Title: On Organizing Urban Guerrilla Units (1st Edition)
Author: Don Cox
Date: 1970
Source: Issue & Burning Books
Notes: Some parts omitted to not risk the domain name being rescinded, but you can find the missing text and pictures in the linked sources. Copy writing and error correcting is a work in progress, feel free to help edit.

Front Matter

Title Page

On Organizing Urban Guerrilla Units


Field Marshall D.C.


I dedicate these notes to the memory of Brother Jonathan Jackson and Comrade Carlos Harighella. I also named my son, who was born by Barbara on August 18, 1978, Jonathan Carlos Cox.

Brother Jonathan was the 17 years old Afro-American Revolutionary who went off into the fascist courtroom in Maria County, California and executed the first contemporary political kidnapping Babylon. He was cut down in his finest hour during his escape by those fascist pigs who have no regard for humanity. Taking the example of Brother Jonathan to an even higher level we will truly free all political prisoners!

Comrade Carlos Marighella was a Brazilian Revolutionairy who participated in the first kidnapping of an American Ambassador in Brazil in exchange for political prisoners. He was ambushed by the fascist pigs in Brazil on November 4, 1969. He was 58 when he died.

… they moved ahead and struck a blow against this system of world slavery knowing full well the consequence for revolutionary activity is victory or death…………………

Field Marshall D.C.
October 8 1970



I will begin by pointing out that we must not allow the racist power structure to define our struggle. What I mean is the language that we use like everything else in this society is in the service of the racist, capitalist bandits. They control the educational institutions, the news media and the means of production that turn out all the educational material. Sometimes we are trapped by the rhetoric (words) of the slavemaster. In our 400-year struggle for survival it has been the guns and force manifested in the racist military that occupy our communities that directly oppress, repress, brutalize, and murder us. So for us to talk about survival we must talk about self-defense against this brutality and murder that is defined by the racist power structure as "Justifiable Homicide". So when a guerilla unit moves against this oppressive system by executing a pig or attacking its institutions, by any means, sniping, stabbing, bombing, etc., in defense against the 400 years of racist brutality, murder and exploitation, this can only be defined correctly as self-defence. The slavemaster however, through his lackeys, puppets and apologists, calls it "terrorism", the work of crazed men, criminals insane killers etc. We must define our struggle, not the pigs.

Carlos Marighella, an urban guerilla in brazil, who was assassinated November 4, 1969, just one month before Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, said, "The accusation of assault or terrorism no longer has the pejorative (negative) meaning it used to have. It has acquired new clothing, it does not discredit, on the contrary it represents a focal point of attraction.

"Today, to be an assailant or terrorist is a quality that ennobles any honorable man because it is an act worthy of a revolutionary engaged in armed struggle against the shameful military dictatorship and its monstrosities’*.

So with that I say this: guerilla units (self-defense groups} must be formed and blows must be struck against the slavemaster until we have secured our survival as a people.


In organizing self-defense groups (urban guerilla units} at this stage of the struggle, the most important consideration is whether or not the person to be incorporated into the group understands fully that what he or she is doing is the right thing to do. At this stage of the struggle if any members of a guerilla unit are weakm1nded or do not understand that the only way to put an end to brutality, murder. And exploitation by this racist power structure, is to organize guerilla units and counter attacks; practice has shown that if this weakminded person is ever captured he or she will certainly not be able to withstand the methods of persuasion used by the fascist pigs amo they will talk, give up information. So the first priority for any guerilla unit is xj bfc a.Tcitd az£t/.

Because of the consequences if anything goes wrong during ah operation, members within the group must maintain a face to face relationship and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses thoroughly amd participate fully ln the planning of operations. Liberalism ai this level can cost the lives of comrades and/or jeopardize the success of ah operation*

At this time guerilla units should have no more than four to six members* the struggle at this stage requires no operation that can't be handled by four to six people, also security is sacrificed the larger tug group, at this time guerilla units should be formed all across babylon, the north, the south, the east and the west, however, units must work autonomously, under no circumstances should one uh it seek out amd try to make contact with another unit. Due to the fact that this level of struggle in babylon is in its embryonic stages, there are many agents, fools amd provocateurs running around all across the country. When a member of one unit is captured, he op she will only be able to give up information on one group. Their own!!!

Know the Enemy

At this stage the pigs have three things going for themselves:

Communication ------- C.

Mobility ----------------- M.

Information ----------- I.

C. M. I.


(C) With the technological advances of. Today in Babylon, the pig forces have been able to really uptight their communication. They have radios, telephones, radio-telephones and they even have computers in their patrol care and video cameras thai see in the dark. Foot patrolmen also carry small compact 2-way radios. The occupying forces tn our communities have more or less instant communication. Therefore it is possible to aleut the total pig force in any major city in a matter of seconds.

