On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the life, imprisonment, and bombings of Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber. Over the span of an 18 year spree, Kaczynski allegedly mailed 16 bombs which killed 3 and seriously injured 23 others. His targets were almost all University faculty (the “UN” in Unabomber) and people involved in airlines–including the airplanes themselves (which is where the “A” Unabomber comes from). He eventually expanded his targets to include people involved in technology in general, making him the past century’s most famous luddite.

After abandoning a career as a mathematical genius and professor at UC Berkeley, Kaczynski lived off the grid in a twelve foot by ten foot shack in Montana, eating wild rabbit and building bombs out of scrap materials and wood. His bombs were quite ingenious, and they contained almost no forensic evidence to get him caught.

Why did he send these bombs? Well, he answers that questions in his famous Manifesto which he had published by newspapers in 1996. He threatened to blow up airplanes and kill more people if a major newspaper didn’t publish his writings, and eventually the FBI capitulated and allowed the work to be published by the Washington Post and the New York Times. The work was officially called Industrial Society and Its Future, and it espoused his hatred for “the system” which eliminated human freedom and destroyed the planet. Before you agree and think he was right, however, he also has dozens of pages of rants about “Leftists” and all sorts or really crazy nonsense that rounded the document out.

Why did it take so long for the FBI to catch this person from their most wanted list? What part did his brother play in his eventual arrest? Why did he write dirty limericks at a factory job he had that got him fired? How did this man go from a 16 year old Harvard genius to a crazy serial bomber living in the back woods? Why did Dave think he once had a class from the Unabomber in college? Why does Brad think Kaczynski might be innocent? Listen, laugh, learn.

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BRAD: I'm so waiting for that glass to bust one day.

BRENT: I did hit that one hard.

BRAD: You keep hitting it harder and harder. And I'm just waiting for it to bust.

BRENT: Where's that crazy glass I used to use that had like the weird teardrop on the bottom that weighs like 10 pounds.

UNKNOWN #1: Wait, wait no, I think you guys hit to.

UNKNOWN #8: Now it's buried in love whiskers.

BRENT: Mess with me, but.

BRAD: It didn't bother me to get to wash it like a decent person.

UNKNOWN #1: Fine fine.

BRAD: That's cleaner, just fine. This over there little gross fingerprint classes.

BRENT: I couldn't find it. So why I'm not drinking? This one it's the least dirty 1.

UNKNOWN #1: Oh God.

UNKNOWN #2: And see the thing. That I don't understand is you.

DAVE: Two always have these dirty *** whiskey glasses. I've been using this exact same glass.

BRAD: Yes, for the past two months because you're ghost drinking. You're not even drinking.

BRENT: It's because you moisturize because you get ashy and. **** and so.

UNKNOWN #3: Like keep **** yeah, guess you're right.

BRAD: Actually, glass brick keeps the dust off the glass. Guest is afraid of black people.

UNKNOWN #1: I don't know. I didn't know that.

BRENT: You got to get that racist check mark.

BRAD: I can never, well I can never. Yeah I can never understand all my black friends always had like black and gold. Furniture and like I'm like man, I get black furniture and like it's gets dusty as **** like yeah.

BRENT: That's true, like a ******* like a Panther. They have like a ******* a Panther coffee table.

DAVE: Yep, and it's all.

BRENT: Yeah, with like.

DAVE: Yeah, it's all glass. And gold glass.

UNKNOWN #6: The goal what's up with that?

DAVE: And gold yeah, yeah, I have no idea.

BRENT: Or the matching like ******* shoes outfit all the way up like they have the red shoes the. Red shorts the red. Shirt the Red Hat.

UNKNOWN #1: Now you're taking it too far.

BRAD: They're no.

BRENT: There was a guy in the bank a while back. They had the ******* outfit on that. Matched his Pringles hanging out of his back pocket. I swear to God.

UNKNOWN #8: That's how you got.

BRAD: To do it, he had like blue.

BRENT: White, orange, and the Pringles that he had in his rocking the. Pringle Stack can blocking the same color.

BRAD: Maybe you found the secret like that was his inspiration for his outfit.

DAVE: Maybe it was.

BRENT: I think he coordinated that **** because he. Couldn't go buy Pringles and matches out.

BRAD: You don't want to had. To have the Pringles yeah and you don't want to have a green can hanging out when you're running green, blue and orange or whatever purple, yellow and.

BRENT: And Bingo match up.

UNKNOWN #10: That's true.

BRENT: Man, I'm already a little whiskey ******* got me a little bit already. I had to deal with a bad drink and then I had a ******* my obligation drink.

BRAD: You're arguing with yourself when you argue you.

BRENT: I'm aware of this, I'm slowly losing my mind.

BRAD: Know you make. Circles like circle around circle around circle around. Do you do you guys remember garanimals sounds?

DAVE: For animals, it was when I was a kid there was. It was a department store. I don't know. Sears pennies something like that. Maybe it was everywhere, but they had garanimals and it was like every color scheme had a different animal.

UNKNOWN #8: So it was like this the alligator, but.

DAVE: They couldn't use an. Alligator, because it gets you by eyes on. But this the. Horse, so every like you could bring down you could just anything with. A horse on it. Matched all the other horse stuff.

UNKNOWN #1: Those clothes, those clothes. I think. I think they have.

DAVE: That pants have the horse, the shirt have the horse, the socks have the horse, the underwear.

BRAD: They're still around.

DAVE: Have the horse.

UNKNOWN #7: Get rest easy.

DAVE: So you were just. Yeah, I was the get get dressed easy for kids in the 70s.

BRAD: You know, if. You picked out a horse shirt. You gotta have the horse.

UNKNOWN #1: Shorts, yeah?

DAVE: Yeah, exactly, and then you were just covered. You weren't going to clash, everything was good.

BRENT: It was Grannum says who, though says then.

UNKNOWN #8: Says the garanimals

BRAD: Yeah, they’re the fashionistas, not us.

UNKNOWN #6: I don't know.

BRENT: And wanted like a Plaid stripe day or something. I'm going to do that. Who says society says that's OK?

UNKNOWN #8: That's true.

BRENT: Society was telling? You what matched. Or not, that is kind of weird.

UNKNOWN #8: That's true.

BRENT: What makes something? Match like visually pleasing to the human psyche. There's some weird common shared genetic trait that tells us what we think is.

UNKNOWN #5: Pleasing to the eye, Jesus.

BRAD: Like Red, red and yellow match, but it's like Oh no, that's mustard and ketchup and but some people like it.

DAVE: In Christ.

BRAD: And then you say like dream.

BRENT: Thanks for saving me from Dave being ****** about my overly analytical psyche like I can't.

UNKNOWN #3: Help, but right so.

UNKNOWN #1: I think what?

BRENT: I question everything like.

UNKNOWN #9: You know?

BRENT: Follow my motto.

BRAD: OK, why is it? Why is it? That green, red and white are Christmas colors. You know, like if you wouldn't just wear.

UNKNOWN #10: That, well, that's kind.

BRENT: Of tradition, that's what I'm saying. I'm saying that we have like pattern recognition where we think. These things are pleasing together.

BRAD: To black and black and orange is Halloween. You know wear something black and orange.

UNKNOWN #2: You probably all.

DAVE: Has to do with the color wheel.

BRAD: Yeah, yeah, that's true.

UNKNOWN #6: The color.

BRENT: What is this color color really?

BRAD: Well, it's just. It's the colors that go with.

UNKNOWN #4: Speaking of you.

UNKNOWN #8: Don't know what the color wheel is.

BRAD: Each other isn't paint or anything. It's like colors that go with.

DAVE: Each other it's like secondary and tertiary and primary colors and how they mix and you like spin the wheel and it'll show you like oh, if you're painting with this color then these other colors complement or.

UNKNOWN #3: Yeah, OK.

UNKNOWN #8: Clash with it. Yeah, and it's all part of the visual spectrum that's et cetera like.

BRAD: That's the reason why like pigeons are Gray and white.

BRENT: Ohh, I get it now yeah.

UNKNOWN #2: So apparently we just need to break.

DAVE: Everything down to pigeons and then Brian. 's good with it.

BRENT: That makes more sense, like Blues and purples.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah well yeah.

BRENT: You know they'll be tips some greens.

BRAD: Yeah you can have. It has to match.

BRENT: With all Blues and color.

BRAD: Yeah it has to. Match the red and their beady eyes, yeah?

BRENT: Tread lightly, Sir, you want you say anything sack off my pigeons.

UNKNOWN #1: I mean it wasn't offensive. I was just saying.

BRAD: Yeah, I I like I'm. Pigeons are like Canadians like they all. They both have beady eyes.

UNKNOWN #4: So I'm not sure where that.

DAVE: Came from yeah.

BRENT: I'm supposed to supposed to think. Somebody was it that? The angels envy. Last week we thanked somebody, but I. Left some names out. So I am an *******.

UNKNOWN #1: You're an apple.

BRENT: Actually it's because it was rushed and I wasn't sure if we could say Red Dog. But I'm saying that Red Dog red dog red dog. Somebody's getting fired, but the crew.

BRAD: Red Dog, you can say.

UNKNOWN #3: It I hope so, yeah.

BRAD: Oh, you mean Red Dog wine and spirits? Is that one?

BRENT: The entity itself in Tennessee.

UNKNOWN #1: Where is it located?

BRENT: Did not send this to us, but the crew themselves took it upon themselves as fans as individuals who happen to work at that place. Sammy Kevin Preston and Lena said that right they did it I phonetically.

UNKNOWN #6: Wrote that's. Yeah, they.

BRAD: LAYNThat's how it's spelled.

BRENT: That's not how it's spelled that.

BRAD: They wrote it on there.

BRENT: No, it's LA it's Lana.

BRAD: This lame enough.

BRENT: But that is the phonetic spelling of it now.

BRAD: Now they spelled it wrong. Her parents were dry.

BRENT: I'm interesting.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah so.

UNKNOWN #10: That's right.

BRENT: Yeah, thank you for the. Whiskey and the box of sunglasses and all the crazy stuff so thank you.

UNKNOWN #1: Beer koozies to keep the.

BRAD: Beers warm and get it.

BRENT: Now they are going to get in trouble that. Was company property. Shut up, Brad.

BRAD: And they were King Cobra. Ones, thank you.

BRENT: Yeah, there were King Cobra Koozies and Ray ban sunglasses. That was impressive. I didn't completely sprung for that, right?

DAVE: I do want to give. A I want to give a shout out to the new Sofa King clan on Sun Run Arena. That is growing in strength every day.

BRENT: How many can you have?

UNKNOWN #1: You can buy it.

DAVE: 50 people in the clan.

BRENT: I don't get.

DAVE: I'm getting I'm getting.

UNKNOWN #6: A spot I'm.

UNKNOWN #2: Going to leave you.

DAVE: I'm getting a handful every day of people. It's getting it's getting full, but I'm so if you if you send me a message on fun Run Arena which is the third one send.

UNKNOWN #5: I don't have time for that, yeah?

DAVE: It to kid nugget.

UNKNOWN #8: 606

DAVE: 2G's 2T's that's me and I will send you a clan invite and if you like, join the clan just cause you thought it was cute and like a week from now. You haven't played once. I'm

BRAD: Kicking your *** out of the clan.

BRENT: I think that was like lyrics to rap.

BRAD: It's serious.

UNKNOWN #1: We would put a beat.

BRENT: Behind what you just said 222.

BRAD: Thanks Dave.

BRENT: G's 2T's the whole thing. I'm pretty sure me and Brad are. Going to cut that up later, yeah?

BRAD: Tell me what was the clan mate. There was dedication to me.

UNKNOWN #8: **** Brad yeah.

BRENT: I already remember called Brad, I thought.

UNKNOWN #1: He was the.

BRAD: Last person saying they listen to the. Show at least.

