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This week, we’re sharing audio from anarchist prisoner in the UK, Toby Shone. Toby was arrested in November of 2020 after a car chase and during 5 simultaneous raids on residences in the Forest of Dean outside of Bristol.

Toby was accused of being responsible for the insurrectionary counter-info anarchist site 325.NoState.Net as well as participation in the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front, authoring communiques on behalf of IAF-IRF & the Earth Liberation Front, funding terrorism and being involved in the sabotage of a cellphone tower and having information on explosives. This raid and the case were brought in conjunction with the attempted linking of a diverse array of UK anarchist projects with terrorist charges via Operation Adream, which Toby understands to be conducted in conjunction with intelligence services from the Netherlands and German. The court failed to convict Toby Shone on these charges and only succeeded in convicting him of having and distributing hallucinogens and got 3 years, 9 months. Toby was then re-arrested while out on probation for having a cellphone and attending a prisoner support event.

You’ll hear two audios from Toby, first him explaining his conviction and situationduring his first incarceration, and then you’ll hear Toby recently answer a few of our questions and updating listeners about his recent re-imprisonment in HMP Garth, far away from his supporters in the Bristol area. Much thanks to Brighton Anarchist Black Cross for supporting Toby and this conversation. More information at Brighton ABC and Tobys supporters have noted that he’s been receiving pretty spotty treatment for his cancer and not getting a healthy vegan diet and so has lost some weight of recent. Tobys mail, including letters and books haven’t been making their way to him at HMP Garth. It’s requested that supporters consider writing Toby a postcard, letter or email to help him through these next 8 months or so before his scheduled release and to inform his crew at forestcase (at) of the mailing so they have a record in case it doesn’t get to Toby.

Notably at that website you’ll see information about an upcoming International Anti-Repression Gathering happening in Brighton from March 30-31st. There’s information about signing up for the event at Brighton ABC’s website.



Final Straw: Airing on Asheville FM, 103.3 LPFM in Asheville, this is the final straw, radio, weekly anarchist and anti authoritarian broadcasts and podcasts emanating out of occupied Charlie Land in Southern Appalachia. We bring you voices and perspectives from projects and struggles all around the world, and you can find our archives, transcripts, ways to follow us and support us. At the final straw>.

Toby Shone

Final Straw: This week, we're sharing audio from anarchist prisoner in the UK. Toby shown Toby was arrested in November of 2020 after a car chase and during five simultaneous. Kids on residences in the Forest of Dean outside of Bristol, Toby was accused of being responsible for the insurrectionairy counter-info anarchistsite as well as a participant in the informal Anarchist Federation, International Revolutionary Front, FAI-IRF, for authoring communiques on behalf of that group, as well as the Earth Liberation Front, for funding terrorism and being involved in the sabotage of the cell phone tower and having information on explosives.

This raid and the case were brought in conjunction with an attempted linking of a diverse array of UK anarchist projects with terrorist charges via so-called operation ADream. Which Toby understands to be conducted in conjunction with intelligence services from the Netherlands and Germany.

The court failed to convict Toby shown on these charges and only succeeded in convicting him of having and distributing hallucinogens, for which he got three years and nine months. Toby was then rearrested while out on probation for having a cell phone and attending a prisoner support event, so you'll hear 2 audios from Toby, first him explaining his conviction and situation during his first incarceration and then you'll hear Toby recently answer a few questions from us and updating listeners about his recent reimbursement at HMP Garth. Away from his supporters in the Bristol area.

Much thanks to Brighton anarchist. Us for supporting Toby and this conversation and more info can be found at Also, Toby supporters have noted that he's been receiving some pretty spotty treatment for his cancer and not getting a healthy vegan diet and so has lost some weight of recent. His mail including letters and books haven't been making their way to him at HMP Garth, so it's been requested that supporters consider writing Toby postcards, letters or e-mail in order to help him through these next seven or eight months left. Before scheduled release and also to inform his crew via the e-mail address <> that you've been sending him stuff in case he doesn't get it, just so they have notes for the lawyers.

Notably at the website of Brighton ABC, you'll find information about an upcoming international anti repression gathering happening in Brighton from March 30th to 31st, and there's information there about signing up for the event as well.

