Title: Interview with a Second Montana Bus Driver
Authors: FBI, Mark Campbell
Date: March 23, 1996
Notes: The interview took place on March 15, 1996.

Date of Transcription: March 23, 1996

MARK LLOYD CAMPBELL, telephone number (omitted), was contacted by Special Agent (SA) JOHN R. GRAY of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and he voluntarily provided the following information:

CAMPBELL advised that he has been employed as a bus driver since 1978 when he went to work for the Intermountain Bus Line. He has driven the Missoula to Lincoln to Great Falls Route (7916) since February 1987, except for a short assignment to another route from January to July, 1994. CAMPBELL stated that his prior service was with Intermountain Lines and it continued when his current employer, Rimrock Trailways, purchased the route in July 1994.

CAMPBELL was shown the June 5, 1990, Montana driver's license photograph of THEODORE JOHN KACZYNSKI depicting a fully bearded white male. CAMPBELL immediately identified the individual depicted as a passenger from Lincoln, Montana. CAMPBELL stated that he has had him as a passenger several times (three or four) within the last year. CAMPBELL stated that he always travels from Lincoln to Missoula or Missoula to Lincoln, Montana, and does not ever recall him traveling from Lincoln to Great Falls, Montana. CAMPBELL advised that his most recent recollection of KACZYNSKI was during the holiday period (Thanksgiving to Christmas) 1995. At that time, CAMPBELL recalls him getting on in Missoula, Montana, and getting off when the bus stopped in Lincoln, Montana.

CAMPBELL clearly described KACZYNSKI as looking just like his photograph. Further, CAMPBELL described KACZYNSKI as an unkept individual who is "scruffy" looking. CAMPBELL recalled that KACZYNSKI always wears dark clothing and may have worn an army fatigue type jacket once which he further described as being bulky.

CAMPBELL stated that KACZYNSKI always travels alone and sits towards the rear of the bus. Additionally, KACZYNSKI does not engage people in conversation, and CAMPBELL does not recall KACZYNSKI ever traveling with anything but carry-on luggage. CAMPBELL could describe the carry-on as a "small bag."

* * * * *