BRENT: Yeah, can some random person find you? It could be someone that initially.

UNKNOWN #3: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: Yeah, SO fresh and double OP.

UNKNOWN #4: Double GY.

BRENT: I won't, I won't dig super into my.

DAVE: Double G you see?

BRENT: My personal life, but I spent Christmas alone last night, but something good came of it. I'm not Christmas dinner.

DAVE: The country westerns.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, here goes.

BRENT: No, I made a Velveeta, shells and cheese with triple X akateko. I stirred that **** up because I didn't have to cook for anyone else. No one else was eating the macaroni cheese.

UNKNOWN #1: It's like unoriginal, that's ******* super white, yeah?

BRENT: It was on me. Be whatever the **** it is. Man, I don't care it's.

BRAD: Like delicious here. One dinner right there ladies.

BRENT: That is, some white trash food.

DAVE: Did you put did you put a can of tuna fish in it?

BRENT: The tracking chief wants.

UNKNOWN #1: Us maybe that's.

BRAD: That's good, I like that. We're getting lower tiers, yeah?

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that’s.

BRAD: Knock it down the. Tear for that one.

DAVE: When I yeah when I. Wasn't a vegan, that was always. I always. And I talked **** because one of my roommates. Used to do it. And I was like that is the. Stinkiest nasty **** ever.

BRAD: Delicious. I can't eat tuna.

BRENT: I can eat albacore like.

BRAD: That's that’s all it was, that's.

DAVE: 212

BRAD: Well, I like to taste the mercury when I. Mean it's it.

UNKNOWN #1: Has to be, it has to, yeah.

UNKNOWN #5: You want that you want to ask them you.

BRAD: Want the pink meat? Yeah, no, it's gotta be. I want the white meat and a little bit of dolphin there.

UNKNOWN #6: That's all, that's all before them.

BRAD: Like if you don't have dolphin yeah, and the tune is ******* pink and smoke the cat food.

UNKNOWN #1: If that yeah.

DAVE: If that can of tuna won't effectively act as a thermometer, and bread doesn't want.

BRAD: To eat, yeah, and I want when I want it so strong when I Pierce. It smells like tuna that already happened, yeah?

BRENT: Happens, that’s you to use.

BRAD: That's one that’s good albacore, Kirkland, albacore.

BRENT: I don't think so. It was delicious. If you eating macaroni and cheese and you don't have kids to. Feed throw that triplets and.

UNKNOWN #1: No, they like that they like.

BRENT: Is good. They like about one bite and they ******* run.

UNKNOWN #1: That with a surprise.

BRAD: To the fridge. Yeah, **** them little *******.

BRENT: Looking for the fridge.

BRAD: They can make their.

BRENT: Own food and were talking about that.

DAVE: I'm just saying if you want to secure like Mac. And cheese dominance.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that's this for me.

DAVE: You just ******* throw that **** in the. Pot and then everybody else is like. Oh, I can't eat. That's that's.

BRAD: Again, you got to make, I guess. You got to make something yourself.

UNKNOWN #6: That is, you gotta be more wily. Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: I tried to feed my kid. Our neighbor made us tamales and I love fresh tamales. Man like serious and our neighbor made some because I had mentioned it to him that if they. Didn't I was going to kill him?

UNKNOWN #6: Always bland though for.

BRENT: Me like I was like no I.

BRAD: Did you eat white people tamales? These are true, Nah.

BRENT: Didn't from a Mexican lady in the. ******* grow store. Parking lot, the ones that. Give you diarrhea for.

UNKNOWN #6: Two days then.

BRAD: You eat the wrong ones like.

BRENT: I was like those are bland then I got the. Shift, so that's not.

BRAD: No, these are good man.

BRENT: No, I don't buy this.

BRAD: So yeah I found them to my son but he was like not having theat.

BRENT: ****, I don't do that.

BRAD: They were a little hot for him. So he didn't eat anything that. Night so he.

UNKNOWN #1: For you, yeah.

BRAD: Secured Tamale Tamale dominance him. He went to bed hungry. That's his own fault should. I hate it.

UNKNOWN #3: Is this red?

BRENT: Bull that you buy me a trick or. Is this out of kindness?

BRAD: No, you were getting them for me.

BRENT: I know, but are you like trying to get me addicted or you were? Hoping to act like Beavis or something, or you just being nice.

BRAD: No, I just I got a water and. I got you a red.

BRENT: Bull that seems like a trick.

UNKNOWN #6: I think you're playing on it.

BRAD: No, I drink. I drink one ready. I wanted to. Get hyped before. I got here. Yeah, it's in my truck, no, I threw it away.

BRENT: It's in your trash can upstairs, but I can't get to you right now.

BRAD: Whenever James saw me, gosh, James.

DAVE: I really appreciate the increasing.

UNKNOWN #8: Paranoia that brand is displaying.

UNKNOWN #6: I'm going ******* crazy at lunch. I'm aware of.

BRENT: It, and I'm frightened. It's slow, painful, scary. ******* process and paranoia is not helping it. It's not paranoid about being paranoid.

BRAD: You know, it's funny when we first started this show, everybody thought that I was the crazy one, right? And now it's slowly taking a slight tilt of the angle of the dangle.

BRENT: I've worn that hat for.

UNKNOWN #6: A long time I'm aware of it.

BRAD: Yeah, I know, but it's out.

DAVE: There now. Well, I didn't realize how crazy I sounded until the life bites video.

UNKNOWN #6: I never listened to that.

DAVE: Yeah, there's a life bites in here that’s.

BRENT: That you voiced.

UNKNOWN #2: Over well, no. We I didn't voice it.

BRAD: He cut parts of our episode and into the life life.

UNKNOWN #1: Over, but he that's right, yeah.

DAVE: So live live bites is. A YouTube show and they did an episode and they took clips of audio from the show and they're almost all me and they're almost all me raving like a lunatic. About conspiracies. And the and I talked to.

BRENT: He tried to cut us out but I just.

DAVE: Brian, who made it?

BRENT: Kept saying pigeons and.

UNKNOWN #7: Bread said **** so yeah, well I thought.

UNKNOWN #3: Right?

DAVE: The thing is though, like any episode that I was talking about, like at the end of the day, I was probably like so the ultimate conclusion here is I don't think this thing was real, but like just the seven second clip that I had is me like it was so maming at the mouth like a tinfoil madman.

BRAD: Yeah, this what they were talking about, yeah?

DAVE: And I sound like I.

UNKNOWN #8: Believe all of this and.

BRENT: Yeah, if you pull the Michael Moore and like cut everybody out of context, you can. Make everybody suck *****, yeah.

BRAD: Oh, it's gonna be really bad.

DAVE: Chicks are delicious, yeah?

UNKNOWN #9: See I had.

UNKNOWN #4: Them for breakfast. Every day I start my.

BRENT: Day every day with a bag of. ***** like.

BRAD: Martin, melon, Martin, Melon, * **** spoon.

UNKNOWN #1: Right in the.

BRENT: Mouth the bucket of vocab that you have.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, yeah.

BRENT: Next up, fan compilations. I look forward to.

UNKNOWN #5: Put it in my ****.

BRENT: Look two ***** at the.

UNKNOWN #2: Same time.

BRAD: Hmm yummy you all you have to do it. We'll do it for you. Keep going. I hate vagina.

UNKNOWN #1: Give me the.

BRENT: ****, hey look, grandma's watching. Man, we're giving you guys so much.

UNKNOWN #5: She has pancake movies. My uncle loves it.

UNKNOWN #8: Family friendly, this tastes like smegma.

BRENT: I can't wait I. Gotta hope someone does make that and then I hope. Tyler Mott draws. A picture of it.

UNKNOWN #1: Don't know.

BRENT: I want to see I want to see like animation someone makes and it's all. Our smegma eating vagina. On * ****.

BRAD: It's like the little sample spoon from baskin-robbins like the.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, like Tyler's drawing that right?

UNKNOWN #6: Looking now, just seeing that yeah.

BRAD: That's how I just would make it really hard for him.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, yeah.

UNKNOWN #6: Brent has a.

BRAD: Whiskey bottle coming out of his *** looks like. A dog tail.

BRENT: Threatening a good.

UNKNOWN #4: Time wiggles it when he's happy.

BRAD: Yeah, I wonder what the Unabomber made his bombs.

DAVE: Out of that's a good question would.

UNKNOWN #1: Wouldn't premium a lot of them are made out of wood?

UNKNOWN #6: Obsession with wood? Yeah, really, yeah.

UNKNOWN #5: Did you study?

BRAD: I did, but I.

UNKNOWN #5: Didn't read that though.

DAVE: Well, I mean the whole. Bomb obviously wasn't like maybe still need copper.

BRENT: Even if it wasn't made out of wood, he put sticks and little twigs and ****. Inside the boxes.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, I didn't see that.

UNKNOWN #8: He was upset with it, yeah?

BRAD: Much documentary, they said nothing about this.

DAVE: So well, the topic is. Bomber AKA Ted Kaczynski and I think as usual we should operate under the let's talk about.

BRENT: I called JK, just ignore.

DAVE: All the facts. Let's talk about the alleged facts that occurred in the bombs that he's supposedly sent, because I know Brad saw. Some stuff that. That called it in to.

BRAD: Yeah no, I got the tinfoil hat on.

BRENT: This one I got some MK ultra on it like I think maybe some.

UNKNOWN #1: I didn't I saw.

BRENT: Happen, but I've not seen it wasn't him.

BRAD: No, I think there’s another. There's about three people. I think we're involved in setting them.

DAVE: Up, so let's do the basics. And then get into the we'll get.

BRAD: Oh yeah, let's just go through.

DAVE: Into the other the other stuff. And so Ted Kaczynski’s the one who the FBI finally arrested as the Unabomber. And so the Unabomber, for those of you that. Really don't know this. Story he. I didn't know how. I didn't realize how early he had. Started sending bombs but

BRENT: He had quite the career.

DAVE: Yeah, you quite the career, so it was either.

BRENT: He took a little hiatus of.

BRAD: It was 18 years.

DAVE: Yeah, from 1978 until 19. 96 He was building bombs, and. Them to people. To kill and injure them, and he really didn't get into the mediattention until the 90s when the FBI was really trying to catch him.

BRENT: Because Waco and Oklahoma happened and showed him up.

UNKNOWN #1: Right, right?

DAVE: So, but so in. In a nutshell, that’s. Who it is and they. Called him the Unabomber and. They had no idea why they called him the Unabomber, but it was for the FBI task force that started along with the US Postal Service and the ATF. Had a file called Unabom which stood for university and airline bombing, which is where they got the words for Unabomber because he primarily bombed universities and people people who were. Who worked at airlines?

BRENT: Anyone that promoted technology was part of?

UNKNOWN #10: Yeah, that first he's.

BRENT: This thing, so that's not, that's not.

DAVE: And there at first he was. Only bombing airline people and universities and he branched out. He started to bomb a couple of computer. Chops and he, but at the beginning. That was all.

BRENT: Which scares the **** out of.

UNKNOWN #4: We did, but yeah, right.

BRENT: Me like hopefully no conflict.

BRAD: Yeah, right, I mean blank.

BRENT: And I'm just.

BRAD: Packages to Brent, leaving them on the.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, so that would cause if you think.

DAVE: Steps because I never knew why they called. Him, the Unabomber, that made no sense.

BRAD: I thought it was unique like but. Like yeah.

DAVE: It's you not. UNA bomb.

BRENT: He was actually called the junkyard bomber.

UNKNOWN #5: That wasn't really yeah.

DAVE: Yeah, because he builds his.

BRENT: That was the post office. Cause it was made of like nails and wire.

UNKNOWN #10: Right?

BRENT: And ****, right? So this guy was.

BRAD: To build a bomb I mean.

UNKNOWN #2: That's but it was no it.

