Title: Left-wing anarchist guilty of terror offences after declaring he wanted to kill at least 50 people
Subtitle: Jacob Graham, from Liverpool, made 138 videos demonstrating how to make explosives and talked about "Judgement Day".
Author: Duncan Gardham
Date: 23 February 2024

[Video - Student guilty of terror offences]

Jacob Graham has been found guilty of terror offences after declaring he wanted to kill at least 50 people

Jacob Graham, 20, from Norris Green, Liverpool, dedicated his manual, called the "Freedom Encyclopaedia", to "terrorists past and future, anarchists etc" and buried bomb-making chemicals in a secret woodland hide.

He wrote a document called "My Plan" in which he said he wanted to kill at least 50 people by attacking government buildings and politicians' houses.

He also made 138 videos in which he demonstrated explosives and talked about "Judgement Day" and "standing up for working class people."

On the wall in his bedroom Graham had printed out a picture of a car bomb exploding with the words: "Make politicians afraid to start their cars again."

The jury at Manchester Crown Court acquitted Graham of planning a terrorist attack but found him guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by writing the Freedom Encyclopaedia, and of disseminating terrorist publications and possession of documents useful for terrorism.

He will be sentenced in March.

'I have so much carnage to commit'

Graham bought a number of chemicals on the internet and conducted experiments in his back garden before burying some of the ingredients in Formby Woods, recording the location so he could return to the cache.

He also had all the computer files necessary to make a 3D-printed assault rifle called an FGC9 MkII and the printer on which to make it.

Graham came to idolise an American terrorist called Theodore Kaczynski - known as the Unabomber - after watching a Netflix series called Manhunt, and pledged to "finish what he started", his trial heard.

From a remote cabin in Montana, Kaczynski carried out a 17-year mail bombing campaign, in which he targeted tech academics at universities, killing three people and injuring 23.

A pipe bomb made by Graham
A cache of chemicals was discovered at Graham's home
He conducted experiments in his back garden

Graham made video diaries in which he recorded himself wearing a headset and speaking into the camera from his bedroom, with a teddy bear on the bed behind him.

He was motivated by a hatred of government, which he saw as oppressing working-class people, and had developed ecological concerns about pollution, destruction of forests, and the exploitation of natural resources.

Wearing a T-shirt and glasses, he said at one point: "I've got everything I need to start my revolution."

Graham told police he was "left-wing" but "more like an anarchist" adding: "I don't like the idea of a central control and I don't really like the monarchy."

His ideal government would be the size of "Merseyside or Liverpool", he said, adding that he supported the Green Party and was an "environmentalist" who did not like the way that "corporations act and how they damage the Earth."

"I think it is fair to say I was quite anti-government," Graham told his trial. "I didn't agree with the idea of it - the way certain things were handled, the pandemic, the cost of living.

"I didn't agree with a group of small people being able to make decisions that affect a mass."

Graham made a series of video diaries from his room

In a video on 21 June, Graham took out a machete with a red handle and tapped the blade, saying: "Can't end my life yet, I have so much carnage to commit."

In another video made in his bedroom on 9 August, Graham said: "If terrorism is standing up for what you think is right, standing up for the working class people of this country, most of us can't afford to heat our homes or afford food, there needs to be someone to fix this problem. It is my responsibility to do this."

He added: "I will be a homegrown terrorist because I was born on British soil. If they want to call me a justice warrior or a hero, call me that. If they want to call me scum, call me that because I won't be here to listen to all of it."

In another video, he threatened to attack Hugh Baird College, which he attended, saying: "I'm f****** ready, f****** bring it. I don't care, I'll kill every single last one of them."

Police found an array of items designed to cause harm
Graham experimented with building a bomb using an ISIS instructional video
Weapons found in Graham's possession

Encyclopaedia for terrorists

Graham, who lived with his mother, sister and sister's boyfriend, had downloaded a compendium of terrorist publications including the Mujahideen Handbook and the White Resistance Manual, which he stored in a folder called "Alexandria" after the fabled ancient library.

Graham used Discord and the encrypted Telegram app to communicate with others who shared his hatred of government in groups called Earth Militia, Total Earth Liberation and Neo-Luddite Action.

He shared his manual online - which included instructions on how to build a pipe bomb, gunpowder and plastic explosives, along with detonators and instructions on how the perpetrators could evade the police.

Annabel Darlow KC, prosecuting, told the jury: "The mindset of Mr Graham permeates throughout his written material, messages, and homemade video diaries.

"He wished to bring about the downfall of government and society. He expressed the view that he was sick and tired of living in a society that was deteriorating and destroying itself."

The 20-year-old had files to make a 3D-printed assault rifle

Chemicals cache

When Graham was arrested on 26 May last year, police found a number of chemicals, each of which could be used as ingredients in various explosive mixtures.

Graham told his trial he felt like a character in a James Bond or Mission Impossible film or The Last Of Us, a post-apocalyptic video game and TV show.

He said he was "doomsday prepping" for "some sort of possible invasion, civil war, martial law, natural disasters, solar flares, floods, things like that".