Title: Books captioned in "Ted's" letters sorted alphabetically by author
Notes: Chart listing author, title and related "Ted" documents.
The periodical, The Skeptical Inquirer, is noted individually when an author and/or title is available Skeptical Inquirer, The T-33; T-34; T-56; T-78; T-79; T-103;T-140; T-156
Adams, Andy Log of a Cowboy, The T-48, Pg 1
Allen, Jerry Sea Years of Joseph Conrad, The T-20, Para 35
Alsop, Joseph FDR - A Remembrance T-143
Altamirano Navidad en Las Montanas T-55, Pg 2
Apostol, T. M. Advanced Calculus T-102, Pg 2
Author Unknown Schizophrenias - Yours and Mine, The T-40, Pg 3, Para 3; T-77
Bouchard, Thomas J. & Lykken, David T. Genetic vs. Environmental Influences in the Development of Human Personality, Science (article) T-100, Pgl
Braddy, Haldeen Mexico and the Old Southwest (Poems) T-10
Brooks, Lester Great Civilization of Ancient Africa T-114
Carcopino, Jerome Daily Life in Ancient Rome T-7
Carlyle, Thomas French Revolution, The T-7; T22; T-84, Pg 1, Para 2
Carriage, Horacio Tacho, El (The Roof) Short Story T-9
Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness T-20, Para 5; T-52; T-85, Pg 8
Conrad, Joseph Secret Agent, The T-156
Conrad, Joseph Outpost of Progress, An T-20, Para 40
Conrad, Joseph Mirror of the Sea T-24, Pg 2; T-85, Pg 1
Creed, Thomas L. Subliminal Deception, Skeptical Inquirer, Vol 11, No 4 T-103, Pgl
CSICOP (Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Skeptical Inquirer, The T-79
Davalos, Juan Carlos Fort of Tacuil, The T-28
DeCamp, L. Sprague Ancient Engineers, The T-44
DelGado, Jose N. R. Physical Control of the Mind T-2, Pg 3
Deutscher, Isaac Stalin, A Political Biography, New York, 1967 T-104; T-114, Pgs 1, 2
Donaldson, Kenneth Insanity Inside Out T-43, Pg 3
Drinnon, Richard White Savage: The Case of John Dunn Hunter Schoken Books, 1972 T-104, Pgl
Eaves, L. J. Eysenck, H. J. & Martin, N.J. Genes, Culture and Personality: An Empirical Approach T-108, Pgl
Ellul, Jacques Technological Society, The T-2, Pg 10; T-85; Pg 9; T-120
Epstein, Jack Along the Gringo Trail T-24
Evans-Pritchard, E. E. Nuer - A Description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic Peoples, The Oxford University Press, 1972 T-81
Eysenck, H. J. Sense and Nonsense in Psychology T-34, Pg 10
Fineman, Mark, B. (Assoc. Prof.) Skeptical Inquirer Vol IV, No 2 Winter 1979-80 T-34
Frazer, (FNU) Golden Bough T-138, Pg 7
Galados, Benito Perez Dona Perfecta (Novel) T-102, Pgs 1,2, 4
Galsworthy, John Shadows T-52
Garber, Judy & Seligman, E. P. (edited by both) Human Helplessness: Theory and Applications, Academic Press, 1980 T-103, Pgl
Gimbutas, Maria Slavs, The T-114
Glass, David, C. & Singer, J. E. Urban Stress: Experiments on Noise and Social Stressors, Academic Press, 1972 T-110, Pgs 1, 3
Gonzalez, Manuel del Rio Juarez, Su Vida y Su Obra T-105, Pgl
Granivet, Angel Hombres Del Norte T-19, Para 1, 2; T-20, Para 6
Griffin, C. W. Frontier Freedoms and Space Age Cities, Saturday Review, 2/7/70 T-130
Harris, Thomas A. I’m OK - You’re OK T-34, Pg 9
Hayes, K. J. Psychological Reports, Science - Vol 10, 299, 1962 (article) T-107, Pgs 1, 4
Helfer, Otto J. World of the Huns, The 1973 T-78
Hollander, Paul Survival of the Adversary Culture, The: Social Criticism and Political Escapism in American Society T-104, Pgl
Hooper, Finley Greek Realities T-140
Hunter, John D. Manners and Customs of the Indians T-141
I.D. London Some Consequences for History and Psychology of Langmuir’s Concept of Convergence and Divergence of Phenomena Psychology Review, vol 53, T-114
Ibanez, Vicente Blasco Arroz y Tartana T-113, Pgs 1, 2
Ibarguiengoitia Old Pedro’s Crime T-86
Ibarguiengoitia Thunders of August, The T-86
Iturribarria, Jorge Fernando Benito Juarez Porfino Diaz: Hechos Historicos de la Vida Estos Proceres de la Reforma T-105
Jared Diamond Third Chimpanzee, The T-111
Jean-Aubry, G. From Joseph Conrad: Life and Letters T-52
Jean-Aubry, G. Life and Letters From Joseph Conrad T-25; T-52; T-53
Kahn and Weiner Year 2000, The. T-2, Pg 10
Kanter, Donald L. & Mirvis, Philip Cynical American, The: Living in an Age of Discontent and Disillusion Publisher: Joey Bass T-102, Pgs 2, 5
Kearney, Jack Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How Pathway Press T-101, Pgs 1,2
Kelley, John, L. General Topology T-105, Pg 2
Kephart, Horace Book of Camping and Woodcraft T-13;T-164
Kirk, Donald R. Wild Edible Plants of the Western United States T-15, Pg 1; T-87, Pg 2
Kirk, (FNU) Fruit of the C. Foctidissima (Re: buffalo Gourd.) T-16
Klass, Philip UFO's Identified Skeptical Inquirer T-33
Leiby, June Beneath the Mask T-31
Leikind, Bernard & Dennett, William (UI) Investigations of Firewalking Skeptical Inquirer Fall 1985, Vol 10, No 1 T-156
Leydet, Francois Coyote, The: Defiant SongDog of the West T-151,Pgs 1,2
London, Perry Behavior Control T-2, Pg 10
London, Jack Road, The T-112, Pgs 1, 2
Lyle, David Esquire Magazine, 1967 The Human Race Has Maybe Thirty-Five Years Left. T-119(G), (F) Article found in Ted’s trunk at his mother’s home.
