Title: Debunking the Eco-Terrorist Zeitgeist (feat. Matthew Ehret)
Author: Matthew Ehret
Date: June 20, 2023
Notes: Archivists note: I think the authors are tankies, but I found it an amusing read to get a better understanding of the various cultures in critical support or opposition to anti-tech ideology.




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On this episode we talk to Matthew Ehret, journalist, artist, Senior Fellow of American University in Moscow. We cover topics like: Ted Kaczynski, eco anarchism/terrorism, deep green resistance, Planet of the Humans & How to Blow Up a Pipeline, weaponized masses, Fabian socialists and Jacobin terror, Hamilton vs Jefferson, giving rights to animals and rivers, socialism vs capitalism, and more!

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Fox: Welcome to the Space Commune podcast. I'm your host Fox here with Alex, and today we have a special guest, Matt. Eric Matt is the co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the editor in chief of Canadian Patriot Review and Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow. Matt, welcome to the Space Coming podcast.

Matt: Always a pleasure to join you guys very, very happy to Be with you.

Fox: So today we're going to go. Over a recent. Essay you published on the last American Vagabond, titled The Roots of Modern Eco Terrorism from MK Ultra and the Unabomber to Mari Strong and Yuval Harari, and you published this. Actually like what, a couple of weeks ago, May 24th. So this came just before Mr. Kaczynski finally, bought the.

Matt: Yeah, he's he's one of the few devout Malthusians who. Actually walk the walk. Complaining about overpopulation. Usually when you ask these people like, hey, you want to lead the charge there and solve the problem by by taking the leap that usually the answer is well, no, no, no, no, no. Not me, of course. the movement. But Kaczynski, he gotta gotta gotta tip the hat. He actually walked.

Fox: Yeah, he did not. Away from the vulgar malthusianism. As we like to say. That it’s usually the The soft socialist leftist side that says. Ohh no no, we're. We don't want to cull the population. We just want to reduce their standards of living, whereas the more right wing people will just come out right, right out and say it. You know, the izinski. And I think that's why a lot of people respected Kaczynski cause he just kind of he came out and. Said it right.

Alex: Yeah, well, they'll have to say, direct action gets the. Yeah, even though they're soft, they also say that and that's how that's their back door for Ted, OK.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. And a lot. Of people they. You know, we shouldn't speak. I'll of the dead. and again. What I'm saying. Like, tip my hat. Because you walked the walk a lot of a lot of people don't. Walk live according. To their principles, I feel bad for the guy and You have to. Feel pity because, I mean, he went through some crazy unnatural. In the course of his life starting, I don't know how, how young his abuse started, but. We know now in hindsight that he wasn't just somebody and I didn't have a clear idea of this. I always thought of him. As just this sociopathic bomb letter bomb sender, who's now in prison, that that's that's the way I always tended to think of the guy, and I didn't really think of him as an eco anarchist guru, an anti technology advocate and I didn't think of him as an MK Ultra. Guinea pig either. None of these things were were fresh and in my knowledge base until somewhat recently. And the thing that started me off on that particular essay that you guys read. Was just the high density of food processing facilities going up in smoke silos. You know, there’s a high density of these anomalous disruptive actions that had. I mean, there's always been problems there. There's always been fires and food processing facilities for decades, but the density is. Anomalously high over the past two years, so I had picked up already on the existence of certain eco anarchists. Even I would even say eco terrorist organizations that I that I dive into in the form of Deep Green Resistance North American based organization. People probably know about Extinction Rebellion. It's a bit better, more well known. Also very active in North America, but it's based. It's rooted in in the UK. And uhm, I started seeing that there was something similar in the ideological matrix, both of those who were shaping these organizations, and Ted Kaczynski, who turns out to be, yeah, like you know, I just alluded to an eco-anarchist philosopher and anti-technologist who is made a prolific job at managing thousands of disciples from his prison cell around the world, many of whom are embedded in in non in, in, in academia, within governments, within the civil service, within NGO's. Who have been maintaining. A deep admiration and constant letter writing campaign with this guy and you know Ted Kaczynski was trying to kill people because who was he sending the letter bombs to? He was people who he identified as being industrialists, scientists, people who were whose thoughts and lives. Were advancing technological growth, which he defined as being purely destructive because it it could only disrupt the natural equilibrium that he supposed existed in nature, and they had to thus be killed for the greater good. And people like the founder of Deep green resistance, who manages. Of vast array of useful. Yeah, he's a disciple, A follower of the Unabomber, the late Unabomber. As among many, many people.

Alex: So in this essay, it's not just about tikk, it's also about a number of other mass, mass market ways of, getting this eco terrorist and anti human anti technology message out there. So Ted Kay has the stochastic violence on lockdown, but now there's other forms of it. He had to kill a bunch of people to get his stuff printed in the Washington Post. Today, Hollywood is just pushing these messages, do you have anything to say about that, about the progression we've made that you used to have to kill people now you actually get paid by? Hollywood to make these movies.

Fox: To make a film called how to Blow up a pipeline, yeah.

Matt: Cynthia was telling me you guys were chatting about having watched how to blow up a pipeline. I embedded the trailer to that messed up Hollywood movie in in the article because it was so wild. And it it's based on a on a book that I had already known about because it was all over the major bookstores in Montreal, near near where I. And I always thought that was that was strange, this 2021 book by Andreas Malm this I think he's a Danish, maybe Swiss. He's Danish philosopher. and yeah, they just adapted it into a live action movie high budget, featuring, I don't know, seven or eight young, useful idiot, misanthropic, alienated young. Kids who just. We don't know what charged them exactly to become what they became, but they all meet up in like some desert in Arizona to blow up a pipeline.

Alex: We watch it, at least at least two of them are federal informants in the in the actual plot of the movie.

Matt: Ohh yeah, go on.

Fox: Yeah, yeah, that the. Whole movie is about like their origin story and like their reason for wanting to blow up the pipeline and worship mother Guy. It's a terrible film, but watch it if you want a good laugh. You know, if you're watching it kind of ironically and want to see how bad it is. It's really bad movie.

Alex: It definitely enjoy. Some, either a beer or two or whatever you like to enjoy, you know. it’s pretty funny.

Fox: They did actually consult with. Federal agents on the film, right? And they put out terror experts actually meant to bring this up for the interview. Forgot. I'll, I'll. Pull it up now, but they did. They when they put out the film, they did special screenings where they handed out literature, with the film saying that the point of the film was to.

Alex: They wanted to provide positive. Representation of eco terrorists. He's usually, yeah, are the bad guys in movies Yeah, right, right, of course.

Matt: No, I mean it’s very clear. I mean, how these recruitment tools have been deployed into the zeitgeist, and there was another one that I had cited in the My Essay 2. Produced by Michael Moore, this one being a documentary you guys have probably seen called the Planet of the humans a reference planet of the Apes, right? OK.

Matt: And Michael Moore, as a producer just demonstrates his, I mean, I at first it was it starts off. Really well, because. It it demonstrates very, very competently, the incompetence of green energy and the unviability of having these green energy. Systems ever function in society and you know they made a very good point that they actually do much more damage to the environment. Photovoltaic cells and windmills and all these electric batteries that then even a hydrocarbon based society that they're, they're just as if not more damaging.

Alex: They covered the hypocrisy well.

Fox: Yeah. Yeah, it's.

Matt: It did such a good job, such a good job.

Alex: It's a full film.

Fox: It's a useful film to see how, yeah, how, how bad the renewable industry is.

Alex: But then then they take it to the logical.

Fox: Conclusion. Yeah, like well Yeah, that's fine.

Fox: You shouldn't have any energy as humans are the. Yes, you, you talk about this guy in the film.

Matt: Sheldon probably Sheldon Solomon.