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Then we were able to get an interview with Nicholas of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to catch up on what's been happening since the presidential election of libertarian capitalist Javier Malay malaise. Presidential campaign was highlighted by his claims to subvert the status quo Peronism a socially liberal. Form of populist democracy with decades of complicated contexts throughout the 20th century, he's claimed to be quote, anarcho capitalist, UN quote all those policies since election have been nothing short of classical neoliberalism. Cuts to social welfare, hamstringing of Labor unions, rights to strike. They can pick it, and doing away with common regulations of capital while Americans have sought to understand Malay by comparing him to former U.S. President Trump, Nicholas outlines how this comparison falls short. We also talk about the role of organized anti fascists in expecting continued clashes with the police, the social space and boxing. MDA Cotorra del Barra. And how the call for a general strike by mainstream labor unions in Argentina largely fell flat. First, I'd like to share a few brief announcements for folks who hear this in time. You're invited to mourn the death of Aaron Bushnell, anarchist and U.S. soldier who self immolated on February 25th in front of the Israeli embassy in DC. Protest the US complicity and an arming of the Israeli genocidal war on Palestinians. This gathering will happen at 6:30 PM on Sunday, February 3rd by the Craven Street Bridge over the French Broad River in Asheville. Next up, Rashid, Minister of Defense of the Intercommunal Black Panther Party, has surpassed the 70th day of his hunger strike, demanding transfer to a lower security medical facility near where he can receive comprehensive treatment for his prostate cancer. And he is suffering dire medical consequences as his organs began to shut down. You can hear an interview that we did with Japan. The wakarimasen of the IRB PP on the earlier stages of this hunger strike from January 21st LinkedIn, our show notes. But there's a sample script and some numbers for you to call that you can find in our show notes as well to try to advocate on behalf of Rashid to Virginia government authorities. 2. Save this man's life. Next up, Mumia Abu Jamal, longtime political prisoner former Black Panther, supporter of the move organization, underwent a double bypass heart surgery on April 19th of 2021. His doctors prescribed cardiac diet and regular exercise for recovery. To this date almost three years later, the prison has failed to provide. Area with required cardiac diet and opportunities for exercise. More of this, including places you can donate to as legal and Medical Defense Fund and who to express your concerns to for Mama's life and safety, can be found at or a LinkedIn. Our show notes. Finally, elder political prisoner of Lakota Dakota and Anishinabe dissent Leonard Peltier. Has been in prison for roughly 47 years, and at nearly 80 years old. After this long behind bars, his physical, physical health is ailing. His supporters are asking people of conscience to contact US senators and representatives to appeal for medical care for his eyesight and other. Needs including his access to a wheelchair. There are lots of backgrounds on this case, but you can find a February 17th, 2019 interview that we did with Paul at the toe LinkedIn. Our show notes on his case and in our show notes. You'll also find a sample script and some people to reach out to in positions of power to. Again, request basic medical support for an elder who is being killed in US prisons. Thank you and onwards with the show.

Toby Shone Recording from 2022

Toby Shone: My name is Toby Shone, and I am an imprisoned anarchist held in Bristol Prison who is kidnapped and gunpoint by the anti terrorist unit as part of Operation A Dream in UK. The repression was aimed to target the anarchist group of critique and praxis, 325 collective, and the website Operation ADream is an attack by the British state in conjunction with the European partners against anarchist direct action groups, counter information projects, prisoner solidarity initiatives and the new anarchist critique of the technological singularity, and the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution.

Operation ADream is the first time that anti terrorist legislation has been used against the anarchist movement in the UK.

I was taken hostage by the regime on the 18th of November 2020 by a team of tactical firearms cops after a car chase through the remote Forest of Dean, which is on the border with South Wales, one hour north of Bristol.

At the same time, coordinated raids took place at 5 addresses in the Forest of Dean against collective living projects, hangouts, and a storage unit. I was taken under armed guards to a nearby police station where I was held incommunicado and interrogated many many times. I refused to speak during the interrogations and I did not cooperate with the murderers in uniform.

I was charged with four counts of terrorism. One charge of Section 2 dissemination of terrorist publications as a suspected administrator of three two charges section 58 possession of information useful for the purposes of terrorism. Those being 2 videos, one of which showed how to improvise an explosive shaped charge, and the other demonstrated how to burn down a mobile phone transmitter.

I was charged with section 15. Funding terrorism, which was related to cryptocurrency wallets hosted on, which were for the support of anarchist prisoners and publications.

I denied all the charges.

I was also accused during interrogations of membership of FAI-IRF, the informal Anarchist Federation International Revolutionary Front. I was also accused of writing five documents and carrying out several actions in the Bristol area. Which were claimed by cells of the FAI as well as those of the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts. These included an incendiary attack against the police station. The burning down of a mobile phone transmitter and liberation of animals. Bristol is an area of UK where there have been countless anarchist sabotages and direct actions taking place over the last two decades and which remain unsolved by police despite multi £1,000,000 investigations and joint media witch hunts against anarchists in the city.

From the collective spaces and hangouts that were raided during operation ADream, the cops seized hundreds of copies of 325 number 12 magazine. Dozens of anarchist pamphlets, books, stickers, posters and flyers. Laptops, mobile phones, printers, hard drives, cameras, radio frequency jammers, GPS units, smoke, noise and flash chargers, replica firearms and cash.

In the evidence produced against me was numerous anarchist publications, including 325 number 12 magazine. Which is about the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution. The pamphlet incendary dialogues by Gustavo Rodriguez, Gabriel Pombo de Silva and Alfredo Capito, which is published by Black International Editions. Also the text What is anarchism by Alfredo Bonanno? Dark Knights newsletter. Small book anarchy, civil or subversive? by 325 and Dark matter publications. Flyer in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Alfredo Caspita and Nicola Guy. A flyer against the COVID-19 lockdowns called face the fear fight the future. As well as many other texts and publications in solidarity with anarchist prisoners and revolutionary organisations such as the CCF, conspiracy of cells of fire.

I was remanded to ones with prison in London after appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court and held under anti terrorist conditions. I was denied to make any phone call in the prison for 10 days as well as a similar embargo on my mail. I was denied to see. My lawyers for six weeks. 23 1/2 hour solitary confinement with sometimes up to 48 hours without being able to leave the cell for anything other than to collect and kneel. No yard time. For the first three. Weeks and then only allowed to go outside on the yard once a fortnight for 35 minutes. No gym, no library, no education, no activities. I was held in a dungeon like cell with no natural light and subjected to deafeningly loud construction noise. As it was placed by the counter tower unit next to a new section of the prison being built. My letters, phone calls and associations all subject to routine monitoring and censorship, with constant obstruction to access from my lawyers post and books. I did not receive the full case against me for many, many months.

