325 receives and transmits:

On Wednesday, June 27, at dawn, we attacked the headquarters of Microsoft with a vehicle-bomb. We drove through the main entrance and detonated the bomb van in the building, with about 150 litres of gasoline as a gift. Throughout the course of the operation the team ensured that no one would be in any danger, and, contrary to the assertions of several newspapers, they did not use firearms to immobilize the security personnel. It was an act of war against the widespread insidious silence and captivity generated by this modern world.

“Caught in prison-society…”

Growing up and wasting time and every minute of our lives in the great prison, in the city where they suffocate million people with anxiety and stress. It’s crazy and nonsense that so many people are crammed like zombies, like canned sardines in the giant cities. In factories, in their jobs, in artificial parks, in front of televisions, in the ranks of the unemployment offices, at checkouts. To have and to blackmail.

The rates here are predatory, blackmailing dilemmas, more suffocating than ever; psychiatric drugs
off-the-shelf and anti-depressants cure every patient of the modern lifestyle.

Asylums, psychiatrists and psychologists, prisons, are they not cages like the filthy flats and apartment blocks, who in their own cannibalistic way, imprison human emotion, vitality and energy?

Are not the crowded malls, noisy streets and the constant drone of horns of those who are rushing to gain a minute and get faster to work, school or important meetings?

Is prison not all around you?

Are not our inhibitions and fears bars? The execrable covers his eyes and does not listen, there in the individualism of the cold white cell.

Is not the motherfucking time imposed on life in the most violent manner the prison-guard? Does not every program and schedule, slice and domesticate everything we experience?

Are selfishness, narcissism and complacency not shackles? All those who act cool just to cover their weaknesses, to cover, even temporarily, the cheapness of their oppressed existence.

Nobody here is free. Everyone is drugged with narco-hallucinations of freedom. A look around is enough, for anyone not blind to perceive visible and invisible handcuffs.

It is true that the modern world, largely, has gained a foothold in the minds of his subjects, in the hearts of all his slaves. This fact makes us think of the metaphor of what exists as a ship without captain or chief engineer, continues its route without problems thanks to its well alienated sailors.

Inside and outside the walls, parallel societies, worlds seemingly so similar that only seem so far away.

“… Prisoners in the prisons-society – Tearing down the walls”

The attack was organized as an urgent action in solidarity with the rebel Olga Ekonomidou. The day we completed the attack on Microsoft, Olga met 54 days of isolation for her refusal -with no regrets- to submit to humiliating nude body searches.

Unfortunately, we could not act in these earlier critical periods:

– The victorious hunger strike by revolutionary anarchist Rami Syrianos, who was also subjected to the torture of isolation for the same position.

– The hunger strike by the anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias – demanding the immediate release of the companion Stella Antoniou for health problems and the dropping of the charges.

– The victorious rotating hunger strike by members of the Revolutionary Organization CCF and the anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos because two members of the Organization, Panagiotis Argyrou and Gerasimos Tsakalos, refused to be transferred to Domokos Prison, where the cowardly sergeant Kliaris and his followers attacked and beat the comrades for not accepted the humiliating intake process.

Our choice of target might seem to have no relation to judicial and law enforcement institutions, but we know that the struggle is everywhere, and our point is that the system is all connected and completely shaken after the small and large shocks of our action. We believe active revolutionaries should constantly attack repression, but also to take the opportunity to broaden the perspective and range of our attacks and our revolutionary discourse.

On both sides of the wall, there are people who are against the prison, that do not lower their heads. Although the top of the wall separates us, and we are on the side that we are, we always communicate with our brothers and sisters on the other side.

NEVER ALONE – A fist against the concrete.

We send power to all fighters imprisoned in the inhuman conditions.

Strength to all rebel prisoners.

“The embers of a multinational”
The building was selected because Microsoft is one from the strongest companies in the field of computers, these magnificent and terrifying machines that at first sought to replace the human mind and now carry on their backs capitalism. Their software that they developed runs the vast majority of computers, to stupefy the kids in video games or to give life to computers of the states, tax offices, armies and capitalist corporations. Each company that participates in the techno-industrial system, regardless of their contribution, is our target.

