Date of Transcription: Aug. 7, 1995

On August 7, 1995, Dr. VICTOR FERKISS, (information omitted), Telephone (number omitted), was interviewed at his residence. He furnished the following information:

On July 27, 19995, Dr. FERKISS was given a copy of the UNABOM manuscript to review. This interview was a follow-up in order to get Dr. FERKISS' impressions of the manuscript and to ask several pre-designed questions.

1) Can you identify any writings (books, articles, etc.) that appear to form the basis for this article?

Dr. FERKISS said it seemed the article had a strong influence by a JAQUE ELLUL (deceased) who had written several books, to include the "Technological Scientist." Dr. FERKISS' impression of the writer of the manuscript was that the person had formed his opinion in the 1970's and had not updated it. Dr. FERKISS said he thought the person's age could be in his 40's, assuming he started college at a regular age.

2) Can you identify any group or organization that has similar views?

Dr. FERKISS was not able to identify the manuscript to any group or organization, but did say that about ten years ago, there was a group called "Scientists Against Science," or something similar. Dr. FERKISS was not sure whether this fits or not.

3) Does the writing style bring any individual to mind?

Dr. FERKISS could not associate or identify the writing style with anyone in particular. He said some parts were well written and some parts needed editing. Dr. FERKISS did say, however, that he felt this author was into some sort of psychology and enjoyed the power that it gave him.

* * * * *