T-1 12 9/16/68 K-430 HW YES Made while travelling (Ted's sp.) en route to Berkeley, CA. Familiar with/ mentions woods in IL, Iowa & Southern MI selling coin collections, Lisbon Bank, mentions staying in (WY) at same camp site Wells, Nevada. Water turned off at house Berk, CA, due to water being in the name of Mr. Stoller. Drove up to Humboldt County 5 hours deer hunting. Was there last year. The caretaker on Federal Lands remembered Ted from last year. 40 years old w/western/accent has a house in area. Mentions reading hunting books re tricks in a hunt.
T-2 23 1971 T NO Letter to unknown person(s) re: Ted's philosophy on technology, education, children, scientists, computers, etc.; request's addressee to join a group to stop research funding.
T-3 2 8/28/79 K-427 HW YES Letter from Ted to Dave. Both agree not to fish for pure sport. Talks about being a vegetarian to Dave and that you need B-12, unless you eat meat or fish, milk & eggs. Then Ted goes on talking about the commercial egg production operation and to think of the chickens in human terms it's worse than 1984. Then says it's not that bad with cows - but they too are slaves. Ted doesn't think that Epstein understands "wilderness" in same terms. Ted said he had written Epstein before. Ted wants to know in advance about the commies in Costa Rica (CR), also was surprised that it was English-speaking then said that maybe there are Spanish speaking peasants in the hinterlands? Mentions that he doesn't think Epstein understands "wilderness" in same terms; talks about going to Helena and taking bus from Helena.
T-4 9/6/1979 K-428
HW YES Letter to Ted & response from Ted. Parents gave Dave another $1000. Wants signature? Dave has problem w/underground bee-hive (Ted's spelling)in back yard. Ted responds by indicating he mailed off forms (?) in the standard Federal envelope enclosed.
T-5 3 3/26/81 K-395 HW YES Translation: Ted corrects Dave's letter. Dave's letter consists of questions re: grammar. Ted is asked if Dave's Ecuadorian friend writes to him. Attached to the letter is an advertisement for the sale of a 1975 Datsun B210 w/10,000 miles on new engine, $2500.
T-6 6 4/29/81 K-432 HW/T YES Translation: Part 1. Letter to Ted from Dave in which Dave responds to Ted's questions: Ted says shooting of Pres. Reagan was an April Fool's joke; asks about Vernon Jordan; Polish workers' political demands. Part 2. Letter from Ted to Dave; gives a Spanish lesson; discussion of Polish workers' demands and why there was no Russian invasion (Ted asks for more information on this); letter ends w/a discussion of chemicals and buying small quantities as an amateur chemist (Ted wants Dave to buy copper sulfate at lower prices than he quoted.) Mentions that he does not want to spend $75 for 3 lbs. of chemicals. Ted relates to Dave that he priced 100 lb sack at $75. Suggests trying to purchase chemicals at a hobby shop. (Says Dave obviously did not contact one of the firms re: purchase of chemicals. Dept of Agriculture requests cooperation/support of chemical dealers, applicators and growers in ensuring that endrin and toxaphene are used only when needed. Ted says he prefers letters to postcards as they are more private. Gives Dave a lengthy Spanish lesson. Quotes Walter Conrad Muenscher, Poisonous Plants of the United States., pg. 17.
T-7 4 8/21/81 K-431 HW YES Letter from Ted to Dave & letter to Ted. 11 certificates of deposits? Totaling $98,500 & some CD's earning 17.23% annually.
Translation: Asks for Spanish to English dictionary for Christmas. Long discussion re: Ted's theory that excessively hard work began w/the Industrial Revolution {gives examples from a book on French Revolution and ancient Rome to support theory.} Ted rec'd. letter from Stella re: Greg being fired, discussed carrots and raspberry bushes. Ted sent letter w/his signature to the savings companies re: his parent's instruction.
T-8 10/3/82 K-390 NO THE FLIES: A replica of the Dead Man by Horacio Quiroga. Theme death of man Ancient Maya by Sylvanus G. Morley.
T-9 2 11/17/82 K-462 HW YES Discusses: Dave's blood pressure; Dave's property; depletion of the ozone layer; cancer among white people.
T-10 10 8/27/83 K-426 HW YES Letter to Dave, Ted sent drawing to Aunt Freda and not Hoken & Jean. Sent dirty drawing to Aunt Freda saying that it will give her an erotic kick. Read THE FOREST PEOPLE by Colin Turnbull. Says look at it at the Lombard Library.
Poetry by dope addict "Bop Bubble" mentions visit in Texas late Nov. or later. Mentions eating only parsnips from Nov.-Apr. 1st of last year.
T-11 14 9/7/83 K-390 HW/T YES Ted sent Dave another similar birthday present as last year Spanish/English regarding the "Quirogas Stories" by Horacio Quiroga/Our First Cigarette. Ted also says that he enclosed another letter, written on small pieces of paper and to look down in the bottom of the envelope.
T-12 5 12/10/83 K-448 HW YES Quotes Herodotus. Telling brother how to dig hole w/o cave-in. Gives brother surname "The Phoenician." Ted likes solitude, mentions notebook w/famous quotes he maintains.
T-13 22 1/25/84 K-453 HW YES Pgs. 1-7 Ted talks about camping, surviving in cold weather. He describes how to make two different shelters and provides drawings on how to construct them.
Pgs. 8-9 Ted discusses Mexico. He further comments about "urban timeconsciousness ..." Ted opines that "in the wilderness life . . . satisfaction is only as far off as the next meal." He further comments about "modern obsession with physical security and longevity." He also writes " is surprisingly easy to shrug your shoulders at the idea that you might die next year..." Pg. 10 Ted talks about the "desecration" of wildlife.
Pgs. 12-22 Ted discusses his root cellar, weather, collecting rainwater. He further discusses rabies and treatment for it. Ted tells Dave that he will not be able to visit him this year. Ted also tells Dave he should go down to Mexico. Lastly, he talks about studying Spanish, mentions the author Quiroga. Ted also writes part of the letter in Spanish in which he philosophizes about domination and power (this passage in Spanish appears to be a quote from a book).
T-14 2 5/10/84 K-425 HW YES Women; straight-jacket; WWII, Nazis.
T-15 2 7/6/84 K-391 T NO Ted, writes Chairman, Dept, of Botany, Prof. Sherman J. Preece, Jr., Univ, of MT @ Missoula, MT, re Buffalo Gourd. Ted mentions book Wild Edible Plants of the Western United States by Donald R. Kirk, Naturegraph Publishers, Healdsburg, CA, 1970, page #271. Mentions own experience in using book.
T-16 1 7/23/84 K-391 T NO Ted writes to Prof Sherman J. Preece Department of Botany, Univ, of MT @ Missoula, MT 59812. Talks about the Buffalo Gourd, cucurbita foetidissima. Ted thanks Prof Sherman for his reply.
T-17 27 9/17/84 K-391 T/HW YES Translated story for Dave's B-Day. Requirements for passport (info he obtained in Helena). This is for trip to Mexico. Mentions having read Inside the 3rd Reich & SpandaQ by Speer {liked books both for historical content & authors' personal accounts.} Appears to have enlisted Dave to find ads in college newspapers for translation work. Advises to look at large school papers. Seems to want Dave to send old calculus book (copy quality poor). Mentions a religious sect in Russia.
