Title: David Kaczynskis’ First Interview
Authors: David Kaczynski, FBI
Date: Feb. 17-18, 1996

Date of Transcription: February 21, 1996

DAVID R. KACZYNSKI was interviewed at the office of his attorney, ANTHONY P. BISCEGLIE, 1130 17th Street, N.W., Suite 400, Washington, D.C., phone 202-778-1160, concerning suspicions he previously raised suggesting that his brother, THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI, also known as TED, might be the "Unabomber." DAVID KACZYNSKI, hereinafter referred to as DAVE, was accompanied by his wife, LINDA. DAVE furnished the following information:

DAVE was born in October 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. His father was THEODORE R. KACZYNSKI and his mother is WANDA KACZYNSKI, nee DOMBEK. He has an older brother named THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI, hereinafter referred to as TED, born in Chicago, Illinois on May 22, 1942. There are no other siblings. DAVE is seven and a half years younger than his brother so he received information about family events prior to 1949 and during his early childhood from stories related by his parents.

When DAVE was born, the family lived on Carpenter Street in a working class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. He did not recall exactly where they lived prior to Carpenter Street. When DAVE was about two and a half years old, possibly about 1952, the family moved to 9209 Lawndale Ave., Evergreen Park, Illinois, a south side suburb of Chicago. The family moved in order to get away from the crime problems common to the inner city and the fact that the old neighborhood was deteriorating.

DAVE did not recall where TED went to school prior to moving to Evergreen Park, but surmised that it was a local public school. While living in Evergreen Park, TED attended Central School which was a combination elementary and junior high school. TED was about nine years old at that time. DAVE recalled that TED was quite smart and that he skipped a grade, but he could not remember whether it was the 3rd or 4th grade. As a result, TED was young for his grade.

DAVE provided a description of TED based on his 1986 recollection:

Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5'9" - 5'l0"
Hair: Dark brown (No grey showing)
Eyes: Blue
Build: Lean and muscular. Considered wiry.
Complexion: Light complected, fair
Glasses: None
Facial Hair: Beard that he kept trimmed
Tattoos: None
Scars: Small chickenpox scar at corner of either his left or right eye.
Misc: TED is missing one of his upper front teeth dating from childhood. TED has a bridge, but DAVE did not think that he used it after leaving Berkeley. TED's left foot is noticeably pigeon toed which affects the way he walks. TED is right handed.

DAVE noted that TED talked about growing a beard in the winter and shaving in the summer. DAVE doubted that TED would dye his hair. DAVE did not see any sunglasses at TED's cabin when he visited in 1986, but TED mentioned using acrylic sunglasses and warned DAVE to do the same to protect against ultraviolet rays. TED looks younger than his biological age and DAVE estimated that TED looked like he was in his early to mid 30's when last seen in 1986.

DAVID R. KACZYNSKI is a white male adult, residing at (address deleted) Schenectady, New York 12309, phone (number deleted). He works for Equinox, Inc., a private non-profit corporation supported by Federal and State funds. He works as a counselor for kids at risk. The phone number there is (number deleted) but DAVE prefers to be contacted at work through his attorney.

* * * * *