Title: Unabom Task Force appeal to Net users
Date: May 15, 1995

Dear Netters:

The information about the UNABOM investigation has previously been made public. Recent print media accounts include: New York Times (12/12/94), San Francisco Examiner (12/12/94), San Jose Mercury News (12/12/94), etc.

Earlier media accounts were presented on CBS's "Eye to Eye" with Connie Chung (12/16/93), and Fox's "America's Most Wanted" (11/23/93). Newspaper stores about UNABOM have also appeared: Washington Post (11/27/93), New York Times (10/7/93), etc.

The purpose for submitting the information on the Internet is two-fold. First, the Internet is another medium that enables us to reach as wide an audience as possible; to "spread the word." Second, Internet users are precisely the type of individuals that to date have been recipients of explosive devices attributed to UNABOM; scholars and researchers.

You are not being asked to place yourself in harm's way. You are encouraged to come forward if you have information that might help identify, arrest, and convict the person(s) responsible for these bombings. Contact the UNABOM Task Force at 1-800-701-2662.

Effective June 30, 1995 this site will be moved to an FBI computer. The email address is yet to be determined. Inquiries regarding this homepage should be directed to the FBI Office of Public Affairs in Washington, DC, at (202) 324-3691.

Thank you,

William L. Tafoya, Ph.D.

Special Agent, FBI
UNABOM Task Force
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

(800) 701-2662
(415) 553-7400
FAX: (415) 553-7590