T-18 4 10/3/84 K-424 HW YES Short letter thanking Dave for a book - mentions repayment of $100 plus a 20-cent stamp which is 11 cents over Dave's cost. Mentions sending attached weight loss advertisement (Nutri-System) to Hoken but didn't when Ted got Dave's letter. Would have been bad timing re Hoken. Also, included advertisement for Levis & mountain bikes. Mentions stamp he used to mail letter (1 cent Dorothy D?) refers to her as a distinguished American.
T-19 4 11/26/84 K-454 HW YES Ted finishes reading Cartas Finlandesas (Letters from Finland) and Hombres del Norte (Men of the North). Discusses what he considers to be fact and opinion about Henrik Ibsen, a character in Hombres del Norte. Ted discusses an author named Conrad. Tells Dave of his Christmas gift.
T-20 9 12/7/84 K-437 HW YES How I Found Livingstone - excerpts, slave-raiding by the Arabs & wars & raids of the native Africans are mentioned throughout the book." Compares this book to Joseph Conrad1s Heart of Darkness.
T-21 2 2/10/85 K-423 HW YES Letter telling Dave that Ted can't come to Alpine because the logging schedule had changed due to weather. Ted is very unhappy w/plans to log the area near him. Complaining of noise and disruption. Also mentions difficulty in getting to Alpine via Greyhound and the cost of doing so. Translation: Discusses Dave's Spanish, giving him the book El Comendador Mendoza (The Knight Mendoza, by Juan Vales.
T-22 12 4/?/85 K-407 HW YES Self-drawn cartoon of Hitler; Dave's writings, criticizing of same; Ted getting a job at bus co.; English/Spanish writers; Ted writing in Spanish to Dave; Novelist Willa Cather; Pygmies; Primitives; Author Colin Turnbull; hiking; physical condition; animals; Joel; trip to Mexico. Translation: Ted quotes Thomas Carlyle, The French Revolution, a passage about Roman military tribunal.
T-23 5 5/30/85 K-422 HW YES Ted writes about visit to the doctor re: tetanus and polio vaccines; worries about offending the Mexicans by not eating or drinking; quotes A History of the German Language, by John T. Waterman.
T-24 6 6/?/85 K-433 HW YES Hegel; Spanish; Mirror of the Sea.- employment in Chicago; trip to Mexico; Along the Gringo Trail; passport acquisition; The Forest People.
T-25 8 9/4/85 K-449 HW YES Spanish-American folk tales; rattlesnakes; AIDS.
First letter is Spanish.
Second letter. He makes corrections of a letter Dave had written to him in Spanish.
T-26 10 9/9/85 K-390 HW/T YES The Wild Colt, a translation of a story by Quiroga.
T-27 4 9/14/85 K-392 HW YES Pamphlet on Giardia by USDA/Forest Service dated 2/81. Wants diplomas from Harvard & U of MI + 10 copies each of published papers. Dates in Jan. for trip to see Dave.
T-28 14 11/7/85 K-390 T NO The Fort of Tacuil by Davalos; self-drawn cartoon.
T-29 4 11/27/85 K-451 HW YES Lists some swear words in Eng. & Span. Writes re. ordering books through publishing company in Madrid. Will make effort to be in Alpine. Writes re. AIDS. Ted gives David opinion of Maugham's writing as "somewhat narrow." Needs to know what camping items to bring. Wants to speak Spanish w/David.
Translation: Ted relates a story of a woman who gave birth to two children through her rectum. He admonishes Dave by saying..." I notice that you've repeatedly referred to "white people" as opposed to Mexicans. Don't do that . . .they don't like being considered as nonwhite." Discusses means of contracting AIDS; discusses A Study of Maya Art, by Herbert J. Spinden; discuss Maugham and Ted receiving Dave's opinion about same; says he would like to speak Spanish w/Dave when he gets there; relates stories of Hercules sexual prowess and a form of medieval punishment of women who disobeyed their husbands; tells Dave to send Willie Nelson a copy of The Wild Colt, by Quiroga.
T-30 2 1/17/86 K-450 HW YES Ted changes his mind & will go to Alpine to visit Dave. What days he would like to arrive Wed./Fri. so he can visit the bank. Ask Dave where he can leave message so he doesn't wait all day at bus stop.
T-31 1/23/86 K-452 HW YES Translation: Ted relates a personal story regarding his encounter w/an innocent 16/17 year-old Rutterite (a member of a Mennonite sect) of girl,..."she must be very religiousshe is very timid and prudish; very dedicated and innocent." After reading Beneath the Mask, by June Leiby, Ted states the next time he encounters one of these girls he would stare at her crotch; Ted says ...."the innocent, timid, prudish Rutterite ... Bah! Better to call her a whore." Ted read a book written by G. Garcia Marquez. One story he finds interesting centers around the psychology of a senile 94 year old priest. In another letter he discusses his heart condition, due to the mental stress. He has 3 dreams. First dream is about loggers/machinery cutting down trees; the second dream, he sees his cabin surrounded by other cabins; in his third dream his cabin is isolated in the middle of a shopping center. He calls off his trip to Lincoln in order to protect his property boundaries. Later he changes his mind and schedules his trip to get away from the noise. P.S. He makes the statement that he hates his parents; was touched by Dave's offer of money, but won't take it because Dave has earned "financial security;" states he has ...."a strong aversion to taking welfare."
T-32 2 2/18/86 K-399 HW YES Going to Alpine end of Feb. or 3/1 going by bus. Will meet Dave either at bus station or post.
T-33 16 3/15/86 K-438 HW YES Ted explains why he resents his parents. Ted believed his parents were sorry he turned out so rotten. States he tends to get "hot & angry in frustrating circumstances"- that's why he criticized Dave so much. Doesn't like to be interrogated about his health, especially blood pressure which escalates when he's under great tension. Stated he rarely reads newspapers or magazines. Gives Dave Spanish grammar tips.
T-34 10 4/16/86 K-396 HW YES Ted very angry at Dave; Ted's "hospital experience"; anger toward parents; Ted's teens; Ted's being repeatedly insulted w/o retaliating; Dave telling Ted he was a "gloomy kid"! "sick"; questioning parents' treatment of him (Ted). Ted discusses relationship with his brother Dave, giving up his assistant professorship, and quotes Sense and Nonsense and rm Qk - You1 re Qk.
T-35 5 4/21/86 K-400 HW YES Letter goes on about childhood relationship w/Dave. Parents blaming Ted for things. Dispute of whether father apologized to Ted. Talk of Dave's blood pressure.
T-36 5(6) 4/30/86 K-398 HW YES Letter regarding asking parents for $6000 for "medical reasons." Goes on about mistreatment as a child and parents hypocrisy and selfishness. Advise Dave there can be no reconciliation with parents. Admonishes Dave not to psychoanalyze Ted. The letter gets angrier as it goes along.
T-37 1 5/9/86 K-404 HW YES One sentence; "Here it is . . . "
T-38 17 5/20/86 K-401
HW YES Translation: Discusses Juan Sanchez; one of Juan's dreams; relates the Vampire Story.
T-39 4 6/2/86 K-394 HW YES Continuation of discussion of $6000. Continuation on Joel's schizoid problem. Mentions people who work in "nuthouse." Like Uncle Benny most are low quality & incompetent. Real distaste for psychoanalysis & practitioners of same. Translation: Ted discusses Indo-European languages & the origin of the words "much" & "macho." Ted tells Dave he has the . . . "soul of a turnip." Ted constructed two charts translating English words into other languages.
