fighting back as a prostitute in society, and deconstructs the ways in which misogyny has guaranteed Wuornos’s execution.


John Tanner was the state attorney for the prosecution in the Mallory trial.


Wuornos is referring to Arlene Pralle. To the best of our knowledge, Pralle had no connection to any of Wuornos’s victims.




Dawn’s daughter, fifteen at the time.


Atkins Road, the street where Dawn lived.


Curtis “Corky” Reid disappeared from Marion County on September 6, 1990. He was not one of Wuornos’s victims, although initially it was thought that he might be.


Fearing that her letters to Dawn were not being delivered consistently, Wuornos began marking them at the top. Although the series often began with A, they also began numerically, or with double letters, such as in this case.


Deidre Hunt was found guilty of the murders of two teenagers she and her boy friend had hired to kill her boyfriend’s wife. She was sentenced to death on September 13, 1990, and resentenced to life in 1998.


Andrea Hicks Jackson was sentenced to death on February 10, 1984, for killing a Jacksonville, Florida, police officer. Her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2000.


Ana Maria Cardona was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of her three-year-old son with a baseball bat. The Florida Supreme Court overturned the conviction and a new trial was granted; she was resentenced to death in 2010.


Judias Buenoano was convicted of the murders of her husband and her son and the attempted murder of her fiancée. She was electrocuted on March 30, 1998, by the state of Florida.


The Dake Annotated Reference Bible is an annotated Bible, expressly for Bible study.


Dawn sent Wuornos a photograph from the news coverage of the trial.


Elizabeth McMahon was a forensic psychologist for the state of Florida. An article entitled “Mercy Plea” could not be located, but McMahon has characterized Wuornos as “a primitive, paranoid, unhappy person capable of minute-by-minute mood swings” (Orlando Sentinel).


Wuornos had been sending Dawn photocopies of the press coverage of her court appearances, with commentary.


In Wuornos’s taped confession, she claimed to have shot Humphreys in the head (not Antonio) because he was “gurgling” and she felt sorry for him.


Wuornos is referring to the transcript of her videotaped confession.


This initial Dateline segment aired August 25, 1992, with a follow-up show on November 10, 1992.


Refers to upcoming trial date in Pasco County for the murder of Charles Carskaddon.


Dolores Kennedy, author (with Robert Nolin) of On a Killing Day: The Bizarre Story of Convicted Murderer Aileen “Lee” Wuornos. It is unclear why Wuornos believed Kennedy’s book was entitled Angel of Death.


Hollow-point bullets are designed to expand on impact, thus destroying more area when they penetrate their target.


Wuornos was burned in a fire at the age of nine, and it left scars on her face. She describes this incident in her letter of August 2, 1999.


In the episode of Dateline that aired on November 10, 1992, Gillen made this comment, among others: “She’s a sick woman who blew those men away, but that’s no reason for the state to say, ‘She’s confessed to killing men, we don’t have to do our homework.’”


Prison worker in charge of visitations.


Munster and Henry were among the officers involved in the made-for-TV movie Overkill. Henry did, in fact, resign, and Munster and Binegar were demoted. Citrus County Investigator Jerry Thompson, who engineered Tyria Moore’s telephone sting operation, was not involved in the Overkill scandal.


Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story, which originally aired November 17, 1992.


Cannonball, a bartender and bouncer at the Last Resort, where Wuornos was arrested, was so named because of his “human cannonball” act, which involved lying on explosives as they detonated.


Wuornos is referring to Moore and Moore’s sister.


Publix or Winn-Dixie supermarkets.


Wuornos’s character in Overkill wore boots and a miniskirt.


According to Dawn, she had traveled to Florida to testify, but the defense had not called her.


Michael Reynolds is the author of Dead Ends: The Pursuit, Conviction, and Execution of Female Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, and Dolores Kennedy is the author of On a Killing Day: The Bizarre Story of Convicted Murderer Aileen “Lee” Wuornos.


Maggie was Wuornos and Moore’s dog.


One of the three cats Wuornos owned with Tyria.


