Title: Interview of a Montana Bus Driver
Author: FBI
Date: March 16, 1996

Date of Transcription: March 16, 1996

LARRY D. PETERSON, (information omitted) Avenue (information omitted), telephone number (omitted), was contacted by Special Agent (SA) JOHN R. GRAY of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and he voluntarily provided the following information:

PETERSON advised that he has been a bus driver since January 1993. He began with Intermountain Bus Lines and then with Rimrock Trailways upon their purchase of Intermountain in July 1995. He stated that he has driven the Great Falls to Lincoln to Missoula to Kalispell then Whitefish Route (7916) since October 1994.

PETERSON was shown the June 5, 1990, Montana driver's license photograph of THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI depicting a fully bearded white male. Upon observing the photograph, PETERSON stated he is sure that the individual depicted has been his passenger four or five times within the last year. PETERSON advised that the passenger always pays in cash with no receipt given.

PETERSON further described the passenger from the photograph as "greasy-dirty" looking wearing a green army fatigue-type jacket and carrying a duffel bag (gym bag) described as small and green in color. PETERSON stated that the individual always sits towards the rear of the bus and has never been a problem. PETERSON recalls the passenger as having only a four to five day growth of facial hair rather than the individual shown in the photograph. However, PETERSON stated that the passenger he recalls is without a doubt the person depicted in the photograph.

PETERSON stated that he recalls the passenger only traveling from Lincoln, Montana, to Missoula, Montana, never continuing on to Kalispell or Whitefish. PETERSON stated that passengers in Missoula would usually continue on to Spokane, Washington, or Butte, Montana. Further, PETERSON never recalls carrying the passenger from Missoula to Lincoln, Montana.

PETERSON noted that the passenger simply appears in the parking lot of the Rainbow Cafe, Lincoln, Montana, and always says "Can I get on?". The passenger never mixes with the other passengers and does not go inside the cafe for warmth as do all the others during the 15 minute delay.

PETERSON specifically recalls that the passenger was on his bus as recently as late January 1996 or early February 1996, from Lincoln to Missoula, Montana.

* * * * *