(M) Since the major rebellions began in 1965 with wii-t-ti, pig forces have adopted the technique of saturating "High crime areas1' (black communities) with many patrol cars personnel carriers. Most major cities now employ helicopters, with the development of the campus struggles they have also increased thetr patrols of campus communities such as ih the berkeley, california area around the uhl- vercity of california. Their technical ability to communicate and their technique of having patrol care only a few blocks apart provide them with good mobility, when an alert or distress signal is received the pigs are ablf to saturate the ’’trouble area" within 30 seconds to 1 minute in every major city in babylon.

(I) The pigs use hany methods for gathering information such as the method of ihfiltratioh using undercover agents. We must also be vigilant of the community informants, many merchants who operate im our communities act as informants. Also taxi cab drivers must be watched carefully. Hany cities how wave policemen rosing as gab drivers. In cities like new york, they even have policemen posing as garbage-mn, telephone repairmen, gas and lightmen, etc, one method the pigs have used successfully is to marrass known prostitutes, dope addicts, etc., and threaten to lock these people up if they dont give them the information they want. Too many times they have been succf5sful using this method. The pigs have also perfected some techniques for asking questions* hany people who don’t relate to pigs, when questioned by them, try to be smart and witty ano unknowingly give the pigs precisely the information they are looking for. So the rule to follow when arrested or questioned by pigs 15 jjzvg 4 bant and adrift u4 , , , * . . Ptjuocf this is all that you have to do. Don*7 say anything else and don’t &£fin anything. Np nrihltmeio.. When 4 guerilla unit has successfully carried out ah operation and the pigs have no clues, their method of investigation is jacking up the community and asking questions, they seek information they get bits and pieces here and there and sometimes they are able to piece enough information together to make a bust. So……keep your mouth shut.


*** Combatting C.MI.

To answer the question of how do we combat the pigs1 c.Mj we must first see what we have going fop oupselves. We should relate to the principle of self reliance, in other words u-4 t tdttix jltfu. Gat io tiraax you. Ntei. In checking out the practice of guerilla units we see that we have the power to determine what is to happen, when it is to happen,. Ano how it is supposed to go down. What--ilh.E.Ft--hew4 the element of surprise. The pigs have c.M.L, and guerilla units have w.W.H.

To consider a guerilla operation successful is not to just plan and execute, but to plan, execute amd escape. There have been too many instances of members of guerilla units who have planned and executed ri&hteous blows against the system, only to be captured, wounded, or killed. Th£se are the consequences for revolutionary activity. However, we must keep casualltle? Within an acceptable minimum. The slogan must be Maximum damage to the enemy----minimum damage to us. Practice has shown that when planning w.W.H. If it is done with a knowledge and an understanding of c.M.I., ca$ual- 1ties will be kept within an acceptable minimum, too often much attention is given to a plan up to the point of execution without giving the same attention to evasion amd escape.

This is a cue sided approach, a subjective approach. W.W.H. Is only cne side of tmf coin, c.M.I. Is the other side. Evasion and escape is the phase of ah operation that determines success. Because guerilla units use w.W.H., the pigs1 c.M.I, does not go I hltc operation until a guerilla ln it actually commits 'tself by actually executing some type of guerilla activity, as I hent ioned earlier, once c.M.I. Is activated, pigs start arriving on the set 30 seconds to

1 minute in every major city in babylon. Therefore the success or failure of a guerilla operation is dependent upon thf attention given, to and the planning of evasion and escape. As I see it learning to deal 4ith c.M.E. Is the number one military problem facing revolutionary forces in babylon today.

[Picture of dead cop omitted.]


I will recall here an operation I had the honor of participating [n, I mill show how the members- of our unit dealt with w.W.H. And c.Hu* for security reasons it is necessary that no names are mentioned. However, since I ho* operate outside established the boot of the text I will keep as close to the incident as possible it ts unfortunate that some of the lessons learned these past few years have not been passed on for security reasons. This is a feeble attempt on my part to rectify that shortcoming.