Fox: And he talks about how not having any reason to live is actually very liberating or. Or this is?

Matt: Terror management theory. So he actually he people can Google his his or Wikipedia. His terror management theory is the Great punch line of the movie that ultimately that's what the movie is designed to get you to accept as your new liberation theology is that. We can embrace nihilism, we can embrace. That's the absence of purposeful purpose, purposefulness and the necessity of our of our death, our, our, the destruction of existence as a as a wonderful thing. Actually, we shouldn't be afraid of that. We should embrace and cherish that as as he even says, a replacement to the conventional religions that we've been holding on to for thousands of years that. That those are outdated. They have no role to play in the new Eco world order that they want to bring about. Is this new, idealized utopia. And so terror management theory is what they're promoting in that document. And so it's really a an eco terrorist recruitment tool that video and at the end of the day because they don't allow for nuclear power, hydroelectric power, hydrocarbons obviously no. So they give. They give you nothing except.

Fox: Destroy civilization on and their thesis is that it's the system, right? And the technology is the big bad. You, you bring up how the axiom that underpins all this is that technology is an ill cancer and that the theory the thesis that these people believe in is the. The system is going to take over and it's going to take over humanity and this idea of, I don't know if you've heard of the singularity, right? the scare tactic of, well, eventually the machines like kind of the Terminator, is gonna take over and. But this is just not possible and I think people get carried away with this idea that technology is gonna overrun human beings rather than technology is created by human beings and is good for human beings. Right.

Matt: There's a fellow David Skrbina who's also a I cite his work quite a bit. Who's an anti technologist? A pen pal of Kaczynski. He's a professor of philosophy at Dearborn, MI, the university and he has been bringing Ted Kaczynski's philosophy of technology. Into his into his classrooms for many, many years, into many of his books, he's a. The author, unfortunately, and one of the things he says and I just quoted it from a an interview that he gave recently where he says his view of technology which is creepy and wrong and very much rooted in the same rake, hurts vile Yuval Harari, Singularity vision of the transhumanists. Ironically same axioms. Although the outer react to these assumptions is very different from whether you're Kurtz vile or whether you're one of you're, you're one of these bottom up anti humanists like Scrabble. But, he says. And I. I'll just quote it. Long but useful quote. Where he says technology advances with a tremendous autonomous power. Humans are the implementers of this power, but we cannot really guide it, and we certainly cannot stop it. In effect, it functions as a law of nature. With an evolutionary force and that's why we are headed towards disaster. Technology is like. A wave moving through the Earth and the universe. So I'll just quickly pause here. He sees it like a demonic force devoid of human beings doing things and making technology happen. So it's just like a spirit.

Fox: You know, as you're reading this, you know what I'm thinking is, is what it sounds like to me, is a projection of what oligarchy ISM is. But projecting that onto technology and saying ohh this feeling that we have of like this, this autonomous power that's controlling and taking us over that's technology it's not the. That oligarch class, or the ruling class? The ruling elites, it's technology. It's this transposition, right?

Matt: Dude, that's brilliant. Yeah, that's exactly what they're doing. And think about it that way. And he yeah. So he goes on to this, this oligarchical projection onto technology saying for a long while. For a long while. We were at the peak of that wave. Now we're on the downside. Technology is rapidly heading towards true autonomy, which is self, self-conscious, self, self aware robots, right. Our opportunity to slow or redirect it is rapidly vanishing if technology achieves true autonomy, we can take hearts, file singularity, date of 2045 as a rough guide. Then it's game over for us. We will likely either become more or less enslaved, or else wiped out, and then technology will continue on its merry way without us now for a lot of people who listen to that, they'll be like, yeah, of course, cause this is a very common view now, increasingly. But why has it become a common view? It's because, well, look. The CIA have been funding Hollywood throughout the entirety of the Cold War, and the reason why certain scripts are approved and then put to the point that millions or or more is put into making these productions that shape our zeitgeist, shape our popular imagination of what the future is, what human nature. That's a battleground. and the CIA has been proven have been behind most of the movies that have been put into our universes for decades and decades and decades. So why does 2001 a space odyssey get funded? Why did the Terminator series or the matrix? Why were they funded? Were they just for entertainment to satisfy a natural demand? No, not really. these are artificial predictive programming operations to get us all to think that the ideas, the Trojan horse ideas embedded within those scripts are actually ours. And you know when you're being entertained, your intellectual Sentinels are asleep. You're just you're taking it all in, including the garbage under the surface. Or predictive program. And so we walk out of the movie cinema with a bunch of emotions, a bunch of new convictions that we don't even we may not even be aware. Of on a conscious level. And then we think while we're smoking, smoking a joint or whatever, thinking about the insignificance of human beings or just talking about the philosophy of technology without with our Bros all of a sudden we think it's such a profound idea that we just had that we're we're so insignificant and obsolete and technologies. Obviously gonna replace us and yeah. As if it just. Came out of our own thoughts and. It's like, no, this is all put there. Uh by people who actually do want to kill you and they want you to believe that technology is your enemy rather than something that we create through, being good human beings, making discoveries of the universe and translating those metaphysical discoveries into new forms of so-called technology, which includes. Get a physical technology too, like the technology of government is a form of technology. It's not just the material component cause you. Could it's it? the idea of improving the quality of the machines, the energy that goes into maintaining machines to fulfill a function in the service of human beings and coming up with better and better. That's what the founding fathers of America were trying to bring online. That was, that was the whole battle of human histories. How to bring about a type of organization of, of the machinery of a form of government that respects the obligation of liberty of the individual, while at the same time, because we have free will, we do need freedom, but at the same time. Obedient to the higher requirements of duty of law that's embedded in the universe, cause if you don't, you know if you don't, we lawfully need water, we need food. We need, we need basic things biologically by the forces of the laws of life to exist. Otherwise we suffer and die. So how do you how do you satisfy both the greater good as well as the individual liberty? As we see in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, which together you know, they work, they work as a one as part of the machinery that's supposed to be perfected in time. As to form a more perfect union implies that you know there's a constant perfectibility expected with every generation that's supposed to be able to make it better while respecting the inalienable rights of the individual of the declaration. So that idea. Is something that these, these creeps, they don't, they refuse to think about and they want to instead think as the oligarchy wishes them to think of technology as as you just said so beautifully as with the oligarchy does it's the old you know it’s the oligarchies, rapacious parasitical nature that they're imposing on to. Everything right and say it’s technology that you have to go to war with, not the actual arsonists who are lighting the fires. it’s the fire itself that's your enemy, not the.

Fox: Arsonists, well, it's just like Darwin, this idea of, like, bourgeois society transpose onto nature, this idea that only the survival of the fittest, right. And that's how. The oligarchs or the bourgeoisie? the How they think of, it’s kill or be killed, right? Might makes right it's all this transposition onto the natural world. No, this is this is natural. This is how we're supposed to. Be you know, yeah.

Alex: You know I want to go back. To what you wrote about. Planet of the humans. Because I think something, something. That furthers your. Point about all this is that the controversy that planet of the humans caused when it came out in 2020 and it shows how rapidly these things have. Created so playing the humans when it came out. It had all this, it pointed out. All this hypocrisy about the modern environmental movement. And then it went further and said, oh, well, therefore we should grow and, kill people. And at the time, all the leading environmentalists, they actually started this giant campaign to deep platform. The movie, and they got it removed from distribution. Some of the people that signed on were Naomi. Klein, Josh Fox, Michael Mann. They all amount to the campaign to get plenty of the humans. Removed from distribution because they Josh Fox is the creator of the movie Gasland, for example, and what their justification was at the time was that the movie was so anti technology and this is the trap sometimes that people of our. Of our orientation fall into is that. The renewable people will say, well, we're pro growth, we're pro technology, we're pro human progress. We're not like the D growers, we're, eco modernists, but they still, they just what they want to do is take us down a path of progress that is a dead end, which is the renewable stuff, which can't possibly support our society and support the. The advancement, the way hydrocarbons and nuclear. But the you know and that's kind of the middle ground. So that was 2020, the movie they were successfully able to get the movie Deep platform. Now in 2023 they're able to just put out how to blow a pipe on now they've gone full Ted. OK. In just.