Operation Adream. Is a montage, fitting together disparate, unconnected elements typical of repressive operations in southern Europe, which has spread across the continent. This is now being deployed by the British police. Operation ADream seeks to present the conspiracy of cells of fire as a continuation of the armed Marxist Leninist Revolutionary organization, November the 17th. This is an important fantasy for the purposes of repression in this operation. As November the 17th, is a prescribed group in the UK.

Most importantly, operation ADream sought to present the diverse range of anarchist groups, publishing projects and prisoner support initiatives as an array of organizational hubs for their execution and glorification of terrorism.

The case was authorized by the Director of public. Prosecutions Max Hill QC. The investigation revealed at least the participation of Dutch and German cops. The hidden hand of the security services and an international dimension to the operation, based on previous waves of repression in Spain, Italy and Greece, was evident during my interrogations. I was being asked to pre written script of questions which, for instance. Even detectives appeared to understand why it was being. Asked. As the entire operation was a marionette, guided by others to achieve a political purpose. About that, I can only quote the murdered anarchist Bartolomeu Vanzetti, who remarked "the higher of them. The more jackass." It is certainly appropriate as on the 6th of October 2021 at Bristol Crown Court. I was found not guilty.

However, I was condemned for the possession and supply of class A&B narcotics, the psychedelic medicines; LSD, DMT, psilocybin, MDMA and marijuana. As these were all seized from the collective spaces. I was sentenced to three years, nine months. I'm also fighting against a serious organized crime prevention order, which is demanded by the anti terrorist unit and the prosecutors. The order would put me under a form of house arrest. For up to five years. When I finally got released. With a punishment of up to five years, if I breach the org. The order would control and monitor my daily movements, contact with others residents, usage of money, devices, international travel and so on. It demands precise information be given to the cops. Of all my friends, contacts and loved ones, and it's simply a means to monitor and criminalize my friendship and living environments. My trial for that is scheduled no earlier than the 15th of January, and the investigation against me continues, as does operation ADream which is aimed at the 325 collective. I want to thank all those who have supported me. My heart is open and strong and I am determined. I send to you all a huge hug and a smile.

Toby Shone Interview

Final Straw: This is the final straw of radio and you just heard anarchist prisoner Toby shone talking in 2022 about his prosecution and incarceration in the UK. Next step Toby answers a few questions from us and speaks about his recent request and the current state of his capture. More on Toby's case can be found at We're speaking with Toby Schoen, Anarchist, currently incarcerated, and Garth Prison in Leyland. Thank you so much for being willing to have this conversation.

Toby Shone: My final straw radio is Toby. I want to thank you for this opportunity and express my gratitude for the anarchist Black Cross, Brighton, for facilitating.

Final Straw: Prior to this conversation, we played your statement from 2022 about your initial case and imprisonment in order to get some background to your situation in your own words, the Brighton ABC website describes your arrest your rearrest while on release to a halfway house. But I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing what happened to you and where you are now.

Toby Shone: I was transferred to the long term High security prison estate in October 2023 after a fireworks solidarity demo from my case outside where I was previously locked up in Bristol Prison. I'm currently in a. Salem Sea Wing Garth prison in Northwest UK. Were around 850 men in this prison, the majority of which are on very long sentences or life. It's a brutal and unforgiving environment, but my heart is strong and I'm as stubborn as ever and I remain unrepentant and anarchist to the end. I was arrested last year in September by a tactical unit acting under command of the Southwest Counter Terror Police. And spent nine months in conditional liberty after release under Mapper multi agency public protection arrangements. The National Security Division classified me as dangerous and posing a high risk of serious harm to the general public and the. State. To justify my arrest, the counter terror police and National Security division indicate my abject refusal to cooperate with them, possession of an unauthorized smartphone. And attendance at. Prisoner solidarity dinner at base Anarchist Social Center in eastern Bristol as part of the International Week. Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, which takes place every year from August 23rd till 30th.

Final Straw: In your explanation of the case that we played before you spoke about operation a dream, the raids in your community, the terrorism charges, accusations of responsibility for publishing dangerous materials and the attempt to link you and other comrades and projects to international struggles and illegal activities, the Crown prosecutors failed at. Convicting. Convincing the courts and following that failed to successfully impose a serious crime prevention order as CPO. That would have not only further limited your association and travel, but had the purpose of social mapping your relationships and hopes of wrangling you back into prison sooner. Could you speak about the continued political pursuit of you by the UK law enforcement under the guise of criminality since they couldn't get you in politics? Or is that an inappropriate distinction for me to make?

Toby Shone: About the continued investigation, little is known other than the investigative reports served that detailed the intense surveillance I was under during my conditional liberty. So far, there have been no more raids, only harassment and monitoring, including a notable border detention and attempted interrogation under the counter terror Schedule 7 legislation of a close comrade returning from Barcelona some time ago.

With anarchists and those engaged in revolutionary struggle, we can expect ongoing, undefined, continuous surveillance and pursue in this social and political crimes and merely expedient reasonings for state agencies towards their aim of neutralizing their enemies. It's clear that I, along with other comrades, have been under investigation for many years and even now within the prison walls, I remain under enhanced close monitoring and the attempted disruption of my contact with those outside. None of which will suppress my intellectual speech and the transmission of the anarchic ideas. All the investigative reports, surveillance logs and counter terror analytics are worthless trash composed by the human garbage of the state.

