An Introduction & a Critique

Regarding the Death of Kevin Garrido – Clarifications and Positioning


On November 2nd, Kevin Garrido was murdered in the Santiago 1 prison, located in the Chilean region. As a result of the news that has been circulating via the different counter-info web projects about this individual, we consider it necessary to make some clarifications:

Kevin Garrido, WAS NOT AN ANARCHIST, in his last communiques he made clear his affinity with eco-extremist ideology: “They investigated me, traced my steps and managed to hunt me down with their guns pointed at my head. They exposed my face on TV and the newspapers defamed me, with a cluster of idiocies in their argumentation. They falsely labeled me an anarchist and presumed that faced with a large number of policemen that I would bow my head and not respond. They sat me in one of their courtrooms for more than six hours to hear the words that the prosecutor was spreading with a vomit-inducing stench.”

Why mention this? Because the diffusion of information in such an ambiguous and irresponsible way on who he was, and minimizing his political position, makes one wonder at the ease of which a person can be called a comrade in the Chilean region.

Memory seems to be playing tricks against us anarchists, nihilists and anti-authoritarians. The eco-extremists have been clear, they declare us as their enemies, they have committed femicide and aggressions against anti-authoritarians. If any individual feels an affinity with these actions and concepts that advance misanthropy, can we call them comrades or anarchists?

The war against the existent and the destruction of all forms of domination is something that many are willing to assume as part of their lives. Each person positions themselves on the side they desire in this fight to the death, Mikhail Vasilievich Zhlobitsky (10/31/2018) made his position clear. Mauricio Morales, Sebastían Oversluij Seguel, Zoe Aveilla, Lambros Foundas, Santiago Maldonado and many other combatant comrades did so as well.

It is necessary in this social war to take a position that transcends personal feelings by being morally correct and precisely clear with the information that is delivered by the various counter-info projects. That is why silence is not an option and this is not a blind attack. This clarification is considered necessary regarding the position of Kevin Garrido, given the ambiguity with which the information was published by Publicacion Refractario, where this matter was treated as a mere difference, and as mentioned in their updates, calling for revenge for a murdered prison rebel. While ContraInfo gives space to eco-extremist communiques and news, by calling those who follow this authoritarian trend that declares war against revolutionary anarchists and nihilists, comrades. This criticism is directed at them because even while knowing all the information this is how they decided to present the death of Kevin Garrido.

For the destruction of the existent.
For Anarchy and Total Liberation.
Freedom for all anarchist combatants, nihilists and anti-authoritarian prisoners.
Solidarity with the comrades of the CCF, Revolutionary Struggle, Operation Panico, Operation Scripta Manent, Eric King, Marius Mason, Michael Kimble, Joaquín García, Sol Faría and all those who dare to destroy the existent.

Instinto Salvaje

Some necessary clarifications about the positions of some anarchists regarding the death in prison of Kevin Garrido

November 7th, 2018

A few days ago in the email tray of this blog came two messages reporting on the death of Kevin Garrido, who was serving a sentence for explosive attacks against the Prison Training School of the Gendarmerie and the 12th San Miguel Police Station. His death, apparently, occurred at the hands of other prisoners during a brawl where Kevin received several stabs to his chest and abdomen.

Given this, many have rushed to claim Kevin Garrido as an anarchist. Short-term memories maybe, because in one of his public statements issued from the prison in November 2016 (you can read it here) Kevin himself says “they falsely called me an anarchist” and although he later expresses his support and solidarity to anarchists in prison, he also expresses his support for the eco-extremist tendency, who not only have totally departed from an anarchist discourse and practice, assuming authoritarian and dogmatic positions, but have in fact attacked anarchists.

As an example, we can remember the placement of an explosive device against the anarchist squat Che in Mexico City, which, fortunately, did not explode but was claimed by a group adhering to this [eco-extremist] trend, in addition to their constant bravado and virtual provocations against anarchic projects of different countries when we stand against them because they began to claim completely random murders, such as the feminicide of Lesvy Rivera, within their “immoral and indiscriminate” acts (with which, by the way, Kevin Garrido also expresses his complicity in the same statement cited above with the phrase “For the Immoral and Indiscriminate, Long live the terror, explosions and fire!”). Therefore, how can we consider him an anarchist and a comrade (beyond the possible disagreements and fraternal or even hostile debates that may occur between different anarchic tendencies or between different ways of understanding anarchist practice and ideas) when he reneged publicly of that identity and those ideas and expressed complicity and support to those who have clearly and openly positioned themselves as our enemies?

To avoid misunderstandings of this writing, we want to make it clear that our intention is not to belittle or shit on the memory of Kevin Garrido now that he has died and can not respond, because that would be cynical and cowardly. In addition, with many words and gestures of Kevin and with the actions for which he was accused and condemned for we felt at the time strong complicity. However, we believe it is important to clarify what he himself had already clarified in life. Kevin Garrido was not an anarchist, even though certain people who are always looking for a martyr liked it that way. The path he chose was another one, and although we are nobody to judge those decisions or his trajectory (and we will not do that), it does seem necessary to make that clarification, always leaving everyone to choose how to position themselves in this regard.

Finally, to say that this distancing taken with respect to Kevin’s positioning does not mean that we are happy or that we do not care about the news of his death. The news infuriates and saddens us because precisely because we hate prisons and other institutions of repression and confinement (juvenile centers, psychiatric centers, CIE, farms, zoos, zoos …) and we are people who fight against them, we are not unaware of the clear fact that as some writings published after the event have said, the murder of Kevin Garrido, even though it is the result of a fight between prisoners, is the responsibility of the State and of the system of domination that is the prison, capitalist, speciesist, patriarchal and citizenist society. That same prison society against which Kevin fought and hit, which is why he went to find his bones in one of the disgusting cells.

Against this world we raise the same scream that Kevin spat in the face of the Carabineros bastards and the footmen of the press:

Down with the cages of civilized society!
Love and complicity to all those who beat the beast and fight domination in all its forms.

La Rebelión de las Palabras

Primary Source Material

05/10/16 - Message #1

Statement by Kevin Garrido (April 2016)

Source: Refractory Publication

I am not, I will not be nor do I want to be the "defender" or the voice of anyone, much less do I want what is soon embodied to be understood as such, nor that he / she / the receiver is omnimode. I write what I feel and how I see what I will tell. Nor do I intend to contribute to the virtual "debate" of something, and I am not interested in liking anyone or that anyone can empathize with me and my words.

"We are surprised that there are those who call themselves anarchists enter their ranks while others normalize, understand and justify it. Being part of the church even has a series of nefarious prison connotations that are not forgotten or disappear because simply one morning someone decides to leave it.
If we give in fearfully to the pressure of the masses, what can we expect in the face of the intensification of the conflict?"

Behind those paragraphs I read/see a total oligophrenia, in his greatest exposition Why? Because I cannot understand how someone can have such a capital idiotic opinion and lacking experiences regarding such a delicate and serious "subject" that more than one brother has had to face. And I write this by generalizing to all those miserable bastards who have spat against who/or who have entered the church inside the prison.

I do not normalize the action/decision obviously contrary to ideas, thoughts and practices of those who enter the church. But I can come to understand who entered it, and not justify, because I do not represent anyone and nobody represents me. And why can I understand it? Because I know what prison is like, I know what is behind its tons of concrete and cold bars, I know what the religious/macho/citizen/authoritarian mentality of most prisoners is like, despite being in a prison too different from, for example, Santiago 1.

It is so easy to spit out meaningless words against those who at the time decided to enter the church without even knowing why they did it or what was the "motivation" that led them to make that decision. I ask myself: Do those bastards who spit so much idiocy know what prison is, do they know what's behind its dark structure, do they think it's just being locked up and putting up with that? Well, I inform you that here it is/there is "another world", with a different language/jargon/coa than the street. Here you can not say words that in the street you say to anyone, here every word and movement has its meaning that in the street is not important or taken into account. The way you are represents you, and that is the identity/attitude that nowhere should change, no matter how hostile it may be.

