Theodore Kaczynski showed flashes of annoyance Thursday when two prospective jurors disparaged the Unabomber's 35,000-word, anti-technology manifesto.

"I read part of the manifesto and quit reading it after a while," a businessman said during jury questioning.

The defendant, an irritated expression on his face, took off his glasses, crossed his arms across his chest and rocked back and forth in his chair at the man's remarks.

Another man said he had tried to read the manifesto but found it "too long." The defendant stiffened in his chair at that comment.

The first man was dismissed from the jury pool after saying he believed Kaczynski is the Una-bomber. The second man was one of six allowed to remain in the pool of potential jurors Thursday, bringing the total number of qualified panelists to 38. U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. is seeking a pool of 64 from which lawyers will choose the final 12 plus six alternates.

Prosecutors and the defense have been skirmishing over how much jurors will be told about Kaczynski's mental health. Prosecutors have objected to the defense introducing claims of mental illness at trial because Kaczynski has refused to be examined by government psychiatrists.

Kaczynski's lawyers said the defendant had decided not to attend a major hearing on the issue set for this afternoon. Burrell, saying it was important to know if Kaczynski recognizes the importance of the issue, then addressed the defendant in a stern voice.

"I need to know if you understand that your refusal to submit to oral examinations could preclude your presenting any evidence in a mental status defense?" he said.

Kaczynski leaned over to his attorney, Judy Clarke, nodded his head vigorously and whispered in her ear. "He's aware of that, your honor," Clarke told the judge.

Defense lawyers fired a final volley in a war of legal briefs before the hearing. They urged the judge to ignore government pleas to bar all mental defect evidence.

The 55-year-old former professor is accused of 16 bomb attacks that killed three people and injured 29. He is charged here with four bombings that killed two men and maimed two others. The government is seeking the death penalty.

He also is charged in a bombing death in New Jersey.