Yorktown Shopping Mall, Lombard, Ill.

Date of Transcription: March 12, 1996

DAVID R. KACZYNSKI was interviewed at the parking lot of the Yorktown Shopping Mall, Lombard, Illinois, in regard to THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI, also known as TED. KACZYNSKI furnished the following information:

DAVID KACZYNSKI (hereinafter referred to as DAVE) advised that in (January) 1973 he drove through Salt Lake City, Utah, on his way back to Great Falls, Montana. DAVE stopped off to visit THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI (hereinafter referred to as TED) in Salt Lake City while enroute and spent one night there. DAVE noted that his visit with TED was not planned in advance and he did not recall the address. DAVE did not receive directions from TED prior to his arrival and DAVE was not sure how he found TED's apartment, although he presumed that he just looked up the address on the map. DAVE believed that TED wrote some letters to his mother, WANDA KACZYNSKI, while TED was in Salt Lake City so so he probably got the address from the letters.

TED was living in a one bedroom apartment in Salt Lake City in an unrecalled part of town. DAVE vaguely recalled that it was a multi story apartment building constructed with brown stone material and that TED's apartment was on one of the upper floors. DAVE believed that TED lived on the second floor, but he could be sure. DAVE had no recollection of the general location of the apartment, although he believed that it was in Salt Lake City and not in one of the nearby suburbs. DAVE was shown a street map of Salt Lake City and vicinity, but he was unable to add any further information that might focus on the general location of TED's apartment.

When TED first went to Montana he owned a Chevelle, which was later sold or traded for a pickup truck, date not recalled and make, year and model not recalled. TED sold the pickup truck, date not recalled, and DAVE understood that the truck wasn't running so TED did not get very much money for it.

In regard to TED's trip to Lombard, Illinois in 1978, DAVE recalled that TED travelled by bus and that it was in the Spring or Summer of 1978. DAVE was informed that TED's application for employment at Foam Cutting Engineers was dated June 23, 1978, and that he started working there on June 26, 1978. DAVE was asked to clarify how long TED had been in Lombard, Illinois prior to starting to work at Foam Cutting Engineers.

DAVE advised that TED's purpose for traveling to Lombard, Illinois was to work at Foam Cutting Engineers with DAVE and their father. DAVE believed that TED started working fairly soon after he arrived. DAVE was unable to fix a specific time period or associate TED's arrival with a specific date, such as TED's birthday. DAVE doubted that TED was there for more than thirty days prior to the time that he started working at Foam Cutting Engineers.

DAVE advised that after TED quit his job at Prince Castle in Addison, he borrowed DAVE's 1975 Datsun for a trip to Saskatchewan, Canada. That was during the Summer of 1979. TED returned to Lombard, Illinois and then returned to Montana in the late Summer or early Fall of 1979. DAVE could not recall with certainty whether TED borrowed DAVE's car for a round trip from Chicago to Montana in 1979.

DAVE's memory of that time was extremely vague, but he seemed to remember that TED once drove DAVE's car to Montana and that he brought the car back to Chicago. DAVE could not recall the date, or recall an approximate time period. DAVE also had a vague, dream-like recollection of TED returning from Montana to Chicago for a visit. He thought that it could have been in 1979, or 1980, or conceivably at some later date. DAVE could not provide more specific details as to those vague memories.

DAVE advised that he did not have any recollection of TED having a lab in his room. DAVE noted that he was in fourth grade when TED went off to college and that TED did not often seek out DAVE's brotherly companionship. TED was also a very private person and DAVE only went into TED's room on a few occasions. DAVE could not recall ever being in TED's room without TED being present.

* * * * *