Title: Letter to the Editor on Scientific Development
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Date: November 21, 1970
Source: The California University Archive. <harbor.klnpa.org/california/islandora/object/cali%3A940>
Notes: Letter from T. Kaczynski to editor of Chicago Sun-Times. FBI Document T-131.

463 North Ridge Avenue
Lombard, Illinois 60148
November 21, 1970

Chicago Sun-Times
401 North Wabash
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sir:

A number of omlnois scientific developments have recently been coming to public attention, including [crossed out] predicted in 15 years, and various forms of mind control.

It is commonly assumed that [crossed out]. I am a former professor of mathematics and I have of course associated with other mathematicians and scientists. I can affirm that scientists love science primarily because of the exciting Intellectual challenge it presents and [crossed out] supposed benefit to humanity is merely a rationalization that is sometimes used. After a scientist has worked on a problem simply because it challenged his abilities, it is only natural for him to persuade himself that his efforts have been beneficial to mankind. To let scientists decide how much science is good for us is like letting the board of directors of General Motors decide what should be done about the Internal combustion engine In relation to air pollution.

Many areas of science have now reached the point where further advances only increase the power of huge organizations such as governments and corporations at the expense of the freedom and dignity of the individual. The average man today is turning into a pawn in a big game played by scientists, businessmen, and bureaucrats.

What can be done about it? The federal government spends large amounts of our tax money in support of scientific research. A good first step would be to cut off most of these funds.

For personal reasons, I would like to have my name, and my initials, withheld if you decide to print this letter.

Sincerely yours,
T. J. Kaczynski