Title: Tough Love! Unabomber Will Die A Jailhouse Virgin
Author: Radar Staff
Topic: news stories
Date: Aug. 10 2017
Source: radaronline.com
Notes: These letters were a forgery according to a linguist who advised the FBI, but worth archiving to note the type of media that has floated around about Ted.
> ... the first questions to be asked of the QD include “Is this information accurate?” and “Who wrote it?” Often, the answer to the one may depend on the answer to the other. Many such documents are hoaxes. Examples in the Unabom case include two handwritten love letters from “Ted Kaczynski” to “Tess,” documents ignored by Jim Fitzgerald but used by John Douglas to predict Kaczynski’s behavior while in prison. As it happens, the “Tess” letters, obtained by a newspaper shortly after Ted’s April 1996 arrest and duly forwarded to the FBI, were forgeries.

Lovelorn lunatic Ted Kaczynski — aka “the Unabomber” — is a virgin who will, barring a jailhouse hookup, die sexually frustrated! That is the astounding takeaway from lost love letters Kaczynski penned just before the feds captured him — and which have now been exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com.

Kaczynski, now 75 and the subject of the new Discovery Channel drama Manhunt: Unabomber, wrote to a gal pal known only as “Tess,” just five months before he was captured.

The murderous math prodigy told the woman that while he had been a “devout practitioner of celibacy,” he was ready to “relinquish this mode of self-denial” with her.

“I’m through with depriving myself,” Kaczynski wrote on Dec. 10, 1995, to the object of his affection, who was living in the Mormon stronghold of Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I don’t care if it is in the land of the Mormons, who frown on sex — except for procreation, of course,” Kaczynski ranted.

The criminal planned to visit Tess the following spring and confided, “You are a very precious person. I never want to lose you or blemish our friendship in any way.”

But Kaczynski never sealed the deal with his ladylove. He was busted April 3, 1996, at his isolated Montana cabin for a mail bomb campaign that killed three people and injured 23.

After a nearly 18-year reign of terror, his cover was blown when a newspaper published his 35,000-word “Unabomber Manifesto” — and his own sister-in-law suspected he was the sick scribe.

Kaczynski’s relative shared her concerns with his estranged brother, David, who hired a detective to investigate — and then ratted him out to the FBI.

A raid of the kook’s cabin found a completed bomb, parts of others and 40,000 pages of deranged journals detailing his crimes. He pleaded guilty to 10 bomb-related charges — and three counts of murder — and was sentenced to life in prison.

But ironically, another woman sparked the virgin killer’s rage!

In 1978, Kaczynski wooed a female supervisor at the factory where he worked. When the romance soured, he wrote “crude limericks” about her, a source said, and wound up getting fired. Kaczynski then began his “withdrawal from society,” and the first bombing occurred the same year.

Even after he was locked up in the Supermax federal penitentiary in Colorado, he kept writing to Tess — swearing he was not the Unabomber and adding, “Don’t lose your faith in me. You are all I have to keep my spirits up.”