DAVE: Wasn't like there was a box of the same nails. It was like he had ******* 50 random different junk nails and.

UNKNOWN #5: A switch, yeah?

BRENT: He would. Like a nail and sand, sand it down.

BRAD: Should have caught him they. Should have caught him the kitchen sink. Bomber that have been better. That's good.

BRENT: Yeah, he just didn't want anything to be traceable. So rather than go to RadioShack and buy like a momentary switch or something that's just made for the occasion, he would wrap some rubber bands around the nail or so. And then tie it off inside of.

BRAD: A ******* with the hand he didn't want.

UNKNOWN #6: Well, .

BRAD: To use technology.

BRENT: True, he didn't want to promote it. You buy one switch and. Have to make another switch.

DAVE: Yeah, that's right, and it's promoting technology making bombs. So Ted Kaczynski was born in Chicago, IL May 22nd, 1942. He was the oldest child of Polish American couple, hence the Kaczynski last name. They moved to. Evergreen Park and in Illinois and the his parents were like hogs. Apparently that were just pushing him for academic success. They were pulling like a Tiger Woods and just like pushing him to XLS much as he could in academics. Smart, very smart, yeah.

UNKNOWN #1: And he was.

BRAD: At 5th grade.

BRENT: Yeah, IQ of 167 like that's ******* gnarly smarts.

BRAD: Yeah, genius genius level he was.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, that's one point.

BRENT: That's one point better.

BRAD: Than me, but yeah, that's well above genius level.

DAVE: So he due to his intelligence, he was socially isolated, like he didn't really make friends, he did. And connect with anybody.

BRENT: He said he. Played alongside other children, which is strange, like he didn't play with them, he just.

UNKNOWN #1: The grass, right?

BRENT: Played next to him. He's like, yeah, not even to try to start playing just like hey not like hey how's it going like put cards? It was like he would just keep like. Stay beside them.

DAVE: In playing parallel to them right right so.

BRENT: Keep yeah so not talk. Yeah, that's weird.

DAVE: So he was smart enough and again, I knew everybody kept saying that he was a genius in all the research that I was doing. But then I was like, OK, so how smart is this guy? But at 16 he went to Harvard on a. Full ride scholarship. So that's kind of that's in.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, smart category I suppose yeah.

UNKNOWN #1: The *******

BRENT: Dude he has always like they check out the boxes. He was sick as a child. He had a.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, they're rashes, yeah.

BRENT: Six month in their home.

DAVE: Yeah, crazy allergies momma.

BRAD: Didn't have an Atari.

BRENT: His mom, no, his mom was quoted that the baby was home from the hospital and healthy but unresponsive. So like early on, he had weird behavior even as a 6 month old baby.

UNKNOWN #1: Right?

BRENT: And then he got to skip the. That's grade, so you're gonna need to Harvard start jumping back.

BRAD: Yeah, in high school him and his friends like to make harmless bombs like so this the, the setup, yeah?

BRENT: They had him go ******* blow them up because everyone was scared of. Getting in trouble.

BRAD: Yeah, and he finally. Yeah, he finally made one that was more powerful enough to blow out the windows in the classroom versus in Haseem.

BRENT: In the chemistry lab.

BRAD: Yeah, so.

BRENT: And he had.

UNKNOWN #6: A fear of people and buildings which is.

BRAD: Weird weird kind of like you that is.

DAVE: Weird, let's let's go to buildings.

BRAD: I wonder how many people.

BRENT: Just if they're over.

BRAD: Rent has or we'll kill. That's what I wanna.

BRENT: Know we're gonna kill anyone.

UNKNOWN #1: I want to know.

BRAD: Well, you say that you say that.

UNKNOWN #2: That about everybody.

BRENT: I'm going to pull the firing line before I blow anything. And I'll wait. And then I'll I'll clear the building and build myself up.

BRAD: Till they're outside.

UNKNOWN #1: And catch them.

BRAD: You gotta kill. Them when they get outside, I can't tell.

BRENT: Any more parts of my plan? Try to trick me and.

DAVE: Your Red Bulls? Yeah, see.

BRAD: That y'all hopped about Red Bulls. The truth that's really just truth serum.

UNKNOWN #2: When I start, .

BRENT: It's really this catheter, the catheters that's bothering me.

BRAD: You know, I can't.

DAVE: Not tell the truth when I'm on Red Bull. So he studied mathematics at Harvard and I didn't see anything that followed up on this. One of the articles that I read about. Said that, he participated when he was in Harvard in psychological experiments conducted by someone named Henry.

BRAD: A Murray did you read the details of this?

BRENT: ******* experience.

DAVE: No, I didn't. I just read that like. That it ended up. Tying into his later philosophies and bombings and stuff, but. I didn't see what that was.

BRENT: Well, he also skipped a grade in high school as well and he would lock himself in the room practicing differential equations. Because he felt like you do. Yeah, like that's how smart he was. He was crazy smart. I can't find this part. I'll start talking about it though, but the experiment basically involved this. They wrote an essay about their personal aspirations and like their dreams, basically. And then they went. They were put into a room and then they faced A1 way mirror with a bright light. And then the essay was turned over to an attorney. Who then cross examine them through the mirror and tore them apart and like basically ridiculed them and made fun of them for the things that they like, bared their soul in this ******* essay, and tore them down. And then the reactions on their face were filmed and then played back to them over and over.

UNKNOWN #6: What the ****?

BRAD: It seems so.

DAVE: Bad Jesus Christ.

UNKNOWN #6: Yeah so.

UNKNOWN #1: They signed up for it.

BRENT: Some and it was like A3. Year experiment or something? But some people attribute his later behavior. To the possible. This and it was between 1959 and 1962 I think is when that was going down and that is, that's the.

UNKNOWN #1: Those are.

BRENT: Right time that's in kilter.

DAVE: Those are MK ultra dates.

BRENT: Yeah, and so. And it was a it.

UNKNOWN #4: Was Harvard? Yeah, I wouldn't.

BRENT: So as we know, there were paid professors indirectly.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah that very.

BRENT: Yeah, that sounds like some yeah bright light one way mirror *******, demeaning you and then filming it and.

DAVE: Very well could have.

UNKNOWN #5: Then making you watching.

BRAD: The thing was, The thing is though, that a lot of those universities were doing tests like it didn't necessarily have to tie into MK Ultra.

UNKNOWN #1: Right because we.

BRAD: On our MK Ultra episode we talked about that though, like there was a lot of. A lot of places that we're doing tests right under the funding of MK Ultrand like some crazy ****.

DAVE: And I had no idea that they were.

BRAD: Yeah man, no idea.

DAVE: Yeah no. So I mean, no, that's what I think. I would say that there's a chance that would have been an MK ultra experiment, but not even that.

UNKNOWN #11: There's a chance.

DAVE: The professor who ran it new, .

UNKNOWN #3: But the thing?

BRAD: Was though it might not have been, it could have just been some. ******* crazy thing that they were testing out.

UNKNOWN #9: What was that number?

BRENT: You know experiment, though that's really.

BRAD: The look on your face.

BRENT: Mind control, that’s really. Yeah, that's to break you down and control you.

UNKNOWN #8: Probably that's crazy. That's what you think.

UNKNOWN #6: I think a lot. Of things I

BRAD: I yeah.

BRENT: Think pigeons are attractive so don't listen to me.

DAVE: So he ends up graduating from Harvard at 20, and then he goes into genius.

UNKNOWN #2: Slacker 20.

DAVE: He gets his his pH D from the University of Michigand I even read that like his dissertation was very highly praised like his professors even were like this guy. 's the **** like. Everybody, everybody was very impressed with. Him and he ends up getting hired to be a professor at Berkeley, which again, I mean, it's technically not an Ivy League school, but it's one of. The best schools. In the nation.

BRENT: One of the guys.

BRAD: Well, depending on what you want to do, depending.

DAVE: But on what you wanna?

BRENT: Yeah, like the one of the professors that conducted his dissertation.

DAVE: Study, but Berkeley is.

UNKNOWN #10: A hush at school.

BRENT: I guess they can't, even they don't. Understand what the ****. It is at that level and they said that it would be like as little as 10 or 12 people in the entire country could even understand or appreciate. What he had written. Wow, yeah, that's how ******* goodwill. Hunting crazy.

UNKNOWN #1: So he wrote a poem, now that.

BRAD: Of **** then nobody can understand it.

BRENT: We're all done and Paris.

BRAD: Took a **** on the piece of paper and like know what this. Genius nobody.

DAVE: Right, and then he paid.

BRAD: Can understand it.

DAVE: 12 people to say that it's.

UNKNOWN #2: You they just agree, just agree with me.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, just agree to disagree.

BRENT: Yeah, he's so good at faking.

DAVE: Yeah, but when he went to Berkeley though is where you start to see everything unravel.

UNKNOWN #6: It now.

DAVE: With him because he's. Only there for two years as a professor. Before he has to quit because he has such a hard time lecturing, dealing with students, and dealing with colleagues like.

BRENT: He said he would better.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, the people, yeah.

BRENT: He would mumble he. Yeah, he was uncomfortable in front of the classroom and they said it was unexpected because it's not very.

UNKNOWN #1: Right, right?

BRENT: He was the youngest professor ever hired there and for him to quit. They said, had he been to stay, he would have been, the upper echelon.

UNKNOWN #10: Oh yeah.

BRENT: He saw that paper and.

UNKNOWN #6: His level of health.

BRAD: Seeing there, there you go again trying to require so much out of. Them just like his. Parent censoring, you're just like his.

DAVE: Mom and I have to say, like if you're at a hot **** university. And you are socially awkward that you have to quit. You're ******* socially, they're all social. Yeah, like to be so bad that you have to quit means because I mean that's I mean you get those high end professions.

BRAD: Everybody, yeah everybody.

UNKNOWN #5: Because your students.

BRAD: Barely wanna talk to you.

DAVE: Yeah exactly.

BRAD: You're and you don't wanna talk to. Them even more like it's.

DAVE: Right, right, yeah? I mean, that's where especially I mean. Especially in the sciences like you get these people in math that are so ******* smart. It's like those social niceties vanish.

BRAD: Yeah, they speak in numbers.

DAVE: We've talked about a lot of people like that on the show. You know, yeah, and but still to reach a point where, yeah, exactly.

UNKNOWN #6: Let us snore and count two fits.

BRAD: Only only 12 people in the world to understand.

BRENT: Yeah, only 12 people in the world get that joke, yeah?

BRAD: That it's an upper echelon ship, right?

DAVE: I hope you. I hope you write goodwill hunting. Too, and that's the main character.

BRENT: Robin Williams will be in it. But he's not going to have the lines.

BRAD: Ohh somebody, just somebody just somebody just somebody just weekend at Bernie's like Robin Williams in goodwill hunting too like they're just ******* some guy wearing Robin Williams like a backpack running around back rooms.

BRENT: I ******* love. I'll kiss Matt Damon right on the mouth.

BRAD: Your man crush. I'm so last.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: Week I moved on I’m disappointed in our fans to say that there's only like 2. Or three people that. Really put it out there.

UNKNOWN #8: Who their crush was, yeah.

BRENT: Someone picked Mr. Bean.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, ****.

UNKNOWN #3: Yeah, that's a joke, and then kelp?

BRAD: Noodles like put a man crush like you're a woman like we said to do a woman crush like so yeah, people don't listen to this.

UNKNOWN #1: Right?

DAVE: I think it's just background noise like golf yeah so yeah.

UNKNOWN #5: I mean, if they're going to bed.

DAVE: So and just to prove that Kaczynski was like OK, I'm just going to dive off the. ******* deep end. So when he decides that he's not going to teach at Berkeley any. Or the logical decision is to move to a small self built cabin the middle of Montana where you eat wild rabbits for a living.

BRENT: Yeah, and learn how to make looking like fires.

UNKNOWN #6: Right?

BRENT: The old way.