T-40 4 6/17/86 K-397 HW YES More talk of schizophrenia & mental illness. Mentions a book titled The Schizophrenia, Yours & Mine and Encyclopedia of Associates. Ted uses library loan service & a store where he trades in paperback books.
T-41 8 7/2/86 K-412 HW YES Translation: Ted writes Dave and says since he liked the vampire story he would translate another story, Raggle Taggle, by Walter Starkie. Ted indicates this story is true . . . "unless the author is a liar." The story focuses on a shepard in the Carpathian Mountains and a man who encounters a group of gypsies. He compares some of the characters to drawings of greedy souls in hell by Dore'. It is a violent story involving a knife fight, selling a young girl for money, cannibalism, etc.
T-42 ###VOID (SEE T-44)
T-43 4 8/11/86 K-405 HW YES About Dave's friend Joel's possible schizophrenia. Dave coming for a visit. Talks about a truck he owned. Mentions the book, Insanity Inside Out, by Kenneth Donaldson, which focuses on the author's 15 years in a mental institution after he was involuntarily committed by his parents. Translation: Ted discusses Dave's Spanish; baseball team and Dave apologizing for taking a long time to answer Ted's letter.
T-44 12 9/2/86 K-408 HW YES Advising Dave to come between 9/27 10/4, neither before nor after. Wants to know if Dave will bring car so Ted can take driving test. Thinks Dave should talk to Dale Edwards re Joel. T-42 Two news clippings; 2 pgs. In Spanish; Polish, Tartan; Central Asian Nomads; Mongolians; The Samarions; Romans; L. Sprague De Camp, The Ancient Engineers; Birthday books; and Spanish grammar questions.
T-45 18 9/8/86 K-411 HW YES Translation: Ted relates a story by Jacqueline Meketa, The Revenge of Girijalva on the Apaches, Old West, which recounts a 10-year-old boy's experience w/the Apaches. The boy is kidnaped, learns the Apache ways, but is able to escape. As a guide/interpreter for Gen. Carlton, Fort Bowie, AZ, the boy has his revenge on the Apaches.
T-46 3 12/30/86 K-439 HW YES Ted talks about the book that Dave sent on Ancient Mexican Sculpture and mentioned the Great Coatiicure says that it is a kind of feast for the eyes. Discusses the statue of an adolescent boy and how the artiest captured the gawky physique and psychological ebullience of that time of life.
Second part of the letter from Ted was a short story on the North Pole - Santa ("Saint Nick") Claus alias Kris Kringle. The theme was Kris Kringle was indicted on charges of grand larceny & fraud for stealing several million dollars worth of toys in exchange for $220,000 worth of shares in a nationally known toy manufacturing firm. At the end, he mentions the Tooth Fairy being accused of sexually abusing sleeping children.
T-47 3 5/22/87 K-440 HW YES All in Spanish. Mentions photographs taken at cabin? But which one? Translation: Ted rec'd a book as a present from Dave. Ted complains that the paper was ripped off of the book when it arrived. He advises Dave to wrap his packages in more resistant paper. Ted states further..."this demonstrates--still once again--that my habit of wrapping packages carefully is not a neurotic obsession with security- --as our cynical father has concluded but an important precaution if you want the merchandise to arrive intact." Ted asks Dave if he remembered the book by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca - says he has requested a copy of the book. Ted quotes a passage by Jose Ortega y Gasset, The Rebellion Of the Masses-, Madrid, 1984, which focuses on philosophy not needing protection, sympathy, or attention of the masses.
T-48 10 6/13/87 K-441 HW YES Spanish translation: A passage taken from the book The Log of a Cowboy, by Andy Adams, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska. The passage relates how Indians and Mexicans know so much about horses in comparison to the character in the story; discusses the herd and horses tracks. Ted asks Dave to send him Koken's current address and provide the correct spelling of his name.
2nd letter, Spanish translation: A number of anecdotes taken from an old German grammar book, asking 3rd letter w/Spanish translation.2nd letter, Spanish translation: A number of anecdotes taken from an old German grammar book, asking 3rd letter w/Spanish translation.
Ted discussed Dave's trip to Durango to visit Juan. Dave working longer to earn money for trip; discusses Mexican sanitary conditions & discussion of a story by Javier de Viana written after the White War & Quiroza's story Cuent.Q.s_de la Selvia. Trip to Mexico.Ted discussed Dave's trip to Durango to visit Juan. Dave working longer to earn money for trip; discusses Mexican sanitary conditions & discussion of a story by Javier de Viana written after the White War & Quiroza's story Cuent.Q.s_de la Selvia. Trip to Mexico.
T-49 8 7/15/87 K-442 HW YES Ted talks about the ecosystem, but upper part of page missing. Oliver, Rosquist and Mike Kinsella, a parasitologist at Missoula Community Hospital said research indicates that humans are most to blame. Talking about Giardia being passed to animals and humans. Spanish translation: "I'm dying to know about your adventures in Mexico; mentions Pancho Villa was a native of Durango; indicates he has read an interesting book entitled Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, by John Womack, Jr. Another part of letter mentioned reading Oscar Lewis' Pedro Martinez - An Anthropologist Account of the Mexican Peasant. Also mentioned book on Zapata, where Ted says that it was interesting and he thinks some of the leftist have made a patron saint out of Zapata, some urban intellectual type revolutionaries did attach themselves to Zapata. Ted also has catalog on Editor's Mexicanas Unidos.
T-50 8 7/31/87 K-443 HW YES Ted thanks Dave for the Spanish story Pepita Jimenez, re: egoism and vanity. Ted said the ending was "lame." Discusses Valery's other story, Comendador Mendoza. Ted points out both focus on "dieing for love." (Ted's sp.) Says neighbor's daughter (Glen & Delores Williams)and her friends disturbed Ted by shooting a gun all day.
T-51 6 8/26/87 K-444 HW YES Translation: Ted quotes a passage from Walter Sarkie, Spanish xxxaggle Taggle, E. P. Dutton, Inc. re: consorting w/gypsies; quotes from books - Nunez de Vaca and Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, Discusses Zapata, stop truck farming & plant cash crops. 1910-20 conditions in Mexico & agrarian reform in Spain. Talks about G. Williams' daughter, "yuppies."
T-52 8 10/26/87 K-445 HW YES Copies letter from Joseph Conrad to Arthur Symons taken from Joseph Conrad Life & Letters. Corrects David's Spanish. Tells David how to order books from Espoura-Calpe, Spain. Translation: Sent Dave the Cabeza de Vaca book Dave liked the parsnips. Rec'd. the Mackey book; mentions Dave not giving him the Dale Edwards' address and encloses a check for $5.50 for Dale.
T-53 1 12/1/87 K-409 HW YES Quote from Joseph Conrad - Books II in Notes on Life and Letters, 1924. Translation: Sending Dave a Christmas present (book) on Bela Lugosi and "those types." Gives Dave the recipe he uses for preparing parsnips; sends Dave some parsnips as a gift.
T-54 6 12/18/87 K-447 HW YES English - wants to buy dictionary up to $20, wants $10.00 worth of sodium-free baking powder. Sent X- Mas package on 12/1 - asks how Joel Schwarz is doing. Translation: Corrects Dave's Spanish; in ascending order of importance asks for the following books: The Summing Up, by Somerset Maughan The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, by G. Mackay; La Guerra de Treinta anos by Fernando Orozco y Berra; Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. Informs Dave to check for these at used bookstores.