Before we forget, the funds accumulated by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, are now being invested in nuclear projects by him, for example, to finance the construction of a new and more promising nuclear reactor, even after the events of Fukushima; plus investing in genetically modified products, a modern threat to human health and nature that is still sold as a life-giving product, when in fact it gives death – one example among many: thousands of farmers committed suicide due to the inefficiency of Monsanto products, by consuming them in some cases. Gates also invests in medicines, vaccines and the “intervention” of the genetic code in order to support his ideas. All this, of course, to showcase the fight against hunger, for charity, better health, better living standards, environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

Anyway, his fortune lets him buy and sell any kind of power he wants, do you want a simple example? The vast funding news agencies the world’s largest by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the promotion of investments, crushing any arguments on technology differentiation between innocent and guilty in the bourgeois world.

“Death to the techno-industrial complex”

“[…] Violence itself is nothing wrong. In each specific case, that violence is good or bad depends on how you use it and the purpose it serves. So why do people today see violence as something eminently bad? They do it only for one reason: because propaganda has brainwashed them. Modern society uses different methods of propaganda to educate people to be scared and horrified at violence, because the techno-industrial system requires a population shy, docile and afraid to assert themselves, a population that does not face their problems and shifts proper functioning of power to the system. Power depends, ultimately, on physical force. To teach people that violence is wrong (except the violence used by the system through the police or the army), the system maintains a monopoly of physical power and, therefore, maintains all the power in their hands. […] ”
-Ted Kaczynski

Technology, today expressed the power of pseudo-experience, in a continuous and simultaneous search for achieving the impossible. With her twin sister, science, the two put the pursuit of knowledge in the service of domination, they are prostitutes to Power- definitely expensive, so, the envy of Art. All these companies of the techno-industrial complex are inextricably linked to the economic and political system. Playing the role of creators and managers of the modern world, have their products for use and enjoyment of power with a common goal: the imposition of totalitarian control, maintaining balance and contradictions and, of course, profit. So, we do not know if the product is harmless, useful or beneficial, but its provision has a clear and unambiguous goal, and aims with great precision. From the lives of animals tortured in laboratory testing and nuclear attacks, from tests of human preferences and consumer-sales, to theft and sale of personal data for profiling social and political conditions- to sell them to the secret services, from continued subjugation of the individual in a technological prison that is destroying the planet …

The computer, the practical application of mathematics, now has the ability to simulate reality in a virtual environment. Already deleted are the lack of emotions and pleasures, the disaffection and alienation, emptiness and futility of existence through the illusions / sensations generated by machines. While typing this text, (by my side) dozens of people of all ages are glued to a screen, adjusting their behaviour through a game, some even live through it. Seeking personal contact, friendship, acquaintance and love on social networking sites. And all this only in one corner of the globe, places that we all are multiplying exponentially every day. If now it controls our emotions and sociability, whether it now directs our mood and thought, how far away is the time to completely check our senses? How long before the time we think we’re seeing a beautiful landscape, smelling a flower, listening to the waves or touching your partner, but behind it hides a well written digital code? You can not waste time waiting for an answer …

Starting from … tools and machinery, development planning, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and sociological techniques, such as propaganda and control of psychology …

Tablets that alter mood, purchases and sales of virtual items, implanted devices within us that control our health and provide appropriate treatment and military robots that are trained in combat tactics. Mind reading machines, chip implants in the brains of animals and humans, control of emotions through electromagnetic waves, the channels of research, not the dark basements of the intelligence services, but in sunny laboratory research centres, universities and large technology multinationals. An exciting and at the same time, terrifying future is coming fast to our present.

