Title: Unabomber Exhibit, Museum of Crime and Punishment

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment here in Washington DC purchased kuszynski's artifacts for nearly $2000 during an auction in early June.

Proceeds will go directly to the victims and their families.

We got a scale that belonged to Kaczynski that.

He used to.

To weigh his explosive material and then also used for postage and mailing his packages.

The FBI confirmed the writing on the scale.

Is kaczynski's.

It describes calibrating the scale so it would be accurate the museum worked.

Alongside Kosinski, brother to put together the exhibit.

The Unabomber's cabinet was filled with hundreds and hundreds of books. It's been described by some as a small college library. He had so many books.

Kosinski bond making tools are also on display.

Along with his passport photos.

This was a young man, he was only in his 20s ...