Final Straw: In addition to the contents of that January 2022 statement, have there been any revelations concerning operation ADream or similar or coordinated law enforcement attacks on anarchists and libertarians in the UK?

Toby Shone: It's known that price coordination, including that of cross-border cooperation, exists, but again little is known definitively at present. But what is more important is our coordination, our international struggle, the next generation of social war against the state, capitalism and the technological singularity. Towards this networking, we propose an international anti prisoners gathering in bright and March 29th to the 31st of this year. This event is only the first part of a renewed set of encounters to support all imprisoned comrades and the struggle against the prison industrial complex.

Secondly, we propose an international anti-technology gathering to take place in an as yet unconfirmed city in mainland Europe, in the autumn of 2025. The details of this meeting will be available at the end of this year. Aside from the coordination of practical encounters, we can also mention the cross pollination and blossoming of our struggle in the streets for which no police coordination has yet been able to prevent nor destroy, and the days and nights belong to us.

Final Straw: Would you please tell us about the current condition of your confinement? Access to exercise, books, lawyers and your supporters, including the impacts of moving you so far from home and your main support network?

Toby Shone: I'm basically locked up for 22 and a half hours every day in a very small sub. As to my access to books, it's very difficult due to the conditions and subject to to receive them. Have been denied over 7 books already and it's the same with my correspondence which is heavily censored. I receive very little. The strategy of the National Security Division is based on trying to prevent you from perceiving social support and isolating me from that support, to that end of this move. For the long term, high security prison estate.

Evidently it's a pathetic and failed repressive move which only makes me more determined and steadfast in my outlook and my perspectives.

I welcome cards and letters, and I reply to each one that I receive. You can also contact anarchist Black Cross Brighton to send me greetings or to stay in touch. I am in daily contact with my excellent legal team and we're working on a parole application. I doubt I'll be released before my sentence ended. I have yard time each day for 30 minutes and I have access to the gym twice a week.

Final Straw: I know the huge concern for folks that are incarcerated as healthcare, and it seems pertinent to ask you. About that, since what the state was able to convict you for were the drugs that you were treating yourself with on January 22nd outside comrades published a letter of yours talking about endangerment. And indecencies that you've experienced with your cancer and oncology treatment? How is your health and what's the status of the medical care that you are able to receive?

Toby Shone: As many of you know, I'm in remission from cancer, and it's been a difficult journey that some of you also face or will face, and for Britain's healthcare usually does not exist. There's a response team for drug overdoses and suicide attempts for the aftermath of fights, stabbings and beatings. But in my experience, there is no effective healthcare in the prison system in the UK. There is only neglect and the endorsement of the prisons torture. Generally, the conditions are very bad. And healthcare is mostly a racket for the widespread issuing of drugs to keep prisoners compliant and addicted to opiates and psychiatric medication.

Final Straw: Could you speak about? Your experiences with other prisoners, or any lessons you've taken away from your time resisting repression or while you were held in prison, that could be helpful or insightful for me or other currently outside audience members.

Toby Shone: I've always enjoyed really good relationships with the other imprisoned guys on the whole. Prison might be a horrific, dehumanizing and violent place, but your life will continue inside. You'll find a way to live meaningfully. If you keep your head up and stay positive. Hold on to your dream.

What many folks on the outside don't realize is that they also live in a prison, a social prison. And those who risk nothing gain nothing. So never let your fear control you inside or out. In your heart, nurture your strength and your kindness. If you want a better world, prison is where you may end up and this is worthwhile of respect. And the revolutionary path has always had losses. But, we can use each day to learn to learn. To keep ourselves supple and to fill our in our life with wonder.

Here we are behind enemy lines and we are on a war footing. Listen more than. You speak, keep yourself clean and well fed. Don't fraternize with screws or snitches. Don't become involved in gossip, death or the black market economy. Go to the gym. Get your food. Get out on the yard, maintain your routines and your interests. Only you can give away your dignity and your self respect, and no one can take it from you. Life does not end when you enter the gate.

Final Straw: Would you like to say anything about the support networks that have spread your word reached into you to contact you and have acted or spoken in solidarity with you from the outside?

Toby Shone: I want to express my solidarity with every comrade looked up in prison and send an embrace to all those in. The support networks. Well, the name was translated as and agitators. To the international groups of the anarchist Black Cross and the countless groups of individuals who are active. To the forest case, the Dark Nights, to our chaotic project, to the Western Alps Anti Repression Fund, many thanks.

The revolutionary movement can be assessed by the extent to which it takes care of its captured fighters and to the extent it continues to struggle. I want to emphasize is the restructuring of a global network of resistance which has the destruction of prisons and the state at its core.

In this everyone can play their role. In the ways they choose. I want to speak of the need to reestablish an Atlantic bridge of comradeship, affinity and social law. And I will stress the importance of the struggle against the new industrial revolutions and the singularity to come.

I'm with you when you put pants on paper for our imprisoned comrades. I'm with you at the benefit dinner. Solidarity gig. The demonstration at the occupations and evictions and the barricades on stones and fire rain from the skies. When the fear changes size and there with you all. Because our struggle is one. With a hug, a helping hand and a raised fist I'm beside you.