Whoever has not been imprisoned cannot and will not understand what it is to endure all this. It is something that cannot be explained in words, because there are no words that describe the horrifying that is "lived" / endured here. Prison is something that must be lived to really know what it is. I don't want the latter to be understood as I want to see someone imprisoned, because I don't. I don't wish prison on anyone, not even my enemies. All I want from the prison is to see it/make it explode from its foundations, along with everyone who contributes to its functioning.

I think that instead of criticizing brothers who enter the church, everyone should consider what to do to support them. Because this is already a reality and tomorrow anyone can end up there, no matter how much they don't want to. May solidarity not be just a manipulated word, may solidarity be an angry action that gives injections of strength and energy to the heart of each brother in captivity, that he knows that there really is support both inside and outside the walls, and that gives him impetus and courage to reverse such a disgusting situation. Not to be a guide, but to accompany him mentally, because physically many times it is not possible. This may sound very nice, but one here is alone, even if you have the support of people on the street or in the same prison that you physically inhabit. At least that's how I live it, and I write it with arguments and experiences / experiences above: I could not be with my little brother Joaquín when he hit the miserable bastard Álvaro Corbalán and at that moment face all the jailers who were there; I'm not saying that Joaquin didn't confront them or need someone to do it, because he doesn't, and he made it clear. Sadly we see each other and share too little, we are in separate corridors and we have been told: "you cannot be together", while other prisoners share with their companions. I could not physically accompany my brothers in the disgusting Santiago 1 when the jailers dared and enjoyed putting their rotting hands on them, and I would like to meet one of them and stab him. At some point revenge will come to them, whether they are retired from their "job" or not, as well as their families.

Here I am alone. Only when I argue with a jailer; Only when a few days ago a jailer beat me while holding my hands cuffed, rolling down the stairs and lying on the ground. My response (momentarily) was limited to insults and I dignified tried to keep me standing. Already surrounded by jailers they told me: "You gave juice all night, did you think we were not going to look for you?" (At night he had had problems with them, and shouted insults at them – or the truth of his miserable life – for a long time.) I ended up in a punishment cage 28 hours, with the task "punished" 20 days and my body with various pains that lasted until now; I am alone the twenty-one hours of tedious confinement in this gloomy cage; I have faced only the pacos who more than four months ago hunted me while shouting at me and pointing their nine millimeters; only in front of the scores of pacos who watched me, checked me and asked nonsense; only when they shackle me by the hands, waists, and feet; I only go to the exciting encounter with my long-awaited death. All this I do not mention as a victim of something, because I am not; I reject these cowardly positions. I know what I was facing from the moment I consciously decided to live my life in constant action and not vague words, and I do not regret anything. It is too easy to raise nice speeches of "death to authority" and how much else, but to live it in actions and not words is very different and not easy at all. If you wish death to "authority" you must do something to hasten that pleasant process. The war does not end in confinement!

I mention loneliness so that it is "understood" why I can understand those who have entered the church. Because surely he who made that decision did not do it for comfort, surely he did it because of the loneliness that is lived here, the insecurity of not knowing what prison is like, even more so when he has not had experience with it. The pressure of the mass of prisoners who not only confront you with blows, but with blades, which in prisons abound. Here the problems are not "solved" with a simple: "weigh yourself to combos", but it is: "weigh yourself to stabs", and if you can you get out alive, otherwise, you will only be another of the many prisoners who die day by day. You can not avoid problems as when you are on the street, there you move from one place to another and that's it. Here you only have to face what comes or cow, which for me is not, has not been and will not be an option.

I brother with those who out of fear or insecurity entered the church, and also left it and face what might come later. I appreciate your courage very much. I am brother with all those who resist day by day the confinement in some cage of the world, be it humanx or animal ...

To those critics, judges without their hammer who judge and criticize those who entered the church I give my infinite hatred, of course and not in anonymity I tell them that I consider them my enemies. They are just as judges (if not themselves) as those who judged who/who in 2011 positioned an explosive device (which unfortunately did not detonate) in a house in the commune of La Reina, and who/who threatened to blow up a school; just as many judges as those who judged an action in Macul with Grecia in 2013, where they threw Molotov cocktails at a Transantiago bus that passed over the barricade of those who were there and where some citizens "affected" by the vengeful and beautiful fire left, and are just as idiotic as those who claimed to be the "Cordón Macul" arguing that those who attacked the bus were not, HA! Surely they criticized some miserxs universitarixs populachxs; they are just as judges as those who criticize (even from other parts of the world) the bomb in the Metro Escuela Militar in 2014, where several citizens were injured and a "lady suffered" the amputation of her fingers that months later would appear on television parading her mutilated hand; they are just as many judges as those who shouted for death for those who set fire to a bank at a demonstration in Greece, where the result was the ashes of the branch accompanied by the death of three workers inside; And I could go on giving a thousand and one more examples. I shit and piss on all of those judges without gavels. I expect for the common citizenry that an infinite number of bombs explode among them, since ‘filthy citizen life is not only found in the barracks.’ I am against civilization and in the citizenry/humanity I find the most civilized target (myself included). These are the ones clinging to progress and who devote themselves to destroying the untamed, all for the filthy and disgusting plastic called money.

Long live individuality! Force those who conspire!

Kevin Garrido
Captive in War
Slaughterhouse/Maximum Security
Prison April 09, 2016
Santiago de Chile

11/29/16 - Message #2

Source: Refractory Publication

I write late at night, at least for me that day after day my eyes open at 7:30 in the morning from a restless sleep to see the gray concrete and the large security doors, still it is the best time to write what I feel. I can only hear a prisoner who "praises the lord", a music that I do not like but I do not dislike and a sound that I hate to which I have had to go several times: one closes eating away at the metal.

Seven months I was in punishment and isolation in the Maximum Security prison, and, at my request, five months ago I was transferred to Santiago 1 Prison after a couple of disgusting and tedious hearings, where I was directly classified to module 16 (recidivist prisoners) and then, for situations that occur in prison, I was transferred to module 25 (also of recidivist prisoners) where I am currently until what I can be without That I have a problem which makes, by decision of the jailers, to be changed module.

It has been more than a year in captivity, in which my mind and body have fiercely felt second in this underground prison reality, where unimaginable events occur for beings who have not "lived" it in their own flesh. I have felt loneliness so much and so many months that my hermetic heart has already become accustomed to the constant threat of a scalpel behind it, nothing and nobody will be able to erase the scars that will remain there for life and with which I will embrace death avenging everything that I and those who are with me have managed to do. What but hatred and energetic feelings of revenge can cause you to feel the blows of jailers who cowardly entrench themselves guard the key to "freedom", judges and prosecutors deciding over one. Lawyers "defending you" and having to turn your walk because a wall prevents you from continuing? Won't it be easier to adapt to the prison system, evade problems and swallow the bitter taste of humiliation, submissively accept court rulings and be intimidated by prisoners and jailers who are flesh and blood as one? NO! None of that goes with me. The laws of Power or prison are mine and I will do what I can without limit to accomplish my ends.

I am in a module in which, unlike 33/34/35 and 11 (first), a reality of killing or dying is resisted, although I despise my human existence too much as those who reproduce it. A module where there are at least five prisoners killed at the hands of other prisoners. A module that is constantly being raided by jailers and riot police, a module controlled by prisoners and not authority. I have seen prisoners stabbed, burned with boiling water, others on a dark staircase through which you must go through obligation without knowing who has beaten them without letting them go up to the cells. I have seen one prisoner calmly descend the stairs in the morning while another throws a knife at his neck. As dozens of prisoners beat and stab another expelling him from the module. I have seen, and without being able to do anything, how jailers beat another prisoner until they get bored, reflecting on me for having already gone through those situations. None of that is prevented by a "surveillance" camera. It is not pleasant to see prisoners murder each other, knowing that everyone is in the same prison situation, that everyone sleeps where they are, that they eat the same thing and "share" the same yard. Nor is it pleasant to have to go to a blade (because fights "a combo" do not exist) because in the module there are problems and with 200 prisoners in the same yard, not everyone should like it, even if they do not tell you.