I was a member of a unit that hao three members. We had just added three new members aho were dealing with the question of checking out the new people when those stupid oakland pigs tried to kill huey. We were aware that the political consc1ousnesss of the people was low and if we made a move they might not see amy relationship. But ne knew the pigs would know amo we wanted them to know that we would no longer see the likes of malcolm and huey moved on without them having to pay their dues. Wb decided to do a sniping job. We felt that with. The new members we had best do something light the first time working together. We knew it didn’t take six people to do one sniping job* however, we felt this would give us ah opportunity to observe the new members under actual combat conditions that weren’t too strenuous-

After deciding what to do the next step was to pick the target. The method we used was to assign each member of the unit the task of submitting a target within a week. At the end of the week we got together and went over the choices and picked what we thought was the best one submitted. The police substation in the hunters point projects in san francisco, the reasons we selected this particular target were that the pigs perpetrated a lot of brutality and murder on the people in the area amd we related very heavily to the statement, ”The racist dog policemen must withdraw immediately from our communities, cease their wanton murder and brutality and toture of Black people, or face the wrath of the armed people”. A tactical reason was the location of the sub-station itself, it sat at the furthest end of the projects away from the entrance and the main streets. Across the street was the hunters point naval shipyards, there was a huge cyclone fence separating the shipyard, from the projects to keep people from trespassing on government property* also there were ho entrance wads from the ?I de of the ship-yards. So in addition the. Station was at the end of all the roads deep off in the projects and it could only ge approached from one direction*

The next step was reconnaissance* the dictionary defines reconnaissance as the process of obtain ing information about an enemy area, the troops ln it, etc,, by examination or survey, for the next week it was the responsibility of each member of our unit to so over the entire area around the target daily, also at night. At the. End of the week of reconnaissance we got together to hap out our strategy and tactics. Immediately after getting our heads together ano discuss’ng our observations ne all agreed that although we hao originally planned for this io be a sniping job, the conditions were such that we could assault the target and deal with every one there. After a week of practically constant surveillance,, no more than six pigs were ever seen inside at any qn5 time, this tpck care of wfia£j the next thing was to decide when.

We decided oh monday night, we felt this would be the best night because the week-ends, especially saturday night, hao heavy patrols because of the tendency for the people to exert their misplaced aggressions on the weekends* also being the first work night of the week we felt not too hany people would be on the street, this turned out to be the case. So the decision was to move the first monday night after we had completed all of dur preparations, we decided 11,00 p*m, wquld be the eest time* we discovered- during our surveillance that the. Shifts were changed at 1.00 a.M, but he felt that was too late because at that time there is not much traffic and dur movements would de hore'conspicuous. &ut 11.*00 was late enough so that not very many people would be just hanging out on the streets. The next thing to deal with was hflw.

Because there were six of us we decided to use a small delivery vahl or pickup with a camper* the reason for that tfa$ we knew that once the job was done six niggers ln a car.Riding away from the area would look very suspect.

Next we decided one man would be left with the vehicle to keep it running, one man would be placed on the rear door of the station with a ,12 gauge pump tn case one of the cowardly pigs tried to run away and the remaining four of us would actually carry out the assault, we went through several rehearsals cwe called them dry r.Uns} so when the time came everyone would know exactly what to do and 7h1s would eliminate confusion at the decisive moment. Also if a patrol car came on the scene lwexpectedly two of us were assigned to deal with that.

During this period the 5,f.P.O, was bragging about hon they could respond to an alert anywhere in the city w1thjn 1 and 1/2 minutes. So we gave ourselves 30 seconds to clear the area after the first shot was fired* we found a good location approximately 1 minute away tq stash qur cars.

The next thing was armament. The man with the vehicle would have a 9mm pistol. The mafj on the backdoor would have a 12 gauge shotgun afjp the four of us whq mert tq assault the station would use 30 caliber hl carbines with 3q shot magazines me also carried 2 extra magazines in case a patrol car cahfi qn the scene ix1expected- lv while we were getting down. In case we mere stopped while we were getting away we carried 500 rounds of ammo [n the truck it might sound like we were loaded for bear but we wanted to be prepared for ant eventuality* each of u$ also carried a ?Mm pistol.

It was finally time for us to move. Early in the evening we met and went over olir plans. Everything was okay* the next thing we did was to put on cotton gloves, breakdown our weapons and wife each part down to completely eliminate any fingerprints* this was done in case someone dropped one. We didn’t want to give those pigs anything to go oh* we then sent out a nan to fino us some transportation* we would always wait until the last minute to rip off our transportation because with the pigs1 communication it is possible for a stolen vehicle to be on the hot sheet in less than an hour. We always wanted oufi ride to be as cool as possible. He returned with a pickuf with a camper 0(4 the back* I drove with one man riding shotgun, and the other comrades rode in the camper. I woke a black trench coat buttoned all the way up. Underneath 1 wore a suit and tie with a white shirt. After the attack I took off the trench coat and tried to look square. We arrived at the target and as an additional bonus there was a wet, heavy fog, typical of San Francisco. We parked and made a last minute check of the area, at that time a patrol car drove up, with two nigger pigs, this was good because there only appeared to be one pig inside at the time. One of the pigs was wfl-ca*frittd, whom we knew had a reputation for helping brothers out when th£t were being ha.Rrassed by white racist rigs. The other pig was a big burly bootlicking pig named tfeoae, the year before he had shot a brother in the fill-more district and the people moved on him* to quote him, "H£ wat acacued ui mfcx-te. Po-tice bjturchafl.A". He had to' go, but we decided to give a pass which turned out to be a mistake, in January of 196b the s,f,p,d, created a truly gestapo pivjjiw of the s.F.P.D, called the san fmju&u tac-t-ccat squad and was one of the first niggers tq sign up.

