Also, do not fold any of these manuscripts into ordinary envelopes. Use the big manilla envelopes so the manuscripts won't have to be folded.

4. I have now typed up a fourth manuscript, "Three Worthy Artisans". Please send this one to Harper's Weekly. I have typed a covering letter with it, but. again, you'll have to type the address of Harpers Weekly. Do not submit this anywhere except Harpers Weekly without consulting me first.

It embarrasses me to send anything to Harpers Weekly. The sample you sent me was so disgustingly degenerate and urbanized. But I want the damned money, so I hope they accept the damn thing. Well, thanks for taking care of this crap for me. I wouldn't dream of carrying on any such correspondence from here, because of course the postman knows everybody and I wouldn't want my neighbours to find out that I am dabbling in any such nefarious activities. I mean, if I were merely a dope-addict, escaped convict, sex-pervert, or Russian spy, it wouldn't be so bad, but...


be careful in taking clips on and off the manuscript, or they'll tear the sheets

[The rest of the letter & manuscript is missing from the source PDF, so potentially California University chose not to upload the rest or it may have been lost forever.]