Fox: Yeah, the Ted Kate film. Celebrating him as a hero, which I saw way too many people and to bring it back to what you were saying in the beginning with Ted, OK. And I agree with you is that I see 10K. As I feel bad for him. he seemed like a smart dude. I don't know a ton about him, like how how he was before, but he seemed like a smart sort of maybe sensitive person that was became a Guinea pig. Guinea pig of this psyop of this movement to convince people that we are our own enemy. Right. And that technology is the enemy that the common enemy of man is man himself and you bring up a really useful paradigm to look at this through or or I don't know if this is even their own term but you talk about above and below grounders. Which I think is really interesting because the above grounders might be these people who are on the surface, like the extinct extinction rebellion movement. That seems just sort of like ohh we just want to do right by everyone on the planet. And then you have the below grounders who are actually planning on. And do blow up infrastructure and pipelines and.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I. Mean this this is this is all on their own website. I just took their. I just went to their website. I didn't do any investigative reporting or anything, I just went. To their website to.

Fox: They just brag about it.

Matt: See what they're announcing to.

Alex: Yeah, the spreadsheet is crazy.

Fox: And on their.

Alex: Of the successful attacks on infrastructure.

Matt: Yeah, that's not. Yeah, you know. I was shocked to see that they’re. What? What is? It called the.

Matt: Underground action calendar, which is on their yeah, it's specifically on their their action website and they say the under it's basically a list of several 100 acts of eco terrorism against pipelines, rail, rail systems. Power lines and they go through the date, the location. So they have 5 columns, one is the date, one is the location, one is the action electrical transmission, bomb location, San Jose, CA date, January 6th, 2023. Attack type bombing.

Alex: Go clock up.

Matt: Hey and it goes down all the way to like 1970s eleven time when Ted Kaczynski was really getting to the act that he started his letter bombing campaign in around 77 or 78. And I know one of the first things he tried to do was blow up a passenger jet and luckily the. Detonator didn't go off. So this guy was not a. I mean they because they tried to. One of the things I've noticed is that those who defend. Him they try. To say oh, but he was only attacking people who were. Directly responsible for industrial. Growth like you know, as if that's somehow adjusted bad, yeah.

Fox: Because if that's the case, then.

Matt: And it, like he permanently injured like 30 people with shrapnel and nails that he put into these bombs. It was vicious and he killed 3 or 4. So I mean, people forget that. No, that there is. There is something ******** vicious in his approach. And when he was finally arrested, it was after the Washington Post had published his 35,000 word manifesto. It's like industrial society and its future on the orders of the FBI that the director of the FBI and Janet Reno directly intervened to force the Washington Post to publish his full thing, which then, I mean, I think they broke world records of newspapers selling which which really created a new aura that maybe this guy's not just a sociopath. Maybe he's actually a genius, which is like. The new the. New image that they've been trying to construct around this guy. So Derek Jensen. Who is the founder of deep, Deep Green Resistance made a website he basically is a disciple of the Unabomber. He made a website and created a movement over a decade ago to with his collaborators, who have been embedded within different universities to. Both groom and. Talent search, young disenfranchised misanthropic kids who have been brainwashed. By their the messed up school. The system and then amongst the groupings who you know whether they get recruited into anti thought propaganda or Black Lives Matter propaganda or whatever, but it's all kind of like wired into being anti-Western civilization and anti technology anyway. Then amongst those they have a process where the teachers will invite these kids to a special project just for them. And then from these recruitment processes, then they find themselves more and more radicalized to be sort of the ISIS this kind of like the way that ISIS actionists are deployed in Syria or Libya or Iraq to overthrow or, politically. Uncooperative governments that want that must be overthrown, and we call them freedom. Fighting liberators to the western, media consumers. But in reality, the CIA, the Pentagon is providing the logistical support, protection, deployment directives to these useful idiots on the ground who have been radicalized by CIA protect protected madrassas that were what we. But it is what Jimmy Carter oversaw. Well, he's too stupid to. Know this, but this is. Kissinger is big near Kaczynski oversaw with the arc of crisis policy back in the late 70s. In the sucking in of the of the Soviet Union into Afghanistan was the creation of al Qaeda, which we called freedom fighters and still use them to this very day. Even now, against you know, governments we don't like, we've been doing that since 911. So, it's the same sort of variant. But with a different sort of flavoring for the eco terrorists. But same principle in in all functions and yeah they’re eco terror action calendar literally. Says that

“this underground action calendar” this is from the website “exists to publicize and normalize the use of militant and underground tactics in the fight for justice and sustainability. We include below a wide variety of actions, from struggles around the world, especially those in which militants target infrastructure because we believe this sort of action is necessary to… dismantle civilization”, right there, You have it.

Alex: They just come out and say it.

Fox: Yeah, I'm looking at the website, the Deep Green Resistance website. You know, you as you say, he's a disciple, Derek Jensen, who started this organization, disciple of Ted Kaczynski and all, all the leftists, all the, the socialist, they say. Ohh well that's… Ted K is a right wing, ecoterrorist eco fascist. We're not that but, but. You look at this. Website and one of the tabs says cultural resistance and. Says “people of color and anti racism”. So this is obviously leftist stuff, you know.

Alex: There’s other ones, too. “Workers Solidarity”.

Fox: Yeah, this is all leftist stuff and it all funnels back into the same thing. And, I think it. Would be fun for us to just watch all screen share. We can watch and react to this video that you have embedded in the essay.

Alex: So this is the 2011 recruitment video Here we go.

DGR Member #1: A lot of the time Deep Green Resistance gets characterized as an environmental movement, maybe because we have the word green in our name, but I don't think of it calling us just an environmental movement. Really speaks to why I decided. To join the organization.

DGR Member #2: I feel like it encompasses all of these issues that are the problem and just tied it all together.

Leah Keith: We haven't done very well over the last few thousand years. We've had militarism and slavery. We've had misogyny. We've had in these horribly stratified societies where there's the rich and the poor and chronic starvation and all the rest of it. I don't what's wrong with saying, let's abandon this and. Do what we did before, which worked.

Matt: You know what? Wait works Right.

Fox: they these. People really do want to just blow up society, start over again because you know it worked before. In the caveman days. Where do they even get this idea that the Cave the? Cavemen were so woke, and the.

Alex: There were less misogyny that they have men.

Matt: If you only. Right. As if as if women weren't getting knocked, conked over their head. And take fully type.

Alex: That's a that's a harmful stereotype.

Matt: By the alpha male.

Leah Keith: We didn’t destroy the planet for those first 4,000,000 years we actually participated.

DGR Member #3: We look at this culture and we say the sooner this thing comes down, the better. The sooner collapse happens, the better. So we actually lay out a strategy for a way to. Achieve that collapse. Because we believe that not only the natural world, but humans will be better off without this culture, so many of us are living in a state of alienation. In a state of dependence upon a system that's killing us, that's poisoning us. That's feeding us. You know, this toxic, this toxic imagery, this toxic culture that really destroys, our internal selves, just as it destroys the external world all around. Us and we think you know it’s long past time that this culture came down.

Derrick Jenson: War is being raged against the natural world and.

Matt: That's him. That's Derek Jensen.

Derrick Jenson: You don't stop wars primarily by. Simply asking one of the ways you stop a war is by destroying an enemy's ability to wage that war.