Here it's not just being locked up and resisting that, no. I'm not for a "joke" in prison. Among prisoners I have earned the respect I have today because I have decided to do so. No "seeking refuge" in a church in here. Not a submission to anyone. All that paragraph I hope will be a clearer and more direct visualization of what prison is or what I have had to face. And that every prisoner, wherever he is, lives. A day-to-day war in its different prison environments. The mood does not completely decline and the war continues...

They confined the bodies of my brothers behind similar cages like the one I write about today my hatred and pride in paper. And with that they believed or thought to intimidate me; A phlegmy spit in the face of power and a war to the last consequences was and is my furious response.

They investigated me, followed my footsteps and managed to hunt me down with their guns pointed at my head. They exposed my face on television and newspapers defaming me, with an accumulation of unargued idiocies. They falsely branded me an anarchist and assumed that before the large number of policemen I would bow my head and not respond. They sat me in one of their performance halls for more than six hours listening to the words of a prosecutor with a vomitive stench. Before the speeches of judges and prosecutors blaming me and my partner and threatening us with dozens of years in prison, they expected faces of sadness or concern without knowing that we would laugh and insult in their faces. My hands were strongly shackled for more than twenty-one hours, and first of all the pain my hand continues to dance with a pen. They tried to annihilate me in a maximum security prison and its punishment cages and failed to weaken a single thought and idea of mine. I remain steadfast in what I believe and want for this disgusting civilized world and its filthy progressives. Destruction and freedom are a volcano inside me.

A couple of weeks ago (November 11) I had a re-formalization hearing in which I am accused of a new bombing. Therefore, so far I am formalized by: explosive attack on the chilectra company located on El Parrón Avenue (the new fact), explosive attack on the 12th police station of San Miguel (in conjunction with Joaquín), explosive attack on the Gendarmerie school of San Bernardo, possession of explosive material and illegal possession of knives. With an effective sentence of 38 years in prison (which is what the prosecution requests). There have been several occasions in which I have accurately affirmed that nothing and nobody regrets anything, today I reaffirm what I said. That is indelible. I am not a "victim" at all, nor am I intimidated by the thousands of pages that the miserable prosecutor brings to the hearings. Time is only time, I will get my freedom legally or illegally, and everything written is open.

I will never suppress from my memory the direct blows of feet and fists to the policemen and their ugly faces of cowardice, the days and nights running with fire in their hands towards the authority, the alarms screaming in unison of burning premises, the citizens running and shouting despavorxs while a bus burning lights up the night. The nights where the city rumbled from an explosion and its splendor causing terror. I will never forget the police running for shelter from a hail of shots or the beautiful curves of a forty-millimeter bullet...

"In difficult times we have never given up the fight, the dogs may have barked around us, but their breaths never touched us, we were looking at each other, we secured our decisions, checked our weapons, asked our hatred and said "let's go again... this time to the end..."

To my brothers and sisters: Ignacio, Joaquín, Manuel and Amaru, all my strength and energy is with you. Unsubmissive inside and outside the damn walls! Natalia: What a joy it gave me to learn that you are no longer under tons of concrete. Take great care of yourself wherever you are, little sister. Prison is not eternal...

A flaming embrace to every war-torn prisoner and fugitive.

To the terrorists of Individualists Tending to the Wild, to the Destructive Nihilists, to the Anarchists of praxis, to each incendiary cell and the warriors of the south of the country who oppose the advance of civilization: a gigantic salute overflowing with strength and resistance.

For the Immoral and Indiscriminate, Long live the Terror, the explosions and the fire!!

Death to civilization and all human progress!!

Kevin Garrido Fernández
Captive in War.
Santiago Prison 1/Module 25.
Santiago de Chile.

11/02/18 - Solidarity Message

Source: Refractory Publication

Urgent!: Kevin Garrido murdered in the Santiago 1 killing center

On November 02, 2018, during the morning the cannibalism of the prison returned to give a new and regrettable turn of the screw. Kevin Garrido, sentenced to 17 years in prison for planting explosive devices, is murdered inside the disgusting death center prison/Empresa Santiago 1, stabbed by other prisoners.

Despite the differences that arose with Kevin's latest proposals, out of respect for his life, his actions and his walk, we will not falsify his positions. But we cannot and do not want to leave an inch to indifference in the face of this tragic event. It is the jailers and prisoners complicit with the functioning of the prison and its perverse authoritarian dynamics, our enemies.

With anger and deep bitterness, we are not indifferent to any aggression, yesterday it was Julio Huentecura, today Kevin Garrido and so many more. It is the blades that have to know how to aim at the jailer's neck, it is the stabs that have to pierce their disgusting uniforms, it is their blood that has to stain the cement of the prisons, of that we have no doubt.

Because a dead person in prison is a person killed by the state apparatus!
Against prisons and the world that needs them: Insurrectionary and anarchic solidarity with comrades in prison!

Actions which reference Kevin

2023/01/13 - Santiago, Chile: Responsibility claim for bus set on fire outside the Ex-pedagógico (UMCE) and armed confrontation with special forces of the carabineros

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/13

Updated on 2023/01/13

[Image of burnt out bus not archived]

Note: The events that are claimed below happened on November 4 of last year, and their late date is explained by the fact that, in the words of the comrades themselves, it is “to be able to remember it with the aroma of the passing of time and to begin a new year of subversion and explosions.”

(Received at

Santiago, Chile: Bus set on fire outside the Ex-pedagógico (UMCE) and armed confrontation against special forces of carabineros for the iconoclastic memory of Kevin Garrido and in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and the comrades of the Susaron Case. (04/11/2022).

“We speak of a new war, a new partisan war. Without front or uniform, without army or decisive battle. A war in which the focal points are deployed far from the mercantile flows, although they are connected to them. We speak of a totally latent war. That has time. Of a war of position. Which is being waged where we are. In the name of no one. In the name of our own existence, which has no name” (How to do? Tiqqun).

About the action.

During a quiet and bohemian Friday afternoon at the Ex Pedagógico, while the citizen/student mass lives its lethargic and alienated youthful fun, a violent direct action took place. This action is framed within the so-called “Black November”, where it is informally called to commemorate the life and death of comrade Kevin Garrido through the violent, diffuse and multiform attack. The action begins with our exit through the front of the university to proceed to cut off vehicular traffic in the area. We set up a barricade of tires and debris that we lit at the moment of intercepting a public transport bus. Our intention was to cross the bus horizontally to the street in order to cut off all traffic, however the driver of the vehicle blocked its driving, so we proceeded to set it on fire at the place of its interception with accelerating liquids. Without intending to harm the mass of citizens, we were constantly rebuked and repudiated for this action. We did not care and we responded verbally to their desperate insults and we were attentive to any onslaught that could emerge from any individual-citizen-cop with a craving for civil heroism, we shit on those people who, upon seeing armed comrades, dare to insult them, believing themselves -imbecilically- untouchable, voluntarily putting their physical integrity at risk in front of us. After this eventful moment, we entered the campus to wait for the police deployment and to receive it with all our strength: thunderous gunshots and a rain of Molotov cocktails hit the bodies of the squad of henchmen who naively took cover on the corner of Juan Gómez Millas street while the armored cars crossed the street. They clearly did not expect our means of attack to put their miserable lives at risk, which left a couple of policemen on the ground (apparently wounded by the shots) and provoked an almost immediate response: they shot at us with their service weapons and gassed the entire area of the front gate. After this counterattack, we used and unloaded all our material and disappeared fleetingly from the place.


This action -as we mentioned before- is part of the international campaign for a Black November in memory of the savage iconoclast Kevin Garrido, 4 years after his murder in the Santiago 1 prison. It is also a blow to the gears of capital that subject all forms of life to a lethargy of normality/passivity typical of a counterinsurgent period catalyzed by the democratic mechanisms of a social democratic government that has established an atmosphere of post-transition.

We abhor this reality and have no hope of reforming it, whether for democratic or “revolutionary” ends, so we attack it. Besides, hope (even the “hope of revolution”) is just that: hope. We do not hope. We attack… “when hope dies, action begins” (Beyond Hope, Derrick Jensen). Let those who still believe in social and human redemption wait while their social bases are camouflaged according to the dictates of the government of the day. We no longer believe. We do not even believe in the Social Revolution that the prophets of anarchy occupy to embellish their babbling tongues and project a false image on the depressing reality of this world. We deny it. “The idea of “progress” is central to the modern Western paradigm in which the assumption that the whole world is moving towards an ever better future predominates. The idea of the inevitability or possibility of a global libertarian future arises from that belief” (“Desert”, anonymous). We leave theoretical fables for the masturbatory leisure of academics. We are not part of any revolutionary tradition that dictates and imposes our practical work. Our action is Pleasure through destruction. We live our anarchy today and not in a “revolutionary” tomorrow.

