Title: Items seized from Kaczynski's cabin
Topic: news stories
Date: First screenshot on 3 May 1999.

The following is a partial list of items, compiled from court documents and various news accounts, found in Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski's one-room, 10-by-12-foot cabin in Montana by FBI agents in April 1996. The actual list of materials, collected over a 13-day period, is 34 pages in length.

  • The typewriter used to type all identifiable Unabomber correspondence since 1982

  • A carbon copy of the manifesto (the original was sent to The New York Times)

  • A handwritten draft of the manifesto

  • Handwritten or carbon copies of several letters that were sent by the Unabomber, including those that accompanied bombs

  • A handwritten autobiography written around 1979 which contains the statement that Kaczynski intended to start killing people and that the purpose of the autobiography was to explain that he was not sick

  • Notebooks written largely in Spanish or in code and journals written in English which together contain admissions or inculpatory statements to each of the bombing incidents

  • Three-ring binders which memorialize Kaczynski's experiments over the years with various types of bombs and explosive chemical compounds

  • A piece of paper on which was written the secret 10-digit identifying number used by the Unabomber

  • Green paneling nails which have been forensically matched to green paneling nails used as shrapnel in the Murray and Mosser bombs

  • A fully functional improvised explosive device similar in design and construction to the Murray bomb and which can be forensically associated with components of the Epstein and Gelernter bombs

  • Bomb components including triggers, initiators, pipes and chemicals

  • Box containing "misc. papers, newspaper clippings, bus schedule, addresses of corporate officials and maps of San Francisco"

  • .25-caliber gun (Raven Arms), magazines containing bullets

  • Bolt-action .22-caliber rifle

  • Remington model .30-06

  • .22 caliber black-handle revolver and nine rounds of ammunition

  • Hand-made gun with spent cartridge

  • Gun cleaning kit

  • Hand tools, including file, drill bits, saws, tweezers and hacksaw

  • 232 books including volumes on eastern mysticism, a guide to the Bible, "Comes the Comrade," "Les Miserables" Volumes I and II, "Growing Up Absurd" by Paul Goodman, and chemistry and electrical circuitry books

  • Seven rolled-up maps

  • White piece of paper that appears to bear some kind of mathematics equations

  • Plastic shopping bag containing Montana driver's license and $32 cash

  • One bottle of Trazadone, an anti-depressant

  • Documents in which some Unabomber victims'names and occupations were mentioned

  • Batteries and electrical wire

  • A blue zippered sweat shirt, a green hooded jacket and two pairs of plastic sunglasses

  • Three mittens

  • A mousetrap