Ted to Zerzan - February 2, 1998

Dear John,

At this writing (evening of Feb 2) I have received no message from you since our meeting of this morning, nor have I received any information from the Federal Defenders concerning any interactions that you may have had with them. If and when I get any such info I will comment on it as may seem appropriate.

Meanwhile: In the past you have assured me repeatedly that you believe in my innocence. I've been somewhat concerned that my guilty plea may have shaken your belief, so I want to remind you that people sometimes plead guilty without being so, because that may represent the least undesirable alternative in a given legal situation, and I want to assure you that I am not in fact the Unabomber.

With continued gratitude for your friendship and support


Ted to Zerzan - March 8, 1998

Kaczynski notified Zerzan that he had read his critique of Nihilism and Postmodernism and that he agreed with it “completely.”

Ted to Zerzan - November 29, 1998

Dear (John),

Yes; send me a copy of your new book.

Concerning EF!, my suggestion is that the real revolutionaries among them should with-draw from the existing EF! and form their own movement, which would exclude mere reformers, liberals, leftists, etc. who are afraid of "alienating the middle class." (Imagine how the war against Hitler would have turned out if Allied soldiers had been afraid of "alienating the Nazis.") Such a splinter EF! movement might start small, but I have a feeling that it would grow pretty rapidly.

I suggest that one of the biggest mistakes modern American revolutionaries make is that, in the name of "tolerance," they let anyone and everyone of a vaguely rebellious disposition join their movements. The result is that they get diluted, or even swamped, by large numbers of make-believe revolutionaries for whom rebellion is only a game. Even if it sounds "intolerant," revolutionaries must form a movement that is exclusive to the extent that it incorporates none but real revolutionaries. Only in this way can the movement have cohesion and the capacity for vigorous action.

Feel free to pass this not on to the editor of the EF! Journal. She can publish it if she likes.

Best regards,

--Ted Kaczynski