The Rise of Ecofascism: Climate Change and the Far Right:[1]

Golden Dawn, once the most powerful far-right street movement in Europe, is now largely defunct, declared a criminal organization by the Greek courts, and its leader-ship imprisoned or in hiding. Distinguishable from much of the European far right by its open pro-violence stance, it patrolled areas where migrants lived, intervened as ‘racial vigilantes’ and was connected to attacks on immigrants and political enemies. Violence gave the party its coher-ence and identity.[2]

Like CPI, Golden Dawn’s Green Wing tied the envi-ronment to race: ‘Our love for nature is different than theirs [the left]: The environment is the cradle of our Race, it mirrors our culture and civilization, making it our duty to protect it.’ Landscape became a proxy for Greek civilization and Greekness. When Greece was struck by forest fires, Green Wing organized volunteer firefighters and promoted reforestation. Such campaigns sought to ‘restore the harmony between the Greeks and the nature [sic]’. GMO crops are despised. Green Wing objected to ‘the replacement of many local productive plants by mutated seeds [from] Monsanto and other multinationals’. These crops, they argued, would cause ‘the extinction of the indigenous wildlife’ and ‘lead to the eradication of any chance we have to achieve national independence and nutritional autarchy’.[3] Monsanto entailed an insupport-able dependency on something beyond the nation state. Issues of energy and resource extraction were also framed as national concerns. Golden Dawn rejected renewable energy and instead proposed the nationalization and expansion of fossil fuel extraction, with the profits saved for ethnic Greeks.[4] But Green Wing was also more radical than most other groups. Amongst littering campaigns and fighting forest fires was a partially-developed Greeks-only blood bank programme,[5] reminiscent of the arbitrary racial distinctions made in the Nazi’s blood programme.[6] The ‘environmental’ focus of these two organizations is rarely on climate change but instead on local issues: inva-sive species, animal rights, littering, pollution, landscape protection and so on.[7] Nature politics here is thus a com-bination of metaphysical unity (CPI and Green Wing both assert the integrity of people and land) and highly specific and well-known components of nature. Spiritual unity with the land is expressed through defending symbolic aspects of the local ecology, often starting with national food culture and charismatic megafauna. Environmentalism is present, but subordinated to the primary political messag-ing: anti-leftism, anti-liberalism, the hatred of migrants and the preservation of ‘race’.

Primary Source Material

Ted Kaczynski: a genius against the modern world (Aug 16, 2023)


The news of the death, attributed to "suicide" by the media, of the Polish-born incarcerated American professor Theodore John Kaczynski has been in the fine print of this summer's news . He was undoubtedly a genius, with high academic distinctions from a very young age at Harvard, which he entered at the age of 16, and at other leading universities in the United States.

In the 70s, leaving the secure career of a math teacher, he chooses to live in a cabin he built himself in the woods of Montana, isolated from the federal American state and techno-industrialized civilization. Kaczynski was now convinced that he must fight the regime that gave birth to the Industrial "Revolution" as it leads to the destruction , not only of Wild Nature but also of man himself. Thus, he carries out a series of mail bombings, in specific target structures which he saw as pillars of the ruling system, such as airlines, universities, executives of advertising giants, etc.

The meticulous care with which he made his improvised and sophisticated bombs so as not to leave the slightest fingerprint made Kaczynski and his operation a real headache for the FBI and the law enforcement agencies of the American superstate. Attempts were made to outline the psychological profile of the then-unknown wanted man, and costly investigations were conducted to trace the motivations and modus operandi of the so-called "Unabomber."