Perhaps a burned bus, a few Molotovs and a couple of bullets will not put an end to domination. However, we prefer to contribute decisively to its destruction without any consequences. Our freedom is found in the attack, because it is only when we untie the chains of morality and the servitude of capital and decide to take action, that we conquer that freedom of which the old and dusty philosophy books talk so much.

Solidarity cannot be just a written word. It must inevitably be a relentless attack.

Our attack is sister to and embraces the anti-authoritarian conviction of all prisoners the length and breadth of the world. Domination wants to extend its pincers in ever more sophisticated and thorough ways, but our desires for destruction are stronger. For this reason, we salute the comrade of anarchic praxis Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike since October 20, 2022 against the 41 bis solitary confinement and torture regime. We recognize and embrace Alfredo as one of our own. His irreducibility and anarchic conviction that he has carried to the last consequences has provoked his isolation as a vengeful response by the Italian State, which naively thinks that with these mechanisms it will be able to placate and oppress the seditious desires of a comrade who has carried the insurrectionary cry of the social/anti-social war even while inside the walls of power. This attack is an embrace of encouragement for Alfredo and all those who twin with his war by putting their bodies and minds as a weapon of combat against prison isolation and torture (Juan Sorroche, Ivan Alocco, Anna Beniamino and all the prisoners and individuals who stand in solidarity with Alfredo through action). We hope that these words travel to their latitudes and break the concrete walls that keep their bodies locked up.

Also, we salute all the individuals and action groups that have attacked diverse objectives of the State/Capital and all forms of domination during the last period: Nueva Subversiones Anárquicas – Célula Alex Núñez, Federación Anarquista Informal (Attack on Oxiquim S.A.), Fracción Autonómica Cristián Valdebenito – Nueva Subversión (Attack on Sercor S.A. of the Angelini Group), Célula Célula Alex Núñez – Célula Alex Núñez, Federación Anarquista Informal (Attack on Oxiquim S.A.), Fracción Autonómica Cristián Valdebenito – Nueva Subversión (Attack on Sercor S.A. of the Angelini Group), Célula Insurreccional por el Maipo – Nueva Subversión (Arson attack against Empresas Baeza for its responsibility in the devastation of the Maipo River), Grupo Antispecista Emilia Bau – Nueva Subversión (Arson attack against medialuna in Renca), Grupo de Acción 6 de julio – Nueva Subversión (Explosive attack against Empresa Besalco S. A.), Grupo de Respuesta Animal (Arson attack against Club de Huasos y Rodeo Gil Letelier), Célula Insurreccional 2 de noviembre (Explosive attack against retired Gendarmerie Officers Circle), Negra Venganza. Núcleos de Melipulli José Huenante (Explosive attack against Special Forces Carabineros Police Station), Células Revolucionarias Mauricio Morales (Explosive attack against Fullclean Security Company). We also affectionately greet all the individuals who with determination and determination continue to occupy as a trench of attack the educational establishments within Chilean territory, whether in high schools or universities: Internado Nacional Barros Arana, Instituto Nacional, Manuel Barros Borgoño, Liceo Confederación Suiza, Liceo de Aplicación, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, UMCE (Ex Pedagógico), Universidad de Chile (Campus Juan Gómez Millas), Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, among so many attack trenches that have destabilized the normal mercantile functioning of the rotten Chilean society. This is a summary and complicit account of the anti-domination actions that have broken the media barriers of communication during the year 2022 within the territory dominated by the Chilean State. It is also a reminder to those who believe that black terror and propaganda by the fact has ceased: this is only the beginning.

We also salute and embrace our fellow prisoners accused of the attack against the animal death company Susaron. The news of the imprisonment of the comrades was a bucket of cold water for us, since our action took place on the same day of their arrests. However, we deployed our attack with the strength of the rage that this news brought us. This is a greeting of encouragement and full of black smoke for you comrades. The anti-speciesist war against civilized anthropocentrism advances towards the destruction of all the cages that keep our human and non-human animal brothers and sisters captive.

Finally, we salute all the anti-authoritarian comrades captive inside the filthy prisons throughout all the territories bound by domination: Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Juan Flores, Mawühnko, Tomas, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Thanos Xatziagkelou, Juan Aliste, Toby Shone, Felipe Rios, Marcelo Villarroel, Claudio Lavazza, Giannis Michailidis, Nicola Gai, Pola Roupa, Erick King, Dayvid Ceccarelli, Nikos Maziotis, Davide Delogu, the comrades linked to Negra Venganza (recently imprisoned for the thunder to the miserable jailers in December 2021? hugs accomplices of freedom! ) and especially to comrade Joaquín García Chancks; Kevin’s partner in action, we embrace your indomitable existence during this black November. We leave some words from comrade Joaquín in memory of Kevin, words that motivated our untamed behavior in the face of the useless scratches of the citizen-police mass:

“I remember an action many years ago now; a sea of citizens lashes out at us at a barricade, we are few… Alternatives? Retreat and abandon the action or confront them with Molotovs and force them to flee, we decided to take the first option, with the opposition of, guess who? that’s right, Kevin, who intended to defend that space tooth and nail, I remember his indignation and our -my- subsequent shame; perhaps logic told us that we acted well, a confrontation in those conditions would have been clearly unfavorable, but an idea ruminating in our minds all that day, a bitter taste did not leave us calm, we were free and intact, but we had lost that battle… What did this mean? That we, who wanted to attack and break with normality, had been absorbed by our enemy (…).

On that occasion we hid our fears under the mask of Reason, reality prevented us from dreaming, it led us to inaction; perhaps having tried to confront them did not suppose as much risk as we thought, perhaps dividing that horrible beast that is the mass, we would have obtained the victory, small and partial, but decisive for our confidence and very important as an individual process, even if, from the beginning we had been right, the passivity of those who do not confront those who stand between them and their action or even put their freedom at risk is very far from responding to a rational or logical thought, how possible is it to reason with the guardian of any master?

There is in every heroic impulse of those self-sacrificing citizens the unconscious notion that they will not suffer any consequences – it is so easy to be a superhero -, that the action will cease before their irruption, that not being a primary target they will not run any risk… Let’s shake this idea from their minds! A different morality and valorization only tangentially graze this point; there is no dignity in turning the other cheek.” (December 2018, one month after Kevin’s death)

To expand, multiply and spread the insurrectionary attack for total liberation; human, animal and of the earth. To arm and bet on the qualitative advance of our forces. To strengthen the gestures of international solidarity for the end of the isolation regime 41 bis. May the new anarchist urban guerrilla strike at the disgusting faces of power and turn to ashes every vestige of this authoritarian world. For the violent and incessant negation against all that exists and against those who sustain a world that falls to pieces to the sound of progress. By savage and antisocial anarchy we advance towards the abyss of confrontation.

“We will not give up one minute of our lives in the hope that the multitude will suddenly realize and wake up! If the oppressed are not ready to pick up the hatchet it is a problem of the oppressed” (International Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front).

Long live the Black International. We are in every corner.

Kevin Garrido presente! Your phlegmy spitting is the thunder of today.

Down with the cages of civilized society.

Greetings, anarchy, nihilism and freedom.

PS: We claim this attack months later in order to remember it with the aroma of the passing of time and to begin a new year of subversion and explosions. Reviewing our most recent journey is part of weaving our black threads of denial towards this world.

Some incendiaries

2022/06/03 - Santiago, Chile: (Updated) Explosive Attack against Gendarmerie Officers Circle in Retirement + Claim of “Célula Insurreccional 2 de Noviembre”.

