Title: Were the Unabomber’s Predictions About Technology Correct?
Author: JRE Clips
Date: Jan 7, 2020
Notes: 4 years after it's release the video has 4.5 million views.

JOE: Do you know what happened to the Unabomber? Do you know how that happened?

MICHAEL: The brother? Yeah, it's because he was pedantic.

JOE: Oh yeah, it was that, but it was also the Unabomber himself Ted Kaczynski was a part of the Harvard LSD studies.

MICHAEL: Was he?

JOE: Yeah they cooked his brain.


JOE: Yeah there's a documentary about it called ‘The Net’.

MICHAEL: Someone wrote a great tweet where they go ‘plot twist, Greta Thunderbird grows up to become the Unabomber in a redemption arc.’ I'm like that is hilarious because he was a very violent environmentalist and a very bright man.

JOE: He was a professor at Berkeley, so he went to school at Harvard, they put him in the Harvard LSD studies, that cooked his fucking dome, and then he disappeared, went to Berkeley, worked as a professor to earn enough money, so he could buy a cabin and implement his plan to kill everybody who was involved in technology, so he'd stop this takeover of the human race, which probably is true.

MICHAEL: Yeah, John Waters, the director [of the FBI], he has a replica of the Unabomber’s cabin as a room in his house, isn’t that great, I love that.

JOE: Who's got the real cabin?

MICHAEL: Oh that's a good question.

PRODUCER: It was at a museum I think that actually just closed, so I don't know where it's at now, there was a museum called the new museum.

MICHAEL: They took the whole cabin and reconstructed it? PRODUCER: I believe I've seen pictures of it, yeah.

JOE: We need to find it.

MICHAEL: Wow, that's really cool.

JOE: We need to find it.

MICHAEL: I love stuff like that.

JOE: I do too.

MICHAEL: I did an article years ago about all these relics, like where's Monica Lewinsky's dress and like she's got it hidden somewhere.

JOE: Do you think she does?

MICHAEL: Yeah the people that researched for the article said she still has it.

JOE: Oh my god, what a nightmare for poor Bill, you get your dick sucked in ‘94 and this lady's still carrying that jizz stained dress, like Jesus Christ lady, let it go, he's probably thinking ‘well she's probably thrown it away by now’ ‘no! No, bill, neveeeer, neeeeeeever.

Producer puts a picture of the cabin up on the screen.

MICHAEL: Oh wow, I thought that was a replica.

PRODUCER: I mean it says it was it and that it closed last week. So, I don't know where it's at at the moment.

JOE: Wow, they closed last week? I missed it by a week, shit. That could have been out here bro. We could have… That would probably be an expensive buy, that would probably have been like me and Marilyn Manson auctioning against each other.

MICHAEL: I guess we're just gonna have to mail someone a bomb.

JOE: He would probably buy it.

MICHAEL: Who Manson?

JOE: Yeah.

[Producer puts a picture of the original typewritten manifesto on screen.]

JOE: Is that the manifesto? Woah. That’s dark.

MICHAEL: Holy crap, everyone tells me to read it, I haven't read it, but they said it's very smart.

JOE: I read parts of it, that's one of the things that's disturbing is just like well thought out. And also the argument is sound, technology will inevitably lead to better technology, which inevitably leads to artificial intelligence, which is inevitably gonna take over the world.

MICHAEL: Well, there's that whole singularity thing right. What's the... Ray Kurzweil... and I don't know, I haven't checked in years, but I don't know if we're on track with what he predicted, I think we're supposed to be further along. Because remember in the 50s [people said] there were gonna be flying cars and there's no flying cars.

JOE: Yeah he's a 2045 guy and what he says is that the exponential increase of technology if you follow it to... the prediction is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2045 they'll achieve this singularity.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but I think they're also finding now, that there actually is somewhat asymptotic and it does at a certain point, you are having like physical limitations to increasing the speed and it's not gonna be that easy.

