Title: Ted Kaczynski’s Notebook of Where He Sourced His Materials
Author: Ted Kaczynki
Date: Begun writing June 1985, found in cabin in 1996.
Source: Document found in Ted’s cabin, labeled by the FBI “C-224E” and described as “Tubing, post office addresses; places where pipe was bought; metals”. Found in: “A Review and Compilation of the Writings of Ted Kaczynski”, California University Archive: Part #1, #2 & #3. Plus, here is a work in progress digitizing version.

6c. Origin of various things

Objects that have an attached number have their origin indicated as follows:

June 1985

  1. Found near the old antennas atop Baldy.

  2. Bought at Kramis Hardware in Missoula; disguised; June 1985;

    2a: other remains of tubes[;] with these I touched them.

  3. Solid bar has a safe The tubes were bought from Burton Lumber of S.L.C.(Salt Lake City), May 1985. On the margin of the part of the receipt the company kept, there will be impressions from onepartof myfingers.

  4. I took these tubes from the remains of the old and abandoned mining equipment (placer) which is in the creek next to Stemple Pass beyond S. Poorman. A man went by the road in his truck while I was standing there, up near the equipment; I do not know if he saw me or not. He was the only one who went by or who could see me. June 1985

  5. Found by the side of Stemple Pass Rd. June 1985. Nobody saw me take it.

  6. Found at Stonewall Mtn. peak where the remains of the old watchtower are. I found at the peak three girls who had climbed the mountain on horseback; I pretended to go away, but I really hid and waited until they went away; I returned to the peak later to get the tubes, so that nobody saw me take them. July 1985

  7. Orange insulation wire found in the foothills where I have my encampment further up from McClellan Gulch, July 1985. Thiswire is either 23 ga. Or 24 ga. according to a measurementof resistance. [TN: ga. = gauge]

  8. Aluminum tube found in Gt. Falls, June 1985. Found on the street.

  9. Tubes bought from Rock Hand, August 1985. On this date they are clean.

  10. Tubes bought in a Junkyard, Utah Scrap Metal, at 900 S Street, some blocks to the west of West Temple, in Salt Lake City When buying these tubes, I gave them Charles Kradnick as the name, without an address. I was wearing silvered glasses, gum (chewing gum) under the upper lip (changing its shape that way), and a piece of wax in the left nostril, distorting it. I had to sign a receipt (with the name of Charles Kradnik), but I did it in such a way that I did not leave impressions on it from my fingers. Neither did I leave on the tubes themselves the impressions from my fingers. December 1985.

  11. Tubes bought from the small “surplus” and “junk” store in Helena. Summer 1986.

  12. Tubes bought from the Coast to Coast Store, Holiday Village, Great Falls, August 1986.

  13. Piece of tube (which comes from Gold Dollar mine) which we use to water the garden.

  14. Iron bars we found near a small mining firm by the south side of Stemple Pass Rd., July 1986

  15. Wire found in Stemple Pass Road, near our house.

  16. Bolts, nuts and springs bought in Skaggs and Coast to Coast in Great Falls, August 1986. They should be cleaned.

  17. Clean for experiment 116. Butchpipe.

  18. Beer can. It is clean as far as my fingerprints, but it may well have the fingerprints of a Friend of Kim Williams.

  19. Rubber letters, etc. Bought in Spokane, Nov. 1990

  20. Copper tube, outside diameter 3/8”. Bought Nov. 1990 in a hardware store in Spokane, on E. Sprague Ave., approximate number: 1802 E In any case, it is some 2 blocks to the east of the post office which is on 1602 E. Sprague. This tube may have my fingerprints (which, nevertheless, will be easy to erase with a file).When buying this tube, I was wearing a bulky cloak, with a jacket inside, so .Iwould seem heavier than I am; silvered glasses; a cap with visor that covered my forehead; and kleenex inside the nostrils which expanded them; and the beard was darkened so it would seem almost black, or, at least, a very dark brown. To be sure to obtain a tube of the correct diameter, I showed the employee a small piece of tube of the kind I wanted to buy. This small piece was from a tube that, almost for sure, I had bought either at Pacific Hyde and Fur in Helena, or (less probably) at an auto parts store in Missoula. I am sure I took with me this small piece of tube when leaving the hardware store, and that I still had it with me upon arriving at the bus station in Spokane. But in some way that I do not understand, I lost it afterwards.

  21. Stamps with $1 I bought them Nov. 1990 [TN: the date was inserted above the words and also on the left margin] from a vending machine at the post office which is at 1602 E Sprague in Spokane. Here is a strip of 11 stamps and one loose stamp. I first bought the strip of 11 stamps. I took them with my left hand which had on a soft leather (soft leather) glove [TN: 11 soft leather” was rendered in English after the Spanish] . I took the first stamp from the strip without remembering to first wipe the glove’s fingers. I later wiped the glove (although not with great care) on my cloak, and I touched the other stamps only after wiping or cleaning the glove’s fingers. I used up my quarters and I returned after 2 or 3 hours to buy more stamps from the same machine, but soon after buying one single stamp (this is the loose stamp that is in the envelope), the stamps in the machine ran out. I only touched this last stamp with the woolen cloth gloves (or cloth, fabric or whatever it may be) that had been well wiped or cleaned on my cloak. When buying these stamps, I was wearing the same clothes, glasses, beard color, etc., that I described under number 20 above. When writing on the outside of the envelope that contains these stamps, I was careful for the stamps not to be under the pencil so the impression from the writing would not be on them. So these stamps should be quite clean, unless it were due to the quite remote possibility that one of the two stamps which are at the ends of the strip got from the leather glove some impression of my finger that would have gotten on the leather when I handled the gloves before putting them on. [TN: The following words were inserted at the end of this item.]

    Also see the note which is with the stamps.

  22. 9 volt batteries bought at a Safeway in Spokane, 1990.

  23. Typing paper. Bought at a Safeway in Missoula, Nov. 1990.

  24. Springs. Bought at Coast to Coast, Missoula, Nov. 1990. The only disguise I was wearing were the silvered eyeglasses.

  25. Wires removed from our old Japanese radio.

  26. Wires bought from UBC in Helena, probably in the middle of the decade of 1980–1990.