Thousands sold minds who think the benefit of Power. To further strengthen the established order. Under the guise of medical benefits, improved living standards, protection of the environment and exploiting the natural human tendency to create knowledge technology subordinate to the control of thought, their strengths are smart weapons, both to flourish their economies through massacres and to attack those who resist their effort to make the revolutionary vision even more distant. We are infuriated by the sacrifice of our propensity of human evolution and creation, on the altar of sovereignty and taxation, for the sake of domination and enforcement,. Do not imagine we envision a world where everyone has to grab a hoe to work the land, nor do we intend going back thousands of years ago, which is impossible, anyway. We want to develop the full potential of the human individual in a world where knowledge and experience are freely available and not the privilege of an authoritarian clique or an economic strategy. In a world without masters and slaves, without specialists and unskilled. We firmly believe in the greatness of the achievements of the human intellect, but our awe becomes frustration and anger at how easily they have deceived the latter.

All modern lifestyle would collapse completely without logistical infrastructure such as electricity or oil to nourish and sustain the ever expanding monstrosity. Its the thread of life that sows death with the push of button -nuclear warheads- because its powerless and will collapse completely with chaotic consequences if the supply is interrupted. The reign of terror and artificial happiness depends on the position we take in this war against the challenges of this new empire: rebellion or submission, human or subhuman, war or suicide.

The deadly culture is identified with the monstrosity of modern technology, you should not have a civilized death. Deep breath to the end and begin.
So …


“Almost independent for a few more hours, then I will give voice to the detonator, my enemies will discover that for you, they are far and once I’ve gotten rid of them, persecute me, but now that I look, they are persecuted.”

Revolution, movements, perspective, words that come from afar to let you remember what has been done of OR WILL BE DONE. Words whose meanings and vague essence is exiled to a remote area of the past or the future. What matters is how we live here and now. What matters is the effort of each individual character to defeat in them as much as possible the repressive power within them, beside them, around them. As has been written many times, the theory simply confirms the action. Empty words, theoretical acrobatics, grandiloquent proclamations. In all our words we win. But when it comes the time to act to seal our theoretical practices then inhibitions impede, defer, displace, fears dominate. Action means a rupture. Break with your fearful self, breaking with the current dominant value – break with inertia. Remove from the unchanged given reality. Action is not only one arson, a performance, a course. The action is defined as the attempt to implement the concepts in relation to themselves or others, THE DAILY RELATIONSHIP.

For us, ANARCHY IS A WAY OF LIFE. It doesn’t begin after ending employment or when the student finishes the program or any course hours are done. Even when an attack ends posters are put up where the “job was done” or aggressive energy is present.

Whoever fights does not need any approval from any profile to “sell your face.” The anarchist struggle is in itself, selfless by nature, not with a Christian type victimized humility, BUT AS AN ATTITUDE OF “SPEAKING LITTLE AND DOING A LOT.” The struggle is not an issue debated in cafe gossip, the gaps between student / working hours, at “anarcho” cafes in fucking Exarchia.

Away from elitism.

Away from the flavoured lifestyle that has infected the revolutionary circles.

Away from the public pseudo-dilemma of social action or guerrilla, media fetishism and meaningless splits about polymorphism of the struggle or union.

Against the conception that the end justifies the means, therefore inciting collaborations / friendships aiming at revolutionary benefits.

Against overwhelming perceptions that underestimate people, undermining their prospects for development, applying universal standards for interpreting the submissive attitude of society as a whole- not throwing people into garbage bags.

After all, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Whoever thinks and considers themselves uncontaminated has become so without knowing …

Our own struggle is “struggling” daily from inside the minds of all those who still think.
Fermented with countless individual characteristics of each person. Enriched with the diverse range of concepts in the social field. Reaches beyond deadlock and suicide in the walls of fear and resignation that tower! Until other comrades follow the battle …

Leading the fight are people around the world who fight fiercely for the impossible, even in their heads. Whatever your political identity, respect all to all those who give their lives, because they love life and know that a dangerous free life is worth more than the life of a slave, drowned within the compromises with authority ….