We waited for them to get inside the station- we got our stuff and moved out. The man was placed on the back door anu the four of us were at the corner of the building. At this point there hasn't anything to do but to do it. Wc paused without anyone saying a word. We all looked at each other( swallowed, them stepped on around the corner single file, the windows we were to fire through were very low, about waist high, the windows ran the whole length of the station, if you stood outside you could see th every room, but inside you couldn't see what was happening in any room but the one you were in. I was in. Front and ho owe wa5 supposed to f1rl unfll I reached the windows covering the last room. 1 passed one room and there was a pig looking out at he. He was cqdl, 50 1 was cqol + however, when the mm hen ind ml salf the pj g h£ assumed the pjg knew what was happening,. He called tf|e pjg a dirty motherfucker amd opened up fire. I ran to the last window and Waterfield and George were already on the floor. It appeared they were trying to find something to hide under. I opened fire and the rest of the comrades opened fire and for a minute it sounded like the fourth of July. I fired and hit George about six or seven times, turned to the other brothers., signalled and we got in the wind* we picked up the man on the back door, jumped in. The truck and split. As we were oil our way out of the area, it was approximately one minute before the first pig car pa55ed us on the way to the station with its reo light flashing and its siren wailing. It took u5 two minutes to leave the area, reach the place where we had stashed our cars, trans fer the weapons to the car I was driving and go our separate ways. I stashed the weapons ai our stash pad, then drove to a pad.

Just a little review here. We used .30 caliber carbines with military ball ammunition- if I remember correctly l&ljlge. Was hit six or seven times. He had emergency surgery, was in intensive care ano lived for one month before ke died. True enough, he was a big surly pig &ut we were firing from no more than ten feet* based on this experience I recommend the ,30 caliber carbine be used for target practice. It just does not have the knock down power we need. Prior to this operation we had trained extensively with our weapons and we didn't have to worry about them. This was very key to our success* not having to think about our weapons, we were able to concentrate on the job itself, for this operation it took the pigs ten minutes to seal off the area and set up road blocks, but because of our planning around the pigs' c*m.I* we were all well away and safe in those ten minutes.


More on Dealing with C.M.I.

We must begin to make direct attacks against the pigs' c.M.L au-rilla units must seek out and destroy vital links in the pigs* communication and transportation system. So make them spend millions, billions of dollars oh erecting cyclone fences, installing flood lights, erecting guard huts aho establishing foot patrols around every one of their communications' installations and every one of their vehicle parking lots in babylon.

Attack them at will. Retaliate and avenge every revolutionary death in the world that is done in the name of freedom and liberation from the pegs of the united states, and their lackeys, and their evil system of world slavery.

When we examine our history and study past slave revolts we see that almost without exception they were crushed because of agents and informers of the slavemaster. So when after an investigation we discover ahl agent in our midst they must be eliminated swiftly, the slogan must be, “Death to all informers”.

If we begin to intensify our efforts in these directions this will definitely deal blows and take away the pigs' advantage of C.M.I.

The use of incendiarys ano explosives are very important elements in the arsenal of guerilla units. Will play a very Important role in helping us deal with the pigs' c*m+I. Also sabotage in general will play a very important role in our struggle, simply because sabotage gives us more time in which to deal with C.M.I.


Correcting Mistaken Ideas

I have, seen many articles in underground papers about weapons ano many of them have put forth some erroneous ideas. The thing we must keep foremost th qur minds is we are in babylon and we must deal with our situation with the resources available in babylon, there is nothing more I would like to do than write and talk abou'I the ak 47. This (5 one of the finest assault weapons in the world. However, they are not available in babylon, neither is the ammunition. So it would only be an exercise in futility and a total waste of time, 1 have also seen long dissertations on the merits of the likes of the ,303 enfield, the vmm mauser etc., all kinds of bastard weapons ano calibers, not that these weapons are not good weapons, but our stash is the enemy’s stash, believe me they don't have amy of those oddball weapons or calibers in the1r arsenal. Ac huu w£ 4(ut- eenx't&te rrt flawing xlua. Weapons ift-e. Ituvc, if mot the same weapons they must be the same caliber. The time is fast approaching, it might be here, when we will mo longer be able to buy ammunition, when this day comes the source of ammunition ie the pigs* arsenal. So if you get caught in this situation with the likes of a .303 or a trtm or some other foreign caliber weapon, at that point it I s no better than a club.

