Title: U Documents Master Chart
Notes: Brief summaries of each U Document. Identifier: cali:1231
U-1 6/3/80 PERCY WOOD T YES Received prior to Wood bombing. Mentions sending, under separate cover, Ice Brothers by Sloan Wilson. This letter was a ruse. Signed - Enoch W. Fischer.
U-2 11/12/85 Dr. JAMES mcconnell T YES Received with bomb. Writer claims to be a doctoral candidate in History at University of Utah. Sends dissertation for comments on chapters 11 & 12. Signed - Ralph C. Kloppenburg.
U-3 6/21/93 NY TIMES T YES Letter sent to NY Times identifying group for the first time as "FC”. Notes that postmark precedes a newsworthy event about to happen, proving FC knew in advance. Mentions FBI knowing FC. Provides identifying number for future communications.
U-4 4/20/95 Dr. DAVID GELERNTER T YES Calls Gelernter a "techno-nerd". Refers to Gelernter's book Mirror Worlds; computers; college education; inevitability argument. Signed - FC.
U-5 4/20/95 Dr. RICHARD ROBERTS T YES Warning from FC to Roberts that it’s beneficial to his health to stop his research in genetics.
U-6 4/20/95 Dr. PHILIP SHARP T YES Warning from FC to Sharp that it’s beneficial to his health to stop his research in genetics.
U-7 4/20/95 NY Times T YES Gives identifying number to prove authenticity. Mentions killing of T. Mosser, and Burston-Marsteller Co. helping Exxon after the Valdez oil spill. Lists who FC targets & explains why they call themselves anarchists; talks of earlier bombs vs. later bombs. Introduces the manuscript to be published, who publishes, ways to publish, etc. Promises to desist from terrorism if published. NYT to print answer to publish in media. If not FC will start building next bomb. Mentions sending letters to Gelernter, Roberts and Sharp.
U-8 6/24/95 SF Chronicle T YES Warning from FC to blow up an airliner out of LAX during next 6 days. Gives first 2 digits of identifying # for FC.
U-9 6/24/95 NY Times T YES FC message sent with manuscript. Rights to publish, who publishes, etc. Mentions California Forestry Assoc, bombing; explains the label "anarchist”. Calls FBI incompetent on facts of bombs, FBI's wood theory and why FC uses wood, etc. Morality; Fischer bombing; airline bomb apology. Eliminate the industrial technological system; anger. Explains that U-8 letter was a "prank". Signed - FC.
U-10 6/24/95 Washington Post T YES From FC. Includes copy of manuscript, the rights claimed for publishing; secret identifying code; apologizes for bad copy.
U-11 6/24/95 Penthouse T YES From FC. Includes copy of manuscript, conflict of using in Penthouse; rights to publisher; info about FC; FBI lying; old bombs vs. later bombs; FC stands for "Freedom Club". Excerpts from 1985 letter to SF Examiner.
U-12 6/24/95 Scientific American T YES From FC. Quotes the entire fourth paragraph of letter to NY Times as proof. Mentions article of Russell Ruthon; Scientists and engineer’s constantly gamble with human welfare; ozone; greenhouse; cancer; crowding; noise; pollution; genetics.
U-13 6/24/95 Dr. Tom Tyler T YES From FC. Trouble with psychologists; technology; human race. Apologizes for poor copy of enclosed manuscript. Asks specific questions of Tyler re technology, etc.
U-14 6/24/95 NY Times, Washington Post, Penthouse, Dr. Tom Tyler T YES "Industrial Society and Its Future" by FC. 232 paragraphs and 36 notes re writer’s views on the problems of technology, society, leftism, freedom, etc., and his suggested solutions.