It is … the rebels in the Niger Delta fighting against multinational giant “Shell” which pollutes and destroys vast areas, the subversive militant movements that develop in the U.S. claiming space and time outside the state mandate of economic dictatorship, the Palestinian armed resistance, the armed fighters of the FARC in Colombia, the land occupations in Brazil who are forcibly evicted because of the Olympics, the rebels in England, ghettos in France, the conflict of miners’ strikes in Spain and the insurgents of Egypt and Syria- despite the thousands of deaths and repression, they filled the streets and squares of cities, confronted the uniformed pigs and became armed against the regime.

It is … the spread of militant anarchy and the practice of establishing it at all levels; by molotovs in Santiago to arson in Athens and armed attack in Italy, it is the propagation of anarchist-revolutionary discourse by tens of unknown companions ….

The points that differentiate us are many, as the armed party hierarchy. Apart from the individual choices we recognize something deep in common with the rebel base: struggle and resistance against domination – Passion for life and freedom.

Even with our anarchist comrades there will always be points of disagreement, shock and tears because in our world against authority there is no common line and everyone is differently placed between between contracts and rebellion. The challenge is to remain one fist against our common enemy.


Life is struggle and revolution. The revolution and the struggle is life. Life is here while we live, while we fight, while we look to the sky … When this ends, everything is shut down, along with red and black flags, symbols of the hammer and sickle, and ideologies.

Our struggle is hard, painful and at the same time, unlimited and enthusiastic. The source of our rebellion is and will be, experience.

Our struggle is polymorphic. We explode like our bombs, smell of pure lead like our bullets, we spread like fire, the heart speaks as well as our texts, we pollute the decaying city with our posters like smiles to our friends, we fall in love passionately and often are encapsulated as timid misfits.

Our struggle is our “contribution” to the global underground war that occurs daily in our fight within and against the social machine. Our accomplices are NOT characterized by REVOLUTIONARY PURITY.

Our struggle does not serve anyone or anything. Only reflects our wishes and desires. Our hatred and hope. Our joy and sorrow. Our thoughts and feelings.

Our struggle breaks the walls of prisons-brothels to connect us with our brothers and sisters around the world accompanying them in the difficult hours of their confinement.

Our struggle is, first and foremost, the fight against OUR OWN contracts, OUR fears, OUR imperfections.

Our struggle is beautiful and exciting because it gives us moments that we would never feel if we had followed the conventional rut of a student or a worker.

Our struggle is illegal, whatever means we use, because it exceeds the limits of bourgeois legality. Because it is completely opposed to Power and Civilization, and this was, is and will be outside the limits of the law.

Our struggle is proud and not going to bargain with any police or courtroom. Our struggle is watered by the blood of all the many dead comrades. Honour them each day by continuing the fight, keeping in mind sooner or later, all their deaths will be avenged.

At the end of the day, our struggle is our attempt to live Anarchy NOW, leaving behind our contracts, to create real relationships with other comrades to beat and stab the perfect image of this world.

It is because we envision a world very different from theirs, a world based on solidarity and fellowship where knowledge grows freely, in contrast to scientific investments dependent state, military and capitalists.

A world in which humans live in harmony with the natural world in a symbiotic relationship with living things of the earth. In contrast to people addicted to the techno-industrial prison complex that produces constantly attacking everything that lives and breathes.

A world, whose basis we are building now, by communities of anarchists in struggle, a world which is illegal now to think and dream, and much more, when someone tries to live it here and now.

Outdated patterns that give way to the radical imagination. Let each one form their life away from patterns and moulds. Let us put politics and its supporters in the basket of garbage. But really, who dared to give a political connotation and perception to human behaviour and emotion?