Posted on 2022/06/03 - 2022/06/03 by darknights

During the early morning of May 26, 2022, around 1:00 a.m., two hooded men ride a bicycle to the building where the miserable torturers “in retirement” remain. The Circle of Gendarmerie Officials in Retirement (CIRGENCHI), located in José Toribio Medina # 72, in the heart of downtown Santiago.

The unknown persons left a device to leave quickly without being detected or attracting attention. Soon after, a loud explosion occurs, alerting the neighbors, without causing any damage or injuries.

Police personnel quickly arrived and the case was taken to the South Prosecutor’s Office, which delegated its proceedings to personnel from GOPE, LABOCAR and OS9. At first it was reported that a fire extinguisher with its normal chemical powder charge was found in the place, but with the passing of time this information will be denied by the protagonists.

The attack is claimed by the “Célula Insurreccional 2 de Noviembre” through e-mails to different counter-information pages, specifying the explosive nature of the device, as well as directly linking the action to the commemoration of the death of Mauricio Morales in 2009 and the urgent campaign for the release of Marcelo Villarroel, imprisoned by the convictions of the Military Prosecutor’s Office.
It is also noted that this attack was carried out in coordination with the arson attack on the medialuna of the commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, by the Grupo de Respuesta Animal (Animal Response Group).

The attack of May 2022 is not the first against this enclosure, already at the end of April 2016 the Autonomous Fraction “Sole y Baleno” carried out an arson attack against the same Circle of Gendarmerie Officials in Retiro, generating considerable damages.

News from the bourgeois press: Meganoticias

Claiming of explosive attack against the Gendarmerie Officers Circle in Retiro

“We arrive at our stop. We stop. The air is silent. A moment more, an instant. A wall, the floor, my hands, the bicycle, my partner, the stony street, the polluted city, the prison order, the night, the silence… Everything explodes”.


In the framework of a new anniversary of the death of comrade Mauricio Morales Responding to the call of agitation for the coming out to the street of comrade Marcelo Villarroel

Through this email we claim responsibility for the bomb attack perpetrated in the early morning of Thursday, May 26, 2022 against the Circle of Officials of the Retired Gendarmerie (CIRGENCHI) located in José Toribio Medina #72, Brasil neighborhood, in the heart of downtown Santiago.

Our gift for this filthy enclosure was made with a powerful explosive device confined inside a fire extinguisher filled with black powder, which we activated with a fuse, thus producing the roar that affirms once again that we are here, that we outwit their surveillance and control systems and their mangy policemen, that once again and categorically we can affirm that the attack is possible – against the eternal ones it is not possible – we unleash our conspiratorial plans to continue living the war in Santiago.
conspiratorial plans to continue living the war against this decadent world in the here and now.

Going out against the persecuting bastards on duty, the undersecretary Jaime Gajardo together with the jailers on the day when a new monkey, Sebastián Urra, also took over the leadership. We make it clear to you -we are not intimidated- our convictions that translate into concrete actions go beyond what you can understand and imagine. The only thing left for you -and for all personnel and institutions of power- is to assume the consequences for remaining in power – is to assume the consequences for remaining and validating a shitty system where impunity reigns.

To say that we are taking this action because we believe that attack is the only way that will crack the Power, that leaves it vulnerable and gives us spaces to recover our lives that they want to gobble up day by day. We will not be accomplices of silence, even less passive when death, mutilation, prison or clandestinity stalk those of us who decide to rebel. We will let our eternal rage flow in the urban combat that strengthens and multiplies with new tools and we will continue executing attacks under the projection that we are part of and that we wish to continue contributing to the new anarchist urban guerrilla in this territory.

In this cold black May, 13 years after the death of comrade Mauricio Morales Duarte, we dedicate this genuine action of war to his memory that remains alive. His words and actions continue to infect the restless minds and hands that do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by anything or anyone.

“(…) with a loving heart that bares itself before the comrade, with one hand tender and the other armed”. We salute and send our strength to our comrades subversive and anarchist prisoners Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Joaquín García, Juan Aliste, Juan Flores and to those recently arrested in the last weeks. Special mention should be made of comrade Marcelo Villarroel who continues to face the hatred of the Power that intends to keep him condemned to decades in prison for a set of urban guerrilla actions in times of dictatorship and democracy and that today remain in force through military justice. The urgent call is to multiply the actions of all kinds for the immediate release of our comrade and to maintain our solidarity with all our brothers and sisters who face political imprisonment with dignity.

We salute and send our forces to each cell of action that has attacked in this territory in the last time, know comrades that your acts call us to continue spreading chaos and anarchy.

Finally, the early morning that we carried out our attack, -in a coordinated way- the Grupo de Respuesta Animal perpetrated a ferocious arson attack on the medialuna of the Club de Huasos y Rodeo Gil Letelier, located in Calle Carlos Valdovinos #2951, commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago.


Célula Insurreccional 2 de Noviembre

PS: In each step of illegal confrontation that we decide to execute you are present warrior and comrade, Kevin Garrido Fernandez, this also goes for you.

Source: Noticias de la guerra social

2022/04/28 - Santiago, Chile: Arson attack against two buses in the Simon Bolivar neighborhood + Claim by “Animales refractarixs”.

Posted on 2022/04/28 by darknights

Source: Noticias de la Guerra Social

During the commemoration day for the death of Erick and Ivan in the Simon Bolivar population, a demonstration went through the neighborhood and then went to the main avenue to set up barricades and congregate at the memorial where both were killed.

It is in the midst of this usual dynamic that a group managed to intercept two micro-buses and descended the passengers and the driver and then set them on fire. The huge blaze destroyed both vehicles and subsequently prompted firefighters to take action.

The demonstration ended without arrests and retreated through different sectors of the neighborhood. Soon after, a communiqué was sent to different counter-information pages, reaching our email (noticiasdelaguerrasocial(a), with the following text:


Saturday, April 16.

In the context of the 33rd commemoration of the death in combat of Erick Rodríguez and Iván Palacios in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood in Quinta Normal. Together with a group of individuals we went to the usual conflict zone that takes place every year on this classic day.

With our backpacks loaded with accelerant and armed for the confrontation with the bastard police. We waited patiently for a public transportation system vehicle to cross the street. As soon as the opportunity arose, we stopped two buses coming at a medium distance. We non-violently got off the drivers and the people on the buses. Then we proceeded to spray both machines with our favorite liquid, in order to illuminate the dark night on Radal Street.

Both buses were completely and graciously incinerated, with total loss for their concessionaires, who work for the state.

In the face of any questioning of the action, we state without mincing words that we hate the functionality of the city and we are not afraid to confront the needs of the citizens characterized by the repulsive social peace. If we collaterally affect the sick scheme of the civil population, we are not ashamed, in fact, we smile in front of any rupture. Even if it seems ephemeral and selfish.

Finally, always in our illegal path are the subversive warriors, anarchists and of all revolutionary tendencies in Chile and the world. Our combative solidarity for them.

Erick Rodríguez, Iván Palacios, Barry Horne, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij, Javier Recabarren, Kevin Garrido, Luisa Toledo and all the warriors killed in conflict with the existing scheme of life are present in our definition of lines towards the future.





Animales refractarixs (Refractory Animals)

2021/12/29 - Santiago, Chile: Explosive attack against the National Directorate of Gendarmerie + Claim of “The Black Vengeance”

Posted on 2021/12/29 - 2021/12/29 by darknights

During the early morning of Monday, December 27, 2021, a loud bang shakes the center of the capital. An explosive device detonates against a window of the National Directorate of Gendarmerie, located on Rosas Street at the height of Teatinos.

GOPE personnel quickly arrived at the scene, and the South Prosecutor’s Office, which handles this type of crime, was present, entrusting the OS-9 and Labocar personnel with the investigation. According to the press, it was the Prosecutor’s Office itself which indicated the prohibition to inform and give more information. No pamphlets were found at the site.

Via email, the action is claimed by “La Negra Venganza”, which according to the text would be the same group that acted against a police station in 2020. The text details the use of industrial explosives, as well as ammunition in the explosive device, making an open call to expand this type of practice, to show solidarity with the prisoners and to expand the use of their name, and finally to greet other action groups.


Campaign of attack and revenge against the executioners. Act II

Explosive attack to the National Directorate of Gendarmerie of Chile.