DGR Member #1: Terror is all around us. I mean, if the living world could speak, it would say that it's afraid probably every single day of being gutted and torn down. And so I don't think it's fair to talk about terrorism in terms of protecting those who are terrorized every single day.

Matt: OK, you gotta hit pause.

Fox: So much morphism here, like as if the world is crying and it's.

Matt: Yeah, the trees. Can't you hear their terror? There's they're living in terror. We have to destroy civilization to save. Stop the terror of the trees being raped Yeah, I think you know.

Alex: Think they intentionally filmed that to make it look like they're on the moon? Of Endor from return of the Jedi. Like the Ewoks are going to emerge. 22nd and.

Fox: Defend their beautiful culture to Avatar people. Their hair is going to have sex with the trees.

Matt: Now you know, you know that these are the people who are like watching Avatar, though, right? and getting cause what's Jim James Cameron as well this this creepy character is also advocating massive depopulation. He's just one of many high level film makers who have been employed the guy who did Terminator. That the Terminator series, that, that, that Cameron is the guy who was behind also Avatar and all of these things have ideological propaganda who get an effect within the target population to accept certain assumptions about the nature of the future. And idealize certain cause. What do you do in the Terminator? You have to go to war with the machines. And you know. I mean, you kind of are supposed to cheer when those damn dirty humans you get a spear through their chests. And who are working for the mining complex by the beautiful guys.

Alex: Humans are the good.

Fox: Which here for the humans when we watch Avatar.

Alex: He's brave, patriots.

Matt: Yeah, those awkward moments in the cinema.

Alex: They're just, they're just trying to they're. Trying to, take the unobtainium. You know, back for the people. Away from the rich Navy.

Fox: Yeah, it it's sad. I mean, it's sad to. See these young people. Believe in this stuff and commit to saying things like ohh we just wanna. Basically, they want to hit the hard reset button on civilization, which implies, well lot of death and destruction, doesn't it?

Alex: Well, these are people too.

Matt: It's a necessary evil, like some people call them.

Alex: Collapsed cards and I think that's accurate that. they’re so convinced that both the collapse is coming. And that it needs to. Come faster so they can do what they. Want and they have. I Think the biggest thing that I think of with these people is that they have no awareness of what's going on in the rest of the world. All they can. See is the United States or the West? And they have no idea about the billion people in Africa that don't have lights and running water. They don't have any idea about the amazing things happening in China. They just all they see is their little slice of things. They see that they understand that they have a high standard of. And they just feel guilty about it. And they just they, they want to end the pain for themselves. It's so narcissistic. I feel bad for them too, it's. Like it's they've been, they've been effectively sigh. Opted to thinking this way and I Want to help them?

Matt: Well, there was a. And it it's really I guess that's the thing like how? Do they think about the People living in the world today without the type of advanced technology that they have been privileged to be born into and enjoy the fruits of, running water, electricity that they take for granted completely and wouldn't want to live without per say. But how do they imagine the lives of those who don't have those things? And I guess they must either think that their lives are peachy keen, great and that people living. In like the Amazon don't have infant. Mortality of Two out of out of six kids dying before the age of three and that an average life expectancy of like 48 years of age is like, really? Lucky they must think that that's actually good in some way, or maybe they think of the Ewok ideal that you that you alluded to as being like something that's actually out there. Or must they think that the only reason why that's not being exhibited is because technology has allowed for these Monsanto's and you know, mining operations? To rape and destroy these natural, noble, savage indigenous cultures. And that's why their lives are not good. But if we just got rid of, I guess that's it, right? It that if we just got rid of technology which allows for the mining companies to exist, then all of a sudden we would have the beautiful Avatar type of Ewok life on the earth somehow, which we somehow used to have before technology and the industrial or the agricultural revolution. Which even David Suzuki, a Canadian eco guru, says was that was where we fell out of balance, was we? We started dropping seeds in organized agriculture and stopped being hunter gatherers. Yeah, that's when we fell out of whack with nature, as if now we should go back to that when he says. And he's not alone. This guy who's advocating the how to blow up a pipeline, logic speaking at Extinction, Rebellion events. David Suzuki. He's actually he's been openly quoted as saying that we need to go down to 200. That should be all that is permitted on the Earth to go back into stability in in nature that are.

Fox: Are ecological limits? Yes, Suzuki is interesting. he used to be very vulgar in his mouth asianism, I think. These kind of. You know, brought…

Matt: Pulled it back a little.

Fox: You gonna, cause now the line is that we just need to. Reduce our consumption fun fact. Though about David Suzuki, his daughter, do you know about his daughter, Severin Suzuki? She was kind.

Matt: Of like Rio de Janeiro Summit when she was like 11 or something it. She, Greta. Greta protect.

Fox: She was the Greta before Greta, and she was. Like I have. You're taking my childhood away. From me and it's like they tried the Greta. Model first now. Now they're rebooting her. I guess Severin was.

Alex: Greta shouldn't have the right.

Fox: Yeah, I guess not. It wasn't the right. Time she was too early, maybe.

Alex: Yeah, they hadn't put out enough anti human movies yet.

Fox: Plus her connection to her dad probably was a little too on the nose, but yeah. Yeah. Yes, you do.

Matt: Well, it’s because all of these guys want a reset, they want a reset civilization, which is exactly what the cloud schwabs the Mori strongs the upper echelon elites that they profess to hate, who supposedly represent capitalist civilization at Davos and Bilderberg. Those saying they all have the exact same agenda, which is reset civilization. For some nonexistent idealized imaginary state that never existed, there is never a noble. There's no evidence of a noble savage state. Of what Russo professes you know to have innovative as an insight that the humans who are untouched by the pollutant of industrial civilization or modern civilization are somehow these perfectly noble pure beings, devoid of sin, never happened.

Alex: Can you expand on that a little bit because I noted that, that you mentioned Rousseau's notion of the noble Savage. And I honestly don't know the origins of that, that term. So could you could you explain yourself a little?

Matt: Yeah. I mean, he's a. A thinker who was a, contemporary somebody. Who? Who was? Active around the time of the French Revolution, very, very influential around that period. and he posited that he's still very influential today, unfortunately, and he basically imposed an assumption on to his. Anthropological theories about human nature, which is that. It it’s sort of I made a graph I photoshopped a little graph to try to like bastardize and simplify what exactly these people think about the relationship between technological progress and freedom, freedom of human beings and which is an inverse relationship. So in in the assumptions of either a more strong a transhumanist. Who wants to? Integrate human beings with machinery or build test tube babies to stay relevant against self-conscious, self aware machinery at the singularity which are going to replace us in unless we become machines ourselves, right, they all believe they all have this formula. Which is that the early on further back in time we go when technology was lower, human freedom was higher as well and destruction in nature was lower. And then as we move closer and closer to the present and as we move into the future, we see the technology and progress increase while at the same time proportionally. Slavery or human freedom decrease? This to a maximum to the to this. That's the singularity when you extrapolate that into like 2045 or 20. 50 that, they say, will be the maximum point where we'll be absolutely enslaved, and technology will reach a new threshold and be and become. Now the new masters of the universe. Now that is not really true. But now Rousseau put forth a very similar doctrine…

Alex: OK.

