Title: Books/magazines Captioned in the “U” Documents Sorted Alphabetically by Author
Notes: Listing of books and magazines referenced in "U Documents"
DeCamp, L. Sprague (Book) Ancient Engineers, The U-14; Note 18
Gibbs, W. Wayt (Article) Scientific American “Seeking the Criminal Element” U-14; Note 29
Hoffer, Eric (Book) True Believer, The U-14; Para 222
Lane, Roger - Edited by: Hugh Davies Graham & Ted Robert Gurr (Article) Violence in America: Historical and Comparative Perspectives U-14; Note 16. Addendum Page
Morgan, M. Granger (Article) Scientific American “Risk Analysis and Management” U-12
Ruther, Russell (Article) Scientific American Science and the American Citizen, “Strange Matters: Can Advanced Accelerators Initiate Runaway Reactions?” U-12 & U-14
Shannon, Claude (Quote) OMNI U-14; Note 28
Tan, Chester C. (Book) Chinese Political Thought in the Twentieth Century U-14; Para 97
Wilson, James (Quote) *** U-14; Para 139
Wilson, Sloan (Book) Ice Brothers U-l; Para 1