Final Straw: So you're scheduled to be released in November 11, 2024, four years after your initial arrest. Do you have any post relief support that you need? Do you want a mention that you want to mention, where folks can throw some money or help you transition out of prison?

Toby Shone: Yes, I'm scheduled for release on the 11th of November this year, but we cannot rule out the megalomania and dirty tricks of the British regime. Which I've already been threatened with recently. I expect to remain under surveillance and harassment. By the National Security Division and counterterror police. And this will also affect the comrades around me.

We lost two out of three collective living spaces as a result of the raids in November 2020 and incurred substantial losses. The forest case does not concern me solely. I can't forget about those on the other side of the walls.

Those under investigation are hunted. If you want to contribute to the anti repression Solidarity Fund for operation ADream, please contact Anarchist Black Cross Brighton at <> Or the <>.

Thank you again, final straw radio. Initiatives like this break the imposed isolation and help us prisoners to escape the walls and the barbed wire that separates us.

I've tried to answer your questions as best as I can. And any errors of interpretation and dictation are mine. This is Toby Shone, anarchist and chaotic, signing off, thanks all for listening.

Final Straw: This is the final straw radio on the Pacifica network and you just heard our chat with imprisoned anarchist Toby shown at HMP Garth in the UK.

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Interview with Nicholas

Now, you'll hear a conversation about the recent demonstrations and repression around austerity measures from President Javier Miley in. In Argentina, as well as the anti fascist gym and cultural space, la Cultura del Barrio in Buenos Aires.

More info, a longer version of this chat and show notes up at our website TSR dot WTF.

Final Straw: 1st, If you could just introduce yourself and some of the projects you work on in Buenos Aires.

Nicholas: Hello, my name is Nicholas. I'm from the southwest city of the country. I'm living in 29. And I'm part of accident and the. First section from. Here. Just. Well, that's, that's me. If you have any more questions.

Final Straw: I yeah, I think I'd be excited to talk about LCD B la Cultura del Barrio, but but maybe we can talk about that. There's a later in the interview as well. But let's let's kind of jump in so. For, you know, English speaking American audiences who who maybe don't follow Argentine politics very closely. Mulai is just recently elected and the most of what I feel like has been talked about in U.S. media is that he's he's kind of the the Argentina version of of our Donald Trump. So I'm curious if you could, maybe you know. Who is middle a? And you kind of just talk about how did he become popular enough to win the presidential election? Like, what was his mass appeal?

Nicholas: Yeah, well, it's a. Very new federal it's not like Trump. I think Trump, it's like more. A patriotic if you want play it, it appears like to. Kind of freedom speak idea. That in the fact that the fact. He's trying to apply, like, not a liberal policy, but a illiberal policy because it's have a liberal speak on this course. I don't know how to say this course, so. I don't remember.

Final Straw: This course, yeah.

Nicholas: And but trying to apply all the the the policies by decree you know for example the last month the government tried to apply a necessary. Great. To apply like 700 laws. Without discussing it in the Congress, it includes prioritize the football clubs, for example, giving him the rights to apply laws without the Congress for two years, manage the economics and social policies which are the Congress. Obviously the the left wing parties or the OR the Social Democratic parties. Say stop, we can go it. We we go with. So a lot of people, which voting also notice that that's not what we will do, you know, like you were talking about liberty, freedom, about the free market, etcetera. Checking out the. Subsidy. The benefit from the poorest people. But he can't do anything of that. But he needs the money from the poorest classes to the weakest. The thing is, I don't know when the government could give money to a private company. He's starting with that. Which are very big companies like MercadoLibre. It's like the Amazon. Or something. Like reducing taxes for another companies, big companies, but. It's not. About the my the protest, the administrations. The first one, the big the biggest one. Was three weeks ago organized by the biggest union. It's like the the mix of 2020 syndicate. You. But they were there. Driving by three persons with they are very, very rich people. They are in the same charge in the same. Presidency of the Union, like for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years. So they have a lot of power too. They used well, they organize that, that demonstration. It was like half a million people around the country. But it was like one day for two for 2-3 hours and that's all. And then when the Congress tried to apply the. The you know, the new Detroit, a lot of people goes out to the streets and there was like a some fights against the police or against even the same organization. But then the government get down the the the decree, because a lot of people that in the in the Congress that said to him to the government that they will vote for that. And the last time they didn't do it. So the government says well. We will do in a month, two months the rotation the. Take the vote again to vote. So we are waiting. So what's gonna happen?

Final Straw: Yeah. So you said you talked about how there's like a lot. There's a big kind of feeling among Argentine voters who are saying this is not why we voted for you. Like you're doing things that we didn't think that you would do. What do you have an idea or a feeling of why people voted for me like?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Final Straw: Like, why was he popular?

Nicholas: Is for example, as popular is because the social media is been growing like for the last five years in social media, mostly in the young people. Also, the another candidate with the Economics ministry. And you got you got to know that that. The little agreement which 180% of inflation, inflation. Would you say?

Final Straw: Inflation, yeah.