T-55 5 1/20/88 K-435 HW YES Letter thanking Dave for books. Agreed to have Dale Edwards make a copy of Mackey's Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory. Mentions that intellectuals feel superior to others. No group or person should feel superior to others. Part of the letter appears to be written over an invoice for a book order Ted had to a company in Madrid, Spain.
T-56 2 2/17/88 K-455 HW YES Ted is awaiting the book Cabeza de Vaca. Hopes Dave receives the Mackney book. Rec'd. book (Mackney) from Dale Edwards. Sent Dave a check to cover postage to reimburse Dave. Tells David that Juan should get legal help for whatever compensation he is entitled to.
T-57 3 5/31/88 K-459 HW YES 2 comic strips included in the letter. Ted thanks David for birthday present. Sorry about Juan's accident. Tells David that Juan should get legal help for whatever compensation he is entitled to.
T-58 4 7/28/88 K-456 HW YES Translation: Ted discusses proper usage of Spanish gender, tenses, etc. Ted mentions the rain in June has been good for his calabash (a gourd.) Asks Dave if he has read Karamazov Brothers.
T-59 4 9/15/88 K-410 HW YES Remembering Dave at four yrs. of age. Sent a picture of a four yr. old as it reminded Ted of Dave at four. Happy, full of energy. Mentions Dave was morose after college. Ted had a dream about him & Dave as kids enjoying nature. Nature is also about peace & happiness. Regrets way Ted treated Dave during his teens.
T-60 2 9/21/88 K-458 HW YES Translation: Birthday letter to Dave; sending dried parsnips as a gift; mentions lack of rain and greenhouse effect.
T-61 12 11/16/88 K-457 HW YES Ted writes about reading the book Wayward Servants, The Two Worlds of the African Pygmy. Gives Dave a c/o address of Garlands Town and Country for delivery of Christmas gift. Discusses plans of getting money for Juan through generous donations of a millionaire, and includes a sample letter to be sent. Ted discusses the expenses of traveling to Juan's home in Mexico. Asks Dave about his trip to Mexico.
T-62 1 11/26/88 K-402 HW YES Ted asks Dave to delay sending off the request to the millionaire on Juan's behalf until after Christmas. (Duplicate sent to Texas)
T-63 3 12/19/86 K-436 HW YES Translation: Ted thanks Dave for the book he sent re: Mexican sculpture. Ted asks if Dave rec'd. the short story of Javier de Viava. Asks about Juan and wishes they could help him the same way.
T-64 6 12/21/88 K-403 HW YES Ted talks to Dave re: considering visiting Juan in Mexico, but not having the money to go. Discusses his concerns re: becoming ill while in Mexico and barking dogs which would cause insomnia. Relates to Dave that the deer and drought has ruined his garden and he broke two of his teeth while eating dried parsnips. (Diagram of a tooth.)
T-65 6 3/28/89 K-460 HW YES Translation: Basically jokes (Groucho Marx) and small stories (banana in the ear story) which would give Dave opportunity to practice translating Spanish into English.
English: Story with one paragraph regarding a woman who lost her shaggy dog. Writes about Juan's first child.
T-66 10 7/25/89 K-446 HW YES Built 9-ft high fence to keep the deer out of the garden. Mentions "The Conjurer's Stone" that brother wrote & encourages brother to publish works. Mentions his criticism of figures of speech brother uses. "Cracked mud" simile. Mentions Juan's stories. Mentions Mexican boy & cultures. Talks about sunglasses, if not appropriate type design to exclude ultraviolet, actually damage rather than protect eyes.
T-67 3 2/13/92 K-434 HW YES Short letter expressing concern if mother is claiming Ted as a dependent on 1991 Federal Income Taxes. Hopes she isn't. This is not a resumption in communication, Ted claims.
T-68 3 11/2/94 Q-746
HW YES Requests $1,000 from Dave; offers his land as collateral; will not take $ from Mom; doesn't want personal check. Does not have bank account, needs cashier check or postal money order to cash. Note for $1,000 from Ted to Dave.
T-69 1 11/14/94 K-413 HW YES Receipt from Ted to Dave for $1,000.
T-70 3 12/23/94 K-414 HW YES Request for additional $2,000 to Dave by Ted.
T-71 1 12/23/94 K-415 HW YES Ted states he consulted a realtor and was given a value of 12 to 15 thousand dollars on his property.
T-72 2 1/19/95 K-417
HW YES Receipt for $2,000 from Dave to Ted.
T-73 4 3/28/95 K-420 HW YES Photocopy of joint tenant warranty deed sent to Dave from Ted placing Dave's name on the property in Montana. Original sent to Lewis & Clark County Clerk.
T-74 7 11/30/95 K-419, 418 IW YES Ted tells Dave he does not have the money to pay taxes on the property available. States Dave may want to pay the taxes to protect the loan security and that he will add them to what he already owes Dave. Ted will use .22 to get rabbit meat. Second letter tells Dave that Ted never wants to see him or any member of their family. Env: to be opened by Tony Busciegli 11/30/95.
(418) Instruction for county treasurer to use enclosed stamped envelope to send Ted a receipt for his tax payment on property identification number 2211-05-2- 01-05-000.
T-76 6 5/29/86 K-393 HW NO Ted discusses his childhood with Dave and a girl Linda Erickson that Dave had feelings for. Ted was upset that his father rejected his kiss when he was six years old. Ted mentions he needed to be taken out of school where he was regarded as some kind of freak genius. Translation: Relates a story about the Caribbean Indians on the island of Dominica, who ate Spaniards that landed on the island. Once, some of the Indians became ill after eating a friar. The story indicates that from then on, sailors sent to the island to obtain water for the ship would dress like friars in order to protect themselves.
T-75 4 UNK. K-390 HW YES Ted references beef jerky, more energy in the woods than in the city, and eating mushrooms.
T-77 6 5/16/86 K-401
HW YES Joel's problem; the Schizophrenia Foundation; Spanish language information.
T-78 2 UNK. K-401
HW NO Ted states he does not change or wash his clothes unless he goes to town. Ted quotes The World of the Huns.
T-79 6 UNK. K-406 HW YES Scam to rent truck; "Geller papers; supernatural powers; Psychic Stlifi; the occult.
T-80 5 11/14/94 K-412 HW NO Joel's drug problem; brain chemistry; schizophrenia; sanity vs. insanity; psychoanalysis; Diego De Torres Villarroe. Translation: Dave is bitter toward women; Ted relates living alone he has stopped desiring women; says Dave should not be embarrassed by his attraction to Linda Erickson - she was unworthy; discuss Spanish translations. Mentions the bus driver who is a "depressed maniac." Relates this to Quiroga's story, El Conductor del Rapido, the story of a train conductor who goes insane w/a train full of passengers. Ted doesn't believe Quiroga intended the story to be comical, but he finds it so.
T-81 7 5/10/84 K-425 HW NO Granville Stuart quote; sex; Stella Meister; women; doctors; lawyers; cartoon selling; Helena library; "cow-blower" project; E. E. Evans; Nilotic people; Herodotus; "Hokens; Norse mythology.
T-82 5 UNK. K-429 HW NO "Quiroga Book;" Latin-Amer. Lit.; Smith's Death; new Dr. Shiel. Dave's trip to Mex.; book for Ted's b'day; univ. newspaper ads for Spanish translators; food; Dr.