JOE: Yeah well then quantum supremacy comes along, do you know they're trying to change the name of quantum supremacy because ‘it confuses people with white supremacy and we really shouldn't support that so we need to change quantum supremacy’

MICHAEL: They also they had was at IBM where whatever had the quantum computer and the other people like this isn't really quantum because of blah blah blah, mmm this was a big controversy just in the last month.

PRODUCER: I found its new location, after the Montana Historical Society tried to get it, it now exists at this fun place,

JOE: The FBI experience. PRODUCER: Because they own it.

MICHAEL: Just a propaganda house.

JOE: Wow, so he was in Montana when he was blowing everybody up?

PRODUCER: Yeah, someone tried to buy the land I guess or it was for sale at one time, but whoever runs this museum tried to get a hold of it and I guess the FBI said ‘we're gonna keep it’.

JOE: Yeah I can understand why they would want to, right?

MICHAEL: Of course, yeah.

JOE: Very valuable, people will probably go to the FBI Museum specifically just to see that cabin

MICHAEL: No one wants to go to the FBI Museum otherwise, would you go to the FBI Museum?

JOE: No. Did his brother suspect that he was doing it all along, before the manifesto or did he read the manifesto and then…?

MICHAEL: Well, because the Unabomber as a kid was always annoyed by people saying ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’, because he's like no, no, no, it's ‘you can’t eat your cake and have it too’. And the Unabomber used that phrase, air quotes, “correctly” and the guy's like... that's my brother! And that's how they figured it out, because he was being a pedantic dick.

JOE: Oh!

MICHAEL: Yeah, so everyone who's correcting people and spelling on Twitter, shut up and relax.

JOE: Oh, that's crazy, I thought he just recognized the style of writing.

MICHAEL: No, I mean, double check me, but I'm 90% sure this is correct.

JOE: You're saying that now, and it's actually ringing a bell, yeah god damn. But, I mean imagine if he was just a normal guy and they just filled him up with acid and

it made him say ‘oh my god, the technology's gonna take over’, and he just started... His calling in life is to kill the people that are advancing technology with bombs.

MICHAEL: When you're that smart, you're already kind of tripping because regular people don't see like the same thing as you do.

JOE: Right, and maybe a little schizophrenic, and then they fill him up with a fucking half a gallon of acid.

MICHAEL: Like how much did they give him, do you know?

JOE: Who knows, they were experimenting with people.

MICHAEL: I'm sure it's not gonna be small doses.

JOE: Do you know what operation midnight climax is?


Joe. It’s one of my favorite fucked up CIA experiments they ever did, they went to brothels, and they set up a brothel with all these prostitutes and these John's, and they dosed all the guys and use hidden cameras, and you know because the guys couldn't talk about it. Because like... ‘What happened Harry?’ ‘Somebody gave me a Mickey, they slipped me a Mickey and I had a bad time.’ ‘Where’d this happened Harry?’ ‘Oh I don't know, I guess I was at the diner or something, you can't say I went to the whorehouse to try to get my dick sucked, and they gave me acid, these assholes’. You can't say that.

MICHAEL: And we've been trained since kindergarten that if someone says the CIA has experimented on regular people, and admitted it, they will tell you with a straight face that that's a conspiracy theory.

JOE: Yeah.

MICHAEL: They will just use that word and stop thinking and we've been trained for decades. And it's like wait a minute, we've been hearing for three years that

there was a conspiracy between Trump and the Putin administration, that's a conspiracy, but whether it's true or not, Epstein was a conspiracy, he was conspiring with a lot of people.

JOE: Yeah.

MICHAEL: Weinstein, Bill Cosby, these are all conspiracies that are widely known, but if you, as soon as you hear that term, like racist, oh conversations over, I don't need to hear anything else. It’s amazing.

JOE: Oh you believe in conspiracy theories? Oh yeah [right].

MICHAEL: ‘What, [do you believe] 9/11 didn't happen [as well]? Come on.’