DAVE: Which is what he did so.

BRAD: I don't see anything wrong with that, I mean. If you're if you're that.

BRENT: If you ******* hate headful

BRAD: Yeah, if you don't. Wanna be around people? I think that is the logical thing to do like you wanna be self-sufficient. You wanna grow a little vegetable garden you wanna be able to catch trapped in.

DAVE: I mean.

BRENT: Meat I'm tending rabbits. I'm yeah.

DAVE: All about living off the grid, but it's like when you see photos of the grid he was living on.

UNKNOWN #10: It was pretty bad like.

UNKNOWN #2: Wasn't that secluded montamat that wasn't.

BRAD: The like he rode a he was able.

BRENT: That far away actually.

BRAD: To ride a bike. Intown, a homemade bike by.

UNKNOWN #1: The way what does that mean?

BRENT: Does that mean like oil though where you made it? A spare tweaker, parts or like construct. The ******* bike.

BRAD: No, the neighbor gave it to him, the neighbor.

BRENT: It's like you said homemade. Bike was whatever.

BRAD: The neighbor gave him the bike. So I don't know if it was homemade, I mean they.

BRENT: Ah, that's actually right.

BRAD: Could have welded the frame up.

BRENT: There neighbor wasn't that secluded.

BRAD: No, no, the neighbor and people were saying. Like Oh no he. Was he was actually the ideal neighbor because he didn't want to talk to. Anybody he wasn't a problem.

BRENT: There's writings don't sound that crazy like some of the things he. Says on these.

BRAD: Quotes that I think we sound crazy.

UNKNOWN #2: Some of the two of. Them running.

DAVE: Some of it's pretty crazy, I mean. There's there was a cause, I've said.

BRAD: Right, that's just the over your head. Part like you just don't search thing.

DAVE: Because I cause I've read like excerpts of a lot of his manifesto and stuff. And I've always thought, oh, that like that makes perfect sense, I need to read. But then when I was actually reading the manifesto. I was like, well about. Half of this some ******* bad ****. Look, she's that's.

BRENT: Because you're not awake yet. Dave, I don't know.

DAVE: Maybe you haven't drink.

UNKNOWN #1: A Red Bull, because I might.

UNKNOWN #8: Treat Sir, it's because I'm a leftist.

DAVE: Which is one thing that he hates in the.

UNKNOWN #8: We are.

DAVE: Manifesto is those damn left families.

UNKNOWN #1: And black people lovely.

DAVE: No, he doesn't hate black people. He hates people.

BRAD: There was something in there about blacks.

DAVE: No, he I don't. I don't think he said that he hated black people. I think he said he hated leftists. Who like praise black people above other people or who fight for the rights of black people or who fight for the rights of gay people or who fight for the rights? Of minorities

UNKNOWN #1: It's really strange, and that's kind of.

BRAD: Saying that you don't like them though.

DAVE: No, he's saying he doesn't like the. People who fight for their rights.

UNKNOWN #4: To party to party yeah so.

BRAD: Yeah to party, yeah.

DAVE: After living on sticks and rabbits, he realizes this and again he's still a bit back in time. This back in the 70s still. So in 78 he ends up moving to Chicago. Moves back to Chicago, where his brother gets him a job at a factory and apparently plastics.

BRENT: What kind of factory did? I don't know. I'm rubber factory. I'm pretty sure that's a nice word for ***** factory.

BRAD: Makes sense they made **** pillows there. Number yeah, what do you make out of? Rubber, carpet padding, foam, rubber? Yeah, it's foam rubber.

UNKNOWN #8: That's not upstanding, it's.

UNKNOWN #6: Fine, maybe I'm thinking about those whatever you want, it's. I'll do what happens.

DAVE: Mine had a silencer on it, yeah OK.

BRAD: Use the potato silencer, yeah.

UNKNOWN #2: So but yeah.

BRAD: Mine, mine was mine was full open. I wrote this.

DAVE: He so while he was at this. And apparently he the cabin was built by him and his brother. So apparently his brother was on board with it at a certain point and then when he. Got tired of. Living with no plumbing, no electricity and eating wild.

BRAD: This this the big party.

DAVE: It's he's trying to set up and go get.

UNKNOWN #8: A job at a factory in Chicago.

BRAD: His after after this he after. Every well go ahead. Keep going, keep going, keep going because actually I just remembered it's after this so.


DAVE: Right so, but his brother left earlier and his brother was one of the ones he got him the job at the factory.

UNKNOWN #8: Because his brother already worked at the factory.

BRENT: If his brother and his dad owned the factory or. Some **** on. His yeah they both worked there brother.

UNKNOWN #1: No, I don't, I don't think.

BRENT: And Dad work at the factory.

UNKNOWN #1: They owned it. Well, I read that his.

DAVE: Brother was a supervisor, but I don't.

UNKNOWN #1: He was a yeah.

DAVE: Know what, what the.

UNKNOWN #1: Dad's.

BRENT: Brother fired him so they hold some.

BRAD: Well, his brother was his boss.

UNKNOWN #6: Right?

BRAD: So yeah, so Ted got into a.

BRENT: Relationship no.

BRAD: Yeah, relationship with the supervisor.

BRENT: He went on a. Date with the supervisor.

BRAD: Well, and the brother said it was a relationship like they were dating.

BRENT: She never accepted him as a boyfriend. They didn't have anything in common and then.

UNKNOWN #7: Maybe that's the problem.

BRENT: He got all weird clinging and tried to. Like keep hitting her up.

DAVE: Yeah, it wasn't just that he kept hitting her up, it was that he started.

BRAD: Yeah, got crazy.

DAVE: He started writing dirty limericks. And passing them out at work.

BRENT: You mean **** times? The bands not **** poems. Limericks poem in Limerick.

DAVE: I would have guessed. A **** poems intention is to get you ******. And a Limerick is just a dirty rhyme.

BRENT: Limerick, like meet some special like.

DAVE: Can we do?

UNKNOWN #5: Guys can you come?

DAVE: Yes, it does mean standardized.

BRAD: A haiku yeah, can we do like a freestyle Limerick right now?

UNKNOWN #3: I have to.

DAVE: Know the most famous one and I can never. I don't know the end of it, but it's the ones was a man from Nantucket. **** was so long he could suck it.

UNKNOWN #8: And that's all that I know how I can ask.

BRENT: Sounds like it's like playing to me.

DAVE: But there’s certain meter.

BRENT: I'm never your front man.

DAVE: There's a certain rhyme. Scheme, and they're all dirty, like limericks are dirty.

BRAD: I like how.

UNKNOWN #6: They're always dirty, yes?

BRAD: Dave, I like how Dave came off the. Top of that, again, like the.

UNKNOWN #3: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: ******* Tyler durden. It's like did you send that Limerick to Tyler? That's like the most famous Limerick there. Once was a man from Nantucket.

UNKNOWN #1: Is it well there you go?

BRAD: I once had a bucket and ****** it.

DAVE: Who once took a **** in the bucket like there's a lot of different variations. I would guess those are limericks and he was riding dirty limericks about his supervisor at the. Factory where they? Made foam rubber silence, ****** and he got fired for it and his brother had to be the one who would. Like took him in the room and. Hired him so that I'm sure that wasn't awkward.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, in poetic form, yeah.

UNKNOWN #10: From like, that's why.

DAVE: You don't say fired you with a haiku, so in that same year 1978, he also built his first bomb that he sent to someone.

BRENT: The ****** bomb?

DAVE: Yeah it was a ****** bomb.

BRAD: He sent it first time he mailed the first bomb.

DAVE: He sent it to a professor at Northwestern just outside of Chicago, and apparently a security officer opened it, which means it must have really been shooting because in the mail someone was.

UNKNOWN #2: Yeah, someone found it.

DAVE: Like, is that a bomb?

UNKNOWN #2: Mom left it in the.

BRENT: Parking lot addressed to someone else, but with their return address of that engineering professor, which I don't know how he picked the engineering.

BRAD: Professor, I don't know how he picked any of his.

UNKNOWN #6: Well, they all have new technology.

UNKNOWN #2: What I read according.

DAVE: To the FBI website, all of his victims were selected based on library research he had done so whatever thing he was researching at the time that he thought was like the ultimate evil.

UNKNOWN #8: In the world.

DAVE: He would find professors who were teaching.

UNKNOWN #5: For engineering, right?

DAVE: It or whatever and. Then that's who would target because he just researched stuff and.

UNKNOWN #1: Saw it.

BRAD: See how did he get their addresses? He would have had to have used some sort of technology to get their address.

DAVE: Oh absolutely, of course.

UNKNOWN #1: You would, yeah.

BRAD: Like I. Don't I that's why I didn't understand everything. Was everything involved with him like oh, I hate technology. I hate this.

DAVE: Right, well? But then again, if there's a list of if you if you just went.

UNKNOWN #3: You just the school.

DAVE: Yeah. If you went to a library and read an academic journal and said someone says a professor of engineering at Northwestern.

UNKNOWN #4: You could get a.

DAVE: Chicago phone book in a library. Look up Northwestern and just.

BRENT: Yeah, back in the day.

DAVE: Say professor so and so. Economics northwestern get put the address and.

BRENT: Just all listed back in. The day there was no shady.

BRAD: Shift like maybe had a small library in Montana that didn't have a whole lot of.

BRENT: Stuff you could just went to the school. He's a ******* genius. He's a mathematical. Genius and he was a professor at.

UNKNOWN #1: He didn't have a car.

BRENT: Berkeley, I'm sure he knows.

UNKNOWN #1: He had a bike.

BRENT: How to get a so?

UNKNOWN #6: He might be how smarter.

BRAD: How's he gonna get to northwestern?

DAVE: Well, at this point he's in. Chicago though.

UNKNOWN #4: This when he moved.

DAVE: Back to Chicago. This a strange point we're.

UNKNOWN #1: I just like to argue you.

UNKNOWN #6: Arguing with, I don't.

BRAD: Know how he got the address.

BRENT: I'm just saying.

BRAD: I'm very. Guys are arguing I'm going to argue I'm jumping in. We don't know what we're talking about.

BRENT: I'm not going to address any. More addressing Michael so 79.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: We have enough of. Those 78.

DAVE: That was his first bomb 79. He sends another bomb and this one was pretty crazy. Like I didn't know he was doing this level of bombings in 1979.

UNKNOWN #6: If I'm wearing a dress.

BRAD: And he put a bomb on.

DAVE: American Airlines Flight 444. I'm not sure how he got the bomb on the plane.

BRENT: He mailed it. And he knew it would required airmail. So they loaded. It for him.

DAVE: Oh yeah, but it was a flight from Chicago to DC and apparently the bomb injured 12 people and forced the plane to make an emergency landing.

BRENT: OK, they got put in the cargo. And see injured. They just had to. They were forced to land due to smoke like the mechanism malfunction and after that after it was all examined, there was enough explosives on there to like just ******* smash the plane like plane would have been gone.

UNKNOWN #10: Right?

BRENT: Everyone dead but. He used a barometer. Which is super smart if.

UNKNOWN #1: It is Paris.

UNKNOWN #8: You gotta find wax which never works for him.

UNKNOWN #6: Is that what? It is 12.

UNKNOWN #8: People up there got that reference.

BRENT: You want to bring on. Us right now I am.

DAVE: It's a real thing someone will get the reference. Could be could be 11 people maybe.

BRENT: Because Brad thought he was. One and he didn't get it used.

UNKNOWN #1: No, yeah I.

BRAD: Didn't guess one.

BRENT: A barometer switch which I don't know how you get that or make one, but basically when the atmospheric pressure hit a certain point, it would close that connection blow up, but it malfunctioned.

UNKNOWN #1: Right?

BRENT: Thank God you would get it, yeah?

DAVE: From a barometer.

BRENT: And it just started. Yeah, it's not switched though.

