Title: Ted Kaczynski's hand-made truffle receptacle gift tag
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Date: Unknown
Notes: Kaczynski would sent hand-made gifts that were potentially a side result of his developing his craft at parcel-bomb making: "Kaczynski even sent a few gifts to Mr. Sanchez's children, including a wooden cylinder, delicately painted and bearing the Latin inscription for 'Mountain Men Are Always Free.' Although some believe the cylinder, which has a detachable cap, resembles a pipe bomb, the Sanchez children used it as a pencil holder."

This thing, obviously, is intended to serve as a receptacle for truffles. But if you don't have any truffles to put in it, you can use it as a sugar-bowl, or to hold tea-bags, or candy, or what you will. This is the first time I ever tried to make anything of this sort, which is my excuse for the defects it has. (E.g., I made the raven's claws too strongly hooked, so that they look more like a hawk's talons; the varnish darkened peculiar grain of the wood more than I expected giving it a dirty appearance; etc., etc.)

If you wash the thing, you'd better wash it quickly and dry it immediately with a cloth otherwise the wood may absorb water, swell up then crack wen it dries again.

A year and 2 thirds ago, when you cared to visit me, you told me to make you "some little [unreadable]", and I had the weakness to say "yes". This, I hope, constitutes fulfillment of contract.

Happy Birthday.