Title: Bibliography of Montana Local Histories
Date: 1977
Source: Published by Montana Library Association in cooperation with the University of Montana Library
Notes: This list contains many rare local history books which we know Ted K read some of at his local library in Lincoln because he would mention them in his letters.

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Montana Local Histories



Published by Montana Library Association in cooperation with the University of Montana Library, 1977

Front Matter


The Local History Committee of the Montana Library Association first began a compilation of local histories in Montana in the 1960's. The result was not publishable. In 1973, another attempt was begun under the direction of then Chairman, John Mason, former cataloger of the Montana Historical Society. The bibliography was to be a list of published histories of towns, counties, and regions of Montana, including newspaper special editions. Not included were general Montana histories, newspapers, biographies, theses, unpublished manuscript materials including WPA livestock files, and Indian and archeological material. This bibliography is the result of those efforts at compilation and those guidelines have been followed as closely as possible, allowing for individual interpretation.

The collections of twelve libraries were selected for inclusion in the bibliography. They are Montana Historical Society Library, University of Montana Library, Montana State University Library, Eastern Montana College Library, Western Montana College Library, Northern Montana College Library, Carroll College Library, College of Great Falls Library, Parmley Billings Public Library, Great Falls Public Library, Lewis and Clark County Library, and Missoula CityCounty Public Library. Each item in the list includes a code notation for the libraries which hold that item. All the libraries were polled concerning their local history collections for imprints prior to mid-1975. The University of Montana, Montana State University and Montana Historical Society collections were the only ones polled for the late 1975 and 1976 imprints. Because only three libraries were polled for the 1976 materials, the compilers feel that the bibliography is by no means complete. The other libraries certainly hold many of the 1976 materials. Also, because of the numbers of local histories produced in conjunction with the Bicentennial, some materials were not included either for lack of complete bibliographic information or simply because we have not been made aware of them.

The compilers also feel that the original list of libraries should have been enlarged. At the time the selection was made, the thinking was that most of the materials available would be located in these libraries. As a result of the poll and four years of talking to people about the project, other libraries could have been included.

In an attempt to make the bibliography as useful as possible, it has five indexes; community, county, locale, joint authors or in the case of title entry, any connected group or individual, and subject.

Another edition is in the planning stages. We wou-d appreciate any comments concerning the structure oF the bibliography or the indexes and any additions to the list that were overlooked in this edition. They may be sent to Minnie Paugh at the ’’ontana State University Library or Kathv Schaefer at the University of Montana Library.

One final note. The compilers would like to thank all the librarians who contributed to the effort. It would have been a more difficult job without their assistance. A special thanks to Dale Johnson for volunteering to type the manuscript.


Bibliographic entries

Index, cities

Index, counties

Index, locales

Index, joint authors

Index, subjects

In the index, towns and cities are included in the county listing except for Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena and Missoula histories which deal primarily with the town.


MtU University of Montana, Missoula

MtHi Montana Historical Society, Helena MtBC Montana State University, Bozeman

EMC Eastern Montana College, Billings

WMC Western Montana College, Dillon

NMC Northern Montana College, Havre

MtHC Carroll College, Helena

CGF College of Great Falls , Great Falls

PBL Parmley Billings Library, Billings

L&C Lewis and Clark County Library, Helena

GFP Great Falls Public Library, Great Falls

MPL Missoula City-County Public Library, Missoula

Bibliographic entries

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1007 p. ill. index MtBC MtU MtHi MPL PBL L&C GFP

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  38. _____ . _____ . Excerpts concerning the early history oi

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