Title: Apparently Ted Kaczynski managed to get skin cancer in prison
Author: Theo Slade
Topic: news stories
Date: Feb 9, 2022
Source: Twitter

Apparently Ted Kaczynski managed to get skin cancer in prison, where they only let you out for 1 hour a day, and the type of skin cancer he has, basal-cell carcinoma, usually has a 90% survival rate, yet he's terminal and has said he'd be lucky to last 2 more years.

Stage 4 of the disease; "The cancer can be any size and may have spread to nearby lymph nodes. It has also spread to areas outside the skin, such as to distant organs like the brain or lungs, or has invaded the skeleton (axial or appendicular)" - https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/cancer/basal-cell-carcinoma/stages.html

I found out from browsing the University of Michigan Special Collections archive on Kaczynski and seeing an item called "Article on basal-cell carcinoma (related to TK's treatment at ADX)" at the very bottom of "Series 6: Clippings and Articles" - https://quod.lib.umich.edu/s/sclead/umich-scl-kaczynski?byte=2876665;focusrgn=C01;subview=standard;view=reslist

Possible causative factors; Aged 79, Nevada is pretty damn sunny, lived a life outdoors with no sunscreen, a weakened immune system due to powerful anti-depressant drugs he took for decades, stress and prison food.

Myself and a group of other peeps have re-typed up scans of his unpublished book 'Truth versus Lies' and I've sent him a letter asking permission to put it on the anarchist library for political violence researchers. It's unlikely he'll say yes, but if he does, then hopefully I will have permission to use long sections of his writing in a biography about the key events that lead him to become violent and critiquing his personal political philosophy. If not I'll just write a few essays about him instead, so follow me for updates.


The book is finished and available for only £5: 'The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document'. Providing a clear timeline of events from the beginning of Ted’s life to the end. Here's a free preview:

The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document, Volume 1