Title: Revolutionary Subversive Faction-Commando Unabomber Communiques
Author: Theo Slade
Date: 2022
Source: This is an excerpt from the book The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document

Due to support by the US during the cold war for a military Junta in Greece between 1967 to 1974 and a thriving anarchist movement in Greece opposed to American imperialism around the world, attacks on American corporations were extremely frequent.

In January 1998, one week after Ted was sentenced to life in prison, a group calling themselves the ‘Revolutionary Subversive Faction-Commando Unabomber’ placed two bombs outside the offices of two American companies in Thessaloniki, Greece.

[The] group claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call to a state run television station.[200]

They were reported as saying:

We will all be Unabombers. Burns [the US ambassador] go home. The state terrorist shall not pass.[201] … [and] The attack on the state will not end. State terrorism will not succeed. ... Revolutionary Subversive Faction-Commando Unabomber.[202]

Assuming what they said is somewhere close to how they were quoted; what they likely meant was that they saw themselves in a life-or-death struggle with American state terrorism, which meant that to their mind, revolutionary terrorism was justified in reaction, and that many Internationalists would rise up to take the Unabomber’s place.

Due to the high-profile celebrity the Unabomber had achieved in terrorizing the American Empire and the seemingly anti-capitalist nature of the attacks against CEOs, it appears this Greek group were led to perceive the Unabomber as an ally in their struggle.

The group struck again 2 weeks later:

The offices of a fascist organisation, are set on fire, on Pireaus. The responsibility, by a call at a newspaper, was claimed by the group "Revolutionary faction for the quash, commando Unabomber."[201]

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