T-83 2 4/29/81 K-432 HW YES Packing label FM, NURSERY CO, Translation: discusses wild plants sprayed and the potential damage it can do to the body, including death. Ted asks if Dave went to Mexico, and, if so, did he speak Spanish.
T-84 9 6/6/85 K-433 HW NO Don Nichols; Span, trans, of Carlyle's French Revolution: possible trip "into the desert" w/ Dave; sore shoulder muscles; rattlesnakes; Dave's social obligations; eating in Mexico; new cabins in Ted's area; legality of Crossing Rio Grande River.
T-85 12 22/19/85 Q-736 HW NO Thanks for X-mas card; Ted's self portrait; paving highways; big cities; "...Good from Bad"; "Most people are animals;" pygmies; guilt; killing animals; young men = action; violence, aggression; entertainment media; man has "killer instinct"; masturbation; "mass communication media"; Ted committing a crime; murderous culture v. suicidal culture; primitive societies; literary criticism; "fuck hole;"; Conrad's Heart of Darkness; math field; "Parrallism of Ideas"; Ellul's The Technological Society; Peddling "CEAMOTHUSTEA." w/Dave; Ted chastises Dave on various issues; college papers; library reference book; Joel; Hebrew language.
T-86 3 2/23/89 K-461 HW YES Ted says he liked The Thunders of August, a satire re: Hispanic politics; book re: Chicago political corruption; Old Pedro's Crime, which Dave read; Juan and the millionaire; Wayne Pettingill employing Mexicans at Foam-Cutting Engineers; Medicaid for Juan; Juan being unable to adapt to an urban lifestyle.
T-87 3 UNK. K-463 HW NO Copy of a page from encyclopedia w/Villarroel Torres circled.
Drawings of mustard family flower in detail.
T-88 1
UNK. K-464
Facts of Coprinus Comatus. Self portrait.
T-89 5 4/18/91 K-477 TW NO Ted writes to Dr. Carolyn Goren and describes occasional "premature heartbeats" when under stress. He has an appointment on April 29th to see doctor. He is concerned that he might have an atrial flutter. States he had a high red blood-cell count when he was 19 years old. When the stress is gone for a week or more the heart symptoms go away. He has insomnia which is alleviated when the stress is off. States that his heart is "struggling" when he starts to exercise. Wants the doctor to arrange all tests so he does not have to make two trips to Missoula.
T-90 3 5/26/91 K-478 TW NO Ted writes to Dr. Goren and inquires about a holter and echo test and their costs. Sends her a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a piece of paper for her response to him. States he is no longer taking eight aspirins a day and has cut down to one. He then talks about an article regarding aspirins.
T-91 17 7/9/91 K-479 HW YES Letter to his mother. Mother asks Ted to talk about his adolescent pain. All the psychological burden was thrown onto one person (Ted). Ted is blamed for everything. Ted harassed and dominated Dave. Mother constantly heaped insults which were not mistakes of attempted discipline. His mother never apologized for her behavior. Ted was infatuated with a Radcliffe girl and wanted moral support from his parents, but they only thought there was something wrong with him. They (parents) made him psychologically self-reliant. Blames not only parents but two teachers for all his problems. He had no social skills and was out of place at Harvard. He wanted desperately to find a girlfriend or wife.
T-92 10 7/20/91 K-480 H NO Ted BEGS Dave for help ... a matter of life and death. Ted wants some money (approximately $7700) that his mother put aside for his medical expenses. Ted can't get help from welfare because of this money. Ted won't beg mother for money. He is going to cut all his ties with "stinking" family. Mother will not take responsibility for verbal and psychological abuse. Mother's letter was patronizing.
Mother said Ted was arrogant and bossy. Ted is so upset that his prescribed sleeping pills are not working - heart pounds all night. Dave explains where his share of his inheritance will go. Explains to Ted to underline stamps so he will know it is important and will read it.
T-93 3 9/2/91 K-482 TW NO The letter starts with reference to Dr. Goren's nurse asking about his health. Ted wants to consult the doctor regarding a matter of the "heart." He stated he was interested in someone who he had been seeing professionally and wants to ask her out to dinner, but was afraid of rejection.
T-94 1 7/24/91 through 1/12/92 K-483 HW NO Chart of Ted's blood pressure with small notes of activity prior . . . napping, exercise . . . etc. From July 91 - Jan. 92.
T-95 1 1/20/93 K-485 TW NO Dr. Goren's nurse (Ms. Cooper) requested Ted periodically notify the doctor of his blood-pressure readings. He took his blood pressure several times and got erratic readings.
T-96 1 7/18/93 K-486 TW NO Ted gives Dr. Goren his "semiannual report" - his systolic reading was erratic so he took the reading several times until he got three consistent readings.
T-97 1 1/10/94 K-487 HW NO Ted gives Dr. Goren his "semiannual report" on his blood pressure. States that the letter is handwritten because his typewriter is out of order.
T-98 2 7/20/94 K-488 HW NO The letter dated 7/20/94 states that the nurse (Ms. Cooper) questioned if his blood pressure cuff was properly calibrated. It was calibrated in Missoula about three prior years.
T-99 1 1/9/95 K-489 HW NO Ted tells Dr. Goren what his blood pressure was on 1/6/95 and is of the opinion that since it continues to be in the normal range there is no reason to continue to report his readings, unless the doctor wants him to.
T-100 2 12/12/90 K-490 HW NO Letter to Ms. Sarah McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library, Lincoln, MT. Ted mentions requesting an article from Science, in his letter dated 10/20/90. He reminds Ms. McHugh of the request and inquires re: the status. The article was referred to in The Missoulian, on 10/12/90, and is entitled Genetic vs. Environmental Influences in the Development of Human Personality, by Thomas J. Bouchard and David T. Lykken. Ted requests that the article (if attainable) be sent to Sherri Wood, Lincoln Library.
(2 attachments)
1 1/14/91 K-491 HW NO Ted requests from Ms. McHugh a copy of the book, Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning ..Hew, by Jack Kearney, Pathway Press, 1978.
Requests that it be sent to Sherri Wood. Thanks McHugh for help given in the past re: other articles and books.
(4 attachments)
3 5/16/91 K-492 HW NO Ted requests the following from Ms. Vasquez-Terramin, Lewis and Clark Library: Novel - Dona Perfecta (not the play), by Benito Perez Galados; Books - The Cynical American: Living and Working in an Age of Discontent and Disillusion, by Donald L. Kanter and Philip Mirvis; and Advanced Calculus, by T. M. Apostol. It appears that the librarian ordered Advanced Calculus: A start in analysis, by Jane Cronin for Ted. Four other calculus books, which are the newest versions, are listed. The librarian indicates there are more calculus books available if he is interested. They are as follows: Advanced Calculus by Watson, Fulks; Advanced Calculus by Harold M. Edwards; Advanced Calculus by Leopold Flatto and Advanced Calculus by Jane Cronin. (Note: Since the books mentioned by the librarian were not requested specifically by Ted they are not listed in the book chart.)