Nicholas: So the people still want to vote if you're good boating to a better, better candidate to a better government, you can build the government that leave you with your salary like. Nothing like. Also, the Millay was talking about in the campaign to people who which got the streets to make these transitions. And here it's a daily thing, you know, every day you have, as we say. Is when the people cut the the streets so you can go on and you have to see the demonstration. A lot of workers are tired that because they have to go to the work and they can go because they can go along the street or they show a lot of people that didn't work but have some benefits from the state. So a lot of people don't who don't like it that. I'm late, I'm late. I think to myself, he used to shut a lot, you know, screaming alert with courses and the for example, the parties, they are very correct politically correct to the most project workers don't want to be. Politically correct. They want the things done. He he he used that to to run a lot of people. Poor people, you know, saying well, if you if for example, the politics don't work, we don't pay them. If the politics have a lot of money, we will reduce their salaries. They have, they talk a lot about the establishment. You're the the la Costa. About how the the previous governments have a lot of people working in the different states. Of the state. Different organizations, ministers, etcetera. And the little people saying saying like, well, I'm paying taxes to to pay politics, politics or people we just giving work. I think it's that was the best, the best model, the more most influential part, just he's discussed. Also.

Final Straw: Asked.

Nicholas: He claimed to be like a Messias. You know the guy who will come to Argentina to save the the country's top by by his dead dog. He said that he talked with his dead dog. Also, he clowned his dead dog and create four or five more. The dogs with the same. He said that I made human history, saves him, that he gonna save Argentina. And the people didn't even say, well, you're being crazy. You're talking with your dog, you know? But no, no, the people. Yeah, he's dog. He's so sweet. He told me. Please don't take dog. You know, but nowadays I think the people, a lot of people voting, they say, well, well, we have to give him some time to go around to apply the policies and we will see. In a year. But the people are can't now can't even. Pay the. We have a goal of the price around one hundred 150 and from a dollar to US $3 the ticket, you know, so you people say well. Not only you are not taking the money from the politics of the big companies, but also you are growing the the the price of the. Tickets, you know. So it's a very good candidate, good person. You know, it's. It's a freak. It's like the last month. It's dating with a famous actor. And he went to the theater to see her, and kissing each other in the scenario, you know, in front of the cameras, like, oh, that's gross. You know, you're a president. You have to be, like, more serious. I don't. I don't. I can't understand why. I understand why she won the the the elections by, but not not why the people looking.

Final Straw: Yeah. So it sounds like we you, you, we can't really characterize or like describe Millet supporters as fascists or or members of the far right?

Nicholas: No, no, very far from them, yeah.

Final Straw: It it seems like he has very mass appeal in that mass appeal came from people being upset with the status quo of Peronism. Is that true?

Nicholas: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. No. The people more even. For example, the a lot of fast fascist organization.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Nicholas: Or like they're now. They're not even fascist. You know, they transforming to a kind of all right or you nationalist but not forget, for example, another fascination doesn't like him because he's pro Israel also he. Talking with Sony monitoring, Transitional Monitoring, international phone. To take a new loan to pay debts. You know? No, they're like all people like upset with the birth, as you said, I'm looking for a new kind of for government. Any kind of discourse of and even another kind of discussion in the streets about politics, because the, for example, the families policies was a very big part of the signal of the last government and a lot of people didn't. I think 2 come back because there was. A lot of. Money from the state going to that kind of transition while the people have salaries like from $10 to $100 per month, we say well why we have to support the government which gives a lot of money from to our. Organization. For example, let's for us. So I think that was a very big part of why he want to. He was upset with that kind of politics.

Final Straw: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So it sounds like the alt right, the fascist scene is kind of they're also displeased with Mila, but for different reasons, because as you were saying, his support for Israel's far right as they shifted their style of the ideology in response to Miller. Are they? Are they just kind of ignoring him? Like what? How is Miller's presidency impacted the the far right?

Nicholas: There's like two sides. One side to booking. Because they want money, I think. Just right. It's like between ignore him and between against some policies, some politics, but supporting us, you know. For right in Argentina it's a very good part of the population. They're not big, not with like the 80s or 70s. The far right organizations were a lot were much bigger than till now. But nowadays they pass like to Social Democrats, the right, you know, building right organizations. But, for example, one of the most notorious discussions of play was saying that the Pope is the representative of the. The earth.

Final Straw: Wow.

Nicholas: So, well, then he he said, sorry to the poor. He was in like a week. Well, with the all the, we thought that he was in Israel, so it was like friend with the Israel that with the Vatican and we are happy. For example Argentina have a lot of population serious organization here. So with a lot of power. Because they do a. Lot of things. People, they were saying like, well, if you are some Nazi stuff or some kind, we will support you. So he's like you. He says that he's a shoe now he's in a process of transformation to be a shoe. But then when he went in the background.

Final Straw: 2.

Nicholas: We go to say no, I'm Catholic girl. I have my convictions, but if you don't like I. Have another you know. Nowadays it's like going to from here to 8 from 8 to 3, like in a in a second.

Final Straw: Yeah, A-Z in a second, OK.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Final Straw: Well, let's shift gears a little bit. I want to ask you how how are social movements responding to Millay like, what are, what has, what has been the role of anti fascists in the last couple of months in in responding to his his Presidency and and what he's managed to get through Congress?

Nicholas: Well, nowadays, for example, we have organizations and different orientation. We will obviously. Participate in all manifestation transmission. We also are making policy politics information about classes about antithesis, about. Friends. Also, where we're training to combat, but another social move. And they are organization organization, a lot of stuff, a lot of jobs are meeting a lot of debates just to be prepared for the worst, you know, for the. Well, if they. Approve the loss. We have to go out the street and GMs. It's gonna be messy.