By the same token if you have the finest weapons and don't know how to u5e them they are no better than clubs. However with enough of the correct practice and knowing where to place the bullet [t 1$ possible to kill an elephant with a .22.

However with enough. Practice with the following pieces and arming yourself ideologically, it is possible for you too to become a match for oble hundred, the same as those 11 panthers who were attacked by 500 pigs, had a 5 hour battle and survived, in December of 1969 in Los Angeles.


Self-Defence Weapons

Due to the brainwashing done by T.V., movies, comics, etc., there are a lot of incorrect ideas about firearms that must be cleared up, the first thing to understand is there is no one piece gun) that covers any and all situations. Although they show pigs on t.V. Ano in the movies killing people a block away with a snubnosed- .30 revolver, in reality this is not very practical and shouldn't even be attempted. From seeing too much wyatt earp and matt billon, toc many people think that if they rave a hand gun, either. A pistol or revolver, that they are ready for anything. All that is necessary to give you a different perspective is to examine the armament of the pigs that occupy our communities anywhere in babylon. When you do that you will discover that most pig cars have at least one .12 gauge pump or automatic shotgun, one or two bolt“act ion rifles with a scope mounted for sniping purposes and, of course, the pigs have strapped on at least one hand gun, either automatic pistol or a revolver. Im san francisco, the s.F. Tactical squad members carry two hand guns, their standard service revolver plus a second hand gun which is their personal preference, in many cases aw automatic pistol, so, at this time let’s examine these three. Types of weapons the shotgun, the rifle ano the hand gun,

The Shotguns; the pigs use the .12 gauge shotgun, either pump or automatic, loaded with 00 buckshot generally in crowd situations such as rebellions, the standard load is nine pellets per shell. However, there is the maghum load of twelve pellets per shell. These magnum loads are to be used only in magnum shotguns. If you use magnum loads I hl a regular shotgun, tou might not live to tell it.


The pigs also use slugs, one giant lead ball. They use slugs to knock armor plate off op doors and windows. There is also a tear gas shell now designed to be fired from a .12 gauge shotgun.

Every black home should have at least one .12 gauge Shotgun to be used to protect the door. Use 00 buckshot and it will deal with any criminals trying to enter uninvited.

Cuban guerillas used shotguns very successfully in the revolutionary war led by che and fidel, they would set up ambushes close to roads usually only a few feet away and shotglws loaded with 00 buckshot would have a devastating effect upon the occupant? Of cars and/or trucks. We can co the same.

There is another use of the shotgun at this point of our struggle, that is: the barrel of the shotgun is smooth bore there are no groves inside the barrel) therefore no grove-marks appear on the pellets. Therefore the shotgun ts ideal for executions because one of the methods of investigation used by the pigs is checking grove harks. This process of investigation used bt the pigs is part of what is known as a ballistic check. They can’t make ah investigation based on ballistic marks when you use a shotgun. Therefore, this is an ideal weapon fqr executions at this time-

The rifle: ecr-et jujce in caliber .30-06 or .308 c7.62 mh


Nato1 with a four power (4)0 scope, or stronger, mounted is a sniping weapon. A specialist piece. This virulent (deadly} comb- ination is for one purpose and due purpose only - yt or* tseiz piaee-d ata$. ....So each self-0efen5e wtt needs only one such weapon at this time, there 15 nothing more to de said about that, th aaaauix &£{£«. Is either semi-automat ic or fully automatic. Ideally it will have a mechanism that allows you to adjust the fir£ to either semi-auto off full auto. The limit available is that posed by the limit of the enemy’s arsenal. Here we will dlscu&s the host common seen in our communities carried by the occupying gestapo pig forces,

The ar-t5 caliber .223 is the semi-automatic civilian model called $pcr4tctt£" model of the m-j6 used in vietnam. The m-16 fires either semi-auto qr fully auto. After the lives of many brother were lost ln vietnam because the weapon mas new and untested, it has how been de-bugged and is fairly reliable, it can be found oh all military bases and some gestapo pig arsenals, the ar-15 was taken off the public market ano has seek replaced by the ar-16o caliber .223 the same as the aft-15 and m-j6 the ar-iso dogs not appear to be as good as the ar-l5, however many pig departments are stocking up on them.

Another good assault rifle is the n*h, caliber ,30*3 7,62 mh nato}. This is a very good weapon although it has been replaced by the lighter m-16 in the fascist military, most national guard units, at least in california, are equipped with the mt14. Check your local national guard availability.