Until 1995 efforts to locate him remain futile, and then the "idiosyncratic terrorist", with his written letters to major establishment mass media of the time, demands the printing of a declaration revealing his motives. This text, entitled "Industrial society and its future" , was to be one of the few works of the post-war world that manages to seriously questionthe reader for the future of humanity. Its publication was the condition he set for an end to the attacks. Finally, at the urging of the FBI, the Washington Post published the "manifesto" in September 1995, in the hope of finding someone who would recognize the perpetrator's ideas and turn him in to the authorities. This informant was eventually found in the person of his former professor's brother, David, who filed a series of personal letters in which Theodore expressed early thoughts similar to those in the published text. So, in April 1996, armed FBI agents swoop inin the perpetrator's hut, where tens of thousands of pages of handwritten notes, explosive components, a copy of the Holy Bible and the proclamations of the bombing actions of the "Unabomber" were found.

He was sentenced to life in prison, taking full responsibility for his actions and rejecting the advice of his lawyers, denying any psychiatricization of his thinking. He was taken to Colorado's maximum prison, where his only contact with the outside world was "courtship" in a concrete pit less than 10 paces long. Through prison he continued to write, with as much scientific precision as circumstances permitted, and to maintain correspondence with people of various qualities throughout the world. In 2021, he was transferred to Butner Prison in North Carolina, where he died on June 10 of this year at the age of 81.

Of course, Theodore Kaczynski never declared himself a nationalist . Carving out a consciously monothematic perspective of things, in his last years he also rejected the newer concept of "ecofasium", as he understood it. Nevertheless, he posited Nature as the positive ideal vis-à-vis technology, which is an intersection with Nationalist Ideology, which derives from natural laws (entirely practical and not merely emotional). In addition, he criticized the lack of religiosity of the West, applauded the failure of both the French and Communist revolutions and fought, from the first moment, any attempt to hijack his message by leftist and anarchist "activists". In fact, in this opposition to leftismdevoted two entire chapters of his manifesto ( "The Psychology of Modern Leftism" and "The Danger of Leftism" ) , defining leftism as "the range of related doctrines that include feminism, gay rights, political correctness, etc." He maintained the same attitude from prison, as can be clearly seen in the answers he gave to contemporary anarchists, rejecting "anarcho-primitivism" as a systemic creation and mocking the goals of rightism with allegorical texts such as "The Ship of Madmen" .

As Chrysaugitians, we recognize such great personalities, even if they do not strictly belong to our field . Although Kaczynski's action gained the visibility he sought, it also distracted the masses from the essence of his concerns. Nevertheless, the fact remains that he developed a frank opposition to the present status quo and a field of socio-political introspection with unprecedented directness . He is, therefore, a rare soldier of an Idea and a thinker who sounded the "alarm bell" about real threats that humanity ostentatiously ignores. In this light, in 2018, "The industrial society and its future" was published in Greek translation by Golden Dawn. This event caused, at the time, the hysterical reaction of various anti-fascist media , which give an ideological wrap to any criminal but could not accept the disclosure to the Greek public of a recognized (mainly by enemies!) genius. They thus confirmed, for the umpteenth time, the analysis of the "Unabomber" who had attributed to them feelings of inferiority and denial of reality as their main characteristics.

It would be pointless to attempt a deeper analysis of the work of this particular personality from here. Such an analysis is better suited to the preface and notes of some later edition, as it could not be understood without original texts. Instead, here is a sample from the infamous declaration where Kaczynski "prophetically" describes the future of industrial society, according to the "best possible scenario" (decades before the rise of employers like Uber, Amazon, Wolt, etc.) :

"People will waste their time shining each other's shoes, driving them where they wish, making handicrafts for each other, serving each other, etc. This to us is a degrading stage, in which it could bring down the human race, and we doubt how many would be satisfied with their lives working at such pointless jobs. They would seek other, more dangerous outlets (drugs, crime, religious sects, hate groups) unless they were biologically or psychologically built to adopt such a lifestyle. [...]These manufactured human beings may feel happy in such a society, but the most certain thing is that they will not be free. They will simply have been relegated to domestic animals .”

The Green Wing and the Volksland Project


Some of our readers may be familiar with the Green wing of the Golden Dawn. The Green Wing is the ecologist organization within the Movement, that deals with racial and environmental issues and actions. After our Social Solidarity program, the Green Wing is the next most important gift Golden Dawn has offered. And it organizes revolutionary ecologist actions all over Greece, from the biggest urban centers to the most desolate mountain tops.