T-103 1 6/29/91 K-493 HW NO Ted requests the following from Ms. McHugh & Terramin: Human Helplessness: Theory and Applications, edited by Judy Garber and Martin E. P. Seligman; Depression, by Martin E. P. Seligman; Subliminal Deception,Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 11, no.4, Summer, 1987, pgs. 358-366, by Thomas L. Creed.
(2 attachments)
8/26/91 K-495 HW NO Ted writes Ms. McHugh & Terramin and requests the following books:
White Savage: The Case of John Dunn Hunter, by Richard Drinnon, Schoken Books, 1972. The Survival of the Adversary Culture: Social Criticism and Political Escapism in American Society, by Paul Hollander. Ted requests a lasercat printout listing of biographies on the following: Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin and Benito Juarez
(2 attachments)
2 10/6/91 K-494 HW Ted requests the following from Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library: Books - Juarez, Su Vida y Su Obra. by Manuel del Rio Gonzalez; Benito Juarez (a bio.) ,- Juarez, Su Qbra y Su Tiempe, by Justo Sierra; El_Pastor; la Persona y la Obra de Benito Juarez Vistas Dentro de Marco Singular de Su Epoca, by Cristobal A. Zamora; Benito Juarez Porfino Diaz: Hechos Historicos de la Vida de Estos Proceres de la Reforma. by Jorge Fernando Iturribarria and General Topology, by John L. Kelley. Ted complains about being charged $4.00 to borrow a book.
T-106 1 12/16/91 K-496 NO Ted writes to Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library, requesting the following: The Study., of. Lives Essays on Personality in Honor of Henry Murray, by Jan Chrystostom, Robert White, Editor. (English version); Learned Optimism. E. P. Seligman (not the McNaughton - too new.)
(3 attachments)
1 1/16/92 K-497 TW NO Ted writes to Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library requesting three articles from Science magazine. These are as follows: Psychological Bulletin, 461 (1982), by K. R. White; Psychological Reports. 10, 299 (1962), by K. J. Hayes; and Child Development. 54, 424 (1983) by S. Scarr and K. McCartney.
(3 attachments)
1 1/27/92 K-498 HW NO Ted requests Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library, provide the following books: Leon Trotsky. A Biography, by Ronald Segal, and Genes, Culture and Personality; An Empirical Approach, by L. J. Eaves, H. J. Eysenck and N. J. Martin, Academic Press, 1989.
(3 attachments)
1 3/11/92 K-499 HW NO Ted requests the following books from Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library: Human Inference; Strategies and Shortcomings of Social Judgement, by R. E. Nisbitt and L. Ross and Homage to Barcelona, by George Orwell. (Note: The librarian made a notation on Ted's letter indicating this book may actually be entitled Homage to Catalonia.
(2 attachments)
1 4/15/92 K-500 HW NO Ted writes to Ms. McHugh Lewis and Clark Library, requesting the following books: Urban Stress Experiments on Noise and Social Stressors, by d. c. Glass and J. E. Singer, Academic Press, 1972; and La Novela de un Novelists, by Armando Palacio Valdes. Ted requests the book by Palacio Valdes in the original Spanish doesn't want it if it is in English.
T-111 1 6/30/92 K-501 HW NO Ted requests that Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library, provide two books: The Third Chimpanzee, by Jared Diamond and Mao; A Biography, by Ross Terrill, Harper and Row, 1980. Ted requests if the book on Mao is not available for McHugh to substitute it for any book on Mao which is scholarly and objective.
(1 attachment)
1 8/3/92 K-502 HW NO Ted contacts Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library, re: the collection The Road, by Jack London.
(1 attachment)
1 8/14/92 K-503 HW NO Ted writes Ms. McHugh and requests the following books: From Serfdom to Self- Government; Memoirs of__a Polish Village Mayor, 1842- 1927. by Jan Slomka, translated by W. J. Rose; Man in Africa, by Colin Turnbull and Arroz y Tartana, by Vincent Blasco Ibanez (requested in the original Spanish.)
(2 attachments)
1 1/14/93 K-504 HW NO Ted requests Ms. McHugh, Lewis and Clark Library provide the following materials; Article - Some Consequences for History and Psychology of Langmuir's Concept of Convergence and Divergence of Phenomena, by I.D. London, Psychology Review, vol 53, p. s. 170-188; Books - Stalin, A Political Biography, by Issac Deutscher; The Slavs, by Maria Grimbutas and Great Civilizations of Ancient Africa, by Lester Brooks.
(2 attachments)
2 2/9/93 K-505 HW NO Ted writes Ms. McHugh at Lewis and Clark Library requesting the following: Ted reorders Learned Optimism, by Martin E. P. Seligman, which was too new to loan out when he requested it a year ago; Africa Before They Came, by Galbraith Welch; and The Polish Peasant in Europe and America, by w.I. Thomas and F. Znaniecki. Ted indicates the last request is a 5- volume set and he only wants the first volume. Ted also orders the article: A Moral History of Indian- White Relations. Ethnohistory Vol. 4, No. 1, p.s.47-61, by Wilcomb E. Washburn.
T-116 1 7/30/82 K-518 HW YES Ted writes to Dave apologizing for dominating him physically when they were children. Ted offers an apology, but believes it won't matter to Dave.
T-117 6 UNK. K-519 HW NO Ted writes to Dave and discusses his "vision of the world;" his personal failings and how he is ready to "apply strongly negative value-judgements to the failings I see in others..;" argues with Dave re: "precise and careful thinking" in relation to implying some particular view of the world when Ted believes that it does not. Ted tells Dave he is indulging "in a naughty grin" as he writes this. Ted does not feel the need for closeness/communion as Dave does because he (Ted) is "more psychologically self-sufficient and, so to speak, self-contained." Ted is "irritated" by Dave's interpretation of his previous letter; he discusses faith, Catholic doctrine and the difficulty in arguing w/a person who uses faith or you "don't understand" as a basis of argument. Ted believes that leaves nothing to argue against.
T-118 20 UNK. K-520 HW NO Ted writes to Dave and expresses his opinion re: Dave's self-deception from childhood up to adulthood. Ted says he doesn't believe Dave and Linda Erikson were involved in a purely platonic relationship; discusses Dave's self-deception re: taking up teaching "under the illusion that you were going to change the lives of many students simply by expounding your ideas." Ted states through art and philosophy Dave tries to maintain an "illusion of being superior to the common herd." Ted remarks to Dave that he (Ted) has a "marked tendency to devalue social relationships - to consider them unimportant." Ted says he "has no respect for the law or morality;" he hasn't committed a felony, but not for lack of motive because he does have a "good deal of anger"in him. Ted continues discussing committing a felony. He states "Risk? In some cases, yes. But there are other cases in which I can figure out ways of doing naughty things so that the risk would be insignificant." Ted relates he wanted to give Ellen T. a "really vicious beating." Ted tells Dave he had a case of big-brother worship into his twenties. Translation: Quote re: the Count of Caracena, who was defeated by the Portuguese, from History of the Spanish Civilization, p. 373.
T-119 4 5/13/70(A) T NO A - (5/13/70) News article by Ted, entitled The Wave of Future, Phoenix Nest.