DAVE: You put a switch. On it, yeah.

UNKNOWN #6: You just put wings on the car.

UNKNOWN #1: You need a dude.

UNKNOWN #6: To fly right exactly, yeah.

BRAD: Why are you so argumentative today, you guys?

UNKNOWN #2: This this. Iran this a man who's smart enough to.

DAVE: Make a homemade.

UNKNOWN #6: Bike right yeah?

UNKNOWN #1: You can break his his neighbor gave.

DAVE: A switch on the barometer.

BRAD: Him the bike. This a. Man whose neighbor gave him a bike. He's smart enough to put a switch on. A barometer this.

DAVE: Is a man who's intelligent enough to ride a? Bike that his neighbor.

BRAD: Built at home. Yeah, this a man who's intelligent enough to read books at a library.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, that's.

DAVE: Yes, including phone books.

BRAD: Yeah, phone books included.

DAVE: When's the last time you read a phone?

UNKNOWN #1: Book and I'm talking about it and so.

DAVE: And so.

UNKNOWN #3: That's right left off.

DAVE: In 1980 he. Sent a bomb. I won't go through. All of this.

BRAD: He's like so he's so hold on he's he's mailing. How many bombs did he mail? While he was in Chicago.

DAVE: I don't know how many e-mail while he is in Chicago and I.

BRAD: Chicago I thought he was making him just in his cabin.

DAVE: Don't know. I don't know the date when. He left Chicago to go. Back to the cabin either.

BRENT: And some he hand delivered, there's a bunch. Of **** there. Well, that's asking staff.

UNKNOWN #1: Debatable, that's debatable, I'm asking.

BRENT: Once you got stats.

BRAD: I'm asking because I don't have them, that's why I'm asking you should. Have them you don't have them.

DAVE: I don't know how. Many I don't. Know how many he sent from Chicago and I don't know when he left Chicago, but I'm assuming.

BRAD: Like I was just asking, I didn't. Know if you had like a like oh he sent.

DAVE: Three, he sent 3 from Chicago, then moved back to the ******* wilderness. Not sure, OK, but in 1980 he sent one to the President of United Airlines and exploded and injured him, but didn't kill him. And this was long about the time in 1980 was when the task force was formed. Where they? Called him the Unabomber and that was where the FBI, the US Postal Service, and the ATF got together to try to catch.

BRENT: Because bombing cleans the federal offense. So yeah, that stepped. Him up to this level.

UNKNOWN #3: Yeah, so the.

BRAD: I wouldn't think so.

BRENT: This was flying a kite at 2 miles in the sky.

DAVE: That's true, the task force was 150 full-time investigators and. They had various forensic things they scoured over all the recovered bomb components they were studying the lives of the victims trying to see what the connection was.

BRENT: Got a list of 50,000 suspects? Yeah, that's a lot.

DAVE: So the yeah. But Kaczynski was really good at covering his tracks. The bombs. All built from scrap material. He was very good at not leaving fingerprints, not leaving any evil. So it took a. I mean, it was a long day.

UNKNOWN #5: He puts

DAVE: They couldn't find.

BRENT: Hold in there too.

DAVE: Yeah, which ones did you see?

BRENT: You can see that. You would well. You put FC on everything, which should stand for Fight Club, but it ******* doesn't. It stands for the dumbest thing in the World Freedom Club. What's the name of this *******?

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that's pretty bad if.

DAVE: You would have called it if you. Would have called this book freedom. Club and no one.

UNKNOWN #8: Would have read it's like.

UNKNOWN #5: Good morning.

UNKNOWN #4: Come get your feet down. Three fun.

UNKNOWN #1: That is.

UNKNOWN #7: But it's.

BRENT: He put like weird notes that said it worked like wow, it worked or whatever something RV like initialed it. Some other thing he put he and he engraved FC on the ends of certain caps like he just did little things to just lead them towards the path. That wasn't a real bright.

DAVE: Right, but even the manifesto. Though referred like referred to. Freedom Club and all that stuff and.

BRENT: The worst *******. Thing ever, how smart is this?

UNKNOWN #4: It is, yeah.

BRENT: Guy like you could not creative.

BRAD: Writing you. Yeah, yeah, he's good at math, yes.

BRENT: He's logical, he's like. Club for freedom.

BRAD: It's yeah, it's a freedom and it's club.

BRENT: Sandwich, it makes a good. Sandwich too.

DAVE: And the thing I was tripping on cause I went when I went to the FBI website and I was reading about it. They were talking about their profilers, who were involved in this and profiling ******* trips me out. Like I had no idea.

UNKNOWN #6: They nailed it. They ******* nailed it.

DAVE: They ******* nailed it just based on the bombs.

UNKNOWN #1: They did, yeah.

DAVE: Just based on these scraps.

UNKNOWN #3: First profile, yeah?

DAVE: Yeah, the first profile was that he was. Raised in Chicago. Though that he later moved to.

BRAD: See, this some ********.

BRENT: There was mustard in the box that's.

BRAD: This some ********.

BRENT: How it got there?

BRAD: Was a relish from a hot. Dog like from a cart.

BRENT: No salt celery, salt and mustard and salt in there because that's unique to Chicago dog.

DAVE: They said that they later lived in Salt Lake City in San Francisco areas. They had various theories about his occupation.

BRENT: That's because his letter had a. And they could tell the times, Mormon.

BRAD: That's because that was Mike Tyson.

DAVE: Every letter talked about the Bears.

UNKNOWN #2: So they think.

UNKNOWN #6: Maybe it was from.

BRENT: And most people don't type, that's weird.

DAVE: But his occupation, they weren't quite. As able to nail down right away. They thought it was anywhere from an aircraft mechanic to a scientist, but at some point some of the profilers said that they thought. He was a college professor by.

BRENT: Or at least involved in academia.

DAVE: The least involved in academia.

UNKNOWN #5: And yeah.

DAVE: They weren't, but again, they weren't sure what. Gender they did. They didn't make.

UNKNOWN #8: The profilers couldn't tell if it was male or female. If they can't, they'll bomb.

DAVE: But again, the.

BRAD: Half of them can't even go make. A sandwich anymore.

BRENT: Here comes the ferry were ******* ********.

BRAD: Here we go, I'm not.

BRENT: Everyone just loved Brad for. Saying it won't matter. I'm like God, we're going to pass a. Bunch of girls off. There's like I love Brad. He always says he's going to cut my **** off and **** me in the ear.

UNKNOWN #2: Number one fan. There's something that.

BRENT: Happened I'm gonna cut. Her ties off the puck. On the air like I was like, oh man, I'm real sorry, Brad said. Some **** #1 fan.

DAVE: ******* give me money.


DAVE: So this all in 19 and again I didn't know it. Went back just fine.

BRAD: I didn't either, I would say.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, like just far.

UNKNOWN #2: This fine, you can't.

BRENT: Even help it.

BRAD: Yeah, anything anything that's back, it's like.

BRENT: You've ruined yourself.

BRAD: Did it go back this far guys I don't recall.

DAVE: You have to deal with time.

BRAD: Yeah, I thought it was just in the 90s, but then yeah it started in the late 70s. Just and continued on.

DAVE: Right, but and again it was fairly.

UNKNOWN #1: Pretty cool.

DAVE: Sporadic, I mean he would maybe mail one. A year

BRAD: Take a topic which was smart because when you started increasing the bomb rate, that's when you started losing his.

DAVE: Couple years off.

BRENT: But there was a sketch of him. Someone saw him like through the ******* mini blinds.

BRAD: So, so this that was at the computer shop.

BRENT: Setting a bomb.

UNKNOWN #6: On the sidewalk.

BRAD: And the problem with that. Was they did? The FBI guy did a sketch and the person supposedly and I don't know how true this, but the person supposedly. Didn't accept the first two sketches that they drew, but the FBI pushed the first one because it resembled Ted Kaczynski.

BRENT: I did not read that I didn't.

BRAD: So that's it was in a documentary that I watched about him.

UNKNOWN #5: See that.

BRAD: It was it was legit. So I I didn't know that's what got me thinking about the conspiracy thing. So it was like yeah, said legit documentary, question Mark.

UNKNOWN #5: It's a legit exactly, yeah?

BRAD: Yeah, as in Spanish so OK legit.

UNKNOWN #1: Right?

DAVE: And that photo became pretty. Famous the that.

BRAD: Yeah, the sketch.

UNKNOWN #7: The black and white photo with those glasses and big glasses and.

BRAD: Yeah maybe yeah it looks nothing like him, but apparently yeah, they're like this sketch looks exactly like this mand it looks like anybody in a hoodie.

UNKNOWN #1: The curly hair.

DAVE: It looks nothing.

BRAD: With glasses, yeah.

UNKNOWN #1: Like something.

BRENT: There was time traveling Trayvon Martin.

BRAD: Trayvon Martin had a white nose.

BRENT: That's why they bucked up. That's why they didn't want the first sketch.

UNKNOWN #1: Right, right?

BRENT: They want the second sketch out of black nose. Yeah, those racist guy just push for the. First sketch, yeah.

BRAD: That's why Zimmerman killed. Him it kind. Of looks like traveling, FBI agent.

DAVE: Michael Jackson with a honcho mustache.

BRAD: Kind of.

DAVE: Does he's got the Michael Jackson glasses?

BRAD: I'm Cheryl.

DAVE: He's got the. He's got the like Curly Jerry cut hair under the.

BRAD: Hoodie that's true. It does have a drip to it.

DAVE: Yeah, he's got that add that MJ knows like he just doesn't have that Honcho stash. That's the only thing he's missing.

BRAD: Ohh man, we did animation of him doing the moonwalk. They're like this the Unabomber and he's just moon walking across the screen. Only had one glove on. That's right, never had fingers.

BRENT: I'm not going. I got no Michael Jackson.

BRAD: Dave sound effects.

BRENT: Dave is summoning the little bit of. Black that he.

BRAD: Has that's true inside him right now, tyrones behind him.

DAVE: I got as much black as Michael Jackson.

UNKNOWN #2: Had Mama say Mama say Mama mostly so what Mama say Mama say you say Mama.

UNKNOWN #3: What in the **** just happened?

UNKNOWN #2: comma to my brothers.

UNKNOWN #1: It's a song.

BRENT: Be honest though, I know it's a ******* song.

BRAD: Don't know what he's saying because they're.

BRENT: I know that this OK then Brad the same face.

BRAD: Not saying anything, no.

BRENT: Bread Weasel is way like he's in the nose. You know, rather than.

UNKNOWN #6: Brad doesn't know you there, hey?

BRAD: The song no. You will wait for.

BRENT: A second OK keep going. I'm looking up this Michael Jackson picture.

DAVE: OK, but so he ends up getting the bomb thing dialed in and starts getting some deaths instead of just injuries and duds. And 85, he gets his first fatality with a guy named Hugh Sutton who's. Computer store owner in Sacramento.

BRAD: Hey can we talk about the guy? I don't care about the fatality. The guy with the hand that got his hand blown up. Did you see that guy? Did you see that he's just missing all of his fingers?

BRENT: We can open the ******* mysterious box with four. Nails in the. Top of it.

BRAD: He's literally got nubs for all of his fingers. And his arms. Like tore up. Yeah, like it, just maimed his arm like.

BRENT: Well, the one days, let's say it ripped his chest open and his heart was exposed like Jesus Indiana Jones.

BRAD: I was just going to say Indiana Jones.

UNKNOWN #3: Of course, so yeah, cause he ended up killing.

BRENT: What else would you say in a situation?

DAVE: I don't know he killed, he killed, he killed 3 and he injured 23 yeah over there and it's like they were ******* horrible bomb injuries. I mean yeah, nasty ****.

UNKNOWN #1: With that I don't know.

BRAD: If you see a.

BRENT: Wood box with four nails facing up. Don't ******* touch.

BRAD: Don't open it. Went all wood. It could have been.