Matt: In 18th century language. Which was essentially that you know the savage who is untouched by the untouched by civilization is the natural state of human beings. Human beings are good when they are illiterate because you know literature, the written word, that's a form of technology. Like everything, so when when you when the more ignorant you are, the more pure you are. The the, the more devoid you are of access to technology, the more good you are. And as such with that theory. Every step upward we have in knowledge is more means that we've we've been more disrupted, more, more brought into an unnatural state in that has to be corrected by a master elite. Ultimately, that's the that's what's implicit, but maybe not always explicit in the theories of these people, cause if they just said it that way, we might say, well, that's garbage. I'm not gonna cause. Who's gonna be the decider right at the end of the day of, like, bringing us into a more pure state or refining, bringing us back to alignment with our true wiring. Nobody would accept. the The authority self-imposed by this, this wannabe master class. That says we're overpopulated by this much. Well, who's going to bring Mr. Or, or Cousteau Jacques cousteau? the other eco entertainment guru from France, right, who explored the depths of the oceans and became a real like loved icon well. He also said 200 and 200 million people is. All that is sustainable and both and. And so the question should be well. Mr. Cousteau, Mr. Suzuki. Who do you? Who do you want to grant the authority to? Then impose and regulate that the populated world society on. To like who's gonna who, who's who's? Well, then they would have to probably say well. The people funding me. Yeah, the, the, the, the same, the same billionaire class who created the problem to begin with is what they would have to admit if they were honest. But they would never say that but, but that's where it's fun, because there's this guy at Roger Hallam, this British guy at from King's College in in Britain who founded co-founded Extinction Rebellion. You know this, this group that's like deploying there, they're a young equal anarchist self haters to go and like, spill paint on, on paintings at the Louvre and stuff. it’s annoying like, have these people sit down and refuse to get up at during rush hour traffic when people have to pay their bills and get to work. But anyway, Roger hollum. Has actually stated directly that. When asked why are we accepting money from George Soros, cause George Soros is the primary funder of Extinction Rebellion. The same guy funding Antifa, Black Lives Matter, right? Probably deep green resistance. But I didn't look. Into that but. He's the primary funder of. And how long was asked? Well, isn't this problematic since we're saying that we should go to war with these proponents of industrial capitalism like. And his answer was, well, we are. There's a quote from him. We are dealing with people who cry at night, just as we do. We don't want them to commit suicide. No, we want them to ring us up and give us that £1,000,000. Well, it's totally natural that these billionaires are funding us because they have climate depression just like we do. OK.

Fox: Well, they take, they take the money and then they string them up the next day is what is a is a justification that we've heard. You know where we live in Kingston, NY. There is a Warren Buffett's son is a. Of the area and we have heard people posed this question and this was a question that I posed very early on in my work is will the revolution be funded? Right. Supposedly there's this revolution to get to a better world. Is it going to be funded by the billionaire class, right? Because that's what seems to be happening and you hear this over and over again. With all these. Like NGO Grifters, Academia, Grifters, they say. Oh, well, we'll take the money, and then we'll we'll turn around and we'll cut ties once we get what we need, we'll use this resource from the capitalist class, and then we'll turn around. And I guess, like the French Revolution, we'll cut all their heads off, right.

Matt: Yeah, well, that's actually it. Just said that cause that's Rousseau the influence of Russia in the French Revolution was behind the lack of showing up is when they see stick the revolution doesn't need scientists and that's why the leading scientists who had been organized with Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin. Uh, uh uh. There's a whole network of amazing scientists who were the statesman leaders of the French Revolution, who were qualified to carry out a Republican uprising properly. All had their heads cut off because the mob, the uneducated mob was, was weaponized by these rabble rousers, and these fake intellectuals who were on the payroll like. Yeah, they were. They were on the payroll of the British Foreign Office and were able to then corral the abused masses into kind of like what we have with the Fabian Society variant of socialism. In the last century or more is, you know you got these misanthropes at the top who hate people but will weaponize certain flowery language and theories in order to absorb the abused labor class into a grouping that can then be deployed to smash either either target, assassinate A disruptive leader you don't like a McKinley or Azar Alexander the 2nd. Which were killed by, British directed Anarcho terrorists who themselves didn't even know how time, how they were being directed because they're useful idiots like these kids we. Just listened to. Yeah, yeah. Or themselves, or just disrupt the whole target nation in order to undermine the sovereignty of a nation that you want to reabsorb back under the British East India Company global influence. So that was what was done throughout the late 19th century. Like Michael Bakunin, Prince Kropotkin, right. These are like ******** leaders. Of the Fabian Society, anti Human variants of socialism. Who were, operating on behalf of an oligarchical elite who weaponize people, thinking that they like them, but they don't. And that's what Rousseau was doing when they cut off all the heads of the good and the bad like so. There was nobody who had qualified leadership. And it was just five years of civil war in France and. Blood bath, bloodbath of Jacobin terror. And then with that vacuum of leadership, the Rothschilds could fund a Napoleon sort of proto fascist. To come in. And clean up the mess and then use him as new battering ram to try to ram through a new global Roman Western Roman Empire, which was what Napoleon saw himself doing as a bit of a. Mixed bag. Kind of.

Alex: And don't and don't the roof. Yeah, and the roots of this. So the roots of this. So go so deep in the great game throughout history, and you just we're as people that uphold the Hamiltonian thought. You know, there's one of the pejoratives against Hamilton is like, oh, he wasn't on the side of the revolutionaries in the French Revolution. And Jefferson he read Rousseau and he was a huge supporter of the revolutionaries and that therefore you should support Jefferson and. You know it it all this stuff. I mean, it runs very deep down to these first principles of our, our people good and are we meant to transform nature, you know to bring order to it and to support more more humans.

Matt: Yeah, very, very good point, Alex. Really good point We can just.

Matt: Yeah, cause I mean. Person as well, like he, his, his. He had a bust of Rousseau and a bust of John Locke, another slave owning like John Locke made a fortune as a board board director of the British Royal Africa Co That's all right.

Matt: Funny, he like this guy was a devout like he. He's the guy who brought back the theory of the blank slate that we were were creatures born with no souls and all human nature is behaviorism. We, we are our whoever controls the environment that we're born into controls our nature because we are blank. Your tabula rasa. That's that's John. And thus any rights that we have from the John Locke velocity are simply rights that cannot be inalienable. they’re only rights that are given to us or can be taken away by whoever controls the definition of what freedom is as far as. You know John. Locke, who controlled the British Royal Africa Company, it was the same Hellfire club oligarchy that. Had you know, killed Thomas Moore just a little bit before that and had had run out Erasmus, you know. This is what Jefferson was a proponent of. Was Rousseau was. Locke was Adam Smith. All the and so of course the guy himself was an unabashed slave owner who saw no, no, no problem with the incompatibility with the inalienable rights the all men are created equal clause that he did good, good job, Jefferson. I mean, it's great that he played a role in drafting that, that Declaration of Independence, but he didn't have a big problem living according to completely different. Principles in opposition to what he wrote down 20-30 years earlier, kind of a hit him as a slave having sex with his own slaves, and not even like granting them freedom after he died OK.

Matt: In his will, he didn't like at least George Washington. Grant treated his slaves pretty damn well and gave them all freedom. As soon as he died. Not a chance, you know.

Fox: I mean, that's so typical.

Matt: Hero. He's the good guy.

Fox: Yeah, they're the kind of.

Matt: And Hamilton's the bad guy. That's the.

Fox: Hypocrisy, right? Like. It's fine for you, but if I do it, it’s or. It's not OK for you. But if I do it, it's fine. And you know, when you talk about Fabian Socialists and we're talking about now Jeffersonian versus Hamiltonian. And I think that this idea, it's so much the whole idea of socialism versus capitalism is so stupid. And it's so like we're so beyond that point in history where people talk about the World Economic Forum and depending on if you're right wing or left wing, World Economic Forum is capitalists and they're bad or they're communists and they're bad. and it just it you get nowhere with with this kind of. It's another just another version of left, right. You know this and that. What we really want to look at is how people view humanity and as humanity force for good in the world or as humanity something to be controlled in. I that I find a much more useful framework. Then saying are you a capitalist or a socialist or this or that? Or do you do you like now, or do you like Stalin? Do you like?

