Title: The Unabomber: Killer Virgin’s Secret Love Letters
Subtitle: It got lonely in Ted Kaczynski's cabin!
Topic: news stories
Date: Aug 2, 2017
Notes: These letters were a forgery according to a linguist who advised the FBI, but worth archiving to note the type of media that has floated around about Ted.
> ... the first questions to be asked of the QD include “Is this information accurate?” and “Who wrote it?” Often, the answer to the one may depend on the answer to the other. Many such documents are hoaxes. Examples in the Unabom case include two handwritten love letters from “Ted Kaczynski” to “Tess,” documents ignored by Jim Fitzgerald but used by John Douglas to predict Kaczynski’s behavior while in prison. As it happens, the “Tess” letters, obtained by a newspaper shortly after Ted’s April 1996 arrest and duly forwarded to the FBI, were forgeries.