Title: Wishlist of Texts
Date: Last updated: May 29, 2024

This is a collaboratively edited wishlist of texts that various people would like to see archived on this website someday. That way the texts can be easily found, quoted, printed out as pamphlets, etc.

So, feel free to add to this list by editing the page directly, or by mentioning a text you’d like to see archived in the live chat spaces and some wonderful person may get around to finding and adding the text. Also, whilst you wait, you could be that wonderful person for someone else.

If you’d like advice on how to convert EPUB, PDF and DOC files for the archive, you could consult this AmuseWiki manual, and/or ask your questions in the discord or matrix live chat spaces.

Texts you can find online for free

EPUBs available online

  • The Technological Bluff by Jacques Ellul

  • The Failure of Technology by Friedrich Georg Jünger

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

  • A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

  • Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich

  • Twilight of the Machines by John Zerzan

  • When We Are Human: Notes from the Age of Pandemics by John Zerzan

  • A People’s History of Civilization by John Zerzan

  • Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky

  • The Way Home by Mark Boyle

  • Eclipse of Reason by Max Horkheimer

  • Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard

  • Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin

  • The Crisis of the Modern World by Rene Guqnon

  • Confronting Collapse The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World by Michael C. Ruppert

  • The Retro Future by John Michael Greer

  • Re-Engineering Humanity by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinger

  • The Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock

  • Darwin Among the Machines by George Dyson

  • The Glass Bees by Ernst Jünger

  • City by Clifford D. Simak

  • Retrotopia by John Michael Greer

  • Some Social Implications of Modern Technology by Herbert Marcuse

  • Eros and Civilization by Herbert Marcuse

  • One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse

  • The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker

  • Unweaving the Rainbow by Richard Dawkins

  • Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

  • The Way of Men by Jack Donovan

  • Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil by Paul Bloom

  • Becoming A Barbarian by Jack Donovan

  • Critical Transitions in Nature and Society by Marten Scheffer

  • War in Human Civilization by Azar Gat

  • The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning by James Lovelock

  • The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

  • The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond

  • In The Absence of the Sacred by Jerry Mander

  • Countdown by Alan Weisman

  • A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

  • Collapse by Jared Diamond

  • The Party’s Over by Richard Heinberg

  • Integral Ecology by Ken Wilber

  • The New Wild by Fred Pearce

  • We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

  • Factfulness by Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Hans Rosling, and Ola Rosling

  • The Nazi seizure of power by William Sheridan Allen

  • Civilized to Death by Christopher Ryan

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

PDFs available online

  • Live Wild or Die!

  • The Science of Character by Ludwig Klages

  • Origins: A John Zerzan Reader by John Zerzan

  • Eco-Philosophy: Designing New Tactics for Living by Henryk Skolimowski

  • The Voice of the Earth by Theodore Roszak

  • Pleasant Hell by John Dolan

  • The Myth of the Machine by Lewis Mumford

  • American Anarchism by Steve J. Shone

  • Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of culture by Marvin Harris

  • The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla

  • Mao’s War Against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China by Judith Shapiro.

  • Why Things Bite Back by Edward Tenner & Alfred A. Knopf

  • Earth First! Environmental Apocalypse by Martha F Lee

  • Discordant Harmonies by Daniel B. Botkin

Texts you can only buy online or find in various libraries

  • Siete Kabezas by Iván Poduje
    ––– Worldcat + Author’s Website

  • Capturing The Unabomber / Unabomber: how the FBI broke its own rules to capture the terrorist Ted Kaczynski by Jim R. Freeman, Terry D. Turchie & Donald Max Noel
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • A dream named you by David Kaczynski
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Existential Literature: An Introduction by Linda Patrik
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Confronting Technology by David Skrbina
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Zen Anarchism: The Egalitarian Dharma of Uchiyama Gudo
    ––– Worldcat + ThriftBooks

  • Anarchy in the USSR: A New Beginning by Philip Ruff
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Jacques Ellul on Politics, Technology and Christianity by Jacques Ellul and Patrick Troude-Chastenet
    ––– Worldcat #1 & #2 + Amazon

  • Primal Awareness by Don Trent Jacobs
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • I’m working here: the collected poems of Anna Mendelssohn
    ––– Worldcat + Publisher’s Website

  • Assassination and Political Violence, Vol. 8 by James F. Kirkham, Sheldon G. Levy & William J. Crotty
    ––– Worldcat + AbeBooks