Alex: So that's where the Co opting thing comes in, too, where they're like. Yeah, World Economic Forum. Well, they're Co opting regenerative agriculture. I like the real regenerative agriculture.

Fox: Right. Yeah, right, right. Right. None of these little policies are going to. They don't amount to anything at the. End of the day it's all. And to take it back to what you were saying before about government, government is a technology and technology is not bad. Technology is good and it's something that we need to perfect, not just throw out the baby with the bath water. It hit the hard reset button and hope that. When we when we repopulate the earth after we murder everyone that ever, you know misogyny will be gone and you know, we'll live in this perfect. It's just it's a it's a. Baby mind fantasy. But yeah, I that's I know.

Matt: No, I mean, all evidence looking at Hunter gatherer societies is that there were much life, the lifestyle of Hunter gatherer society is much more destructive to nature than an agrarian society. Yeah, you have to use a lot more land to support fewer people. I mean, you gotta you gotta follow the Buffalo. I mean, there's a lot of destruction that you have to commit to nature to maintaining at a lower. Quality of life. A nomadic hunter gatherer society. Whereas when you could start growing your own food in a controlled agricultural fashion, you can live longer. You have more food stability, like all of a sudden, if there's a drought and the The rabbits are. The Buffalo populations dropped. The human population does not have to drop in accord. You know you could. You could store grain for those dry seasons rather than die Yes, because the.

Matt: Give nature just didn't supply itself that season. It's too bad, you know. Go eat your baby. So, but this is all what allows this to happen is something that these freaks, whether controlling Bilderberger or Davos or these poor schmucks at deep green resistance, they don't acknowledge they don't. They don't acknowledge the metaphysical reality, the ontological reality of mind as a natural force within the universe. They think of mind. And it's fruits of like and. And I'm saying mine from the standpoint of what a healthy, mature human mind does when animated by conscience. It's not just like logic, you know. Not not not just the calculating machine of the OR a Turing machine in in a biological fashion. I don't mean that. I mean like a real natural, healthy human. They want to treat that as if it were unnatural and only at like.

Alex: the

Matt: Only nature, unpolluted by human thought and intention and design and ideas, is natural. But the reality is all evidence shows is the opposite. The that the human, the human being, is a very special thing because we have biological. Similarities to other other forms of animal within the biosphere. DNA wise we are not that different from, of chimpanzees and stuff, and we have a lot of the impulses of other animals, and we can act like a wolf. And you know, we can bite or fly, right? We can we those things are all true pain. Just like animals have. But we have that additional thing. That involves A metaphysical, non measurable but real quality of love of justice, conscience, the pursuit. Of causation behind the surface appearance of form of material form, we can actually conceptualize and hypothesize solution concepts regarding why things happen, not just that they happen, but why and then act upon those principles to change the future for the better. Like before a drought happens, we can know well, sometimes. And we can act accordingly in the present to prevent a future destruction or an asteroid, or that will eventually come and destroy us, or or do a lot of damage. We can act preventatively in a in a in based on knowledge, whereas these ******** are trying to create fake. Crises and get us to act preventive preventatively like, undo, undo hydrocarbon based energy sources now and shut down civilization now.

Alex: Well, it'll change the weather. We have to change the weather.

Matt: We have to change the weather so.

Alex: The weather is bad when the weather is bad, it's because of climate change. When the weather is good, it's because what we're doing is working.

Matt: Yes. Yeah, right. Yeah, there. There's this fun meme of the screenshot of a British weather channel from 2016 and 2023. And you, you have all of the The degrees of temperature all over Europe during some average summer day and you see in 2016 it was just like a natural normal. Green map of Europe and you know, it's like 16 degrees here and all the different like numbers are there all normal no. And then in the in the in the graph the screenshot of the same studio same. Weather weatherman today everything is red on fire and the temperatures are actually cooler The eye of.

Alex: Sore on comes out in 2023.

Fox: Yeah, very few people go back and check the notes of, like, all these headlines that were, saying ohh in in 20 years, 20 years ago they were were writing. 20 years the world is gonna boil over. It didn't come true, and they've been making these predictions for. I don't know since the since the 70s and even before then. You know, there have been no Sir Damus doomsday prognosticators. This is like something that's happened throughout history, but yeah. When you're talking just now and you use this metaphor a lot, and I really like it because I think it strikes. Right at the heart of. What the elites are trying to do. And you refer to. What the elites refer to us as is like cow people. You say that. That they want to manage the cow people and they do, they kind of see and that's why they don't want us to see ourselves as human beings different from animals. They want us to see ourselves as no different than the animals and as part of the Earth and part of Gaia. and just great. We're just grazing on their land that they own. And it's just such a perfect metaphor. And this whole.

Speaker 5


Fox: Cultural phenomenon with. Like furries and stuff it, it feels like such a symptom. Of that of like. How they really want to convince people to just become. More like in this animalistic state and forget that we have this human brain.

Matt: Ohh yeah, that's. A good point. I think of that. Think of that either. But it's true. The furry culture. Creepy in that sense because it's based. Upon kind of a. Making animals kind of like a lawful subject of your ****** desires.

Fox: Somehow. Yeah, and.

Matt: Geez, where do you go and then? I know there's a lot of. Human rights activists or animal rights activists who are trying to human rights to elephants in zoos and other things with the logic. Well, we are just ohh Peter. There you go.

Fox: I bought this book I bought. This book Animal Liberation I still have the receipt bought it in 2002 when I was like 16. Because I was a vegetarian and I was, I was into the whole thing because I love animals OK.

Fox: You'll see the cat pop up on my lap while I'm recording sometimes. But I love animals and I think most people love animals, but then they transpose it into this thing where, well, we can never hurt animals, and they're just so pure and. We have to. Be it one with every with nature, and they forget this, the fact that animals, they think that we were just like this poisoned animals and that we're just hurting them and making their lives worse. Now if my if if our cat and dog talk, they would disagree with that their lives have become much better because of us. And they think of us as like gods, and they love, they love us because we made their lives better. and this idea that like. We're just destroying animal life on the planet because of human, humans are just a poison to the rest of the living world. It's such nonsense. Yeah, it's total nonsense. and I actually have a clip when one of my documentaries, but from with Peter Singer because he's a moral philosopher, utilitarian. So he comes up with all kinds of thought experiments, and he was given a thought experiment where they said, well, according to Greta Thunberg and climate activist, they say the human beings are net negative on the planet. And if those calculations are right, do you think we should kill ourselves and. And get rid of the human race. And he says, well, if you have the calculations right and there's more happiness being created without us. And we should that. Justifies getting rid of the human race so you could. See how that logic, this, this obsession with with.

Matt: Oh my God.

Alex: You gotta hand it to him. He's consistent, he is, he is.

Matt: Yeah, I think he also made an argument for Bestialist Nation as well, like, why? And but it's a, it's.

Matt: A very bad like you said, it's a yeah. And it's like a very benthamite benthamite who's also told to us is like a great philosopher of the American Revolution who inspired the founding fathers. And it's like, no, this guy wrote an argument against the Declaration of Independence as a self contradictory absurdity. And he wrote in defense of user, not. But also pederasty, so I mean. Sex with young young children. Right. Mean this is Bentham the Guy who was in charge of British intelligence who let. Who let Aaron Burr after killing Hamilton and trying to break up the Union in 1807 with an arrest warrant on his head escape, and he lived Aaron Burr, but former vice president under Jefferson. Went and lived with Jeremy Bentham in his manner for five bloody years doing opium, prostitutes and calling it the best time of his life before being sent back to America a week before the War of 1812 was launched to reconstruct his entire machinery. At a key component of which was. His, his former ally in breaking up the union with the western secessionist cause, right, which would have put him as a little dictator of the Western Confederation after and. And then you know, the plan was to then depose Jefferson, kill Jefferson, put Burr in as the top poncho with the new a new Pro British. Confederation of the United States. The guy whose house they were using as a base of operations was Andrew Friggin Jackson, the guy who ultimately kills Hamilton Second Bank later on who's reconstructed and put into play by Aaron Burr of Benthamite Asset. And so the fact that you have these guys. To this day, using Bentham's underlying theories, it's in order to justify the idea that animals should have the same rights as human beings have in the Declaration of Independence. And not only that, but what's? Justified when we blow up the dams, there's been 57 dams. Across the United States, destroyed to liberate the rivers. Yeah, right. And. And preserve restore deserts to their natural state to bring back their right to be untouched by human beings. Yeah, and cause the idea is.

