FBI Agent Terry Turchie, who supervised the UNABOM federal task force, tells and shows what agents encountered upon discovering Ted Kaczynski's cabin in the Montana wilderness.

Terry Turchie: I was with another agent, Pat Webb. Pat was an explosives agent. So we kind of opened the door just a bit to the cabin and as we opened the door, we were both pretty much overcome as we as we looked across the cabin at the shelves that were built on the other side of the door. We could see coffee cans and bottles and jars, and they all had labels on them and they were very meticulously done and we could see that some were labeled with the name of certain chemo. One of the things we saw was a hooded sweatshirt. You know, that was hanging up there and the cabin smelled as if you might. You might start to think if you really think about this, this is a person who lived in this cabin, had a a cutaway spot in in the floor to go to the bathroom, and if he needed to and had built fires in the cabin, there was an old pot belly stove in there so the smell of smoke was in everything. Pat Webb turns to me and and he has tears in his eyes and and one running down his cheek and he said "this is it, we found the Unabomber, at long last, this is over."