Why we exist.

The Green Wing is a new addition to many Regional Organizations, but it's not new to the People's Association. Golden Dawn has been proving her love thoughtfulness for nature ever since 2007, with the creation of the Green Wing, a related blog to report/coordinate actions, and many actions of ecological nature. During those times, the Green Wing was active in rural territories.

The leftists and the hippies tried to claim the ecologist movement as their own, but their movements ended up wanting to equate Men with the Animals and the Plants. Our love for nature is different that theirs: The environment is the cradle of our Race, it mirrors our culture and civilization, making it our duty to protect it.

We, belonging in a much wider sociopolitical group that opposes globalization, believes in the value of the Race, tries to preserve the ideal of the Nation and fights for Hellenism's survival, set our ecological goals and fields of action even further than related preexisting political groups had set. our consciousness is the one that calls us to act, and since among the results of our actions will meet ecology it is our duty to incorporate them to our concerns and our struggle. Trying to add the ecological vision of the world to our daily life we try to secure the present and the future of our neighborhoods, of Hellas and the whole world. Such visions might seem dreamy, but are completely realistic, because the group is the sum of its parts. If someone begin this effort, more will follow, and they will bring more people to this effort. After all, we were struggling for years ignoring the hostility and insults of the masses.

So, we open new roads, revealed to us by our eternal Ideals and shaped by the needs of modern society. To be able to call ourselves Greeks and Men, we will have to fight to preserve both of those characteristics. And both are about our spirit, our attitude, our knowledge, our dreams, our ideals and the way we treat the World that surrounds us...

And now, 6 years after the Green Wing's formation, our ecologists reveal the duties of our comrades and followers to safeguard our environment. The ecological response of the Social Nationalists is about the protection of the forests the future generations will inherit. Our ecology is about our experiential relationship with the nature. Our goal is to restore the harmony between the Greeks and the nature.

Εcology means ACTION!

We will analyze the categories of those actions and then present you the Volksland, the team of the most active hardworking members on the Green Wing, that have undertaken a huge project on the areas of Viotia-Evia.

[Green Wing posters]

The Green Wing's Ecological Intervention program.

Golden Dawn is a party of intense political activism, Our Green Wing could be no different. All over Greece the Green Wing organizes a wide array of actions: from reafforestation and cleaning campaigns to firefighting.

Every summer, Greece faces forest fires. Some summers however, bring untold natural destruction and death. In 2007, Greece was ravaged by an unprecedented firestorm that left us with 670.000 acres of burned forests and villages. Another devastating summer was that one of 2009, that burned 200.000 acres of forests. Whenever possible, the Golden Dawn sends men and women to aid in the firefights. The fires of 2007-2009 overwhelmed the firefighting forces. Even with their limited resources, their courage is enough to combat the fires.

[View photos of Golden Dawn firefighters]

Ever since, the Green Wing has been organizing reforestation campaigns to ensure the revival of those natural lungs, and to prevent the rich from building manors on those burned areas, that the State, with related laws, no longer considers to be forests, a practice widely spread among the bourgeois.

[View photos of our reforestation]

In addition, the Green Wing has proposed various solutions to protect the environment, and those solutions have been incorporated to the Program of the Party.

As for the forests that are lucky enough to survive through the summer, they are not forgotten. The ecologists organize trips-cleaning campaigns regularly on those forests. And not only forests - the Green Wing cleans roads, ports and cities that the State has forsaken.

[View photos of our cleaning campaign]

It was the ecologists of the Green Wing that came up with the Greek Blood Bank program. A natural outcome, as the Green Wing is about Racial Humanism. Their idea is now an integer part of our expanded Social Solidarity Program.