Speaker 5

Look the

Matt: Rivers are being enslaved and constricted as slaves by human beings. Who built these stupid dams in the 50s when we were still ignorant, and now we? Should demolish them which which gave the Newsome spent $500 million demolishing 4 dams last year. It at huge detriment to the abundance of food production of farmers who needed the reservoirs and the abundant like water management systems, and the residential electricity which is no longer there, creating more scarcity. But because the dam the rivers have human rights, so non living nature they're saying well, it's made-up of atoms, water and deserts. It's rock. It's made-up of atoms. Life like non thinking, non thinking. But living nature is made-up of atoms, right? Your cat, your. Dog it’s also made-up of non living atoms and human beings. We're thinking nature. Like thinking, living nature right, supposedly You know the. the

Matt: the highest echelon of the natural totem pole. But in fact, we're all just ultimately made-up of non living atoms. So because atoms are all atoms, they all have to have the exact same rights. Ultimately, whether desert, a rock, a, a cat, a plant, or. Your grandma, who's now too expensive to maintain. So we should euthanize her to save money and preserve scarce medical resources, or bait.

Fox: Well guys have. Made you guys have made-up there? In Canada, huh? Which is, which is basically the program of Nazi Germany to eliminate. Yeah, the useless eaters and the people on the unworthy of deemed unworthy of life, which is, yes, crazy to me. But it's false.

Alex: Last area, so there's no tyranny humanitarianism.

Fox: But it's voluntary. OK.

Matt: Trying to it's kind of voluntary, but at the same time, and I guess this brings. Like they'll they'll ruin your life like they like there. There's war veterans who are just they've. They've come back from an Imperial War managing like opium fields in Afghanistan, thinking that they're gonna do something for liberty. They came back all broken to Canada. They're now broken. They're not getting any services or support and but they can access, made super easily and you've got. All sorts of doctors who have been pro young idiot doctors, right, coming straight fresh out of Med school. No, no life experience, no moral values built up inside of them, because the Med school system is now like cranking out people to think of human beings as clients. Or just like machines, human human biological machines with nothing really ultimately sacred and an administrative structure that's focused on balancing budgets, encouraging them, and even punishing them if they don't do this to offer put people on either drugs. So now you have, like, psychedelics, heroin being provided to people in in Ontario and British Columbia. Sponsored by taxpayer money, you can get now the equivalent of heroin given to you at the at the. To feed whatever drug you're on and it's part of the George Soros harm reduction policy. And when finally that runs its course and your life is ruined even more, which it ultimately always is, then you can be given a made a easy, easy pathway to end all the pain completely. So they they've really accelerated. This now depression, right? So they started this thing off by saying ohh it's only if you. Have a disease which will guarantee, yeah, painfully have like 2 doctors who who all agree and it's your choice. But now they just expanded that cause now, well, what is it is what is pain? It's all like subjective. And so they say, well, if you if your emotions. Are in pain. If you're depressed and let's say you're you're a mature. Minor Even so, they said, well, if you're depressed, you can get it. Well now, but, but what about the are we doing an injustice to those under 18 year old minors who are depressed and their pain is as equally real as the as the 34 year old, war veteran, their pain is equally pain. So shouldn't they also have the right if we want?

Alex: Didn't ask to be born.

Matt: To be truly honest.

Alex: They didn't ask to be born, you know they didn't.

Matt: You have a girl in. Britain, born some rich family, she is actually a professional horse jumper. Whatever you call these. People who like ride horses, right? That's for equestrian. Thank you. She successfully sued her mom's doctor for not prescribing her mom yet a a, an abortion because she has. A spinal disease that forces her to go through like a an annoying 3 hour treatment twice a week to like, do something with her spine. I don't know, but the point is she's a professional equestrian. All of the other days of the week that she's not going through her spinal realignment treatment. She's perfectly fine, really rich kid, but she successfully sued this doctor for like $25 million, and the Doctor was forced to pay up for not telling the mom that she should get an abortion because the doctor should have known that her baby was going to be born with this spinal issue that's actually happening there. Normalizing this and making legal precedents right now.

Alex: You know can can I ask you? So you you're a Canadian?

Matt: You're a Canadian. That's, that's it, a Canadian patriot.

Alex: So you know, we used to, we used to be big Bernie Sanders people back in the day. And you know one.

Fox: Of the big things people and it's embarrassing Well that it.

Alex: Well, it's not true. You know, I wear my trauma, my sleep. But uh yeah. So the big thing was Medicare for all, and it was like, oh, look at England, look at Canada, look at all these Social Democratic countries. They do it. It's so good, so humane. Why don't we do it? So it sounds like, you describe it, you just described Canada and the UK as having these made programs. And I know that was. That was the big thing that, 15 years ago here, when Obamacare was proposed about these death panels. Which I think there actually was some. There was some validity to it. Now that I look back through the fog of history at the time. I was like, no this. They're just chuds making up stuff to deplorable tea party people, but it's actually, I think they actually had some validity to that. So is there something? Is there something particularly about having socialized healthcare in the modern context that? Seems to lead to the this this made stuff.