BRENT: He had two that looked like that. And then one he disguised as a log. Yeah, it's.

BRAD: Always wood, but then yeah.

UNKNOWN #1: Do that, yeah, I would do that.

DAVE: In 94 he killed another guy named another.

UNKNOWN #2: Gay, what the **** day I was?

UNKNOWN #5: Guy maybe how many gay people did he killed?

DAVE: Saying guy right when I. Saw his in his gay.

UNKNOWN #5: No, actually you're saying Thomas J.

BRAD: He said he killed a gay you want to. Leave him out.

DAVE: Four day the same guy right when I saw Jay his middle initial and it came out gay anyway.

UNKNOWN #5: OK, makes sense.

DAVE: Thomas J Mosser an advertising exec in New Jersey, got killed from a mom. And then Gilbert Glent Murray, who was a timber industry lobbyist from Sacramento, also got killed.

BRENT: He said my he said my name I'm in there.

DAVE: Those are the three deaths and in 95 is when he also puts out his manifesto, which was called Industrial Society and its future.

BRENT: And I guess his typewriter didn't have a talent.

UNKNOWN #5: So typing capitals, yeah.

UNKNOWN #4: That's right, they had to keep.

DAVE: Doing that taps. On show, but so he.

BRENT: Genius can't get a $50.00 typewriter.

DAVE: Yeah, exactly well, he had to build.

UNKNOWN #5: Or he can get a new one or fix it.

DAVE: He had to build it at a bike park.

BRAD: Well, this this the thing. Like I and some of the stuff I like. Look like his his handwriting on the manifesto and like some of the. Letters and stuff that. That were like supposed to be like. Oh yeah, this what made. Us think that he. Did all this stuff and then he sent letters from jail to certain people like mediand stuff and they're just not the same handwriting.

UNKNOWN #5: But he gave his brother a.

BRENT: 23 page essay or something way back? One day, like 20 years prior to his being apprehended.

UNKNOWN #1: Supposedly his brother turned him in. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

UNKNOWN #3: So he gave us that's.

BRENT: What cluded the wife, his sister-in-law was pressuring the brother David to turn Ted in, saying, I think your.

UNKNOWN #6: Brothers, the Unabomber. He's like no no.

BRENT: Like no, I think your brother Unabomber and then she they. Pulled out that manifesto and compared it to the *******.

BRAD: This this where yeah, this where she gets weird because his brother went off the grid. Also his brother went to Texas and tried to live like a life of solitude by himself couldn't.

UNKNOWN #5: Do it after your brothers, the Unabomber. You really.

BRAD: No, this before. This during. Yeah, this when his brothers in Montana. Ted's in Montana.

DAVE: I mean, the cabin that Ted lived in. Was built by him. And David, right he was.

BRAD: Well David David had been trying to, I guess like get into his life and try and be part of his life and trying to get him back normal which was part of getting him a job at the factory and he thought everything was going.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that's the brother, right, right?

BRAD: But there was interviews with his brother and sister-in-law, the wife and they had. Said that for. Years they had been trying to get him into some sort of home like basically institutionalized him and but that they had no evidence that he was harming anybody where he was.

UNKNOWN #5: I didn't see. The part, yeah.

BRAD: Or anything like that so they didn't have any. Evidence so they couldn't get him institutionalized because he was crazy and I was just like this guy's just out by him. **** himself leaving ******* alone like that's what he doesn't want to be part of your family.

UNKNOWN #1: Right with the Ruby Ridge thing, just.

BRAD: He doesn't like you. Leave him the **** alone.

UNKNOWN #5: Leave him.

BRAD: Just leave the ******* alone and so like then the attorney gets involved like the brother. Takes the documents, the manifesto, the. And there's an Esso yeah, so this happens though the essay and the manifesto are compared by this by this attorney.

UNKNOWN #5: Right?

BRAD: Now this this kind of before the brother turns in Ted. This like right at. Well, that's me.

BRAD: The cusp of. Him turning him in.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, David.

UNKNOWN #2: Well, let's go ahead, yeah.

DAVE: Let me before we get. To that, let me say a couple of more things about the manifesto. Because the manifesto. Was a unique thing. He sent the manifesto the FBI first.

BRAD: Like you do.

DAVE: Like you do. If you wanted.

UNKNOWN #1: To publish, yeah.

DAVE: And he wanted it published and they weren't going to publish it. And then, apparently. The Senate to the Washington Post and New York Times, and he said, if you don't publish my manifesto, I'm going to blow up.

UNKNOWN #1: Bad ship's gonna happen.

DAVE: A plane and I'm going to kill somebody.

BRENT: In penthouse.

DAVE: And then Penthouse said that they would publish it. But he said he didn't want Penthouse to publish it. He wanted a legitimate thing. And apparently the FBI was still sitting on it and not giving them permission. And FBI director Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno ended up approving the publication of it because they thought it might lead to. An identification yeah.

BRENT: Did you see his? His response to Penthouse though no. He was like I want like the New York Times or major newspaper to publish it. But when Penthouse offered, he said like you said, that's not a legitimate respectable. Publication so if they publish it, then I still reserve the right to plant one and only one bomb intended to kill. OK, I'll see.

BRAD: OK yeah, I still got the hitch though so and.

BRENT: You in Penthouse, but I'm still showing some ******.

UNKNOWN #5: You won, yeah, yeah.

BRAD: You know, he reserves.

DAVE: Yeah, like I like.

BRAD: The right though he didn't have to.

BRENT: I like how. He negotiated, I reserve the right to make. One bomb and only one.

UNKNOWN #2: Yeah, yeah, I'm not making any promises I.

BRENT: But it has the intent.

UNKNOWN #1: To kill yeah.

DAVE: Might I might not, that's me.

UNKNOWN #2: Very weird.

DAVE: It's my call, yeah.

BRAD: Yeah, if if I. If I feel that it wasn't in the. Issue that I liked then yeah.

BRENT: It is next to sensual letters. I'm not doing what?

BRAD: She's wearing a college outfit. It's over, I'm killing.

DAVE: And I'll do. I'll try to remember I. Have a link to the full manifesto. I'll try to.

BRAD: Remember to post it in the show and you can find these.

UNKNOWN #2: Yeah, and you can.

BRAD: Just search Ted Kaczynski Unabomber manifesto that comes out.

UNKNOWN #2: Yeah you can. You can find it. You know, but.

DAVE: And the basic idea is technology and the system quote UN quote system that we live in is ruining the world. The only way that the world can be saved both nature. You know, et cetera. Is if the system breaks down? That's the only way humans can be free. Reclaim their dignity, retain autonomy, and that's the only way the planet can be saved. A little bit of.

UNKNOWN #4: The power is yours.

DAVE: You know action. Going on in the background, but then he says.

BRAD: Captain planet.

DAVE: We need a revolution. The sooner the breakdown happens the better because. The more the system is, the longer the system is in control, the worse the breakdown is going to **** ** the planet, so he wants the breakdown to happen sooner rather than later, and that was one of his big things was that we don't have any autonomy or dignity left, and the system is going to keep robbing us of it and take away our. Freedoms and do all.

BRAD: See, this like the manifesto doesn't make. Any sense though like?

DAVE: He that was the thing again. Some of the quotes that I've always read were like, oh, that quote makes perfect sense. But then. When you read. It's talking about leftists and over socialization. All this weird power ZAP.

UNKNOWN #2: Well, he still has his.

BRENT: Own personal opinion, but his basic thing of like.

DAVE: Ship and it's like, yeah.

BRENT: Having to break.

BRAD: Down like he doesn't even ******* talk to people. How do you own an opinion when? You don't like he? Doesn't he probably doesn't watch TV? You know what I mean? He's pretty no pretty. Safe to say he's not watching TV, he's. Probably not reading the newspaper, maybe reading.

BRENT: So, so he's not brainwashing.

DAVE: Newspapers I guess.

BRENT: There's no mind control. Going at this point.

BRAD: No, probably not. OK no, I don't think so. Like I, I think I.

BRENT: He's not relying. On oil, because he hasn't made. A homemade bike, so far he's. Yeah, basically no. He's the's the fish oil from when he fished, but no his. His basic point was he didn't think there was any plan of action that would be successful other than the other breakdown of society rebuilding like he because he's right though people's tendency he was called to say something like.

BRAD: Well, you have to oil the. Chain you have to have some oil.


BRENT: Their tendency is not to take. The path of resistance like gonna take the path of least resistance and. That is like.

UNKNOWN #1: Well, that's true, yeah.

BRENT: We always say continue to watch TV. You're not going to give up your ******* car, I. Mean you're not going to? Give up electricity. And running water. No one's going to choose to revert back to the things that are better for nature as a whole.

UNKNOWN #1: I don't have to though.

BRENT: You're not going to. You're going to be forced into that. It's going to be the. Point where society breaks down, and that's probably what will eventually happen. Where some weird things to happen.

BRAD: Well, it's going to happen.

BRENT: It forces us to do it.

BRAD: It's going to happen anyway, the. Earth goes. Earth goes on a cycle, it's proven. Like we're all going to die. We're not going to be. Able to live here like it's going. To happen, yeah? So how long?

UNKNOWN #10: Something's going.

BRAD: Will it be who ******* knows?

UNKNOWN #1: To happen.

BRAD: You know, like we're going to get into a frozen so I can just turn into Popsicles. You know we're. Dead and then the next civilization that comes along is like, well, they're in the ******* million years ago. These people were here like they have these ******* weird things like yeah and the popsicles, so all of a sudden like what happened.

DAVE: And then they turn into Popsicle. But I mean some of like again like I was waiting for this manifesto make some sense because. I even remember. Friend of mine who teaches it. That one of the Cal. Gates did a thing in a critical thinking class where he was like I'm going to. Give you guys some quotes and I. Want you to tell me which American? Patriot said these quotes and he was just he would read. A quote and people would be. Like oh, that sounds like Benjamin Franklin. That sounds like and he did. Like six in a row and all six of. Them were from the.

BRAD: ******* tricky yeah.

DAVE: Manifesto and he was like and they were like.

BRAD: Which American patriot did this?

DAVE: Right, but and then? And he was. But the whole point was. You know, don't judge a book by its cover like you just think critically. You need to dig deep like you were all naturally and he had and he had like the session before he had them reading quotes from Benjamin Franklin and from George Ashington to kind of understand like the differences between them. And then they were like picking based on nuance, like which one it was, and he was like no, that was to guzinski.

UNKNOWN #2: Yeah, there's also like a.

DAVE: What about this? Next one, no. That was Ted Kaczynski next one Ted ******* Kaczynski.

BRENT: Yeah, there's someone that does that with the founding fathers. And shows they all look like terrorists or something like.

UNKNOWN #1: That because.

BRENT: Is this a? Terrorist is this, that and it? Was all the founding fathers at.

BRAD: The time like you’re fighting off this ******. You're fighting off the British to try and start your own *** like it was technically terrorism you.

UNKNOWN #11: Yeah, context is important.

DAVE: Know like and it was a revolution.

UNKNOWN #11: Yeah resolution.

DAVE: Yeah, but again when I went and I was reading it and I was getting ready. I was like no, there's. A whole lot of whack and new ship. And he again he just kept referring to we like he never says I. He always refers to FC as the.

BRAD: Trucking Freedom Freedom Club Freedom Club that was probably the most boring club ever?

DAVE: Freedom club.

UNKNOWN #1: But yeah, so then.

BRENT: There's an eagle for their logo, for sure.

BRAD: Yeah. Do they have a logo hand drawn hand drawn?

DAVE: Yeah, I hope so, but so at this point his brother David and then his wife, his his brother's wife Linda. Metric they she reads excerpts from the manifesto in the Washington Post, allegedly, then she tells her husband like I think this your brother? Yeah, and he says no, there's no way. That's not what he's like. He doesn't kill people like he doesn't have that in him. Yeah, and then they went to the public. Library so they. Can get a full copy of the manifesto.

