Title: [censored], wife of “Eco-Extremist Mafia” is a vivisectionist
Author: L
Date: Sep 16th, 2018
Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180916184557/https:/325.nostate.net/2018/09/16/ [censored] -wife-of-eco-extremist-mafia-is-a-vivisectionist-usa/

Continuing our exposure of the nihilist-right and eco-fascist group, Church of ITS Mexico, we briefly look at the wife of [censored] (Abe Cabrera), editor of “Eco-Extremist Mafia” publication Atassa. We inform the facts that his wife, in the course of her studies into fields of ‘scientific research’, Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology, has performed horrific experiments on animals.

A little bit of research can confirm that she has committed vivisection; useless and torturous cruelties done on living beings for no other reason than to progress with her own paltry and worthless career papers, just to throw away those little animals like they were nothing. So, this is the life-partner of the editor of the supposedly ‘iconoclastic’ ‘eco-extremist’ journal Atassa, and this is the family environment [censored] is in with his kids.

Let’s not forget the divisions, incitements, smears, hatred spread by [censored], because he believed his secret ideology was somehow more ‘radical’ than the anarchist ideas.

The death threats against our anarchist comrades, against Scott Campbell, John Zerzan, ourselves and others. The claims for the ITS murders, the attacks on anarchist spaces, the reveling in the killing of Lesvy Berlín Rivera Osorio, Brad Will, Heather Heyer, those mocked in earthquakes and floods, killed in terror attacks in Europe and the Middle-East by IS/Daesh. This is what [censored] is responsible for glorifying in, translating, inciting – a fantasist of death living in the banality of middle-class American life.

And now it is revealed, that this partner of [censored] is a vivisectionist and a Catholic. What sweet irony.

Where is your eco-extremist curse now?! Where the fuck is it?!


[censored] now works as a paralegal at the same firm as [censored], her workplace email is:


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