Cop-out to Counselor

November 4, 2021

Cop-out to Mr. Holbrooks, Counselor

from Theodore John Kaczynski, 04475–046

I need to get into my box of legal papers that are in storage.

Thank you.


Yahoo Letter Collection


“Included in Kaczynski’s personal papers is meticulous documentation of his life at ADX, including complaints about his toilet, bad food and officers shorting him on recreation time.”

Security Breach

Security breach: On the evening of Nov 29, 1996, I had finished my running and my stretch exercises when the door of 7th floor West opened and 3 lady prisoners came up the stairs. When they saw me they laughed, said "The Unabomber's out there!" and went back inside. I still had a few minutes of exercise time left, but instead of taking that time I went back inside so that the ladies could use the rec area. I'm so chivalrous!