Matt: Well, I think it comes back to the whole question of technology cause like again government is technology right, having a centralized government that has power is a power, right? You could you have a power to harmonize action across a big swath of. Space and time and do things. The question is what are you going to do with that power? Same thing for like a nuclear power reactors, a lot of power, highly centralized. You can do a lot of good or a lot of bad with the with the. And so the it's always from my mind, it comes down to the cultural question of, well, what is the cultural matrix that is encouraging the development of of valuing the sacredness of life or diminishing the value of human life and. And as we see under any of the death cult operations that have tried to, latch on to humanity over. Centuries and centuries and centuries, which will always use central government to be an instrument for the expression of their desires and values of the oligarchy, right? So they will use. Like in the case of Canada, the fact that the Canadian healthcare system it it's a great idea and at at different times. You know when? When? We have abundance. it’s a pretty good thing. There's no, there's no. Excuse that can. Be really given to say well, there's not enough to go around. You know, we gotta we gotta cut up. We gotta we gotta accept an increased death rate of elderly people or babies who are too expensive. To maintain with the scarce medical resources, if there's abundance and the abundance is created by a moral value that involves investing in better quality MRI's and EKG systems and healthcare infrastructure and quality nurses and doctors, right, who are trained properly and. Like a National Bank. Could be great. Like we see in the case of how China is using its National Bank to emit large scale credit the way Franklin Roosevelt did with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or what Hamilton did with the Hamiltonian banking system that allowed for the United States to increase its population both in quantity by by. A factor of. Four, as well as in longevity and. Quality of life in in in an immense way within. Only the 1st 40 years of its of its. Existence that was through the centralized banking capabilities of a government that was still run by by agencies that valued and cherished the principles of the Declaration of Independence. And then if you're, if your government becomes hijacked by fascists and death cultists, then they'll use that power to impose a fascist regime, and it might masquerade as socialism, or it might masquerade as capitalism under the Davos variant or Soros variant capitalism, but it's ultimately futile. And that's the thing, right? there’s feudal capitalism and authentic creative capitalism that values thing. there’s feudal socialism. Like the Fabian socialism. And then there's authentic industrial pro labor socialism that cares about social values. and they the Oligarchy has gotten us to as as you guys pointed out, just oversimplify things to be like are you left, or are you right? Like, this is what derailed the French Revolution, right? Are you a Jackman or your own day? Are you a thinker or are you a feeler and then you just get everybody to kill each other while the actual Ben Franklin allies who are qualified and integrated human beings? Are are, are brushed aside and had their heads cut. Off too so. It's sort of the same trap today with with healthcare. I think you know John Conyers. I'm at the time I was a volunteer with the Larouche organization in those days. And at first I also had a bit of a problem in the in the early months, putting Hitler mustache and Obama until I really started thinking about. and I. Was like ohh. Damn, it's true. Quality adjusted life years the, the, the, the, the bringing back of the useless eater. There really was. Expert panels that would judge who would get who wouldn't get scarce resources as Ezekiel Emanuel put forth in in deep sick writing, and I was like, damn it really is the same as the tier. And for health reforms of Nazi Germany in the 30s, I was like, damn, it's true. But the John but it. But I had to make the point cause a lot of people would attack me for being like a right wing. Libertarian Tea Party or something? And I'd be like, look, dude. I support John Conyers and his health reform that calls for universal healthcare, cause John Conyers put forth his own 2009 Universal Healthcare bill, that Larouche at. The time and You know, said this is great. And I read. It and it's great because it called for spending more money, creating more healthcare infrastructure and really, honestly. Providing it for everybody and the and undoing the HMO debacle that was created by Nixon, that that's fine. And that's much more similar to a healthy variant of what Canada could have become if we didn't allow these technocrats to take. So but Obama crushed John Conyers. John Conyers had the whole deep state come down on him and he was broken. And the people just forgot that bill existed. And then they got. Sucked into this fake idea of. the Obama. And now, now Biden health reform, which is essentially the Obama health reform that's come back with a vengeance. Which just empowers the HMO's in more dubious ways than anybody even realized, and imposes new logics of a new logical framework. Of yeah, cutting people off of their putting a dollar value on one year of your life and then rejecting treatment based upon the fact that one year of your life might be worth less than that the monetary value of that treatment, which is exactly what Hitler.

Alex: Yeah, if our if our. Life expectancy was going up then I'd I'd. Maybe I would. We'd have some counter evidence, but the life expectancy has been going down in the United States, so I don't think we're we're not going in the right direction.

Matt: No, I think you lost two years in the United States over since COVID started. Two years have been lost.

Alex: And once again, because of the Canadians not managing their forest correctly, that probably knocked another. Year off our. We're here in New York State, yeah. You know we're. We're just choking down the fumes from.

Fox: Canada, damn Canada. Blame Canada. Yep, that's what South Park Lane. They were right.

Matt: we gave you Murrey Strong, we gave you Murrey Kearney, we gave you Christian Freeland, what do you want?

Fox: In New York, now we rely a lot on Hydro Quebec too. More and more all the time, yeah. It's looking like more so as we shut down. All of our. Fossil fuel and nuclear plants and try to replace it with weather dependent renewables, which is, well, nonsense.

Alex: So the hippies are trying to give the Hudson River human rights now, which might block hydro Quebec's lion from your neck of the woods down to New York.

Matt: Oh my God.

Alex: So we'll see you about that. You know, maybe the Hudson River is gonna get rights. That's God.

Matt: That's wild, eh? That's that's well. Look, I would just sit here like I. Cause I know we have to. We have to wrap it up, but I, but I just say one thing, just like put a bow on this one thing that was hovering, you know we mentioned earlier that a lot of this was made possible. By the drug culture as well and. That was part of the conditioning. Process of the. The baby boomer generation of first generation hippies that were the target. Victims of this. CIA mind control deconstruction program under things like MK Ultra overseen by Tavistock and Psychiatrists. And when you go back to the Unabomber, he himself, we mentioned it. Didn't say it. He himself was a Guinea pig, overseen by a Harvard MK Ultra experiment overseen by what's in Henry A Murray. And Henry Murray was an OSS CIA Rockefeller Foundation psychiatrist who brought in Timothy Leary's Silo Siding project of Harvard. What made Timothy Leary the nut job guru that he became under the influence of all this Huxley doors of perception, also part of the I a MK ultra operation to normalize the idea of a new type of spiritualism that was that broke free of the obsolete religious traditions of Christianity and monotheism. Break it free and as Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, who again, both Timothy Leary, was a Harvard. Operative who was part of the operation that created the Unabomber, utilizing a mix of shock therapy, trauma and psychedelic drug. That was then brought into the broader population of young people in the 1960s in schools, and Timothy Leary said in describing conversations with all this Huxley, his mentor, that. What was decided? But between the two of them and the higher ups controlling both was that we needed the time had come for a new scientific paganism. Utilizing these mine drugs and he loved the CIA for this which? Increasingly, was was based on the idea you could all make your own reality. There's no truth. There's no genders, there's no there's it. It's all how you feel and the mind. Drugs gave people an amplified sense of emotional experience that was then, so, so intense that it must be spiritual and certain hallucin. I mean, you're dealing with your brain chemistry. In really, really wild ways that involved a deep patterning process such that people became much more malleable and much more inclined to reconstruct their brains based upon whoever controlled the environment that they were operating within. And the the musical transformations that were happening around the time of the counterculture again as as well as the artistic the cinema, the cinema, the planet of the Apes. Who was MGM? Who is funding these things? Who is funding Soylent Green, who is funding 2001 a space odyssey? This. This is the same. Social engineers that want to bring about a great reset of global civilization and restore a pre Christian global. Pagan cult of people who didn't believe in truth thought they had to, like, cut off their genitalia and eat bugs in order to stop, make the climate from changing. That's the today's today's crisis is the exact consequence of the lawful continuation of what was put into motion by the controllers of Ted Kaczynski and the programmers of this poor schlep. To the modern age and people criticize China for having a cultural revolution. That was a mess and. Sure, it was a. Yes, that being said, they at least stopped it early on in the 70s, we, our culture revolution kept going for 50 bloody years straight. We didn't stop it. It's now just degenerated to a new level of messed fucked up this at this point. Yeah, like that Was a good point.

Alex: That's a good way to put it.


Alex: You've been listening to The Space Coming Podcast today we've had on Matt Errant Matt is the prolific co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. Editor in chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior fellow at the American University of Moscow and host of the Great Game on Rogue News, which I listened to.

Fox: Ohh yeah we love the Rogue News show.

Alex: Is there anything that you wanna plug? Working people get your. Stuff in one place.

Matt: I will never miss an opportunity to plug my books. Yeah. So, Cynthia, my wife, who's been on your show and I we wrote a bunch of books and so people could pick those up on canadianpatriot.org and it's called clash of the two Americas volume one to four and Cynthia's new book is The Empire. On which the black Sun never set volume one volume 2 will be coming out with a more deep dive into the occult origins of fascism in the in the 19th century. That's going to be probably next year, but it’s intense, intense. So again, that's all available. And if you're a Canadian or an American that want to understand what the hell is this synthetic weird thing called Canada that usually acts like a like an instrument of destruction for the by the British Empire that never let Canada go free? Check out my untold history of Canada 4 volume book series. Also available, easy to find on canadianpatriot.org.

Fox: I was gonna plug your book in the middle of something you're talking about with Hamilton and Aaron. Burr, because I just got finished reading your the first volume of clash of two Americas. So check that out if you want to learn more about it, I can't recommend it enough and I want to read Cynthia's books. You guys are just like…

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