BRAD: And they read it.

DAVE: And according to her claims like she looked she like he looked her in the eyes after he read several pages of it and she could tell that he knew that it was I.

BRAD: I disagree like it wasn't. He didn't have anything lewd. You know he's upset and everything you would think it would. Be some lewd poem. That the manifesto, like when he's mad.

DAVE: Would be all of his. His manifesto was nothing but limericks, yeah.

BRAD: Yeah, like that’s how when he gets mad and you.

DAVE: Know they’re limericks, right? So then at this point he and they send a bunch of.

BRENT: That comes up when I type. In Freedom Club logo. Is just poorly John.

UNKNOWN #7: Slavery with the? Yeah, that's.

BRENT: This cluster is slavery loading.

DAVE: Yeah, that's bad, but yeah, so they send a bunch of letters that he wrote to the FBI. You know the earlier draft of that essay that he wrote, et cetera, and they say we think. This him.

BRAD: Yeah, well, this where this.

UNKNOWN #1: And then.

DAVE: That's that’s what I wanted to. Say leading up because. You're yeah, you're talking about the specific stuff the brother and I wanted to build. Back story.

BRAD: Yeah they had. They had. I don't know where this attorney fits in, but he was. He was in the documentary and he. Like I looked, so this the thing that kind of weirded me out. There was a couple of things that I was like, oh, that doesn't really make sense. You know you start looking at stuff and adding it. Up and you're like I don't know like something's wrong. And the attorney goes like I had these written letters or the essay. And then the manifesto. And he's like. And I read it and he's like and I read both of them about four times and he I read this one. And I read this one and I read this one and I read this one and then he. Goes and I and then I started. I couldn't remember which one I read. Where and I was like red. I was like that. Like that's saying you wrote something and I was like that's really strange.

UNKNOWN #3: Is that?

BRAD: Yeah, and I was like it's in this ******* documentary and they did not ******* edit or change it. Are you sure?

BRAD: I'm like why would it say that you're not?

BRENT: Confusing the letters with the essay because there.

BRAD: Are letters there's a manifesto? I know this. He had the manifesto. And he had the essay, and he was comparing the two to be able to decipher. Like if this guy really wrote. If the guy who wrote the essay really wrote the manifesto, this.

BRENT: Saw the interview. Would be the guy that compared the manifesto?

BRAD: No, this was a lawyer.

BRENT: Undeniably, they were convinced immediately that was the same person, because, like, it's almost on portions. Of a word for. Word like the essays. 23 pages. The manifestos, 50 pages and 35,000 words. So it's just a more extensive. Version of the previous thought process.

BRAD: No, this this. His brother's lawyer, the guy that they hired.

BRENT: Well, the reason I say it is because there is some evidence to say like the all of the fingerprints that they were recorded from all of the bombing information doesn't match. The letters whatsoever.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, there's that.

UNKNOWN #6: So yeah, and there's.

BRENT: 0 corresponds between fingerprints found on bombing material and the actual letters. The places for some reason.

BRAD: And the other thing was that. That and I don't know like I'm just saying what I saw and. What I thought was.

BRENT: Weird, I looked for the conspiracy stuff, yeah?

BRAD: No, I didn't even look at the conspiracy. Stuff until I was like. Like I don't know cause I don't wanna immediately go and thinking there's a conspiracy I want something.

BRENT: I'll be honest like I'm always admitted. I don't know which is that's a word.

BRAD: I would I would think like he just said I'd he's like I can't remember which one I rip where and I was.

BRENT: I just look at the English professor right?

BRAD: Like rip like.

BRENT: Now is written a word and how is it used if that's proper?

UNKNOWN #1: It's not read.

DAVE: There is the term writ at in a legal. But it's like a. Writ like I've given you a it's like a document, a writ.

BRENT: Attorney talk.

BRAD: So I don't know, but I don't but that.

UNKNOWN #5: Maybe yeah, maybe you just missed that, yeah?

DAVE: Doesn't apply in. This certain.

BRAD: No, I might be. I'm not saying I'm not, I'm just saying like these are the things that caused me to go and look into a little further into the conspiracy side.

BRENT: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: Of it right? And then I remembered the where I was like watching this I saw the sister-in-law she's like yeah, we're trying to get him into an institute and there's just no proof and we can't prove. That he's crazy. And all this stuff. And I started adding it up and I'm like this doesn't make sense. Like why are they trying to put him in an institute when he's just living on his own? And he's not harming anybody like it doesn't make any sense. At all, right?

BRENT: And I found the definition of writ. It's a form of written command in the same of a.

UNKNOWN #2: Court or other legal authority.

BRENT: To act or abstain from acting in some way.

BRAD: That doesn't make sense, so I don't know. But then I started looking at comparing. Like if you look at the manifesto handwriting and you look at recent jail documents that he's sent out like saying like hey like after 20 years I'm going to talk like this something new. It's not the same like looking at different things, different letters that he's sent over the years.

UNKNOWN #1: Right?

BRAD: It's like his normal handwriting and the manifesto and some of the other things that were like no. These are the Unabomber. They're not the ******* same like I'm not a trained handwriting analysis person, obviously, but it's I mean it's just. He had obviously like Nah, I don't know unless. He was doing. Some trying to trick people, different handwriting. So I.

BRENT: Yeah, the manifest.

BRAD: Don't know.

BRENT: It was typed anyway. The manifest was typed so that wouldn't matter.

BRAD: Yeah, it might have been the essay or something like that with some other.

DAVE: Stuff, but what they were probably comparing it to, because when the when the FBI finally raided his place on April 3rd, 1996, and apparently they. Went to great.

UNKNOWN #4: Or to rate it.

DAVE: Properly because of Ruby Ridge. Because of all these ******* horrible things that had happened. Because this 96.

UNKNOWN #1: Like they do, yeah.

DAVE: So these big FBI sieges were survival. This all this **** had just happened and apparently his brother was.

BRAD: Oklahoma City bombing.

DAVE: Yeah, his brother was even concerned about it when he talked to the FBI he was like I don't want to. And Ruby Ridge happening with my brother hands are so.

BRENT: ******* full like. Three days after the Oklahoma City bombing. He, like, starts writing letters to the FBI saying I'm going to bomb more ****. If you don't do this like that was all happening at the same time. They're like mother.

BRAD: ******, who's this guy? Yeah, like who's this guy now, what the we already got rid of?

UNKNOWN #10: Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: 1 in. Jail with your guy. Now we gotta deal with this ****** like.

DAVE: But they did arrest him. They got to his cabin and supposedly they found a completed bomb that was completely ready to mail, but he hadn't mailed it yet. They found parts for tons of other bombs and they found 40,000 pages of his journals in which he described a bunch of the bomb described a bunch of bombs.

BRENT: Jesus ******* Christ 40,000 video.

DAVE: Plans that he did drafts of the manifesto, et cetera, so they had they had all this stuff, supposedly in 98 and I didn't get any details on this while he was waiting for the trial to start, he tried to kill himself. I had read but. I didn't see any details.

BRAD: That doesn't sound like the said, I know.

DAVE: I honestly kind. Of thought that I was like that doesn't like that's weird, like I don't. Know but I. Weird ****, yeah, but he did insist that his lawyers did not use a mental illness defense.

UNKNOWN #4: See any details?

DAVE: He said I'm not ******* crazy. This true.

UNKNOWN #5: Well, I'm right yeah.

DAVE: This I'm right, don't try to cop me out. As being crazy.

BRAD: Yeah, this was one of those things like because this was pretty recent that he reached. Out to I. Want to say the New York Post or. The Washington Post. One of the. Other ones that published his story Mm-hmm and he said, like. Hey, I'm willing to talk, but because I'm not crazy like my brother. Says that I was.

DAVE: Yeah, that was in 2000.

BRAD: 16 He yeah, yeah, that's this here Dave, yes.

DAVE: Well, no, you were. Saying recently I'm just saying I'm just saying, yeah.

UNKNOWN #10: For justice, barely that's.

DAVE: It was this year like it was a very.

BRAD: You're bad with dates, I'm just. Notice you were just talking.

UNKNOWN #4: Saying OK, yeah, I never I never know.

DAVE: About that earlier, but no, he said that he said, but his conditions were. Yeah, the journalist had to reply and first say I agree that you are not insane. Yeah, because.

BRAD: He didn't know who it was going to be.

UNKNOWN #1: He didn't know who it was going to be, Yep.

BRAD: Yeah, he specified, so he's like and.

DAVE: I have to, he said, second, you have to tell me exactly which reporter is going to write the piece and do the interview and three. You must include a complete list of all the questions to me. If you meet those. Criteria I might select you to be the one. That I'll talk to. Yeah, yeah.

BRAD: It's funny.

DAVE: And again, the whole point was. To shoot down. These notions that he's insane, yeah, because he wants to prove that he's not. Crazy yeah.

BRAD: But which makes sense for I mean. The leader of the Freedom Club can't be.

DAVE: Crazy, that's right, so he ends up getting. Four life sentences plus 30 years for the crimes he committed. He's currently in the United States Penitentiary administrative maximum facility in Florence, Co. And I thought it was interesting because I was reading another article that talked about the fact that he's in the same prison with Timothy McVeigh and with Ramsey Yousef who planted the bomb in the World Trade Center in 90. Three that killed people.

BRAD: They're going to make an escape.

DAVE: Well, no, but The thing is like they're in. They're in this crazy like I was reading the description of the. Of the prison, it's like. Supermax they're on. Lockdown in their own cell isolated 20. 3 hours a day. And for one hour a day, they're let. Into this, like outside. Great like Cage yeah because they can't.

BRAD: They'll find some sunlight like cage.

DAVE: Yeah it's like, but if they said it's kind of like being at the bottom of a really deep swimming pool and there's like mesh above you, but there's also mesh on the side, so you have like a strip that you can walk down and then random people will be in the two strips next to you based on wherever the guards go.

BRAD: Looks like Ted Kaczynski and Timothy McVeigh.

DAVE: Well, no, and that was the thing he's writing letters, and the fact he knows, like he talks to them like the one hour a day he talks to Ramsey Yosef.

BRAD: Every once in a while. He talks to Timothy McVeigh.

DAVE: They're in the same section of the same prison prison.

BRAD: That's crazy.

DAVE: And they're all. Like and he's like, no, they're good. Eyes and all this stuff and like heaven.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that.

UNKNOWN #2: Slip out of the.

BRAD: Freedom club guys. No he

DAVE: He said quote, I consider myself to be in a relatively fortunate situation here as correctional institutions go, this place is well administered. It's clean, the food is good and it's quiet so I can sleep, sing and write without being distracted by a lot of banging and. Shouting actually the people I'm acquainted with in this range of cells are nicer than the majority of people I've known.

UNKNOWN #5: And he's like, yeah?

UNKNOWN #3: Probably true, that's kind.

UNKNOWN #6: Of what he wanted, ?

DAVE: And that was the thing and the article the article was talking about. The fact that this like him being in lockdown 23 hours a day is more socialization than he's had in the last 15 years of freedom. Yeah, because at least he has an hour a day to socialize with the two people in the strips. Next to him.

BRENT: And what standard do they go by? To be like this enough to be considered outside. Sunlight hit your skin barely like it reflected off the wall.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, yeah.

DAVE: Yeah, you can see the sky.

UNKNOWN #6: Sort of.

DAVE: You can see the basically what it comes down to you can.

UNKNOWN #10: This guy.

DAVE: See the sky and you. Can smell fresh air only. In the months where it's warm. Enough because it's in ******* Colorado. So as soon as it's cold out, you're just not *******.