Speaker 0: Yeah.

Nicholas: But also there are a lot of. Patient that without the money of the state can't even work. There was a lot of parties or social socialization that to distribute the money that the state. Gives to them. So now when the state can give them more money. Summary. They have. They haven't got the people because the people say no, there's no money, there's no nothing. So that's a big problem. Because you can, you can see, for example, two years ago, three years ago, demonstration, A manifestation with, I don't know, for example 5000 people. And if you count them like 300 where? They even know what they were taking. There are other people. It's like you have to come to your manifestation because you're part of the organization. Because we give you money. So that's a problem for another position, I think. I think that's something that. That had to happen because those organizations, they're only managing the the, the, the poverty. You know, they're not giving benefits. They're not giving. We're giving nothing. Just having a meeting with the Social Ministry. They say, well, I we will give you 500 coupons for 500 words to travel or morning and then they. Take the third part of. That and generate money to the people.

Final Straw: Yeah. So it seems like these other organizations are are maybe not accompanying or not taking advantage of this moment to increase political education of of kind of what they're doing and maybe people are. Tagging along just just because there's a crowd is that kind of what you. Were saying. So we kind of talked, you kind of brought up a little bit. I wanted to ask you about UM, the kotura, the barrio LCD B, you said anti fascists are training and as you know I I've been to I've been to the space, so I know a little bit but I I don't think that most anti fascists in America. Know about LCB? So yeah. Why don't you why don't you talk a little bit about like what is LCD B, what are the boxing classes you guys are doing in the gym and out out in the barrio and how what's what's the importance of LCD B in this new kind of state of? You know, anti labor reform.

Nicholas: OK. Well, as you say. Mario, it's an antifascist club. We can sing a. Very big SIM. With where we train both we have been, we are working since 2011, yeah 20/10/2011. As well as the place you we used to have meetings, trainings, projection, debates, gigs. Another thing? Yeah, so.

Final Straw: Karaoke.

Nicholas: So. We also. And we have the space we used to to take the people to meet them, to meet there with a lot of organization people so they can know us as we think as we are antifa as, as I said you before we we also train combat sports. To be prepared. So temperature is we have to clash with against the police or fascist or whatever. But also wake up for example, classes of marches, anarchy. Just to not be only muscles and not be only brain. You know we have to be like a mix of all that here in most areas we are very alone because we we have a documentary. It's interesting which is playing what we what we are what we think for example we are also continuing. There's a lot of organizations to teach them about self-defense or organization organization. Us, the self-defense of some expectations and computations. Also we we have our relation with another car clubs from different countries, but we. As as a globalist organization and devices and the action we try to be involved in, in a lot of things, you know, different stuff. For some, we have a a person in which we give people guys classes of books in a pool hood. The neighborhood in the southeast part of the province. You know in the yeah, the South is a very poor place and we we train them both about politics and talk a lot. We try to be involved with the families to meet. Also trying to work with different kind of artistic manifestations. But well, for example, if the against the new laws about job flexibility etcetera, we we know that we the only way we have to we can combat that is in the streets. Organized with our organizations in the streets, but not only in America station just because because we have to talk to. Someone with the. General people about projects, about how genos gonna gonna make us a pure Janet. We are now. For example, if you're a supporter, you're gonna lose your club and it's gonna be a private company nowadays. It doesn't come in Argentina. The clubs club. By their support, by their associates, and there are a lot of stuff like that. With the the new mega law, you know. I don't know what what else did? You ask, I love my.

Final Straw: Yeah. Yeah, no I that's alright. I asked you kind of a lot of questions. I I think your response kind of led me to a different another similar question that is related. Has there been reactionary violence towards the manifestations against Miller like from Miley supporters?

Nicholas: No, not now. But we think that's gonna happen eventually. For example, the last station, a lot of Malay supporters were saying we're gonna go to the street, and we're gonna fight the leftist that long a single one person appears. I see most of the supporters are. Social medias burdens and they are true like tools like they act like that. They say they can say I will going, I'm gonna kill you if I see. You in the. Street, but you can see them in the street because they are not in the. So maybe it's gonna happen if the left wing parties of the left organizations have more became more combative nowadays. They are also in social media. Most of the relay against Millay. These clothes are like. The performances in TikTok, you know, like Miley, it's bad, Miley and it's you're not gonna stop along to be singing in the in to talk. You know most of the things that the people supporting me instead of talking about the the bad thing. Just talking about the people like no Miley's gonna do that. And people, yes, I I gonna I want to do that him to do that instead of saying yeah you're gonna be poor and now your your salary became like. Working now, but they are talking about anything else but not the important things that they're gonna think that it's the.

Final Straw: Yeah.

Nicholas: The more important because. It's like it's gonna affect all the people, not only the left. People or the? Socialist people are the people they will affect. All those answers as a class as a working. Class. But let's be let's parties here. They're not classes anymore. Just talk about everything but not class. You're talking about the tourist getting fired in Australia. They talking about how you know how their people, how? I don't know. Now I don't remember another. For example, they they were against. Military, petrol, petrol. Oil company. In a country that we have, no. We have no shops. And that to someone. Mary gives a lot of people. To the job and the money. And then against that, but they say for example, we have to close that that company, but we can we can support the the people Mr. Shop. It's it's it's incompatible. Incompatible. You know, it's your clothes. The people gonna get fired. Yeah, that's how it works.

