Title: Self-made calendar check list
Author: Ted Kaczynski
Notes: In the early months of 1996, Ted Kaczynski was destitute. He was subsisting largely on 15 snowshoe hares he had shot the previous fall and was carefully rationing, and had recently sold back half of his 1.4-acre property to his estranged brother, David, so he could pay the meager taxes on it. At the time, ironically, he was also the target of the most expensive manhunt in the history of the FBI. It would end, as this rabbit-ration chart shows, on Wednesday, April 3rd, before Kaczynski could record (and maybe eat) his daily meal.

This year, starting with the first significant snowfall in late October, up to December 14 I killed 14 snowshoe hares, at a cost of 17 cartridges ...