Title: Ted Kaczynski's 1958 Autobiography
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Date: 1958
Source: The Michigan University Archive, Box 68, Folder 7.

Autobiog of TJK 1958. This is a very brief autobiographical sketch that I wrote as part of my application for admission to Harvard. Its trustworthiness is impaired by the fact that it was written under the close supervision of my mother, and some of the language may even be hers.

- Truth versus Lies

On this page write the essay requested in question H. on page 4 of this application.

My first vague memories are of a golden age of blessed irresponsibility. But ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’, and I suppose at that time I looked forward to the unbounded joys of growing up.

Even while I was quite young my parents always encouraged me to use my mind and read to me frequently. …

... Beginning in the second or third grade I began to become somewhat unsocial, keeping to myself and seeking the companionship of my comrades less often. This was probably due, in part, to the level of education and culture in my old neighborhood, where no one was interested in science, art, or books. ...


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