Final Straw: So it sounds like what you're saying is that the the left has lost the class analysis. And that's driving driving some of the working working class people to feel alienated from the.

Nicholas: Yes. Left talking about that. They.

Final Straw: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I had, I don't know. I don't know if you can talk about this, but I saw I saw on social media that there was a a bomb threat to LCD B. During the strike was that, did I read that correctly?

Nicholas: Yeah, yeah, it looks like they called to the police that saying that we have a bomb in the club they see. The bomb in. The club the same day as we have a meeting there. As we think it was done by a little kid coming to police like. There's a bomb or. In the first place, but the people, the police, the police came. Now the door we have to enter the the guys and I wasn't there that in that moment the the guys just called to a lawyer lawyer for us. And they say, well, you have to open the the the door or open the door. Because they it's not like it's not. Not not when the the police look look in your home to looking for bombs, for example or guns or yes, drugs or whatever. It was nothing like that. It was like we're gonna enter the squad bomb. They enter moving with a lighter. That's nothing. Let's go. Just that. But as we think, it's like a a guy who called the police and said that's not to bother us. Nothing else for now, I hope.

Final Straw: Yeah. OK. So my my last question for you and this will be kind of niche. Because the nature of how football is run in Argentina is very different than how it's run in the United States. So for, for example, football in the United States, all the clubs are owned by big corporations, big CEO's with a lot of money, whereas traditional in Argentina, as you said, it's. That the clubs are financially owned by the associates, so it's like the memberships of the clubs, the people who go into the fill, the stadiums and the. Verses they, you know, have that ownership into the club in Argentina. How has Millay tried to change that? Because I understand this is very big in Argentina, but I don't think most Americans will understand this.

Nicholas: Well, as I said before, this big long this camera in a part that. Now it will be allowed. To the big companies to buy a thing. A football team for the club. Not only football club, for example, like here in the club and not only football, they have balling, handball basket and a lot of sports because the clubs here's like part of the society. There you go in the club in your club, you go in your kid, your school, you meet your friends. You will go to A to have a dinner there, or a dance in the club. It's like a part of your life with the new law. Us they were allowed to be company to buy the teams. All the a lot of people saying well no, we are the owners of our club, our colors, our name for the biggest team which goes into my. Changing world. It's one of the best teams of Argentina, the biggest I think. For example, they were the first that say no, that's it's supposed to happen because they have a lot of identity. The car is there, the hood, the hood. It's like you are going to the street by the street and it's all painting on the club colors blue and yellow. The people feels the club like like a friend, you know? You stay with them with the club. It's bad always Google is going faster when going the. The sending for example. It's you have to stay with.

Speaker 0: Him.

Nicholas: Nowadays, a lot of clubs have financial problems. That's a big problem.

Speaker 0: Here.

Nicholas: Because they try to buy some player to or have a correct themselves, and they they steal money or a lot of stuff like that. But. No one will allow to sell their class because here, as I say you, it's like part of your life, but not as a as a thing that you pay to go to a scene using sports and then go to your to your house and you are not involved. We were hearing about making the the barriers making, for example, human rights. Some clubs have human rights parts, for example, they talk about the supporters died or disappeared in the last dictatorship and they make memorials and they. Make UM. For the families or for example, they. They do dances or a lot of stuff to finance the people who don't, can't pay, for example, education or whatever. They use their installation, for example, big clubs here, like they have their own schools. So the people who train in the club, mostly in the football teams, they can study there and and train there for because there are a lot of people that came from different states. Two playbook agents and radar independent and they're allowed to sleep and. To live there. They have like hotels for patients and the local.

Speaker 6: Yeah.

Nicholas: But if they they give the the time the the clubs to the big corporate corporation, the big companies, it's will be a problem because all of that will disappear because it's not really trouble, you know, you can earn money for the social the. Human rights part of your club. The and for example, if you for example, you book a cereal, they then come Red Bull and buy vodka and then they call vodka Red Bull vodka. It's like they are. They are killing you. You know, it's like you can can you can change my the name of my club. Because all the essence of my black is. The name and the colors. And the neighborhood. They maybe move the stadium from LA to because it's more you have more profits if you move the stadium, it's it's it's, you know, it's gonna be the the, the football, the little part of you know more. We know that we have some dinner. They will kill us. They will kill that.

Final Straw: So football and Argentina is very much like a part of people's everyday lives. In society in Argentina, it's not. It's not like, you know, like he's just opening up the finances for a sports team.

Nicholas: People here. It's like a really.

Final Straw: Yes.

Nicholas: You know, they they people say the people I think you asked in the in the street a lot of people will say you that they they are say for example but they are fanatics of to the team and they live to the to the team too and they have the names of their children are relate to the to the. To the team, for example, a player or a whatever. Yeah. And when she too is my owner. So I think all the people that support football, they are supporting her to to sing good with Marina do in this situation. Yes, marijuana would say good yourself. Nothing for the people.

Final Straw: Yes. OK, Nico. That's all the questions I have. This has been really excellent. Thank you so much. Is there anything else? Yeah. Is there anything else you want to touch on before before I close?

Nicholas: Thank you.

Final Straw: Out the interview.

Nicholas: Wait, if you need anything else, sorry for my bad English, but. I have to practice.

Final Straw: No, this is great. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Great to see you. I'll talk to you soon, Nico. Bye. Bye bye.

Nicholas: Soon.

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