Title: Why Do Libertarians Love The Unabomber
Date: Jul 20, 2023
Source: YouTube

Sam: The phone lines are up. 646-257-3920, bear with me. There we go. Let's go right to the phones calling from a 919 area code. Who's? This where you calling from?

Todd: Hey, how's it going? This is Todd Footman Todd from Raleigh.

Sam: Todd from Raleigh what's on your mind?

Todd: So I when the Unabomber died a month ago, I didn't send any tears. But I noticed a lot of libertarians online and libertarians in my social life were born in them.

Sam: OK. OK.

Todd: I find that really curious because he always had, like, a pro. Environmental anti consumerist message. It was incoherent cause he also went against you know. But I was I wanted to see what your take your math take on what is the appeal of the Libertarians and conservatives and a lot of his, albeit incoherent manifesto flies in the face. Of their core beliefs.

Sam: It's a good question. We'll answer it offline. Appreciate the call I can't imagine it's anything more than an aesthetic, to be honest with you.

Matt: Yeah, and the rejecting leftism thing. I mean, I'm not. I never got big into Kaczynski’s kind of before my time and like and I understand people find like his, like manifesto or whatever. Like interesting it's like. I I don't know, like a lot of people criticize society, but like.

Sam: I suspect it's because on some. He had sort of seceded from society. And lived, you know. Theoretically, outside the bounds of like our society. Of course, though he did use the. U.S. Postal service in his killing of people.

Matt: Right.

Sam: 'But, we'll ignore that'. But, I imagine it's like somewhere between an aesthetic and the idea that he lived outside of society. I think many libertarians fashion themselves as some type of outlaws. And want to live in some you know... If it can't be a garbage float 7 miles out, where you're outside of the reach of the Coast Guard, then this is the next best thing.