BRENT: Going outside, I wonder if he still goes out though. He probably does if. I go outside, he said in one of his things that the biggest fear that he had of prison was that he would. Get on his memories of the mountains and the outdoors and that he would get complacent and used to that. Environment because his big thing was he wanted to go outside like the big catalyst turning point was he had this trail he would walk on and he had this view on a plateau and one day he walked out and they built a road through the through the spot and that no, that's totally, he said that's what did it.

BRAD: I did it. That's what ******* did it.

BRENT: He was like that was it. He was like I. Realized that I can no longer, yeah.

DAVE: They ******* paved paradise and political parking lot.

BRENT: Try to that I can try to conserve the environment, but he had to go on the opposition and forcefully go against the establishment of, development, right?

DAVE: So I mean the so you.

BRAD: Blow people who don't make.

DAVE: Yeah, you blow up other people, yeah?

BRAD: Yeah, they don't make roads like.

UNKNOWN #2: To well then he wanted.

BRENT: To just create like a fear pandemic across into the world so that everyone scared to open a. ******* package, right?

DAVE: And The thing is, like the article also said that his prison cell is 12 by 7 and his cabin was 12 by 10.

BRAD: Totally stop threads are being held.

UNKNOWN #5: That's pretty close.

DAVE: So it's not even like a downgrade like it's all.

UNKNOWN #2: You got sort of. Yeah, the she now she gets could be.

BRAD: Power, yeah, yeah I've seen palette house is bigger than that.

BRENT: Calculated with a little bit of a error.

BRAD: Yeah, that's *******.

BRENT: Tiny Tiny House is a thing now, so technically he's.

UNKNOWN #10: Good yeah.

UNKNOWN #5: Like pretty cool he's.

UNKNOWN #8: He's stuck in.

DAVE: There, yeah, he was tiny house before he was. A tiny house and the whole the whole.

BRAD: He was underground.

DAVE: I remember when I was in college when the big Unabomber hunt was happening, like right when the manifesto was getting published. All this stuff. And I will never forget because we had read like before he was caught in everything the FBI put out their profile. That is sad. Said he's academic all his bombs are made of wood. He sends people. He's like bombing. People in charge of. Park services and forests and all this stuff.

BRAD: That's yeah, that's yeah Dave.

UNKNOWN #5: Your mom, your mom.

BRENT: Was down.

BRAD: Dave was like **** they're on to me no look.

DAVE: Like this give this a listen cause this got ******* funny like this got real real real fast.

BRENT: That was your mom.

DAVE: Like I was, I was actually playing. Magic the Gathering with a friend of mine who went to Cal State with us and were in a class and there was a professor whose name was Forest Glen Wood. Like a Glen is in the forest, his name is Forrest. The name is wood. It said that all the bombs are made out of wood, that the guy's an academic that he's against the American institution and the guy was like a history professor who taught like how like a lot of it was about American history and how fuked Up the American was and all. The **** that it did wrong. Yeah, he was from Chicago. Chicago Ohh got all the stuff was like.

BRAD: Good morning.

DAVE: He came, he went to. Chicago I think he went to Graduate School and somewhere in Salt Lake City and it said that he went to and were like were joking about it until weren't.

BRAD: Ohh ****.

DAVE: So you see, and suddenly were like, Oh my God, history professor is the ******* Unabomber and then like and we joked about it and like.

UNKNOWN #1: And all.

UNKNOWN #7: Of them.

BRAD: So they got the wrong ******* thing.

UNKNOWN #5: Yeah, he was probably on.

BRENT: The list.

DAVE: I don't know about a month later they said there's $1,000,000 reward to catch this guy and my friend was like I'm ******* writing this up and he came. I worked in a computer lab and he came in and but he wasn't. He wasn't joking around. He was like I ******* think he's the ******* Unabomber and he wrote a full thing.

BRENT: You got a phone call for sure.

DAVE: He got an A. Interview he ******* wrote a full package of all the evidence and sent it to the FBI and the FBI came to campus and they tracked him down before class and they ******* interviewed him.

BRAD: Oh ****.

DAVE: Two FBI agents showed up on campus, pulled him aside, and did an interview with him with the friend with my friend.

UNKNOWN #1: Which you're your.

DAVE: OK, to like, look at the evidence and like what like. But apparently the report he sent to the FBI was enough to. Make him go well ****.

BRAD: This guy's made of wood.

UNKNOWN #2: Doesn't take much.

UNKNOWN #3: No, that makes sense.

UNKNOWN #2: Someone someone like said.

BRENT: That stupid thing on Facebook that. Was like,, like I'll. Go get my gun, something something Hillary and they got a ******* Secret Service door hanger.

UNKNOWN #1: Yeah, that was in town, yeah?

BRENT: You know one thing on the Internet? Yeah, that was in town and it *******. Said Secret Service blah blah. Yeah, right, like Jesus Christ, what resources do they? Have they just seem people have adored him?

BRAD: Yeah, cuz it said reason. Is that Facebook post? Or some **** like that on. It yeah but yeah.

BRENT: And the other guy that came up and questioned. And this ******* door about some ****, he said on Facebook. So you still know that guy.

BRAD: Now they're watching.

BRENT: Is that still your friend any? Contact is he still alive?

DAVE: I haven't talked to him. Yeah, he's still alive. He's still around I. Just haven't talked to him in a while, he.

BRAD: Not anymore.

BRENT: Just he just rocks in the chair and reads the TV Guide doesn't.

UNKNOWN #4: Yeah, that's right, but.

DAVE: No, the I meand I can't remember there was a there was like just all these connections like we just kept making more and more. And more based. On the profile were like **** this guy like even at the end of it I was like still laughing but. Not really laughing anymore, was like.

BRENT: You know they talked to the professor. Though had to have they came all the way out there.

UNKNOWN #2: I don't know if.

UNKNOWN #4: They did.

BRAD: I just like. The whole thing with them like I don't know it. It kind of doesn't make sense to me like. Maybe it was that guy maybe.

BRENT: I didn't come.

BRAD: Maybe he was upset.

UNKNOWN #5: Across enough to think of.

BRAD: Otherwise, but like I just like you said, he snapped because of the. I guess he's saying he did it. So I mean I. Yeah he has.

BRAD: Guess he did it.

DAVE: But unless he was MK Ultra in 2012 in May of 2000.

UNKNOWN #4: And twelve, I thought this was really funny.

DAVE: He submitted an. Update for the alumni directory at Harvard. Because if you're an alumni you can send an update about yourself so they'll update all the previous Members on their website and in their newspaper. And as profession he put prisoner. And in the section under awards for lifetimes, they.

UNKNOWN #7: Oh wow.

UNKNOWN #6: That's kind of witty, though that's kind of weird.

UNKNOWN #11: Didn't get awarded that.

BRAD: Yeah, four lifetime.

DAVE: Sentences, so yeah, he's still alive. He's still in jail kicking it. With other notorious bombers can get an interview.

BRAD: Funny guy did they?

BRENT: Update did they update the faculty? Can you get on there?

UNKNOWN #5: And see them listed.

DAVE: I didn't see that, just read I.

UNKNOWN #5: I doubt they did it.

DAVE: Just read that was something that he had.

BRAD: That's funny, not faculty.

UNKNOWN #8: He had sent along.

BRAD: It would be alumni, yeah?

BRENT: He made it into a goodwill hunting they talked.

UNKNOWN #6: About him in there.

BRAD: He's pretty famous.

BRENT: Rob Williams talks to Professor Lambeau.

BRAD: You love Matt Damon, don't you?

BRENT: You I'm talking about Ron Williams and the guy that plays Professor Lambeau who's the guy from Thor? I don't know his name though. French guy, whatever. His French in. That movie, but yeah, he talks about like how volatile it is with Matt Damon situation like you have to handle it while he's abused. He's from, he's been adopted. There's all these things that ship. I was wrong, you could. End up being the Unabomber because he says. Have you ever? Heard of a guy like outstanding like outstanding work and like bounding harmonics and mathematics at this age. Went graduated early. Went to Harvard, graduating three years. He says all the accolades and he's like. Going by the. Name of Ted Theodore. He says like Theodore. Kaczynski, he's like no never heard. Of him, he's like he's like Unabomber.

BRAD: Theo John.

BRENT: He's like oh **** yeah we got. We're gonna make sure Matt Damon's on the right path he uses. Running examples.

DAVE: Right, I didn't know you do like Matt Damon.

UNKNOWN #1: Apparently you have to be you have.

BRAD: To have a log in to search the directory.

BRENT: Sidetracks is hacking. Over there that's. On it, it's sponsored time. You've got something else.

DAVE: Final thoughts on Kaczynski.

BRENT: I think he did it I just didn't read enough. I love for their big conspiracy. I mean, it sounds like some MK ultra ship with the one way mirror ******* bright light ship for sure. I feel like that was an unknown. You know, MK ultra funded weird things. Why the **** would you do that to college kids? That's weird. You know what I mean, but I don't think. That he necessarily bombed places because of that. But the fear of buildings.

UNKNOWN #1: As a child, Jesus Christ.

UNKNOWN #6: You know he might.

BRAD: There's some **** didn't make sense like I think his brother did. It I think his brother and the wife did it just so they could get him into an.

UNKNOWN #1: What's that?

BRENT: Institution Brad pulled the Zamboni on this one like I mean he.

UNKNOWN #2: Do you think they sent bombs do?

BRENT: Was Brad was right about that one?

BRAD: You think the brother did it I? Think the brother bombed everybody.

BRENT: Family actually did provide the money that was used for the funding in some of the bomb making and mailing supposedly allegedly unknown to them because he couldn't financially support himself when he had the.

BRAD: Cabin he, well, he. Told him to quit send. Money they would send money and he told them don't write me. I don't even want. To know if Mom dies, but some of.

BRENT: That money was used they. Said well, I'm sure. So I was trying to. Support your theory I don't know, yeah.

BRAD: No, I just think I think the brother did it. I think the brother and the wife did. It, and because.

UNKNOWN #5: With the Candlestick.

BRAD: Whatever whatever motive they had, they wanted to get him into an institution. I think they set it up to. Make it look like. It and he just took the took. Credit for it? Why not?

BRENT: That's what we find out.

UNKNOWN #6: Where the brothers at see. What he's doing now.

DAVE: I think the ultimate.

BRAD: It's bonds for the government.

DAVE: Thing is dude, regardless.

BRAD: Did you guys?

DAVE: Of what happened? I think that. Someone needs to send us Ted Kaczynski limericks.

BRENT: The second or third guy that ebong did you see that he had just applied for astronaut school and was accepted, but he didn't know he was accepted yet and it was like 3 days from then. He was going to get the letter and he ******* got blown up and never got to be an astronaut. That's ******* true. Story was like the second. Or third guy. That he blew up, right?

UNKNOWN #8: It's rough.

BRENT: You didn't hack that sidetracks.

UNKNOWN #1: What what was I supposed to be doing?

BRENT: The alumni hack you were doing.

UNKNOWN #1: You know, you have to have a login for. I graduated from the ackerberg I.

BRAD: Graduated from Yale.

DAVE: He's a Yale boy. He doesn't know, yeah.

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BRENT: He mostly likes the tip. He said. He says it's most of the tip so. Don't hide the tip so the tip.

BRAD: Naveen yeah, it's kind of veiny turned them off, yeah?

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BRAD: Yeah, just fluff. Little bit of fluffy.

UNKNOWN #5: Like that, that's the noise that needs.

BRENT: To be made to. Get it where.

UNKNOWN #1: It needs to be right. You would know.

BRAD: All right, another episode down the ******* toilet. Don't be ********.

UNKNOWN #7: Fresh off the ******* broadcast, and yeah, Swago Nega. It's happening fast, yeah?

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UNKNOWN #7: Hey yo, it's happened, it's ash. This happened this fast. All the time.

UNKNOWN #7: That I had to get past with the last name, but even if you don't, most strange, but I guess I can't complain. So this happened. Let's say this happening fast, fast.