“Scholars of today, idiots of tomorrow
Give me the mental capacity enough to move my hands
Prophets and acrobats of the revolution
Today I’ll do it on my own without lessons”

“About the electoral carnival”

Our attack took place just after the election. The mapping of the motives of those who voted and those who did not participate, no doubt, is impossible. Definitely not a big change we look forward to the left, some just “saw the light and came”, in an attempt to change the political landscape. Therefore, the only point where these differ from all previous elections is that a large part of society opted for a political position, while the former was based on indifference to the vote (of course, along with a delayed “interest by the public”, also the dilemma of stupidity accumulated through questions such as “Golden Dawn or Syriza”?). And indeed, a large percentage of abstention does not translate as boredom only by the electorate, but as a reaction or depreciation of the process, in two words speak of “politicized abstention”, if you can call it that.

To some of those who took to the streets to give vent to their anger, -for they feel the need to exhaust it more than ever-, from our point of view, to vote in the bubble of the traditional left is not enough, nor the sterile and harmless “protest” through abstinence, which are only options that serve as pressure relief valve and relief. We project the radicalization of everybody who does not have a mind replaced with that of a TV and is looking for a real meaningful reaction and resistance. The radicalization of the action in schools, the workplace, in the popular assemblies and wherever each one is militant and, mainly, in the street. This is where consciences grow, thoughtfully meet and share concerns. Where the experience takes the place of virtual reality and opens roads that were carefully closed. In street fighting and barricades. We consider this field the most fertile for the spread of anarchist theory and practice.

As for the voters of the Golden Dawn, they had the opportunity to see who strengthened. Excuses like “I voted to feel safe” or “to do make a protest vote” will not be enough to calm our hostility towards them. We should not be indifferent to the continued growth dynamic of the fascists, because even a seemingly non-serious risk can become a surprise when we find ourselves with something unpleasant. The thugs-members do not remain quiet, thinking that now the cops protect them. As the saying goes: with one stone, two birds.

“Swallowing fire… spewing unintelligible desires”

The system has not only managed to retain power by force but has also managed to spread it and apply it to many sets of social relations through the dozens of languages spoken, so as anarchists we conduct a revolutionary war, that not only has to overcome and destroy the power structures, institutional and informal, but also build human relationships FREE here and now, and build relationships that we will defend at any price with our own bodies as barricades, because they reflect our whole being, with blood and pain, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, love and hate.

Our relationships simultaneously reflect one thousand times “You and Me can do it”. And all this we are describing is the cement of human emotions that will never break, and who knows what is right and what is necessary in the fight, because those who have breathed the air of freedom, even if it is buried in the dungeon, meet most ardent hopes, because yesterday, today, tomorrow and always, these relations have been and will be the embryo of something better. We don’t know if or when it will come, but we fight so fiercely, because we believe deeply in free human beings.

Because, even if we break our faces, our individual victory came in building these relationships and our collective struggle to expand the anarchist revolution. Because, if we had arrived late for our appointment, we might not have stormed heaven. Our aim is to build a solid foundation for the basics of creative destruction. Materializing the disgust and hatred for everything that keeps us prisoners to the perverse world of dead objects, inanimate souls, consciences seduced, genetically calculated horror, cold acceptance of bloody idols. Let’s stay in the spiral of the senses and their dangerous desires.


P.S. 1: We dedicate each line of this text to the captured rebels Babis Tsilianidis, Dimitris Dimtsiadis, Socratis Tzifkas. The influence of their thinking through innovative analysis is crucial. Until … Until we meet again.

P.S. 2: The day of the attack on Microsoft, members of the CCF and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos were on trial for the phrase “Not one millimeter back, nine millimeters in the heads of the cops”, a phrase that we adopted, as it expresses us absolutely. As part of the repressive campaign against the anarchists, they’re charged for our claim of responsibility for the arson attack on Studio ATA. Coincidentally we were present in court, in our own way. Well, not to forget: Not one millimetre back, nine millimetres in the heads of judges and prosecutors.

P.S. 3: We send our unconditional solidarity to anarchist Mario Lopez in Mexico, who was wounded by the bomb he was carrying and also to anarchists prisoners accused of participating in FAI attacks in Italy. Our fire burns for all of you!

Deviant Behaviours for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism
– International Revolutionary Front