April 11, 2010

[Copy for Chris Black]

Dear Mr. Carroll,

I've received your letter of 3/9/10.

I've received your letter of 3/19/10. Either softcover or hardcover books can be sent to me, but the mailroom has to remove the covers from any hardcover book before sending the book along to the prisoner. Also, prisoners here can receive only books that are mailed directly from the publisher, a book club, or a bookstore. Please do not order any books for me unless I ask for them. Prisoners are allowed to keep only a limited number of books in their cell, and I am usually full up with books, so when I receive an unsolicited book I generally throw it straight in the trash. At the end of your letter you ask me about my sleep habits and about "the hardest part of being in prison". My time is limited, and I never have enough of it to do all the things I need to get done, so I have to tell you frankly that I'm not in the business of entertaining people with the deatils of my personal life. Leaving aside a very small number of old friends whom I've known for years, I don't correspond with people for fun or friendship. I correspond with them for the purpose of resisting the technoindustrial system and for that purpose alone

I'm not interested in people's personal lives, I'm interested only in whether they want to work at resisting the system, and I mean work at it, not just talk about it or dabble at it.

I do believe that Chris Black wants to work at resisting the sytem. Do you? Have you answered Chris Black's letter? If not, then I suggest you answer it promptly. If and when you guys get something going, write and tell me about it and I'll be very interested to hear what you have done. Until then, I have other things to keep me busy.

Best regards,