  • Philosophy for a New Civilisation by Henryk Skolimowski
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • The End of Commitment, Intellectuals, Revolutionaries and Political Morality by Paul Hollander
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Eco-Yoga by Henryk Skolimowski
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Computerized content analysis of the Unabomber’s writings by L.A. Gottschalk & L.H. Gottschalk
    ––– Researchgate + Taylor & Francis

  • Asperger’s disorder and the origins of the Unabomber by Judisitha Silva, M.M. Ferrari & G.B. Leong
    ––– Researchgate + Taylor & Francis

  • Law and order — A national unabomber? by B Shapiro
    ––– Researchgate + Nation

  • Rewilding Iberia by Jordi Palau Puigvert
    ––– Worldcat + Lynxeds

  • Ethics of Rewilding (Ética del rewilding) by Cristian Moyano
    ––– Worldcat + Cmoyano

  • Old West [Magazine], Fall 1986
    ––– University of New Mexico or Ebay

Texts you can only buy at insane prices or only find at a small number of libraries

  • Nihonga: Transcending the Past Japanese-Style Painting 1868–1968 by Ellen Conant
    ––– Worldcat + Ebay

  • Free Vistas by Joseph Ishill
    ––– Worldcat + Amazon

  • Chthonic Gnosis: Ludwig Klages and his Quest for the Pandaemonic All by Gunnar Alksnis
    ––– Worldcat + AbeBooks

Texts you can only buy

Texts you can only find in various libraries

Various libraries in the US

Michigan Special Collections Archive

For a guide on how to request documents, click here.

Top Picks

  • Comment on anarchists 2000

  • A Fantasy

  • Some Suggestions Concerning Strategy

  • If Earth First Had Been Around Sixty Years Ago..., Superseded version, per TK annotation

  • Montana Dreaming, a play in two acts by Alex Gross

  • Industrial Society and Its Future handwritten footnotes, receipts, letters to local Montana agencies, Harvard application: K1813, K2017B, K2017Y

  • Journal series I #1, 1969: K2046F

  • Journal series II #2, 1972 : K2046N

  • Journal series VI #5, 1975: K2003E

  • Autobiographical notes 1996-12-05

  • Notes on biographies 2003

  • Personal diary entries in Spanish 2008

  • Notes of pages missing or illegible in TK’s journal photocopies

  • Materials related to Chris Waits (1 of 4)

  • Materials related to Chris Waits (2 of 4)

  • Materials related to Chris Waits (3 of 4)

  • Materials related to Chris Waits (4 of 4)

  • Notes on Montana wilderness

  • Independent Study in Introspective Psychology, First draft with corrections by TK 2000-04-15

  • Drawings

  • El Boletín, numbers 1–2 2011–05, 2011–11

  • El Boletín, numbers 3–4 2012–05, 2012–11

  • El Boletín, numbers 5–6 2013–05, 2013–11

  • Partial photocopy of “The Technological Society” by Jacques Ellul with annotations

Series 1: Correspondence

  • Folder 22 – Judy Clarke

  • Folder 137 – Presidential Inaugural Committee

  • Folder 145.0 – Lydia Eccles (1 of 15)

  • Folder 250 – Lincoln Rural Fire Dist.

  • Folder 395.0 – Theresa Kintz (1 of 2)

  • Folder 395.1 – Theresa Kintz (2 of 2)

  • Folder 406 – Wanda Kaczynski

  • Folder 407 – David Kaczynski

  • Folder 419 – Rejected publication notifications

  • Folder 462.0 – John Zerzan (1 of 7) 1996 – 1997

  • Folder 462.6 – John Zerzan (7 of 7)

  • Folder 585 – Earth First

  • Folder 592 – Steve Booth/Green Anarchist

  • Folder 688 – “Rob” in UK

  • Folder 692 – Richard Hering/Green Anarchists

  • Folder 737 – Jack Wild/Live Wild or Die

  • Folder 942 – Do or Die Magazine

  • Folder 1127 – Stephen Dubner

  • Folder 1267 – Freedom Bookshop

  • Folder 1271 – Ted Kaczynski note to correspondents

  • Folder 1284 – Holly Bailey/Yahoo

Series 2: Legal

  • Case-related correspondence, Miscellaneous correspondence sent while in Montana

