Title: Kaczynski: ‘Lots of People I’d Like To Hurt’
Author: Various
Date: Nov. 3, 1997

Unabomber defendant Theodore Kaczynski displayed bursts of rage directed toward his parents and also wrote his brother that “there are lots of people I’d like to hurt,” according to court documents.

Kaczynski’s “attacking manner and extreme antagonism” toward his parents troubled his younger brother, David, who recalled several incidents during interviews with the FBI.

In one incident, Kaczynski wrote a note to one parent that said: “I can’t wait until you die so I can spit on your corpse.”

The San Francisco Examiner published some of the remarks Sunday, culling them, along with several letters, from thousands of pages of court documents.

In another letter, Kaczynski told his brother he had “a good deal of anger in me and there are lots of people I’d like to hurt.” But, the undated letter continued, “the reason I’ve never committed any crime is that I have been successfully brainwashed by society.”

This portrait of the 55-year-old Kaczynski’s disturbed family life is described in a series of interviews relatives gave FBI agents in the winter and spring of 1996, shortly before David Kaczynski’s suspicions led authorities to arrest his older brother.