Title: Ted's First Letter to Earth First! as part of his Bombing Campaign
Author: Ted Kaczynski

Mailed from Helena in late summer of 1993

POB 5176
Missoula, Montana 59806

Dear SFB,

It seems to me that the EARTH FIRST! JOURNAL is neglecting an important tactic. The JOURNAL should regularly publish lists of ecocriminals, stating the environmental crimes of each, and giving their home addresses and phone numbers. An entry in the list might read, for example, “H. Greed Moneygrubber, member of board of directors of Arborophagous Lumber Company, which has aggressively lobbied for more timber-cutting in national forests, regularly engages in irresponsible logging practices, and is currently cutting in the Wilderness Mountain area of the Pristine National Forest. Office; Suite 1000A+, Collosal Building, Metropolis, Washington 99999, phone (000) OOO-OOOO. Home: 69 Woodland Way, Rich-bitch Hills, Washington 99999. phone (OOO) 000-0069."

Publishing the home addresses and phone numbers of these people is important. They usually have unlisted phone numbers, for obvious reason. If they get angry phone calls from environmentalists at their office, or if protesters gather outside the company building, that is only a minor annoyance. But if protesters gather at the homes of these ecocriminals or phone them at 2:00AM, that hits them where it hurts.

The problem is how to find out their addresses and phone numbers so you can publish them. Maybe you could hire a private detective to teach you how to dig up such information. (Best not to tell him you're from EF! though.)

C.U. Laatter