Mackay, G. Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, The T-54
Mackey, G. Foundations of Quantum Theory T-55, Pg 1
Maugham, W. Somerset Summing Up, The T-52; T-55, Pg 1, 2; T-54; Pg 1
Maugham, Somerset Razor's Edge, The T-19, Para 15; T-66, Pg 1
Morley, Sylvanus G. Ancient Maya, The T-8
Muenscher, Walter Conrad Poisonous Plants of the United States T-6
Newspaper Saturday Review T-25; T-85; T-130; T-133;T-137; T-148
Nietzsche Zarathustra Zaranthustra’s Prologue, 4 T-3, Pg 2; T-18, Pg 2
Nisbett, R.E. & Ross, L. Human Inference: Strategies and Shortcomings of Social Judgement, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Prentice-Hall, 1980 T-109, Pgs 1,3
Nunez Cabeza de Vaca T-47;T-51; T-52; T-55; T-56
Orozco, Fernando La Gue*** de Treirt akos Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy T-54
Orwell, George Homage to Barcelona (The librarian indicated this may be Catalonia, not Barcelona) New York, Harcourt, 1952 T-109, Pgs 1, 2
Orwell, George 1984 T-3; T-66, Pg 1
Parati, (FNU) Geller Papers, The T-79
Pasek, Jan Chrystostom Memoirs T-106
Premanand, B. Levitation, Miracles in India Skeptical Inquirer Spring 1989, Vol 13 T-156
Quiroga, Horacio Flies, The: Replica of the Dead Man T-8
Quiroga, Horacio Wild Colt, The T-26; T-29
Quiroga, Horacio Juan Darien T-17, Pg 7
Quiroga, Horacio Nuestro Primor Cigarro (Our First Cigarette) T-11, Pg 3, Line 15
Quiroga, Horacio Conductor del Rapido, El T-80
Rand, James Geller, (Uri) T-140
Robertiello Your Own True Love T-34, Pg 10
Rose, W.J. From Serfdom to SelfGovernment Memoirs of a Polish Village Mayor T-113
Royal Spanish Academy Outline of a New Grammar of the Spanish Language T-58
Scarr, S. & McCartney, K. Child Development, Science - Vol 54, 424, 1983 (article) T-107, Pg 1
Segal, Ronald Leon Trotsky: A Biography T-108, Pg 1; T-104
Seligman, Martin, E. P. Learned Optimism T-106; T-115
Seligman, Martin, E. Depression T-103, Pgl
Sherwood and Taylor Calculus T-17, Pg 6
Sierra, Justo Juarez Su Obra y Su Tiempo T-105, Pg 1
Smith, Colin Collins Spanish and English Dictionary, The T-77
Speer, Albert Spandau T-17, Pg 5
Speer, Albert Inside the Third Reich T-17, Pg 5
Spinder, Herbert J. Study of Maya Art, A Dove Publications, New York, 1975 T-29
Stanley, Henry M. How I Found Livingstone T-20, Para 7
Starkie, Walter Raggle Taggle T-38, Pg 2, Para 1; T-41, Pg 1; T- 51
Stein, Gordon Lore of Levitation, The Skeptical Inquirer, Spring 1989, Vol 13 T-156
Stuart, Granville Forty Years on the Frontier T-81
Sulimirski Sarmatians, The T-42, Pg 5; T-44
Terrill, Ross Mao: A Biography Harper and Row, 1980. T-111
Thomas, W. I. and Zaniecki, F. Polish Peasant in Europe and America, The Vol I T-115
Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War T-140
Turnbull, Colin Wayward Servants: The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies T-61
Turnbull, Colin Forest People, The T-10, T-22, Para 13; T-24; T-61
Turnbull, Colin Man In Africa T-113
Valdes, Armando Palacio La Novela de un Novelista T-110, Pgs 1, 2
Valdes, Armando Palacio Novela de un Novelista, La T-110
Voxman Method for Trombone or Baritone T-156
Waterman, John T. History of German Language T-23, Pg 3, Para 1
Weissman, Gerald Aspirin Scientific American Magazine Jan 1991 T-90
Welch, Galbraith Africa Before They Came T-115
White, Robert (Editor) Study of Lives Essays on Personality in Honor of Henry Murray, The T-106, Pgl
White, K. R. Psychological Bulletin, Vol 86, 461 (1982) Science (article) T-107, Pgl
Womack, John Jr. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution T-49, Pg 1
Womack, John Jr. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution Vintage Book, 1968 T-49;T-51
Zamora, Cristobal, A. Pastor, El: la Perso y la Obra de Benito Juarez Vistas Dentro de Marco Singular de Su Epoca T-105, Pg 1
Zhores and Medvedev, Roy Question of Madness, A T-33