T/tc trftoffljoj.Eft six-b-in good working order is very reliable th .45 acp caliber. It fires either semi or fully autq, one rewarding feature is it uses the same ammunition as the .45 auto pistol. Therefore wilt one type of ammunition is nece3s.Ary for tour stash. Check your local police/mafia arsenal for availability.

Finally the agp old n7-glumlitil caliber 30-.06. Very sood, plenty of them around heavy ano accurate way out, easy to set and plenty of ammo around, check your pawn shops and gun shops also some national guard units ano college rotc units have them readily available.

The m7-30 caubta coabznej use it for. Target practice and training. Assault rifles are to be used ih fire fights, more commonly known as shoot-outs. People waging wars of lilerateqn around the world also use assault rifles to annihilate (wipe outj their enemies in ambushes and im counter attacks against fascist military outposts as we have also done.

Handguns: There are two types, semi-automatic f15t0l5 w© revolvers. There are 50 many different brands amd calibers, I will only peal with what I consider to be the best choices.


.357 magnum rtwlirejl made by klther colt or smith & wesson. It holds six shots and with armor piercing ammo 1$ supposed to crack an engine block. Many pig departments have switched or are switch-ing from .38 special to ,357, there was an incident where a brother was defending himself against a pig and fired at the pig with a special, the bullet hit the plg's badge and has deflected. Hao the brother been using a .35 7 magnum that would have been one bar-b-cued pig.

9 mm autonazzc. Pzazozj although pistols are called "Aii* iiwltzfi", they are really semi-automatic, the trigger mas to be I rested for every shot. I recommend the browning 9mm automatic- it c0k£3 with a 13 shot magazine. With a round in the chamber that kakes 14 shots available. If you're up against someone with a six shot revolver they will have to reload two times aud youve still got two shots left. You can also purchase a 21 shot magazine. That's a lot of firepower for a hand gun.

.45 alltowluzc fzizozr this is still the side-arm issued to the u.S* fascist military troops. It uses the same ammo as the thompson sub. They also can be purchased in stores. There also seems to 8e a lot of these available tn the streets. Check with your local street merchants.

Weapons Training

Practice-Practice-Practice-Practice-Practice-Practice-Practice-Practice-. In order to perform well in your work on all levels it is necessary to practice. The more you practice the better you perform. Coh‘t think just because you have read something you can do it. You can. Memorize a book on how to drive a car but until you get behind a wheel and practice you still can't drive.

The first things to understand before you ever put a round of ao in a chamber are basic safety rules. 99$ of all accidental shootings happen with guns that aren't supposed to be loaded and/or by people that say "I'm sorry, I didk»t know it was loaded". Therefore, rule is: tfte. /zlit chzng tfou. De waen jfeti pzdfe up a a apart z4 ckftcfc to m zt u ttacted. Keep your f’nger off the trigger and follow the following procedure, point gun away from area where someone could possibly be shot. If 1t is a revolver swing cut the cylinder, if it is a pistol, remove the magazine and pull back the slide* even after tou have unloaded the sun and see that it is unloaded, treat the gun in the manner as if it were still loaded, never touch the trigger unless you are practicing trigger squeeze (explanation later?, firing on training ground or dealing with the enemyu never point a gun at antone you dw't intend to shoot. I canft stress these points enough* they seem simple enough, however, people generally who haven’t had any experience with pieces violate the$e rules constantly- if I ah ever shot accidentally by some idiot it will &e very difficult to suppress the desire to blow his or her head off, providing I'm ohly wounded*

”In Guerilla terminology, strategy is understood as the analysis of the objectives to be achieved in the light of the total military situation and the overall ways of teaching these objectives.”

Ernesto “Che” Guevara


Due to the fact that self-defense actively will not see united to daylight hcuks you should learn to break tour piece dcn ajo assemble tt even tn the dark* vflua tlrft dtptnife oh si do !■£..♦.

After you've gotten this down, the next step js to learn hqw to aim and fire your weapons properly. All of this is to ee done before you ever put your first round of ammo in the chamber, the first thing to deal with js proper sight alignment. Sight alignment is lining vp your front sight with your rear sight correctly. Your front sight lined up with your rear sight and both lined up on the target is called the pzizuat", the correct sight picTure basically is having the front not too high or too low, not to the right or to the left, but having the target resting on tor of the front sight, the sight ptcture will not always appear perfect, but if thf correct sight picture is umderstooo practice will bring improvement.

The next thing to get down with is; tazca. ''that's right, you squeeze the trigger. You don't pull it or jerk it, contrary to whatever you saw oh t.V. Trigger squeeze is the pro-cess of putting slow steady pressure on the trigger until a shot goes off. Jf you try to anticipate the shot, you will jerk. And hess up your aim.

