Title: Envelope X
Subtitle: Rough notes of oral reports from investigators and Dr. K
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Source: archive.org & Michigan University Library, Box 73 , Folder 10.

    Abbreviations of Names used in Refutation




Ted K:

This envelope contains the originals of the notes in which I recorded information given to me orally by the investigators and by Dr. K. It also contains a list giving the real names of the investigators whom I identify in this book as Investigator #1, #2, etc., and the real name of Dr. K. Also a list giving the real names of people whom I have identified in this book by first names, initials, or abbreviations.

Abbreviations of Names used in Refutation

Dr. K. = Dr. Julie Kriegler
Investigator #1 = Betsy Anderson (of Montana Federal Defenders)
Investigator #2 = Scharlette Holdman
Investigator #3 = Gary Sowards
Investigator #4 = Jackie Tully
Investigator #5 = Charlie Pizarro
Investigator #6 = Susan Garvey
Investigator #7 = Nancy Pemberton
A. Ellen = Ellen Arl
B., Barbara = Barbara Brabanac
Be., Tim = Tim Bennett
Bl., K. = Ken Biel
Bu., Jimmy = Jimmy Burke
C., Bob = Bob Carlson
Cb., R. = Renee Campbell
Co. = Corson
Cy., Darlene = Darlene Curley
D___ family = Dybas Family
D., L. = Linda Dybas
Db., Denis = Denis Dubois
Da., G. = George Duba
Do., Freddy = Freddy Dorfert
Du., Neil = Neil Dunlop
En., Jeanne = Jeanne Edwardson
En., K.H. = Hokan Edwardson
Es., Dale = Dale Edwards
Fy., Mary Kay = Mary Kay Foley
G. = Grabar
Gd. = Gwendolya Halm
H., Kh. = Keith Hrieben or Hreben
H____d, Mr. = Mr. Howard
Ha., Fred = Fred Hapgood
Hbr., David and Shirley = David and Shirley Hockbecker
He., Larry = Larry Heinen
Ho., Frank = Frank Howell
Hz., L. = Lynden Heitz
I., Mike = Mike Indovina
J., Dale = Dale Johnson
Je., John = John Jenner
K., K. = Kathleen Kaczynski Withers
Kn., Tom = Tom Knudson
Kr., Johnny = Johnny Krolak
Ks., Adam = Adam Krokos
L., Terry = Terry Lundgren
La., Larry = Larry Landers
La. C. Terry = Terry La Chance
M., K. = Keith Martin
Ma., Peter = Peter Malotte (sp.?)
N., L. = Leslie (sp.?) Nieman
Ne., Leon = Leon Kenneth Nerpel
O.'s = the Oswalds
O., B. = Byron Oswald
P., Barbara = Barbara Podejma
Pe., Bob = Bob Pettis
PI., Win = Win Pettingell
Po., C. = Charles Porter
Pr., W. = Wayne Person
S., Larry = Larry Schaeffer
Sc., J.F. = Janice Folsom Scriba
T., Walter = Walter Teszewski (sp.?)
Th., Bobby = Bobby Thomas
Tr. = Tripton
Tr., Wayne = Wayne Tripton
U., Jerry = Jerry Ulrich
V.'s = the Vanderlaans
V., Norma Jean = Norma Jean Vanderlaan
Va., L.K. = Linda Keene Vanvechten
W., R. = Roy Wright (?)
Wi., D. = Dolores Williams
Wi., G. = Glen WIlliams
Wi., Rich = Rich Williams
Wr., E. = Ed Weber
Mc I____, Jack = Jack McInerny
R., R.M. = Robert M. Rippey
Kn., R. = Ruth Knudson
Ob., J. = James Oberton



Nov 10, 1997

J-Booth Scharlette

Linda said Dr. Matchell gives "primal therapy" in first interview with Linda by Scharlette.


My long term memory is usually accurate - confirmed by Scharlette and her investigation.

5, 489

Dr Couch says

Murray only was interested in the dyad, no one else in the study was.

Murray was a psychological button-pusher

Dyad or stress interview was designed by OSS for assessment of potential agents to determine their breaking points. Developed by Murray for OSS in WW2 Office of Strategic Service (formerly Dept. of psychological warfare).

from Dr. Couch, confirmed by literature - "Assessment of Men" book by Staff of OSS (1948)

Interview of Couch in London.

Felix Kaczynski Jr. Went to highschool with Quin Denver and remember him.

All the info on this page was given to me on Oct 8, 1997 at the Dublin Federal Detention Center, by Scharlette Holdman.

2. Paul Kaplan talked to Dave on phone Oct 7, 1997.

Yes Linda buys Dave £45 shirts and Dave wears.

Yes, Dave did have electricity put in his cabin in Texas for Linda.

He did have a driveway put in, but not for Linda.

Bought new pickup truck.

Same interview as the one Sue reported to me a few days ago. Specifically, Interview of Napoleon Williams by Sue Garvey, May 13, 1997, in New York City.

Napoleon Williams told Sue Garvey that he had no recollection of ['my' then crossed out] the condition of my room, but said he thought he had been in it but wasn't sure.

Aunt Jo interviewed about affection on Jan 16.

Dec. 11, 1996 Hessy Keith Martin

Oct 24, 1996 Gary and Kriegler in Gary's Office

Kriegler was present when Gary told Dave that impact of publicity was very painful to me, that it interfered with my ability to work with lawyer in preparing my defense. And to the extent that there was any possibility of approachment between me and Dave, that publicity would spoi chances of that.

October 25, 1996. Referred to conversatino of day before; suggested maybe we could communicate (Dave and I) if he would shut up to media.

On both occasinos Dave seemed to acknowledge that he heard and understood.

This info was given to me orally by Gary Sowards in February 5-15, 1997, in Lineup room.

Confirmation of reading of med records, p.26, 4-4-45

24 - Gary's Office in S.F. 25 - UN Plaza office of Fed Defender. Gary, Scharlette Charlie Eric Courtney

Oct 24-25, 1996, Gary told Dave that by going to media again [again entered later] he would harm me emotinoally and that it would make it difficult to prepare defense.

Dr. Kriegler July 24, 1997

Oct 24, 1996

Interview with Dave in S.F. Gary's office. Dave said on conflict management:

First said, no conflict in general. Only conflict he remembered between my parents was over Grandma and Aunt Jo. Ma claimed them as manipulative.

Father withdrew in "cold disapproval" when ma said these things. This particular incident he was referring to "cold disapproval" means lack of eye and verbal contact.

There was no "permissino" to talk with parents about internal struggles. If someone had attempted it, he says it would have been *objectified as an idea. Moved back into intelectual realm.

Response to emotino was "infoatiligatino" - i.e. emotino was seen as weak or feminine.

11/21/96 Interview in same place. In general, he characterized the family as not talking about "what was really going on." Not talking about personal issues. When Dave was living at home he had a "breakup" with Linda. He tried to talk to ma about it, and she [gave "pal" answer], answered with "pat stuff", no empathy.

12/10/96 Linda Patrick Same place. "Endless analyses" of others in our family, done after the person in questino was gone. Critical analyses.

Feb. 27, 1997 Dave agreed not to go to Chi. Trib, [Chicago Tribune] and Pain he was causing me was discussed by Gary and Dr. Kriegler