Title: About ITS and Virtual Threats
Author: Anonymous
Topic: Eco-Extremism
Date: Sep 8th, 2017
Source: 325.nostate.net
Notes: Translated from La Rebellion de las Palabras.

This text does not claim to be an answer nor does it intend to disarm some discourse, and much less is it meant to be a criticism. It is a response to a series of threats received via e-mail, with which, it seems to me, these people have definitely hit rock bottom and cannot become more ridiculous.

Various texts and critical reflections from different parts of the planet have been moved in recent months against the ITS in Mexico and in general against the whole self-called "eco -extremist". We can read the contributions of groups insurgent anarchist groups in Mexico, as well as the criticisms of other comrades such as Eat of Indonesia, the criticism made by one of the blog managers It's Going Down! of North America, or the two texts published in the United Kingdom, entitled Eco-extremism and the indiscriminate attack - The Church of ITS Mexico and Darko Mathers was not an eco-fascist. It was quite obvious that this "eco-extremist trend" would receive an answer.

After all, in recent years the dialectic between the different groups of direct action against domination (whether they are anarchists or not) has been a constant, exploiting the actions to establish a fruitful dialogue that sharpens both theory and practice, improving the blows of those people who, in a timely and strategic way, or as an already indispensable part of their lives, have chosen to attack here and now. And of course, the responses of the ITS (Wild Individuality) were not long in coming, but I must say that they proved more disappointing than I thought at the beginning (and yes my expectations were difficult to surpass).

And as the various blogs participated in one way or another in the dissemination of these criticisms (translating, sending, publishing), we did not take long to receive ridiculous threats from these people, in which in addition to revealing information on companions, relating to concrete spaces of struggle (compromising their safety and that of space), they also rejoiced at the attacks of the Islamic State which took place in the great European cities, as well as the death of our comrades, for example of Heather Heyer, whose murder at the hands of the neo-Nazis during a counter-demonstration in Charlottesville a few weeks ago it was celebrated in an email recently received.

Below, I transcribe a snippet from one of their messages ... intimidating? which they sent me, and which seemed particularly revealing to me. I am not transcribing it in full because in the undisclosed part this gang of talkative vigilantes reports data of specific comrades, informing where they collaborate or where they collaborated in their political action, and spreading it would compromise these people.

(...) the anarchist humanitarians of the United States have been run over by the neo-Nazis (two equal sides of cocksuckers), and the Islamic State has finally hit Spain where your son of a thousand whores is! While it is known that these facts were not perpetrated by eco-extremists, this is the sign of the savage curse that has fallen on you and your loved ones for defaming us. Beware, shitty atheist, that ancestral spirits have released and will torment you until your death! "

Faced with this I could not help but laugh with laughter, even if love. It continues to intrigue me that the person who sent me this outburst (and whose email is, moreover, “agrio@riseup.net”), did it from a Riseup account. Isn't Riseup a server run by those American "anarchist humanitarians" compared to neo-Nazis and whose death they celebrate so cheerfully? What happens, maybe your spirits and your middle-class college jerk witchcraft in a wild rebel pose won't allow you to develop a server of your own to communicate?

As for the celebration of ISIS attacks, I have nothing to say. I suppose what started out as a ridiculous, as well as civilizing and thoroughly colonialist exaltation of ancient pagan gods and cults (trying to get attention by invoking Quetzalcoatl from some university center in the hyper-artificial metropolis of Mexico City, or from home with the dad's computer), has now turned into a blind praise of any form of indiscriminate violence. Who knows, maybe if one day the Kurdish comrades criticize the ITS, they will also begin to celebrate the genocide that ISIS, NATO or Turkey are committing there. After all, following this logic, given that Kurdistan also retains traces of civilization, all Kurds deserve to die.

To conclude, they specify that this series of misfortunes would have a common origin because, it seems, it would be the result of curses and spells that these people would have launched on us and on our loved ones since we are "shit atheists" (?). I suppose not worshiping their stone deities also represents a motive for murder.

I'll give you some advice, reading Ted Kaczynski while under the influence of some wild hallucinogenic substance is not a good idea. It leads to mixing primitivism with ancient god cults, witchcraft with direct action, conventional and indiscriminate terrorism with radical defense of nature, and your pathetic outburst in the style of Alex Supertramp (the young man whose story inspired the film " In the wilds ”) with some kind of conflict that deserves to be taken seriously. If you hate humanity so much and if its cancellation is your hope, why are you not consistent and don't commit suicide once and for all?

Finally, it must be said that at the beginning it was not the plans to continue advertising this hybrid halfway between circus and religious sect, into which ITS seems to have transformed. I'm not even going to start any dialogue, and I'm aware that, for the most part, I'm getting into their game, because in the end all these people want us to talk about them (for good or bad, but for talking). Why else bother so much those anarchist blogs (which they despise so much, except when it suits them to use us as megaphones) who publish their bullshit? We are insulted and threatened by the same people who until recently sent us their news to publish them, who have not stopped seeking our attention by now insulting us via email or on their blogs. For my part, that's all I have to say.

I make my own the final words of one of the criticisms leveled at the ITS by the comrades in the United Kingdom ... Shit on all your pagan gods and spirits! Keep threatening me with the evil eye, come on.

In one thing, however, you are right, we will never be on the same side ...

“Collectivism is dying and individualism has not yet established itself.

Nobody knows how to obey, nobody knows how to command.

But from all this, to knowing how to live free, there is still an abyss in the middle.

Abyss that can only be filled with the corpse of slavery and that

of authority.

War could not fill this abyss. He could only dig it deeper. But

what the war could not do, the revolution must do.

War has made men more beastly and plebeian.

More trivial and uglier!

The revolution must make them better.

It must ennoble them! " - Renzo Novatore, "Towards the creator nothing"

Neither naive humanitarians, nor shoddy misanthropes!

For anarchy, total liberation and the defense of all that remains free and wild!