One other thing to watch for is; novtlfltftt □ ( tfctia pzcutfc wfezefc rf/lojn bwucjtzrtq, which also hesses up your aim, one method op breath control is: take a deep breath, lfit out half of it, holo the rest of it, then begin your trigger squeeze,

On.E thing to guard against is {£xjt4/tlkj, flinching is caused ey being intimidated by the sound and kick of your weapon. With


Proper trigger squeeze and breath control, you won’t have any problems with flinching. If you have problems keeping all your shots tn a fairly small group or. If you have a problem just getting your shots on the target anywhere you are probably flinching, have someone watch-you as you fire. And they will 0-e able to tell you whether or not vol are flinching.

It would be ideal if you could incorporate iuto your group a veteran of the pics' military service. Veterans are of great value and assistance in helping with the aaove training,. Al$o when you are ready to begin practice with live ammunition. When practicing with live ammo make sure your location ts where tolj won1! Be fiasseled by pigs. Actual combat conditions can be deadly as a training ground. When practicing with live ammo remember: iz u vaiuixbzt. Don't just start popping caps for the hell of tt* the whole purpose is to prepare yourself to be a “ toxch jtf* tfltt talw.Tetf1 which will only come as a result of correct practice*

”In military language, tactics are the practical methods of achieving the grand strategic objectives. In one sense they complement strategy and in another they are more specific rules within it.”

Ernesto “Che” Guevara


A Word to the Brothers in the Military

If you check the history of the united states since the pilgrims landed at plymouth rock you will see that black people have plated a part in every war that the united states has engaged in. In every instance, when slacks were armed and sent into battle, it was in the interest of those in power, whose interest it was to k£ep nig&ers in their place. After each time that blacks mere used as cannon fodder an£ the particular- dispute was over, the blacks were disarmed and sent back to a life of suffering and deprivation, the very things that blacks were told they were 0-e1nc sent into battle to safeguard, such as freedom and democracy, have been historically denied black people. This includes the present war of genocide that is being waged against the indo-chinese people. It is also interesting to note that ln more than one instance, when the bodies of black brothers that have been killed in vietnam have arrived in their home towns the racist dogs would not alldw them to be buried in the local cemetart, a whole book can be written o« how w£ and the vietnamese people have been victimized by this cruel ahd barbarous war, that 15 perpetrated in the interest of the ruling clique of swine in babylon.

I appeal to all of you brothers in the flos* military, anp j appeal to all of you that haye fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins ano any other type of relative qr friend in the pigs1 military to encourage. Them to do the. Sajhe f to come on home. You are needed at home to wage war against these lying figs 1m the name of freedom and liberation for yourselves and all oppressed people* do not let the pigs disarm you ttils time. Pm bring them home. if you check and see what the plg$ are doing to black people right at home, you can see that you need everything that you can get* we nee’' everything that you can get. If iou can get a tank, get it* tn the meantime, while you are still in the service there is plenty you can do. You don’t have to wait until you get out. Turn your weapons against your racist officers. Destroy as much of the war machinery you can get your hands on. Glow up trucks, airplanes, especially helicopters that they have begum to use when they attack us right here in babylon. Blow up communication machinery, blow up fuel dumps, ammunition dumps, blow up everything that can be used against amy people anywhere. One of the most important things you can do is supply freedom fighters from among the people with weapons, we need sub-machine guns, hand grenades, plastic explosives, some of those nice compact rocket launchers and bazookas, also we need all the ammunition you can get. We need any type of weapons that we cam use in our war of true liberation, that has already begun. As we have seen in the past, you brothers in the pigs’ military are in a very strategic position, don’t let them disarm you and send you home empty handed this time. You have picked up thf gun, willingly or mot, for the same racists that send you to jail aud won1! Give you a jo&. So keep the guns and use them for your and your people’s benefit.

Also when your unit is sent into some community to put down the people, turn your weapons over to the people. It would fie even better if you helped them fight. Here I will quote eldridge cleaver, the minister of information of the Black Panther Party: ”You are either with your people or against them, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem, weither help our people, by refusting to help them make it easier for the enemy to destroy us, there are no two ways about it, either quit the army now or start destroying it from the inside”.

”Wherever death may surprise us, it will be welcome, provided that this, our battle cry reach some receptive ear, that another hand reach out to take up arms and that other men come forward to intone our funeral dinge with the staccato of machine guns and new cries of battle and victory;”

Ernesto “Che” Guevara


Fund Raising

I would like to sat a little here about fund raising. The growing humber of political prisoners and prisoners of war, their families ano the families of our fallen comrades must be provided for in addition to the evert dat needs of the fighting units. So this must be provided for.

