Title: Guccione's Unabomber Response
Author: Unnamed
Topic: news stories
Date: August 3rd, 1995

Penthouse Publisher Bob Guccione said he plans to publish an open letter to the Unabomber in a page ad scheduled to run on the back page in all editions of The New York Times Thursday. The ad comes one day after both the Times and The Washington Post, working jointly, published a 3,000-word excerpt from the Unabomber's manifesto.

Said Mr. Guccione: "I think the Unabomber is going to be disappointed with the excerpts published today, and I just wanted to make sure he knew that my offer still stands. We will publish him fully and give him a column for an indefinite period of time, provided he stops the killing." The Times and the Post both said they had not decided whether or not to publish the full 35,000-word manifesto before the bomber-imposed deadline in late September.