Title: An Insulting Limerick
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Date: 1978
Notes: From July 17, 1978, Ted recorded his day to day processing of his infatuation with a woman at his workplace, which includes the journal entry where he says that after being rejected by her, he planned to mutilate her face with a knife. He claimed to have sent letters to Ellen that he also showed his brother and both his parents. The letters included such statements as "I intended physical violence of a serious nature", but sadly there was no effective intervention made in Ted's life to set him on a better path and so he went on to kill 3 people and seriously injure many more.

There’s a certain young lady named Ellen,
Whose fanny is very repelling,
For the overgrown mass
Of fat on her ass
Makes a gross, disproportionate swelling.

Her girdle’s a tight one, of course—
It’s nylon and steel-reinforced.
But no matter how hard
She squeezes her lard,
She still has an ass like a horse.