Due to the level the struggle has reached 1 ah doubtful if the traditional means of fund raising can provide all the necessary funos to meet all the needs of our struggle. All such efforts must se intensified. However, those fuhos raised by traditional means must be augmented by funds raised by other means. The means of armed attacks upon financial institutions for the purpose of taking back the profits of the world slave system. There should be ho places where the pigs keep iheir stash that are safe from attacks by guerilla units for the purpose of puno raising. Because we have used this method traditionally and most of us are used to this type of activity, I feel it necessary to issue a warning that this type of activity should not be taken lightly. The same amount of planning must go into fund raising as a unit would put into assaulting a police station. The pigs' c.M.L. Covers all spheres and must be accounted for when planning any revolutionary activity.

How we must initiate armed struggle within an urban guerrilla context

Since the year 1619 when the fi«t slave ship landed with human cjrco from africa, to toil as slaves ln the wikt-d, innumerable methods have been used to gain our freedom amo liberation. From praying and begging to ihsurrections. From sit-ins to riots, and now we are witnessing the birth of the urban guerilla.

Throughout this hi storyj and along with all of this activity there has been an over abundance of rhetoric. Our people have been talked to, lied to, tricked, begged and cajoled into t*vtng all kinos of fruitless methods to gain freedom an© liberation. There are even those people who have tried to make armed struggle and revolution palatable through rhetoric ano con-games, imagine, irv «.Ng to con the masses into picking up the gun to wage. Ah armed revolutionary struggle 4ga1mst the most barbarous.Power structure in all history!11 this is the way of cowards, advocating for the masses what they themselves ape afraid of. This will not 1jq. What is required is correct examples amd

The overall strategy must be to organize those forces, ready to get down at this time, plan tactics, make preparations and then launch am organized attack upon the power structure. This will in turn educate and mobilize the masses and lastly bring about the day when enough of the masses see the validity of armed struggle. They will then begin to use it to bring an end to the evil system of world slavery headed by the racist power structure of babylon- this is the overall view.

Initially the revolutionary forces must be organized in such a way as to provide the maximum security possible without greattng machinery so cumbersome that it’s non—functional. Material resources 40

Must be obtained to support aho sustain the existing forces . While these preparations are being made, political education and thaining must be intense. After this machinery is together then begin to initiate action.

The following is a partial list of things required to sustain guerillas operating in urban areas in babylon;


Arms and munitions

Reo areas bases



In.Fqrhation ano propaganda

security and intelligence


political education

dlcal needs

method of recruitment

logistics of material resources

Tactically, in order to firmly establish armed struggle as a tool, the masses will accept and use, actions must be within. A context they can relate to as being in the service of their needs. Exftltlpuj whatever mass actions are going down in the community armed actions must go down in support of these actions—-say there is mass activity in a community around the welfare issue, the development of this struggle must be followed closely and at the proper time armed actions must se initiated in support of the particular demands.

In order not to end up operating in a vacuum doing large actions that the masses can only relate to abstractly, actions must be planned in support of their day to day demands. We most always keep our goal in mind, which is to educate the hasses to the fact that armed struggle is’ the ohly real way bv which an end can be brought to the bull5hit the pigs are putting down .Aho as enough of the masses join us we can finally deal the decisive slow to rid the planet of all evil gentry.

This brings us to what we wul call propaganda actions. These actions will be of such a mature that they will receive nationwide and worldwide coverage through the pigs* newsmedia, e.G+ political kk mappings in exchange for political prisoners and/or other demands-. These actions will give the guerillas the opportunity to speak. Jh| their own name and put forward thelr program- the first such action can also 6£ used to inform the people and the pigs of the guerillas’ existence.

Don't waste time on polemics with other organizations. Let those who disagree, disagree. I say the only laboratory to test ideas is practice. Those with’ ideas that others do nol agree with can only be proven correct or incorrect through action n0 rhetoric.

We either seize this moment in history and step on,-r the world stage qf armed revolutionary struggle against all oppression s'ro exploitation or we turn our backs on our h[5t|rical task and leave the masses struggling and stumbling on the darkened path, the path darkened by aoo years of the most 'barearic treatment of man by man in all history. (ijtcu'uiz.Rtd acifl the struggle will continue. But at this time. We have the power in our hands to speed up time. It is time for all of you who have something tq teach, by example on the battle"- field, to step forward, wd need I remind anyone that ”The duty of a revolutionary is to make revolution”. D.C.

Self-Igniting Molotov Cocktail

[Omitted Chapter]

People’s Handgrenade

[Omitted Chapter]

Construction of a Simple Time-Bomb

[Omitted Chapter]

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