B - No date/newspaper not provided. News article by Ted, entitled He Defends Unpredictable Weather

C - No date/newspaper not provided. News article by Ted, entitled We Must Sit and Take It

D - No date/newspaper not provided. News article by Ted, "Oh, No, Not Snowmobiles Too!"

E - Response to the Sun Times article dated 12/21/?, by Ted entitled Pollution Solutions.

F - Ted writes a letter to the editor, no date/newspaper not provided, entitled Defends Parents on Education.

G - Ted writes a letter to the editor, no date/newspaper not provided, entitled The Future May Not Be That Rosy.

H - A letter to the editor by Ted, no title, date or newspaper provided. The focus is Ted agreeing with Carl Rowans’s view that our liberty is in danger from the “law order” advocates.

I - A letter to the editor from Ted. No date or newspaper provided, entitled Society At Fault In All Our Ills.

J Letter to the editor from Ted, no date/newspaper provided, entitled Mental Health Monitor Plan Dangerous.
T-120 10 UNK. K-521 HW NO Ted explains to Dave the difference between "analytical thinking" and science. He says he is distracted when Ma sends him magazines because he thinks too much time thinking about the articles and cannot "hear and see the forest." Ted discusses Ellen and his relationship w/Dave regarding the incident involving Ellen. Ted states he "deeply resents our parents" and does not respect anyone in Dave's circle of friends. Further in the letter, Ted discusses a dream he had in which Dave was being duped by characters who represented people of influence in Dave's life: Dale Edwards, Heideggar, Linda Patrik and Denis DuBois. The dream took place at the Evergreen Park residence; parents were vaguely in the background; Dave had fallen under the influence of a "crackpot cult-group." Ted states he protects Dave by confronting and killing three cult members who entered the home. Ted states he killed the last member by "tearing him to pieces with my bare hands." Ted states another character, Lord Daddy Lombrosis, may be God. At first the individual appears as..." a short, fat, middleage man with a jolly smiling face." Lombrosis becomes a "tall, well-built, handsome man,..." Ted indicates he is awed by him and thinks "this is God. Yet in my heart I defied him." Ted says the man wanted to "do us good, be kind to us, but the price he demanded was submission."
T-121 2 UNK. K-522 HW NO This appears to be a letter from Ted to his mother. Ted responds to the statement "...truly sorry to have been such failures as parents...," indicating his heart has softened a little bit by this statement, in that he no longer wishes she would drop dead for Christmas. Ted relates she was good to him at Christmas and his memories of the holiday are pleasant; states his root cellar is not completed, but is functional; doesn't have enough potatoes and sugar beets for the winter; thanks mother for gift of fruit/nuts, etc., rec'd at Thanksgiving.
T-122 2 UNK. K-523 T NO Ted has written an article under the pseudonym, Apios Tuberosa (Apios = celery and tuberose = Mexican bulbous herb.) The article, entitled The Littering Ape, focuses on the theme observed in books written in the Naked ..Ape, genre. Ted writes man needs to litter in order to mark his territory, much like an animal. His solution to littering is to provide a post on which to hang the trash where it can be openly displayed. Since this is an instinctual problem, Ted believes the post is the clear solution, which is analogous to the "scent posts" of animals.
T-123 24 ?/?/65 T NO A paper Ted has written entitled, Boundary Functions for Functions Defined in a Disk, communicated by F. Bagemihl, Journal of Math and Mechanics, Vol. 14, No. 4 (1965), p. s. 589-612.
T-124 8 2/8/66 A paper written by Ted entitled, On a Boundary Property of Continuous Functions, Michigan Math, Journal 13,(1966), 313-330 .
T-125 79 1967 T NO Boundary Functions, written by Ted. This is a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Michigan,1967.
T-126 1 UNK. HW NO Letter to Ma from Ted re: not keeping in touch on a regular basis; thanks Ma for allowing him to stay "there" for so long.
T-127 2 UNK. HW NO Ted says although Harper's Weekly is "disgustingly degenerate and urbanized," he will try to have his manuscript entitled, Three Worthy Artisans, published because he needs money.
T-128 2 1/18/70 T NO Letter to Editor, Chicago SurtzTimes. Ted offers his views on overpopulation and limiting US citizens to 2-3 children. Ted feels a lottery Could be established to determine which couples would be allowed to have 3 children, and not the govt, since the govt, would probably choose "docile people who don't make trouble."
T-129 2 12/14/69 T NO Ted writes a letter to the Editor of the Chicago Daily News, re: loss of freedom in return for security. Ted discusses gun-control, automobile laws, and compulsory psychological screening for possible parents.
T-130 2 2/9/70 T NO Ted writes a letter to the Editor, Saturday Review, in response to C. W. Griffins' article, Frontier Freedoms and Space Age Cities, 2/7/70. Ted writes re: Americans romanticizing the freedom, independence, and adventure of the frontier.
T-131 2 11/21/70 T NO Ted writes a letter to the Editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, re: genetic engineering, electronic surveillance, mind control and superhuman computers.
T-132 4 UNK. T NO Under the pseudonym Apios Tuberosa, Ted writes a short story entitled, How I Blew Up Harold Snilly... The story focuses on Ted and another student, Harold Snilly. Snilly combines red phosphorus and potassium chlorate, not listening to Ted's warning that the chemicals are highly sensitive, and almost impossible to work with. Snilly's impromptu experiment goes awry, burning his hands. This results in Snillys' expulsion from the class, Ted's expulsion from lab for 2 weeks, and Ted receiving an end of the year award as the best science student in his high school. Ted makes reference to the character, "Toad" from the book The Wind in the Willows.
T-133 2 12/11/?? HW NO Ted writes a letter to the Editor, Saturday Review, in response to Henry S. Resnik's article, title not provided, which was sympathetic to the New Left and, in particular, Abbie Hoffman. Ted indicates New Left activists are not unselfish idealists, but selfish, self-righteous individuals, who if in power would be no less tolerant of dissent than members of the John Birch Society.
T-135 3 UNK. H NO In an apparant letter to an editor, Madison Ave., New York, NY, Ted says vast corporations are "actually little socialist states within a state." Ted blames enviornmental problems not on the individual, but corporations, govt., and vast organizations. Ted relates that we are in an "over technological mess" due to people giving up their "personal autonomy for the sake of expediency."
T-136 2 UNK. H NO Ted writes a letter to the Editor agreeing w/James Kilpatrick's suggestion in the Daily News, 1/23/??, that population control should be enacted, but properly designed. Ted believes if "docile conformists" were selected to have children, this would result in a "society in which there is no dissent or questioning of official policies."
T-134 3 UNK. HW NO Appears to be an article Ted has written re: computers and the possibility of computers replacing human mathematical researchers, along w/other computer advances. Ted's solution is to stop all govt, research grants used for computer research and to forbid "...mammoth corporations financial... support computer research." Ted asks why "should the average person pay for research that will eventually make him into superfluous deadwood." He indicates mathematicians are wrong if they believe that computers cannot be creative.
T-137 2 UNK. H NO Appears to be Teds' draft of an editorial response to an article on privacy featured in Saturday Review.
T-138 8 11/26/90 H YES Letter to Ma from Ted. He addresses the following: no longer corresponding w/Dave; relates Dave described Joel's personal habits as grotesque; mentions Frazer's book Golden Bough; states he received a letter from Juan Sanchez; asks if Ma had a good trip to Florida and did she see Tyler.
T-139 5 12/10/90 H YES Letter from Ted to Ma. Ted discusses the following: story from Dave entitled El Ctbolo; mentions Hank Gathers, an athlete; medical tests he has received; needs stitches in his neck examined; asks Ma for his two Harvard yearbooks and letters of his which are more than 20 years old. There is an attachment re: Ted's medical tests.
T-140 5 12/21/90 H YES In a letter to Ma, Ted discusses the following: states Norm Schoer is "a twerp;" says he would like to have a copy of the Dombek family history; mentions Benny and Freda; discusses his knowledge of Greek history and states he has read the following books: Thueydidsis' History of the Peloponesian War, Oxford History of the Classical World, A Biography of Pericles, and Greek Realities, Finley Hooper. Ted mentions Skeptical Enquirer and CSICOP, which is an acronym for Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
T-141 3/14/91 H YES Ted writes to Ma and discusses the following: cashing in certificates and can he use this money for medical purposes such as travel, food and lodging connected w/doctor appointments; tells Ma he hopes Tyler's leg is ok and to relay this to Freda; Ted states... "don't send any stamps - I'm fixed for those;" mentions the book Manners and Customs of the Indians, by John D. Hunter; discusses receiving an annuity instead of a lump sum on his inheritance; and requests the following items:
1 - His old letters
2 - Harvard/High School year-books
3 - Book mentioned above
4 - Sheet music Ma doesn't want ###
5 - Reprints of his math papers ###
6 - His father's old down coat
T-142 1 5/7/91 H YES Note to Ma wishing her a happy Mother's Day and informing where his parcel post or UPS can be shipped.
T-143 6 5/16/91 H YES Ted writes to Ma and discusses lab report re: skin growth; a personality test that Professor Murray manipulated him into taking through "psychological button-pushing;" his Harvard house master, John Finley who treated him with "insulting condescension."
T-144 4 5/22/91 H YES Writes to Ma re: possibility of taking "echo" and "holter" tests for his heart problems; thanks Ma for the $500 check; tells Ma she can send him the 3 Harvard yearbooks, but not the book titled Fair Harvard; says he is sorry to hear about Ma's cataract.
T-145 1 6/18/91 H YES Ted tells Ma to send him the letter from the Murray Research Center; indicates Norm Schoer sent him a photo and Ted did pick it up at the post office; says he will have to think over Ma visiting him or Ted visiting with her.
T-146 1 6/24/91 H YES Ted writes to Ma re: tests for heart irregularities; mentions writing to Dr. Goren; not being under stress lately; and inquires re: Tyler's progress.
T-147 1 UNK. H NO First part of letter is UI. Ted mentions the Skeptical Enquirer; discusses fat on deer and how the remaining meat is lean and low in fat.
T-148 5 5/30/69 H YES Letter addressed to Kaczynski- from Ted, w/out a salutation. Discusses the draft board, receiving and sending correspondence to the board; mentions receiving the Saturday Review; using parents' address as contact point for the draft board; and one page at the end of letter re: midterm examination - Math 16A, Professor Kaczynski.
T-149 1 5/9/70 H YES Note to Ma from Ted thanking her for being a good mother.
T-150 2 5/7/71 H YES Birthday card from Ted addressed to Kaczynski, w/out a salutation. Mentions wishing Dave good luck.
T-151 2 11/30/76 H YES Christmas letter addressed to Kaczynski. Ted mentions the author Francois Leydet, who was writing a book on predators. Mentions corresponding w/him, sending him personal accounts of his encounters w/predators; mentions the book The_C.oy.ote L_D.ef.iant. Song-Dog of the West; and discusses preparing coyote stew.
T-152 1 2/12/7? T NO Article written by Ted entitled, Try Snowshoes for a Change. Printed in the Union County News. There is a handwritten notatation: "PAID $15110." on the top right side of the article.
T-153 1 12/23/91 H YES Note from Ted to Kaczynski thanking parents for a gift of money.
T-154 8 8/?/68 H YES Letter addressed to Kaczynski w/out a salutation. A long letter in which Ted details his latest adventures at the beach.
T-155 2 12/7/90 H NO Ted's Christmas greetings to his mother.
T-156 8 1/15/91 H YES Letter to Ma . Ted mentions several articles. These are as follows: Skeptical Enquire, Vol. 13, article entitled, The Lore of Levitation, by Gordon Stein; Levitation, Miracles in India, by B. Prmanand; and Fall 1985 issue, Vol. 10, No. 1, entitled Investigation of Firewalking, by Bernard Leikind.
(Ted makes a notation that "they spell 'Inquirer' with an 'I.' I spell it with an 'E.'" Ted jokes He states he would like to have an old music book, Method for Trombone or Baritone, by Voxman. Mentions that he doesn't want to make two trips to the post office; mentions the Schoers and Freda.
T-157 9 1/19/91 H YES Ted writes to Ma and discusses the certificate of deposit w/Ted as a joint tenant; mentions the possibility of contracting a physical ailment such as prostate cancer; says the "system increasingly interfered w/my independent way of life...;" talks about asking the state for aid; mentions to his mother "you know why I want to avoid stress." Ted relates he doesn't want to go into town because of the germs during flu season; thanks his mother for her generosity. The money she has given him and Dave. Ted says "it must be more difficult for you to be generous with a stormy character like me, with whom you've had such conflicts, than with a gentle and easy-going person like Dave." Mentions Tyler.
T-158 1 3/11/92 H YES Ted asks Ma to let him know if she is claiming him as a dependent for income tax purposes. Ted doesn't want to resume correspondence and has asked Dave about the dependent situation, but he has not responded.
T-159 2 UNK. H YES Combination Birthday and Mother's Day card from Ted to Ma. (No date.)
T-160 16 UNK. H YES Appears to be three lengthy stories:
1. Story about "Doctor" Simon Bolivar Brassandio de Escudo y Rosas, one of three assassins.