“In a highly self-critical manner, the solidarity actions that are undertaken are generally reactive. There are no actions that are rather offensive… We all know where the guys are, they are walking around in their uniforms, and they do it with total impunity. And we know that inside they are harassing the brothers and sisters, they are making them feel bad, they are humiliating them…”

Mauricio Morales

One year after our first action, as the group that we are, and after much study, tensions, proposals and reflections, we are back. We are back, we continue with the campaign we started some time ago.

We will go in the early morning of December 27, 2021 a few minutes before the clock strikes 3:00 a.m. (The time and day are always proposed, so that the attack in its entirety reaches our targets-enemies) To the National Directorate of Gendarmerie of Chile. Located in Rosas street, downtown Santiago.

We use a directed charge, so that the explosion will enter that nest of torturers. This time we used 400 grs. Of industrial explosive, plus ½ kilo of ANFO (we add in the interior of the device ammunition of large caliber and also of 9mm.) All this activated by a mechanical system. We do not want to fail, nor suffer unforeseen!!!!

if everything works as we have planned, these ammunitions loaded with anger towards the executioners, full of love and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in prison. It will leave some wounded and why not say it, some dead.

We take into account that our enemies are ready and prepared to repel us, eager to capture us. We answer: NEVER AGAIN DISARMED!!!! Wearing bulletproof vests and armed, we are masters of our destiny.

Let’s go back in time.

When we raised the urgent need to strike back blow by blow, to intensify our actions against the executioners. They could not be left out of this select group of henchmen in the service of the state. Prison as an institution has always been the bastion where the state-capital seeks to reduce the exploited and its declared enemies to their minimum expression. Those who decide to rebel against the misery implanted at birth know only two destinies: prison and death, we whisper a third option, THE ATTACK.

This institution that stains its history with blood, humiliation, torture, mafias and profit. They will always be a clear target for any kind of attack. As the walls shout, “81 reasons to kill a gendarme”.

Our attack seeks to break their mantle of tranquility and impunity and we will not rest….
We remember with this action the 81 prisoners killed in the fire at the San Miguel prison, where the gendarmerie, supported by the government of the day, allowed 81 prisoners to burn to death. As a machine of human flesh, the walls of that place that continues to imprison and torture are erected.
We bring to memory at this moment the indomitable life of Kevin Garrido, who died inside a prison, in October 2018.

Mr. Álvaro Andrés Millanao Valenzuela, warden of the concessioned prison, La Gonzalina. Rancagua. We have learned of the constant harassment of our brothers and sisters who are held hostage, in the dungeons that you Mr. Millanao is in charge of.


If our Anarchist comrades: Joaquin Garcia, Juan Flores, Ignacio and Luis Avaca. They are beaten, harassed, or humiliated again.

If something happens to the health and life of our Anarchist comrade Francisco Solar, who is constantly being denied the medical treatment he requires. Our response will be immediate and perhaps disproportionate.

Likewise with the anarchist comrade Monica Caballero, the subversive prisoners Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villaroel and Pablo Bahamondez. We will strike back blow for blow, that the slogan “no comrade in prison is alone” come to life.

Today more than ever any gendarme, police, military, is a target. We are on some of you.

Any death in prison is the direct responsibility of the state.

Let the prisons burst, active solidarity with the prisoners. Freedom to the political, Mapuche, subversive and anarchist prisoners.

When those who torture our brothers and sisters in prison are afraid to return to their homes. We will be on the right path.


“We are not in a position to say whether or not a person is from the brigade. All we say is, the brigade is everywhere… Let ten men and ten women come together who are determined on the lightning of violence rather than the slow agony of survival; from that moment on the hopelessness ends and the tactics begin. The brigade is angry!”

Angry Brigade.

As we stated a year ago in our first communiqué, we see the urgent need to generate fraternal bonds of collaboration and dialogues that contribute to the strengthening of violent action. Among the various groups that have decided to go on the offensive.

During all this time that we have been questioning, projecting and planning, we have encountered some obstacles. For example, how to generate autonomous infrastructure? And our solution/answer to this question is, illegality and informality. All our means are obtained through criminal-illegal actions. Therefore, the proposal is clearer today than yesterday to “expand the offensive” geographically, cross borders and intensify the attacks. Clearly it will not be as easy as it reads, since the costs may be (are) much more.

We will overcome the barriers of the ego and the self that labels the “exceptional militant”, we want to see this reality burn. Let its supporters live the agony (for once in their lives). We extend the invitation to all those who believe in action, violence, attack. Without leaders, without leaderships or parties. We are Anarchists and we go after the powerful.

From today we say: Any group, individual. In any territory that wants to use the “BLACK VENGEANCE”, is in its full right. The avenging action has no property, on the contrary, we want it to spread like the worst black plague.

The detail of the action and the type of artifact we use has a clear objective, to bring knowledge to those who decide to attack. It is necessary to group/join forces and knowledge, to socialize infrastructure and methods. Giving a sense of body and thus enter into new paths and possibilities of urban guerrilla warfare. Only in this way we will be able to respond and receive the attacks of power, only in this way we will be able to overcome the obstacles on this path of offensive against power.

Qualification and intensity of actions.

We are facing a moment where the lack of visibility of the action by the state and the media is evident. This is why we must be able to make our attacks and actions resonate. Let fear and insecurity take over those who believe they have control of our lives.
In these times where “social” protest is the unison sound of a present, seemingly without memory. We are critical of the loss of antagonistic values and anarchic/revolutionary ethics. WE DO NOT CONSIDER COMPANIONS those who believe and validate the electoral route as a resigned alternative to misery and control. We abhor those who constantly and as a method of subsistence raise the overwhelming and painful banner of assembly. We view with suspicion those who opt for the lesser evil, going so far as to raise campaigns for a candidate who has signed pacts and agreements for “peace”. We do not have candidates, our paths are autonomous against any form of power.

Today it is necessary that imagination overflows action, that at every step we get closer and closer to a point of no return. The objectives are multiple. It is this firm step that marks the distances between the massive “social” and the illegal-informal-anarchist action.

We twin with those who decide and embrace the intransigent attack, giving continuity to the centuries of black action. We inherit the hatred of those who died wielding their guns, of those who fell throwing bombs.

An accomplice and fraternal greeting to our brothers and sisters in: Bolivia, Argentina, Italy, and any part of the globe. Let the informal action against power and its apparatuses be unleashed.
We embrace the actions in the territory called chile, by: Autonomous Faction Cristian Valdebenito, Revolutionary Cells Nicolas Neira, Anticapitalist Cell Simon Radowitzky. Let the powerful tremble!!!!!

Nothing is over…

For the expansion of Anarchist / Revolutionary action.

The consolidation of the urban guerrilla is imminent. The Black Vengeance opens and expands.
In memory of Sebastian Oversluij. With punky Mauri, Claudia Lopez, Jhony Cariqueo and Santiago Maldonado, we are still on the warpath.

Negra Venganza/Black Vengeance -December 2021

Source: Noticias de la guerra social

2021/11/21 - Thessaloniki, Greece: Explosive attacks on 2 houses of assassins in uniform by Direct Action Cells – Organzation Anarchist Action

Posted on 2021/11/21 - 2021/11/25 by darknights

On 22 October, uniformed assassins of the DIAS, detect a stolen vehicle in the neighbourhoods of Piraeus and pursue it. At the same time that the vehicle is trapped and immobilized, surrounded by numerous and armored police forces, the cops raise their guns and shoot in cold blood with 38 bullets 18-year-old Nikos Sampanis. Typically brought into the arms of civil justice are 7 cops involved in the murder, who under the blessings and praise of the Minister of Uniformed Killers himself, Theodorikakos, are released. The operation is a complete success. Score – one dead for one stolen vehicle.