Apparently a reference to the autobiography Wuornos worked on intermittently.


Wuornos stated elsewhere that she needed to see psychologists in Tampa for penalty phase evidence; the penalty phase trials were set to begin with Dixie on January 19 and Pasco on January 25.


Likely a reference to the penalty phase of the Dixie trial.


Glazer had negotiated for Pralle to receive a percentage of profits from On a Killing Day.


The episode of Geraldo featuring Wuornos aired March 23, 1993.


At the time, this was the greatest number of death sentences ever received for “serial killing.” Wuornos’s record has since been surpassed by, among others, Tennessee’s Paul Reid, who is currently on death row with seven death sentences.


Judge Uriel Blount.


There was some controversy over Judge Blount’s words to Wuornos upon sentencing her. The Orlando Sentinel reported that some people in the courtroom heard him say, “And may God have mercy on your corpse,” while others maintained that he said, “And may God have mercy on the court.”


Wuornos’s short-term and much older husband, Lewis Fell.


Wuornos was arrested for forgery in 1984.


Dr. Jack Kevorkian.


The international union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.


Beaver Precision Products, Inc.


As described in more detail in her letter of August 2, 1999, Wuornos was raped while hitchhiking home from a party in 1970. She became pregnant, and her grandfather sent her to a home for unwed mothers.


Dawn had a friend whose son was in law school. Wuornos thought perhaps he would represent her pro bono.


Despite Wuornos’s listmaking, there never was a funeral or memorial at which these songs might have been played, though another of Wuornos’s favorite songs, Natalie Merchant’s “Carnival,” was included in the soundtrack of Broomfield’s second documentary on Wuornos, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer. Dawn did hold a family gathering for the spreading of Wuornos’s ashes.


Wuornos seems to be quoting extensively from Judge William J. Brennan’s dissenting opinion in Glass v. Louisiana, which the Supreme Court decided against Glass in 1985. Glass and his attorneys maintained that electrocution violates the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments., e.g., in that it causes “the gratuitous infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering and does not comport with evolving standards of human dignity.” Brennan’s dissenting opinion is known for its lurid description of death by electrocution.


In Herrera v. Collins (1993), the Supreme Court held that the argument that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits the execution of one who is actually innocent is not grounds for federal habeas relief.


According to Broomfield’s documentary Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, there were plans to give Wuornos’s tissue samples to geneticists, and plans had been made to examine her brain posthumously. At Wuornos’s request, Dawn viewed the body after death to make sure it was intact and that the body was Wuornos’s.


An Australian video artist who became Wuornos’s correspondent during her incarceration.


Serial killer Joel Rifkin, who was convicted of killing nine women (primarily prostitutes), and may have killed as many as seventeen.


Wuornos was correct. Rifkin received 203 years to life. He will be eligible for parole in 2197.


Virginia Larzelere, convicted of engineering the shotgun death of her husband (at the hands of her son, acquitted) for $2 million in insurance money.


According to Dawn, Wuornos was receiving more stamps than she could use from her pen pals. Given Dawn’s financial constraints, Wuornos thought it might be helpful to send the surplus to her.


According to the Commission on Capital Cases, this would likely be the Direct Appeal to the Supreme Court, which was filed on January 28, 1993. The appeal was based on the grounds that “certain information and documents were withheld from her during pre-trial discovery, law enforcement officials brought notes to the witness stand, the Williams rule prejudiced her case, law enforcement officers tricked her into confessing, the trial court erred in denying a change of venue and in instructing the jury on her offense, meeting the criteria of cold, calculated premeditation and the heinous atrocious and cruel aggravator. She claimed the trial court improperly permitted the State to introduce her lack of remorse and failed to consider mitigating factors.”




Likely a reference to Sondra London, the “Queen of Serial Killer Groupies,” who fell in love with Danny Rollings, known as the Gainesville Ripper, when he was on trial. London coauthored Rollings’s book, The Making of a Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Murders in the Killer’s Own Words.


Pralle and Glazer.