At last, the Green Wing does, as any ecological organization worth mentioning does, informative campaigns on every city regarding the natural life of its surroundings, local factories and the danger they pose to the ecosystem, is on alert for violence against animals and the aid they might need in such a dire occasion, educates the People on the dangers of modern life (Monsanto, the energy crisis, forests, plants and animals on the edge of extinction etc.) and takes on special ecological projects. one of those is...

The Volksland Project

The Green Wing of the areas of Evia and Viotia is the most active and superb one Greece has offered. They conjured up a plan to create a farm/bank that will house all indigenous plants and wildlife:

"We are worried and puzzled about the replacement of many local productive plants by mutated seeds Monsanto and other multinationals use and the extinction of the indigenous wildlife that mathematically lead to the eradication of any chance we have to achieve nation independence and nutritional autarchy.

In a related meeting the Green Wing and the Labor Front had, it was proposed to create a local animal and plant bank, by building a farm the traditional, friendly towards the Nature, way. We have the will we have the knowledge, we have the hands, but we didn't have a farm. So our idea was ruined.

A few days later our comrade and MP of Evia, Nikos Michos, announced that he will give for our project his 16-acre farm! We visited it, took samples of the water and the soil to analyze, we discussed ideas and made a draft plan of our actions.

Our great project has just begun: a self-sustaining traditional farm, a living Bank of Local Animals and Plants.

If any Greek has seeds, we call them to be part of this effort."

The Green Wing of Evia are more capable than anyone to undertake this difficult task that requires hard work and care. And Nature herself helped, and soon after seeds started coming in, the Green Wing was notified of a huge environmental crime that was going on on the nearby area of Platees!

After a freakish report that was send to us, a team of comrades of the Evian-Viotian and MP Nikos Michos visited stables on Platees. The stales used to accommodate tens of horses, cows, boars, goats etc. They were left by their owner on the care of an Albanian, who after selling as much cattle as possible, used the farm as a storage of illegally produced lumber, while the rest areas where full of the remaining animals that died from hunger and thirst. The comrades reported several animal corpses within the stables, 3 alive horses and in a miserable condition, 3 terrorized cows, an irritating Albanian and local authorities unwilling to do anything.

The heavy scent of the rotting corpses struck us as we approached the area. The first place we examined was the illegal lumber storage, that contained 50 tonnes of wood extracted from wild trees. The surroundings had bones and animal skin scattered all over. The stables were empty with drag traces on the ground. Some people were dragging the bodies of the animals outside the facility.

We found the three horses in a dreadful condition in desolate boxes, filled with bones - the previous horses couldn't make it. We fed them,gave them water, and continued our research, calling the police at the same time. We also found a family of angry indigenous cows, in a slightly better condition than the horses. We gave them food and water, and the MP struggled to get a police officer moving...

The next thing we did was to follow the trails we spotted earlier. And we stood in front of a crime against public sanity. Right beside the river that drives the waters of the rain towards the farms, we found cows and horses, hidden under a haystack, decomposing. Moving even further, we witness more and more corpses buried and half-buried under stacks of hay, dirt and garbage.

The place was filled with bones, proving that this was an environmental crime that lasted for months.

The Albanian "guard" had disappeared, and instead of him we talked to a Greek-speaking "businessman", with an expensive jeep with Bulgarian tags, who started to threaten us, but in the end we was trying to convince us he has nothing to do with this place. The police finally arrived, and took over the case, calling a D.A., a forest trooper, and a vet. The D.A. persecuted the Albanian criminal, and with a court order, the animals were confiscated and placed under the care of MP Nikos Michos. The tortured animals were transported to our farm.

Back on the farm, the comrades were working hard to prepare the facilities to house all those animals and plants. All of the construction work was done by hand, the traditional way. The animals regained their health, and the plant bank was growing ever larger. The Volksland project is still active to this very day, and you can get more info on the site of the Green Wing of Evia. We will report news on the projects whenever possible!

Don't forget to view all the photos of the Volksland's activities.

We fight for the Race, and the Nature that nourished it.

Don't let this planet plunge on the darkness of the modern globalized Era.

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