From propaganda to praxis

Justice is a revolutionary affair and comes like the Sword of Damocles on your heads. As a minimum first retaliation for the previously announced murder of Niko Sampani, we take responsibility for the explosive attacks with low-powered devices on the houses of two bounty hunters in uniform, Lefteris Gatos at 19 Graziou Street and Dimitrios Daggli at 45 Olympiad Street, in the early morning hours of November 15th in Thessaloniki. Our attacks took place a few hours after a new outrageous event came to light: the arrest of yet another uniformed man for indecent assault on his 4-year-old daughter. We had made it clear that nothing goes unanswered, let alone a murder. And while incidents of police brutality are increasing by the day, passive waiting is not one of our characteristics. We go on the offensive again by publicly stating that as of today the bounty list has 19 more unpunished scumbags (with no guarantee that the above two will not be re-targeted in the future).

To cut the laughter…

Last July, we proceeded to put a public bounty on 21 hired killers of the Greek Police, showing you a small but not insignificant sample of our own factionalism in the face of your impunity. And we saw the fear and terror in your eyes when you took Tsairidis from channel to channel crying and begging justice for protection. A few months later, our deeds complement our words. As long as you are unpunished, you are unprotected. History itself has shown that murderers and torturers will always meet the punishing hand of revolutionary violence, of true justice. That is why our attacks on the political descendants of the junta’s torturers, a few hours before the anniversary of the ’73 uprising, are a tribute to the memory of the dead of the Polytechnic.

“…To all those defenders of social normality and class peace who, in every small or large social uprising, try to marginalize the most dynamic and politically pioneering part, which for them is always “in the minority” and “acts against the peaceful majority”, we must point out that the history of social and class struggles is written by people determined to clash for their beliefs. By people who, even when they are few in number, manage to connect, to inspire, to mobilise many more, who manage to set the political terms of the struggle and create legacies for new, bigger and more decisive struggles.” – Revolutionary Struggle – Armed Attack at Perissos Police Station

Fighting comrades, the times we live in do not offer the luxury of rest let alone truce. The state has reconstituted the mechanisms of repression and violence and is constantly attacking the social base politically and militarily. We owe a struggle that must be fought by all of us collectively. A struggle that will erect mounds of state repression to build the mass self-defense of the oppressed. A struggle that must change the correlations of power and strength against the attacking minority represented by the political and military elite of the rulers. And this struggle will be violent, illegal, militant and radical without pity and compassion for any of them, unleashing all the appropriate means to give exemplary and punitive responses to tyranny.

Fighting comrades, we call on you to support in practice the revolutionary war that is raging. Raise the tools of practical challenge to the domination of the enemy. Create new groups, organisations, cells of revolutionary violence and radical formation. Re-energize the public dialogue of aggressive coupling of militant resistances and actively support the networks of revolutionary violence that are waging relentless battles with their small and large forces. With the insurgent memory at the side of every dead, at the hands of the uniformed units and the fiery power at the side of every prisoner of the social-class war, we invite you to the paths of the war confrontation. Where life becomes truly meaningful, meeting the responsibility towards historical duty. The task of subversion and revolution.

We have the right, the anger and the determination. And these are enough. In Piraeus his name was Nikos Sampanis; in Wuppertal, Georgos Zantiotis; in Minneapolis, George Floyd. Elsewhere he didn’t even have a name, just blood on the hands of the cops. In detention centres, prisons and psychiatric hospitals, on borders and fences in Belarus, in the Aegean Sea… For this bloody list of victims of the Republic in uniform, which grows day by day from incidents of abuse, torture and executions, one single word echoes nightmarishly: REVENGE!

Attack without mercy on the security forces

Houses, police stations, ministries under fire

PS: On November 2, 2018, anarchist comrade Kevin Garrido Fernández was murdered inside the private prison of the Stgo 1 company by a fellow inmate with the prison guards not intervening, taking him to the hospital after an hour already dead. Kevin was sentenced to 17 years in prison for 3 arson attacks , at the San Bernardo gendarmerie school, at the 12th police station in San Miguel and at a power substation. For 3 years he remained consistent and unyielding in his ideas. From the fiery paths of Thessaloniki we send our incendiary solidarity to every angry cell of revolutionary violence in Chile, to the ends of the world, contributing to the spread of Black November in defense of memory and struggle. To justify the loss of every comrade who gave his life for Uncontested Freedom.

Direct Action Cells – Organization Anarchist Action

2019/09/21 - Incendiary Attacks Against Transantiago Bus and Armed Attacks Against Carabineros in Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Communiqué received together with the photos on 08/16/2019:

I. Street fight in confluence with the new urban guerrilla

As groups, we use revolutionary violence to make visible the obvious contradictions that the systemic and changing operation of capital implies, depending on the State that legitimizes it as the social order of the day.

Each gear justifies the next and is consolidated as a structure under the protection of a judicial apparatus that condemns many to misery, softens abuses and violations of priests condemned to a life of confinement in palaces, and forgives tax crimes within the reach of 1% of Chilean citizens that conserve 26.5% of the wealth; an executive power in charge of justifying and accelerating the measures that favor the wealthy and thirsty group of tyranny that is on duty; a legislative power in charge of discussing among its caste the daily evolution of millions of people… and always protecting their privileged status in power.

In this scenario, we decided to break with passivity by taking control in certain and specific circumstances by attacking different structures of political and business power, with the clarity that fleeting and small blows do not destroy, but stain the staging of order and its fanatics, so it also fills us with fervent rebel energy with hints of freedom in the small fractures of what sometimes seems to be unshakable.

This is when we decide the objective that will be attacked in the intimate conspiracy, also being part of the scene of street fighting in the city, and sometimes sharpening them with tactics of the new urban guerrilla.

The violent clandestine action of the attack on political and economic power in its multiple manifestations, shows the existence of what they strive to hide and protect, their vulnerability.

Simulated and incendiary artifacts have been tools used when arranging actions controlling all possible factors, occasionally failing, and hitting others where ingenuity has exceeded the power of the attack, generating large and scandalous operations. The planning and a cautious definition of objectives have allowed good executions and the expected tension on the part of the persecutors.

Homemade explosive devices and artisanal firepower have accompanied the direct confrontation made possible by street violence. Different places with a common denominator, police guarding the private property of large companies that dare to break into towns are attacked, the transport clothing has been burned, by our own hand and friendly hands, thus allowing the confluence of wills in the materiality of the attack, which is a vital part of these changing and constant scenarios.

In contrast to an act arranged clearly by our groups, the broad and disruptive actions provided in these conditions have allowed us to expand the effects, as well as achieve the objectives independent of the number of people involved; the disrupted street fight opens doors for creativity and certainty of the attack on the established, being just as meritorious as the clandestine action that bursts in without prior expectation.

We try not to lose sight of any opportunity to put into practice those ideas that have brought us together in autonomous affinity; we take advantage of every experience, every opportunity that is presented to return a little of the violence that some people exert through power. We legitimize revenge, rebellion in the free development of our revolutionary consciences.

II. Transportation system: a legitimate target

Returning to the final idea of our previous statement, we will synthetically explain some ideas that we think are important around the transport structure of Santiago, taking those elements that we believe are explanatory of a topic that could be very broad.

It seems far from associating the entry of Chile into the OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] with a daily reality such as displacement in the metropolitan transport system, however the development of multiple public policies has to do with the persecution of political wills of the powerful who direct and decide the social development around self-benefit and the desire to increase their personal capital through the insertion of Chilean territory in the international market.

To achieve this, the Chilean political caste has defined a series of measures that have nothing to do with the benefit and well-being of its inhabitants, but occur despite the consequences that this may bring.

The decision of the course that will be taken to achieve this is clearly far removed from the democratic tribune and the governance discussions that common citizenship pursues with longing. The debate of the costs, benefits and projects to follow occurs between the 1% that conserves 26.5% of the capitalist wealth housed in Chile.

This was reflected when the will of the Chilean State pursued a series of political adjustments that allowed it to build a path of entry to the OECD, a fact that began to materialize in 2007, when this international organization delivered a road map with a series of adjustments that remained to be made to specify his membership as an official member.

Prior to this, the State of Chile had begun to cement this process, including among the adjustments to the “modernization” of capital transport to comply with international standards. The Transantiago began to see the light, making it clear that its design was not made for the benefit and better quality of life of the people who use it, but that it was a means to achieve the minimum requirements of transport in an economy that was intended to be world class.

In spite of how repetitive it could be, it is necessary to consider that good economic development goes hand in hand with a good commercial flow and a good circulation of its producers, so that transport has so far been the object of analysis and intervention by the “experts” on the subject, as well as an edge to be covered by those who project the national estate.