Dawn’s mother, to whom Wuornos frequently wrote, had been diagnosed with lung disease, and she had heart trouble as well. During Wuornos’s childhood, Mrs. Nieman had been kind when other parents were hostile. She had fed Wuornos and allowed her to use the bathroom and shower at their house. She died November 15, 2009.


Wuornos is quoting in the following passage from a religious pamphlet of some kind. This text has been widely reproduced, but the original source is unclear.


Smart Alex Lounge in Tampa, Florida.


In her letters to Wuornos, Dawn decribed this farmhouse as being nicer than it was, not wanting Wuornos to worry. However, at the time, the farmhouse was exceedingly run down and in desperate need of improvement.


From How to Pray, by R.A. Torrey.


“Making a Killing” by C. Carr, Mirabella magazine, March 1994, pp. 72 – 73.


The article.


Wuornos mentioned in a prior letter that she was responding to an article by Karen Avenoso that appeared in the New York Daily News.


A reference to Jean Bethke Elshtain, political philosopher, professor, and contributing editor to The New Republic, who was quoted in Avenoso’s article.


This is the same episode referenced in Wuornos’s letter of December 9, 1992.


A reference to the chief of admissions and releases for the Florida Department of Corrections.


Wuornos’s initials.


Wuornos does not appear to have been too far off the mark in her understanding of the status of Florida’s Son of Sam law. In 1991, the publisher Simon and Schuster challenged New York’s Son of Sam law, which was subsequently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court on the grounds that it was overly broad and jeopardized prisoners’ First Amendment rights. While the Court held that Son of Sam laws could potentially be constitutional depending on their wording, and Florida still had a Son of Sam law on the books, Florida instead used a general forfeiture law to seize proceeds from the sale of serial killer Danny Rollings’s artwork and book in 1994, suggesting that prosecutors did not have confidence in the law’s constitutional viability.


A reference to Arlene Pralle.


One of the attorneys.


Nick Broomfield’s Aileen Wuornos: Selling of a Serial Killer (1992). Wuornos has not herself seen it, but is responding point by point in the next several letters to Dawn’s descriptions. It would seem that years after its release, Dawn has finally acquired a VHS copy.


The documentary includes Wuornos’s wrenching testimony on the Mallory rape.


In The Selling of a Serial Killer, Broomfield goes to Pralle’s horse farm, where she repeatedly asks him to turn off the camera and leave.


Glazer had a television ad in which he dubbed himself “Doctor Legal.”


This is believed to be Dick Mills, who kept company with Wuornos just after Tyria Moore left.


Wuornos is responding to Dawn’s reiteration of the Broomfield documentary.


Someone painted Wuornos’s likeness on a van’s passenger seat that had been left at the Last Resort, and the object became an attraction.


The question of incest is brought up in the Broomfield documentary.


Wuornos is likely quoting from an “Institutional Adjustment” report of July 16, 1994, when she was cited for “spoken threats.” Reportedly, no discipline was exacted as a result of this infraction.


A reference to Dawn’s impending visit.


Old Testament.


Phil Donahue. It does not appear that The Phil Donahue Show ever featured Wuornos or her case.


Linda was a correspondent of Wuornos’s, as mentioned earlier. Laura was her partner.


Diane, Wuornos’s biological mother, who left her and Keith as babies.


A reference to Wuornos’s grandmother, Britta Wuornos.


Nieman was Dawn’s maiden name.


The Capital Collateral Representatives, which later became the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel (CCRC). The CCRC stepped in to represent Wuornos after she exhausted her direct appeals. The mission of the CCRC is to find new grounds for appeal. On September 22, 1994, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed Wuornos’s convictions and death sentence.


Susan Smith was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 for the murder of her two young sons.


Jim Bakker, televangelist and founder of the PTL Network, resigned in 1987 following accusations that he raped church secretary Jessica Hahn and subsequently paid her hush money. In 1988, Bakker was sentenced to forty-five years on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, but served five years.


Televangelist who claimed during a fundraising drive that God would “call him home” unless he raised $8 million.


In 1988, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart was found to have solicited a prostitute. He first denied the allegations, then apologized during a broadcast.