2. Stranded on the Island of Palee Wangee and escape from the island.

3. Travel to Panama.
These stories appear to weave in and out of each other.
T-161 1 UNK. H NO Letter to Ms. Meister from Ted re: composition of duets, one entitled Martian Dance; mentions J.S. Bach's book; says second piece he "cribbed" from Euclid's Elements; mentions he intends to publish the third piece in the American Journal of Mathematics. Ted indicates he will not be able to complete these until "...I have _ resolved Fermat's Conjecture.
T-162 5 UNK. H NO Letter to Stella from Ted re: math and music; story set in 1886 where he is to lecture at the University of Leyden.
T-163 2 UNK. H NO Ted is talking about a candy bowl for truffles which Ted has made. Ted writes that when he was visited by this person he mentioned making a curio and this gift "...constitutes fulfillment of contract."
T-164 UNK. H NO Story written by Ted very similar to T-160 and T-167.
T-165 UNK. H NO Letter to Stella from Ted discussing: herb tea; mentions Stella addressing him as H. Bascomb Thurgood, which he asks her not to do because " neighbors think I'm peculiar any way, and there's no point reinforcing that impression." Ted talks relates the story of Professor Brassinio Laguias W. Neggro.
T-166 Letter addressed to Ralph and Stella from Ted in which he discusses the following: includes two new duets entitled March #5 and Caesar and Nicomedes. Ted jokes that he named the second duet after another love affair equal to Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, etc.
T-167 3 UNK. H NO Letter with a story re: beef Stroganoff dinner and Herr Remerhagen.
T-168 2 UNK. T NO Story written by Ted, with "ONE-TIME RIGHTS ONLY," typed in the upper left hand corner. The story is entitled: Ravens Make Interesting Neighbors.
T-169 2 UNK. T NO A story written by Ted with the notation "ONE-TIME RIGHTS ONLY," typed in the upper right-hand corner. The story is entitled Dandilion UI.
T-170 49 UNK. H NO Paper entitled, Neanderthal Man, written by Theodore Kacyynski.
T-171 2 UNK. H NO Four lines handwritten by Ted. He has signed his name on the top right as (Alias T. J. Kaczynski)
T-172 1 UNK. Drawing NO Drawing of four monkeys.
One appears to be a Nazi.
The notation on drawing says: "We need more Schwingens - Raum"
T-173 1 UNK. Drawing NO Drawing of a Sphinx-like man, seated w/tongue sticking out. Signed at bottom by Ted.
T-174 Individual page count and dates T NO Mathematical documents written by Ted. Described as follows:

A - Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. A Reprint From, Vol. 137, March, 1969, 6 pages.

B - Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. A Reprint From, Vol. 141, July, 1969, 20 pages.

C - Set of Curvilinear Convergence of a Continuous Function Defined in the Interior of a Cube, by T. J. Kaczynski, Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 23, No. 2, November 1969, pp 323-327 (6 pages.)

D - Four-digit Numbers ..That. Reverse Their Digits When Multiplied, by T.J. Kaczynski. No date, 27 pages. Page 25 lists the following references: R.B. Ash, Measure, Integration and Functional Analysis. Academic Press, New York and London, 1972; and Intersections of the Cluster Sets, F. Bagemihl, G. Piranian and G. S. Young.

E - Untitled mathematical paper; primarily math formulas.
No date, 28 pages.

F - The Set of Curvilinear Convergence of a Continuous Function Defined in the Interior of a Cube, by T. J. Kaczynski. Received by the editors 4/3/69, 5 pages.

G - Note on a Problem of Alan Sutcliffe, by T. J.
Kaczynski, reprinted from the Mathematical Magazine,vo1. 41, No. 2, March, 1968.

H - Another Proof of Wedderburn's Theorem, by T. J. Kaczynski, reprinted from the American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 71, No. 6, June-July, 1964.
T-175 1 7/17/92 T NO Ted writes to Dr. Goren re: his sodium consumption and a report on his blood pressure.