Title: FBI Interview of Ted Kaczynski's Heart Doctor
Authors: Carolyn Goren, FBI
Date: March 6, 1996

Date of Transcription: March 6, 1996

On 3/6/96, Dr. CAROLYN GOREN, (MD), Internal Medicine/cardiology, (information omitted), Missoula, Montana, (information omitted), was contacted by Special Agents CANDICE L. DeLONG and PHILLIP M. GADD of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI), and was served Federal Grand Jury subpoena GJ 95-2, 9301718, CR 93-0288, (SF Division # 1139). Dr. GOREN wad made aware of the non-disclosure order regarding the subpoena, and thereafter provided the following information:

GOREN stated that KACZYNSKI was a self-referred patient who came to her in 1991 with the Chief Complaint (CC), of what he believed to be a possible cardiac problem. According to GOREN, KACZYNSKI was shy and reserved in nature and she noticed nothing particularly unusual about him. GOREN stated that his personal hygiene was, "Unremarkable," adding that she did not notice anything unusual. GOREN stated that KACZYNSKI did not talk about his background or where he lived, and she does not know how he traveled to her office in Missoula. GOREN recalled that she did not find anything wrong with KACZYNSKI'S heart or any other system, and she only prescribed a low dose (and number) of sleeping pills for stress- induced insomnia. GOREN added that she only saw KACZYNSKI twice in her office, although he sent a record of his blood pressure readings to her every six months.

When asked by the interviewing Agent if she recalled anything unusual regarding KACZYNSKI, GOREN stated, "He asked me out to dinner". GOREN stated that this invitation came in the form of a letter, and she chose to ignore it and did not go out with him. GOREN stated that she recalls receiving a letter from TED'S brother, DAVID, regarding his concern that TED might need to see a psychiatrist, but GOREN stated that she did not refer TED to a psychiatrist, and does not recall the reason for this.

* * * * *