Theresa Walsh, attorney with CCR.


Theresa Walsh.


Wuornos claimed she was being abused by the prison staff.


Wuornos was sending Dawn’s mother pages and pages copied from religious readings.


Wuornos quoted the full chorus of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page.”


The superintendent.


Wuornos wrote a three-page letter to both Chesler and Glazer, firing them, and copied it for Dawn.




Wuornos’s new attorney Tony Alexander, based in England, who was found by Nick Broomfield.


Sue Russell, author of Lethal Intent: The Shocking True Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Female Serial Killers!


Michael Reynolds, author of Dead Ends.


On May 9, 1996, the Florida Supreme Court upheld Wuornos’s convictions and death sentences.


Tony Alexander, Wuornos’s new attorney.


Dawn and Dave were facing a period of financial hardship.


Likely a reference to the 39th District Corruption Scandal, in which a group of Philadelphia police officers were convicted of a long history of brutality and corruption. Fourteen hundred cases were eventually brought under examination for tainting and rights violations, and hundreds were overturned.


American swimmer who won four gold medals in the 1996 Summer Olympics.


Kerri Strug, American gymnast who vaulted injured, clinching the gold medal for the women’s team.


Wuornos wished to confess the details of the killings in exchange for the right of the women on Death Row to smoke.


Dawn, Dave, their grown children Kim and David, and Kim’s partner.


Neighbors in Troy who, according to Dawn, allowed Lori and Keith to stay with them, while Aileen slept outside in one of several abandoned cars on their lot.


Lori’s husband.


To the best of Dawn’s knowledge, the adoption was never reversed.


A reference to the mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate cult on March 26, 1997.


A reference to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, a child beauty pageant queen. The case remains unsolved.


Broward Correctional Institution.


A reference to Louise Woodward, an English nanny convicted of the murder of the child in her care. Her sentence was later reduced to involuntary manslaughter and she had recently been released from prison.


Karla Faye Tucker was convicted of murder in 1984 and executed by the state of Texas in 1998. She attempted—with some popular support—to have her sentence commuted to life imprisonment given that she had been on drugs at the time of the murders and had since become a Christian.


Wuornos’s fellow inmate Judias Buenoano.


Wuornos had begun to write pieces of her life story and send them to Linda.


Judias Buenoano was executed on March 30, 1998.


Andrea Hicks Jackson, resentenced to life in 2000.


Steinhatchee, a small coastal town in northwestern Florida.


Both men earned a reputation for being pro – death penalty during their terms as governors of their respective states. Wuornos confused the two brothers. George W. Bush during his six years as governor of Texas presided over 152 executions. Jeb Bush, as governor of Florida, oversaw 21 executions.


This is a reference to David’s birthday party.


A reference to Nick Broomfield’s depiction of Steve Glazer in his documentary Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer.


Dawn was hoping to buy tickets to a Rod Stewart concert.


Wuornos was carrying her belongings in a pillowcase.


Jeb Bush had become governor of Florida that January.


A reference to Wuornos’s grandparents.


A reference to Wuornos’s age at the time of the events described herein.


Wuornos’s closest friend during this period.


A reference to Wuornos’s counselor.


Arlene Pralle’s husband, Robert.


Money order. Wuornos was concerned her account would not have enough money in it to sustain her until her execution.


Likely a reference to Joseph Hobson and Kori Anderson, attorney and investigator, respectively, for the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel.


Dawn recalls that Wuornos seemed to believe she could counteract what she thought were the prison’s attempts to spy on her by arranging paper or cloth to block out their signals.


The “7 an 7” slogan is Wuornos’s shorthand for refuting her self-defense claim. (As she wrote in a letter of March 2, 2002: “7 counts of first degree Murder and 7 counts of Robbery.”)


Dawn’s stepfather.


The current web address for this story is http://www.wesh.com/news/291655/detail.html.


Kori Anderson, investigator for the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel.


Darlene was Dawn’s close friend.


Likely a reference to Court TV producer Mary Beth Ross.


