A Note From Ultimo About The Fake Letters (March 19, 2015)

Note about the existence of texts falsely attributed to Ted Kaczynski

The purpose of this note is to draw attention to the existence of some texts that circulate, both on paper and in digital format, whose authorship is being falsely attributed to Ted Kaczynski.

Some, like for example, The Rehabilitation of the State by the Leftists (edited by Black Storms)[1] or Statement to the Obama Presidency[2], are simply texts awarded to Ted Kaczynski but written entirely by other authors.

Both the style and the content of these texts are far from the authentic Kaczynski texts. Often the authors of these fraudulent texts use an exalted, even insulting, style unbecoming of Kaczynski. Likewise, the terminology used by these impostors is usually that of radical leftism, not the one actually used by Ted Kaczynski in his authentic texts. In these illegitimate texts there are many references to capitalism, imperialism, etc., typical of libertarian and socialist discourses. One of Kaczynski's most characteristic traits is his disdain for leftism, including such pamphleteering terminology.

As for the contents, they usually do not go beyond the typical anti-capitalist protests, the criticism of the less radical leftism (and only of it), the rejection of the State, etc.

These scoundrels are taking advantage of certain features of their own that are distantly similar to those of Ted Kaczynski's speech, such as an apparent rejection of industrial development, or a biased use of the term "leftism" (normally referring only to leftist currents different from the one to which they refer). those who write the text belong), to try to sneak their texts before the public using the signature of this author.

Certainly, the differences in style and content are obvious and sufficient for anyone with half a brain who knows the authentic texts of Kaczyski, but, unfortunately, it may be the case that there are intelligent readers who have never read a text of Kaczyski before. this author and thus lack references to be able to discriminate the spurious texts from the authentic ones. This call for attention is addressed mainly to them.

On the other hand, there are multiple illegitimate versions of the authentic Ted Kaczynski texts: incomplete and adulterated texts, incorrect translations, unauthorized editions, etc. Thus, at the request of Ted Kaczynski himself, it should be noted that the only ones of his texts that must be recognized as authentic are those that meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • He recognizes himself directly and explicitly as his own through personal communication.

  • Have been published in his book Technological Slavery (Feral House, 2010). Electronic versions of the texts in this book should not be considered authentic.

  • Julie Herrada, curator of the Labadie Collection, confirm by personal communication that the original or a copy of said text, authenticated by a confirmation by Ted Kaczynski himself, is in the Labadie Collection , University of Michigan.

  • Último Reducto confirm directly that they are authentic texts through personal communication.

A Note from Ted to Journalists (June 10, 2016)

To: Journalists in general.

From: Ted Kaczyński.

Some jerk in Santa Barbara, California has been sending letters on my behalf to various journalists, requesting an interview and expressing what he says are my opinions.

I am not going to grant any interview and I do not necessarily share the opinions expressed in the letters of that wretch.

Competent journalists would look at the postmarks on the letters they receive. If a letter was postmarked in California I couldn't have sent it, obviously. Furthermore, competent journalists would check the calligraphy of that asshole's letters with that of the samples of my handwriting that are easily found on the Internet. However, many journalists are too stupid or too lazy to take such precautions, so they have been duped by the aforementioned cretin.

As PT Barnum said, "Every minute a fool is born." And, it seems, many of them end up being journalists when they grow up.

Theodore John Kaczynski

[1] This text only appears with Theodore Kaczynski's signature in the paper edition of Black Storms. There is a version on the Internet signed by a certain Théodore (http://www.rebelion.org/hemeroteca/left/theodore120301.htm). It is very likely that this group negligently confused the real author with Kaczynski due to the resemblance of their proper names.

[2] http://anarquismoprimitivista.blogspot.com.es/2009/01/unabomber-se-pronuncia-sobre-obama.html