  • Wanda Kaczynski’s writings

  • Catalog of Kaczynski papers held by the government (1 of 3) 1996 – 1998

  • Catalog of Kaczynski papers held by the government (2 of 3) 1996 – 1998

  • Catalog of Kaczynski papers held by the government (3 of 3) 1996 – 1998

  • List of documents found in cabin

  • List of books taken from cabin

  • Manuals from cabin

  • Photocopies of envelopes

  • Library requests

  • University of Montana materials (1 of 2)

  • University of Montana materials (2 of 2)

  • TK’s comments on “On the Unabomber” by Scott Corey

  • TK’s preparatory notes for defense team meetings

Series 3: Prison

  • Inmate visiting lists

  • Psychological Records, Sacramento County Jail and Dublin Federal Detention center 1996 – 1997

  • Notes on psychologists; psychology reports

  • Healthcare

Series 5: Writings of Ted K — Subseries: Refutation Documents

  • Ae: Autobiography of Wanda Kaczynski

  • Cb: Family letters – Supplementary items

  • Cd: TJK – Juan Sanchez correspondence (1 of 3)

  • Cd: TJK – Juan Sanchez correspondence (2 of 3)

  • Cd: TJK – Juan Sanchez correspondence (3 of 3)

  • Ce: Letter from Quin Denvir to Robert Cleary

  • Cf: Letter from Quin Denvir to Michael Donahoe

  • Cg: Letter from Quin Denvir to Ted Kaczynski

  • Db: Dave’s deposition (1 of 2)

  • Db: Dave’s deposition (2 of 2)

  • Kb: Lincoln interviews

Series 8: FBI Files

  • Letters to Montana psychologists, letter to Professor Paul Kurtz, application for Montana Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services: K2028D, K2028

  • Notes on academic articles and books: K2031

  • Correspondence and notes regarding radioactive pollution, University of Montana application, income taxes and Spanish notes: K2017P, K2017AB, K2017AA, K2017S, K2017Z, K2017AC

  • Income tax documents, correspondence Juan Sanchez Arreola: K2017Q, K2017AD

  • Suggestions for Earth Firsters from FC: K2041G

  • Differential calculus, correspondence to Earth First Journal: K2019I, K2041P

  • Identification cards, contact information, calculations, miscellaneous journal notes: K2027B, K2035A, K2024B, K1075-22B

  • Letters to The Missoulian, newspaper clippings, letters to Montana congressman and state commerce department, letter from Dave Kaczynski regarding Juan Sanchez, and sunrise/sunset tables: K2026

  • Articles about scientific, technological advances, press clippings: K2041Q, K2041R

The University at Albany, New York

Clare Hogenauer Papers, 1999–2006, Undated

The Clare Hogenauer Papers document her activism against the death penalty.

Michael Mello Papers, 1800–2008, bulk 1970–2004

Michael A. Mello (1957–2008) was an internationally recognized authority on the death penalty and capital punishment issues. He was a lawyer, professor, and author. Michael Mello served as counsel or informal advisor to many significant cases, including Joseph Robert Crazy Joe Spaziano, Theodore Kaczynski, Theodore Bundy, Rolando Cruz, Alvin Ford, Stephen Todd Booker, and Robert Straight.

New York State Assembly Death Penalty Hearings Collection, 1965–2005

League of Women Voters of Saratoga County Records, 1965–2016

Bill Babbitt Collection, 1967–2016

The Bill Babbitt Collection documents nearly ten years of legal efforts to spare Manny Babbitt’s life from execution, and two decades of advocacy activities to try to abolish the death penalty.

New Yorkers for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, 1984–2011

University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections

  • Box: 5, Folder: 39, Articles by JDM in Old West Magazine, 1985, 1986, 1989, on Poisoned at the Altar, Padre Etienne M. Avel, French priest, Mora, New Mexico. Captain Louis Felsenthal, German immigrant, New Mexico soldier. Grijalva’s Apache Revenge, Mexican boy captured by Apaches, becomes an Army scout, photograph of Grijalva at Fort Bowie, Arizona.

Gov. Archives with some PDFs online

U.S. National Archives

Record Group 60: General Records of the Department of Justice

Series: Files of Associate Deputy Attorney General Merrick B. Garland

Record Group 118: Records of U.S. Attorneys

File Unit: Electronic Records of Robert J. Cleary


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