Title: An Editor of a 'Kaczynskist' Journal Had His House Raided & Phone Seized
Date: 15 August 2022
Source: gofundme.com

A go fund me created by the person who's house was raided reads as follows:

Help me with a deposit for my legal team.

$960 USD raised

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Pierce Skinner is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Gabriella Aguilar.

Hello. My name is Pierce Skinner. I publish a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to individual liberty and opposition to tyranny and unwarranted government surveillance. This magazine is called GARDEN.

On July 4th, I and others who will remain anonymous collaborated to publish legal--albeit sensitive--information in Issue 3 of our magazine. We have remained within the boundaries of the First Amendment in every possible way, and violated no laws in our publication.

However, on August 10th, the Department of Homeland Security raided my home and seized my phone without a warrant. Since then, my Instagram and Discord have been deleted.

Beyond this, I am unable to go into detail, as this is an active investigation.

I have hired two high-powered attorneys to aid in my defense and help me combat this egregious violation of my rights.

I am able to enter into a payment plan with my attorneys. However, I need a little help with the deposit.

If you have followed GARDEN on this journey, or if you value free speech, please donate to help me. I am in the claws of a terrible machine.

Always Yours For Wild Nature,

Pierce Skinner

Organiser and beneficiary

Organiser: Pierce Skinner, Richmond, VA

Beneficiary: Gabriella Aguilar

Created 15 August 2022

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