When this public policy is implemented, with clear material consequences, it is evident that compliance with these standards is not a complement or adjustment to the circumstantial reality of a territory, causing a series of failures and a successive malaise in those who address this medium.

Seen from another side, it is clear that good intentions are not part of those who decide to carry out a project like this, justifying the need to “improve” transport in the Metropolitan Region and making clear the obvious connectivity problems that exist in other large cities and isolated territories. However, this is not due to lack of information, but an investment of such a large size is justified only in equal profits, and to reach international standards, the modernization of transport in Santiago is proportional to the increase in productivity expected by the most wealthy 1%, a benefit that another city would not deliver, so this investment would be unjustified.

This and other changes implemented resulted in the consideration of Chile by the OECD in 2007, and its materialization in 2009 when it became official, with other changes in return.

The importance of Chile’s entry to this international forum lies in the explicit declaration of political and economic collaboration between the countries that comprise it, what its members call “sharing experiences,” implementing economic projections in the tone of “suggestion” for its members. In practice, it constitutes a business niche for the leading caste of each member country, and in it, as in several other international organizations, the future of each territory is decided, aimed at the joint strengthening of the market economy that benefits it.

As harmless as these definitions of functions may appear to be for each member, these have clear material and daily consequences in the life of each person, as well as irreversible changes in the configuration of each place, which by progressive and small steps, strengthen the order, the inequality and the existing aggression.

As for the Santiago transport system, this would become a small gear of the very wide universe of decisions made in the context of international politics. The attack on this medium might seem small, but it is clear that at this scale it is where decisions that might seem high and unattainable materialize. It is in the daily development where power and capital carry out the actions that perpetuate it, and it is necessary to understand that there are no unattainable objectives; low-scale violent actions will not displace a decision of such magnitude, but it will hinder it and it will show the contradiction; it is a memory that not everything belongs to them.

Before an attack on Transantiago or the current Network, there are those who are bothered by the daily affectation that this may mean to them; the machinery takes care that the citizenship routine justifies the control and order without alterations, ignoring that it is in the material terrain where social domination is built and consolidated. That is why we continue to demand action against the transport system, in recent years, through our immersion in street action we have been able to be present in the burning of eight buses, totally legitimate actions.

III. We act accordingly

On March 22, the presence of Bolsonaro and other mandatory puppets at the PROSUR [Forum for the Progress and Development of South America] summit that took place in the Metropolitan region resulted in a call for demonstration in rejection of them in Paseo Bulnes, near the Government Palace. We joined in multiple destructions, vandalism, looting, barricades and sabotages this demonstration brought.

On March 29, we were part of a new combat somewhere in Santiago, participating in street fighting and barricades.

In the month of April, we acted along with comrades in an ambush of Carabineros de Chile [Chilean national police force], perpetrated with lead and incendiary devices. A barricade was used as a decoy to provoke the approach of the police to the place, while we waited for those barricaded in another place, a success factor in the armed attack, because the first shotgun percussion took place just 5 meters away took down a policeman who fell to the ground and was helped by his miserable companions who received a rain of incendiary devices, while improvising the escape. This action was carried out in coordination with urban combatants had no “official” media impact, but it happened through social networks.

On April 20, we were part of a new combat, in a concerted action with more urban combatants, participating in the commemoration of the guerrillas Erick Rodríguez and Iván Palacios in the municipality of Quinta Normal, where barricades were erected, and a new armed attack took place against Carabineros de Chile, and in a matter of seconds a Transantiago bus was taken by assault that was completely burned.

On May 1, we were part of a new combat in the center of the capital, participating in the radical call that advanced through the Alameda. We contribute to it through the street fight that left innumerable destructions, vandalism, barricades and sabotage.

In May, we expropriated ammunition again to strengthen our humble arsenal. The material acquired somewhere was transferred by Santiago at the same time that the police were assembling a massive operation in the city, multiplying the identity and vehicle controls, as well as the rounds by air and land route, facts that have been repeated quite a long time ago, resulting in a large balance of arrests for illegal possession of weapons and drugs, a matter to consider.

On August 3, we were part of a commemoration of comrade Kevin Garrido in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda commune, and in a concerted and coordinated operation with more urban combatants, several armed attacks against Carabineros de Chile were carried out and again a robbery was taken of the capital bus transport that was completely set on fire.

To complement this section composed of the exposition of our actions as groups, we reinforce the idea developed in the first point of this text, making it clear that the attacks made have been possible due to the cooperation and participation of more accomplices in war, among these are the brothers and sisters who have been present since this project began to take shape in 2015. By that time the comrades had perpetrated an explosive attack against a Chilectra company in October 2015, an arson attack against a Transantiago bus in November 2015, Finally, they issued a statement where they expressed threats and harangues calling for the attack in January 2016. That action is part of our anti-civilization perspective that continued to be actively reflected through the Forces for the Overflow of Civilization.

Before finalizing, we send a greeting full of strength and vitality to comrade Juan Aliste, who resists the prison confinement with dignity and constant political activity, as does comrade Marcelo Villarroel, who currently faces the aberrant irregularity that the judicial system exerts against sedition, which revives and applies a conviction perpetrated by military justice, whose only handle in times of democracy is to lessen autonomous subversion that they have not been able to silence.

Finally, we remember those who with their actions have given life to the ideas of rebellion and freedom, making the leap from fierce criticism against the order that tries to crush us to the attack on the materiality that strengthens it in different times and territories: Michele Angiolillo, Herminia Concha, Sebastián Oversluij, Javier Recabarren, Santiago Maldonado, Heather Heyer, Mikhail Zhlobitsky and Kevin Garrido. In memoriam.

Let’s sharpen the street fight and the new urban guerrillas!
Fire, shots and roars against power, its structures and lackeys!
Everything goes on … We will be back!

Antagonic Cores of the New Urban Guerrilla

Karr-kai cell

Forces for the Overflow of Civilization

Insurrectional Column “Ira and Complot” – FAI / FRI

via ContraInfo, AMW.

2017/01/12 - Communique for coordinated arson attacks against energy multinational RWE (Germany)

In the late hours of 25-11-16, we carried out coordinated arson attacks against the German energy multinational RWE in the vicinity of the Hambach opencast lignite mine. We have delayed this communique until now (11-1-17) for strategic purposes.

After a scout of the area, we split up and set fire to six pumping stations, two electrical transformers, one digger and a substation of the electrical grid.

Pumping stations are key pieces of the mines infrastructure used to lower the water table and prevent the flooding of the mine. They most often resemble a section of exposed pipe and an electrical box surrounded by construction fence. We prised open the electrical boxes using a crowbar and placed simple timed incendiary devices and a bundle of bicycle inner tubes inside to ensure the flames caught nicely.

The incendiary devices were composed of a candle secured to a firelighter cube with a strong rubber band. The candles burnt down slowly, then ignited the firelighters once we were safely away from the area. After smashing a window to gain access, we used the same devices to burn out the cab of the digger.

For the transformers and the substation we burnt car tires filled with gasoline soaked rags. We placed these beneath exposed insulated cabling on the substation and inside the transformers. Within several minutes these targets were engulfed in flames and as we departed the substation exploded, sending arcing electricity and purple flames ten metres into the night sky. Although this caused a blackout two kilometres wide, the local media-scum failed to mention it in any of their press, downplaying it to the burning of the two transformers alone.

As the techno-industrial megamachine grinds on every day, destroying and polluting all that is still wild and beautiful in this world, we feel that actions like this are a necessary measure to stay sane and remind ourselves that we are still alive amidst all of the destruction and misery of modern society.

After all, the only way one can enjoy the industrial landscape at all is by crawling around in the tall grasses and nettles with the other animals and finding a good vantage point from which to observe pillars of black smoke rising from the scorched machinery and infrastructure of civilization.

We wish to send a wink of complicity to the captive anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen and to Chilean prisoner of war Kevin Garrido, held for explosive attacks in the city of Santiago.

For the multiplication of attacks against RWE!

For anarchy and wildness!

Death to civilization!

Scoundrels In The Night