Jackie Giroux was suing Wuornos, stating that her exclusive rights to Wuornos’s story had been infringed upon by the police officers’ deal with Republic Pictures. Wuornos was annotating Giroux’s deposition, enumerating all of the statements she believed were lies. Wuornos apparently sent a copy to Dawn as well.


Wuornos’s annotations on Giroux’s deposition.


Most likely a reference to Frank Lee Smith, who died of cancer on Death Row in 2000 and was posthumously exonerated.


National Geographic.


From The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien.


In February 2001, an evidentiary hearing was held to determine whether errors in Wuornos’s first trial had unfairly led to her being given the death penalty.


The testimony included the assertion that Wuornos was beaten by her grandfather and that it was rumored she had sex with her brother.


Florida Assistant State Attorney Jim McCune.


Wuornos had believed the purpose of this hearing would be to expose the corruption around the book and movie deals, and now felt that CCRC deliberately misled her, intending to use the hearing to find a way to appeal her death sentence against her wishes. She based this conclusion on the fact that CCRC did not question Jarvis at the hearing.


Judge Hutcheson was presiding over the Volusia appeals. Wuornos wrote to him to request the right to “waive off everything.”


Likely a “stun belt.” The belt is fitted around the prisoner, and, when activated via remote control, 50 kV of electricity is delivered over eight seconds.


Linda and Laura.


Dawn had agreed to help Wuornos send official letters to the judges of all the counties in which she was being tried, as well as other officials, stating that she wished to be executed.


Wuornos was preparing for a 3.850 hearing. A 3.850 motion is a challenge to a prior judgment. Often, these motions are based on ineffective counsel. In this case, Wuornos was first made to pass a competency hearing in order for the 3.850 hearing to be held. She was found to be competent on July 20, 2001, which allowed her to waive her plea.


Erich Anton Paul von Däniken, author of Chariot of the Gods (mentioned in the prior letter). His writing centers around purported interactions between early human civilizations and extraterrestrials.


A reference to “Outlaw Man” by the Eagles.


Richard Mallory had previously been imprisoned in Maryland for assault with intent to rape.


Bush made no such comment in his inaugural address. On February 13, 2002, he did sign Executive Order 13257, “President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons,” and on February 25, 2003, he signed National Security Presidential Directive 22, which included the language “The United States opposes prostitution and any related activities, including pimping, pandering, and/ or maintaining brothels as contributing to the phenomenon of trafficking in persons. These activities are inherently harmful and dehumanizing. The United States Government’s position is that these activities should not be regulated as a legitimate form of work for any human being.”


Wuornos had sent Dawn photocopies of articles about Ring v. Arizona, in which the Supreme Court held that a defendant had the right to a jury determination of the aggravating factors necessary for a death sentence. Florida had a case similar to Arizona’s Ring case, so all executions were halted until the outcome of Ring v. Arizona was known.


Rodolfo Hernandez, sentenced to death for the murder of five men, had his leg removed due to complications with diabetes. His request to receive a prosthetic limb before his execution on April 30, 2002, was denied.


Presumably, the local chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, a motorcycle gang comparable to the Hells Angels.


Dawn’s son David’s wife. 207. Director of the Academy Award winning film Monster, based on Wuornos’s life story.


An interview with Nick Broomfield, presumably later seen in his documentary Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer.


Wuornos had filed a complaint stating, among other things, that she had overheard prison staff conspiring to have her raped, and that staff are putting spit and urine into her food. 210. Ring v. Arizona was decided on June 24, 2002.


Likely a reference to lawyer Raag Singhal, appointed to represent Wuornos in her suit alleging prison abuse. (Singhal went on to write to the Florida Supreme Court without Wuornos’s consent, expressing his “grave doubts” concerning her mental condition and her competence to be executed.)


Most likely Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer. The film was released in 2003.


Deuteronomy 22:25 – 27 (New International Version): “But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor, for the man found the young woman out in the country, and though the betrothed woman screamed, there was no one to rescue her.”


Although Patty Jenkins never did have the opportunity to meet Wuornos in person, she had access to Wuornos’s letters when writing the script.

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